Valentine’s Day Heart Nail Art

Valentine’s Day heart nail art can be some of the easiest nail art designs you ever create. You can paint cupid hearts with arrows for your Valentine’s Day manicure or simple hearts with cool backgrounds for an easier option. Think about different styles of hearts you can paint on your nails for Valentine’s Day this February 14. You might enjoy conversation hearts (candy hearts), red hearts, pink hearts, Valentines with the lacy edges, or so many other styles of heart nail art designs. Your Valentine nails may also include a broken heart for the opposite effect, especially if you are feeling sad.

For a pretty Valentine’s manicure, be sure you have lots of pink, red, and white nail polish on hand, as well as nail art brushes or toothpicks. You should also be sure to have some paper towels, cotton balls, and nail polish remover.


Consider these different styles of heart nail art designs that you can use for a beautiful Valentine’s Day manicure:

Lacy Valentine Heart Nail Design
To create a lacy valentine heart nail art design, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails in a background color other than pink, red, or white.

2.    Once dry, paint a heart using pink or red nail polish. (To paint a heart, paint an upward curve to the left and an upward curve to the right, with both curves meeting in a point below.)

3.    Using a small nail art brush or pointed toothpick, apply dabs of white nail polish around the edges of the heart. This creates the lace border.

4.    Seal and protect your valentine heart nail designs with a clear topcoat of nail polish.

Valentine’s Nail Art: Cupid Hearts with Arrows
To create clever and cute cupid heart arrow nail designs, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the desired background color for your Valentine’s nail art.

2.    Once dry, paint a thin diagonal line across your nails.

3.    On one end, paint a heart that has the pointy end on the outside and the curved parts attached to the arrow shaft. This is to be the tip of the arrow.

4.    On the other end, paint a few diagonal lines for feathers.

5.    Finish off your design with a clear gloss topcoat.

Candy Conversation Heart Nail Designs
To paint the popular candy conversation heart nail designs for your Valentine’s manicure, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails in the desired background color – perhaps red, burgundy, or white.

2.    Paint a heart in light pink or another pastel color of nail polish.

3.    Using a toothpick, pin, or very fine nail art pen, write something on the heart that is similar to what you would find on a candy conversation heart. Consider something like “luv u,” “ur cute,” or “xoxo.”

4.    Consider tracing around the border of the heart with a slightly darker color in the same family as the heart color.

5.    Paint a clear gloss coat to seal and protect your valentine nail designs.

These are just a few styles of nail art for Valentine’s Day that we are able to share. What other kinds of heart nail art would you suggest for a pretty and romantic manicure?

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