Choices in Classy Lingerie, Bras, and Underwear for Women

Very best lingerie for different occasionsLingerie, bras, ladies underwear, and intimate accessories allow a girl to feel flirty and sexy. A woman can reserve sexy lingerie for special occasions or she can alternate through her intimates on a daily basis. It is important for a woman to have a varied wardrobe of bras and underwear to suit her regular garments, such as tight pants or skirts, nearly sheer shirts and dresses, and white clothing that might show any other color bra or panty. Consider these other tips on lingerie and choices in intimate apparel.

Whether you have a hot date or an ongoing lingerie fetish, it can be fun and exciting to have a variety of sexy garments and accessories to dress up your body under your clothing. Consider these fun and fashionable choices for ladies bras, underwear, and lingerie you can enjoy for special occasions or any time.

Sexy and Functional Bras of All Kinds

It’s a common belief that all women should own a black lace bra and matching thong or panty for that special date night. A white bra is also important for when you wear a slightly sheer white top or dress, and a nude colored bra can also do the trick for light colored clothing. But there are so many fun colors and styles of bras! You can find everything from functional bras providing support, especially like a cotton sports bra for working out and silk bras for nice occasions.

Bras come in all shapes and sizes. Different bra styles are suitable for all the occasions you’ll encounter, from formal dances like proms and homecoming or weddings, comfortable bras for everyday wear, and so forth. You can choose from halter bras, convertible bras, sports bras, cupless bras, front opening bras, transparent bras / invisible bras, and so many others. Animal print bras like a leopard print bra can be a lot of fun as well.

You can also dress up your existing convertible bras and strapless bras with fashion bra straps to go along with your wardrobe and fancy tops and dresses. These pretty bra straps may come in a wide array of colors and styles, including rhinestones, pearls, and semi-precious metals, among others.

Ladies Underwear, Thongs, and Panties

Countless types and styles of ladies underwear are available to suit just about any outfit. Look for a ladies thong to go with your dress slacks and tight pants or skirts. You can find frilly panties to give you a girlie look or a sheer bikini or see thru underwear for coverage that is still quite sexy. Micro panties offer a very seductive look that can be a low-rise panty or low-rise ladies thong or g-string.

When you feel the inclination for a frisky evening, let your wild side loose with a crotchless panty or a garter belt with clippies and thigh-highs. You can wear your sexy panties and lingerie under your clothing as a secret surprise for your significant other. It usually works best to have a nice selection of undergarments to go with all of your outfits for all your needs.

The Very Best Lingerie for Any Occasion

Sexy lingerie for every body type

Lingerie shopping can be lots of fun! Depending on your body type, you can find the very best lingerie styles for your curves. Women can find petite lingerie for small frames and plus-size lingerie for curvier frames. The practically endless styles, colors, and patterns of lingerie keep things interesting and exciting as the seasons change and new colors and styles become available.

Fun patterns like hot pink with bling, animal prints, and camouflage lingerie, to name a few, make great choices for playful lingerie. Classic black lingerie works well for a seductress look while white lace lingerie can be perfect for weddings and honeymoons. Racy red lingerie is always a hit! Some top styles of lingerie to add to your wardrobe may include baby dolls (like short little night dresses), corsets, and legwear, to name just a few. Long nightdresses can be elegant and sexy while teddies can be a racy option for your evening.

A popular time of year to shop for sexy lingerie is often during the end of January and beginning of February, leading up to Valentine’s Day. You should be able to find beautiful Valentine’s baby doll lingerie as a sweet evening outfit for your romantic day of love. Don’t forget to choose some sexy lingerie around the holidays and especially in time for your honeymoon. For best results, go to a lingerie shop at least once to find your size in most styles. Then you can look around in person or online, finding the perfect lingerie for your body and your style preferences.


How to Get Wet or Dry Liquid Foundation out of a White Shirt (or Other Piece of Clothing)

Did you ever spill liquid foundation or coverup makeup on a white shirt, light piece of clothing, or any article of clothing for that matter? It’s got to be right up there with spaghetti sauce stains and lily pollen stains. Thankfully, I found a solution to liquid foundation stains on clothing that has worked every time for me so far! If you are wondering how to get a wet or dry liquid foundation stain out of your clothing or fabric, these steps should help you tremendously, even days later!

An old bottle of liquid foundation makeup splattered when I tried to get just a dab out of the bottle. It got all over my brand-new white off-shirt, of course. Here are the steps I used when it was still wet, and again today when doing laundry and I noticed I had missed a spot that had somehow gotten on the back of my shirt (?!).

How to Remove Liquid Foundation Stains from Clothing

Try these simple steps to remove both wet and dry liquid foundation splatter and stains from clothing.

1.DO NOT rub the stain into the fabric. Take off whatever garment just got splattered and set it aside.

2.Gather these materials – foam makeup wedge or spare toothbrush used for cleaning and a can of plain white shaving cream, and get set up at the sink.

3.Pour some cold water over the stain.

4.Dispense a dab of shaving cream onto the makeup wedge.

5.Use either the foam wedge or the toothbrush to gently rub the shaving cream into the garment wherever the stains are located.

6.Inspect the stained area after about 20-30 seconds. You should see marked improvement – the makeup stain should appear much, much lighter.

7.For dried foundation stains on clothing, you may need to gently scrub a little longer.

8.Let the shaving cream sit on the garment for a minute or two.

9.Rinse away the shaving cream and toss your garments in the washing machine on cold, gentle cycle, if washable.

10.DO NOT put them in the dryer or use heat to dry. This will set any remaining stains permanently.

I wish I had thought to take before and after pictures of my spot treatment but you’ll have to take my word for it. I am thrilled to say I don’t see any residue from the foundation stains. Just be careful not to damage your clothing while scrubbing! If you use this method and it works, please leave a comment below to let others know of its continued effectiveness. I’ve tried it on about three separate occasions with 100% success rate. If you have other methods of removing liquid foundation from clothing, please feel free to share those, too!


Am I King? (Review of “I Am King” Cologne)

Well, that all depends on how you look at it.

Current life cycles for a new cologne or perfume have been reduced from decades to maybe a couple years (by contrast, Coco’s Chanel No. 5 was introduced in 1921 and still tops $100 million in sales annually). With our insatiable ADD buying culture, we are constantly looking for the latest and greatest – considering new products obsolete even before they hit the market. So from that perspective, the fact that Diddy’s “I Am King” will even have a 3rd birthday to celebrate this November is in and of itself an accomplishment.

Packaging is elegant; a simple, clear glass bottle tinged pale lilac topped by a glassy mirrored cap gets the job done neatly. The understated branding in the bottom corner doesn’t scream vanity. Nice.

However, when you grab the top you notice two things right away: Firstly, you’ve stuck your grubby hands all over the once pristine cap, leaving smudgy finger prints behind. And secondly, the top is much lighter than it looks. You realize that it isn’t (probably wisely) actually made of mirrors, but cheap, shiny plastic. The whole experience is somewhat…disenchanting.

But hey, this is all about the scent, right?

“Top notes” (the very first thing you smell while the cologne is still wet) are all citrus fruits. Tangerine and Orange walk into your house uninvited, but that’s OK because they don’t stay long. While they take leave, you realize a darker more complicated somebody has been sitting in the corner the whole time. The “body” (what comes out when the top notes depart) draws out wood tones including cedar, sandalwood, and oakmoss, as well as sea water, lemon and cranberry. It’s like a warm summer’s night on the Riviera in a classic wooden speedboat. And there are a lot worse ways to spend your time.

The undertones settle down in a few hours to an enjoyable yet subtle spice and that’s exactly where they stay all day or all night. To test the longevity I sprayed directly onto my skin and then went for a five mile run. Sweating out three pounds of water weight later (no exaggeration) the scent was still hanging on, though in reality there wasn’t much left.

To be honest, I didn’t think I was going to like any scents by Puff Diddly, or P Daddy, or whatever it is that he calls himself right now. I figured the cologne would be like his recent music; juvenile, uninspiring, and increasingly irrelevant. But actually, I quite like I Am King. Is it the best cologne out there? No. It’s not even the best cologne I’ve personally owned. But is it King of the moment? Sure, why not.


Summer 2011 Fashion Tips and Trends for Women

Each season brand new trends are emerging in the fashion and beauty world. Sometimes the trends come from fashion shows earlier in the year or during the previous year, other times they may be celebrity-inspired trends. Summer is a time when most women get rid of some of their layers, sleeves, and length. In come the light dresses, flirty skirts, and short-shorts. Here are a few summer 2011 fashion tips to help get you ready for warm weather, beach parties, and sunshine.

Summer is a time to look for the basics and then try as much as possible to stock up on them. Solid tank tops are the perfect example! You can get one tank in every color, pairing them with skirts, shorts, jeans, khakis, and even wear them as a camisole under sweaters when fall and winter arrive. Your summer fashions can include simple tanks or designer tank tops that are available in a variety of fashions from your favorite brands. These tanks are ideal for going to the beach, a bridal shower or baby shower, or even for a picnic. When it comes to pants and dress slacks, you can include a few light denims, linen, and khaki in your wardrobe. These summery fabrics will serve you well.

Get a new summer wardrobe that especially includes a few plain colored clothes that look great and serve many purposes. On cooler nights and stormy summer days, try and cover up with light fabrics to keep the chill off. Lightweight cardigans look great and sexy yet very respectable.

Fashion Tips for Summer 2011 – Shoes and Accessories
Box up your winter shoes and certainly don’t leave out any boots. Get more leather heels, lightweight sneakers, and if you are into sandals, then get wedge sandals this summer. These will give you a smart look. Cute sandals go well with sexy dresses, nice skirts, and even jeans or khakis. Look out for the summer 2011 trends and follow suit.

Don’t forget to include accessories that will blend well with most of your summer outfits. Summer 2011 fashion tips suggest a few popular accessories may include the Bebe chainmail scarf necklace, a Gucci women’s wallet, pepe jeans, and of course, Ed and Prada sunglasses. The light blue ones are a perfect summer choice. You might also love sunglasses by other brands, and for good cause. What summer is complete without sunglasses?!

Summer 2011 Fashion Tips – Clothing Choices for Occasions
Summertime is a time for weddings, parties, balls and barbeques. Look for stylish and comfortable choices. This is a time to show off your creative side in shapes, colors, and styles. Get light and bright colors that are eye catching. This is a time to wear shorts with flowery tops and mid-height heels or sandals. Accessorize with jewelry like diamond pendant necklaces. For parties you can wear a dressier outfit with a dazzling tennis bracelet. Embrace inspiration in your summer looks. Sheer fabrics are also a hot summer fashion.
Summer 2011 fashions certainly can be kept at a low profile. You may also enjoy T-shirts in your everyday wardrobe, especially those with a very soft fabric or the fitted look. Stylish super short dresses accessorized with shining jewelry are a perfect fashion for summer 2011. You may want to avoid dark colors that absorb heat this summer.

There are enough summer 2011 fashion trends that you should be able to pick and choose what best suits you. You can consider the ever-popular gladiator sandals, which can match many different outfits. They are practical, comfortable, and can even be worn when you are on vacation. The will make all your summer outfits look stylish whether you have them with multiple straps, buckles, or with metal detailing chains and studs. Gladiator sandals have been worn by celebrities on the red carpet and to the beach. Black sandals go well with most outfits while metallic ones are a chic fit. You can wear the tan or brown sandals with shorts dresses and skirts in the same color family.

Some summer 2011 fashion trends to consider may also include sleek and slinky dresses with a down-memory-lane look or wide-leg pants with an airy feel. Ink, emerald, and sapphire colors top the charts for summer 2011 trends in fashions for girls and women. Consider all of these suggestions and choose those you like best. Feel free to share your other ideas for summer fashions in our comments below.


Favorite Flip Flops for Summer 2011

Flip flops got their name from the sound that they make when one is walking. They have a flat sole and are made of rubber. Several years ago, they were worn mainly inside the house and on the beaches. However, things have now changed. These sandals are a comfortable and very affordable pair of shoes that are here to stay.

The good thing about flip flops is that the wearer can sport them in their own style. One can add a personal touch to the footwear to enhance the looks of the sandals. It is important to ensure that the type of sandals you have chosen compliments your feet. You should also find flip flops that actually add life to your outfit. Wearing the wrong sandals could sabotage your look in some cases.

When you choose sandals or flip flops, it is advisable to match the footwear to the occasion. For example, a lady typically should not wear sandals with an evening gown. Men, on the other hand, should not wear sandals with socks. It is also advisable to match the style and color of the sandals to the color and style of your outfit. Flip flops can be worn both to formal and informal occasions and they are worn by people from all walks of life.

Personalizing Your Flip Flops
It is possible to personalize your flip flops. A bride can give out these personalized sandals to her bridesmaids. Personalized flip flops are also a fun gift to give out during one’s bridal shower. The planners can put the bride’s name and names of guests or even initials on the soles of the flip flops. It is a good idea to choose a different color for each bridesmaid or to keep consistent with the wedding colors. Personalizing the flip flops makes them unique and special for one’s wedding.

If you are crafty, you can also personalize flip flops just for the heck of it. Craft stores like Joann Fabric often sell plain, cheap flip flops that you can personalize with ribbons, rhinestones, and other fun craft items. Use your imagination to create a wonderful, customized flip flop!

Do You Know “How To Make Ribbon Flops” or “How to Decorate Flip Flops”?
If you want to make your own personalized flip flops, you will need: the flip flops of your choice, a ribbon of about five yards, craft scissors, and glue. These are affordable and easy to find materials. You can choose the colors that you think will go well with your footwear and your complexion. You can also choose the ribbon that fits your outfit for a classier and smart look. It is also possible to decorate flip flops in order to have a variety of styles. These are some of the most inexpensive ways of changing your look and still personally have fun with the craft.

To decorate your flip flops you will first need to purchase the footwear. You will then need to purchase the embellishments that will be used to decorate the sandals. These can either be simple ribbons or fancy rhinestones. It is a great idea to use glitter paint to decorate the outside part of the sandal. This you will apply using a brush. If you will be wearing the flip flop to a summer event, you can match them with your dress. One of the loveliest decorating ideas is personalized flip flops. This adds a dynamic element to your footwear.

There is a wide variety of popular brands of sandals, which include Reef and Yellow Box sandals, which are no longer casual wear. They are not just for bumming around the beach. If you are looking for height, these sandals will hook you up with a trendy wedge. They have a modern and unique twist.

Havaianas are another hot style of flip flops. This brand has become an international hit due to it superb comfort, durability, and sleek design. Another type of popular sandals would be Rainbow sandals. Rainbows come in a variety of styles and rich color tones, especially dark brown and tan.

The key to finding the best flip flops for you is to find a shoe that is comfortable, attractive, and fitting for your swimsuit or wardrobe. You can, of course, have more than one pair of flip flops. Some people have many pairs! You may want a nice, classy pair that dresses up well, a casual beach bum pair, and a few others in different colors. Now is a great time to select some new summer flip flops!


Contemporary Wool Clothing for Warm Weather – Ibex

Ibex Indie Cross-Back Dress WoolGone are the days when you could only wear wool clothes in the winter. Wool may not sound like a hot fashion, but you’d be surprised at the styles, colors, and cuts that are in fact made of wool. From shirts to skirts and even sundresses, you can find countless fashions that are contemporary and sexy – and made of wool!

I received two wool dresses from Ibex for the purpose of review, and gosh are they fun and lovely. One dress is similar to a tunic, with long sleeves, pockets, and a hood. It’s a pretty ash grey color, very soft, and provides just enough coverage for spring and fall weather, or cool boardwalk nights in the summer. The dress is cute and fun, offering a nice change from the standard dress style and fabric.

Ibex Indie Cross-Back Dress WoolThe second dress was one of my favorite wool fashion finds ever – a fun and summery blue dress with a crisscross in the back. The Indie Cross Back Dress in Star Blue from Ibex features a main color that is in between royal and navy with a fun purple accent. The dress itself came down to a little below my knees. The blue wool dress became one of my favorite beach dresses in Aruba on my recent vacation. I honestly could never guess it was made of wool if I hadn’t read the label. The dress kept me cool in the sun and provided just enough warmth when the storms and winds came through. I especially loved the sexy cross back and spaghetti type straps.

According to Ibex, wool is a “naturally versatile fiber” that allows it to be crafted for performance, comfort, and style. Wool is also a renewable resource, making it a smart and eco-friendly choice for Earth Day shopping or anytime you want to do your part to help save the planet. The wool fibers used to create Ibex fabrics and garments are very small micron diameter fibers, ensuring the ultimate in comfort and soft texture.

Ibex wool offers great temperature control, wicking moisture away from the body and evaporating it, helping to keep you comfortable no matter what the weather. The soft wool fabric of Ibex and Ibex Indie products allows you to get away with so many fashion options, especially layering if you need some additional layers of warmth.

You might not expect this, but wool is also easily machine washable. The fabric fends off stains and washes easily. I threw my blue wool dress in with other blue clothing in cold water in the washer and it came out as good as new!

I think the Star Blue color may be retired already, but you can get this cross-back dress in incredible shades of violet, black, or shell on I think I like the violet shade even better than the dress I have! This dress is soft, flirty, and fun for most summery occasions. I highly recommend it!


Travel Beauty Kit on the Go for Holiday Parties, Special Events, and Fancy Dinners

While routine beauty care is the best strategy for maintaining gorgeous skin and hair, a woman often needs to perform a touch up or create a completely different look for herself at the end of work or after a day journeying from one location to the next. This is when having a beauty travel kit can be quite helpful. With only a bit of careful planning, it is easy to create one simply by tossing a few carefully chosen beauty care items together in a bag of some type. I like to keep my beauty kit ready and accessible at all times so I can simply toss it in the car before I leave home.

What types of items should a woman put in a travel beauty kit? The most obvious items are cosmetics, personal hygiene items designed for use away from home, and attractive fashion accessories that can be used to transform an outfit from ordinary to spectacular. Here is a break down by category with a few suggestions that I found to be quite helpful to include.

Fashion Accessories

Tom’s Footwear: Offering a fantastic array of stylish shoes, Tom’s shoes are quite popular these days. If you had a pair, you would understand why this is. The high quality of Tom’s shoes is readily evident once you take a good look at them. Toms’ shoes offer an elastic V that makes them easy to put on and take off (a real plus for anyone) as well as their signature TOMS toe stitch. Most styles also feature a latex sponge arch for comfort and support, a classic suede insole with rubber cushion for comfort, and a one-piece outsole constructed from a mix of rubbers to offer flexibility, durability, and resilience. My pair of pomegranate cords also offered a super soft fleece lining for added warmth and comfort. The eye-catching designs are pure magic for those of us women who simply adore adding another pair of shoes to our already large collections. From canvas classics to cords to grommet styles to cordones, Tom’s shoes have enough variety that you should be able to find a favorite style for yourself.

For every single pair that is purchased, Tom’s Shoes is donating a pair of shoes to a child in need. With such a worthy cause, it is difficult to resist the purchase of one of these attractive styles of shoes. Personally, I found it difficult to select just one pair of shoes as each style is just as attractive as the next. In fact, my youngest daughter was so envious of my new pair of Tom’s that she just about cut off her toes to squeeze her feet into them. I highly recommend Tom’s shoes for a beauty travel bag because they are stylish and oh, so adorable. Plus, if you purchase a pair, you can help out someone less fortunate than yourself. Don’t take my word for it. Visit the Web site and see just how attractive these shoes are. I found my pair to run a bit small, so make sure you order the right size. Available for purchase at Tom’s Shoes.

SummerJasmines: A compactable evening and pedicure shoes, SummerJasmines are one of the greatest fashion creations of our time. Cleverly designed to fold up, SummerJasmines tuck easily into a travel beauty kit or purse. This stylish pair of sandals is designed with elastic cords separating the toes, allowing you to leave them on while getting a pedicure. No more waiting for your nails to dry. You can simply walk away with these stylish sandals on since they keep your toes separated and the tender bottom of your foot protected. You can bring SummerJasmines along in their tiny black pouch to offer your tired feet some comfort while still allowing your feet to look stylish. Check out for a look at all of your color options. More supportive than a traditional flip flop, this crystal-studded sandal is perfect for almost any occasion. Check out SummerJasmines for a look at these adorable pedicure / comfortable dressy sandal.

Wallaroo Hats: The attractive line of hats offered by Wallaroo should be considered for inclusion in your travel beauty kit. Not only are they fashionably stylish, but they are also lined with sun protection to guard against damage created by the sun’s harmful rays. I included the Tamworth in my travel beauty kit and was pleasantly surprised. Initially, I hadn’t been aware that the Tamworth would offer UPF 50+ protection. Since I need to protect my skin from the sun’s harsh rays, this is an important facet of this line of hats. As a side note, the Wallaroo hat company pledges to donate a portion of their profits to skin cancer research. If you are like me, then you probably know one or more individuals who are dealing with skin cancer or who may even have died from it. This is a worthy cause, so even if you aren’t creating a beauty kit, maybe you can consider a Wallaroo hat and participate in the effort to help treat/cure skin cancer. Visit for a look at the newest collection of hats for 2011. Keep your skin safe in the sun with a fully-lined, sun-protective hat by Wallaroo.

Leonisa’s Shapewear: All too often, it is difficult to stay in shape, and that is where Leonisa’s Body Reductor Shapewear can come in quite handy. Designed with advanced powernet technology, Leonisa’s shapewear is designed to tighten the abdomen and reduce the waist size while toning the body into a finely shaped masterpiece. Leonisa’s styles are quite comfortable since they have been designed with an anti-bacterial microfiber that feels cool and soft, allowing women who wear this brand of shapewear to feel fresh no matter what the temperature is. Wearing Leonisa’s Body Reductor Shapewear on a regular basis helps to tone a woman’s body while also improving her posture. It all sounds good to me, so I was anxious to try out the style (brief panty compression body shaper) that I generously received for the purposes of this guide. After all, like most women who have gained a few pounds, especially after the age of 40, I am always looking for a little help returning to a slimmer body shape. I give this style of lingerie a thumbs up. This particular style can be found at Leonisausa along with a wide assortment of other shapewear styles.

Hygiene Travel Products

The Best Lingerie Styles for Your Body Type

To most women, lingerie is an important wardrobe item regardless of body types.  As a woman, you should always select the best lingerie styles for your body type with your partner in mind. Put on a sexy intimate undergarment to please your partner and spice up your love life. You can find a wide variety of best lingerie styles for each body type if you check your favorite lingerie store or catalogue. Different types of lingerie can help you accentuate your best parts while concealing those features that are not as flattering.

Always aim at wearing the best lingerie styles for your body type to please yourself and your partner. It is advisable to consult the lingerie experts who will advise you on the best styles of lingerie based on your own body type, whether slim, athletic, curvy, etc.

Wearing sexy lingerie styles is not new in the clothing industry. It was there even before Lady Gaga and the scantily dressed women of “Lady Marmalade.” Madonna and her villainous cone-shaped bra revived many sexy lingerie styles. The best lingerie styles for your body type can be found anywhere from a department store to an online shop. From high-end designers such as Zac Posen and Cynthia Rowley to shopping malls and local boutiques, corsets, bodysuits, and bras are just the beginning.

Today’ woman is no longer wearing heavy taut contraptions with laces and pulleys. They have now opted for the sexy lingerie styles that are silky and lacy. There are many online retailers that stock sexy styles that ensure women feel confident, beautiful, and sexy in what they put on, not what they take off. One of these is Sophia’s Closet. Modern technologies have caused a turn around of the lingerie industry over the recent past. The lingerie experts are today putting more emphasis on the quality of fabrics, laces, embroideries, and many bold colors.

No matter what your body type is – the Athletic Body, Petite Body, Tall Body, Full on Top, Small on Top, or the one with Curvy Hips – there is something for you from bras and bustiers to camisoles and corsets. The lingerie conscious women have more options on style, design, and fabric today more than ever before. 

Women should always aim at adding a little more romance to the ordinary day regardless of their body types. Lingerie is no longer reserved for special occasions. It is now available in most women’s daily wardrobes.

“Some women wear sexy lingerie under their everyday clothes to give themselves that extra boost of confidence” says Joyce of Sophia’s Closet. “Women are beginning to rediscover their femininity and sensuality through lingerie. The stigma that lingerie is scandalous and seedy has been lifted. Our collection of intimates offers women styles that are beautiful, elegant, and sexy all in one.” 

Sophia’s Closet offers a wide variety of the best lingerie styles designed for each body type. Their sexy lingerie styles range from baby dolls to teddies and beyond. They also have many other styles to flatter different body shapes and sizes. 

The following are recommended sexy lingerie styles that are definitely suitable for every body type.  There are the best lingerie styles for the athletic body, lingerie styles for tall women, lingerie styles for petite body , lingerie styles for Full on Top women, lingerie styles for Small on Top women, and also sexy lingerie styles for women with curvy hips. There sexy lingerie styles help conceal the body’s “flaws” and accentuate its features.

Best Lingerie for the Athletic Body Type
A woman who has an athletic body should go for the best lingerie for that body type. This toned and slender figure will look stunning in bustiers, halters, and camisoles that show off sculpted bodies and enhance the bust line. The woman athlete should also invest in a number of slim necklines and padded bras that help boost the bust.

The sexy lace shorts in these flirty lingerie styles normally add definition to curves and also accentuate a great butt for the athletic woman. There is a wide variety of sexy lingerie styles for this woman ranging from the Stretch Lace Tie Front Halter Bra Top and Matching Stretch Lace Short, to Stretch Lace Halter and Shorts with Fringe Hem and Jewel Accents, to Microfiber Camisole with Matching Boy Shorts with Contrast Ruffle Detail, to the Pinstripe Mesh Camisole with Gold Appliqués and Matching Shorts. All these are ideal lingerie styles for the athletic body.

Best Lingerie for the Petite Body Type, Tall Body, Full on Top…

Fashion Fixes for Wardrobe Malfunctions and Wandering Bra Straps

Sometimes even the perfect shirt leaves a little bit to be desired when it comes to the perfect fit. Whether for a costume or an outfit for a first date, longtime romance, or night out on the town, certain fashion accessory fixes can save your look with ease. Braza, a company offering all kinds of fashion accessory fixes for dresses, tops, and all kinds of clothing.

I received a variety of fashion accessories from Braza for the purpose of this review, including Flash Tape, Braza Happy Strap, and Strap Keepers. Check out these cool items to help you fix your fashions and conceal your bra straps easily and conveniently.

Flash Tape for Easy Fashion Fixes

Flash Tape is a well known fashion accessory that works much like double-sided tape. The wardrobe departments of theater and acting industries especially use Flash Tape or similar products to perfect the actors’ costumes. The double-stick Flash Tape works very well for open-sided dresses, wrap-style tops or dresses, plunging necklines, button-up shirts, and other types of revealing clothing.

In addition to adjusting clothing to your liking, you can secure a hemline that has begun to unravel. Flash Tape really does take care of the gaps you might find between the buttons on your shirts, even if they are just a little bit stretched. You can use Braza Flash Tape for a wide variety of other uses, too. The roll of Flash Tape looks just like a roll of gift wrap tape, and offers a handy choice of tape thickness with removable paper coating on the top side of the tape. If you intend to stick the Flash Tape directly on your skin, be sure to do a sensitivity test first to be sure you won’t react negatively when using it. Avoid applying Flash Tape to sunburned skin or otherwise irritated skin.

Braza Happy Strap
The Braza Happy Strap is a single bra strap style attachment that connects your existing bra straps and pulls them ever-so-slightly inward. This cool fashion accessory prevents the wandering bra strap – you know, the one that tries to slip down your shoulder when you least expect it. Braza’s Happy Strap is a handy fashion fix that will keep your look professional and in place. The Happy Strap kit comes with three Happy Straps – one in each color of white, black, and nude, although my set had a bonus strap in clear.

To use Happy Strap, simply wrap it around your bra strap and attach to the hook on the ends of the Happy Strap. This item is available in sizes S-M and L-XXL.

Braza Strap Keepers to Keep Your Bra Straps in Place
Showing bra straps off can be cool if you have highly fashionable, decorated straps. Sometimes out of sheer laziness on a casual day it’s okay to show off your straps, too. But if you want to look really chic and professional, Braza’s Strap Keepers can give you the ability to easily conceal your straps. Strap Keepers are bow-tie shaped adhesive stickies that attach to the underside of your tank top, dress sleeves, or other garment to help keep your bra straps in place.

Strap Keepers are available in size Narrow or Wide. Each pack comes with 7 pairs of Strap Keepers so you can keep your bra straps out of sight.

What other fashion fixers do you have? Share your suggestions in the comments below!


Sophisticated European Shoes

One of the major points to consider when buying sophisticated European shoes is comfort. No matter how sophisticated or stylish your European shoes are, if they are not comfortable then they are not at all worth the price.

It is important to consider your budget because there are no sophisticated European shoes that are cheap. You can, however, do enough research until you get a pair that fits your wallet. It is also important to make sure that the sophisticated European shoes that you select blend well with your wardrobe. This will ensure that you do not purchase shoes that mismatch your wardrobe, likely shoes you may never wear now matter how sophisticated. This would be worthless. Research also ensures that you get the best deal available.


Feiyue trainers are a brand of European shoes that have been in the European market for quite some time now. It is a unique design that comes with a lot of simplicity. They are a light type of aerodynamic shoes. They are now popular with celebs.

Dress shoes can either be used for formal occasions, casual functions, or even in heavy duty industries. This means that you can wear them to the office or dress them down with a pair of jeans. Dress shoes are quite convenient since they are often water-resistant and durable in the snow. It is possible to wash them by hand or machine. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are very easy to maintain.

It is recommended that every man should own at least one pair of high-quality dress shoes. A wide variety of men’s dress shoes are normally made of leather. It is very easy to identify good quality leather since it is graded. Men willing to purchase dress shoes should go for quality, which normally last longer. These dress shoes offer a lot of comfort and firmness. Good men’s dress shoes should have the insoles also made of leather. These are quite durable and prevent foot odor.

Quality dress shoes cost quite a fortune but they are worth the extra cost. Dress shoes are an investment that can increase a man’s image significantly. There are a number of brands names such as Prada, Gucci, and Dolce and Gabbana.
Dress shoes with a thick sole are better because you will not feel your feet hitting the floor. You can find a wide variety of colors and styles for dress shoes depending on your wardrobe. A black dress shoe is a good start since black goes very well with almost any other color.

When the fall season arrives, it means that the time has come to dress up your feet with the ideal footwear for the season. It is time to put away the sandals, flip-flops, and those summer shorts. It is also sensible to own some pairs of fabulous fall shoes. A new pair of fall shoes is an essential item for your wardrobe. Each autumn arrives on the heels of a wide variety of fall shoes in different colors, styles, and textiles.

A high-quality fashion of fall shoes is booties. Ankle length boots look great with a variety of outfits. You can still show off your pedicure with fall shoes since a wide selection of open or peep toes boots give you some fun and funky options. 

Full or knee length boots and stilettos are also fashionable fall shoes. The fabric used in these varieties determines how it will stand out. Gray is a favorite color with fall shoes. Black will always be a popular color. It is a color that shows sophistication whether the fall shoes are simple or adorned with jewels.

Bra Straps, What’s A Girl To Do?

For quite some time now, bra straps have been popping up (and out) everywhere. The Today’s Show recently took to the streets in search of tacky offenders. Here’s the thing, bras are a necessity, and the straps that hold them are quite crucial to the concept! Since our emancipation from corsetry, driven mostly by feminists’ demand for a more comfortable and practical solution for women as they prepared to play a more active role in society, women have been celebrating bra straps.

But culture giveth bra straps and then culture taketh away as the fashion industry indulges itself with its love of skin. With so many shoulder revealing styles and trends, bra straps are a bigger dilemma than ever. There’s off the shoulder, one shoulder, cold shoulder, tanks, spaghetti straps, strapless, boat neck, and more. Many women simply shy away from these looks since they’re faced with the issue of bra straps.

If a woman doesn’t wear a bra, that’s tacky. If she wears a bra and lets the straps show, that’s tacky too. There’s always the third option, a strapless bra. These aren’t even an option for many, and at a minimum are uncomfortable to say the least, offering little lift or shape. So what’s a girl to do? It seems many of us have answered by saying, “we’re just going to let them show.” Well, since that’s the case, it seems only civilized to keep them clean and attractive.

The good news is designer removable bra straps are available. Since the convertible bra is the most popular style bra, pretty removable straps seem to be the solution. A great place to find these straps is This site offers a wide range of quality, fully adjustable bra straps. Styles range from elegant straps with four rows of brilliant rhinestones (and matching bracelets), to sweet casual fabric straps with a baby blue daisy print. These can be a much-needed, versatile fashion accessory for all of us.

There’s an answer to the bra strap dilemma, and it’s a lot less expensive than shopping for multiple bras with acceptable straps, far more comfortable than a strapless bra, and certainly more socially acceptable than pulling one bra in place all evening, or going braless. Decorative bra straps make it easy to wear shoulder revealing dresses and tops, there seems to be a bra strap for every style, color, and occasion. It’s also much more cost effective to buy pretty bra straps to match an outfit than shopping endlessly for the right bra with the right straps… just an additional perk.

About the Expert:
Kelly Carroll is a fashion-conscious single mother living in St. Louis, MO. After noticing the trend of exposed bra straps and struggling herself with them, she created Bra Straps and Accessories by Exposed Envy. She not only has a commitment to her business and serving her customers, but is also dedicated to charity and giving back. Five percent of all orders over fifty dollars is directly donated to charity. For more information, please see


Beijo Pinky Promise Pink Ribbon Purse for Breast Cancer Awareness

The Beijo Pinky Promise Bag is an eye-catching pink ribbon purse that donates to a breast cancer charity.What better way to show off your pink ribbon pride and encourage others to support a great cause than to walk around with this gorgeous pink ribbon pocketbook? This adorable pink ribbon handbag is quite a sensation! I have never ever received as many compliments on a purse, outfit, or accessory as I have with the Beijo Pinky Promise bag. Even if I’m only at the post office or the bank, people notice this beautiful pink ribbon purse. (I hope some of them log onto the Internet and do a Google search for this bag so they can join the cause.)

If you pick up your own Pinky Promise Bag too, everywhere you go people will notice your cute purse and the message that it sends. You can totally justify buying a really cool bag when it helps a great cause like the Beijo Pinky Promise Bag does.

The Beijo Pinky Promise Bag is an eye-catching pink ribbon purse that donates to a breast cancer charity.I received my very own Pinky Promise Bag and I am absolutely thrilled to pieces. The bag is sturdy and very fashionable. It has plenty of room for all your essentials – cell phone / PDA (or two), wallet, checkbook, lip gloss, lotion, car keys, compact camera, dog treats, snack for the kids, pack of gum, and more! You honestly may have a tough time finding your stuff in this purse because it is so roomy, but the handy interior pockets make it easy to stay organized. Also, while the purse itself is spacious, the bag isn’t large or overwhelming to carry around. You can even choose from the shoulder strap of the cool pink ribbon handles.

The Beijo Pinky Promise Bag features a very classy yet irresistible, adorable design. The purse itself is a darker, bright fuchsia pink while the handle is a lighter color and shaped like a Pink Ribbon for breast cancer awareness. In addition to the pink ribbon handle, the purse also includes a long shoulder strap you can easily attach and detach as desired. The front of the bag also has a shiny silver-tone Beijo emblem with silver-tone hardware as well.

The inside of the bag is more than spacious – it is also well organized with several compartments for storing your most important items. There’s a cell phone pocket, PDA pocket, and an inner zip compartment. You can also zip the Pinky Promise Bag completely closed if you like for added security and protection for your belongings.

This bag is super cute and very worthy. Susan Handley, the founder and sole designer of Beijo, had a personal experience with breast cancer as her mother is a survivor. She wanted to give back in a big way and therefore gives 35% of sales of this Beijo bag to Breast Cancer Network of Strength, Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, and the Breast Cancer Society. You can get your own Beijo Pinky Promise Bag for $95 while supplies last at Join in a great cause and show off your support!

Check out our annual pink ribbon product guide to see all the companies and brands we’ve found who also support the fight for a cure.