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Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas, from Breakfast in Bed to Brunch

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about dinner and a movie. Why not celebrate with your significant other in a more relaxing and intimate way – breakfast in bed! You can also enjoy breakfast at your favorite local diner, brunch at a fancy restaurant, or even a simple breakfast of donuts and coffee. Here are a few Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas to give you and your sweetheart a wonderful start to Valentine’s Day.

No matter if you prefer to cook, indulge in breakfast pastries, or go out to eat, these Valentine breakfast ideas should give you some options to ensure you have a lovely and romantic breakfast together. Check them out and choose the one that works best for you and your lover.

Breakfast in Bed on Valentine’s Day
Few things in the morning can be as romantic as breakfast in bed with the one you love. No matter which one of you does the cooking, you can really enjoy some romance while indulging in your favorite breakfast foods in the comforts of your bed. For a successful breakfast in bed experience, you might want to have a breakfast in bed table on hand, which is great for carrying and for use as a table. Be sure you have juice, fresh fruit, coffee or tea, and some of your favorite breakfast items, whether pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, home fries, breakfast pastries, or even cereal.

Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Pancakes
Nothing says love like heart-shaped pancakes on Valentine’s morning. Use a pancake shaper with a heart design to create your perfect heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. You can make chocolate chip pancakes, strawberry pancakes, blueberry pancakes, or regular buttermilk pancakes, or even search for other recipes depending on your tastes. The heart shape of your pancakes makes all the difference!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Sandwiches with Heart Eggs
Using the same tool as you would use to create heart-shaped pancakes, you can make heart shaped eggs to go with bacon and cheese on a croissant, English muffin, or bagel. This perfect and romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast sandwich is sure to start your morning off with a romantic note. What guy doesn’t love a good breakfast sandwich?! You can make split yolks, sunny side, egg white only, or even scrambled egg hearts. Be sure to fry up some potatoes on the side for a yummy complete meal.

Belgian Waffles for a Romantic Breakfast
What can be more deliciously romantic than rich Belgian waffles with chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream? Whether you go out to order them or make them at home, this decadent dish can be a great choice for a romantic breakfast on Valentine’s Day or anytime. If you have a Belgian waffle maker at home, or if you plan to get one, be sure to check out recipes so you have all the ingredients you need. You might even end up making Belgian waffles with ice cream!

Valentine’s Day Pastries or Donuts and Coffee
If you want to take the lazy approach and simply snack on some sweets for Valentine’s breakfast, consider going to your local bakery or Dunkin Donuts shop to stock up on some delectable sweets like donuts, muffins, Danish, and other yummy breakfast pastries. You can also pick up coffee and tea or make a pot at home. The most fun part will be sitting around in your pajamas eating goodies for breakfast!

Valentine’s Breakfast or Brunch at a Restaurant
Sometimes going out to eat is just easier all around. If you prefer to go out for breakfast or brunch, you should be able to find a nice variety of choices for your first Valentine’s meal of the day. Consider your favorite local diners as well as fancy establishments that might have a Valentine’s Day brunch buffet. You can also skip right to lunch if you aren’t a fan of the morning menu.

Valentine’s Day breakfast can be anything you want it to be. You can even skip right over it if you like. Spending time together in the morning can be just as rewarding if not more so than spending time together in the evening. Getting your day started with some breakfast can often give you more energy for whatever you plan to do during the day. Whether you decide on a Valentine’s breakfast in bed, breakfast or brunch at a restaurant, or something in between, you will be sure to start your day off nicely.

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