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Valentine’s Day Cookies – Tips & Tricks for a Fun Valentine Activity

You might not need an excuse to bake cookies, but baking beautiful heart-shaped cookies for Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun. Whether you are baking for your family or for your sweetheart, you can create gorgeous, delicious valentine cookies that look and taste great. Consider these tips and tricks for making Valentine’s Day cookies this year.

Before you get started in making your valentine cookies, be sure you have all the necessary ingredients, especially eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla, chocolate chips, and everything else in the cookie recipes that you will be using. You might also want to make sure you have a nice selection of heart-shaped cookie cutters or other Valentine’s Day baking accessories.

Consider these tips as you make your own Valentine’s Day cookies:

•    Choose the type of cookie based on your sweetheart’s or family’s favorites. Even if you want to decorate hearts for Valentine’s Day, you can still have fun making other types of valentine cookies. If your boyfriend or husband prefers chocolate chip cookies, just spruce them up for the occasion with pink and red M&Ms!

•    Try a variety of heart cookie shapes for a pretty display. You can craft your cookies to look like conversation hearts, lace-trimmed valentines, cupid hearts with arrows, double hearts, and so much more. Find a nice heart cookie cutter set so you are prepared to make a fine selection of Valentine’s cookie shapes!

•    Bake cookies together with your sweetheart for a romantic activity to do on V-Day. You might have to twist his arm a little bit, but you can definitely have a great time baking cookies together, or making anything in the kitchen for that matter.

•    Decorate your sugar cookies with sugar crystals, sprinkles, and frosting or icing. You can have lots of fun decorating each valentine cookie with a different color, pattern, or style of baking decorations. Use your creativity to make a batch of beautiful heart cookies!

•    For a different look, consider dyeing your cookies pink with food coloring! You will love how nice the pink cookies look, especially if you are making heart-shaped cookies. You can also do some regular cookie dough and some pink cookie dough so you can make lacey-heart valentine cookie styles as well.

If you like your cookies to stay soft, you can place a slice of bread in the Tupperware container. The bread will get hard, but the cookies will stay nice and soft. Soft and chewy cookies often steal the hearts of cookie lovers everywhere, so be sure to try this trick at home.

What other Valentine cookie baking tips do you have? Please share them in our comments below.

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