Stocking Stuffers for Guys

Filling a holiday stocking for your husband, boyfriend, or son is a nice tradition every Christmas. To be sure you are choosing the best stocking stuffers for guys, consider your special guy’s favorite things – sweets, gadgets, jewelry, and so forth. You can come up with a theme for his stocking or simply include as many of his favorite things as you can fit!

The size of the stocking determines the number and size of the cool stocking stuffers you’ll be able to include. Stocking stuffers for guys are available at just about any kind of store – grocery stores, drugstores, mass market retailers, and even online shops like Amazon. When you go out shopping for stocking stuffers, try to make a quick list to get you started, but keep your eyes open for other small items to place in your husband’s, boyfriend’s, or son’s Christmas stocking.

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Guys
Consider these suggestions for cool stocking stuffers for your husband, boyfriend, or son:

•    Candy
•    Chewing Gum
•    Car Air Fresheners
•    Razor Blade Refills
•    Cufflinks
•    Gadgets
•    Beer Clip Bottle Opener and Money Clip in One (Item features an image or design and up to three letters engraved on gold colored metal foil)
•    Gift Cards
•    Small Toys or Trinkets
•    Travel Games like Chess, Scrabble, or Zobmondo! Would You Rather…? (a game of sick and twisted questions where you must not only answer the questions but also correctly predict what other players would say)
•    CDs
•    Movies (DVDs or Blu-Ray Discs)
•    Socks
•    Boxers / Underwear
•    Face Wash or Moisturizer
•    Cologne or Aftershave
•    Cool Keychain
•    Batteries or Rechargeable Batteries
•    ChapStick
•    Christmas Ornament
•    Sporting Event Tickets or Concert Tickets
•    Universal Remote Control
•    Nice Pen Set
•    Tools

Desk gadgets are another option you might want to consider. Buckyballs are a set of 216 powerful, rare Earth magnets, each with two poles so one side attracts while the other repels. Unlimited creations are possible with Buckyballs, which have been called “Silly Putty for the 21st century.” I received a set of Buckyballs for the purpose of review. My husband has enjoyed tinkering around with them for the past half hour and I think he might take them to work with him. (For more information and to purchase, see

The list above is just a selection of example stocking stuffer goodies for guys. You can use your own creativity to come up with other ideas for things you can include in your son’s, husband’s, or boyfriend’s Christmas stocking. If you and your sweetheart are exchanging filled Christmas stockings, consider setting a budget or limit for your stocking stuffers. Some items can get very expensive, like razor refills, jewelry, gift cards, and electronics.

Beauty Themed Stocking Stuffers for Girls

The holidays are upon us and there will be plenty of stockings to fill! Girls and women of every age love emptying out their holiday stockings to find all the goodies inside. Consider these ideas for beauty themed stocking stuffers for girls – perfect for your daughter, girlfriend, wife, mom, or even your grandmother!

Beauty Themed Stocking Stuffers
Check out these suggestions for stocking stuffers for girls:

•    Lip balm or lip gloss from Softlips or Bonne Bell
•    Body lotion
•    Bath products from LUSH
•    Barrettes, ponytail elastics, or other hair accessories
•    Nail polish and nail art products
•    Jewelry – necklace, earrings, bracelet, toe ring, etc. (Consider Touchstone Crystal Jewelry, like the Silver Regal Circle Bracelet and Aqua Mist Bracelet, featuring lovely Swarovski crystal components and pearls made in Austria. The clasp is easy to fasten and release for anyone!)
•    Makeup – eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, blush, etc.
•    Razors or razor refill cartridges
•    Tweezers, nail clippers, or nail trimming kits…
•    Emery boards
•    Shaving cream
•    Body sponge, pouf, or loofah
•    Skincare products – sunscreen, facial wash, moisturizer…
•    Hair care products – shampoo, conditioner, styling products
•    Deodorants or antiperspirants
•    Pocket mirror or compact

This is just an overview of the kinds of girlie beauty products you can put together in a stocking if you want to give your favorite female a beauty themed Christmas stocking. If you know her favorite flavors and fragrances, that can help you make an even more appropriate holiday stocking full of goodies she will just love. Consider these ideas or come up with your own suggestions for a wonderful beauty themed stocking for the holidays. Share any other ideas you have in our comments so other readers can benefit, too!

Top Five Hottest Electronics Gift Ideas for Christmas

Top Electronics Gadget Gifts for ChristmasSometimes the best gifts are easier to find than we might expect. Electronics continue to be popular choices for holiday gifting. From MP3 players to digital cameras, video cameras, and more, consider these cool electronics gifts for the top people on your Christmas list!

Apple iPod Touch 32GB (4th Generation) Newest Model – $274.99
Apple’s iPod has got to be the most popular MP3 player around. The iPod Touch gives great ease of use and versatile options for any age. The gift of music can be a special treat for your loved one, whether husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, parent, son, or daughter. Consider this popular MP3 player for its tremendous storage capacity (up to 8,000 songs, 40,000 photos, or 40 hours of video!), up to 40 hours of audio playback or 7 hours of video playback, 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen multi-touch display, and one-year limited warranty. Order now to receive a $15 Amazon gift certificate for every Apple iPod Touch 32GB device that you buy! Free Super Saver Shipping! For a special touch on this electronics gift idea, consider preloading the iPod with a special playlist of songs for the gift recipient.

Flip Video Camera – $99.99 – $199.00
The Flip Video camera is the perfect low-budget camcorder for someone who wants an easy-to-use, affordable, and versatile video recording device. The Flip Video devices allow customers to take video of everything from wedding ceremonies and best man speeches to your dog’s latest antics or your baby’s first real steps. Flip Video devices have very few buttons and features to learn, making them a great gadget for all ages. The USB arm flips out to connect to your computer for charging or downloading your video footage. Meanwhile the FlipShare software makes it super easy to edit videos and then upload your favorite ones to YouTube or other sharing sites. Flip Video cameras are highly compact and portable, giving you flexibility without burden. You can shoot HD video easily with no previous experience using the Flip MinoHD or Flip UltraHD video cameras. Currently on Amazon, save 25% on a Lowepro case for your Flip. You can also check out their offer to join Audible for $14.95 per month to save $100 on the cost of your Flip Video camera. Free shipping available!

Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device – $139
The #1 Most-Gifted Product on Amazon, the Kindle Wireless Reading Device, is on sale for only $139 this holiday season. This cool electronic device makes it easy and convenient to read eBooks just about anywhere. The Kindle is a great travel buddy for your flights and passing time in the airport. The new Kindle is smaller, lighter, and faster, offering 50% better contrast and built-in Wi-Fi. The Kindle reading device is also the most-wished-for product on Amazon and also has the most 5-star reviews out of any product on Amazon.

The Kindle allows easy reading in bright sunlight without a glare, up to one month of battery life, double the storage space (up to 3,500 books!), and 20% faster page turns, to name just a few features and benefits. This wireless reading device for eBooks also offers an enhanced PDF reader, WebKit-Based Browser, and wonderful text-to-speech technology so the Kindle can even read to you! Free Super Saver Shipping with this purchase!

LG BD530 1080p Network Blu-ray Disc Player – $69.28
The Blu-ray player is another popular gift idea for movie fanatics and electronics fans. The LG BD530 1080p Network Blu-ray Disc Player features Blu-ray, DVD, and CD playback and full HD 1080p output, great for your HD TV. You can even access Internet services on your Blu-ray player, such as YouTube, Picasa, and Accuweather without the need for a computer. The LG BD530 also features Standard DVD Up-Scaling to ensure your DVDs still look great on this newer technology. The player also allows you to set one remote control to handle all connected LG devices. Enjoy free shipping on

Canon PowerShot SD 1300IS 12 MP Digital Camera – $129
The Canon Elph PowerShot SD 1300IS digital camera is an affordable and convenient way to capture memories all around you. This handy digital camera is the perfect size for your pocket or purse, and it travels well for fishing, hikes, sightseeing, and just about anything else you might like to do. Features include a 2.7-inch LCD, 28mm wide-angle lens, and 4x wide angle optical image stabilized zoom. For a fun burst of color, consider getting the Canon Elph in pink, blue, silver, green, or brown. The smart AUTO mode allows you to choose from 18 predefined settings and 15 shooting modes. Good things do come in small packages – you can use this compact camera for all your photo needs, even capturing photos and portraits for professional printing. Free shipping on Amazon!

Some other popular electronics gifts to consider include GPS units, televisions, video game consoles, and Webcams, to name a few. Check out these fun and most-wished-for Christmas gifts, or share your own ideas in our comments below!


Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint Product Review

Beauty products that multitask are the goldmine of the fashion and beauty industry. Protecting your skin is so important, and concealing blemishes is important on a completely different level. Murad’s Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint is part of the Age-Proof Suncare line that allows you to protect your skin from the sun and from free radicals while also balancing any uneven skin tones or hiding blemishes.

The Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint product absorbs excess oils on your skin and soothes skin sensitivity. I received a sample product for the purpose of my review. You can wear this product all day as a sunscreen with tint to cover up any imperfections in your skin. For best results, apply your favorite moisturizer first and then apply Murad Oil-Free Sunblock. Apply your makeup after applying the sunblock. For best results, apply this product 30 minutes before sun exposure and again every 80 minutes after being in the water or after perspiration.

What I liked most about using Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint is that I couldn’t even feel it after I’d applied it. This sunscreen product is specially formulated for your face and especially for sensitive skin. The sheer tint is just enough to blend into your skin tone. You may need to apply additional foundation or concealer based on your preferences.

The product’s pomegranate extract and sunscreen components help to protect you from free radicals and help keep your skin looking younger and more radiant. Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint does not leave a shine on your skin – instead it blends seamlessly into your complexion for a smooth and attractive look.

The active ingredient in Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint is Titanium Dioxide (5.5%). Some other key ingredients include water, grape seed extract, lemon peel extract, rosewood oil, and lavender oil. This product is dermatologist tested and approved.

Remember, it’s important to protect your skin, especially the skin on your face, even in the wintertime. You can still get sunburn or sun damage when out in the bright sun on cold days, for example when skiing. Protect your skin all year long to retain that radiant, youthful appearance!

All Murad products come with the Murad Guarantee, offering you proven, guaranteed results for your skin. Murad products are not tested on animals.

Hairstyles to Look Mature

Choosing hairstyles to look mature does not in any way mean that your days of keeping up with the trends are over. You can go for hairstyles to look older, but still maintain your elegance and glamour. It is advisable for everyone to change their hairstyles from time to time, along with everything else – makeup, fashion, etc.  Go for hairstyles to look more mature if you are tired of the same look. Some hair experts suggest forgetting about wearing girlie hairstyles when you are above 35 years of age. However, most people do not liking looking old, so they normally opt to maintain the same styles that they liked for their hair when they were younger.

When looking for hairstyles to look mature, you should remember that as you get older, your hair texture changes and your hair also starts turning grey. It is at this time that most people start going for hair color to keep the world from guessing their age. You can save yourself all this trouble by adopting mature hairstyles.

However, if you decide that hair colors are essentially hairstyles to look older for you, it is important that you know what shades gives you a mature look. Hair colors help hide the graying hair. To find the hair color that gives you the best mature hairstyles for your look, you can test with wigs or hair extension clips that are available in different styles and colors.

One thing to keep in mind as you choose your favorite hairdos – the hairstyle that once looked gorgeous on you when you were 30 might not be an appropriate mature hairstyle when you clock 50. Some hairstyles can flatter your age, no matter if you are a teen, young adult, middle aged, or already mature.

You stylist can advise on the best hairstyles to look older. These mature hair ideas should be those that look good on you. A professional haircut is an excellent step towards a lovely mature hairstyle. Mature women look fantastic with short hair. There are not necessarily specific hairstyles to look mature, but there are definitely certain lengths of hair and styles that look more appealing on women over 40. Even styles that seem to have a young vibe can also look great with a more mature face. Consider side-swept bangs, pixie cuts, crops, and bobs for a few styles that look great on mature ladies.

When planning your hairstyles to help you look older, be sure to use the correct type of hair care products. There are some products that could speed up hair loss, those that could cause allergic reactions, and others that simply don’t give your hair the nutrients it needs. To treat cases like thinning hair, you should go for natural hair products that are known to have no side effects. You could also see a specialist on hair loss for further advice or guidance.

Other mature hairstyles include long hair with curls at the bottom of your tresses. These types of styles are elegant ways to look older, especially for special events. Many stars above the age of 40 are opting for these mature hairstyles. To help stay in line with the latest trends in mature hair looks, just stay glued to your favorite gossip magazine or Web site!

Lierac Paris Diopti Demaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes – Product Review

Eye makeup remover comes in so many different styles, from liquid to cream to gel to eye makeup remover wipes. Each woman may have her own personal favorite style of makeup remover, but it’s often a good idea to test different kinds of makeup remover to find the one that works best for you. Always interested in trying a new kind of eye makeup remover, I recently received a tube of Lierac Paris Diopti Demaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes for the purpose of review.

This eye makeup remover product definitely is gentle on your eyes. I squeeze a little of this product onto a folded tissue to remove eye makeup before I grab a shower. This makeup remover gel never burns or stings my eyes. It is cool and comfortable to apply.


The key ingredients include cornflower, floral water of rose, and mallow extract, which help to remove makeup without leaving oily residue behind. This “soothing floral gelée” is crystal-clear in color and contains Vitamin B5 as well as keratin derivatives to prevent loss of lashes. Lierac Paris Diopti Demaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes is ophthalmologically tested.

I enjoyed testing this product; however, I am not ready to set aside my eye makeup remover wipes just yet. Here is the reason – I do truly like this product for removing washable mascara. It is relaxing on my eyes and feels nice after using it. What I don’t like is how Lierac Paris Diopti Demaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes performs against waterproof eye makeup. I found even with scrubbing, it was difficult and time-consuming to remove the waterproof mascara. Some mascara smudges still remained after attempting to remove makeup from the night before.

I think the convenience of makeup remover wipes has won me over, but I do enjoy this product for anytime I’m not in a rush as long as I am not wearing waterproof mascara. The botanical nature of Lierac Paris Eye Makeup Remover is enticing and draws me toward using it more often – especially for the simple reason that the product is meant to be gentle on your eyes and eyelashes.

I’ll let you be the judge of this one. If you don’t wear waterproof makeup very often, this eye makeup remover gel may be perfect for you!

Fashion Fixes for Wardrobe Malfunctions and Wandering Bra Straps

Sometimes even the perfect shirt leaves a little bit to be desired when it comes to the perfect fit. Whether for a costume or an outfit for a first date, longtime romance, or night out on the town, certain fashion accessory fixes can save your look with ease. Braza, a company offering all kinds of fashion accessory fixes for dresses, tops, and all kinds of clothing.

I received a variety of fashion accessories from Braza for the purpose of this review, including Flash Tape, Braza Happy Strap, and Strap Keepers. Check out these cool items to help you fix your fashions and conceal your bra straps easily and conveniently.

Flash Tape for Easy Fashion Fixes

Flash Tape is a well known fashion accessory that works much like double-sided tape. The wardrobe departments of theater and acting industries especially use Flash Tape or similar products to perfect the actors’ costumes. The double-stick Flash Tape works very well for open-sided dresses, wrap-style tops or dresses, plunging necklines, button-up shirts, and other types of revealing clothing.

In addition to adjusting clothing to your liking, you can secure a hemline that has begun to unravel. Flash Tape really does take care of the gaps you might find between the buttons on your shirts, even if they are just a little bit stretched. You can use Braza Flash Tape for a wide variety of other uses, too. The roll of Flash Tape looks just like a roll of gift wrap tape, and offers a handy choice of tape thickness with removable paper coating on the top side of the tape. If you intend to stick the Flash Tape directly on your skin, be sure to do a sensitivity test first to be sure you won’t react negatively when using it. Avoid applying Flash Tape to sunburned skin or otherwise irritated skin.

Braza Happy Strap
The Braza Happy Strap is a single bra strap style attachment that connects your existing bra straps and pulls them ever-so-slightly inward. This cool fashion accessory prevents the wandering bra strap – you know, the one that tries to slip down your shoulder when you least expect it. Braza’s Happy Strap is a handy fashion fix that will keep your look professional and in place. The Happy Strap kit comes with three Happy Straps – one in each color of white, black, and nude, although my set had a bonus strap in clear.

To use Happy Strap, simply wrap it around your bra strap and attach to the hook on the ends of the Happy Strap. This item is available in sizes S-M and L-XXL.

Braza Strap Keepers to Keep Your Bra Straps in Place
Showing bra straps off can be cool if you have highly fashionable, decorated straps. Sometimes out of sheer laziness on a casual day it’s okay to show off your straps, too. But if you want to look really chic and professional, Braza’s Strap Keepers can give you the ability to easily conceal your straps. Strap Keepers are bow-tie shaped adhesive stickies that attach to the underside of your tank top, dress sleeves, or other garment to help keep your bra straps in place.

Strap Keepers are available in size Narrow or Wide. Each pack comes with 7 pairs of Strap Keepers so you can keep your bra straps out of sight.

What other fashion fixers do you have? Share your suggestions in the comments below!


Sleep Better with Pillows Custom Suited to Your Sleeping Style

Everyone has their own favorite sleeping position. Whether you curl up in a ball on your side, sleep comfortably sprawled out on your tummy, or prefer to sleep on your back, you can enhance your sleeping experience with special pillows designed especially for your style of sleeping. Therapedic quilted pillows are available as side-sleepers and front/back-sleeper pillows to give you a sound and comfortable slumber. If you want a pillow that is created for your preferred sleeping position, Therapedic quilted pillows may be right for you!

I received both the Therapedic Quilted Side Sleeper Pillow and Therapedic Quilted Stomach/Back Sleeper Pillow for the purpose of this review. My husband and I both tried both pillow styles for a full review of their performance and comfort. Both pillows have a 100% cotton shell with a 400 thread count and are comprised of Puresleep® anti-microbial fiber fill. The pillows also feature the InvisiShield Plus™ by Nanotex fabric protector to keep your pillows in great condition longer.

Therapedic Quilted Pillows offer Air Cool Technology for ventilation and breathability to keep you cool and comfortable during the night. The pressure-relieving memory foam is Italian styled luxury memory foam that also comes with a luxury damask cover, which is stain resistant and durable. The foam pads of these pillows are constructed of 100% polyurethane. 

Pillows for Side Sleepers
The Therapedic Side Sleeper Pillow, also known as Gusseted Luxury style, is designed especially for the side sleeper or expecting mothers. My husband and I both tried these side sleeper style pillows and found them to be firm yet accommodating. I personally felt as though the pillow seemed a little too tall for my own comfort, but I still use it from time to time. Right now I have a bit of a cold, so I’ve been using the side sleeper pillow as well as my trusty old flat pancake pillow (yes, I adore the flat pancake pillows) to elevate my head as long as I am sick.

If I could make one request for this pillow, it would be that it had a little more “give.” I tend to like a squishier pillow, so it isn’t the perfect pillow for me even though I do like to sleep on my side sometimes. If you like a firmer pillow, or if you prefer to elevate your head a little while you sleep, this Therapedic Side Sleeper Pillow might be a great fit for you.

Pillows for Tummy Sleepers and Back Sleepers
We also tried the Therapedic Quilted Stomach / Back Sleeper Pillow, also known as the Contour Pillow style. This pillow found great favor with my husband, who tried it right-side-up and upside-down. The box the pillow came in shows the model sleeping with the indent facing upwards. My husband found the pillow to be more comfortable by placing the indented side on the bottom to create the perfect level of softness. This method also provides an armhole for the tummy sleeper.

I borrow this pillow sometimes when he is not using it and I do like it better than the side sleeper pillow. I also love to sleep on my belly, so this pillow is a great fit for me. I find when it is upside-down, the pillow seems softer and has more “give.” I definitely recommend this Therapedic pillow for belly sleepers and back sleepers.

If you find you have problems sleeping, or that you or someone you love has a snoring problem, consider looking for a custom pillow that is specifically designed for a particular sleeping style or even to stop snoring. You can find countless pillow textures, shapes, and styles to suit your needs. For more information on Therapedic products, please see

Antimicrobial Exercise Clothes

Antimicrobial exercise clothes refer to exercise clothes that have been treated with chemicals that help kill harmful bacteria. These clothes help the trainer to eliminate the production of odor, which is very common during training. They also give the athlete a fresh feeling when training.

When choosing antimicrobial exercise clothes, one should consider the flexibility of the clothing. It should allow easy movement of all body parts without any limitations. You should always go for breathable exercise clothing that is able to absorb moisture adequately, thus giving the skin room to breath. The athlete should not become cold or very hot.


Choosing the Right Type of Antimicrobial Workout Clothes
The best type of antimicrobial exercise clothes usually depend on the nature of exercise that a person is doing. It could be either general fitness or a specific event. In cases where the antimicrobial exercise clothing is for activities such as jogging, and especially in good weather, you might not need to spend a lot of money purchasing very expensive workout clothes.

In cases where the individual is training for a competition, for example the marathon, or even other activities, it is important to have comfortable, antimicrobial exercise outfits for that particular activity. 

It is also important to ensure that your exercise clothes are not oversized. They should not be too tight either, but should be able to allow free body movement. You should always go for comfortable and breathable exercise clothing that is suitable for workouts. There is a wide selection of antimicrobial exercise clothing, even for plus sizes. These workout clothes are attractive and help show off the woman’s body.

When selecting you antimicrobial workout clothes, it is also important to consider the weather under which you will be training. If the weather is warm and hot, it is advisable to go for breathable exercise clothing that will help you stay cool.  If the weather is cold, use antimicrobial workout clothes that are warm. You can go for layered organic exercise clothing as well.

It is vital to consider the training hour. If it is dark, then your workout clothing should be reflective. White is known to reflect heat better than other colors. It is also advisable to go for light colored clothing if you are exercising in the sun.

Your workout outfits should also be made of absorbent materials like cotton. Cotton makes good breathable exercise clothing and also absorbs sweat during training, which ensures that you remain dry throughout your training session.

Antimicrobial Exercise Clothing Fabrics and Proper Care
Washing antimicrobial exercise clothes is very easy. However, antimicrobial exercise clothes should never be washed with chlorine bleach since is can disable the antimicrobial treatment. 

Organic exercise clothing has become increasingly popular with trainers in the recent past. They are mostly made from cotton, hemp or bamboo. They are much healthier because they are naturally grown without pesticides, herbicide or chemical fertilizers. That makes them chemical free. They produce a material that is softer and durable. They also make good breathable exercise clothing.

Organic exercise clothing is also eco-friendly because it is produced naturally and does not pollute the environment.
Another major advantage of using organic exercise clothing is that it helps to ensure the farmers who produce these organic materials are kept in business.

For women when selecting their antimicrobial exercise clothes, they should also include a sports bra, which is preferable to the ordinary bra.

Trainers should avoid plastic based fabrics, which are not at all breathable exercise clothing. These fabrics keep the body temperature high, which is not good for a trainer. Breathable exercise clothing should be designed in such a way that the clothes are able to remove sweat from the athlete’s skin.

Sophisticated European Shoes

One of the major points to consider when buying sophisticated European shoes is comfort. No matter how sophisticated or stylish your European shoes are, if they are not comfortable then they are not at all worth the price.

It is important to consider your budget because there are no sophisticated European shoes that are cheap. You can, however, do enough research until you get a pair that fits your wallet. It is also important to make sure that the sophisticated European shoes that you select blend well with your wardrobe. This will ensure that you do not purchase shoes that mismatch your wardrobe, likely shoes you may never wear now matter how sophisticated. This would be worthless. Research also ensures that you get the best deal available.


Feiyue trainers are a brand of European shoes that have been in the European market for quite some time now. It is a unique design that comes with a lot of simplicity. They are a light type of aerodynamic shoes. They are now popular with celebs.

Dress shoes can either be used for formal occasions, casual functions, or even in heavy duty industries. This means that you can wear them to the office or dress them down with a pair of jeans. Dress shoes are quite convenient since they are often water-resistant and durable in the snow. It is possible to wash them by hand or machine. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are very easy to maintain.

It is recommended that every man should own at least one pair of high-quality dress shoes. A wide variety of men’s dress shoes are normally made of leather. It is very easy to identify good quality leather since it is graded. Men willing to purchase dress shoes should go for quality, which normally last longer. These dress shoes offer a lot of comfort and firmness. Good men’s dress shoes should have the insoles also made of leather. These are quite durable and prevent foot odor.

Quality dress shoes cost quite a fortune but they are worth the extra cost. Dress shoes are an investment that can increase a man’s image significantly. There are a number of brands names such as Prada, Gucci, and Dolce and Gabbana.
Dress shoes with a thick sole are better because you will not feel your feet hitting the floor. You can find a wide variety of colors and styles for dress shoes depending on your wardrobe. A black dress shoe is a good start since black goes very well with almost any other color.

When the fall season arrives, it means that the time has come to dress up your feet with the ideal footwear for the season. It is time to put away the sandals, flip-flops, and those summer shorts. It is also sensible to own some pairs of fabulous fall shoes. A new pair of fall shoes is an essential item for your wardrobe. Each autumn arrives on the heels of a wide variety of fall shoes in different colors, styles, and textiles.

A high-quality fashion of fall shoes is booties. Ankle length boots look great with a variety of outfits. You can still show off your pedicure with fall shoes since a wide selection of open or peep toes boots give you some fun and funky options. 

Full or knee length boots and stilettos are also fashionable fall shoes. The fabric used in these varieties determines how it will stand out. Gray is a favorite color with fall shoes. Black will always be a popular color. It is a color that shows sophistication whether the fall shoes are simple or adorned with jewels.

Fall Martini Recipes (Great for Thanksgiving!)

When it comes to some martinis and others shaken or strained, enjoy your drinks in your family setting or social circles for the holidays. You will need a mixing tin and strainer as well as martini glasses or other glassware for your martini cocktails. For some festive fall varieties of martinis, consider the Pomegranate Martini, Rubytini, Pumpkin Pie Martini, and others shown below.

Enjoy a perfectly crafted martini such as the Rubytini. This drink is well fit for the fall season.


6 ounces Ocean Spray® Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice Drink
3 ounces lemon Flavored Vodka
Grapefruit wedge, garnish


1. Combine ingredients, except garnish, in a cocktail shaker with ice.

2. Strain into a sugar-rimmed martini glass.

3. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit dipped in sugar.

Makes 1 serving.

– Recipe courtesy of the experts Canned Food Alliance /

Pomegranate Martini
You can make a delicious Pomegranate Martini by following these simple steps….


2 ounces    Three Olives Pomegranate Vodka
5 ounces    Pomegranate juice


1. Shake in martini shaker.

2. Serve chilled in sugar-rimmed martini glass.

– Recipe courtesy of Sassi, 10455 E. Pinnacle Peak Parkway, Scottsdale, Ariz. 85255,, 480-502-9095

Pumpkin Pie Martini
A delicious martini cocktail to enjoy after dinner or with an appetizer. The Pumpkin Pie Martini is the perfect way to channel fall in your autumn menu.


3 ½ oz Blue Ice Vodka
1 oz DaVinci Pumpkin Pie Syrup
Cinnamon sugar


1. Add Blue Ice and syrup to a cocktail shaker.

2. Shake well and strain.

3. Garnish with an orange slice and pour into a cocktail glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar.

– Recipe courtesy of Blue Ice Vodka

Saffron Peach Martini
Try this cocktail recipe for a refreshing fall sipper.


2 oz Gabriel Boudier Saffron Infused Gin
½ oz. natural peach syrup
½ oz. agave nectar
Juice of ½ large lemon


1. Shake all ingredients with ice.

2. Serve in a 7 oz. martini glass.

3. Garnish with a fresh peach slice.

– Recipe courtesy of Gabriel Boudier Saffron Infused Gin

il Casale: The Zucca-tini
What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than a cocktail party? Hosting a cocktail party with fun fall themed martinis like this one.  You can also buy this fall drink for only $9 at il Casale, Belmont, MA.


House vanilla vodka
Graham cracker rim


1. Combine ingredients.

2. Rim with graham crackers.

-Recipe courtesy of il Casale, 50 Leonard Street, Belmont, MA, 617.209.4942,

Keep Reading: Pumpkin Pie Martini (Take Two) and More…

Even More Thanksgiving Cocktails and Fall Drink Recipes

HUGEcocktailIn case you’ve been following our recent fall cocktail recipes and Thanksgiving drink ideas series, you might also enjoy these other festive beverages that are perfect for Thanksgiving. Experimenting with different cocktails and ingredients can be fun since you know what flavors would work best for your punch, martinis, or other specialty drinks for fall. Consider these fall cocktail ideas or make up your own!

Jefferson Hall 15th Anniversary Drink
Are you looking for the perfect after dinner cocktails for the feast? For a cocktail drink that is deliciously fun, try the Jefferson Hall 15th Anniversary Drink. This cocktail can be served hot or cold.


2 parts Dos Lunas Reposado Tequila
1 part Agave Nectar
1 part Apple Cider


Combine ingredients.

–    Recipe courtesy of Jefferson Hall

Blue Ice Autumn Breeze
This simple sparkling drink is refreshing for the feast.


1 ½ oz Blue Ice Vodka
3 oz Orange Juice
1 oz POM Pomegranate Juice


1. Build over cubed ice in a Collins style glass.

2. Garnish with an orange slice.

– Recipe courtesy of Blue Ice Vodka

Maple Paloma
One of the  flavors that comes to mind in Thanksgiving is maple syrup. A Maple Paloma cocktail can be a nice complement to your ham dinner.


2 oz Camarena Reposado Tequila
1 tsp maple syrup
4 oz grapefruit soda
1/2 oz fresh lime juice


Serve tall, over ice and garnish with a lime wedge.

– Recipe courtesy of Camarena Reposado Tequila

L’s Peppermint Paddy
Pour an ounce of Phillips Peppermint Schnapps and a splash of Bourbon into a mug, fill with hot cocoa, top with fresh whipped cream, and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Apple Cider Toddy
Pour an ounce of Prairie Organic Vodka into a mug, fill with natural hot apple cider, and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Red Devil
If you like a fruity drink, Red Devil might be the right cocktail for you.  The Red Devil is one strong cocktail so get ready to get wild.


1-1/2 oz. freshly squeezed pomegranate juice* or POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice
1-1/2 oz. grapefruit vodka
1 oz. fresh orange juice
1 oz. cinnamon syrup**
cinnamon-brown sugar powder (for rim of glass)
orange zest


1. Prepare a cocktail glass by wetting the rim with an orange and then frosting it with cinnamon-brown sugar powder.

2. Assemble the first four ingredients in a cocktail shaker glass and shake well.

3. Strain into the prepared glass and drop an orange zest into the drink.

– Recipe courtesy of POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice

The Lola
A flavorful cocktail style, the Lola cocktail also features pomegranate. Keep this in your cocktail list.


1 1/4 oz. freshly squeezed pomegranate juice* or POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice
1 oz. vodka
1 tsp. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
2 oz. champagne


1. Stir all the ingredients over ice to chilled, and strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass.

2. Garnish with a food-grade rose petal or other edible flower if roses are not available.

– Recipe courtesy of POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice

Harvest Cocktail
The Harvest Cocktail features a variety of fresh flavors to enjoy.


1 ½ parts CC Reserve 10 year
½ parts Harvey’s Bristol Cream
1 parts Lemon Sour
1 parts apple juice
1 ½” slice of fresh or canned pear
4-6 leaves of Lemon Verbena or Lemon Balm
½ parts Egg whites


1. Muddle leaves and pear slice in a mixing glass.

2. Add all remaining ingredients and shake with ice, double strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

3. Garnish with a dash of ground cinnamon.

– Recipe courtesy of Canadian Club

Russian Standard Moscow MuleThe Russian Standard Moscow Mule
You can enjoy a classic Moscow Mule at home with the following steps.


2 oz. Russian Standard Vodka
5 oz. premium ginger beer
Wedge of lime


1. Pour two ounces of Russian Standard Vodka over ice in a chilled Russian Standard copper mug or Collins glass.

2. Add 5 ounces of ginger beer and stir gently.

3. Garnish with a squeezed wedge of lime.

– Recipe courtesy of Russian Standard Vodka


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