Bottle Feeding Baby: Dr. Brown’s, Philips Avent, Mimijumi, and Similac

For some parents, bottle feeding baby quickly becomes a battle. If your infant is used to breastfeeding, he or she may not accept a bottle as a natural alternative. This can be a bit troublesome, especially for moms going back to work and parents looking for a night out to a special event, like a wedding, where tiny infants may not be super welcome.

Many moms go through the same trials and tribulations when bottle feeding baby, or at least when attempting to do so. Baby prefers to nurse and refuses a bottle. Mom and Dad buy every bottle they can find to satisfy the little one and help ease the transition. Still, the whole process may take more time and energy than you were planning on expending.

In the interests of introducing some different baby bottle options, we’ve prepared a review of some popular and innovative brands. This baby bottle review includes Doc Brown’s baby bottles, Philips Avent, mimijumi, and more.

Philips AVENT Baby Bottles

At our baby shower with our first child, we received a gift set of Philips AVENT baby bottles. These proved to be a good fit for our daughter and we found them easy to use, store, and clean. The bottles were comfortable to hold and came in a cute pale pink or clear color. The Philips AVENT Classic Newborn Gift Set comes with a bottle cleaning brush and pacifiers as well. The set is BPA-free and comes with five plastic bottles, caps, and a bottle to first trainer cup. Although I breastfed our daughter most of the time, bottle feeding baby was an occasional part of the babysitting detail for my husband or my mom when I had to be away from the home for a few hours. Our daughter did well with these bottles and we found that they held enough milk for her needs. They are marketed as being anti-colic in design and I can’t really speak to whether this worked or not, as our little one did cry and spit up a lot in her early days.

Mimijumi Baby Bottles

For the purpose of review, we received a mimijumi baby bottle, which is designed to mimic the shape, look, and feel of a mother’s breast. The mimijumi bottles are available in Very Hungry (8oz) and Not So Hungry (4oz) sizes, with an angled nipple that is a shade of peachy tan in color. In using this bottle, I found it to be rather brilliant in design, easy to clean, and nice to use. The mimijumi bottles are free from BPA and latex and they exceed US safety standards. Product documentation states the integrated venting prevents colic—again I cannot comment here as I feel my daughter was fussy for a while off and on. The only downside with this bottle was that it was the only one of its kind in my cabinet, no fault of its own. As I get older, I am becoming more of the mind that I like things to match, and I did not go about buying more since we had received a number of different bottles as gifts and for review. At $29.99 per bottle retail price, I also couldn’t really afford a cabinet-full.

Similac SimplySmart Baby Bottles

There’s surely something to be said for a baby bottle that is based on feedback from 2,500 moms! I received a complimentary Similac SimplySmart baby bottle from Abbott Nutrition to test for the purpose of this review. The feedback from moms surveyed pointed to leaks, clumps, and bubbles as some of their main complaints with the current selection of bottles on the market. Similac SimplySmart baby bottles aim to rise above these issues, giving breastfed and formula-fed babies a more comfortable, cleaner, and more enjoyable feeding experience. I liked the Similac baby bottles and my daughter seemed to be fine with them as well. I will say that we exclusively breastfed, so I think the special formula features were a little lost on our end—like the Easy Mix formula mixing device that prevents clumps. I did really like the bottle’s Smart Close feature, which prevents the baby bottle from leaking.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Baby Bottles

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had friends with kids tell me how great Dr. Brown’s baby bottles are. I’ve heard many reasons why these bottles are great for babies and so many moms have shared how much they love their Dr. Brown’s bottles. I received a generous set of Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® baby bottles for the purpose of review. On my first experience using this line of bottles, I loved the option of a glass bottle over a plastic bottle. It felt more traditional to feed my infant from a glass bottle when I wasn’t nursing. I’m not sure why, but I really loved that aspect. Of course, the plastic bottles are BPA-free and boast all of the same benefits as the glass alternative. I just have a bit of a preference for the glass style, and the protective bottle sleeves for Dr. Brown’s glass bottles are very attractive and comfortable to use with a soft, rubberized grip.

Dr. Brown’s bottles are proudly made in the USA and available in a standard or wide-neck bottle style. The bottles offer a vacuum-free feeding system much like breastfeeding. The bottles are innovatively designed to help reduce colic, spit-up, burping, and gas. I liked this aspect a lot, although again, I am not really sure what the issue was with my daughter’s fussiness. The patented internal vent system helps to properly route the air so that it bypasses the milk by reaching the end of the bottle. This also helps to prevent nipple collapse, vacuum pressure, and aeration of the milk. My only concern with the Dr. Brown’s bottles was that I found myself getting lazy when it came time to clean them. The bottles come with a convenient cleaning brush, but I found myself too tuckered out by the end of the day to want to go the extra few seconds to clean the vents adequately. Still, these bottles are well worth the trouble to give your child a great feeding experience. These bottles provide a relaxed feeding experience for parents and baby, and give peace of mind that you are doing all you can to keep your baby comfortable when bottle feeding.

“Choosing the right bottle for your child is an important decision for moms and dads,” says an official at Dr. Brown’s. “That’s why Dr. Brown’s offers a variety of sizes and materials — all with an internal vent system that helps preserve vitamins in bottle milk and reduce feeding problems like colic. No matter which bottle parents choose, they should look for ones that can grow with their families and fit their lifestyles. Make sure your bottle offers a wide variety of nipples and sizes so you can determine what works best for your child and replace as needed.”

Bottle feeding baby doesn’t have to be a battle. You may find it takes a little trial and error to find the perfect baby bottle for your little one. If you need additional advice, speak with your child’s pediatrician about the best tips for bottle feeding baby.

Disclaimer: I received a number of product samples free of charge for the purpose of this review. The opinions herein are my own and my thoughts are not colored by receiving items at no charge.

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