Travel Beauty Kit on the Go for Holiday Parties, Special Events, and Fancy Dinners

While routine beauty care is the best strategy for maintaining gorgeous skin and hair, a woman often needs to perform a touch up or create a completely different look for herself at the end of work or after a day journeying from one location to the next. This is when having a beauty travel kit can be quite helpful. With only a bit of careful planning, it is easy to create one simply by tossing a few carefully chosen beauty care items together in a bag of some type. I like to keep my beauty kit ready and accessible at all times so I can simply toss it in the car before I leave home.

What types of items should a woman put in a travel beauty kit? The most obvious items are cosmetics, personal hygiene items designed for use away from home, and attractive fashion accessories that can be used to transform an outfit from ordinary to spectacular. Here is a break down by category with a few suggestions that I found to be quite helpful to include.

Fashion Accessories

Tom’s Footwear: Offering a fantastic array of stylish shoes, Tom’s shoes are quite popular these days. If you had a pair, you would understand why this is. The high quality of Tom’s shoes is readily evident once you take a good look at them. Toms’ shoes offer an elastic V that makes them easy to put on and take off (a real plus for anyone) as well as their signature TOMS toe stitch. Most styles also feature a latex sponge arch for comfort and support, a classic suede insole with rubber cushion for comfort, and a one-piece outsole constructed from a mix of rubbers to offer flexibility, durability, and resilience. My pair of pomegranate cords also offered a super soft fleece lining for added warmth and comfort. The eye-catching designs are pure magic for those of us women who simply adore adding another pair of shoes to our already large collections. From canvas classics to cords to grommet styles to cordones, Tom’s shoes have enough variety that you should be able to find a favorite style for yourself.

For every single pair that is purchased, Tom’s Shoes is donating a pair of shoes to a child in need. With such a worthy cause, it is difficult to resist the purchase of one of these attractive styles of shoes. Personally, I found it difficult to select just one pair of shoes as each style is just as attractive as the next. In fact, my youngest daughter was so envious of my new pair of Tom’s that she just about cut off her toes to squeeze her feet into them. I highly recommend Tom’s shoes for a beauty travel bag because they are stylish and oh, so adorable. Plus, if you purchase a pair, you can help out someone less fortunate than yourself. Don’t take my word for it. Visit the Web site and see just how attractive these shoes are. I found my pair to run a bit small, so make sure you order the right size. Available for purchase at Tom’s Shoes.

SummerJasmines: A compactable evening and pedicure shoes, SummerJasmines are one of the greatest fashion creations of our time. Cleverly designed to fold up, SummerJasmines tuck easily into a travel beauty kit or purse. This stylish pair of sandals is designed with elastic cords separating the toes, allowing you to leave them on while getting a pedicure. No more waiting for your nails to dry. You can simply walk away with these stylish sandals on since they keep your toes separated and the tender bottom of your foot protected. You can bring SummerJasmines along in their tiny black pouch to offer your tired feet some comfort while still allowing your feet to look stylish. Check out for a look at all of your color options. More supportive than a traditional flip flop, this crystal-studded sandal is perfect for almost any occasion. Check out SummerJasmines for a look at these adorable pedicure / comfortable dressy sandal.

Wallaroo Hats: The attractive line of hats offered by Wallaroo should be considered for inclusion in your travel beauty kit. Not only are they fashionably stylish, but they are also lined with sun protection to guard against damage created by the sun’s harmful rays. I included the Tamworth in my travel beauty kit and was pleasantly surprised. Initially, I hadn’t been aware that the Tamworth would offer UPF 50+ protection. Since I need to protect my skin from the sun’s harsh rays, this is an important facet of this line of hats. As a side note, the Wallaroo hat company pledges to donate a portion of their profits to skin cancer research. If you are like me, then you probably know one or more individuals who are dealing with skin cancer or who may even have died from it. This is a worthy cause, so even if you aren’t creating a beauty kit, maybe you can consider a Wallaroo hat and participate in the effort to help treat/cure skin cancer. Visit for a look at the newest collection of hats for 2011. Keep your skin safe in the sun with a fully-lined, sun-protective hat by Wallaroo.

Leonisa’s Shapewear: All too often, it is difficult to stay in shape, and that is where Leonisa’s Body Reductor Shapewear can come in quite handy. Designed with advanced powernet technology, Leonisa’s shapewear is designed to tighten the abdomen and reduce the waist size while toning the body into a finely shaped masterpiece. Leonisa’s styles are quite comfortable since they have been designed with an anti-bacterial microfiber that feels cool and soft, allowing women who wear this brand of shapewear to feel fresh no matter what the temperature is. Wearing Leonisa’s Body Reductor Shapewear on a regular basis helps to tone a woman’s body while also improving her posture. It all sounds good to me, so I was anxious to try out the style (brief panty compression body shaper) that I generously received for the purposes of this guide. After all, like most women who have gained a few pounds, especially after the age of 40, I am always looking for a little help returning to a slimmer body shape. I give this style of lingerie a thumbs up. This particular style can be found at Leonisausa along with a wide assortment of other shapewear styles.

Hygiene Travel Products

Origami Creations: World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson Offers Fantastic Designs

The World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for origami lovers this year. This paperback offers more than 100 creations from top origami artists in the world as well as original designs by Nick Robinson. For those of you who are new to this intriguing activity, origami is the Japanese art of folding paper to create fantastic designs. Dating back to ancient times, origami stands the test of time and continues to intrigue craft lovers everywhere.

Using simple folding instructions, anyone can create origami figures that are appealing and colorful. As I thumbed through World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson, I discovered that each direction is accompanied by a diagram, clearly providing enough instruction for even the most challenged of us. Even if artistic talent is not one of your strong points, you can readily pick up this book and find more than one easy-to-create origami design.

The book is divided into ten chapters, making it easy to locate origami designs by theme. The chapters include: origami basics, birds, animals, flowers, people, containers, geometric, modular, practical, and fun. Each chapter includes several different designs from the simplest of creations to the most complex. The cover of the book is quite attractive in blue with pictures of two origami creations on the front and several on the back.

The author, Nick Robinson, has written more than 30 books as well as numerous articles on this topic. He is a member of the British Origami Society. Mr. Robinson has created several hundred original origami designs that he has shared with the world.

World’s Best Origami by Nick Robinson has a selling price under $15.00 and can be purchased on I also discovered that it is available as a Google eBook for only $9.99. I received the book as a gift for the purposes of this review.


Eco-Friendly Beauty Products from Global Girlfriend

Eco-friendly gifts are not only beneficial for the environment, but also for those who use them. Not only is it fashionable to use eco-friendly products these days, but it is affordable. Plus, purchasing environmentally friendly products such as the ones found at Global Girlfriend Gifts can assist other women financially at a time when they need it most. Take the time to visit the Web site and discover just how many products are available. It is possible that you will be pleasantly surprised. Now, for a bit about the company and a few of the available products or “gifts with a conscious”, read on….

In business since 2003, Global Girlfriend offers eco-friendly beauty and fashion products made by women in more than 20 countries across the world. The company believes in fair trade and works with women’s cooperatives to produce environmentally friendly bath, beauty, and fashion products — an excellent reason to choose to purchase your beauty products from this company.

The Fizzy Inside Gift Box, an attractively covered box, holds a set of five delicately scented handmade bath fizzballs. The box is a hand crocheted gift box crafted by women in need. It currently sells for $16. The handcrafted box, delicately decorated with hand-embroidered flowers in five different colors, can be reused once all of the bath salts have been used. Since it is so attractive, it is easy to reuse the box for small trinkets, additional bath soaps and fizzes, buttons, and more. Each bath fizz is individually wrapped and offers a nice, clean scent — perfect for a bit of pampering!

Hypo-allergenic and safe for even the most sensitive of skin, the Basa Body Lotion sells for $12.50 and is sold in a 6- fluid ounce size. The bottle is slim, attractive, and easy to handle. I discovered that Basa Body is non-oily and offers a fresh, delightful scent due to the special ingredients it is made from. An organic virgin coconut oil is at the foundation of this delicate lotion, which also incorporates citric acid, natural Vitamin E, rosemary oil extract, and stearic acid into its creamy mixture. The lotion exits from the bottle in a thin stream of creamy concoction so you never need to worry about too much coming out at one time. Free of harsh chemicals, Basa Body lotion is a good choice, especially since it includes the natural antioxidants offered by virgin coconut oil.

The Lavender Choices Shower and Bath Gel retails for $8.00 and is sold in an 8-fluid ounce size. The bottle is slim and attractive, so you can certainly toss it in your overnight bag as well as keep it within easy reach in your shower caddy. The gel offers a crisp scent that cleans nicely. I did notice on the website, Global Girlfriend Gifts, that you can purchase this product in Seascape or Lemon Sage. All of the gels use all-natural essential oils, which is important to your skin. Some of the ingredients are ones that you may be familiar with including coconut oil, sulfonated castor oil, olive oil, vegetable glycerin, and essential and fragrant oils for scent.

I enjoyed each of the products described above. I received them as a gift for the purposes of this review. While I like getting free items, I especially like ones that I discover to be perfect for my needs. Shop green this year and make up a basket for your favorite female friends or family members. For more information, please see

Easy International Cooking at Home

Are your mealtimes taking a turn for the worst due to the hectic schedule you are forced to keep with seemingly endless lists of errands to run, places to go, and things to do? Maybe it is time to offer your taste buds a trip along international borders with a bit of zest and exciting new meal ideas for eating on the run or quick-and-easy menus. After all, isn’t life meant to be full of new and interesting experiences?

So, if you have ever been stuck for an answer to that question “What’s for dinner?” that almost every family member invariably asks when they arrive home after a long day of school or work, take the time to browse through the following suggestions to add a bit of zest to your dinner table tonight!

Tandoor Chef: Good Enough for Vegetarians
Experimenting with Indian cuisine is so easy with Tandoor Chef’s new Naan Pizza. I have to admit to being a tad bit skeptical at first, but I seriously mean it when I say, “This is one terrific pizza!” Forget that it is frozen. Forget that it is designed for a quick meal. All you need to know is that Tandoor Chef’s new Naan Pizza deserves to be raved about.

In fact, I recently learned that Cooking Light ran its first “Taste Test Awards” this past fall and Tandoor Chef’s new Margherita Naan Pizza earned the title of “Grand Prize Winner in the Pizza Category.” I can certainly see why. I found all four of their vegetarian Naan pizzas (Cilantro Pesto, Spinach & Paneer Cheese, Roasted Eggplant, and Margherita) flavorful while also having the perfect texture from the dough to the cheese.

Tandoor Chef’s new Naan Pizzas are hand-stretched, all natural, and baked in a Tandoor oven. Plus, they use no preservatives, have no trans fat, and use buffalo-milk mozzarella. They are also suitable for vegetarians. If you try just one, you will find yourself looking for more. At least, I think you will.

Lawry’s ® Marinades
Lawry’s ® Marinades, made from real fruit juice, offer a chance to give your food a bold new flavor whether you are grilling, baking, or broiling. Lawry’s Marinades are quick to use, allowing you to break out of boring food routines easily. Helping to tenderize your meat whether you are using chicken, beef, or pork, Lawry’s marinades seal in the juices each time leading to the perfect flavor for your meals. Plus, you can easily add a touch of “heat” or the perfect blend of herbs with Lawry’s Marinades.

Sold in 12 fluid ounce bottles, Lawry’s Marinades are available in many delicious varieties including the two newest flavors that I sampled – Sweet and Sour BBQ and Tuscan Sun-Dried Tomato with minced garlic and olive oil. Both varieties offer a full, rich flavor that accents your dish with superb taste.

Remember to always discard any remaining marinade to avoid food contamination. For recipes and additional information, please visit Lawry’s marinades sell for approximately $2.79 in most supermarkets and discount stores such as WalMart and Kmart. I received one bottle of each variety for the purposes of this review. Without a doubt, my family preferred the taste of Lawry’s Sweet and Sour BBQ marinade.

Tasty Bite
If you like international flavor but don’t have the time to cook from scratch or recreate one of your favorite international dishes, why not try a few of these delicious international microwaveable meals? Not only are these meals terrific for moms on the go, but they are perfect for college students, dads trapped at the office through the dinner hour, and latchkey children who need a healthy snack to tide them over until mom gets home. Tasty Bites’ international microwaveable meals can be eaten as a quick, tasty, stand-alone snack or they can be incorporated into a full meal.

Tasty Bite offers an entire bevy of quick microwaveable meals including Tandoori Rice, Thai Lime Rice, Punjab Eggplant, and Channa Masala. For an added touch of flavorful protein, try Tasty Bite’s Chunky Chickpeas or Zesty Lentils & Peas. You can add these to salads, soups, rice, and casseroles for a touch of aromatic, international flavor.

If you want to enjoy the blended taste of peanuts, coconut, and lemongrass, you should try Tasty Bite’s Satay Partay simmer sauce as a marinade, grilling sauce, or flavorful dip. For cooking with fish, you can try Tasty Bite’s blended taste of peanuts, onions, tamarind, and chilies in their Pad Thai simmer sauce. Visit for exciting tips, recipes, and more!

Thai Kitchen Food and Recipes…

Fashionable Travel Accessories for the Woman on the Go: Scentsy Travel Tins, Scent Genie, Skintimate®, Schick® Intuition Plus®, Schick® Quattro, Mini Kittour, and E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow

Traveling anytime soon? If you are, then you are probably already thinking about what you need to pack, how you can make your trip easier, and how you can keep your suitcase light enough to meet airline restrictions if you are traveling by air. Since that task isn’t always an easy one, you might want to pick up a few tips by reading about the following products that travel well without weighing much.  Of course, there’s also the need to keep your trip as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, so a few items are mentioned here to help accomplish that too!

Scentsy Travel Tins and More
How many of us enjoy the invigorating fragrance of scented candles in a room? Perhaps quite a few if the number of candles being sold across the country are any indication. Well, for a safe, wickless alternative to candles, Scentsy has designed a full line of products including ceramic warmers, travel tins (from the Scentsy Fragrances on the Go Collection), and huggable Scentsy items.

Since I happened to want a few items that might come in handy while taking a short trip, I received a free gift of three delightfully scented travel tins to review. The three travel tins I received featured the following scents:  Beach, Clean Breeze, and Sweet Pea & Vanilla. I really liked these partly because they smell so good and partly because they are so easy to travel with and use. Just open the lid and voila, the car or room is instantly filled with the freshness and delicate aroma contained in the Scentsy tin. The more frequently I opened the tin, the stronger the scent became. 

Available in 25 different scents, travel tins are perfect for quite a few uses: freshening up a closet, giving a musty room a fresh “scent over,” bringing the fresh scent of natural products or the scent of your home into the car, and freshening up travel trailers and cabins. Scentsy products are available through home parties or online at Scentsy Travel Tins give a whole new meaning to taking your fragrance on the go!

Scent Genie
Crafted from 98% recyclable materials, the Scent Genie is an eco-friendly as well as lightweight refillable atomizer spray bottle. It is perfect for carrying favorite fragrances without the need to tote around several large, breakable bottles of colognes or perfumes. The Scent Genie is small in size and has an attractive appearance, giving it two good reasons for women to carry it in handbags, designer purses, or overnight travel cases. It also gives women a chance to enjoy their favorite scents/perfumes while away from home.

The Scent Genie uses a simple repeat pump action to fill it with your favorite fragrance. Available in five spectacular colors including Perfect Pink, Bold Gold, Brilliant Red, Sleek Silver, and Black, the Scent Genie is attractive to look at and crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. Plus, its conveniently small size makes it easy to toss this cool beauty tool in tiny clutches or pockets! Sold at CVS, Walmart, Dillards, Hudson Indulgence Shops, Duty Free Americas Travel Sops, and Bed, Bath & Beyond, the Scent Genie is readily accessible to women who want to purchase it for their next trip. It can also be found online at

Shaving Needs, Travel Bags, and Makeup


Staying Fit and Toned with Banglz

Staying fit and keeping my body toned seems to be a never-ending challenge these days. In fact, I find myself reflecting on the phrase “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” more often than not when trying to decide whether or not it is worth the amount of exercise I will need to complete in order to offset the calories in a generous slice of triple-chocolate cake or gooey apple dumpling.


You are probably familiar with the routine of eating, exercising, dieting, eating, and exercising some more just to get back in shape or maybe not so much back in shape, but at least down to a weight that allows you to fit comfortably into your “fat” clothes. Let’s face it. We all have them. The clothes we wear when we are bloated. The comfy sweat pants and oversized tops for those days after we have indulged in a week of gorging ourselves at office functions, birthday parties, and weddings. Unfortunately, our “fat” clothes aren’t quite as attractive as our nicer clothes and eventually we need to slim down as we firm up.

Of course, the slimming and staying fit process becomes more difficult as we get older, life intervenes into our daily routines and the amount of available free time for exercising and trimming off unwanted pounds becomes less and less. If this is happening to you and you are looking for an easier way to get some toning into your daily or weekly routine, try Banglz, a revolutionary set of bracelets and anklets designed to provide weight resistance that maximizes your daily activities while helping you to create stronger bones, a healthier heart, better balance, and enhanced strength.

Banglz can be worn with interchangeable sleeves so that you can match them with your current outfit. Banglz are available in four styles:
•    Wrist: ½-pound wrist bracelet for everyday use
•    Wrist Walker: 1-pound wrist bracelet for walking and fitness training
•    Ankle: 1-pound ankle bracelet for everyday use or fitness boost
•    Ankle: 2-pound ankle bracelet for fitness training

I recently used the ½-pound Banglz, which is a perfect weight for everyday use. They’re not too heavy, too bulky, or too difficult to get used to wearing. Plus, they are rather cute. I received a free set for the purposes of this review, and I am thinking about getting a pair of the ankle Banglz so I can tone up my legs a bit.

Banglz provides an informative exercise routine that is easy to complete throughout the day for better health. Their 10 steps to a firmer form are easy to work through without investing a great deal of time. Plus, you can get more out of your Banglz with a few extra minutes a day since you can wear them with effortless ease!

Visit for more information or to purchase your Banglz bracelets and anklets. Check with your physician first to see if you if the Banglz wearable workout is suitable for your situation.


Tips for Keeping Dry with “On the Cuff”

How many times have you wished that you had only remembered to roll your sleeves up or better yet, worn a short-sleeved shirt when washing the car, using facial scrubs, or washing the pet? Isn’t it “oh so annoying” to discover that your sleeves are all wet or your arms have water running up them simply because you were busy completing some task or other?

Well, you can do away with wet arms and soggy sleeves with this clever little product, “On the Cuff,” designed for just that purpose. While they might not be very attractive to look at, they serve their purpose and that really is all that matters. After all, how many times do you have an audience when you rinse off dishes or wash the car? Isn’t everyone else always out of sight when it is time for certain tasks to be undertaken?

With “On the Cuff,” you never have to worry about wet arms again. Just think about how nice it will be to wash your child’s face or rinse out your coffee mug without worrying about wetting your office blouse or cocktail dress. Wet sleeves have always been a pet peeve for many people. It is reason enough alone to put off any task involving water.

“On the Cuff” is sold as a convenient one size fits all product. In fact, this feature makes these nifty items useful for both men and women so make sure you have several pair to share with other family members.

One of the added niceties to the “On the Cuff” product is that it is sold with a convenient mini-drying stand for easy drying. You can use these cuffs over and over again countless times, so it is worth the small investment that you make to purchase them. Just make sure that you place them on your arms snugly so the water runs off without getting your clothing wet!

I received a generous sample of 4 pair of “On the Cuff” and a drying stand in an adorable aqua blue mesh bag. Before that, I didn’t even know they existed. Now, I am glad that I do and so are my clothes!


Skin Care with Dermacyte- Oxygen Concentrate

As long as women can keep their skin from looking aged with wrinkles and fine lines, they can look younger and healthier. Skin care products are one of the viable solutions women have to accomplish this. Skin care products are a dime a dozen, so there’s no problem trying to find one to try or sample to see if it can moisturize, reduce wrinkles, and eliminate skin dryness. The problem arises when looking for a product that actually does what it is that you want it to do.

One of the skin care products that I have recently tried to reduce fine lines and rejuvenate my facial/neck skin is Dermacyte- Oxygen Concentrate. Its creamy texture is refreshing and soothing to the skin. It feels silky and has a delicate, clean scent to it. After applying this skin product, my skin did not feel oily at all, another big plus in my book! All in all, I think this is a good product since I experienced only positive results with it. However, not everyone’s skin is the same, so watch out for allergic reactions just in case. Dermacyte- Oxygen Concentrate is just as delicate as the areas of the skin where you will be applying it, so it truly does offer a positive experience in that respect as well.

Dermacyte- Oxygen Concentrate is designed to provide oxygen directly to the facial skin to promote healthier looking skin with an added glow of youthfulness. Does it work? While it may not be an instant cure all, it does offer skin-softening effects for the skin. This product can be used as a spot application that you can apply twice daily – once in the morning and once in the evening. Of course, the real trick to using skin care products is to follow the directions that accompany them to the letter. Therefore, if you only use this particular skin care product once every few days, you shouldn’t expect to see good results.

Dermacyte- Oxygen Concentrate has a sidekick known as Dermacyte- Oxygenating Eye Complex which is designed specifically to restore the youthful appearance of the area around the eyes. I can’t vouch for Dermacyte- Oxygenating Eye Complex as I haven’t tried it, but I do like the sample of Dermacyte- Oxygen Concentrate that I received.

The best strategy for women is to remember that the world takes a terrible toll on our bodies and especially our skin with all of the harshness that the weather and chemicals deliver. Protect the elasticity, smoothness, and supple nature of your skin by using the proper skin care products including Dermacyte- Oxygen Concentrate.


Younger Skin with Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid by Dr. Stanley Jacobs

Why should women use Dr. Stanley Jacobs’ revolutionary skin care product, Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid? Countless reasons come to mind including healthier-looking skin, softer skin, smoother skin, and the enhanced confidence that accompanies looking better and feeling better about the way that we look.

As women begin to age, we notice the telltale signs of skin that has spent too much time in the sun unprotected and suffered the loss of supple smoothness due to dehydration or not drinking enough water along with skin damage that occurs due to environmental contaminants. Once we realize our skin no longer looks as good as it once did, we begin to panic as we also realize that the time to care for our skin and prevent wrinkles and other skin damage from occurring is long past. Now we must contend with the problem of rejuvenating our skin to a silky supple shine that glows with health rather than depresses us with wrinkles.

One of the products that women can use to improve the look of their facial and neck skin is Dr. Stanley Jacobs’ Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid that has been developed for use with all skin types. Dr. Stanley Jacobs is a renowned facial plastic surgeon who has developed a unique skin serum that is clinically proven to improve the condition of facial skin if used according to the package directions. His recipe is based on an ancient Egyptian recipe (sounds exciting already, doesn’t it?) that was used to soften skin at least 3,600 years ago.

Younger Skin for Women 40 and Older
While women of any age can use Dr. Stanley Jacobs’ Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid to achieve younger-looking skin, this product is designed to transform tired-looking skin that has lost its elasticity, developed wrinkles, and started to show signs of age into younger-looking skin plump with healthy vitality. It is important to do more than wish our skin younger as we age. We need to care for our skin in much the same way as we care for our eyes, nails, body shape, and more.

Anti-aging products can be used to bring about the fulfillment of the dreams of older women to have younger looking skin once again. In fact, Dr. Stanley Jacobs’ Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid is designed to plump the skin, increase its elasticity, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck bringing the appearance of youthfulness back.

Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid by Dr. Jacob Stanley
First, let me say that I love cute-looking products for women. Eye-appealing products snag my attention and make me want to use them. If they work when I do, it’s an added bonus. The serum is sold in an attractive cobalt-blue container with a gold-colored top. It has a really cute pump design that releases just enough of the serum for use each time. The scent is pleasant and subtle. The consistency is creamy, not oily. The serum glides onto the skin, softening and rejuvenating it back to a youthful appearance. While the results are not instantaneous, they do occur over time. This amazing blend of ingredients does as it promises as long as it is used according to its directions. It isn’t a miracle cure for tired-out skin, but it does minimize visible signs of skin damage.

Three important points to note. First, for the best results, this anti-aging skin product should be used twice a day. Second, discontinue use if you have any sign of allergic reactions. Third, while I did receive this product as a gift for the purposes of this review, I am happy with the results.

Dressing with Confidence and Style – Speed Stick for Men and Women

Dressing these days is as much fun as shopping for the outfits you wear, provided you have discovered the perfect antiperspirant / deodorant stick that not only smells nice, but actually works. In fact, one of the most important facets of women’s and men’s antiperspirant / deodorant sticks these days is their ability not only to keep perspiration to a minimum but also to keep unappealing yellow stains and telltale white marks from appearing on your clothes!

How many times have you secretly placed your antiperspirant / deodorant on after getting dressed just so you wouldn’t have any white streaks slashed across the bodice or sides of your shirt, sweater, or dress? All too many most likely. Well, if you haven’t already discovered Lady Speed Stick Stainguard and Men’s Speedstick Stainguard, then it is certainly time to try them out. Just put some on and see for yourself if you don’t agree.

Lady Speed Stick Stainguard is refreshingly delicate in scent and amazingly powerful in keeping away unwanted perspiration and yellow stains. Halleluiah! Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve discovered the perfect scent in an antiperspirant / deodorant stick only to discover that it does not provide the underarm protection that I want and need.

I am happy to say that both scents, Powder Fresh and Daringly Fresh, smell amazingly crisp and clean. Plus, the 24-hour protection against wetness and odor is excellent, although I do have to admit that I never actually kept either one on for a full 24 hours.

Men’s Speedstick Stainguard also provides the same 24-hour protection against wetness and odor. Sold in two crisp scents, Fresh and Clean, Speedstick Stainguard for men offers a light and yet not overpowering scent that is clean and crisp. The men folk in my household liked them well enough, but you know most men aren’t quite as discerning as women. Available in a 2.7-ounce size, Men’s Speedstick Stainguard fights yellow stains and white residue for men helping to keep odor and moisture away from their clothing, allowing them to smell nice and sweet for their womenfolk.

I did receive four generous samples for my review and I must say that I am totally pleased with them. If you are particular about the scents that you like to use, make sure that you take a sniff before making your purchase. The “Daringly Fresh” is a bit sweeter while the “Powder Fresh” is exactly that – kind of like the fresh scent of a newly powdered baby. For the men’s scent, well it was an even split so your guess is as good as anyone’s as to which one your man will appreciate.


Indulgence for the Skin – Luxurious Softsoap® Body Washes

Softsoap Body Washes product reviewBody soap has come a long way from the first homemade bars of soapy concoctions used to cleanse the skin. Today’s shelves hold colorful arrays of boxed soap as well as a bright mix of bottles filled with sensuous, aromatic body washes promising an indulgent, skin-sensational cleansing experience. Whether you indulge in a soft bath pouf or a fluffy cotton washcloth, the experience of silky soft body wash gliding all over your wet skin is as delightful as it is cleansing.

From exotic fragrances to skin-softening agents, body washes provide a bit of everything a woman’s skin needs. At the same time, I believe these same body washes provide that touch of pampering that every woman needs at some poin or another throughout her day. While some days require a quick dash through the morning routine, it is nice to set aside at least one day during which the task of bathing lends itself to a spa-like experience of skin-softening indulgence experienced through the use of a luxurious body wash.

Softsoap Body Washes product reviewSoftsoap® is one of my favorite brands of body wash. This brand occasionally introduces something new and exciting by way of scented bliss delicately culled from a variety of floral and fruity scents and oils. This year, they have come up with three fantastic creations: Black Orchid & Velvet Hibiscus, Mega Moisture Heavenly Vanilla, and Nutri Serums Mineral Extracts. Each of these feel great to the touch, offering a silky lather that cleanses gently. I discovered the scent intensifies as I use the product, lingering long after I have toweled off.

Black Orchid & Velvet Hibiscus offers an exotic fragrance that hints of mystery and a long night of sensual bliss. I especially like the purple bottle that blends well with my purple bath towels and lavender pouf.

Mega Moisture Heavenly Vanilla offers a warm, sweet scent that hints of sweeter days to come. The cream-colored bottle might be neutral, but the heavenly scent certainly is not. It is designed to help relieve stress in a most comforting way as you use it.

Nutri Serums Mineral Extracts offers a clean aroma that hints at the healthy skin it helps to maintain. This body wash is filled with mineral extracts and nutrients known for making skin glow with healthiness. This particular body wash is designed to help the skin stay soft and healthy since it makes use of real hibiscus extract.

Each body wash is thick and luxurious as it pours out of its bottle, which is nice because you can actually tell it is a quality product. Plus, they are silky to the touch, allowing you to instantly recognize their skin-softening qualities.

Products provided free to writer for reviewI received a generous sample of each one of these fantastic scents to review. If I had to pick one as my favorite, it would be quite difficult. I do like to have several available in the shower so I can pick one according to my mood. If you haven’t already tried this, please do, you might discover that variety truly is the spice of life! You can purchase Softsoap® body wash at most grocery stores, drugstores, and discount stores.


PhytoCeuticals to the Rescue for Healthier, Happier Skin

While aging often brings wisdom, it also has a way of bringing fine lines, wrinkles and damaged skin along with it. For an easy regimen of daily skin care designed to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin (especially the face, neck, and chest.) you can try Phytoceuticals’ line of Phyto-C skin care products.

Offering a slightly unusual appearance, Phyto-C products come in liquid form held in eye-dropper bottles. You simply apply a small amount to your fingertips and smooth it onto your skin. It glides smoothly and silkily offering a refreshing feeling to your skin, even if it isn’t damaged or dry.

Phyto-C Poly Vitamin Gel is designed to decrease the appearance of fine lines and winkles. This intensive multivitamin treatment has been specially formulated to smooth, soften, and moisturize the skin while providing terrific, anti-aging antioxidants to your skin’s deepest layers.

Phyto-C’s Bionic Serum, an anti-aging and anti-acneic lightening formula is designed to go one step further than softening and smoothing since it is designed to help repair mildly damaged skin. You can use this product up to two times a day if you want, so it is perfect for those with either slightly damaged or mildly damaged skin.

Phyto-C’s E in C Serum contains 15% L-Ascorbic Acid with 1% of Alpha Tocopherol. It has been formulated with these ingredients to help protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays. The serum also stimulated collagen production as an effort to deter early anti-aging effects such as premature wrinkling. Be prepared for a tiny bit of tingling that might feel strange when you first put your E in C serum on. This only means Phyto-C is working its magic!
Product provided free to writer for review
As women age and reach their 40s and 50s, it is even more important to safeguard delicate areas of the skin with skincare and anti-aging products. I enjoyed using my free sample of Phyto-C and I think you will too. Available at: Phyto-C Skin Care.