Heart-Shaped Food for Valentine’s Day or Romantic Occasions

Candlelight, wine, cooking together – all of these things can be romantic. Heart-shaped food can also be a special way to show you care. If you are looking for a fun way to step up your meals on Valentine’s Day or another special occasion, think about making a meal featuring heart-shaped food, whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or just a snack. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

You can come up with creative ways to serve heart-shaped food for any meal. Just use your imagination! Try these suggestions for heart-shaped food you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or snack time.


Heart-Shaped Breakfast Food
Heart-shaped food for breakfast can be a lot of fun, especially if you decide to make it as part of breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed can be a romantic way to start your morning, especially on Valentine’s Day or your anniversary or birthday. Consider these heart-shaped breakfast foods:

–    Heart-shaped Pancakes
–    Heart-shaped Eggs
–    Strawberries, sliced in half with stems removed
–    Cereal in heart-shaped bowls

Heart-Shaped Lunch Food
Lunch can be a little challenging when it comes to finding a delicious meal to enjoy with a heart shape, but just use your imagination and you will find lots of creative ways to serve a romantic heart-shaped lunch. You can easily make your sandwiches into hearts with a cutter, but there are other options for you to try as well. Consider these heart-shaped lunch options:

–    Heart-shaped Grilled Cheese Sandwich
–    Soup in heart-shaped bowl
–    Homemade calzone or Stromboli shaped like a heart
–    Homemade pizza shaped like a heart

Heart-Shaped Dinner Food
Dinner is the meal that most people associate with romance. You can enjoy a romantic dinner for two with a heart-shaped theme for a side dish or entrée. Consider these ideas for heart-shaped dinner items:

–    Meatloaf sliced like a heart or individual  meatloaf shaped like a heart
–    Chicken parmesan, with chicken breast trimmed into a heart shape
–    Heart shaped pasta with shrimp or other seafood
–    Heart-shaped biscuits
–    Heart-shaped Ravioli

Heart-Shaped Desserts and Snacks
Don’t forget dessert! Heart-shaped desserts may be some of the easiest to create. Think about all your favorite sweets and go crazy making them for your sweetheart or for a special meal together. Here are a few heart-shaped desserts to consider:

–    Heart-shaped sugar cookie cutouts
–    Heart-shaped cake or pineapple upside-down cake
–    Chocolate-covered pretzels
–    Strawberry Shortcake with strawberries trimmed like hearts
–    Heart-shaped candy

Your whole meal doesn’t need to be shaped like hearts, but you can easily accent the meal with one key entrée or side dish that does feature a lovely heart shape. If you are stuck and can’t find a suitable type of food to make into heart shapes, you can still dress up your dinner table for the romantic holiday or special occasion. Consider serving your meal on heart-shaped platters or even on your fancy china with drinks in crystal glassware.

What other heart-shaped food ideas do you have? Please share them in our comments so other readers can try them out and enjoy!

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