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Hi, I'm Rana Asif. Nice to meet you!I am a dedicated webDeveloper. My vision is to be the best and quality IT Solutions Provider. My First priority to serve people with quality and innovative services. For Me, service means following through; treating the customer with respect; listening actively; and only recommending what is of true value to my customers; this is how i grow my clientele.I see the world through my clients' eyes, from their point of view. They are the people who are operating under immense pressure to complete big, messy, complex projects that will have a huge impact on their organizations. They're the ones with the Big Problem. They are the people who hire me. I use that perspective to guide everything i do.
Romantic Body Bliss – Scandle Candle Product Review

I’ll just jump right in to tell you how I felt about using the Scandle Candle… I’ve sat here far too long trying to give this product an introduction, when in fact, the Scandle Candle needs no introduction. It’s amazing, … Keep Reading

EOS: Ultra Moisturizing Shaving Cream Product Review

By show of hands, who here regularly shaves their legs, under the arms or bikini area (I know I do)? If you raised your hands, then you’re going to find the information in this post very interesting. I have here, … Keep Reading

Harvest Themed Product Feature: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Product Line

‘Tis the season to be super skinny – Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell that is! Super Skinny Relaxing Balm, daily shampoo and daily treatment will protect, smooth and control your hair while it resists the humidity of, that sometimes, smoldering … Keep Reading

Nourish Your Body with the New Softsoap Nutri Serums Body Wash

Anytime you step out of the shower, you’re supposed to feel clean, right? Well, sometimes soaps or body washes can leave a grimy film of who knows what all over your body. You can actually feel somewhat filthier after that … Keep Reading

Do Your Nails Have a Costume Yet? Kiss and Dashing Diva: Limited Edition Halloween Nail Review

Yes, you read right… do your nails have a costume yet? Mine do; I’m dressing them up with some spooktacular Halloween themed nails via Kiss’s Halloween Nails and Dashing Diva’s Design Nails on the Go. If you haven’t already, take … Keep Reading

Joe Campanelli’s HEAVY-DUTY Green Cleaner Review

Let me just start by saying that I love to clean. Although I can’t get to it as often as I used to — before computers and kids — I still enjoy it when the opportunity presents itself. So, when … Keep Reading

VOTRE VU Skin Care 2.0 – The next Evolution of the Beauty Industry

Skin care is one of the top sought after items for women. We crave great products that will enhance our overall personality and confidence because let’s face it; clothes do a lot for a woman, but fragrances and skin care … Keep Reading

Lucky Bee Bee Jewels Product Review

Over the past few weeks I have happily shared my experiences with some of the many wonderful play sets that JAKKS PACIFIC has to offer. The girls and I have been completely amazed with the amount of fun we’ve shared. … Keep Reading

Style Six Gem Decorator Product Review

Over the course of this summer, I have introduced you to some wonderful play sets from JAKKS PACIFIC. They are the leading designer and marketer of toys and consumer products, products from licenses such as Color Workshop, Creative Designs International, … Keep Reading

ActiVwater: Talking Rain Review

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is drink plenty of water. Water is essential for your very survival. It is also something that covers 71% of our earth’s surface so you can’t say you don’t … Keep Reading

Style Six Airbrush Fashion line for Girls Product Review

That time has come again; our beautiful kids are off to a new year at school. Isn’t it great (for us anyways)?! To extend the excitement about their return, why not make going back to school, well… fun? With JAKKS … Keep Reading

JAKKS PACIFIC Extreme Performance Vehicles – Product Review

The first time I introduced JAKKS PACIFIC was when I excitedly spoke about the “bonding time,” ultimate pampering experience my girls and I shared. Today, I gladly shift to “boy stuff” by introducing the GX Racers & GX Racers: Tight … Keep Reading

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