A Mini Spa Moment from Softsoap®

Body Butter Strawberry SmootherThree Wonderful Treats: Body Butter Strawberry Smoother, Sweet Honeysuckle & Orange Peel Bar Soap, and Coconut Scrub Bar Soap

Do you enjoy a morning shower/bath or do you indulge in a nightly ritual of showering? Either way, you have access to a wide range of luscious bathing products that cleanse and moisturize your skin efficiently and pleasantly.

If you are like women, your arsenal of bath products includes a range of items designed to offer exceptional formulas that not only cleanse dirt and grime away, but they also address other skin issues for both mature and youthful skin. Choosing your bath products wisely is an important aspect of maintaining healthy skin that looks as good as it feels.

From high-end brands that cost an arm and a leg to more affordable ones that easily fit into any budget, body washes and bar soaps are sold in numerous fragrances, sizes and shapes. They contain a medley of different ingredients, offering your skin what it needs to look and stay fresh.

Today, you can envelop yourself in an aromatic experience that gently cleanses your body and lifts your mood, while delivering a medley of benefits to your skin. No longer are you limited to the simple bar soaps that your mother had to use back in the day. Instead, you can choose body wash, shower gel, body scrubs, and liquid soaps that feature skin-softening extracts and oils that smell absolutely amazing.

Whether you are a lover of fragrant body washes or you enjoy the scent of body bars, the makers of Softsoap® have something for you. Featuring delectable fragrances that tantalize your olfactory senses into thinking that you are going to enjoy a tasty treat, Softsoap body wash and soaps deliver botanical-infused creations that cleanse your body while surrounding you with a delightful effervescent experience.

Softsoap’s Body Butter Strawberry Smoother is a delightful body smoothing wash, containing strawberry and jojoba butter extracts for the sheer purpose of creating smooth, sexy skin. It is sold in a generous 15 fluid-ounce size. It smells divine and lathers up with a silkiness that leaves your skin smelling and feeling great!

Sweet Honeysuckle & Orange Peel bar soapSoftsoap’s Sweet Honeysuckle & Orange Peel bar soap is infused with the aromatic goodness of real orange-peel extract and honeysuckle fragrance. This scrumptiously scented soap is my new favorite!

Coconut Scrub bar soapSoftsoap’s Coconut Scrub bar soap is enriched with crushed-coconut extract and mild exfoliants that gently cleanse your body, refining the texture of your skin. It helps to remove the dullness that the skin sometimes develops when dead skin cells and oils build up on the surface of your skin.

Products may have been received for the purpose of this review, but they are worth their weight in gold!



The Remington Pivot and Flex Personal Shaver Makes a Great Father’s Day Gift

If you are in the midst of making a few new beauty resolutions, why not also resolve to give the man in your life a better chance at good skincare? With the gift of a Remington Pivot and Flex Personal Shaver, you can show your man how much you care while making it possible for him to enjoy smooth facial skin.

Offering a close, smooth shave, the Remington Pivot and Flex Personal Shaver delivers a quality shave that doesn’t irritate or damage facial skin. Not only does the man receive a great shaving experience, but you receive a smoother cheek to nuzzle on those cold nights ahead this winter.

The Remington Pivot and Flex Personal Shaver features an ergonomic design, a 3-position pop-up trimmer, and a fuel gauge for the battery so you know how much shaving time you have left. Its pivoting neck and three titanium coated foils deliver a smooth, comfortable shave with fewer passes than less technologically advanced shavers can produce.

With its rechargeable capability, this shaver offers 20 days of shaving (approximately 60 minutes of shaving time) before your man needs to recharge it. Although the battery needs two hours to complete a full recharging session, it is possible to get a quick charge in only five minutes so that you can get in a single shave right away. One of the nicest features about this shaver is that it can be used with or without the cord.

Whether you are looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad, grandfather, husband, or father-in-law, the Remington Pivot and Flex Personal Shaver is a great option. I received one for the purposes of this review and my husband couldn’t wait to try it out!


Get a Fresh, Clean Mouth the Easy Way with a Compact Electric Toothbrush

Perfect SmilePeople who are constantly on the go often need to find innovative products to help them get the most out of their day.  If you want proof of this, just empty out your purse onto the table and take inventory. Unless you’ve had problems with frozen-shoulder syndrome (most likely created by toting around a six to eight pound stash of makeup products, styling tools, wallet, compact mirror, tissues, water bottle, toothbrush,  keys, sunglasses, and tube of toothpaste), you probably have one of the largest handbags available, and it’s most likely filled to the brim.

The Eluo ToothbrushIn fact, you’ve probably tried to minimize the number of items that you lug around to no avail. After all, you never know when you might need some of those items, right? While you may not be able to reduce the number of items, you can minimize the weight that you are carrying by selecting smaller items. Choosing travel sizes for as many of your items as you can is one of the ways to go.

Now that you are on the right track to minimizing what you carry around with you, why not also search for products offering high performance? One such product that comes to mind is the Eluo toothbrush by Cenoire.  Its compact size is perfect for women who already carry too much stuff with them, and its high-performing capabilities provide an easy way to maintain good oral hygiene.

Capable of lasting for as many as 23,000 brush strokes in a single minute, the Eluo toothbrush operates on a single AAA battery. You will need to buy a battery separately though, so put it on your shopping list.

Styled in a mascara-style case, the Eluo toothbrush offers an elegant oral-hygiene tool that is perfect for women with busy lifestyles. Its attractive styling means that you can easily slip it into your hand or purse and carry it with you anywhere.

You may already know that an electric toothbrush is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a fresh, clean mouth. In fact, you may even have one at home. Now, however, you can experience tooth cleaning without the embarrassment of carrying around your toothbrush for all the world to see.

Each Eluo comes with a replacement brush head and a protective cap that prevents germs from getting onto your toothbrush. A simple on/off button operates your sonic toothbrush. It is lightweight and comes with a one-year warranty. If you were to use your toothbrush twice a day, it would last 90 days.

Available at cenoire.com, the Eluo toothbrush is available in pink, red, white, black, and lavender. I received a free sample in pink, and I love it!


Soften and Beautify Your Skin with Alighiero Campostrini Bar Soap

As we age, our skin begins to become thinner, loses natural moisture, and becomes less firm than in its younger days. It no longer looks or feels as soft as it once did. The skin’s production of keratin, collagen, and elastin decreases, causing our skin to develop expression lines, puffiness, sagging, and wrinkles. Fighting against this natural aging process is a constant battle that should include a number of anti-aging products from the soaps that women use to cleanse their skin to the moisturizers, toners, and treatments that they use to restore their dermal vitality.

Starting your day with a soap that offers anti-aging capabilities can provide your skin with the protection it needs to fight off wrinkles and damage from the exposure to the elements of nature. Using a soap bar containing important antioxidant and skin-softening capabilities can help to refine existing fine lines on your skin, while preventing new ones from occurring. It’s easy to include a skin-softening soap into your daily skincare regimen, enabling you to infuse a bit of new life into your skin.

Infused with the natural goodness of pure olive oil and formulated with an age-old recipe that utilizes only pure olive oil throughout the process, Alighiero Campostrini oliva soap is made in Florence, Italy. It is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin, since it is allergen free and contains no harsh dyes, no EDTA, and no synthetic fragrances. It delivers skin cleansing that softens and soothes your skin, offering it a luxurious experience.

Made by using the old-fashioned boiling process, this elegant soap bar is pure and contains 100% olive oil. It is almost like offering a spa-like experience within soap – just for you. Although it doesn’t lather effusively, it makes your skin feel clean and smooth. I am glad that I received the free gift of a single bar of Alighiero Campostrini oliva soap to enjoy. If you enjoy natural beauty products that offer extra goodness for your skin, why not considering indulging in a bar yourself?


Lasting Weight Loss – Go UnDiet by Gloria Tsang, RD

Each year, millions of people go on and off diets as they attempt to lose weight, sometimes unsuccessfully. The problem with dieting is that it usually leaves dieters hungry, making it nearly impossible to stay on the diet for very long. As a result, it makes better sense to find strategies that you can use on a regular basis to help you lose weight.

Fad diets only add to the confusion. From high fat to low carbs to high protein to low sugar, fad diets are all over the nutrition spectrum. How can we know what to eat in order to lose weight when we are constantly bombarded with conflicting information on a regular basis? Maybe we could be doing something differently. Maybe dieting isn’t the best answer for those who want to lose weight.

Gloria Tsang’s book, “Go UnDiet,” provides 50 small actions that people can take to lose weight and keep it off. The book features 11 chapters that focus on a variety of topics. As a registered dietician (RD), Tsang has the background to add substance to her ideas.

Are you really happy denying yourself the simple pleasure of food and going hungry nearly all of the time? If not, this book could be the perfect answer for your weight goal. It promotes healthy eating along with the need to take charge of your health and your weight. Some of the best tips include writing a food journal to monitor your daily caloric intake, starting a daily exercise routine that fluctuates in intensity, and paying attention to food labels. The book is packed full of information on processed foods of all types including reduced fat, low sugar, and low sodium varieties.

What I like about this book is that it offers explanations for every “undiet” comment. Read the book if you want to modify your eating habits without rigid dieting in a way that helps you keep off the weight as you lose it. In “Go UnDiet,” Tsang provides the straightforward advice that many people are looking for to help them slim down while promoting a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

I received my copy of “Go UnDiet” free for the purposes of this review. I highly recommend it as I did glean quite a few useful tips that are helping me to slim down just in time for the upcoming summer months. The book retails for $21.95 in the USA and $25.95 in Canada.


Revolutionary Hair Styling – Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters

If you are a woman who was born in the 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s, then you can probably remember when it was necessary to set your hair the night before in order to create a head full of gorgeous curls. In fact, from hard plastic rollers to stiff bobby pins, the tools needed to give women beautiful curls were anything but beautiful themselves. Today, however, women have lots of choices once they decide to curl their hair including curling irons, rollers, and heated hair setters.

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters
Using dual heating technology, Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters are designed to create long-lasting curls within as little time as five minutes. One of the nicest features about this hair setter is that it heats the curls from the inside out and the outside in due to the fact that you get a heated clip as well as the heated roller to set your hair.

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters includes 12 large rollers and 8 medium rollers along with matching clips. Since the rollers feature cool-touch end rings, you can roll your hair quickly without ever needing to say “Ouch!” The clips are hinged and easy to put on and take off.

Pearl Ceramic Technology
Treasured for centuries as one of Mother Nature’s finest treasures, the fresh water pearl is surrounded with mystery and a magical allure. As the only gem to be created by a living creature, the fresh water pearl symbolizes an innocent beauty as well as the ability to withstand adversity and change.

Partially crafted from fresh water pearls that have been crushed into a nano-sized powder that is then infused into each Remington tool, the T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters seals the hair cuticle, creating long-lasting curls with a frizz-free shine. That means less static to deal with too!

Due to the unique pearl ceramic technology used in the Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters, it only takes 90 seconds for the rollers to heat up and 5 to 10 minutes for your curls to set. Fast, easy, and reliable!

Hair-Curling Tips When Using Heated Rollers

•    If you want full, wide curls, set your hair with large rollers.
•    Use hair gel if your hair is very thin or fine.
•    For tiny curls, set your hair with the smallest roller size.
•    Remember that the longer you leave the roller on, the tighter your curl will be.
•    If you are using a hair setter for the first time, you should experiment with different sizes of rollers as well as different brands of styling gels.

Remington offers a 4-year warranty for their T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters. I haven’t had my set that long, so I cannot vouch for this guarantee. However, I can state that I thoroughly appreciate the fact that this product is easy to use, performs well, and is attractive to look at. Thank you Remington for providing me with this gift and the ability to create long-lasting curls whenever I want.

A Good Read – Forever Lily by Beth Nonte Russel

The cold winds that come with winter for those of us living in a four-season climate makes it difficult to enjoy our outdoor hobbies. For me, this is the time of year that I search for a few good reads that I can take to my exercise bike in an effort to avoid the inevitable winter bulge that will appear otherwise.

In my search for a good book, I had the good fortune to receive a free copy of Forever Lily by Beth Nonte Russel to review. The book takes the reader along a journey filled with emotion, the dreams that haunted the author, the trials and tribulations of the journey, and finally, the happy ending. Forever Lily is a tale of a woman who journeys to China with a friend and unexpectedly adopts a baby girl.

Despite the sadness that is often evoked from reading this book, Forever Lily is easy-to-read and enjoy. It’s a wonderful tale with an equally wonderful ending. You’ll probably find yourself looking for excuses to continue reading it rather than putting it down until tomorrow. For me, that equated to longer periods of bike riding!

Beth Nonte Russel also offers an entire line of products including perfumes, lotions, apparel, jewelry, accessories, and meditation CDs. These products are sold under Beth Nonte Russel’s brand, GoodTrueBeautiful, Inc. Her goal is to bring back a celebration of the beautiful parts of life as well as to inspire others to enjoy and appreciate the freedom that many of us have today.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of any of these products is donated to the Golden Phoenix Foundation in a concerted effort to put an end to the child abandonment that continues to take place worldwide even today.


Justin Bieber’s One Less Lonely Girl Collection- Big on Bright Colors

justinbiebernailpolishRumors have it that the latest colors of Justin Bieber’s line of nail polish are being scooped up faster than they can be produced. This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone, especially for those people who actually know who Justin Bieber is. Perhaps one of the hottest sex symbols for teenage girls this century, Bieber is showing up in more places than ever – even on CSI, a TV crime show. His nail polish, produced by Nicole by OPI, is hot, hot, hot!

Even if you aren’t a fan of Justin himself, you are more than likely to appreciate the sexy colors, the unique names, and the perfect-stroke brush technology used with this exclusive collection of nail polish designed specifically for the fans. Offering 14 lush colors in hues of blue, lavender, and pink, Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber nail lacquers are heavy on glitter and splendid with color. Six shades came out in December with 8 more in January. The colors are bright, attractive, and popular!

Retailing for 7 to 10 dollars, depending on where you choose to make your purchase, the names of each of the polishes are inspired by songs. One of the shades that is sure to tug on the heartstrings of young girls and women alike is Step 2 The Beat of My Heart (a heart-filled glitter hue). Other shades include: Me + Blue (dark blue), My Lifesaver (lime), One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender), Prized Possession Purple (dark purple), Give Me the First Dance (silver), and OMB! (bright red).

Nail trends might come and go, but they almost always bring a touch of something attractive, clever, and desirable with them. Continuing with current nail-polish trends, Nicole by OPI produces an array of bright colors and glitters for the One Less Lonely Girl collection. Tweens are bound to clamor for this set of nail lacquers, so think about rewarding your girl for good grades, a kind act, or a paper that she worked really hard on with the gift of several colors.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the One Less Lonely Girl collection goes to support a charitable cause, Pencils of Promise. This organization strives to assist developing countries with the construction of schools that can help to increase educational opportunities for many children.

Nicole by OPI, the maker of Justin Bieber’s line of nail polish, One Less Lonely Girl nail lacquer shades, is responsible for several other celebrity-endorsed lines of nail polish as well. Justin Bieber’s collection can be purchased from WalMart, Target, Sears, and Amazon.com as well as a number of other retail establishments.

I received 7 shades of the One Less Lonely Girl nail lacquer collection, enough to get me through several important occasions including Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and my anniversary. Try them for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


Indulge Your Body and Tempt Your Senses with Earthly Elements

Beauty products are one of those items that women can indulge in numerous times a day without ever getting tired of them. From delicately scented perfumes to body washes and gels with fresh aromas, the array of women’s beauty products is amazingly varied.

While women love to stick to their favorites when it comes to shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and perfumes, they also like to try new products every now and again. Why not consider Earthly Elements’ collection of NEW beauty products yourself or consider buying them for a gift? This brand new line of women’s products helps to set a romantic mood with its sexy scent and ability to encourage a woman’s skin to become rejuvenated with a touchably soft and silky feeling.

Whether you are picking up a last minute holiday gift or searching for the perfect birthday gift, Earthly Elements body products offer an exceptional Moroccan Vanilla body wash that smells fantastic, glides on like silk, and rinses with a hydrating action laced with a heavenly sweet vanilla scent.

This invigorating body wash comes in an attractive plastic bottle filled with 8 fluid ounces of sweetly scented product that feels nice to the touch. It helps to soothe and nourish a woman’s skin with its careful inclusion of several body-softening ingredients: aloe, lavender, chamomile, white tea, and arnica. These ingredients also help to provide a soothing influence that is unmistakable. Just open your mind to the possibility and you’ll feel it too! I found Earthly Element’s body wash to provide just the right amount of lather while also feeling really nice to the skin.

The moisturizing body lotion by Earthly Elements includes a bevy of natural ingredients to help provide essential hydration for the skin. They include rose hip, flax seed, jojoba, cucumber, green tea, white tea, extracts of lavender, and borage oils. Earthly Element’s body lotion is creamy and fragrant- perfect for a bit of indulgence.

Each bottle is adorned with an attractive charm that adds a little something special when giving this item as a gift. The charms feature special messages including the words, HOPE, SERENTIY, OR SPIRIT. In addition to being attractive and offering a word of encouragement, the charms can be used for a keychain, hair tie, or trinket that you can attach to almost anything including your favorite perfume, water bottle, or umbrella.

I received both the moisturizing body lotion and hydrating body wash free for the purposes of this review. I’m glad I did because I might not have discovered them otherwise! Earthly Elements body products are available at a number of health food stores as well as the following Web site: Earthly Elements.


Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

If you are still searching for the perfect inexpensive Valentine’s Day date, then search no further. You’ve come to the right place. Valentine’s Day is a day for sweethearts and romance is in the air, so why not put a little love out there and share.

Inexpensive Valentine’s Day date ideas are really a dime a dozen if you sit down and think long and hard enough. Here are a few ideas that you might not have already seen or tried. Pick one or pick them all. The point is to simply let your loved one know you care.

Valentine’s Date Ideas on a Shoestring Budget
Let’s start with a few free ideas for those lovers and sweethearts on a really tight budget.

1.    Take a walk through the local park and spend some time together talking and enjoying the gifts that Mother Nature has given the world.

2.    Visit the library and rent a romantic comedy to enjoy watching such as You’ve Got Mai, Love Actually, or About a Boy.

3.    Go to a free museum in the area and soak in some art with your loved one.

4.    Go window shopping at the mall and count the number of couples holding hands.

Inexpensive Valentine’s Date Ideas
If you have enough cash for an inexpensive Valentine’s Day date, try one of the following ideas.

1.    Take your sweetheart out for an inexpensive meal. Split a pizza, Subway hoagie, or plate of Chinese food. Some dining establishments are even offering BYOB for Valentine’s Day.

2.    For less than $10.00, you can take your sweetheart bowling for a single game and two shoe rentals.

3.    Take your loved one out for a sweet treat at a local bakery that provides seating. For less than $10.00, you can each get a sweet pastry and a cup of tea.

4.    Visit a local coffee house that provides free entertainment. For a couple of dollars, you can treat your sweetheart to coffee and enjoy some local talent.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, just remember to say those three most important words, “I love you.”

Bounce Your Curls Back to Style with Curls™ Hair Products

Having curly hair can be a blessing or a curse depending on how well you take care of those fine locks of bouncy, trouncy curls. Of course, providing excellent care for your curly tresses depends on your ability to discover hair products that actually work for your hair.

If you are like me, then you probably have already gone through a lot of trial-and-error trying to discover shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and styling aids that actually work on your hair. While I do enjoy hearing those questions “Is that your natural hair” and “Did you get a perm,” and comments like “I simply love those gorgeous curls,” sometimes it does take a lot of work to keep my full set of curls looking their best.

As most women know, it isn’t easy getting your hair to look great each and every single day. After all, there’s a lot going against us at times. The weather loves to play tricks on women and our hair giving us too much humidity or too much rain. And let’s not even talk about the blustery gusts of wind that can turn a head of curls into a bunch of tumbleweeds in minutes!

Plus, women (and men) have to deal with shampoo and conditioner buildup as well as dyes used in hair products that can dull the glisten and gleam that adds to the beauty of a full set of curls. For me, the best solution has been to regularly try new hair products specially designed for women with curly hair in mind.

Recently, I sampled some great products that I received to review. I have to be honest and say that the creamy white color put me off initially. Despite my age, I am still fond of pale lavenders, pinks, peaches, and yellows as colors used to brighten my hair products as well as blues and greens that simply seem to make products more attractive and desirable to use. I am still trying to get over the fact that many naturally organic products aren’t as colorful since they avoid chemicals and dyes. All the more reason to use them!

Therefore, I was anxious to try these products out due to the fact that I love having curly hair and the products simply screamed “We are good for your hair!” Curls™ hair products are paraben free, silicone free, and do not contain any mineral oils, sulfates, or petrolatum oils. Carefully created from certified organic ingredients, Curls™ hair products are designed to be gentle while accomplishing their purpose.

Curls™ hair products include four individual creamy concoctions designed for multi-ethnic women who have been blessed with curls. Curls™ promotes its products as a four-step regimen designed to give your curls the best cleansing, moisturizing, and styling routine possible.

Step 1 is to use the Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream to gently cleanse your curls. Its coconutty scent is reminiscent of long days at the beach, tropic isles, and of course, coconut candy. It’s low sudsing too!

Step 2 is to use Curls™ Coconut Sublime Conditioner after cleansing your curly tresses. It’s designed to be a super-hydrating instant rinse-off conditioner that leaves your curls untangled, bouncy, and full of life. As you might expect, this conditioner smells of coconut. It’s creamy and non-oily to use.

Step 3 is to use Curls™ Quenching Curls Moisturizer as a second day curl refresher or as a daily leave-in conditioner. It comes in a spray bottle and smells kind of citrusy. It’s light and non-oily to the touch.

Step 4 is to use Curls™ Milkshake, a hair product designed to moisturize those gorgeous curls. It doesn’t offer any hold capability, but it does provide an easy way to moisturize your hair, preventing unnecessary frizz and wayward tendrils.

While I did enjoy using Curls™ hair products and my hair looked great, you’ll have to try them yourself to see just how well they work for your curly locks. Curls™ hair products can be purchased at Curls.biz. Stay tuned for our Curls Giveaway on Life Love Beauty – coming very soon!

Eastern Ideas for Human Wellness – Refreshing Sokenbicha™ Tea Blends

Time-honored Japanese traditions are sometimes based in the belief that nature is an important element of our well being. Drawing upon those beliefs, Sokenbicha™ offers a fine line of authentically brewed tea blends with natural botanicals.

Creating a modern taste laced with a generous helping of ancient wisdom, Sokenbicha™ provides five flavorful, natural tea blends without preservatives or sugar as ingredients. These flavorful teas are unsweetened so they contain no calories, a real benefit for women over 40 or those individuals who are simply trying to lose a bit of weight.


Drawing from the ancient wisdom embraced in the 5 Elements Theory, Sokenbicha™ strives to provide a refreshing beverage blended to offer proper balance for the body’s elements in an effort to restore good health and well-being.

The holistic approach of the Five Elements Theory follows the ancient belief that the interrelationship of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) is responsible for changes in the natural world. The ancient Japanese firmly held to the belief that the proper balance among these elements should lead to an individual’s well being.

Therefore, Sokenbicha™ designed its blend of teas and botanicals to bring about a balance within the human body. Five varieties have been created including Revive, Defend, Purify, Shape, and Skin.

Revive is crisp and cool. This oolong tea blend offers a delicate fruity flavor of pomegranate and raspberry blended with rose hips and black tea.

Defend is flavorful yet mild in taste. Defend is an oolong tea blend created with ginseng and guava leaves.

Purify is deliciously aromatic. This green tea blend offers the calming experience associated with chamomile and the healing effect of aloe.

Shape is bold. This barley tea blend features notes of the peach flower.

Skin is very bold. A delicious barley tea, Skin is blended with hints of ginger and cinnamon.

Sokenbicha’s tea blends are authentically brewed from natural teas and botanicals in an effort to provide women with an alternative beverage that brings the positive back into a woman’s life.

While I did receive these products free for the purposes of this review, I did enjoy their flavorful taste as well as the feeling of calmness I experienced while drinking them.