Two Cheek Products from Mary Kay

This week I tried two products to highlight my cheeks which premiered in Summer but will transfer flawlessly into Fall.

First up was a traditional powder blush: Mary Kay’s Mineral Cheek Color with new shades for 2010. Recently, I’ve moved away from powder blushes myself, but if you are lover of mineral wear, Mary Kay’s Mineral Cheek Color does last as long as it promises and brushes on well.

I tried the Citrus Bloom shade, which was beautiful in the compact, a really warm bright pink. If you’ve been following my reviews, then you might have picked up on the fact that I prefer natural-looking make-up, which this ain’t. The pink was just as bright on my cheeks as it was in the compact. So if you’re the kind of girl who likes to make a statement, then this is the cheek color for you.  I, on the other hand, will be using my new favorite product…

Mary Kay’s Cooling Bronzing Stick. This is a limited edition product designed to help women look tan without harmful summer rays. The stick allows for easy, blendable application wherever you wish the sun had left tan traces. I use it as a traditional bronzer, but it follows through on its promise to soothe the skin with moisture and a cooling touch. I’m not sure how Mary Kay does it, but my skin feels cool even while it looks sun-kissed. The color blends beautiful with all skin tones, providing a subtle, realistic glow without feeling greasy or wearing off. Basically, in short, I love love love it, and will be sad when it finally runs out. Fortunately, it looks like that will be a long time from now.

You can get either product if you consult with your local Mary Kay representative, who you can find at The Mineral Cheek Color retails for $10 a shade and the Bronzing Stick retails for $20 (and worth it!).


Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment Product Review

Got Hair? Infusium 23 has a product line to fit every hair type. The Repair & Renew Collection is designed to repair and strengthen damaged hair. The Moisture Replenisher Collection hydrates dry hair. The Frizz controller Collection smoothes frizzy, stressed hair and the Color Protector Collection protects and optimizes the vibrancy of color treated hair. 

Each line starts with a specific shampoo, followed by a conditioner and leave-in-treatment. Affordable and easy to use, they provide mixed results. Be aware that it takes time for desired results.

The leave-in treatments are light and work very well as a spray. They can be used on dry hair or damp, after shampooing and conditioning. Just comb through to the tips and style as usual. While the product is light and watery, it does feel like a styling product when dry.

After three weeks, the Repair & Renew Leave-In did give my hair a shiny, healthy appearance. It took daily use and time, but since my hair is very straight, it lost some of the bounce and volume it had prior to trying the product. On one hand, it helped with texture and held curl well. On the other hand, it felt like a mousse and I needed to wash my hair every day to get volume when I left it straight. 

On the flip side, my daughter has very thick curly hair, almost combination. It is coarse in the back and fine around her face, subject to fly-a-ways. It took a lot of coaxing, and again time, to tame her frizzies. Originally, we needed to saturate her hair with the Frizz Controller Leave-In Treatment. Again, it took over a week before we were pleased with the results. As time went on, less product was needed, but it helped to re-apply it later in the day. 

I actually dyed my hair a cheerful brownish-auburn to test the Color Protector Leave-In Treatment. While I love my color, I did not notice any difference between the Moisture Replenishing Leave-In Treatment and the Color Protector Leave-In Treatment. Both products kept my hair hydrated and my color looked healthy with shine and no obvious fading. Again my hair lost volume when straight, but held curl well.     

The products are not ‘WOW, AMAZING’ instant cures, but they do a very nice job over time. Figure in that they are affordable and easy to use; they are worth a try. Results might also be better if you use the entire collection – shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in. Everyone’s hair is different and they could be perfect for yours.

For more information, check out Infusium’s Web site at

Breakthrough Beauty Products for Your Face

If you’re looking for a foundation with SPF protection or beauty cosmetics that are purely organic and eco friendly for both you and the environment, rest assured, the products below will do just that. In this beauty segment you’ll learn just how valuable these products were for me. I’ll share the news about an up and coming foundation that offers sun protection for your skin while still providing the right coverage and moisturizers needed to give you that beautiful lustrous finish. As well, we have an eco friendly product that will make you think twice about returning to your usual products.

Moisturizing Foundation with Sun Protection

The Product: Miracle SKIN Transformer SPF 20
is a breakthrough 3-in-1 formula that leaves skin completely transformed. Miracle SKIN comes in four shades (Transparent, Light, Medium, and Tan). Because there are only four shades, picking the right one should be easier… but if not, here’s a tip that can help you choose.

Tip: For any foundation, if you’re not really sure about a shade, combine two; one lighter and one darker. Blend them together (a pea sized dab of each) before applying. It helps if you apply each dab to the palm of your hand and rub with your middle finger. Using the middle finger usually helps apply it to your skin better and easier without a lot of pressure.

Founder & CEO: Sarah McNamara

Where to Buy: Be sure to mark your calendars because Miracle SKIN will be introduced sometime in August 2010. You can, however, request a free sample by visiting (while supplies last).

ARP: $48.00 (+ shipping and applicable taxes)

Pros: I like using this makeup because it really is a miracle worker for me.  I was born with bilateral cleft lip and have always had an issue with scars. To date I have undergone 23 facial surgeries. As a result, I have been lucky enough to be gifted with some beautiful “award winning” scars between my nose and upper lip. Yes, I’m being a little facetious but this stems from being very self conscious about my appearance.  I actually spend a lot of time applying makeup and cover-ups (and shopping for them) in hopes of one day finding that right miracle makeup that will do what others could not.

So far the results have been amazing and if I can gain enough courage by the end of this post to take a ‘self portrait’ and show you, I will.

While trying this foundation I noticed that the scars aren’t as deep, red, or even as noticeable. The makeup has truly boosted my self esteem and made me realize just how awesome it feels to look good. I should be a “paid” spokesperson for Miracle SKIN (joking- it’s just a joke… really).

CONS: Well, aside from the price (ARP: $48.00)… I haven’t experienced anything bad at this point. I’ve been using this makeup for two and a half weeks and have experienced nothing but good.

My Thoughts: This makeup will definitely leave your skin feeling smoother, more luminous than ever before (based on my opinion). The formulation hydrates and enhances skin tones while protecting you from the sun.

Organic Foundation and Powders

About the Product: Nvey Eco, made in Australia, is what you’d call a purely organic cosmetic line that is not only free of toxins and chemicals, but is also certified by the Organic Food Chain as well. Nvey Eco uses organic elements such as chamomile, corn silk, and jojoba oils. This enables you to get the most out of your product because it wears longer. The antioxidants of Vitamins A, C & E makes for an amazingly smooth finish and adds depth to the color all while offering an easier application.

Founder & Creative Director: Rohan J Widdison

Where to purchase: Nvey Eco can be purchase by visiting or by visiting Sephora online.

Pros: If you’re looking for an alternative to your usual makeup and are leaning towards something organic, Nvey Eco is a great place to start. Their products go on smooth, stay on long, and wear well. Personally, these products completed the look I was after.

Cons: Though these products are not very costly, only running a little higher than the average, I don’t mind paying it because I have used them before and know that they’re worth the cost. However, if you haven’t yet purchased, please be prepared to feel a little sticker shock.

My Thoughts: What I like most about Nvey Eco is that these cosmetics do not feel heavy. They don’t leave me feeling like I have a pound of makeup on nor do they rub away easily. Another thing I like is that the foundations and compact powders really cover nicely. They feel extremely soft when applying and stay this way throughout the day.

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by Nvey Eco and Miracle SKIN, through Dark PR, for the purpose of my candid review. I was not gifted with any monetary compensation nor does receiving product influence my thoughts and/or opinions.

KISS and Broadway Nails Product Review

If there’s one thing I love doing, it’s spending time with the girls. One sure way to have a good time with my girls is with spa time at home. This can go on for hours and usually consists of brushing each other’s hair, doing our makeup, and making our nails pretty and fashionable. However, when it’s time to do our nails, we always turn to KISS and Broadway nails. These are usually the nails I use, but when it’s time for the girls… we usually use Pink by Kiss because the nails are smaller, brighter, and have the glue pre-applied. Having the glue already on the nails makes it easier to put on and take off when they need to. This can be done by simply soaking their hands in warm water for a few minutes and then they’re done. There is never any fear of damage to their nail bed because the glue is safe.

About the Product: KISS and Broadway Nails offer a number of different products to keep fingernails and toenails looking beautiful, healthy, and fashionable. When talking about glue on nails, there are countless styles, shades and designs to consider. Also available are files, girls’ nail kits, and more. I received KISS French Pedicure Toenails for the purpose of my review.


Where to Purchase: KISS and Broadway nails can be purchased at any national chain, grocery store, or drugstore. If you’d like to see what’s new from Kiss or Broadway, please visit

Pros: Talk about making pretty nails prettier! It’s a great way to enhance the look of your nails. Whether you want to add length to your nails or simply make them splash through with color and glam, KISS has you covered. They offer so many different options and always have new products to reflect the seasons.

Cons: The only thing I have ever found to be disappointing is, once you’ve used the nails you need, the left over ones are of no use anymore (because of the size variation). Each kit typically comes with 20+ nails; plenty for a single person to find the size they need. Unfortunately, because there is only a pair per size, the ones left usually get thrown to the side. If a nail breaks, you have to purchase a whole new kit (to ensure you have the size needed).

My Thoughts: Overall, hands down for me these are the only nail products I’ll purchase. I love the durability of the nails. I love the styles and colors as well as all the other products they have to offer.

I love that when I glue them on they’re going to last for at least two weeks. I feel confident knowing that the glue is not harmful to my skin (because I use them on a regular basis) and that when it is time to take them off, I simply soak them in nail remover (also offered by KISS) and within minutes, they’re off.

Disclosure: I was provided with product samples from KISS and Broadway nails, through Dark PR, for the purpose of my candid review. I was not gifted with any monetary compensation nor did receiving product influence my thoughts and/or opinions.


LUSH Product Reviews: Glorious Mud, Grass Body Wash, and More

If you’ve ever been fond of long baths and extended shower time, then you’re really going to love this company, their products and the prices. LUSH is all about making their customers happy by bringing an all natural, freshly handmade product line that’s great for the skin and intoxicatingly addictive to the senses.

About the Product: LUSH beauty products are freshly handmade cosmetics for bath, shower, hair, skincare, and fragrance. The products are made fresh from organic fruits and vegetables. They also use the finest essential oils and safe synthetics that result in very aromatic products that will leave you feeling soft, clean, and fresh. The fragrances of many of the products linger beautifully through your day. For the purposes of my review, I received LUSH Glorious Mud, Grass body wash, Stepping Stone for smooth and soft feet, and Ultrabalm body balm to fix up minor scrapes.

Where to Purchase:
You can purchase LUSH products online at

Pros: Great prices, awesome bath time products, and beautiful gift sets make LUSH a winner for sure. The atmosphere of the Web site makes ordering from them so much more rewarding. The Web site seems to take on a personality of its own. It’s very inviting and makes you want to stick around and browse for a long time.

Cons: The only downfall to these products is that some of them (such as the Body Balm) don’t have that much of a smell. I know that the balm serves a purpose; to smooth any dry and chaffed skin. Sometimes though, for most people, the smell (or lack of) will determine the avid use of that product.

My Thoughts: Have you ever smelled the rain before it comes… or the spring flowers before they bloom? It does something to the senses. It makes you feel alive. After all, these are the smells of this beautiful home we share. This home called Earth.

Through the use of these products, I felt emotionally drawn to the imaginations of being outside; one with nature. I smelled the clay from the Atlas Mountains while soaking in my tub with Glorious Mud.

Next I sniffed the fresh cut grass as I washed my body clean and then smelled freshly squeezed lemons and pure sea salts as I scrubbed the bottoms of my feet with a foot scrub. This was all before finally starting my day.

I really enjoyed the bath products and especially loved the smell and feel of the fresh mown lawn body wash — talk about a very earthy green smell. It was really nice. It awoke my senses and just made my day rich with color. I’m such a “Lush” for these smells and a new fan for this line!

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: Product samples were provided by Lush for the purpose of my candid review. I was not gifted with any monetary compensation nor does receiving product influence my thoughts and/or opinions.

PRIVE Hair Care Product Review

If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to use products that only your favorite actors or actresses use, here’s your chance.

PRIVE is a hair care line made exclusively for the stylist at heart… and also with the environment in mind. Their products have been featured in magazines such as Allure, Red Book, and O. Everyone is using it and is in love with its abilities to transform your hair from “Drab-To-Fab”… in no time flat!

About The Product: PRIVE is not your typical hair care product. In fact, their mousse (froth) is enriched with Amazon acai and babassu oil. It is a revolutionary non-aerosol mousse that provides intense body, volume and definition to your hair. Also offered, PRIVE Extended Texture Clay is enriched with Shea butter and ocean kelp. This clay delivers amazing results. It provides texture as well as volume to any hair style (both short and long).

Where to purchase: Right now, PRIVE products can only be purchased at select salons. Please visit

These products work very well… almost too well. They are used by many actors and actresses in Hollywood (such as Angelina Jolie and Teri Hatcher) and simply bring hair styles to life. I was amazed at how well these products worked for me, even though I don’t use them often. 

Cons: If you don’t usually ‘do-up’ your hair or even style it, these products may not be what you need. PRIVE is more of a hair care line for women that texture, style, blow dry, straighten, and curl their hair.

Also, there’s no way of finding the prices for these products online, much less where to purchase them.  This makes it harder to purchase as I think they are not found in your typical salons. 

My Thoughts:
I really do like using PRIVE. It makes me feel classy once I’ve styled my hair. Oh, and I need to mention that the products (froth and clay) smell very clean. I caught myself a few times during the day, pulling hair towards my nose to smell the fragrance. I only wish these products were more easily accessible.

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: Product samples were provided by PRIVE for the purpose of my candid review. I was not gifted with any monetary compensation nor does receiving product influence my thoughts and/or opinions.

A Remedy for Cradle Cap: Bean-B-Clean Product Review

*Cradle Cap- a crusting and scaling rash (dermatitis) found on the scalps of many babies*
We’ve all seen babies with cradle cap before. Whether we’ve faced it with our own child or heard about the struggles of this rash through friends and family, dealing with cradle cap is not pleasant.

Well now’s the time to cheer, ladies… because cradle cap can be so much easier to cope with using this new revolutionary scalp massaging brush called Bean-B-Clean.

Bean-B-Clean is a soft, safe and soothing way to help deal with flakes and crustiness associated with cradle cap. This scalp massaging brush was created by a grandma and grandpa who were eagerly, yet unsuccessfully, searching for something to help ease their new grandbaby’s pain from cradle cap. With a few tweaks and tests to an existing product, Bean-B-Clean was born.

Though I do not have a little one in my home anymore, I have a very close friend who has personally benefited from having the Bean-B-Clean around. My friend (a very close one) has an 11-year-old daughter that deals with cradle cap all the time. She has these issues because her daughter is disabled.

My friend’s daughter has never walked a day in her life, she cannot speak to tell us what’s wrong nor can she move her arms to signal that she’s having a problem (much like a newborn).

Because of this, we need to pay close attention to her actions through facial expressions. We must also keep a close eye on any changes that take place on her body. Over the years, we’ve noticed that when her head is scabby and scaly, she tends to cry the most. Because she’s not a baby anymore, it’s hard to find a product fit for her. We’ve tried dandruff shampoos and other products, with little to no success.

After receiving the Bean-B-Clean and reading a few of the success stories on the product, my friend immediately came to mind. I had a good feeling about this product and was anxious to see if it worked.
After using the Bean-B-Clean for just a few short days, we definitely noticed a huge difference in her daughter’s scalp. It didn’t look as flaky anymore. What’s more, her daughter was not as irritable and she seemed to be more comfortable; much more than she had been in weeks. However, we’ve also noticed that, for us, the brush works best when bathing her. Being that she’s older, she doesn’t have that fine hair like most babies who do deal with cradle cap.

To this day my friend and I swear by this product. It has definitely been one life saver we couldn’t live without.

In the end, my friend now stands behind the Bean-B-Clean and states that, “If it can help ease the pain for an 11-year-old, it will definitely help a newborn baby for sure” …we honestly love the Bean-B-Clean and recommend it to anyone (whether young or old) when it comes to any scalp pain associated with cradle cap.

To find a retailer (and to learn more about this amazing new product), please visit

Product provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: this product was provided to us, through Bean-B-Clean, for the purpose of my review. In no way did receiving this product influence my thoughts and opinions. Thank you.

Dry Spice Flavor Saver Canisters Product Review

Let’s face it, we’ve all spent money on spices before. I usually purchase mine every time I visit the grocery store. Why? Because I find one or two spice containers that have crumbled up and become unusable.

This is one of the many reasons I was thrilled to try Dry Spice. It has made my grocery bill a lot less expensive and my trips to the store much more enjoyable. No longer am I re-buying spices I’ve recently bought. No longer am I adding rice to my spices (because most of the time it doesn’t work well enough for me) and no longer am I wasting money.

Dry Spice (if you haven’t heard) is a great spice saver that eliminates clumps and caking. It keeps your spices fresh by absorbing the moisture that is normally drawn into your spice containers over time. These small flavor saver canisters are simply amazing. They do so well at retaining the fresh flavors and aromas, as well as extending the shelf life of your spices… in the end, saving you lots of money!

The great thing about these canisters is that they are not only used for savoring spices. They can also be used to retain freshness in coffees, teas, nuts and grains, chips, crackers, and other known items that tend to lose their oomph over time.

What I was really excited to find is that they work so well in clothing canisters too. I thought I’d throw one in with my winter wardrobe just to see how it’d work. Normally, in as little as one month, my clothes begin to have that ‘packed away’ smell. Well this time, the clothes smelled as fresh as when I initially packed them. I opened another box (one that I didn’t throw a flavor savor canister in) and it was already beginning to have that stale smell. I couldn’t believe it. It was amazing to see how one little canister can do so much. To say the least, I was (and am) very impressed.

PROS: I love that these flavor savor canisters are not just limited to keeping spices fresh.  If there is moisture to be drawn, these canisters can be used.

CONS: I’ve sat here for the past hour and still cannot come up with any problems.

Dry Spice can be found at a few fine retail outlets in California, Hawaii, and Texas. You can also purchase them at a few specialty stores online. Please visit for more details.

This product can be purchased as a 10 Dry Spice canister pack for as little as $8.99 each (including shipping). If ordering online, feel comforted knowing that they have many payment options (all with the security of PayPal).

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: I received two 10-pks of Dry Spice from Dry Spice, through Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC. , for the purpose of my review. The thoughts and opinions within this post are my own (unless otherwise stated). Thank you.

Hair, Nails, and Lipstick Product Reviews

What do women love most? Great hair, lips, and nails!I recently took a poll among my family and friends. I was curious to see what products women purchased most… and why. Below is a list of the top three product categories women shop for first.

1.    Hair care products and accessories
2.    Lipstick, lip glosses, and lip balms
3.    Artificial nails

Do these answers surprise you? The majority of women taking part in my poll said that these are the three most noticeable features in a woman; that these are the three prominent areas that people see at first glance. I could see why.

I can definitely see how hair fits the #1 answer among friends. It may be different in other areas, but in South Texas, the humidity and high heat indexes can bring on a whole new definition to hair dilemmas. I know that for me, finding a product that will help reduce frizz, control fly-aways, and prevent breakage is nearly impossible, not to mention finding a product that will enhance any bit of shine we have left.

After using Emmett Cooper’s hair care products, I am happy to say that my hair is well on its way to a beautiful, healthy, lustrous shine. It is already exhibiting fewer frizz problems with each wash and is slowing decreasing the amount of fly-aways my hair so often plagued me with before.

Emmett Cooper Moisture Wash product reviewI am so in love with the fragrance of the Emmett Cooper Moisture Wash. I am also enjoying the clean smell that lingers from my hair as a result. I especially love that my hair has become so much softer. I could only imagine how it’d feel if I used the conditioner too. Yes, I’m feeling all of this from a single bottle. I have ceased using any other product at this point because I want to see how much better my hair will become.

Emmett Cooper Moisture Wash sells for $20 (8 oz) and is intended for frequent washing for those that have normal to dry hair. It is infused with a blend of aloe, evening primrose, and Jasmine. It helps restore sheen, softness and improves the flexibility of hair while minimizing frizz.

I also received, from Emmett Cooper, a sculpt wax. My son has grown a fondness for this product. He loves the fresh mint fragrance and he totally loves that he has the ability to hold his hair where he wants it without it looking like he used cement in order to create it. Though I haven’t styled my hair using the sculpting wax, I have put some on the tips of my hair to help hold them in place. It works wonders. Did I mention how much I love the minty smell? It’s great!

Emmett Cooper Sculpt Wax sells for $22 (2 oz) and is a water-based sculpts wax that is infused with light-reflecting shine polymers. It gives the hold and separation you desire while keeping your hair feeling soft and clean.

If you get the chance, check out the list of celebrity devotees (like Mariah Carey, Macy Gray, and Angelina Jolie) to Emmett Cooper Hair Care Products. The list is long, and with reason. The products are incredible! Also, feel free to look around at the many products offered online. From hair dryers and hair brushes to shampoos and conditioners, sculpting waxes and volumizing creams to thickening mists and texture creams, you are sure to find a number of products needed to enhance the body, volume, shine, and balance of your hair, no matter what climate is your own.

Please visit for detailed product information.

Products provided free to writer for reviewOn to number two of my product poll: Lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balms…


Must-Have Products for Female Confidence

Diva6 ShaveMate Razor with built-in shaving cream - product reviewI think we all can agree when I say that there are a few items on a woman’s list that must be bought, at minimum, a couple times a month. That’s because we need them to feel better about ourselves. It’s called maintaining our femininity. We use these products religiously (whether we’d like to or not), so why settle for what’s offered on the shelves at the store, unless of course they offer it at your local supermarket. Otherwise, it’s nice to splurge a little on “the good stuff” if it’ll make you feel better.

I may have confused some of you with where I’m headed with this post. Don’t worry, I’m getting there.
Some of the necessities I am referring to are: panty liners (gotta have those), razors (some of us need to shave way too often) and workout clothing (and I’m talking comfortable attire so we feel better while we’re sweating our behinds off).

Did I get your attention? Great, because some of the products I’ll be talking to you about may come as a surprise. Maybe you wouldn’t think that shopping for these things could come from any place other than at your local grocery store. They do (or at least two out of the three products do) and I’m pretty sure you’re going to like what you see. I did. From the moment I received the products in the mail I have been thinking of ways to share the products with others (by ways of gift ideas, etc.).

Titan6 men's razor with built-in shaving cream - product reviewThe first product I’m going to share with you is available anywhere hygiene products are found.  I’m talking about razors, but not just any razor. I’m talking about the new Shave Mate razors. They are amazing (by all accounts – mine of course) and I don’t think I could ever try another. I’ll tell you why.

Diva6 ShaveMate Razor with built-in shaving cream - product reviewShaveMate came out with a new razor (Diva6 for women and Titan6 for men) that has the shaving cream dispenser in the razor’s end. This is a complete, all-in-one combo razor worth getting excited about. It comes with six flexible blades for an extremely close shave. Now, normally I don’t make such a big stink about shaving. Usually, I don’t tell anyone when I shave unless I’m in a conversation with friends about the product they use, but that’s normally followed by: I have to shave everyday because my razor doesn’t perform the way it should. If this sounds like you, consider looking into the purchase of a three-pack of Diva6 shavers for yourself (and the Titan6 for the husband, boyfriend, or other).  It’s definitely the closest shave I’ve ever had, and I’ve been shaving for 20 years or so.

Available at: Walgreens, Meijer, Food City, and online at,, or


Pantzies fashionable panty liners product reviewNext we have Pantzies… sound interesting? They are. I’m going to go as far as saying this product can fit in as a perfect “novelty” type, yet very practical, item. It makes a particular product that normally has a stigma for being serious… kind of fun to share and talk about. Yes, I am talking about panty liners, but the cutest ones I’ve ever seen.

I have to say, when I first received product samples for review, I was thrilled (in a personal sort of way). I just thought they were the cutest and wanted to wear them, just because I could. Surprisingly, they are both cute and very comfortable, and I say this with the utmost confidence. I mean, trust me because it’s not every day that I freely talk about something as personal as panty liners. Just saying the word makes me feel like I’m talking about something I shouldn’t…

Please consider looking at this product in a bit more detail; I think you’ll agree that Pantzies would be a great novelty item for a friend or daughter (expecting mom, a young girl learning about panty liners, a bachelorette, etc.). Also, on a personal level, these are really great items to have in your purse just in case you need them at a moment’s notice. I do recommend them.

Available by visiting:

ARP: Prices vary depending on amount purchased, but start at $7.95

And last, but definitely not least, we have Lolly 38. Talk about outrageously comfortable attire for curvy women.  The fabrics are simply beautiful and wearable – almost too perfect.

I think my husband has had to request that I wear something different. Not because he didn’t like what I was wearing, but because I simply could not get myself to do it otherwise. I felt so comfortable. So pretty and I just didn’t want that feeling to end. I really just didn’t want to change. At this point I wish I had an entire closet full of Lolly 38; that way, I could change, but I’d feel that same comfort no matter what.

Lolly38 yoga wear product review

It truly is a different feeling compared to what I’m used to.

You’re going to enjoy this part of my review. The clothing at Lolly 38’s Taffy wear; the yoga and active wear I was provided (didn’t cost any more than other good quality garments you’d buy at the mall). The quality of Lolly 38, to me, exceeds all the other brands I’ve ever worn before. I can’t even describe the difference… except. Okay, you know the bed sheets that you can’t get yourself to get out of. The softest (not silk), most stretchy (yet strong) fibered sheets that are a tie between cotton and spandex… yeah, that material. Well, it may not be that exactly, but you get what I mean right? It’s practically candy for your body. Definitely a must have in anyone’s active wear collection. But before you go drooling at Taffy, make sure you look at the underwear, sweats, and T-shirt sections. I know that my next purchase will be undies; if they feel anything like the Taffy line, I’ll be in heaven for life.

Available at:

ARP: all items vary; please visit Lolly 38’s site for more detail

I hope that you will consider visiting any of the sites listed above. Each and every one of the products made my life easier. From feeling so clean and soft to feeling positively comfortable in what I’m wearing; you will definitely find that these products are worth the rave. I am pretty convinced that once you try any one of the above products, you’ll be hooked. Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope that you can find use in one, or all, of the products listed above.

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: The products shared in this review were sent to me in order to give you straight forward and honest opinions. The opinions written in this post are of my own and therefore, I claim no responsibility for those who feel differently. Thank you.

Some Serious Goodies for Bath & Body: Herban Renewal Bath & Body Care Product Review

Bath gift sets by Herban Renewal can be a nice going away to college gift or present for other special occasion.Beautiful, absolutely beautiful; that’s what everyone will think the minute they receive a gift, package, or product from Herban Renewal (at least that’s what we experienced… along with an awful lot of excited squeals).

So what is it that Herban Renewal has to offer? In my opinion, they offer great gift bags, soaps, lotions, stuffed toys, and sea salts the whole family can enjoy.

Herban Renewal is out of Abilene, Texas and was started in 1996. Their initial goal was to create a line of products based on only the very best and natural ingredients they could find (right from the garden). They blended only the freshest, most fragrant herbs and botanicals, added vegetable oils that were known to produce the most healing and moisturizing effects, and added only the purest sea salts to their collections. The results allow you to experience a complete and luxuriously “Herban-istic” moment.

Herban Renewal offers gifts for all kinds of girls, including cute stuffed cats.Herban Renewal offers four very unique lines that present a range of luxurious, earth-friendly, cost-competitive nourishing products that are perfect for adults and kids alike. I especially enjoyed the plush toy / gift bag duos – these things were just too cute, too soft, and impossible to keep your hands off of!

In reviewing these products I realized just how fun and exciting these gifts can be to receive. My kids went ballistic on me and literally tore me to shreds. They enjoyed everything so much that, at one point, my youngest even got a little emotional. When asked why, all she could say was, “they’re all so beautiful mommy – I can’t help it; thank you!” I melted as she reached over and gave me the most heartfelt hug known only to moms.

The package we received for review included products from the following lines:
•    Livi.Lu.Lu – Skin nourishing products for adolescent “tween” girls, including lotions, body washes, and lip balms (which smelt and felt so yummy!).
•   Plush cats make great gifts for girls. Twinkle Toes – An ALL-natural, ALL-pink, ALL-glittery powder to sprinkle in ballet slippers, dance bags, and all over your body (Talc-free). The scent is an amazing “pirouette peppermint.”
•    Shoo! Monster (the cutest little anti-boogeyman dust). If your kids are afraid of monsters lurking in their closets and under their beds, give them this 100% all natural dust to sprinkle in their most feared places… no more boogeyman!

This package we received was filled to the brim with all things “girly-girl.” From Shoo! Monster dust to Twinkle Toes pirouette peppermint powder; from lotions and body washes to lip balms and gift bags; my girls couldn’t have been happier. They especially loved the beautiful, soft plush cats; they were so, so soft and cuddly. They were all shimmer and shine; they were impeccable with their beautiful soft fur and shiny wings. It’s been the only thing they’ve slept with since. I think they’ve even snuck them to school a time or two (but I’ll let them continue to think they got away with that one). Okay…shall we move on?

Herban Renewal offers gifts for all kinds of girls, including cute stuffed cats.

Products provided free to writer for reviewThe smells from the Livi.Lu.Lu collection were…

For Better Health, Energy, and Physique, Try these Nutritional Supplements

If you’re looking for (or are considering) an alternative to dietary supplemental vitamins, consider trying any of the following products. They are environmentally friendly and are organically tuned into the needs of their consumers.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of trying two liquid dietary supplements from Argo Labs as well as Oxylent premiere blend supplements. I have enjoyed not only the ease of “drinking” vitamins (rather than swallowing pills) but I’ve also enjoyed the benefits I’ve encountered in the process.

Naturally Noni 2X double strength was one of the first products I received from Agro Labs. At first taste, you’ll notice a very succulent, yet rich flavor of Noni Herbs (grown in Polynesia). I can’t even begin to describe the flavor to you, but I will say that I enjoyed the aftertaste as well as the initial trial run with this product. I’ve even noticed some of the effects from this herb taking place. I feel more at ease, I feel calmer and balanced; ready to tackle the day.

Naturally Noni is a sacred herb grown in the volcanic rich soil of Polynesia. Noni is known for its healing process for the body, mind, and soul (spirit). Naturally Noni 2X is available in 16oz and 32oz bottles and the recommended daily dosage is not to exceed three ounces.

I was also given the opportunity to try Naturally Pomegranate (made with organic Pomegranate). Just as Naturally Noni, it is in liquid form, but rather than working to toward enhancing your body, mind, and spirit, this product works towards maintaining and promoting optimal cardiovascular health.

Though I haven’t used Naturally Pomegranate for more than a week, I already feel better about using such a product. Maybe it’s because I know that I’m using a product that, in due time, will help promote better cardiovascular health (which is always a good thing). At this time, being new to using the Agro Labs products, I’m happy. I feel good both inside and out. I have not felt any ill effects nor have I felt an urge to quit using them.

If you are looking for an alternative to the normal daily vitamins and are looking for something that can promote more than what the daily vitamin has to offer, please consider reading more on Agro Labs’ products. They have many beneficial products to consider.

Naturally Noni, Naturally Pomegranate (as well as other Agro Labs Naturally products) can be purchased online by visiting, the Vitamin Factory, or by visiting

To add to the wonderful list of supplemental vitamins I received, I also received some nice and thirst quenching supplemental drinks along with a nice moisturizing lip balm from Vitalah that are sure to stay at the top of my vitamin lists.

Vitalah is unique in the sense that each drink (an array of flavors) is filled with high quality essential nutrients. Each drink creates a synergistic environment and you feel a boost of functionality at peak levels throughout the day.

Oxylent Lip Balm is definitely a product worth considering. I know that there are many lip balms to choose from and many that are very satisfactory; I will not dispute that, but once you’ve tried Oxylent Kisses for the first time, there’s definitely a difference. I was very, very impressed at how wonderful this lip balm truly was. It instantly made my lips go from “okay” to “amazing” in a matter of seconds. It kept my lips moisturized long after the balm had wiped away, and when used again, it gives that much more of an effect on the surface and feel of your lips. Did I mention it had flavor? Oops, it’s Raspberry – Yum!!

Every one of these products is worth the time to try, read about, and purchase. I for one am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to try them. I will be telling many friends about the two brands featured here today because I feel strongly about the companies and their products.

There are many products to consider and if you’d like to read more on Vitalah, please visit

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: The statements and opinions I share are my own. Please be advised that these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are also NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I was sent these products for the purpose of my review; based on my experiences with the products, therefore, I bare no responsibility for others who feel differently. Thank you.