Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads of All Ages

Is that smile on your dad’s face real or is he just pretending to like the gift you have given him? Showing your dad how much you love him is important every day of the year, but even more so … Keep Reading

Softer Feet Means Prettier Feet for the Summer – Use CVS® Brand Exfoliating Moisturizer

As most females come to discover once they reach the teenage years and even long after that, the feet take a true beating no matter what type of shoe is worn. Women often buy shoes according to how they look … Keep Reading

Refreshing Calorie-Free Beverages for Delicious Drinks

How many times have you wanted to enjoy a delicious drink only to forego the pleasure due to the calories? If you are like many women who are constantly watching their weight, you probably answered something like “quite a few” … Keep Reading

A Tip for Staying Healthy – Use Infectiguard Instant Hand Sanitizer

One of life’s modern creations that I have come to appreciate is the instant hand sanitizer, also commonly referred to as a waterless hand sanitizer. With today’s fast pace, it is difficult to find the time to stop and wash … Keep Reading

Styling Your Hair with the H2Pro Hair Styling Iron

If you are one of the lucky women, you have the exact shade and type of hair that you want. However, many women have not been blessed with the type or color of hair that they would prefer. In fact, … Keep Reading

Selecting Luscious Lipsticks for Women: SKINN® High Brilliance, No7, and Too Faced™

Whether you want to wear lipstick for a formal occasion or just a casual event, wearing the right lipstick is essential to looking beautiful. What exactly does this mean for women? How do you know what lipstick brand is the … Keep Reading

Eye Treatments Can Perk Up Your Face: Time Dimensions by Boots and Eye Lifting Serum by CVS

If only women could keep their baby-fine skin all of their lives. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite possible. The ravaging effects of the sun’s harsh rays, the amazing pull of gravity, poor eating habits, and who knows what all else takes … Keep Reading

Protecting Your Skin with Sunscreen: Banana Boat, Bethesda, and Azur

Protecting your skin from the harshness of the sun is extremely important if you want to avoid skin cancer, dry skin, and even the terrible pain of severe sunburn. While dressing properly and avoiding the sun during the peak hours … Keep Reading

Stir Up Your Love Life with Sensational Scents: “The Triple Threat,” “Scent by Alexis,” and “Queen”

As most women know, fragrances can be worn not only for your own personal pleasure, but also to drive your significant other crazy beyond sensibility. Men are quite in tune with their senses. They enjoy using all five of these … Keep Reading

Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Fashion: Green View™ Readers

Do you know when the first Earth Day occurred or who was behind it? Well, the very first Earth Day happened forty years ago on April 22 in 1970. However, Senator Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day, started worrying … Keep Reading

Add to Your Fashion Statement with Spring Accessories

As spring arrives bringing the soft tread of make-believe Easter bunnies and the sweet taste of delicious Easter candy favorites, most women take stock of their spring wardrobe with an eye toward updating it with a few fashionable accessories. Whether … Keep Reading

Why You Should Use Skin Care Lotions Such as Herban Renewal’s Hand & Body Lotions

Are there any good reasons for using hand and body lotions? Of course there are! Most of us already know that hand and body lotions help to moisturize the skin and keep it supple. In fact, skin lotions generally moisturize … Keep Reading

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