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Hi, I'm Rana Asif. Nice to meet you!I am a dedicated webDeveloper. My vision is to be the best and quality IT Solutions Provider. My First priority to serve people with quality and innovative services. For Me, service means following through; treating the customer with respect; listening actively; and only recommending what is of true value to my customers; this is how i grow my clientele.I see the world through my clients' eyes, from their point of view. They are the people who are operating under immense pressure to complete big, messy, complex projects that will have a huge impact on their organizations. They're the ones with the Big Problem. They are the people who hire me. I use that perspective to guide everything i do.
Rants and Raves – Size Lies

Always petite, I’ve found myself struggling from time to time to find clothing that fits just right. Whether it’s the extreme lengths of jeans that doesn’t quite work for my shorter legs or the fact that bra and panty sets … Keep Reading

Must-Have Beauty

If you could only use one cosmetics product for the rest of your life, what would it be? From eyeliner and mascara to pressed powder, concealer, lip balm, and more, we’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to … Keep Reading

Mary Kay: “Thinking of You Eau de Parfum”

Giving perfume is a tricky business, unless you happen to know the preferred brand of your target. But for those brave enough to take a risk (or looking to fill a gift basket) Mary Kay’s ‘Thinking of You’ is a … Keep Reading

White Sands Moisturizing Conditioner Product Review

In harsh winter months we subject our hair to cruel extremes: cold drying weather outside, intense heat from the hair dryer inside, not to mention hats, earmuffs, holiday parties. Forget trying to keep your color looking fresh: it’s amazing we … Keep Reading

Deep Sea by KC Kang Product Review

Totally blown away. Being that it was crunch time between my son’s birthday and Christmas, when I began using these products, I’ve done things completely backwards. I usually like to research a product thoroughly before testing it. Instead, I jumped … Keep Reading

“Rugged Men” – Your Man Could Smell Like: McGraw Silver Cologne and Pure Nautica Cologne

Some men are cologne men. And often cologne men have their cologne: the one that they put on when they were young men and wore until they became old men. A mere sniff of a certain man’s cologne can bring … Keep Reading

CYGALLE Healing Spa’s Honey Oatmeal Cleansing Crème Product Feature

Before I begin sharing information on CYGALLE Healing Spa’s Honey Oatmeal Cleansing Crème, let me first say that it was so nice to use a facial cleanser that not only smells good, but did wonders to the feel of my … Keep Reading

Nails, Nails, and More Nails – KISS Product Review Feature

I cannot express to you the amazing amount of love and fondness I have for all KISS nail products. They are my life line when I’m going out on the town. They are the ones to thank when I get … Keep Reading

Scientific Organics EmerginC Kombucha Cleanser Product Review

I believe that most women, once they start showing their age, want some sort of miracle cure to help take back a few years; if not that, they want to at least restore the supple skin they once had, all … Keep Reading

Dashing Diva Nail Polish Product Review Feature

Painting your nails, to me, is like therapy. Although I’m not an expert, I can really make my nails striking with just a little nail color; all the while making me feel better, more relaxed, and ready to start the … Keep Reading

C.O. Bigelow Product Reviews – Lemon Hand Lotion, Mentha Lip Shine/Breath, Lemon Lip Balm

C.O. Bigelow was established in 1838; making them the oldest apothecary in America. (Apothecary = same as pharmacist/pharmacy) They’re located in New York City’s West Village. C.O. Bigelow sells everything from personal care and baby care to home fragrances and … Keep Reading

Luscious Lips for Fall – Mary Kay 2010

I am trying to embrace being a grown up, and for me, that means embracing lip color. I’ve always played up my eyes and let my lips go with just a little Chapstick. But I’ve experimenting over the past few … Keep Reading

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