Product Review: JAKKS PACIFIC Spa Factory – Color & Sparkle Manicure Play Set

There are so many joys to being a mother… especially if you have three kids and two of them happen to be girls. Now granted, my son is fabulous (couldn’t have asked for a more perfect one), but for today, let’s talk about the girly stuff!
JAKKS PACIFIC Spa Factory Nail Design Studio

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Benefiting with Passion through Compassion – Mary Kay Crème Lipsticks Sales for Charity

Once again Mary Kay Ash has shown just how she embraces women’s lives with her “passion for compassion.” She so eloquently continues to prove that even the simplest of actions can impact and change the lives of so many people around us.

As Mary Kay once stated, “When you help somebody else, then you grow as a person.” Now, as a consumer, this means a lot to me. I know that when I purchase a lipstick, blush or even my favorite fragrance from Mary Kay, I’m getting more than just quality skin care products, I’m getting the satisfaction and comfort of knowing that – behind the name “Mary Kay” is a caring company dedicated to giving back to families in need.

I’m so thrilled to share the news that from May 12th (Mary Kay’s Birthday) through December 15th, 2009, Mary Kay will donate $1.00 from each sale, worldwide, of select Beauty That Counts™ Mary Kay Crème Lipsticks to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation in an effort to end domestic violence.

Last year, Mary Kay donated just under $2 million dollars from the worldwide sales (May 15th-December 31st, 2008) of Beauty That Counts Mary Kay Crème Lipstick (in Apple Berry) to causes that helped change the lives of women and children all around the world; causes and programs that offered, but were not limited to, aiding domestic violence victims, cancer sufferers, and orphaned children.

The Beauty That Counts Crème Lipstick shades include Gingerbread and the all new, limited-edition Pink Passion (I love this color!). Each color is enriched with emollients and moisturizers that provide a covering of protection against moisture loss. Each stunning color is lightweight, creamy and has a subtle hint of vanilla flavoring that will leave your lips feeling oh-so yummy!

I received the limited-edition Pink Passion lip color so that I can see firsthand how the shade measures up, and I just have to say… Pink Passion is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! It hardly feels like I’m wearing anything at all, but I know that I am because I see it (and because I put it on). The lipstick is (in comparison to anything out there) a step above the rest. Pink Passion is a beautiful shade of pink with a subtle iridescent shine. It’s light and creamy, pink and pearly, fragrance free but tasty.

After using this for much of the last few days, religiously, it has to be one of my favorite colors in my makeup bag at the moment. My husband (his thoughts mean a lot to me) even commented on how nice it was and that it wasn’t too overpowering or bright. I was even told that it’s better than the normal brown, copper tones I normally buy (huh – I never knew; he never said anything before so I just assumed he preferred that color)… overall, I’d have to say that Pink Passion is a stunning shade of pink and I highly recommend it!

To help support the cause (and get your hands on a beautiful new lipstick or two; contact your local Independent Beauty Consultant,, or by calling 1-800-MARY KAY (672-9629). You can also visit Mary Kay’s Social Responsibility page for more information; with the help of everyone, maybe we can double the contribution for those in need this year.

Duri Nail Polish Fall & Winter “Rags to Riches” Collection

With the fall and winter months approaching, it’s time to start preparing. This means putting away the shorts and tank tops in order to make room for long sleeves, sweaters and pants. It also means that it’s time to update your nail polish collection with something more fitting for those cold days out.

In September and then again in November, Duri will be unleashing their latest collection and you won’t want to miss it! Duri Cosmetics is proud to present the all new Fall/Winter “Rags to Riches” nail collection. They’re showcasing deep reds, vibrant purples, satiny pinks and a striking gold shade. Each of them is fitting for any occasion and will compliment those warm winter outfits in the months ahead.

Million Dollar Baby, shade (513) and one of the new shades to debut in November, is a beautiful iridescent, satiny pink shade. This particular polish gives you the ability to control the shade you’re wanting. If you put just one coat on, it leaves a clear, yet iridescent shine to it while still showing the nail underneath; sort of like a pearly, iridescent “clear” coat so-to-speak. The more coats you apply, the less “clear” it appears and the more color you see. I also think it’d be a perfect accent to any color you’re already wearing.

I also received Trophy Wife (521), due out in September. This is a much darker shade of burgundy or ruby red (can’t really decide), but beautiful none the less. This color will definitely go great with a red, brown, black, blue or green outfit. It’s just so pretty; it’s strikingly rich in color and with just two coats, you’ll have enough color to last a while.

FYI: Duri was established in 1990. They were originally manufacturing and distributing nail polish, nail treatment and complete hair removal waxing lines for beauty salons and spas only. They started with 47 colors and 3 treatments but have since grown to over 200 brilliant contemporary shades and 10 exclusive treatments for your nails and hands. I’ve actually got my eyes on the Rejuvacote nail growth system right now… I have a thumb nail and middle finger that have given me problems for years – they just don’t grow and when they do they’re already split and snag, rip and tear on anything.

Duri Cosmetics offers a type of nail polish that can be trusted to last. They have awesome prices; at an ARP of $5.00 for color nail polish (0.5 fl. Oz); you’re sure to load up on all the latest colors without breaking the bank. In fact, Duri also has a Summer Special going on you wouldn’t want to miss. For a limited time, you can get three (limit – 3 offers per order) Duri professional nail files FREE with any Duri Summer Nail Polish.  So while choosing from the fall/winter “Rags to Riches” collection, be sure to check out the specials or other products of interest. Remember, you’re not limited to just nail polish. They have an array of products for helping some of the most common nail issues as well as preventive care perfect for keeping those nails looking their best!

For more information on/or to purchase Duri Cosmetics; please call 1-800-724-2216 or visit… Oh, and before it’s over – HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!

Excessive Sweating, We’ve Got You Covered – Certain Dri Antiperspirant Product Review

Okay, so you’re sitting there, minding your own business when all of the sudden – you start sweating… PROFUSLY!

Please don’t feel bad – it happens to the best of us.

This is not uncommon really. The strength of your typical antiperspirant just doesn’t control excessive underarm sweating. For some, this is known as axillary Hyperhidrosis (a condition of excessive sweating of the underarms). If you or someone you know is dealing with this issue on a daily basis, I’ve got some news for you; some really exciting news!!

Here’s a little hint to help you: Try Certain Dri roll-on or solid. Simply apply your antiperspirant before… bedtime? Seriously, when your body’s dormant (at rest) your glandular activity slows down, inhibiting sweat and reducing pore size by temporarily “clogging pores” to block perspiration… It’s funny; I’ve been doing this since I can remember, and I thought it was just another OCD issue I was blessed with… but, alas, it’s proven to help perspiration issues when you use Certain Dri sparingly at bedtime at least a few times per week.

If you are looking for relief from excessive perspiration in a product available at your local drug store, you need to find one that contains aluminum chloride, such as Certain Dri.

Certain Dri formulation consists of 12% aluminum chloride and is one of the leading, dermatologist-recommended products for excessive underarm perspiration. It is the strongest available “over –the-counter” formula at stores nationwide. Certain Dri provides up to 72 hours of protection with each use. You won’t even break your bank; from $5.50 – $5.99 you can have a perfectly formulated antiperspirant for about 40% less than that of the typical “clinical strength” antiperspirant.

Product line available:
•    Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant Roll-on
•    NEW! Certain Dri solid Anti-Perspirant
•    Certain Dri A.M. Underarm Refresher
•    Read the latest on Certain Dri Feet products (yes, they heard you and they have great products for those with excessive sweating and smelly feet!)

Information for Certain Dri products:
Topical, over-the-counter antiperspirant roll-on is prepared with prescription-strength formula used for reducing excessive underarm perspiration (axillary hyperhidrosis).Certain Dri utilizes prescription-strength aluminum chloride (12%), preferred by dermatologists to treat excessive perspiration. Unlike its prescription competitors, Certain Dri is formulated with water (not alcohol), helping to minimize drying and stinging of the skin and allowing it to be available without a prescription.

The fact is, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing these products. The antiperspirants have a very pleasant smell, they work great at reducing sweat, and in the course of just a few days I saw a drastic change in how I held myself.

The way I held myself, you ask; yes – when you have a problem sweating (a lot), you begin to feel self conscious, you begin to worry about how to dress, how to move and frankly; you feel imprisoned by your own body because you’re just not in control of the situation. With Certain Dri, I was able to wear what I wanted to wear without worrying about color, style, and thickness of my wardrobe. I felt free of all these stresses and in the end – I felt in control. So, for those who know what I’m talking about (you know who you are), you can find comfort in knowing that Certain Dri will be there for you. They’ve heard your cries and came to the rescue.

Certain Dri Roll-on

For more information about excessive underarm perspiration, Certain Dri Products, or to sign up for the new “Make certain you’re Dri” consumer blog, visit or

Summer Make-up Review: Lacura Cosmetics launching at ALDI

Aldi - Lacura Cosmetics

What if I told you that you can purchase popular cosmetics for less than $4.00 per item? What if I told you that each item was of the highest quality & available at ALDI’s across 30 states? Would you believe me?

I was just introduced to Lacura Skincare and cosmetics the other day and I am astounded by the quality of their products; not to mention the sleek, impressive, shiny packaging that each item was presented in.

Lacura Cosmetics can be purchased for just $1.99 to $3.99 per item. Each item is comparable to (if not better than) those $12-$13.00 products normally bought at a department store. That’s up to 75% less than what you might be spending now!

Lacura was developed by German skincare specialists and are made with the same top quality ingredients found in most expensive labels, but they don’t share the same price tag. The best part is…ALDI (a select assortment discount grocer) is introducing the Lacura cosmetic collection in stores across 30 states in the country…talk about a great deal available right at your fingertips!

Aldi - Lacura CosmeticsI was happily gifted with 2 eye-shadow compacts;  801 Velvet Rose and the 21 Opal shades, 1 Mascara; Volumizing in Black, 1 lipstick; 200 Cool Sand, and 1 nail polish; 200 Cool Sand. Every single item was beautifully packaged in stunning lids and cases. I became excited the minute I received the box and, well, it was all I could do to get some pictures of these items before I ripped into them.

Once I accomplished the obvious (ripping into the packaging), it was off to trying these wonderful products out. I felt great! It didn’t feel or look like I was coated with too much color. The eye shadow shades had a soft shimmer to them, so when applied- it shined. I had the same result from the mascara, nail color and lipstick. The colors were soft yet vibrant. The mascara was light-weight and showed no signs of clumps. The lip color was soft enough to see shine and color but not so soft that you couldn’t tell I was wearing any. I even found that after a day’s worth of wear, I still managed to hold that freshly “just applied” look. My nails have gone chip free also without losing its luster or shine, and that’s without a base or top coat.

Overall, the experience was great! The cosmetics are wonderful and I recommend these cosmetics to even the savviest of shoppers.

What you can find at your nearest ALDI:

Aldi - Lacura CosmeticsEYE SHADOW: assortment of four eye shadows, each sells for $3.99:
o        101 Cocoa
o        801 Velvet Rose
o        302 Lilac Lady
o        21 Opal

MASCARA: Assortment of two mascaras, each sells for $3.99:
o        Waterproof in Black
o        Volumizing in Black

FOUNDATION: Assortment of four foundations, each sells for $3.99:
o        10 Translucent
o        20 Beige
o        30 Sun
o        40 Bronze

COMPACT POWDER/BRUSHES: Assortment of three compact powder/brushes, each sells for $3.99:
o        10 Translucent
o        20 Beige
o        30 Sun
o        76 Sunset Blush

LIPSTICKS: Assortment of five lipsticks, each sells for $3.99:
o        100 Coral
o        200 Cool Sand
o        301 Red Velvet
o        402 Deep Red
o        503 Truffle

NAIL POLISHES: Assortment of six nail polishes, each sells for $1.99:
o        104 Rum Raisin
o        300 Sweet Pink
o        402 Cherry Red
o        405 Classic Red
o        406 Salsa Red
o        800 Clear Base & Top Coat

Aldi - Lacura Cosmetics

ALDI is simply; a leader in the international grocery retailing industry. They began in the United States in 1976 and today, there are more than 1,000 U.S. ALDI stores (primarily from Kansas to the East Coast). ALDI was also named 2009 Retailer of the Year by PL Buyer. They sell more than 1,400 of the most frequently purchased grocery and household items and help save customers up to 50 percent on their grocery bill through their select assortment of discount grocery practices. For more information on ALDI, go to

Product Review of BeautyScoop

A rejuvenating scientific Beauty Breakthrough that will have you sipping your way to sensational beauty…it is but a “scoop” away.Beauty scoop can help you get beautiful hair, nails, and skin.

With BeautyScoop, you can have a radiant, healthy glow. BeautyScoop works from the inside out and is an edible peptide and lipid drink that will help advance every aspect of your well being. It has been scientifically proven that 86% of people who tried this product showed dramatic results within three weeks. That’s three weeks to beautiful hair, skin and nails. That’s three short weeks to a new and improved wellness.

  • Benefits for the skin include (but not limited to) reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases hydration and show a youthful glow as well as improving vitality at a cellular level.
  • Benefits for the hair include (but not limited to) intensifying shine and manageability, diminishing split ends and strengthening hair and providing luster and nourishment to the scalp.
  • Benefits for the nails include (but not limited to) strengthening and lengthening the nails, fortifying splits & breaks and softening cuticles as well as preventing ridges.

Beauty scoop can help you get beautiful hair, nails, and skin.Some of the key ingredients in BeautyScoop are Safflower, Canola and Vanilla Flower, Soy Protein isolates and whey protein concentrates. Each of these ingredients combined are proven to bring out the youthfulness of your skin, hair and nails from within. Also included in each individual scoop are the Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and anti-oxidants which are important building blocks for improving and maintaining healthy, active more productive day. The benefits are well worth the try.

Each box supplies you with 21 days of individually packed scoops for your convenience. These tasty scoops can be added to a favorite hot or cold drink of choice and give you the most out of each day (or evening). I actually used the scoops with my morning OJ and enjoyed the added energy I experiences throughout the day.

Although I only received three samples in my package to try; my nails, hair and skin did show a noticeable difference. I enjoyed being able to try this product first hand and know that if I used it daily I’d see a significant difference overall. It really is a great product and I recommend it to anyone that has been searching high and low for a product that will give you added benefits.

If you’re interested in BeautyScoop or would like to read more about the product, feel free to visit Beauty Scoop’s original site. ARV: $95.00 +shipping and handling for a 21 day supply (1 box); ARV $285.00 + coupon code for shipping discount + free gift with purchase for a 3 box supply (this is for those outside the continental US & ARV $285.00 + free shipping + free gift with purchase (this is for those who reside in the continental US) of a three-box supply. They also offer Sample Scoops for an ARV of $10.00.

Beauty Scoop for healthy skin, nails, and hairIn conclusion, as BeautyScoop would say, “Cheers, To Your Beauty!”

After trying BeautyScoop’s edible beauty accessory, I give a #1 for the most benefits a person can receive with one scoop! Thank you to BeautyScoop’s creators, NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Yagoda and world renowned chemist Dr. Eugene Gans!