Valentine’s Day with the Guys: Things to Do with your Friends or Sons

Valentine’s Day often comes with a lot of baggage. The truth is, you don’t have to do something just because February 14 rolls around. But if you do want to do something, you can enjoy a variety of activities for Valentine’s Day, even if you are just spending the day with the guys. Whether it is a group of your guy pals or parents and sons spending time together, consider some fun and low-key Valentine’s Day activities to enjoy.

Remember to keep the ages of the people in your in mind as you plan your Valentine activities. Here are a few suggestions:

•    Have a Valentine’s Day pizza party.

•    Get together with your favorite group of guys and play video games all day.

•    Watch a bunch of action flicks.

•    Order your favorite takeout food and just relax.

•    Try archery or go to a shooting range if you feel comfortable doing so. (Use caution!)

•    Spend the day with your dogs and go to a dog park, dog beach, or other attraction.

•    Find a brewery where you can enjoy your own complimentary tour and tasting.

•    If it’s warm enough where you live, play a round of golf or go fishing.

•    Watch sports on television or go to a game near you.

•    Check out your local entertainment schedule to see if there are any concerts that day.

These are a few ideas of things to do on Valentine’s Day with the guys or with your sons. All suggestions may not be appropriate for all ages or all people involved, so be sure to talk with your friends or children before you set any of the details in stone. Of course, you don’t have to do anything on Valentine’s Day if you prefer to spend it as just another day of the week.


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