Valentine’s Day Activities with the Girls

Valentine’s Day is a special time to enjoy with those you love. If you don’t have a significant other, or if you are married and have young daughters, you might change your plans a little bit to include your girlfriends or daughters in your special plans on February 14. For a memorable time, consider these Valentine’s Day activities to enjoy with the girls.

Before you get started planning a day full of activities to enjoy on Valentine’s Day, keep your budget and availability in mind. You can plan a single short activity for Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends or daughters or you can come up with a whole itinerary for the day or even for the weekend. Consider these suggestions for things you can do with just the girls on Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s weekend.

•    Have a nail painting party.
Create your own lovely manicures and pedicures.

•    Enjoy spa treatments at home. Do your own facials, pedicures, and other fun treatments.

•    Plan some time at the spa. Actually set up appointments for massages, facials, or other treatments at your favorite local spa.

•    Do makeovers at home. Take turns applying makeup and styling each other’s hair at home.

•    Dig into pints of ice cream and watch some movies. Whether you choose chick flicks or another movie genre is up to you entirely!

•    Go out to dinner. Find a nice place where you can relax and enjoy some great food and drink. Consider a Spanish restaurant, Chinese food place, or delicious Italian bistro.

•    Plan a wine, cheese, and chocolate night.
As long as everyone in your group is old enough to drink, this should be a fun and festive way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

•    Bake Valentine cookies together.
You can also make handmade candies, pastries, or other special treats. Decorating is half the fun!

•    Make handmade valentines.
If you have young daughters, making cutout valentines may be one of the most fun and interesting crafts to do on or leading up to February 14. Help your girls make a special valentine for their daddy!

•    Make handmade jewelry. Whether you choose beads, embroidery floss for woven bracelets, shells, or something else entirely, making handmade jewelry can be great fun for the girls!

These are our top suggestions for things to do on Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends or daughters. If you have other ideas or suggestions, please share them in our comments below!

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