Skin Care Tips – Experience Finer Beauty with the Mannatech™ Optimal Collection

Having healthy skin is an important component of any woman’s wellness plan, and the products that she chooses to use should help her to achieve that goal. Maintaining a youthful look starts with clean skin that is moisturized and replenished. While there are any number of options available for women to use to soften, rejuvenate, and hydrate their skin, not all of them are worth their weight in gold. Personally, I discovered the Mannatech™ Optimal Collection to offer the perfect combination of skin-cleansing ability and pampering pleasure.

Believe it or not, the Mannatech™ Optimal Collection is the real deal – that is, as long as you follow the directions and use the products each day. After all, we aren’t young enough or foolish enough to believe that any of these skin products offer magical abilities to give us what people only dream the fountain of youth can provide. However, these products come relatively close to that – moisturizing dry skin, softening damaged skin, and minimizing fine lines and pores.

I admit that I have not been the most vigilant when it comes to using facial creams to maintain my skin’s natural softness or beauty. As a result, my face has started to show some wear-and-tear from old man winter who hasn’t been to kind to me with his harsh boldness and gruff ways as well as from the harshness of the sun. Dried out skin on a woman past her prime (or maybe not, as I’ll never tell) isn’t the prettiest of sights to see.

I had my doubts about these products as I have always leaned toward the glass-is-half-empty theory of life. I might soon be changing sides in regard to that idea though, because the Mannatech™ Optimal Collection has been much kinder to me in a speedier timeframe than facial products I have used in the past.

A touch of luxury is nice every once in a while and honestly, fancy facial scrubs, lotions, creams, and oils that actually do what they purport to do is a luxury that every woman should be able to afford. The Mannatech™ Optimal Collection utilizes a seven-step process that cleans, moisturizes, and refines your neck and facial skin to a softer, more beautiful appearance. I am so pleased with my results that I plan to continue using this product for quite a while. Here’s a run through of the products and the line up for using them.

The first step of this skincare process involves two products. First, you use the Optimal Face Cleansing Oil to remove makeup and any dirt. It’s gentle and silky. Next, use the Optimal Face Cleansing Cream to gently remove any remaining dirt or facial oil. I really like the silky feel and gentleness of both of these products.

Next, it is time to soften. The Optimal Skin Lotion comes in an adorable pump bottle and I feel as though I am pampering my face with its silky, rejuvenating formula. The next step involves the use of a special Skin Serum that is designed to help revitalize dry skin through its marine collagen ingredient. The combination of these two products made a visible difference in the suppleness of my skin without making it oily or sticky like some of the less expensive products on the market.

A lightweight moisturizer offers the benefit of providing a touch of hydration while protecting the skin against damage due to makeup or grime. The Optimal Skin Cream is perfect for this. One of my favorite products is the Optimal Eye Cream, which helped to minimize the fine wrinkles starting to form around my eyes.

Optimal After Shave Milk can be used by men, but I recommend saving it all for yourself. It’s great for nourishing your skin even if you haven’t shaved your legs. It is a delicate, luxurious concoction. This is the only product of the seven that isn’t designed expressly for the neck and face.

I found that using these products even only once a day made a huge difference to the condition of my skin, but twice a day did create a bigger improvement. I noticed a change after only the first three days, but my skin was a bit dry and damaged to begin with. By the end of the week my facial skin felt silky and smooth to the touch and fine lines began to fade a bit.

Products provided free to writer for reviewI received all seven of these products free for the purpose of reviewing them and I hope you discover the same great results if you decide to try them out. I recommend these products even if your skin is in good condition already since your face and neck deserve to be pampered.

Brighter, Fresher Teeth on the Go with the Colgate Wisp™

Let me start off by saying that I love the idea of this tiny disposable mini-toothbrush simply because it is so adorably cute. Plus, the Colgate Wisp™ does have quite a few favorable traits. It is small, easy to carry, and easy to use.

The Wisp is perfect for people of all ages, but it is particularly nice for women who want to look their best, feel their best, and kiss their best. This tiny little brush offers a clean taste with a little pick-me-up of minty freshness. I liked its taste and the fact that I could tuck it away into my tiniest of purses when going out-on-the-town for the night. In fact, this mini-toothbrush is so small that you can put it into a back pocket without any trouble at all.

Designed with a breath freshening bead that gives a fresh mouth taste without the need to use water to rinse, the Colgate Wisp is perfect for those of us who are constantly on the go. Skeptical at first, I quickly discovered that this handy little brush is worth its weight in gold. Not only did it freshen my breath and mouth with a strong burst of Cinnamint, but it also made my teeth feel clean.

As the makers of this tiny beauty tool suggest, it does provide a kissably clean smile. If you don’t believe me, try the Colgate Wisp™ for yourself and find out just how great it is. You have three wonderful choices for freshening flavors including Cinnamint, Peppermint, and Spearmint. I received a generous sample of the Cinnamint Colgate Wisp™ for the purposes of this review and I have to admit that I really do love it.

So, if you want to be prepared when you are out and about, tuck a two-pack of the Colgate Wisp™ into your purse and you can take a moment to discreetly clean and freshen your teeth anytime and anywhere. The packaging utilizes a slimshell design with an easy pull tab on the foil back. The mini-toothbrush is designed with a soft pick that is great for removing food after a meal or the plaque that tends to develop in between the gum line throughout a long day.

It might be a good idea to have one or more Colgate Wisps in your purse for the next time you get stuck in an airport, go hiking or camping, or take a long journey to visit a friend or attend a party. Colgate Wisp™ is sold in a generous 16-pack size for about $8.00 or a convenient 4-pack size that retails for $2.39.

Product provided free to writer for reviewFor more information or for a coupon for 50 cents off on Colgate Wisp™, visit

A Thumbs Up Book Review: Leave Your Clothes on, but Prepare to Get Financially Naked

I love reading books – romance, finance, cooking, mystery, science fiction, gardening, and just whatever. I enjoy them even more when they are easy to read, offer great facts, or grab my attention. This particular book, Get Financially Naked by Manisha Thakor, MBA, CFA, and Sharon Kedar, MBA, CFA, did all of that.

While the book is designed to teach you “How to talk money with your honey,” it can definitely be helpful for singles too. Many couples fail to discuss money before they move in together or get married, so they don’t know what to expect. While it is best to do this prior to signing on the dotted line, talking about finances is even more important once you are married. Get Financially Naked is designed to empower women with the ability to take control of their financial life and get it together.

Several exercises are contained throughout the book, designed to provide insight into how people think about money. These mini-exercises are designed to be taken individually, making it possible to learn important personal truths about the way that you think about money, spend money, and save money, even if you don’t currently have your own honey.

The primary goal of Get Financially Naked is to teach you how to manage your financial life responsibly while achieving your financial dreams and goals. It offers techniques that can be used on an individual basis, while also providing pointers and lessons on how to talk about your finances with your significant other, married or not.

Even if you believe that you already have a firm grasp on your financial life, reading the book can open up a few new possibilities while also giving you some food for thought. One of the aspects that I especially like about the book is that it provides examples of other couples and how they approached certain types of financial scenarios. This is great for anyone who wants to start up a conversation about finances with a significant other, but simply doesn’t know where to start.

I like to approach a book such as this with the expectation that even if I only take away one new, valuable tool or thought, I have come away a winner. It is an easy read as well as being a book that you can put down for a few days and pick it up again without wondering what you were reading about last. Just the title alone is enough to get your guy to take a look through as well – honestly!

I did receive Get Financially Naked for the purposes of reviewing it, but to tell you the truth, I did request this type of book. Even if you aren’t quite sure that you need to improve your financial house of cards, consider picking this one up for an extra touch of motivation when it comes to realizing your financial dreams and getting in tune with your significant other as far as how to spend and save joint funds.

Tips for Planning a Fantastic Hockey Party

If you love the game of hockey, then you will love the idea of hosting a hockey party for your friends and/or family. Even if you aren’t a fan of the game yourself, you can still have a lot of fun planning a hockey party for your better half who might just be an avid hockey fan.

Depending on your preference, you can center the entire party on a hockey theme or you can tone it down a bit and focus just the decorations on this theme. You should be able to find hockey-themed party goods including plates, cups, napkins, banners, etc at most brick-and-mortar or online party stores. Buy plastic silverware in the team’s colors. Make a list so that you can stick to your budget. This is important if you don’t want to have an overly large credit card bill next month.

All Out Hockey Play for Your Party

Okay, while you might find some of the following suggestions to be a bit over-the-top, die-hard hockey fans are sure to appreciate them. Use a white tablecloth and colored markers to create your own hockey floor, but be sure you leave some space for the fans. If you want to go all crazy, use colored candies instead of markers to create the blue lines, etc.

Since you can’t exactly serve pucks for food, serve biscuits in a basket otherwise known as scoring a goal. Place these down at one end of the table in the goal section. Down at the end of the table where the net would be located, set up the cookies in place of the “cookie jar” or top section of the net.

Put the chicken wings out where the left and right wings would be in play. Set up the “hot dogs” in the center of play somewhere on the hockey rink that you have created.

Put some boobirds (blue marshmallow peeps) up in the nosebleed section. While you are at it, place a few puck bunnies (pink marshmallow bunnies) near the hockey floor so they can cheer the players on.

Draw up a penalty box area on the tablecloth and sit your burgers in there. Use some red hot dollar candies out on the ice for pucks. Turn some lollipops upside down along the penalty box for hockey sticks. For some true hockey fun, place a couple of toy zebras out in your homemade rink as well. With a little bit of imagination, you are sure to come up with a few good ideas of your own to add a personal touch to your display.

Whichever way you decide to set things up for your hockey party, make sure that you put some effort and time into your menu planning. A full tummy is a happy tummy and a happy tummy makes a happy guest. So, if you provide plenty of yummy treats everyone will go home happy whether or not the guest’s favorite hockey team won the game.

Planning the Hockey Party Menu…

Simplify Your Party Clean Ups with Flings® Pop-Up Trash and Recycle Containers

Having a party takes a lot of work and planning, but it is certainly worth the effort to see lots of smiling faces, hear giggling and laughter, and catch up with old and new friends. Clean up, however, is another story entirely. Sometimes, the time that I spend cleaning up after a party is longer than the time that I needed to spend to prepare for it.

Here a Cup, There a Cup, Everywhere a Cup- Enough, Enough!

After hosting a large event, I have already gotten frustrated when I discovered half-empty cups, paper plates, and napkins everywhere from the fireplace mantel to the bookshelves. Perhaps it isn’t that my guests are slobs or they figured that I could just clean the mess up at my leisure. Perhaps the problem is simply that my guests could not find the trash can.

Plus, maybe my guests haven’t always been sure that I recycle. Maybe that is why they have been more likely to leave their empty beverage cans out in the open on a table or window ledge rather than placing them in the trash can where they will end up in a landfill somewhere. Of course, they should have been able to discover my recycling container since I keep it right next to the trash can. Ah well, it is nicer to give my guests the benefit of a doubt.

Now, however, I won’t have to do that anymore because I have discovered the Flings! Let me tell you, I really wish that these clever stand-alone trash bags had been around when I was throwing four kids birthday parties a year- twice that if you count family parties for birthdays.

What Are the Flings® Pop-Up Trash and Recycle Containers?

The Flings offer an easy solution to trash and recycling concerns at any party. As long as you purchase enough of these free-standing trash and recycling receptacles, you won’t have to worry about clean up at all. Just set them up and forget about them until it is time to clean up from your party.

They offer a nice option to setting up trash cans all over your home, backyard, or rental hall or taping trash bags to the end of the table. Who has that many spare trashcans anyway? The Flings are big enough to hold 13 gallons of waste or recyclables; and they are sturdy and leak-proof.

With Flings, you don’t have to keep emptying your trashcan and replacing the trash bag. Just set enough of these attractive alternatives around the areas where you think you are going to need them and you are done! Once the Fling is filled, simply pull up the top of the bag and close it securely using the drawstring. Toss it in your primary trash receptacle and that’s it. No borrowed trashcans to return. No back and forth scurrying. It is simple, easy, and affordable!

What Do the Flings® Pop-Up Trash and Recycle Containers Look Like?

Flings are currently offered in five different patterns. The recycling design is easily recognizable with the green and white display featuring the recycling logo. Most people recognize this, so they have no problem knowing to place their recyclables in it. That is one of the reasons why this particular style of Fling makes it so terrific to use for tailgate parties and BBQs.

Pair the recycling design up with the picnic/BBQ design and you even have an extra touch of ambience for your party. The picnic/BBQ design is adorable. It features burgers and franks along with bright yellow swirls and suns.

The holiday design offers an attractive red and white display of bows. Two all-occasion designs are available with either cake and stars or balloons and stars. These are great for all types of parties including birthday parties, showers, retirement parties, and holiday gatherings.

Not only do you get easy clean up for each event, but you never have to worry about trash spilling over or out of trash bags that have been secured to the end of a table or on a doorknob.

Pricing and Shipment of Flings

Flings are sold in a variety of combinations that pair up certain designs. You have two quantity options: 4 for $15.99 or 10 for $29.99. If you are interested in trying these adorable freestanding trash bags, visit There’s even a short YouTube video showing you how easy it is to set these up and use them. Plus, they are currently offering free shipping!

Product provided free to writer for reviewDisclaimer: I received one recycling Fling and two all-occasion Flings to review. I can’t see how you could possibly disagree, but you do have that right. These trash bags are terrific! It is about time someone created stand-alone trash bags that are attractive and functional.

Experience Luxury with Juara Skin Softening Series: Candlenut Body Polish

What a delightful, sensational experience! Juara’s Candlenut Body Polish is a creamy concoction offering a nutty scent that is pleasant to smell. You can find it on a variety of Web sites including

Consider this product review of Candlenut Body Polish by Juara.I received a 6.75 ounce container for the purposes of reviewing it for While you might not agree with my feelings about this product, I am being as honest here as I can. I honestly did not like the scent of this product as I opened it to receive my first whiff. However, something about using it in a warm, steamy shower changed all of that for me.

Consider this product review of Candlenut Body Polish by Juara.As you might already know, fragrances have three notes to them – top, heart, and base. While this product is not a fragrance per se, it did incorporate one into its chemistry. The first note is the one that assails the olfactory senses as it interacts with the human skin. I absolutely fell in love with this heady, nutty scent as I began to gently scrub my body with this Candlenut Body Polish.

This is a product review of Juara's Candlenut Body Polish.As the top note dissipated, the heart note began to garner my attention, making me absolutely fall in love with it. The base note remained on my skin throughout the day, creating a pleasant reminder of this spa-like experience.

The body polish feels a bit gritty as most do when I first apply it to the skin. However, as I gently rubbed it on using a circular motion, the grittiness became intertwined with a silky-soft feel.

One of the most pleasant aspects of Juara’s Candlenut Body Polish that I enjoyed is the feeling my skin enjoyed directly after continuing all through my day. My skin actually felt alive. Yes, I know this sounds silly, but my skin felt refreshed and invigorated.

The clean, nutty scent of the body polish clung to my skin, which felt soft and silky from the very first time that I used this product. Perhaps this is so because it is winter and my skin has been rather dry. Product provided free to writer for reviewHowever, I believe that I am so pleased with the results that I am going to continue using this delightful gift from the beauty goddesses. I feel like I am in beauty heaven!

Do Suave Professionals Hair Styling Products Work as Well as Sebastian Products?

For most of my adult life, This is a comparison of Suave Professional line and Sebastian products.I have been in search of a terrific hair styling product to hold my long, thick, curly, sometimes frizzy hair without leaving it sticky or stiff. I wanted a product that I could use that wouldn’t flake and that would smell better than paint thinner. I know that lots of women do not use hair spray, but having grown up in a home where my mother used hair spray every day of her life, I got used to the idea of using it to control my unruly locks — at least on those occasions when I was leaving my home temporarily.

Over the years, I relied on my mother’s tried-and-true hair spray product, Aqua Net, until I eventually started using whatever I had a coupon for. Therefore, when I got the chance to try and compare Sebastian with Suave Professionals, I jumped at it. Good thing for me that my one daughter is off at college, because when I happened to mention this assignment, I thought she was going to reach her hand through the phone and grab my Sebastian Super Shaper Hairspray. Apparently, the name meant something to her even though I had never heard of it before now.

This is a comparison of Suave Professional line and Sebastian products.Anxious to get started, I began to read the tiny words printed all over the six bottles of wonderful hair styling products that I had received. I read the advertisements claiming that I could get salon-proven performance with Suave Professionals. After my youngest daughter’s reaction, I rather doubted these claims. However, after using all five Suave products on separate occasions as well as the Sebastian product, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this is not an empty claim.

I started with the Sebastian Super Shaper Hairspray, Shpritz Forte in the Power Hold mist 8.5 fluid ounce size. While it offered a powerful hold, I honestly did not notice a big difference between Suave products and the Sebastian product, which by the way, happens to be a discontinued product that is no longer available through the company. I did experience some initial trouble with the nozzle on the spray. Instead of spraying in a fine mist, the product came out in a stream. Maybe it is supposed to do this, I don’t really know. Unfortunately for me, even though I tried to distribute the Power Hold mist through my hair evenly, when it dried, it left white globules all over my hair. Despite this fact, Sebastian Shpritz Forte provided excellent hold in a big way.

Next, I tried the Suave Professionals Freeze Hold Aerosol Hair Spray (Shaping and Finishing Spray) in an 8.5 fluid ounce size. It provided hours of excellent control and a firm hold, helping to control the errant fly aways that are so common with curly hair. I thought that it worked just as well as Sebastian Super Shaper Hairspray. Despite the fact that this one is an aerosol and less environmentally friendly, I did like the way that this one smelled best out of all six products. Plus, it is easy to touch up any spots that I miss the first time around when I use this spray. It is important to apply this one to dry hair at least 10 to 12 inches from your hair and to spray it evenly.

I also liked the Suave Professionals Extra Hold Non-Aerosol (Shaping and Finishing Spray) in the 8.5 ounce size that provided excellent all-day hold for style and control. This one comes out in a fine mist with a strong yet pleasant smell, giving a firm hold without looking like I just glued my hair together.

The Suave Professionals Freeze Hold Non-Aerosol Hair Spray (Shaping and Finishing Spray) 8.5 fluid ounce is quite…

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Sexy Lingerie from Shirley of Hollywood

Sexy lingerie is perhaps the most intimate style of clothing that a woman can wear. And why not wear it? The full-bodied You can't go wrong with black lingerie by Shirly of Hollywood.sensuality and delicate femininity of intimate apparel is undeniably appealing. There is no doubt about the fact that sexy lingerie tantalizes, tempts, empowers, and caresses all at the same time. Wearing sexy lingerie can make a woman feel gorgeous, desirable, beautiful, powerful, appealing, confident, sexy, and oh, so much more.

Whether a man is buying his Valentine a few seductive pieces of flimsily-designed, see-through, skimpy lingerie or the woman is boldly selective a few tempting pieces to express her inner vixen, beautiful, hot lingerie is the direction to go this Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry about the cost either, since the gift is definitely worth the price ten times over.

Whether seduction is in the picture or you simply want to feel beautiful, I highly recommend treating yourself to a delicately-designed balconette and thong ensemble in pastel pink or a sexy red outfit that leaves little to the imagination. If you are looking for something a bit less revealing, why not pick up a form-fitting, body-smoothing corset in your favorite color.

Consider sexy lingerie to spice up your love life.Even when no one can see my lingerie, just the simple fact that I feel the soft fabric caressing my body while it shapes and offers a smoothing effect is enough to enhance my mood for the day. Try it and discover the empowering effect of a bit of finery that has been designed to barely cover what the sun does not shine on.

While you can purchase sexy lingerie in almost any fine department store along with linger boutiques across the globe, I recently discovered the line of Shirley of Hollywood to be attractive and alluring. Offering exceptionally fine fabrics to daring styles, Shirley of Hollywood features a wide variety of collections that cater to an assortment of lingerie tastes.

I received two adorable baby doll sets from their H.O.T. Collection. Designed as a one-size-fits-all ensemble, both baby dell sets were crafted in sheer fabric, trimmed in ribbon, and adorned with sequins. The straps are adjustable, a nice feature; and the panties feature that ever-popular style of a G-string. Currently, Shirley of Hollywood is featuring a lacey, fringe baby doll with a halter neck. It is only available in white or black, but it is quite fetching. They have lots of other styles and colors as well.

The packaging for the H.O.T. baby dolls states that the one-size-fits-all style will fit women between the height of 5 feet and 5 feet, 10 inches. The suggested weight range is 90 to 155 pounds.

Sexy lingerie can ignite the spark in your marriage.Don’t be discouraged if this isn’t your sizing because Shirley of Hollywood’s “Intimate Attitude Collection” is perfect for the full-figured woman with a taste for sexy intimate apparel. They also offer pamper-perfect luxuries such as soft robes and spa products.

I also received a strapless, black corset featuring a hook & eye side closure, waist-slimming lace-up back, ruffled front, ribbon trim, body-controlling boning, and G-string panties. Talk about creating a sizzle! Even if you haven’t indulged in sexy lingerie before now, it is an experience that every woman should try.

From charming see-through baby dolls to lacey corsets to fishnet stockings to camisoles to bras to panties to bustiers and more, Shirley of Hollywood’s lingerie collections have something to offer everyone in a delightful array of colors and styles. Create the whole package and purchase an expensive bottle of perfume to go along with the lingerie.

Products provided free to writer for reviewFor a look at some of the latest lingerie styles, visit Shirley of Hollywood Collections.

Greener Living: The Green Garmento

The Green Garmento is a multi-purpose dry cleaning bag.Whether you are a newcomer to the world of greener living or an established fan, discovering new strategies that use an eco-friendly manner is one of the facets of your life now. If you haven’t already been introduced to an eco-practical strategy for your dry cleaning routine, you should be pleasantly surprised to learn about “The Green Garmento,” a wonderful, environmentally-friendly solution to doing away with all of those thin plastic bags that Americans accumulate from trips to the dry cleaners.

The creators of The Green Garmento have thought of everything that would make this bag perfect to use. They like to refer to it as an eco-friendly 3-in-1 reusable garment bag for the environmentally conscious. It can be used as a hamper that you can toss your dirty laundry in. It turns into a duffle bag so you can carry your items to the dry-cleaning store. Plus, it can be used to carry your dry cleaning home.

Why use it?

Try Green Garmento to keep your dry cleaning organized and neatly pressed.Dry cleaning bags are so thin that your garments are not protected from much of anything except maybe dust and light rain. The Green Garmento is crafted from recyclable, non-woven polypropylene, protecting your freshly dry-cleaned clothes from just about everything. The bag is sufficiently thick to prevent dirt of any kind from getting onto your clothing. Plus, it is water resistant, protecting your freshly dry-cleaned clothing from more than just a light trickle of rain.

Another of the many benefits of this bag is the simple fact that it is breathable. I don’t know if you have ever heard that keeping your clothes in a plastic bag in a hot car can shrink or damage them, but I have been told this several times by the owners of fancy boutiques or high-end clothing shops. This bag allows air to flow in and out of the bag, keeping your clothes safe from shrinkage.

The wide gussets prevent my freshly-pressed clothes from becoming wrinkled since there is plenty of room inside the bag for several articles of clothing. I can even store rarely-worn items of clothing for several months at a time without worrying about them.

The side zipper gives me an easy way to hang my clothes in the bag without the usual hassle of sliding a bag over the clothes while holding onto the hangers. Plus, I really like the drawstring closure at the bottom so there isn’t any worry over my hemlines getting dirty accidentally.

Try Green Garmento to keep your dry cleaning organized and neatly pressed.The Green Garmento has a sturdy loop near the top so I can hang the bag on a hook while using it for a hamper for my dry cleaning items. It offers a durable shoulder strap should I decide to use it as a duffle bag (that is if I can steal it back from my husband who has already figured this out.)

While The Green Garmento is designed to reduce the number of single-use plastic dry-cleaning bags in the world, it offers a stylish bag that can be used to help simplify your life as well. No more rushing around to locate your dry cleaning items at the last minute. No more looking for a bag large enough to hold your dinner dress or your husband’s suit to protect them while transporting them to the dry-cleaning store. And no more sorting your dry cleaning items from your laundry after you arrive home from a trip or vacation.

Personally, one of the reasons that my husband and I like the idea of The Green Garmento is that it is perfect to take on business trips or vacations. Instead of needing to sort our laundry when we arrive home from our trip, we can place any clothing that requires dry cleaning directly into the Green Garmento that we have brought along with us on our trip.

While I received a free 40-inch Garmento Bag for the purposes of reviewing this product for the public, I do think it is worth the small price tag of $9.99 to buy one. As the mother of four children, all of whom have needed to transport important clothing to and from the dry cleaners (dress suits, prom dresses, wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, and more,) I would have loved to have had a sturdy bag like the Green Garmento to protect them instead of the easily-torn, thin plastic bags that one gets at the dry cleaners. Even the department stores provide nicer bags to transport fine clothing home in.

The Green Garmento is so affordable that the company recommends purchasing two per family. This way, when you have one in use when you drop off your clothes at the dry cleaners, you still have a Green Garmento bag at home that you can use to store more clothes destined for the dry cleaners.

The Green Garmento is machine washable on the short or delicate cycle and line dry, which it does quickly. It even offers a handy see-through pocket where you can stick your customer identification. It comes in different sizes from 40, 48, 54, to 72-inch sizes and in three colors: black night, blue water, and green grass. I received the 40-inch size, but personally I advise purchasing at least one 72-inch size if you have long dresses or gowns. Color wise, I also suggest getting green grass as it seems more appropriate to its name, the Green Garmento. It is your choice though and my suggestions are simply that!

Product provided free to writer for reviewVisit to make your purchase.

Food Ideas for a Super Football Bash or Super Bowl® Party

Gathering a few friends together for an afternoon or evening of watching football can be a lot of fun, especially if you prepare a few delectable treats ahead of time. From dips and chips to quesadillas and flavorful chicken nuggets, Consider these great tips for a football party, Super Bowl party, or sports get-together.your fans will have plenty to satisfy their appetites while filling their eyes with football maneuvers on the field. Make sure that you take a look at the dessert ideas that will allow your guys to make a few football maneuvers of their own.

Start by setting up a clever football theme for your tasty treats with easy decorating ideas, a few football-themed tablecloths or paper products, and some yummy appetizers, desserts, and entrees. Not only can you use these suggestions for a Superbowl or football party on game day, but these ideas are terrific if you are planning a birthday party for any of the special guys in your life. For a flavorful alternative to getting takeout, try the following products for any of your football parties or tailgates. In fact, try them for your next Super Bowl® party and create a smash hit with your guests for using your pigskin theme.

Football Finger-food Appetizers
Score your own touchdown with Tyson’s appetizers. One good reason to try Tyson products besides the fact that they taste good is that you can use just a portion of the bag and save the rest for later. Plus, if you have kids, you do not need to use all of the sauce packet if you have finicky eaters.

For a tangy bit of zip, Tyson’s Sweet and Sour Chicken Nuggets give you just what you are looking for in a snack or meal. If you like spiciness, you should prepare Tyson’s General Tso’s chicken nuggets; not only are they easy-to-make, but they are easy-to-eat offering a strong full flavor.

Try Tyson Anytizers chicken bites for a football party or appetizer snack anytime.

If wings are your thing instead of nuggets, why not try Tyson’s General Tso’s chicken Wings or Tyson’s Crispy Breaded Wings with Citrus Fire Sauce. Both of these are flavorful and easy to prepare. Just be sure to put out plenty of napkins even though these are finger-licking good. For a traditional serving method set out forks or football toothpicks to keep up with your pigskin theme.

Try quesadillas made with Swanson chicken as a delicious football party snack or entree.For delicious quesadillas, use Swanson’s canned chicken, your favorite shredded cheese, sliced mushrooms, onions, sweet peppers, and whatever else your heart desires, or should I say stomach desires. Quesadillas are one of the popular dishes you can serve because they are easy to prepare and can be cut into small pieces and eaten easily as finger foods. For a bit of added zest, you can add in a tablespoon of salsa or a few pieces of Hormel pepperoni. This is a great way to use canned meat!

Hormel offers great snack foods like pepperoni and other treats.Hormel’s pre-sliced pepperoni is so easy to serve that it is a definite must have for any culinary quest or football party. Whether you want to serve a meat/cheese/cracker tray or toss a bit of flavor into a salad, quesadilla, dip, or Stromboli, Hormel’s pepperoni brings full flavor to the table just as the football players bring full force to the football field. Serve it at your Super Bowl or football party and please all of the fans at your home as well.

Veggie Patch products are perfect for those vegetarian sports fans in your life. This company offers a lot of tasty temptations so you have your pick of yummy spinach bites, broccoli bites, corn bites, portabella bites, broccoli and real cheddar cheese bites, spinach and three cheese bites, spinach and artichoke bites, and sweet corn and real mozzarella cheese bites.

Products provided free to writer for reviewFinger-food Snacks…

Satisfying the Male Appetite Isn’t Easy Unless You Have “Mad Hungry- Feeding Men and Boys” Among Your Cookbooks

Written by Lucinda Scala Quinn, the top expert on food entertaining for Martha Stewart, “Mad Hungry- Feeding Men and Boys” emphasizes preparing tasty recipes designed to provide vitality and health while satisfying appetites for both men and boys. It features recipes, strategies, and survival techniques that can be used to feed hungry men and boys. Let’s face it, satisfying the hunger of males is not an easy task. The recipes are simple, healthy, and delicious! You might want to find out for yourself and simplify your hectic life at least in the kitchen.

“Mad Hungry- Feeding Men and Boys” is divided into 5 excellent chapters:
•    Tools, Flavors, and Theories
•    Breakfast
•    Lunch
•    Dinner
•    Dessert

It makes a great deal of sense to start a cookbook off with a few important pointers on the preparatory tools needed to start a meal. Obviously, not all of us have been blessed with mothers who were culinary queens in the kitchen and this type of added help is certainly useful. From the obvious pots, pans, and utensils to the necessary shopping list and trip to the store to the final step of preparing the recipe, the tips include an eclectic array of practical, functional techniques. From tips on using a knife to tips on setting up a pantry to tips on shopping with the kids in tow to tips on cleaning up, you will find everything you need to know to get started in Chapter 1.

You will discover an amazing medley of recipes destined to show up on the breakfast table for the heartiest of appetites (a man’s) in Chapter 2. Try the Omelet for One for starters as it is truly delicious! From hot and cold beverages to just about every type of cooked egg imaginable to breakfast-friendly pastries to hearty meats, breakfast at the house for your guys will certainly never be the same once you begin to use this cookbook.

Chapter 3 continues the quest to serve up satisfying meals that will tempt the guy in your life. Only this time, the menu is one that includes a bevy of lunch-friendly temptations. As we all know, any food that can be eaten without the benefit of kitchen utensils offers a win-win situation. Not only can a wife, mother, or girlfriend prepare a healthy lunch for their man, but they can also be assured that it will be eaten and heartily at that! Suggested recipes include pocket pies, tasty sandwiches, empanadas, and burgers. Of course, utensils eventually enter the picture with a medley of healthy salads, soups, salsas, and pastas.

This book features an interesting array of flavorful suggestions for dinner as well, starting with a popular entrée of fried chicken and continuing through an entire bevy of different methods to prepare chicken. The pictures alone look tempting enough, so just imagine what you can do with the recipes.

If chicken isn’t your guy’s favorite, tap into some of the recipes for short ribs, chili, meatballs, lamb, pork, turkey with all of the trimmings, or a sensational set of steak entrees. For fish lovers, this book also includes some terrific tips on how to prepare healthy and delicious recipes for tuna, bass, salmon, and shrimp. You will also find instructions for preparing paella and lasagna so that you can satisfy the craver of carbs in your household. Following these recipes, you will even have your boys eating vegetables out of your hand including greens, smashed potatoes, and Italian fries!

The final chapter touches upon the Achilles heel of most women – DESSERT! Just try to avoid this chapter and you might discover that preparing a few of these tasty temptations for your men folk is actually the same as preparing them for yourself. Whether it is busy-day chocolate cake, old-fashioned apple pie, or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, there happens to be a recipe to satisfy everyone’s discerning palate when it comes to desserts.

Product provided free to writer for reviewWhile you might not be as lucky as I have been to receive a free copy of “Mad Hungry- Feeding Men and Boys,” it is well worth the small price to purchase the book.

A Look at the Caroline Mary Jane of the Aetrex Essence Collection

Aetrex Caroline Mary Jane Shoe ballet flatAetrex manufactures a nice line of women’s shoes designed for women with problematic feet. While I don’t consider myself to have problematic feet per se, I do appreciate a pair of shoes designed to provide comfort along with style. After all, as many of you might know, once the feet have reached their breaking point there isn’t any recourse but to take off your shoes and give your feet that much deserved break. Plus, my feet aren’t perfect after the years of abuse that I put them through squeezing my tender little toes into pointy high heels. For those tender spots where calluses and bunions exist, it is nice to have another option besides buying a new pair of shoes.

Crafted with the Mozaic customization insole, the Caroline Mary Jane features terrific comfort built right into the specialized insoles. The insole lifts out readily allowing easy access to the gel plugs that have been carefully inserted into this unique insole. All you need to do is identify the location where you are experiencing pain or pressure, remove the gel plug and reinsert the sole. Once you do so, your foot should feel better.

Aetrex Essence Caroline Mary Jane Shoe ReviewSince I am used to heels or sneakers, both of which I live in although not at the same time, it took me a bit to get used to wearing flats again. If you have the same problem, stick with it as these shoes tend to feel more comfortable after a few wearings. Maybe it just took that long for me to get used to the idea that I could tear my shoes apart if I wanted to do so.

The Caroline Mary Jane is just one of the many styles included in the Aetrex Essence Collection. Although I have not worn any of the other styles and only received this free sample for the purposes of this review, I think that I would discover the other styles to be just as fashionable and comfortable.

In fact, I did glance at a few of their other available shoes including “Lizzy,” “Lucy,” “Ellie,” and “Maggie,” and I discovered that each style seems to carry a woman’s name (kind of cute when you think about it) and all of the styles seem to be flats. If you have a job that keeps you on your feet most of the working day, a pair of Aetrex could be the solution you need to come home without wanting to take off your footwear.

Cute and sassy in a sophisticated way, the Caroline Mary Jane features an easy to place Velcro strap with a suede upper. The top of the upper is elasticized for added comfort. The outsole is rubber so it holds up well. Maybe this isn’t actually a selling point, but the outsole is designed with a floral pattern- it is kind of cute to look at.