Fun and Romantic Mother’s Day Date Ideas

Mother’s Day is usually a day spent with immediate family and especially the maternal figures in your life. Often it is our own mom and mother-in-law, but sometimes even our grandmothers, around whom the day revolves. As we come into our own and start our own families with our husbands, it sometimes makes sense that we have a Mother’s Day here and there all to ourselves. If you are lucky enough to have a special Mother’s Day with your husband, make the most of it and enjoy a fun and romantic Mother’s Day date rather than just sitting at home. Here are a few suggestions for sweet Mother’s Day dates to enjoy.

Find that reliable babysitter (better not ask mom or mother-in-law this time) and get your dinner reservation in early so you can ensure a smooth evening of relaxation. Here are some Mother’s Day date ideas to consider for a nice evening with your sweetheart:

Dinner and a Movie
Perhaps the most classic of all date ideas, a nice dinner and a movie date would be a great Mother’s Day date idea for a mom and dad of any age. Consider a romantic dinner followed by a romance comedy or check your local area to see if you have a Movie Tavern or similar establishment within driving distance.

Drive-in Movies
Try a nice throwback date idea for a romantic drive-in movie date. If you have a drive-in movies location near you, look into spending the evening old school, viewing the movie from the car, enjoying snacks or a meal and drinks, and a little smooching.

Miniature Golf and Ice Cream
This kind of Mother’s Day date idea never gets old. What mom wouldn’t enjoy some ice cream or Italian water ice on her special day, along with a nice evening of miniature golf (or even Chip ‘n Putt)? Also look into getting a nice picture of the two of you at the mini golf course or at the ice cream parlor.

Concert, Comedy Club, or Show
Depending on where you live, you might be able to find a fun comedy club or a venue to see a live show. You might also look for somewhere you can enjoy some live music, whether it is a bar with a live band or a rock concert, or even the symphony orchestra – how romantic!

Overnight at a Romantic Resort
If you have an overnight sitter that you trust as well as the means to enjoy this sort of Mother’s Day date, consider spending one night at a nice resort or a bed and breakfast venue in your area. You can escape from the kids for the night and enjoy breakfast and a few hours to yourself the next day. Be sure to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries or another decadent dessert!

These may be some of the most common date ideas around, but as a mother, you can likely appreciate any excuse to enjoy a nice evening with your loving husband. Consider choosing one of these ideas, or if you have another suggestion or favorite Mother’s Day date memory, please share it in our comments below.


What to Do – Baby Bottle Sterilizers and Other Options

With a little one on the way so many questions are swirling through my head. I recently asked some friends on Facebook what to do about the whole baby bottle sterilizer debacle. If you go on Amazon or Google and search for sterilizers, so many brands and styles are available that it becomes overwhelming to choose one that is right for your growing family. It also becomes difficult when thinking about different baby bottles – some are taller than others and the sterilizer information isn’t always clear about how tall the bottles can be.

I have seen both electric bottle sterilizers and microwave sterilizers for sale at all the major baby stores and other online retailers. It is hard to know which is better. When I asked my friends what they use and like, I got a wide variety of answers, so I have a feeling this is going to be a very personal decision based on our own preferences and what we’ve read and seen from others. I’m very grateful for the responses but I am still quite undecided on what I should do for our little one.

Here are the responses I got from friends when trying to figure out what to do about a baby bottle sterilizer:

•    Microwave Sterilizers – These sound convenient, affordable, and quick. I am tempted. The main thing I can’t get past is – aren’t you not supposed to put plastic in the microwave most times? Thoughts here are much appreciated!

•    Boiling Bottles in Hot Water – This makes sense. I think my mom used to do this sometimes, too. Although, I tend to keep myself busy and when I’m not overly busy, I get lazy. So, this one might be out. Also, what happens if you boil the plastic bottles?

•    Running Bottles through the Dishwasher – Again, what is the deal with plastic in the dishwasher – we usually don’t run our plastic items through, just plates, silverware, and glasses. I know you can, but is it safe and do the bottles break down sooner? Also, our dishwasher isn’t that great and it sometimes leaves a soapy residue, so that alone turns me away from this option….

•    Hot Soapy Water (after sterilizing once in boiling water) – This sounds right up my alley – just like washing dishes at home. I do like this idea but I just wonder about the initial sterilizing process.

I have been considering an electric sterilizer but didn’t know which brand to get or if it would fit the variety of bottle sizes we have. I may still consider it. I like the idea of an electric or microwave sterilizer, since they both can sterilize bottles in minutes instead of an hour and a half or whatever our dishwasher needs to run through the whole process.

So I guess I am back to where I started – do I get a bottle sterilizer or don’t I? If anyone can make a recommendation, I would be glad to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment with your own thoughts and experiences on baby bottle sterilizers! I’ll be glad to update this article with additional feedback as it comes through.


10 Places to Take Your Mom, Stepmom, or Mother-in-Law on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day activities and places to goSometimes it seems that we do the same thing over and over again every year for Mother’s Day, almost to the point that we can’t recall whose turn it is or what we did last year. Rather than getting stuck in a tired rut of the same old dinner out or dinner in, consider these fun ideas of 10 places to take your mom or mother-in-law on Mother’s Day.

Bear in mind that some of these ideas may be better suited for smaller groups while others may be suitable for larger groups. If necessary, you may want to tweak these ideas just a bit to suit your group size. In most cases, you should be able to enjoy these activities with your immediate family or even with both your family and your significant other’s family if you so desire.

Top Mother’s Day Activities
Consider these places you can take your mom or your mother-in-law to celebrate Mother’s Day.

1. Bowling – Have a friendly little bowling competition with mom and the family.

2. Winery Tour – Treat mom to a wine tasting, winery tour, and a bottle of wine or two.

3.    Miniature Golf – Spark a little competition in mini golf and treat mom to some ice cream or water ice.

4.    Zoo – If younger children are still in the picture (or grandchildren), a trip to the zoo might be the perfect Mother’s Day activity.

5.    Flower or Nature Conservatory – Check out some local botanical gardens, butterfly gardens, wildflower preserves, or other nature settings.

6.    Melting Pot (or other theme restaurant) – A fun restaurant with a unique twist, like tapas or fondue, can be a super memorable Mother’s Day experience for mom and all those involved. (The Melting Pot also has an amazing Yin-Yang martini cocktail!)

7.    Have a Picnic – Take mom and the family to the park for a nice picnic lunch, complete with your and her favorite things – fried chicken, shrimp cocktail, sandwiches, juice, wine, chocolate cake, the works!

8.    Visit the Local Shopping Outlets – Take mom out for a fun day of shopping if you have some good shopping outlets near you. Treat her to a gift or two from one of the stores.

9.    Spa – Get mom together with the girls in the family and take her out for a spa excursion, or treat her to a massage at the very least. You can also look into manicures and pedicures as a fun Mother’s Day excursion for the girls.

10.    Get a Family Portrait – Take Mom to a local portrait studio with the family to get a nice shot of everyone all dressed up. She will absolutely love this great keepsake photo of your family.

If you want a more low-key kind of Mother’s Day, you can invite your mom or mother-in-law over and cook for her and the family. You can also order takeout or go out to a nice restaurant nearby. If your mom or mom-in-law likes movies, you can also plan a movie night where you watch a movie on your own television or one where you all go out to the movies together.

What other ideas do you have for Mother’s Day? What is your favorite Mother’s Day of all time and why? Please share your feedback in our comments below!


Men’s Hockey Party Ideas for Playoff Hockey, Stanley Cup Finals, and More

The hockey playoffs are underway and teams are battling it out to see who advances and who goes home. Fans across the country are finding their own creative ways to enjoy the games, from scoring tickets to attend, tailgating, and hosting hockey parties at home or with friends. Consider these men’s hockey party ideas as a fun way to watch your favorite team vie for the most coveted trophy in hockey.

Before you get too far in planning, try to determine the location for your men’s hockey party. Consider hosting a hockey party at your home, in your man cave, or at a friend’s house. You can also have a tailgating party or gather at a party venue for a large scale event. For the purposes of this article, these tips will pertain mainly to a hockey party at someone’s home.

Men’s Hockey Party Ideas
Hosting a men’s hockey party can be a great time no matter if it’s a weeknight or a weekend. Here are some suggestions on how to host an awesome men’s hockey party at your home.

Simple and Easy Hockey Party Tips
•    Keep things simple by ordering takeout food or getting delivery. You can have your guys’ hockey party catered with your favorite foods and snacks – wings, nachos, pizza, and more.
•    Put out a few bags of your favorite snacks – chips, pretzels, Doritos, and whatever else you like.
•    Don’t forget the beer!

No Holds Barred Hockey Party
•    Fire up the grill and make some yummy (non-burnt) ‘hockey pucks’ with buns and all the fixins’ for your guests.
•    Order a key of your favorite beer in advance.
•    During intermissions, partake in some fun games to pass the time – beer pong, flip cup, or poker.
•    If your guests are staying over or have designated drivers, do a shot of your favorite spirit every time your team scores.

Of course, these men’s hockey party ideas can also work nicely for a mixed group of couples or guys and girls. Many women and children love hockey as well, so be sure to plan your party to include all the guests you would like to share in these exciting times.

What other ideas do you have for a men’s hockey party? Be sure to share your suggestions in our comments below. You can also add your favorite hockey team or which team you’re cheering on in the playoffs!


Top 10 Things to Do for Your First Mother’s Day as a New Mom

Mother’s Day is a special time of year every year, but you’ll only have one “first Mother’s Day.” It’s that special day when you are included in the Mother’s Day festivities as a mom yourself, instead of celebrating for your mom or your mother-in-law. Whether you plan your own Mother’s Day activities or rely on your husband to create a special first Mother’s Day for you, here are 10 things you can consider for your first Mother’s Day as a new mom.

Before you make any plans, though, think about whether you wish to include your mom and mother-in-law (or stepmom, etc.), so that you can make solid plans rather than tentative plans. You may want to spend your first Mother’s Day with all the maternal figures in your life or you may want to keep this holiday all to yourself. Whatever you decide, don’t feel selfish – you only have one first Mother’s Day!

10 Activities and Ideas for a First Mother’s Day
Consider these suggestions for what to do on your first Mother’s Day as a new mom:

1.    Go on a picnic in a local park with your husband and baby.

2.    Have your husband barbeque some lunch or dinner and you can relax on the deck or patio with the little one.

3.    Go to dinner with your parents and in-laws for a bigger celebration.

4.    Invite your parents and in-laws over for a group picnic or party. Ask everyone to bring a covered dish or dessert and have your husband man the grill so you don’t have to stress over cooking.

5.    Check out a local park, conservatory, museum, or other nearby attraction.

6.    Spend the daytime with your baby and husband and get a sitter for the evening so you can go out on a dinner date or dessert date.

7.    Play with the baby during the day and make dessert from scratch with your sweetheart at night.

8.    Take a day trip to the beach or the mountains with your hubby and baby.

9.    Take the day off – have hubby look after the baby so you can sleep in, stay in your jammies all day, and enjoy whatever he cooks for you (hopefully breakfast in bed!). Maybe even get yourself a mani/pedi!

10.    Stay home and watch movies that you both enjoy, or try new movies you haven’t seen yet. You can also watch home videos from before the baby if you have them (or your wedding video).

These ideas should give you a little inspiration for what you can do on your first Mother’s Day. If your baby happens to come close to Mother’s Day, you may still be in the hospital and your choices of first Mother’s Day activities may be limited. This can also be a very special and memorable first Mother’s Day, though, since your little one decided to come on or around that special day.

What are your ideas for a special first Mother’s Day activity? Please share your favorite first Mother’s Day ideas in our comments below.


Bridal Laundry Gift Ideas and Laundry Themed Gift Baskets

Bridal showers invite all kinds of cute, elegant, and luxurious gifts from guests attending in honor of the bride and groom. With an open mind you can find dozens of creative bridal shower gifts for the happy couple, from home items to electronics, gift cards, and so much more. A popular trend in bridal shower gifts is putting numerous similar gifts together into themed gift baskets, like a cooking or baking gift basket, a wine themed gift basket, or even a laundry themed gift basket. This article focuses on various bridal laundry gift ideas for the bride-to-be.

Consider these fun and festive bridal laundry themed gift ideas for the next bridal shower you attend:

Laundry Themed Gift Basket
A laundry themed gift basket can be the perfect bridal shower gift. It may not be a widely popular gift, so you may be the only person offering this present, which makes it a unique and exciting gift. Choose a high quality laundry basket and add a ribbon and bow in the colors of the wedding. Fill your laundry gift basket with laundry detergent, fabric softener, cute clothespins, mesh bags for washing bras and intimates, and other laundry accessories. Consider adding a stain kit or create your own with little index cards offering tips and instructions – baby powder to remove oil and grease, hairspray to remove ink, and dish soap to remove spaghetti sauce.

Monogrammed Towels, Blankets, or Sheets in a Wicker Laundry Basket
While it may not be a total laundry themed bridal shower gift, a nice set of monogrammed towels, sheets, or blankets can be a luxurious present that the bride and groom will love forever. A nice dark wicker laundry basket lined with canvas or another fabric adds an elegant touch to your thoughtful and personalized gift.

Laundry Basket Containing Various Cleaning Supplies
Sometimes bridal showers may ask guests to bring one cleaning supply or solution to add to a laundry basket to give the bride and groom a jump start on what they will need to spruce up their new home together. If your next bridal shower doesn’t request something like this, you may enjoy making up your own laundry basket of cleaning supplies – a feather duster, rags, cleaning products, and whatever else you can find that makes a nice addition to this themed laundry basket.

Towel Warmer Device
Again, this may be another stretch in the laundry gift ideas department, but a towel warmer can be a luxurious gift for a newlywed couple. Just like visiting a spa every day, the bride and groom can enjoy fresh and warm towels for every shower if they like. Be sure to include a gift receipt in case they don’t have the space for the gift in their bathroom.

High-End Clothing Drying Rack
A nice drying rack can be a fine addition to a home’s laundry area. Instead of the flimsy aluminum or lightweight wood drying racks, consider something sturdier with a nicer look. You should also get a gift receipt for this item in case the bride and groom already have their drying rack and laundry drying plans in place.

These are just a few bridal laundry gift ideas to consider. Remember, you might find quite a few items on the bridal registry to include in your laundry themed gift baskets. What other ideas do you have for laundry themed gifts? Please share them in our comments below.


Ideas for a Baby Shower Safari Theme

Choosing a baby shower theme can be lots of fun when you consider all the possibilities for each theme and color scheme. A baby shower safari theme is a popular baby shower motif that works wonderfully no matter if the mom-to-be is having a little girl, a little boy, or a surprise. You can find lots of fun ways to dress up a safari themed baby shower – consider these fun ideas to make the perfect shower from baby shower invitations and decorations to shower centerpieces, favors, and more.

As you plan your baby shower safari theme from start to finish, be sure to consider all the key aspects of a baby shower – invitations, decorations, centerpieces, food, drinks, cake, shower favors, and even baby shower games if you like.

Baby Shower Safari Theme for Girls
Hosting a safari theme baby shower for little girls on the way can be such an adorable affair. Consider decking out your baby shower venue in pink colors with animal print like zebra or leopard. Add in some cute safari animals throughout your decorations, centerpieces, and cake.  You can tie coordinating pink and animal printed balloons to a cute safari themed stuffed animal, like a lion, monkey, giraffe, and zebra. Also, check out these adorable zebra baby shower ideas for girls.

Baby Shower Safari Theme for Boys
Baby boys are a bit more rough and tumble, so you can get away with a less dainty safari baby shower theme if the parents-to-be are having a boy. Consider bold colors, like Crayola reds, blues, and greens, or keep it in a jungle to Sahara motif with earth tones and animal prints. You can do cute centerpieces of miniature cakes or cupcake tiers decorated in the safari theme, or stick to cool jungle-looking plants in color-coordinated flower pots. Get some balloons, banners, and other decorations. Don’t forget your khaki safari hat!

Neutral Baby Shower Safari Theme (Surprise!)
When the gender of the baby on the way is a surprise, you can still plan adorable showers with a baby shower safari theme, jungle theme, or similar. Stick to neutral colors like orange, yellow, and green or even earth tones of khaki and army green. Choose animal themed decorations, plates, balloons, and party favors. You can choose cute tropical flowers with lots of big leaves in vases or potted plants for centerpieces. Be sure to have a great cake decorated with a leafy tree or zebra print or miniature wild animals prancing around the tiers or sheet cake.

These are a few basic ideas for a baby shower safari theme, but you should try to plan a few months in advance and let your imagination run wild! You can have fun mixing animal print patterns and actual cutouts of jungle animals on garland and banners to announce best wishes for the baby on the way.

What other ideas do you have for a baby shower safari theme? Please share them in our comments below!


Top 25 Spring Activities for Couples

The weather is warmer, the sun is often shining, and many of us are itching to play hooky from work for a day to simply enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer this time of year. Whether you want to enjoy some special time during the week or have a weekend set aside, consider these fun and exciting spring activities for couples to keep that spark alive in your relationship.

Before you set off to enjoy your springtime date or group activity, first consider your budget and the distance you are willing to drive. You may want to plan a couple of springtime activities for couples besides yourself and your significant other, sort of like a group date, and then plan a few romantic activities for just you and your sweetheart. Check out these suggestions for spring activities for couples to enjoy this year.

•    Boating
•    Fishing
•    Hiking
•    Biking
•    Picnicking
•    Charity dog walks
•    Wine tasting
•    Brewery tours
•    Outdoor music
•    Visiting nature preserves, flower conservatories, etc.
•    Craft workshops like glassblowing or pottery
•    Laser tag
•    Paintball
•    Drive-in movies
•    Rock climbing
•    Canoeing
•    Kayaking
•    Go on a photography walk
•    Make your own Sangria
•    Build a garden together
•    Create a birdhouse or bird feeder together
•    Rollerblading
•    Running a 5K race together
•    Visiting a museum or area attraction
•    Enjoying a spa treatment together

If you decide to try any spring activities with a group of your coupled friends, you might be able to add some fun springtime double date ideas, like playing a team sport together such as soccer or volleyball. What other suggestions do you have for fun springtime activities for couples? Please share your favorites in our comments below.


Spring 2012 Hot Nail Polish Colors and Trends for Nails

pink-nail-polishSpringtime is the perfect time for a fresh new look or a special day pampering yourself. Even a simple new spring manicure or pedicure can make you feel like a million bucks. To welcome the warmer weather, try one of the hot spring 2012 nail polish colors for your next mani or pedi. You can brush up your style with stunning nail colors for spring 2012 using some polishes from the latest collections by top nail polish designers.

These hot nail polish colors for spring 2012 will give your look a snazzy twist, no matter if you choose something a bit wild or a look that is more down-to-earth. Polished nails can really polish your look – try not to go out of the house with half-worn polish on your fingers and toes. Instead, dress up your nails with a pretty new shade of polish just in time for spring. Check out our Spring 2012 hot nail polish colors and trends for nails to find some great new colors to add to your nail polish collection as flip-flop weather finally arrives.

Spring 2012 Nail Polish Trend #1: Bright, Bright, Bright!
You might not be surprised to find that some of the hottest nail lacquer colors for spring 2012 include bright hues in yellows, oranges, blues, purples, and greens. The trends for spring 2012 hot nail polish colors are leaning towards shades that make a statement, grabbing attention, and accenting an outfit like the perfect fashion accessory.

“I would say these bright colors are one of most exciting collections yet,” says Natasha Polikov, co-owner of Marina and I Salon. “As always, nail colors are dictated by fashion and it is not an exception this year. The biggest colors in fashion are orange and yellow. And nail colors are following with wonderful oranges, corals, salmons, and, of course, yellows. And absolutely any bright and delicious color that will compliment any and all of those, including the brightest pinks, most luscious lavenders, deep and seductive hues of blue, and spring reds.”

Polikov respects that not all women are bold and daring with their nail polish colors, though, and she recommends a few easy ways to adapt the trends to personal comfort zones for nail colors.

“Some of us ladies are a little shy, a little softer perhaps, and there are colors for us are there as well,” she says. “All the same colors work, but just in shades a little more mysterious like smoky blue, quiet gray, mysterious very light violet, beautiful sage, and very soft shimmers.”

OPI’s Spring 2012 nail polish lineup, the Holland Collection, fits the bill for both bold and bright colors as well as more subdued yet still gorgeous shades in the same theme. Colors include rich reds and purples, medium blues, a softer sage green, and a few pinks and coffee hues, among others. There truly is something for everyone in OPI’s spring 2012 collection, whether it’s a basic off-white or light pink, or a truly deep purple or a fun coral red.

Another set of bright and pretty nail colors to try for spring are the daniPro polishes, which are a doctor-formulated brand that includes a topical antifungal to keep your nails free from nail fungus and discoloration while looking beautiful. The daniPro collection includes bold and bright colors like My Girl PURE PINK, Stop And Smell the Flowers LILAC, and First Kiss RED, but also includes lighter shades like Love is All PINK, and neutrals in nude, steel, and even clear coats. I received four bottles of daniPro nail polish to review. The polishes apply smoothly but may need a couple of coats to reach your desired depth of color. I especially like the lilac shade, which has a shiny and juicy appearance. The colors really “pop” on your nails and I love how bright they appear. These nail polishes are natural, organic, and safe to use, formulated to be healthier for those using them, as they are free from formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene.

Spring 2012 Nail Polish Trend #2: Classics and Subtle Neutrals – Beige, Cream, and Pinks
It seems the neutral shades of nail polish never go out of style! Some additional spring 2012 hot nail polish colors include sweet shades of pink, cream, and beige, offering a softer look that works for business as well as pleasure. Dress up your nails for a formal occasion or everyday wear – these nice neutrals and soft, subtle nail polish colors will keep your look fresh and feminine no matter what the occasion.

Paul & Joe’s spring 2012 nail enamels feature a nude beige, an elegant pink, and a flirty rose color specifically chosen for springtime. This nail polish collection is unique in that it was actually inspired by owner Sophie Albou’s love of cats as an ode to Paul & Joe Beaute’s 10 year anniversary. The adorable cat themed nail polish boxes are too cute for words so hopefully the picture does them justice. I received a bottle of Manekineko (027), which is a bright, hot pink nail polish that brings together romance and playfulness in one bottle. I especially loved the ease of application with the nail polish brush, but the shape of the bottle is also attractive and easy to hold and open. Some of the key ingredients in this specialty nail enamel include orange flower water, white lily extract, jojoba oil, chamomilla recutita, and pearl calc extract, each with its own purpose to moisturize, soften skin, or protect your nails. Paul & Joe’s spring 2012 nail polishes retail for $14 and are available for purchase at and

More Hot Spring Nail Colors…


From Professional to Sensational in Seconds – Johnny on the Spot Bosom Bandeau Review

I have always loved to dress up, ever since I was a little girl. I enjoy wearing dresses for no special reason – just going to work, and I also like cute sets of tops and skirts with just the right shoes. Sometimes I find my dresses and shirts are perfectly cut for going out with the girls or on a date night with my husband, but they may not be the most work-appropriate outfits, depending on how low-cut the neckline happens to be.

Rather than not wear my favorite tops and dresses to work at all, I am so excited I learned about a new product from Johnny on the Spot!™ that allows you to turn any low-cut top or dress into a more business appropriate garment. I received a black Bosom Bandeau from Johnny on the Spot for the purpose of this review and I’m thrilled to share my feelings about this versatile fashion accessory.

The Johnny on the Spot Bosom Bandeau is simply a soft fabric band that comfortably fits around your chest much like a bandeau bra, swimsuit, or tube top would. It can be pulled upward a bit for a more conservative look or adjusted accordingly to suit your needs. The Bosom Bandeau is so easy to put on and take off so you can quickly convert your look from business to sexy socialite in a matter of seconds.

I really enjoy how soft and comfortable this fabric is. Did I mention I am also eight months pregnant? I have a size medium-large Bosom Bandeau and I’ve already found it to be more comfortable than most of the bras that I own in a full cup and strap size higher than before I got pregnant. It is important to note that this product can be worn in tandem with your bra, but I have even worn it when I’ve been too lazy or tired to wear a bra around the house and it feels better than going bare. The fabric is super comfortable, and while there really isn’t the support needed to make up for a bra, that is not this product’s purpose – just a nice little bonus for those of us who want to have some coverage without the bulkiness of a true bra.

I wore the Bosom Bandeau with a V-neck halter dress to work, along with a little short-sleeved cover-up, and it ended up looking awesome. It was conservative enough to wear to the office, yet I still got to wear a brand-new dress I was itching to wear. When I got home, I swiftly and easily removed the bandeau so I could have a nice dinner with my husband. Voila – instant wardrobe extender. I am a huge fan and I highly recommend this product.

You can get Johnny on the Spot products like the Bosom Bandeau at Duane Reade for retail prices ranging from $5 to $25.


Tips for Planning a Romantic Birthday Celebration

Some people love celebrating their birthdays while others secretly try to let their birthdays pass by under the radar. Those who like to celebrate their birthday typically enjoy spending the day with family, friends, or their significant other. If you are dating or married to someone who looks forward to his or her birthday, a romantic birthday celebration may be the perfect way to show how much you care. Here are a few tips on planning a romantic birthday celebration for the one you love.

Before you get too far into the planning phases, first consider these key points. Will you plan the birthday just for the two of you, or will other people be involved? Will you stay at home or travel somewhere? What is the budget? Will you celebrate on the actual birth date or will you plan the romantic birthday events on the weekend closest to the actual birth date?

Once you know the answers to the above questions, you will find it much easier to make romantic birthday plans. Here are some suggestions to consider, ensuring your sweetheart’s birthday is romantic and memorable.

•    Plan a weekend away at a bed and breakfast, romantic hotel, or other destination.
•    Plan a birthday scavenger hunt with clues and a special present as the final item.
•    Make plans to visit a local spa for a couples massage with champagne and chocolate or consider a steam bath or other romantic spa treatment.
•    Take a trip to a local winery and enjoy your own private tour and tasting.
•    Spend the day snuggled up at home, give each other massages, and order food to be delivered while you watch a movie together, relaxing the day away.
•    Go out on the town for dinner and dancing.
•    Treat your significant other to a personal shopping spree. (within reason!)
•    Cook a gourmet dinner together, complete with dessert.
•    Prepare a romantic candlelit dinner for your sweetheart, complete with romantic music in the background.
•    Hire a personal chef to come and cook for you on the birthday evening.
•    Go out for a classic dinner and a movie date.
•    Relive your first date down to the last detail.
•    Make your honey a birthday cake from scratch and decorate it with a romantic message.
•    Go for a walk in the park holding hands and enjoy a picnic if it’s a nice day.
•    Take a creative class together like glassblowing or pottery throwing.
•    Go for a boat ride, a hike, go skating, or biking.

The actual activity you do for a romantic birthday celebration is usually the biggest piece, but don’t forget to have a birthday present handy as well as a sweet and romantic birthday card with your own romantic, handwritten note inside. Here are some examples of romantic birthday sayings you can consider. Be sure to let your lover know how much you care and just what he or she means to you.

What other ideas do you have for a romantic birthday celebration? Please share your most romantic birthday moments – or those you wish someone would do for you – in our comments below.


Fashion Star Show Features Suave Professionals

suave-professionalsIn case you haven’t seen it, Suave Professionals® Celebrity Stylist Theodore Leaf and team work on crafting gorgeous hairstyles for the models on NBC’s new Fashion Star program using dynamic Suave hair products. The models show off cutting edge fashions with hairstyles to match, giving beauty goddesses and fashionistas a real run for their money. The Suave Professionals Salon on NBC’s Fashion Star gives a close look at how to create some of these stunning hairstyles at home using Suave products.

Leading up to the airing of Fashion Star, I received a lovely package in the mail from Suave Professionals, featuring some snacks for the premiere episode as well as a generous selection of Suave hair products.

The great lineup of Suave Professionals products includes Touchable Finish Hairspray, Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo, Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner, Volumizing Mousse, and Dry Conditioner Spray. I received a full-sized product of each of these for the purpose of review, and I am excited to share more information with you.

Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Hairspray is an ultra fine mist spray that offers lightweight hold similar to Sebastian hairspray. This spray comes in a generous 9.4-oz bottle with the ability to give you a natural look and touchable hair that still holds the style you want. This product also helps to chase away frizz and fly-aways. Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Hairspray will most likely be my go-to hairspray, since I can’t stand products that leave my hair sticky and weighted down.

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo offers a great solution for when you just can’t find enough time to grab a shower. It also works wonders when freshening up your hair during the workday or an epic-long day. Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo works to absorb the oils released in your hair, leaving your locks refreshed, smooth, and oil-free between washes. You can also use this product to extend your blowout and to add more volume.

Suave Professionals Volumizing Mousse gives your hair a boost with added fullness in a lightweight, alcohol-free styling product. Key ingredients include collagen and folic acid, helping to plump up your hair, giving it unbelievable body. For best results when using Suave Professionals Volumizing Mousse, blow-dry your hair with a round brush to add to the volumizing effect.

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner helps to combat frizzy and unmanageable hair through a lightweight formula that won’t weigh you down. This product helps to moisturize your hair while protecting it from everyday heat styling. The frizz control lasts and lasts, giving you smooth hair that styles easily and looks and feels great. You can apply Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner to damp or dry hair for immediate results.

Suave Professionals Dry Conditioner Spray gives you more shine as well as softness between washes in a convenient 3.2-oz container that totes easily in your purse or gym bag. The dry conditioner is lightweight and helps to make your hair softer and smoother when you don’t have time to hit the showers. Key ingredients include shea butter and sunflower seed extract. For best results, pair Suave Professionals Dry Conditioner Spray with the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo product to keep your hair looking and feeling great between washes.

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