Romantic Body Bliss – Scandle Candle Product Review

The Scandle Candle is a moisturizing body candle you can use for manicures, pedicures, and massages.I’ll just jump right in to tell you how I felt about using the Scandle Candle… I’ve sat here far too long trying to give this product an introduction, when in fact, the Scandle Candle needs no introduction. It’s amazing, impressive, and so worth sharing with others. In fact, after reading about the Scandle Candle, you might want to purchase a few for family and friends this Christmas; here’s why…

When I received this “candle” in the mail for review I was already impressed; not because I’ve used it before, but because the name grabbed me. Next, smelling it made me crazy – happy crazy! It truly fits the harvest themed product segment we’re featuring here at Life Love Beauty.

Scandle Candle in PumpkinOkay, so in order to give you an idea of how great this is and how I felt while using the candle, let me whisk you away for a moment, to a place of pure serenity, a place of sheer and utter peacefulness with beautiful sounds of trickling water and soft, subtle winds blowing in the distance. Now, imagine the calm of beautiful music whispering in the background as the hot oils drip over your arms, legs and… too far, come back!

Yes, I’m a little taken away by the feel, smell and actions that this candle gives off. I know that I used a little creative writing there, but the sheer feelings I felt with the Scandle Candle were perfect and so real to me. It was like finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… you know, that feeling of pure excitement for something you finally got your hands on – yeah, that feeling.

Pumpkin Body Candle -- Scandle CandleI was so impressed with this candle that I invited a dear friend over for coffee. While the candle prepared us to indulge in its presence, I explained what the candle was, we shopped the site and enjoyed the sweet fragrance the candle let out. Anyway, yes, our time was wonderful – the candle performed lovely and I am so addicted to this product forever more. My friend is now insanely impressed with this “candle” because it’s, as my friend called it – A TWO-FER!!!

What’s a “two-fer” you ask? Why it’s only a spectacular ‘two-for-one” deal. You have a candle that also acts as a uniquely, yet very intriguing body oil (and then some). Technically speaking, you can also use it for the perfect massage and pedicure treatment. You can also use it every day as a moisturizer… the possibilities are endless and it’s truly unbelievable!

If you’d like to read more about the Scandle Candle and take a look at the many products and fragrances they have available, please visit and while you’re there, please read what other’s have to say about their experiences with the Scandle Candle. You’ll see that I’m not the only one that was thoroughly impressed!

Product provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: Please know that I was given a Scandle Candle Travel Tin in the seasonal scent of Pumpkin, for free, via The Body Candle. The gifts that I receive help me form an opinion based on my experiences with the product. I am in no way responsible for anyone that feels differently. If you’d like to learn more about this or any other product featured on Life Love Beauty; please visit the featured product’s official website. Thank you.

EOS: Ultra Moisturizing Shaving Cream Product Review

By show of hands, who here regularly shaves their legs, under the arms or bikini area (I know I do)? If you raised your hands, then you’re going to find the information in this post very interesting.

I have here, with me, one amazing product that will literally change the way you feel about shaving. It’s called the Evolution of Smooth (AKA: EOS) Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream and let me assure you that this is no ordinary shaving cream; in fact, I don’t believe you’ve ever tried anything like it.

I’ll have to admit that I was a skeptic (at first) about trying a new shaving cream. I’ve been a user of the typical foaming stuff for the past 15 years and I wasn’t sure what to think of this, new-to-me, non-foaming type. So, being a creature of habit, and not at all a fan of change; I summoned up the courage to test it out. As it turns out, I have never been this impressed with my legs after a shave!

When I observed the back of the pump (for directions on how to use), I found that you can use this particular shaving cream wet or dry. Now, this may surprise some of you, but in all my years of shaving, I have never shaved “dry”. I’ve heard of it being done, I was sure it could be done, but I’d never tried it – far too many horror stories!

Intrigued by the information and quick to prove a product wrong, I decided to try the dry shave first (on one leg). Now, afraid of what was going to become of my legs – I began shaving, with one hand crossed behind my back!

With the first swipe of my razor I was sold. I was more impressed with how non-irritating it really was then how awesome it smelled. My only regret was thinking that it wouldn’t work and I really thought I’d suffer dire consequences for doing this (dry-shaving). Thankfully I was wrong because honestly, I have never-ever experienced a closer shave than this.

With one leg smooth and the other still hairy, I decided to continue my review in the shower. I did this only because I felt obligated to try it wet and dry; after all, I was already impressed with the first shave and convinced of the product’s performance.

Again, it came to the call of duty. It was virtually impossible to resist rubbing my legs long after the experience of using this cream was over, in fact, the shave was so great (equally, mind you), so close that I found it hard to keep this little indulgence a secret from friends…and you! I hope you enjoyed.

If you’re interested in trying EOS’s Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream, please visit EOS products can be purchased either online or visiting a local retailer (to find a retailer; click on the “find retailer” tab at the official website). Products include the ultra moisturizing shaving cream, organic lip balm (stick and/or sphere) and soon to come- moisturizing body lotion.

Product provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: I was given a product sample, for free, via EOS for the purpose of my review. This review is based on my experiences and may differ from others therefore I take no responsibility for anyone who feels differently. Please be aware that results may vary. Thank you.

Harvest Themed Product Feature: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Product Line

‘Tis the season to be super skinny – Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell that is!

Super Skinny Relaxing Balm, daily shampoo and daily treatment will protect, smooth and control your hair while it resists the humidity of, that sometimes, smoldering weather outside. It doesn’t matter if you have the most unruly hair type or the most impeccable hair ever – Super Skinny will leave you amazed.

We all know that when we use Paul Mitchell products, we’re going to be satisfied. Maybe it’s because they put the best ingredients together in order to produce a one-of-a-kind hair product that is sure to mend and maintain beautiful hair. I know that for me, the difference has been night and day.

Before I used the shampoo, conditioner and relaxing balm from Paul Mitchell, I had flyaways, frizz problems, and control issues. Now, my hair looks shiny, smells great(er) and has a beautiful healthy bounce to it. I’ve already had plenty of comments and questions about what I use to make my hair so pretty. They all assume I have a hairdresser and ask where I go. When I tell them it’s just Paul Mitchell and a blow-dryer for style, they say I’m lying. To me, that’s a compliment in itself… for people to feel like I’m holding back on a little “secret” about my hair regime is just too funny.

My take on the products I received for review is that they are marvelous! I love the smells that linger in your hair long after you’ve washed (or at least until you wash again), I love the bounce that has been added to my hair and most importantly, I love the shine that has become radiantly apparent over the past week since I first began using them.

If you’re doing any shopping for stocking stuffers this holiday season, I recommend a few bottles of the new Smooth Styling Paul Mitchell Super Skinny styling products. It’s sure to make the recipient of these gifts some seriously happy campers!

When I first received Paul Mitchell’s new Super Skinny Product line, I couldn’t help but stop what I was doing in order to check it out. It’s funny because I knew the name, I knew the cost, but I had never used Paul Mitchell before. I can’t say if it’s due to the initial “sticker shock” or not, but I never went out of my way to purchase it.

Now, mind you, I’ve heard all the rave about the name and knew how good this was, but it wasn’t until last week, when I tried it for the very first time, did I truly understand what everyone meant – now I know why there’s a pretty price behind the product – THIS STUFF IS AMAZING… it honestly makes me wonder why I had never tried it before. This is an incredible brand of hair product and is well worth the cost. Would I recommend this to others? ABSOLUTELY!

*Paul Mitchell products are only available in professional salons. To locate a salon near you, please call 1.800.321.JPMS or visit

Product provided free to writer for reviewDISCLOSURE: these products were provided, FREE, by Paul Mitchell for the purpose of review. I am in no way entitled to lure you into purchasing this or any other products featured on Life Love Beauty. My opinions are based on my experiences through the use of the products and I do not claim responsibility for anyone who feels differently. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: I’ve also tried the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny styling gel and it is an effortless fix to flyaways and frizzy hair. It’s perfect for dry hair or damp hair right out of the shower. The Super Skinny styling products have produced great results on my hair as well. Also, the Super Skinny line offers a fabulous apple fragrance, which is perfect for fall harvest time or anytime of year.

Nourish Your Body with the New Softsoap Nutri Serums Body Wash

Softsoap Nutri Serum Body Wash ReviewAnytime you step out of the shower, you’re supposed to feel clean, right? Well, sometimes soaps or body washes can leave a grimy film of who knows what all over your body. You can actually feel somewhat filthier after that shower than you did before. The reason for this is the added, not so necessary, ingredients that companies add to these products in order to make them “smell good”.

There’s been a few times in the past when, after buying a common body wash, I’d step out of the shower only to see little flakes of – I don’t even know what it was, staring back at me – like some sort of residue on my skin. Often times, I’d end up having to step back in the shower just to scrub again.


The point I’m trying to make is: wouldn’t you prefer a body wash / soap that really cleans your body, nourishes the skin, and gives you added “good stuff” (like vitamins and minerals) without adding the stuff you don’t?

Softsoap’s new Nutri Serums body wash will excite you in every way possible. It won’t leave you filmy, but it will leave you feeling extraordinarily clean, refreshed, and nourished (from head to toe and everywhere in between).

Product Review of Softsoap Nutri Serums by Barbara BakerWhen I received the new Softsoap’s Nutri Serums body wash for review, I couldn’t help but feel antsy to take my evening shower. The reason: I wanted to feel those floating softening serum pearls on my skin, I wanted to smell the extraordinary smells that came from within the bottle, and most importantly, I wanted to soak up those much needed vitamins and nourishing minerals I knew my body needed.

You see, the new Nutri Serums body wash isn’t your average “body wash”; it’s loaded with Vitamin E and moisture retaining Omegas 3 & 6. The rich, fragrant lather from the serum pearls will powerfully nourish skin and rinse off to an impeccable clean. The formulas deliver essential nutrients (like Shea Butter and Flax Seed Protein) and hydrators through the innovative Serum Pearl technology that will completely nourish your body from within.

If you’re looking for affordable, advanced skin care benefits for half the cost of those other brands, Softsoap brand Nutri Serums body wash is what you need. It’s the first of its kind because it contains vitamins your body needs as well as nutrient-rich softening serum pearls for soft, healthy-looking skin. It’s everything your body asks for and then some!

My take on the new Nutri Serums body wash (by Softsoap) is simple; I love it! I use it daily and have since purchased another bottle for my kids and another one for me. I recommend the use of this new body wash to everyone. Once you try it, you’ll see for yourself how great this product is!

Availability Information
Available at mass retail and grocery stores nationwide

Softsoap brand Nutri Serums body wash 15oz. has a suggested retail price of $3.50 (Mass), $4.50 (Food/drug).

For more information on Softsoap’s New Nutri Serums body wash; please visit the official Softsoap website.

DISCLOSURE: This review was made possible by Softsoap. I received a bottle of each new Nutri Serums fragrance (2) in order to give you my full and honest opinion. Therefore, I claim no responsibility for those that feel differently.

Do Your Nails Have a Costume Yet? Kiss and Dashing Diva: Limited Edition Halloween Nail Review

Yes, you read right… do your nails have a costume yet? Mine do; I’m dressing them up with some spooktacular Halloween themed nails via Kiss’s Halloween Nails and Dashing Diva’s Design Nails on the Go.

If you haven’t already, take a trip to any of the Walgreens, CVS, or Kmart stores (nationwide) before October 31st (that’s tomorrow).These Halloween Nails are definitely a must have and will definitely accent any costume you have in mind.

The nail kits come ready to use. There’s no mess from glue and it takes only seconds to apply. Each Halloween nail kit includes 24 nails in 12 sizes and “glue tabs” to help press on the nails, making the mess a thing of the past.

Young girls can wear Halloween nails too - a great costume enhancement!The limited edition Halloween nail kits I received:

Red French with Skull kit – this kit has got to be one of my favorites. It has the French manicure look only the white tips are red/black plaid; a few of them even have white skulls inside a beautiful gold heart (just beautiful).

Silver Spider Web kit – If you’re looking to add pizzazz to any gothic costume; these will do the job. The French tips are black with beautiful spider webbing across the bed of your nail, but don’t think that’s all for these nails wouldn’t be complete without the awesome silver spider that sits atop of your fingers…sure to get some attention on these beauties.

Halloween Love Potion Nails as modeled by PatienceVampire Red kit – Awesome blood red nails with the embossed black flair of designs around the edging. Trust me; you won’t want to forget about your nails once you see this design. They’re frighteningly red, yet elegantly vibrant with color…a must have.

Black & White Skull kit – You’ll have enough nails to do every other nail with cross bones and the other half with black nails and (what seems to be) white bones scattered about. They’re really cool looking, especially if you’re planning on dressing as a pirate, skeleton or other such character. I like these because of the cool Black & White contrasting look.

Dashing Diva; Design Nails on the Go… – (Skull & Bonz, Treasure Island and Love Potion) I received three spook-a-luscious designs; and all worth mentioning. Each set includes 28 nails and the glue is already applied. All you do is pick, set and press…that’s it. The hardest part was figuring out which one to wear first.

Girls showing off their Halloween manicures by Dashing Diva.The other set (that I plan to use tomorrow) are solid black nails with pretty white tips and a shiny silver strip to break the colors apart. I plan on wearing these tomorrow because I still haven’t decided what to wear. I know what I’d like to be, but because I’m not sure – these Halloween nail sets will be perfect for anything.

Each one of these kits was really fun to use and added much excitement to my girls’ evening. I normally don’t buy any type of nail kits for my girls because I worry about the glue tearing up their own nails, but with these being temporary, I had no fears. Why? To remove the nails, you simply soak them in warm water until the glue becomes soft and loose. Once there, the girls just peel them off (Note: nails cannot be reapplied once removed).

Although the Kiss nails were not the right size for my little ones (geared for women and young ladies), the Dashing Diva nails were a perfect fit for their little fingertips. The Dashing Diva nails had just enough “little” nails to give my girls a full set of glamour for tomorrow’s events.

Halloween Nails by Dashing DivaDashing Diva nails are available online at (8.00 SRP) and also (10.00 SRP) online or Sephora stores nationwide.

Kiss nails, as mentioned before, can be purchased at Walgreens, CVS, and Kmart stores nationwide. For more information, see

This review is made possible by Kiss and Dashing Diva (thank you). I happily accepted free products in order to give you my thorough and honest thoughts/opinion.

Joe Campanelli’s HEAVY-DUTY Green Cleaner Review

Let me just start by saying that I love to clean. Although I can’t get to it as often as I used to — before computers and kids — I still enjoy it when the opportunity presents itself. So, when I say that I’m impressed with a cleaner, I am! Joe Campanelli’s Heavy-Duty Green Cleaner is a product I am thoroughly impressed with! I can’t wait to share my insights on its performance.

You know that feeling you get when you can sit in your chair and gaze across the room to a sparkling clean countertop and a freshly mopped floor. That feeling you get when you can look out of a smudge-free window into the great outdoors and that amazing feel when your toes meet a fluffy, just vacuumed carpet…. You know that feeling, don’t you?

There is but one problem I have faced for years and years when it comes to getting the house entirely clean; the doors, countertops, and walls. I also have problems with some of my old pots and pans that I just refuse to toss out. I still use them but I wish they looked better.

The good news: I received in the mail, Joe Campanelli’s Heavy-Duty Green Cleaner. Now, the bad news: I did something I should have never done as a “reviewer of products”. I didn’t grab my camera, I didn’t “think” about the results I’d received, I didn’t even stop half way through my first experience to realize I had skipped the first job of a reviewer (to take pictures); I just kept right on wiping with total disregard to sharing (sorry).

I guess I was caught in the moment.  I simply opened the lid, grabbed the cool sponge it came with and headed straight for the biggest eyesore in my house – the front door.  If only I had taken the picture… you would have seen how wonderfully awesome this product works. I couldn’t help but “wow” with every wipe of the sponge.

It’s not that my door was that hideous. It was just dull looking from years of hand prints that built up to a dingy look. The door also had two oil streaks from a few years back when our landlord changed our dead bolt and door knobs. For some reason, the oil had leaked on each corner of the lock and streaked straight down to the bottom of the door. I was never able to clear those streaks no matter what I used and how hard I rubbed. There was just no cleaning this door. So, I did what every other person would do – ignored it.

Well, I’m happy to say that my door is now streak-free. There’s not a stain on this door nor is it an eyesore anymore. It makes me so happy.

Don’t fret though because once I realized I hadn’t taken a single picture, I called a friend. Part of my phone call was to tell her about the heavy-duty green cleaner and the other part was to ask if she had anything at all that needed some serious cleaning. She obliged. She came straight over with the center console of her husband’s Explorer (yes, the center console). Her husband works at our local refinery and uses the Explorer as his work vehicle, so the whole car has years of stains embedded in the leather.

Anyways, she brought over the console (I got pictures) and I began to clean it. Low and behold, it did it again. It gave me the same results as with the door… this stuff is “Heavy-Duty” when it comes to cleaning.

I need to stop right here and just lead you to Joe Campanelli’s site. If not, I can sit here and write a million other words to describe my satisfaction with the Heavy-duty cleaner…

FYI: Other products from Joe Campanelli’s include:
1.    Stain Removers
2.    Odor Eliminators
3.    Carpet & Upholstery Shampoos
4.    Super Scrubbing Sponges
5.    Heavy Duty Cleaning paste
6.    New Developing products that are at the moment – TOP SECRET

For more information please visit  You can also find a dealer in your area by visiting the Dealer Locator page.

VOTRE VU Skin Care 2.0 – The next Evolution of the Beauty Industry

Skin care is one of the top sought after items for women. We crave great products that will enhance our overall personality and confidence because let’s face it; clothes do a lot for a woman, but fragrances and skin care will do so much more when it comes to feeling spectacular.

When we find a great skin care product, we can’t help but tell our friends the when’s, where’s and how much; am I right? I know that when I try something new, something exciting, I have to tell the first person I see and I really don’t care if it’s my husband, my friend, my sister or my mother; they’re going to hear all about it. Luckily they all get just as excited when I show them something new.

Today though, I’m not just sharing it with my friends, I’m screaming it out to the world! I have never-ever tried anything more exhilarating than the VOTRE VU TARTE D’ AMANDE rich Soufflé body lotion. It was sheer and utter enjoyment from the minute I took it out of the box to the minute this body lotion touched my skin. I covered myself from head to toe and… well; I couldn’t help but do it again. The smells will drive you absolutely crazy because they’re just that good.

VOTRE VU offers many products for the likes of everyone. From Royal Treatment gentle pearl scrubs to Balanced Skin Gel cleansers for oily skin, they have everyone covered when it comes to products that will transform your body from within.

I personally enjoyed my experience with the body lotion. The fragrance is Almond Pie and, need I say more, it was out of this world. When it says on the bottle that it’s, “Never heavy or greasy, just divine”, they’re not fibbing here. It was that good – it was that remarkable! It literally felt like silk going on, but once absorbed, it left my skin feeling so smooth and touchable including the fact that I smelt so delicious.

The Almond Pie lotion for your body can be used day or night. It offers moisture protection and has healthy ingredients perfect for every skin type. VOTRE VU combines French traditions and American ingenuity to create some of the best beauty products in the world. The products utilize time-honored European methods and now, through E-commerce and consultant opportunities (yes, I said consultant opportunities); you’ll have a chance to pamper your senses in pure self-indulgent products.

The VOTRE VU TARTE D’ AMANDE body lotion comes in a 6.76 fl. Oz. bottle, and has a $48.00 suggested retail price.

The difference between VOTRE VU and other skin care lines is that they not only offer skin care, but also beverages that help repair, restore and re-balance your body’s internal systems. If used daily, Snapdragon will give your skin a more radiant, beautiful glow. It may even boost your overall vitality when added to your daily beauty regimen. So, not only are you nourishing your skin from the outside through the use of their wonderful skin care products, but also from the inside out through the use of their beverages. You really have to take a moment and see for yourself.

If you’re interested in the consultant opportunity, preferred member details, or would like to see other great products from VOTRE VU, please head over to to learn more.

Lucky Bee Bee Jewels Product Review

Over the past few weeks I have happily shared my experiences with some of the many wonderful play sets that JAKKS PACIFIC has to offer. The girls and I have been completely amazed with the amount of fun we’ve shared. From spa mini (sparkle and glitter) play sets to GX tight rope terror race car sets, it’s been nonstop fun and laughs for the three of us. I won’t even begin to say that I’m done because today we lavished ourselves with accessorizing via charms, bracelets, and dangles.

JAKKS PACIFIC is now eagerly introducing a new and exciting collection this fall, called Lucky Bee Bee Jewels, which are perfect for that little princess in your heart (or teenage beauty in your life). They are the trendiest and most charming collections a girl could want.

My six and seven year old daughters became fanatical when they saw the collection of jewels that lay before them. They were instantly attracted to the dangles and accessories and knew just what they wanted to try first. They were even more surprised when they found out that they were more than just charms and bracelets. You see, these are unlike any other charm set and jewelry collection I’ve seen. With the Lucky Bee Bee Charm collection sets, you’ll get to customize your jewelry, mix and match your bracelets, and even accessorize your bags, clutches or purses, but there’s more… you can play with some of them too. The collections are so trendy that you’ll see celebrities Jordin Sparks (American Idol), Chelsea Staub (Jonas) and KayCee Stroh (High School Musical) sporting their custom jewelry around too.

The new Lucky Bee Bee collections will introduce over 80 uniquely themed charms with prices starting as low as $4.99, perfect for all girls six years and older.

Here’s what’s coming to a retailer near you soon:

Charming Bracelet Collection: This charm pack includes three charms – two super cute charmers, one special “Bee” charm along with a fashion bracelet. The bracelets are available in a variety of colors. Girls can collect them all and wear multiple bracelets together for an even greater fashion statement. Ages 6+; SRP: $4.99.

Fashion Dangle Collection: This will add play value to everything “glam.” This charm pack includes two charms: one fun deluxe charm with tiny playable features, along with another adorable charm and a totally trendy fashion dangle. Girls will be able to display their charms on the versatile fashion dangle, which can clip onto anything and make a great accessory for purses and backpacks (just in time for school). Ages 6+; SRP: $6.99.

Deluxe Chain Link Accessory sets: This is awesome… choose your style with different metal chain link necklaces and bracelet sets that can be worn separately or mix and match the pieces for a cool layered look. Each accessory set comes with a necklace or set of bracelets, one super cute charm, and two deluxe charms with added play features. Ages 6+; SRP: $9.99.

Showcase Travel Bag: Now displaying and storing your favorite Lucky Bee Bee charms will be convenient and fun. Traveling case easily rolls up for on-the-go girls like you! Girls will want to trade and borrow their favorite charms with their friends as their collection grows, and this is the perfect way to showcase their charm of the day. Each Showcase travel bag comes equipped with one super cute charm and one deluxe charm with added play features. Ages 6+; SRP: $14.99.

Charming Carry Along: How about organizing and transporting your entire Lucky Bee Bee charm collection with this stylish and portable carry case? The cute purse-like design is completely functional. Opening to reveal your entire collection is a breeze. It has tons of storage and compartments and fun hidden areas to hide her most special charms. Each Charming Carry Along bag includes two deluxe charms with added play features. Ages 6+; SRP: $19.99.

You can bet I had fun with these charms. I would definitely recommend these to anyone with a child ‘DIVA’ in the home. They’re inexpensive and worth the smiles you get in return. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to share this experience with my girls. You just can’t put a price tag on these smiles you’ll get with these accessories!

To find out more about these products, visit The collections are expected to retail nationwide in the fall 2009. Also, visit for more information on the company and the latest toys to come.

Style Six Gem Decorator Product Review

Over the course of this summer, I have introduced you to some wonderful play sets from JAKKS PACIFIC. They are the leading designer and marketer of toys and consumer products, products from licenses such as Color Workshop, Creative Designs International, Graco, Disney, and Cabbage Patch Kids, just to name a few. From action figures to art activity sets and vehicles to plush toys, from stationery and writing instruments to electronics and dolls, you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for when shopping at

Today I’m jumping in to share a new kit I discovered. It’s the all new Style Six Gem Decorator. This kit is one seriously amazing decorator kit and it will literally change an ordinary item into something extraordinary. The kit includes rhinestones, ribbons, a gem decorator device, and ribbon loops. It’s a mere $19.99 to get you started. Again, the kit is recommended for children eight years and up. If you plan on supervising the activity, the child can be as young as five, but I wouldn’t recommend any younger than that. My girls are ages six and seven and I helped with every step.

When we began to decorate our t-s,hirts we actually sat at our coffee table, set everything out, and took a minute to look at everything. I then took another minute to read instructions and go over some of the rules I had for the girls. They weren’t big rules, but because their ages were a little younger than the recommended age for this kit, I wanted to make sure they knew what parts they would take in creating their designs. Once this was explained and understood, it was time to begin.

We used the stencils that were included in the kit to place the dots that would become future holes on the garments. The handy-dandy gem device was then used to pop holes where the rhinestones and gems would go. It took about 30 minutes to design and prepare each shirt for the gems, but it was so fun and time just flew by! I plan on doing a little slumber party in the next week or two and will be using the gem decorator as a fun time project.

What’s fun about this kit is that the gems are removable. My girls have removed and replaced the gems a hundred times now and the shirt is still holding well. They simply snap right on and for a six year old to do this, you know it’s doable. At the end of our project, Patience and Piper were full of smiles. They wore their new shirts proudly and I couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining experience.

Other available sets from the newly launched Style Six line include, but are not limited to:

STYLE SIX FELTING MACHINE: This felting machine allows young trendsetters to customize any item in their closet with fun felt shapes! The felting device safely weaves felt into any piece of fabric without heat, adhesive, or sewing. It includes a felting device and assorted felt shapes. It is recommended for children eight years and older. The suggested retail price is $14.99.

Girls will have so much fun setting their fashion mood for the day by attaching decorative fabric, fun broaches, and playful charms to any fabric surface. The set includes a snap-n-glam device, assorted fabric shapes, and plastic pieces. Again, it is suggested for children eight years and older and has a suggested retail price of $9.99.

STYLE SIX STYLE PACK REFILLS: Available in new waves of four different styles every four months so girls can keep up with all the latest trends. As with all of the Style Six lines, recommended for children eight years and older. The suggested retail price for these will range from $4.99 – $9.99.

For more information on the many toys JAKKS PACIFIC has to offer, please visit Also, take a moment to check out the JAKKS cares tab and read about their ongoing commitments to ensure happy, healthy kids. You can read all about the partners involved in making things happen, information on charitable giving, and learn about how you can help.

ActiVwater: Talking Rain Review

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is drink plenty of water. Water is essential for your very survival. It is also something that covers 71% of our earth’s surface so you can’t say you don’t have any.

You can pretty much find bottled water in every store you enter. There are many brands and many flavors to choose from, but, nothing compares to the water I’ve just tasted. Nothing compares to the water I tried desperately to keep for myself but couldn’t. I couldn’t because my kids were looking at me like they hadn’t drunk a single drop of water all day. Yea, I caved in and shared with my kids…but that’s okay, I’ll have to buy more and I will.

If you haven’t yet, then I recommend you try ActiVwater. I was given an amazing opportunity to try 3 flavors from Talking Rain ActiVwater and I LOVE IT!!!

The only beverages I take part in consuming are; water, tea, flavored water and coffee (I love coffee). So when I was offered an opportunity to try Talking Rain’s new ActiVwater; I accepted graciously. So what’s so different and exciting about ActiVwater? Why, it’s only the best water around…and I do say this with the most honest thoughts possible.

For just $1.29 each, you’ll have 19oz of pure essential greatness. There are 8 flavors to choose from and each of them offer enhancements all their own. If you’re looking for water that will promote vigor, energy, balance, focus and/or power; if you’re looking to enhance your power, resistance or something that will help Wake you up then ActiVwater is the water for you.

Here’s what you’ll get with every bottle of water; ingredients include Vitamins C, B12, D and K; antioxidants from natural fruits; naturally occurring electrolytes and Erythritol. It also has 100% natural sweeteners with ZERO calories. Erythritol plays an important role in the fight against obesity (for those who didn’t know/like me).

My opinions of the Talking Rain ActiVwater are very high. My kids and I enjoyed every flavor, which by the way were Black Berry, Pomegranate Berry and Strawberry Kiwi and aside from the awesome flavors, each bottle was packaged refreshingly. I honestly didn’t expect to like it as much as I did; after all, it’s just water, but I did. It exceeded every expectation of what I thought it’d taste like and there was, not one, thing that I didn’t enjoy.

A run down on ActiVwater flavors and their enhancements:

1.    Black Berry: Balance for greater intensity (Vitamin A-Zinc, Gota Kola electrolytes and Glucosamine

2.    Tropical Citrus: Energy for greater recovery (Vitamin B, Tea Extract and Caffeine)

3.    Lemon Lime: Essential-E for greater nutrients (Vitamin A, B, E)

4.    Dragonfruit: Focus for greater clarity (Vitamin A-Zinc, Gingko Biloba, Gota Kola)

5.    Strawberry Kiwi: Power for greater strength (Calcium and Magnesium, Vitamin C, B12, D, K)

6.    Pomegranate Berry: Resist for greater antioxidants (Tea Extract, grape seed extract, Vitamin A, B, C)

7.    Triple Berry: Vigor for greater vitality (Vitamin A, B, C and tea)

8.    Orange Mango: Wake Up for greater Strength (Vitamin C and Green Tea extract)

The mission of TalkingRain Beverage Company is to develop and market functional, natural beverage products in unique packaging for calorie-conscious consumers. Founded in 1987, TalkingRain Beverage Company is headquartered in Preston Washington. The plant’s 100 employees produce a wide range of low calorie, good-for-you beverages under the TalkingRain brand including TalkingRain sparkling ICE, TalkingRain Botanicals and airwater. Please visit to learn more. ActiVwater is also available nationwide.

Style Six Airbrush Fashion line for Girls Product Review

That time has come again; our beautiful kids are off to a new year at school. Isn’t it great (for us anyways)?!

To extend the excitement about their return, why not make going back to school, well… fun? With JAKKS PACIFIC, you’re sure to make designing their wardrobe exciting. I was so happy when I received the all new Style Six Airbrush kit from JAKKS PACIFIC for the kids and me to try. Let me just say that it’s not just for girls. My 16 year old son was pretty impressed with it, too.

The kit includes stencil stickers for easy application, fabric Blopens and a motorized Airbrush. It’s intended for children ages eight and older, but if you have children in the range of five to seven (I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone younger than that), helping them with their design will be just as fun. Trust me, for the younger ones, simply letting them place the sticker stencils where they’d like to put them while you do the rest will be just as exciting.

As for the boys, you won’t have to worry about them at all because once they see the fun the girls are having, their imaginations will get the best of them. My son, 16, didn’t use the stickers. He just grabbed a white T-shirt from his closet, grabbed the Blopens airbrush and was well at work, creating his very own one-of-a-kind peace T-shirt. He said it was a blast and he didn’t care that it was sent for us girls to try.

Without a doubt, this was an extremely fun set. The motorized airbrush made designing their clothes so much fun. The only “con” to the whole system is that the cord is just a teeny tiny bit too short, but overall, it was such a blast to use.

After the kids decorated their clothes, it was off to trying them on. Each of them was proudly sporting their designs, their creations and I was jealous (I was told that I was just too old to use it – LOL, yeah right!).

If you’re wondering how much this kit would set you back, it won’t. The suggested retail price is $19.99 and comes with everything you’ll need in order to do plenty of projects with the kids. It’s perfect for boys and girls alike. My kids and I didn’t have any problems figuring out how it works. It’s all self explanatory, but does come with instructions just in case. I’m telling you, your kids will love it!

As with all the wonderful toys that come from JAKKS PACIFIC, the prices are well within anyone’s budget and each line is filled with an array of project play-sets that will keep kids entertained for hours. In fact, the newly launched Style Six Fashion line currently offers half a dozen different kits. Now, I won’t name them all because you’ll just have to head over to, but I have handpicked a few I’d like to mention:

STYLE SIX SILK SCREENER: Girls can tap into their creative sides when using this dandy screener. They simply layer on cool printed graphics on T-shirts and other fashion pieces and begin creating. The Silk Screener includes two silkscreen devices, paint bottles, a blotter, roller, masking board, stencil sheets supply tray and a garment separator. It’s intended for ages 8+ and has a suggested retail price of $39.99.

This kit will excite and amaze your girls. They can stamp and foil transfer one-of-a-kind hip and glossy graphics onto their favorite jeans, shirts, handbags, and more (possibilities are endless). The Foil Applicator kit includes a foil device, roller, assorted stamps, fabric paint, glue, acrylic board, and foil sheets. It is intended for ages 8+ and has a suggested retail price of $19.99.

STYLE SIX GEM DECORATOR: This kit will have to wait… I’ve got a personal review in the works as we speak as I was also sent this awesome machine for my kids to try, so, stay tuned….

If any of these sets excite you or your young ones, please check out for more information, kits, and toys that are offered. The site is always updated with the latest toys and kits. There is a wide range of products that feature some of the most popular children’s toy licenses in the world, so prepare to be dazzled!

JAKKS PACIFIC Extreme Performance Vehicles – Product Review

The first time I introduced JAKKS PACIFIC was when I excitedly spoke about the “bonding time,” ultimate pampering experience my girls and I shared. Today, I gladly shift to “boy stuff” by introducing the GX Racers & GX Racers: Tight Rope Terror!

Race cars are really a toy for everyone because they’re completely versatile in every way. When you play with cars it doesn’t matter whether you’re a girl or a boy, a dad or mom, 2 years old or 100; playing with toy vehicles is flat out- fun and exciting.

The all new GX Extreme Performance Vehicles (SRP: $5.99/ Multipack $11.99), also known as GX Racers, will have your kids playing and laughing for hours. You won’t have any problems keeping the family entertained with these little road champs! In fact – you’ll have a blast when you combine the GX Racers with the all new GX Tight Rope Terror (SRP: $19.99). This play set will defy everything you thought possible. The kit comes with a tight rope that’s over 10 ft. long and a cool racer, just to get you started.

The Tight Rope Terror takes nothing to put together and all you need, from around the house, is a few good books to lie on top of the “book end” L shaped platforms. This puts tension on the rope above, which enables you to get the racer rolling across the rope easily.  Girls and boys alike will spend time and time again trying to beat their last run. I know that when the kids and I played, we were competing for the title of “Master Runner”! I proudly wore that badge twice by the way. The girls were in close second and the boys, yea, the boys were undefeated. This was okay with us girls though because it was too much fun to care about ranking… yea right, the girls and I teamed up against the boys to do a “best 4 out of 5”.

If the GX line has you excited, check out some of the other amazing GX play sets JAKKS Pacific has to offer. You’ll find GX skate stunt starter sets for those skateboard fanatics (SRP: $9.99), GX’s Super Jump sets for those that love to defy gravity (SRP: $14.99), GX’s 360 Spinway for the intense racing maze of twists and turns ($19.99), and the kits don’t stop there… I’m telling you, GX has something for every race car/skate board toy enthusiast.

JAKKS Pacific, inc. is a leading designer and marketer of toys and consumer products. They are an award-winning licensee of several hundred nationally and internationally known trademarks, which means, when you visit their site, you’re sure to find the toy you’re looking for, that game set you’ve heard about and even that precious doll your daughter’s been asking for. There’s something for everyone at JAKKS.

Here’s something else that’s sure to put a smile on your face: JAKKS is committed to helping raise funds through Operation Smile; this is an extraordinary charitable organization dedicated to helping kids with Cleft Lip, Cleft palate, and other facial deformities. This isn’t all they do, so please take a moment and read more about how JAKKS cares. Take it from me, my heart melted when I read the extraordinary measures JAKKS Pacific, inc. takes to ensure kids’ happiness, health and overall well being.

Find a large selection of GX Racers on