Make Cleavage without a Bra

Make cleavage without braCertain shirts are designed well to allow you to make cleavage without a bra. You can wear backless, strapless shirts where your normal bra straps would look out of place as long as you are prepared to keep your chest in check. Other times you may not be so lucky with the design of the shirt doing all the work for your cleavage. Consider these suggestions for how to make cleavage without a bra.

Getting a great silhouette can be achieved with the right fashions and the right fashion accessories. Different people will have different comfort levels with how much breast cleavage they reveal, but once they find the right balance, their new appearance can be a knockout. If you need to give your cleavage a boost without a bra, consider these tips to get great lift!

1.    Try Bare Lifts. These cool stick-on breast lifts give your boobs lift, allowing you to make cleavage without a bra. You simply trim the Bare Lifts if needed and then stick them onto your breasts above the nipple as indicated. Lift the sticky film to your desired height and apply firmly to your skin. Put on your shirt and enjoy having great cleavage without having to wear Make cleavage without braa bra. I had a chance to review Bare Lifts and found them comfortable enough to wear, and functional. For more information, see You can also buy Bare Lifts on

2.    Try an Adhesive Bra. You can still wear your favorite backless, strapless fashions without having to worry about a traditional bra. Instead you can get great cleavage with an adhesive bra like the Braza Bra for strapless support. For more information, see You can also order adhesive bras from Braza and other companies at

3.    Consider the My Beautiful Breasts Kit. The My Beautiful Breasts kit was designed by Jamie Kern Lima, CEO and Creator of It Cosmetics. The kit is meant to create body illusions and enhance the chest, especially for breast cancer patients and survivors and those seeking an enhanced look of more cleavage without a bra. The My Beautiful Breasts kit helps to create illusions of larger or lifted breasts with makeup. For more information, see You can order the My Beautiful Breasts Kit on for $55.20 with free shipping.

You can show off as much or as little breast cleavage as you like, but these tips and breast cleavage enhancement products will help you to boost up your shape without having to wear a bra all the time. These products may have different results on an individual basis. Consider these suggestions for how you can make better cleavage without a bra, or share your own ideas in our comments below.


Back to School Fashion Tips

Consider these back to school fashion tips.The last remaining days and weeks before the new school year starts can be full of fun, last-minute summer plans, time with friends and family, and back-to-school shopping. Make the most of your last few days and weeks before school starts again and get yourself ready for the new school year. You should pick out a few new things to add to your wardrobe or your makeup kit so you can go back to school in style.

Styles and trends change so frequently that it’s often hard to keep up with the newest, latest, and greatest. If you aren’t comfortable with the latest trends (or with buying more and more stuff to keep up with them), find a style that works for you and stick to it. You can always add in trendy new accessories and a few pieces here and there, but don’t feel obligated to fill your whole closet with trendy stuff that may not be in style anymore in a few months. Also, don’t feel that you have to embrace every trend. Some fashions look best on certain body types, people with really long legs, etc. Go for the fashions that make you feel most comfortable and beautiful.

Consider these back to school fashion tips.Andrea Behar, Chief Fashion Designer of her self-titled women’s apparel line, shares her favorite must-have fashion essentials for a comfortable and versatile fit for back-to-school.

Back-to-School Fashion Tips
Consider these back-to-school fashion suggestions to find the look that suits your tastes in clothing while also nicely matching your personality.

Comfy Chic
“A combination of jeans and leggings – jeggings – act as super comfortable pants that still have style and flare to them,” shares Behar. “Paired with anything from a plain T-shirt to a tunic top, jeggings flatter all body shapes and sizes!”

Don't forget a new hairstyle for back to school!2Edgy yet Stylish
“This season, leather jackets are no longer just for motorcycle riders and rock stars,” Behar says. “Made to not only add edge to any outfit, leather jackets are the perfect way to keep warm while maintaining style when the fall crisp air settles in.”

Pile it On
“When it comes to obtaining the ultimate fall look without breaking the bank – layer!” suggests Behar. “Pile on contrasting color T-shirts with a bright cardigan for a fashionable look. Add a shawl or vest to get a more hippie inspired look!”

That’s A Wrap
“Celebrities from Christina Applegate to Vanessa Hudgens are inspiring the latest accessories for back to school,” Behar explains. “Whether you want to dress up a plain shirt or need to keep warm, long scarves act as the ultimate indoor accessory for any outfit.”

Fashion Tips for the Cool Back-to-School Dude
Consider these back-to-school fashion tips for guys:

Classic Twist
“The ultimate casual staple, jeans are at the top of the list for boys, too,” says Behar. “This year focus on wearing dark denim, especially if paired with neutral tops. It’s not just for the bottom either; denim shirts and jackets are also a great way to incorporate denim in a non-traditional way.”

Nothing Square about This
“One of the biggest trends this season is plaid shirts,” shares Behar. “While bright colors have been popular in the past, this year, neutral colors are the way to go. Incorporate layering and wear over or under a t-shirt, sweater, or jacket!”

For the Rebellious Boys
“When the temperatures start to drop, many moms struggle with their boys to ‘button up’ and make the transition from hooded sweatshirt to jacket,” Behar notes. “This year, parents can solve that problem by buying their kid a military-style jacket. Seen on celebrity kids such as Kingston Rossdale and Levi McConaughey, boys will never want to take them off.”

The Right Message
“Forget the traditional backpack,” Behar urges. “Fall accessories for boys are centralized around the classic messenger bag! Now available in various patterns, such as plaid, and various colors, messenger bags will help send boys off to a brand new school year, feeling confident and back pain free.”

Fashion experts are suggesting a more casual and laidback approach to fashion for fall 2010. Make good use of some of your favorite duds but don’t be afraid to add a few new fashions into the mix!

About the Expert:
Andrea Behar serves as Chief Designer of the Andrea Behar brand. Today, Behar continues to extend her creativity by designing exclusive collections for Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Boston Proper and Dillards. For more information, please see


Purse Clutter!! Tips to De-Clutter Your Purse (Get Organized!)

Purses come in all shapes and sizes, colors, patterns, and styles. There’s a purse for every outfit, for every pair of shoes, and for every price point. No matter what your budget, no matter what the occasion, you can be sure there’s a perfect pocketbook just waiting for you in a department store, at an outlet mall, or at an online boutique. Of course the first challenge is limiting your urge to buy all the purses you love. The second challenge is keeping your purse clean, organized, and clutter-free.

If you’re like many women, you’ve switched purses at a moment’s notice to better coordinate with the day’s outfit, grabbing only the essentials – wallet, cell phone, car keys, gum or mints, and maybe a pen and some ChapStick. What happens to the half-emptied purse is anyone’s guess until the next time you want to use that one. In the meantime, your current purse is likely to fill up with crap that you really don’t need to stash in your handbag. It’s a brutal, vicious cycle, but luckily you can do something about it.

If you want to have an easier time finding things in your purse, like your preferred shoppers card or your ringing cell phone, organization is the key to success. It won’t take you long to get into a good swing of things if you follow a few simple tips for a cleaner, more organized, de-cluttered purse. Consider these tips for de-cluttering your purse.

1.    Carry only the essentials.
That means wallet, phone, gum or mints, your can’t-live-without-it makeup, a pen and a small tablet if you must, and maybe your checkbook if you really need it. If you don’t use it every single day, you most likely don’t need to lug it around every single day. Old habits die hard, but you should be able to at least reduce the amount of stuff you carry around even if you can’t stop completely.

2.    Find a better way to organize your store rewards cards and gift cards. The Card Cache is a handy purse gadget every girl should have. It’s a very simple and organized way to keep all your gift cards, preferred shopper cards, and even a mini Sharpie, all organized and ready for action in your purse. This stylish gadget simply unscrews so you can add each new card as available. Punch holes in your gift cards and preferred shopper cards and then you can attach them simply by threading the Card Cache’s wire through each card. No more rustling through your wallet and your entire purse looking for those lost gift cards – nope. You can find everything right where you last left it, securely fastened to The Card Cache. For more information, please see:

3.    Stop putting your receipts loose in your purse! If you are the type of person who likes to save all copies of receipts (like me), then get yourself a little coin pouch where you can fold the receipts and stash them neatly inside your purse. Once the pouch is full, you need to empty it into a larger container in your home where you will store all your receipts. Do not – I repeat – do not simply stuff more receipts into your purse haphazardly. If you can discipline yourself to keep all your receipts together in one place, it will greatly simplify your clutter issues at home and in your pocketbook.

4.    Keep candy, cough drops, or other tiny things in a zipper bag. If you can keep the contents of your purse organized, you will have a much easier time finding things right when you need them.

5.    Empty bags completely when you switch purses. If you are changing from one handbag to the next, don’t leave the inside of the first all cluttered up. Do your best to fully empty the first bag and only put into the second bag what you actually need.

Try these purse organization tips to keep your pocketbooks cleaner, free from clutter, and looking lovely even longer. Remember these are just a few suggestions for a more organized pocketbook. You can surely find other ways to de-clutter your purse.


Bare Lifts Breast Lift Product – The Best Cleavage Benefits without a Bra

Unfortunately, not every pretty shirt or dress we own is meant to be worn with a bra. From backless to strapless and everything in between, a variety of dresses and tops just plain don’t work with bras. Thankfully, TeleBrands (the As Seen on TV company) has recently introduced Bare Lifts, an instant breast lift product that gives you the key benefit of a bra – support – without actually having to wear one.

Bare Lifts offer a solution to a problem women face in everything from tank tops to formal gowns. You can give your chest a little lift with a simple solution that is comfortable and goes on easily either with or without a bra. Bare Lifts are much like a clear sticker that you peel back and apply to your skin. To apply Bare Lifts, you simply attach the bottom adhesive on your breast, avoiding your nipple and then lift to your desired perkiness and attach the top portion of the adhesive to the upper part of your chest. Bare Lifts don’t irritate or leave any lasting signs of use. You can cut each adhesive breast lift along the dotted lines to fit your cup size – A, B, or C, and use without cutting for D-cup breasts.

I tried the Bare Lifts with a halter top and found that they gave just the right amount of lift for me. I didn’t feel with this particular top that I needed a huge hike, but I will gladly admit that the Bare Lifts adhesive breast lifts surely did make my boobs look better and perkier in my tank top. This product is easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

Try Bare Lifts Breast Lift Products to give your boobs a boost!One small challenge I noticed in using them is just that you should make sure the shape of your shirt or top of your dress aligns with where you stick the upper part of the Bare Lifts. Not all tops will have an issue. The nice solution I found to this potential issue is simply to cut the top of the Bare Lifts to the desired shape, for example, if you are wearing a triangle bikini top, halter top, etc. I might not recommend these for low-cut tops simply because you and others would more than likely be able to see the adhesive sticker on your chest. While the Bare Lifts are clear, you can still see them up close and possibly when light or sunlight reflects off of them.

While they are easy to apply, Bare Lifts are just as easy to remove. You can do it simply and easily, taking care to be gentle to your skin. The nice thing is the adhesive is soft and gentle on your skin—I did not have any redness although I did have one small red spot on my skin where it looked like I pulled too hard or too quickly in removing the Bare Lifts. I suppose if you leave them on long enough, you might experience some redness, but I did not see any on me after about two hours of use. In fact, there were times I actually forgot I was wearing them. It’s a similar feeling of support to wearing a bra, but more comfortable and free.

This product is waterproof, making it ideal for various swimsuits. The boost Bare Lifts give your boobs is a natural lift that looks real and feels comfortable. In addition to being able to wear Bare Lifts in the pool or underwater anywhere, you can wear them for up to 24 hours at a time.

Bare Lifts are available in a set of 10 (five pairs) for $10 plus $6.95 shipping at the Bare Lifts Web site or for $9.99 plus $6.40 shipping at For more information on Bare Lifts, visit


Good Shoes for Walking in New York City, Chicago, Philly, or Any Big City

Try Clarks Ina Angel Sandals for a comfortable walking shoe.I recently had a trip to New York City and in planning I knew I needed to get some flats for the occasion. I never, or at least very rarely, wear flats, so I didn’t know where to start. I knew I wouldn’t last more than an hour in my customary high heels or platform sandals, so I was on the hunt for a flat sandal that was cute or sexy and above all, comfortable.

I searched and searched at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets and also checked for shoes everywhere else I found myself shopping. Of course, I had no luck for the longest time. I finally ended up at the BonTon where I was searching for a pair of leather flip-flops I saw in their circular. I had heartache over paying $60 for a pair of flip-flops, but I thought it would be worth it if they were the nicest pair I ever owned. Sadly, once I found the advertised flip-flops, I realized just how uncomfortable a shoe can be, even at more than a $50 price tag.

Walking shoes aren't hard to find if you know where to look.I confided in a nice sales lady and that’s when a customer overheard me saying I was looking for a stylish shoe to wear while walking around New York City. She recommended checking out the selection of Clarks at the store. I had never owned a pair of Clarks myself, but the customer swore they were the most comfortable shoes she’s ever owned, and added that she’s worn them to the city on numerous occasions.

I checked out several tables and displays of Clarks sandals for women before I found the Clarks® “Ina Angel” Sandal. I liked it well enough to try it on, and found it to be more comfortable than I expected. I usually am the kind of person who needs affirmation to buy something, but as I was shopping by myself, I simply asked the sales lady if they were returnable if I changed my mind. Of course they were as long as I kept the receipt!

I bought the shoes and I must admit, the more I wore them, the more I liked them. Now I am at the point that I don’t even mind wearing flats because these shoes are THAT comfortable. They are cute, too. I’ve already received several compliments on my Clarks® “Ina Angel” Sandals. I bought them in black to wear with a dress that is white, black, and charcoal, but the color of the shoe is close enough to a super dark brown that they look really great with my khaki skirts too.

The Clarks® “Ina Angel” Sandals retail for $80 at the BonTon but I recently got them on sale at an incredible value of $59.98. You can purchase them in black, brown, or navy. The shoes are genuine leather and super comfortable to wear. These leather slide sandals have an open toe and open heel with no straps in the back. The front of the shoe features sturdy stitching and pretty accents of steel-colored piping through a pretty cut pattern.

Clarks Ina Angel Sandal reviewThese shoes are so comfortable and I truly feel they work great for a casual occasion or even something formal as a benefit, graduation, or other special event. I am not usually one to spend a fortune on shoes but I am very pleased with this purchase and I have a feeling that my first pair of Clarks will not be my last.

While I can’t seem to find the exact shoe I bought, does offer a huge variety of Clarks sandals for women. You can also find the pair I bought at the BonTon.


Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Fashion: Green View™ Readers

Do you know when the first Earth Day occurred or who was behind it? Well, the very first Earth Day happened forty years ago on April 22 in 1970. However, Senator Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day, started worrying over the state of our environment in 1962. At that time, he sought and received assistance from President John F. Kennedy as well as Attorney General Robert Kennedy in getting some visibility for the issue of environmental concerns. This was the beginning of what eventually flourished into what we now celebrate – Earth Day.

This year we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, a Thursday. A lot of us will make a conscious effort on that day to conserve energy or use renewable resources. Why not take that energy and initiative and turn it into an everyday event? Using recyclable products and renewal resources is one of the best ways to do that.

While many younger women might not yet need reading glasses, those of us over 40 certainly have used them or know someone who does. Well, Smithfield, RI FGX International Inc. has created an attractive line of reading glasses that are environmentally friendly. These reading glasses are perfect not only to help make us more earth-friendly in our use of things, but also because they offer good quality. This collection is the result of the combined efforts of Foster Grant and Magnivision, well known names in the industry.

Foster Grant and Magnivision’s Green View readers are perfect for the environmentally conscious woman who wants to wear reading glasses that are trendy, unique, and earth-friendly. Green View Readers are crafted from 100% recycled materials. How cool is that? I think it is pretty cool for a lot of reasons.

One, now that I have four children and the hopes of one day having grandchildren, I would like to have an earth left for them to enjoy life. You know what I mean, a safe environment where you don’t have to worry about toxic landfills all of the time and where the water is safe to drink and the air is safe to breathe. Well, using environmentally friendly products is one of the ways that I can contribute to that effort.

Another reason that I like earth-friendly products is that it makes my youngest daughter extremely happy to see me trying to find new ways to contribute to an earth-friendly movement. Plus, I get to celebrate Earth Day every day!

Each frame in the Green View collection is made completely from recycled materials. One of the added niceties is that these readers also come with renewable fiber cases in attractive colors. The cases, which feature tiny draw strings at one end, are just as slender as the reading glasses, but they achieve their goal of protecting the glasses from scratches.

The Green View Collection draws attention to its earth friendliness with the “earthy” style names including “Autumn,” “Summer,” “Sunshine,” “Earthy,” “Journey,” and “Breezy.” The colors span a wide range including bright purple, soft gray, bold black, and earthy tortoise. I think the frames look nice on the face partly due to the style and partly to the coloring. At any rate, they are attractive and neutral enough to be worn with an outfit of almost any color.

Foster Grant® and Magnivision® Green View Readers feature hard-coated lenses that have been designed to reduce distortion. You get a close, comfortable fit due to the spring hinges, a personal favorite of mine. I always look for glasses that offer spring hinges simply because they usually feel better on my face.

Since these non-prescription, over-the-counter reading glasses are very affordable, your purchase is easy on the pocketbook. The Green View Collection is available in stores across the country, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a pair that suits your needs and fancy. You can find the Green View Collection in WalMart, CVS, Walgreens, and Barnes & Noble. Prices start at $16.

Product provided free to writer for reviewI received three pairs of the readers so I could review them honestly. I like them. So does my husband. This line of over-the-counter reading glasses features women’s, men’s, and unisex styles.

Add to Your Fashion Statement with Spring Accessories

As spring arrives bringing the soft tread of make-believe Easter bunnies and the sweet taste of delicious Easter candy favorites, most women take stock of their spring wardrobe with an eye toward updating it with a few fashionable accessories. Whether they take note of what the hottest celebrities are wearing these days or simply look through the shops and boutiques looking for trendy new favorites, most females are going to be tempted by more than a few new accessories to brighten up their wardrobes.

For myself, the moment the freshly-scented aroma of early spring flowers wafts up to my olfactory senses on the wisp of spring winds, I immediately think that it is time to bring out all of my spring favorites while putting away all of my winter clothing and accessories. This year is no different, and I am ready to tackle this task with all the gusto that it deserves.

I have even been given a head start with the gift of a few spring fashion accessories that I found to be attractive and useful. Always on the alert for a new pair of chic sunglasses to protect my eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, I love the  Sunset Strip sunglasses that I received. Each pair is crafted with skinny frames that offer a hint of stylish color (tortoise, burgundy/pink, or black/grey) with a glint of metallic shine. Plus, the protective case is colorful and well designed to keep these babies safe whenever I’m not wearing them.

One of the nicest features about these sunglasses is that the lenses provide UV 400 protection. Fortunately for me, my youngest daughter is away at school or I think I might have to play tug of war with these sunglasses. Yes, that is exactly how stylish and sophisticated they are! You can visit or to order a pair for yourself. While you are there, why not check out some of their other fashionable accessories?

One cool fashion trick that I like to use each year is to switch up the look of certain tunics, tops, skirts, slacks, and skorts by getting myself a few new belts. This is an easy way to draw attention to the waistline while creating a whole new look too.

I did receive an attractive, easy-to-wear belt from that provides a lavish look of shimmer since it is crafted from metal and faux gemstones. Although the belt is sold in one size fits all, it is adjustable using the jeweled brooch to cinch it tighter along the three rows of chain that make up the belt. You have two choices if you are in the market for an easy way to add a bit of color to your wardrobe: antique brass in a rose-colored look with pink and purple gemstones or antique gold with olive and amber gemstones.

To top it all off, I received a gift of a Stardust Metallic Straw Wide Brim hat from the folks at Three of the things that I really like about this hat are the removable sash, the fact that it is adjustable, and its wide brim. Wearing a hat allows me to shade my face to protect it from the sun. This is especially important to me since I have incredibly fair, sun-sensitive, sunburn-prone skin. If you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of wearing hats, try it and you might like it. Hats can offer you the benefit of protecting your face from some of the aging effects that the sun provides so freely. Plus, you can always tip the brim to hide your facial expression should you need to do so.

The Stardust Metallic Straw Wide Brim hat is sold in olive, pink, blue, orange, white, and tan. Each of these items (hat, sunglasses, and belt) runs about $40. Products provided free to writer for reviewI did receive one of each of the items described free for the purposes of reviewing it for

What to Wear for Earth Day, Yoga, or Working Out – ChewyLou T-Shirts

You can wear this green t-shirt in honor of Earth Day! (courtesy of ChewyLou)The yoga craze seems to have moved well past fad into lifestyle. ChewyLou wants to clothe that lifestyle.

ChewyLou, named for the founder’s two Labradors, offers yoga wear for women, men, kids, and even dogs.

Founder Alyssa Dinowitz is dedicated to giving outer expression to inner qualities. To support this mission, Dinowitz, a yoga instructor herself, is committed to supporting several nonprofits. In particular, all ChewyLou shirts are screenprinted at Michael’s Garden, which employs adults with special needs. They also donate a portion of profits to many other charities.

The shirts offer a variety of messages to inspire positive values such as love, humility, appreciation for life, and doing good. The shirts are based on the acrostic style of poetry (a fancy name for poems you probably wrote in elementary school). For example, the shirt ChewyLou sent me is green-themed—just in time for Earth Day! “Green” is printed in script across the chest. On the back, it reads:You can wear this green t-shirt in honor of Earth Day! (courtesy of ChewyLou)






ChewyLou offers shirt themes ranging from Karma to Live (in honor of her mother’s struggle with breast cancer), Breathe, and Truth. Although the shirt inspirations began rooted in yogic principles, they have expanded to include more whimsical themes such as Cowgirl and Angel as well as empowerment shirts such as Heart and Give.

These shirts are soooo soft. I wish all my clothes could feel as good on my skin. True to their yogic roots, they breathe well and are perfect for exercising. With the weather just returning to spring, what a great time to show off your exercise wear on a jog.

The layered shirt is cute, although I don’t love the green/yellow combination of the green shirt. Others on the Web site seem a little more harmonious including the Truth shirt and the Breathe shirt.

The design is cute, although the script of the “Green” shirt is hard to read. Other shirts have different, clearer fonts. I love the flower logo on the sleeve.

My biggest issue with the shirts, however, probably extends to all of them. After one run through the washer/dryer, the delicate t-shirt material started to fray at the hem. This makes me worry about the lasting power of the shirts.

So, the bottom line is that I love the mission, like the shirts, but was disappointed in their quality. But, if you are looking for inspirational yoga-wear, ChewyLou is definitely worth checking out. A long-sleeved shirt is $36 plus shipping and handling. ChewLou has store locations in Arizona, LA, New York, and Seattle, but you can also visit their Web site at if you live somewhere else. Shirts tend to run narrow but long. Sizes range from S-XXL.

What to Wear for Easter with Family, In-Laws, or a Significant Other

When it comes to choosing an outfit for Easter, you can go from super casual to elegant or anywhere in between. Depending on how you’ll spend the day, you may wear anything from jeans and a nice blouse to a pretty spring dress with a shawl or cardigan. Consider your holiday plans to help you choose an outfit for Easter.

If you are going to a restaurant for Easter, you may want to consider an outfit that is a little dressier than if you are just eating Easter dinner at home with immediate family. Consider these Easter wardrobe suggestions to help you decide what to wear based on what you are doing for the day and with whom you’re spending the holiday.

What to Wear for Easter with a Significant Other
If you are spending Easter with your sweetheart, you are in for a treat. Spending the holidays with your significant other, whether boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, husband, or wife, can be so rewarding. Choose an Easter outfit that is appropriate and attractive. You might start thinking a week or two in advance about what to wear for Easter to ensure you find the perfect ensemble.

A few examples of sexy, attractive outfits to wear for Easter with your significant other include:
–    Tea length or cocktail length spring dress with a relatively open back or a somewhat low-cut bodice
–    Flowy skirt with a cute short-sleeve top (think the Seven Years Skirt by Effie’s Heart)
–    Jeans and a nice blouse if the two of you are taking a more casual approach to the holiday

What to Wear for Easter with Immediate Family or In-Laws
Spending Easter with immediate family and/or in-laws may present a casual holiday outing or a more formal holiday meal. If you are planning Easter with family or in-laws, first find out what the day’s activities will include. Will you be enjoying a meal at someone’s home or at a fancy restaurant? Determine what to wear for Easter based on what you’ll be doing.

Some outfits to consider as what to wear for Easter with family or in-laws include:
–    Dress pants and a nice blouse
–    Khaki pants and a nice top
–    A long skirt with a tank top and cardigan or a top with short sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves
–    A nice spring dress with a buttoned sweater, shawl, or other cover-up

“Adding a bold accessory to an otherwise conservative outfit can make it trendier and more polished-looking,” says Desiree Parth, designer and on-air personality for Global Glamour. “Spring trends are showing champagne pinks, purples, yellows, and shades of turquoise, so incorporating one of these as a pop of color or shine to an outfit can appear more festive, especially if spending the Easter holiday attending church or with family in a more formal setting.”

She also suggests “starting with a basic dress, monotone pant suit, or dark colored tailored jean and simple top and adding an oversized hat for a look that’s sophisticated yet fashion-forward and flirty.”

Accessories to Consider for Easter
As you plan your outfit for Easter, don’t forget to select some nice accessories to go with your outfit. From jewelry to hair accessories, hats, belts, and other fun spring accessories, your outfit may be able to benefit from a creative accessory for Easter.

Consider these suggestions for accessories to wear with your Easter outfit:
–    Cross necklaces or pendants, such as the Michael Golan Floral Cross ($89) or Pewter Dogwood Cross Pendant ($24).
–    Colorful silk scarves
–    Fashion-forward belts
–    Sunglasses

No matter what you decide to wear for Easter, don’t forget to consider doing your own Easter manicures and nail designs. You can also come up with a pretty Easter hairstyle to complete your outfit. Enjoy your holiday!

Shape Up or Slim Down with Shape Wear by Bubbles Bodywear and Yummie Tummie

While we may love our bodies, many of us can agree that we may not have been blessed with all the right curves in all the right places. Of course, some of us may have had the right shape at one point in time, but often with age, those curves migrate to other places, leaving us looking for a comfortable and affordable solution that doesn’t involve paying for plastic surgery. That’s where body shape wear comes in!

Whether you have a bit of a tummy that you’d like to hide or a nonexistent butt that you desperately wish would bump out just a bit, you can find a sexy solution in body shape wear. Wonderbra® first brought women a chance to enhance their cleavage and show off their busts, even if their genes blessed them with a little less than they would like. Now women can enhance or reduce the appearance of various body parts, all with a simple garment to do the job.

Body Shape Wear to Slim Down
Control top pantyhose and other leggings have long offered women the chance to compress their legs for a sexier look and full support. Body shape wear and slimming body wear have come a long way, now offering clever and discreet ways to slim your thighs, slenderize your tummy, and even minimize love handles and other unwanted extras.

Reaching out to assist in slimming and shaping, Yummie Tummie offers body shape wear and body shapers to slim your middle section smoothly and comfortably. The company offers a wide variety of tank tops and slips, among other products, in countless colors, styles, and patterns. Yummie Tummie body shape wear products are cute, colorful, and designed to be seen.

Approved by celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Oprah, Yummie Tummie features a special panel around the tummy area that slims and tightens right away. Other celebrities who have worn Yummie Tummie products include Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Lauren Conrad, Tyra Banks, Kimora Lee Simmons, Bobbi Brown, and Tina Fey.

Celebrity stylist and fashion designer Heather Thomson created the Yummie Tummie brand and product line to offer celebs and consumers a sexy solution to body shape wear needs. Yummie Tummie products are available in just about every color of the rainbow and in many shapes and styles. I received a black Yummie Tummie tank to review, and the slimming action is effective yet comfortable. The body wear tops truly are cute enough to be seen rather than hidden beneath your clothes.

Products provided free to writer for reviewFor more information on Yummie Tummie, visit

Body Shape Wear to Enhance Curves
If your problem areas tend to be more along the lines of not having enough curves, you can use body shape wear as a solution for this body need as well. Wonderbra can enhance your bust, giving your breasts a boost or a good lift, creating attractive cleavage and helping to enhance your wardrobe options. If you would like to shape up a flat butt, Bubbles Bodywear now gives you the opportunity to enhance your curves in the right places.

Bubbles Bodywear offers padded panties and derriere lifters to give women with flat behinds the chance to enhance their shape in jeans, work pants, skirts, dresses, and more. The Bubbles Bodywear product line includes both padded panties and panties and briefs that are designed to lift and accentuate your rear without padding. The double-O panty acts like a thong but has more support and coverage in other areas. This garment has no coverage on the cheeks but does have a thong-like strip to keep you covered up. The design of this panty is meant to lift and shape your butt without padding.

I received a selection of body shape wear from Bubbles Bodywear to check out and mention as options for women who would like to enhance the shape of their butts. The colors and styles of the Bubbles butt-enhancing panties are astounding. Some of the panties had removable pads in foam or silicone while others required no padding at all. Red, black, and nude are three popular colors that I received, in styles ranging from padded boyshorts to briefs, and even some in lace.

While I’m not sure that I personally need padded panties as I feel my butt is adequately shaped, I can truly see the benefit of these cool and unique undergarments for women who may have more of a boyish frame or quite simply, a flat butt.

Don’t be surprised if you go to the Web site for Bubbles Bodywear, though. This company offers so much more in body shape wear than butt-enhancing panties and accessories. I also received a set of pasties – cleverly named Boobles silicone nipple covers, and thigh shapers, and if you go to the site, you will see the many accessories and shape wear options available, from tops to bottoms and everything in between. Bubbles Bodywear even offers shape wear for men!

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How Do Your Favorite Shoes Stack up? Short-term and Long-term Health Effects of Popular Types of Shoes

High heels can do WHAT to your feet and ankles??!Do you have your long-term health and mobility in mind when you choose new shoes to add to your collection? Most people do not – and it’s not surprising that many of them will probably face foot problems due to excessive wearing of uncomfortable shoes or those with poor support. How do your favorite shoes stack up? Do you know if you are giving your feet and your body the support needed to stay healthy and strong?

Wearing your favorite shoes in moderation is probably okay if you find out that your preferred shoe style is not the best for your feet. If you wear the same kinds of trendy or fashion shoes very often without regard to comfort or support, you may start to experience foot problems earlier in life than you would if you wore more supportive shoes all the time. Consider these tips from podiatric experts who share the scoop on the best and worst shoes for your feet.

The Best and Worst Shoes and Long-term Health Effects of Each
Everyone has a favorite pair of shoes – that special pair to wear to a fancy occasion or the most comfortable pair to wear around the house, running errands, and everything in between. Find out if your favorite pair of shoes has any particular short-term or long-term health effects or problems on your feet.

“It’s really difficult to rank shoes because there are different situations that make the various shoes good or bad,” says Dr. Marlene Reid, spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association.

High Heels / Stilettos

Are stilettos and high heels bad for you? These red strappy stilettos are beautiful, but will they hurt your feet?“Women with high arches tend to be more comfortable in heels than flat footed women, but excessive use of heels causes many times the normal pressure on the ball of the foot and can cause stress fractures, inflammation of the ball of the foot, and even ligament ruptures at the joints of the ball of the foot, which can lead to hammertoes and dislocated joints. Constant heel use can also cause the Achilles tendon to become contracted and then make wearing flatter shoes difficult. Some women even fall off their heels and suffer sprained ankles!”
–    Dr. Marlene Reid, spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association

Red peep-toe high heels look hot, but what will they do to your feet and ankles over time?“When wearing these types of shoes, women are more likely to develop metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain), blisters or ingrown toenails secondary to narrow toeboxes, suffer ankle sprains/fractures due to instability, aggrevate neuroma symptoms because they have a pointy/narrow toebox.”
(Rated stilettos and high heels 12th on a 13-point scale of 1-Best :: 13-Worst)
–    Dr. Melissa Hong, podiatric expert at Crystal Lake Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine, LTD

“Wearing high heels, or stilettos, will change a person’s center of gravity. This will cause poor balance with strain and stress on other body parts, such as knees, hips, and the lower back. There is also a greater chance of spraining or breaking an ankle or foot bone if you fall.  In addition, there is more stress placed on the ball of the foot and this can cause a painful condition known as bursitis. The toes may be curled in a tight and narrow shoe toebox (front of the shoe) which can lead to blistering, corns, and calluses.  The shape of the shoe may also aggravate and worsen existing conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, and neuromas (a pinched nerve).”
–    Dr. Robin Ross, podiatrist and New York State Podiatric Medical Association

High heels can do WHAT to your feet and ankles??!“High heels of any kind [can cause] shortened achilles/leg muscles, aggravation of bony problems like bunions, hammertoes… Can cause blisters, corns, calluses, neuromas, metatarsalgia, instability leading to ankle sprains or falls.”
–    Dr. Jane Andersen, Board Certified Podiatrist in private practice in Chapel Hill, NC

Platforms / Wedges Shoes
“Platforms / wedges shoes that don’t allow your foot to bend naturally can cause the tendons to be overworked and can cause tendonitis or inflammation and pain. Because they limit normal motion, people with arthritis may benefit from wedge shoes.”
–    Dr. Marlene Reid, spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association

These hippie style platform wedge shoes are a bit better for you than typical high heels...“This type of shoe tends to be better than a pointed heel because the weight-bearing sole is wider and therefore absorbs more shock. Any heeled shoe should be less than two inches.”
(Rated platforms and wedges 6th on a 13-point scale of 1-Best :: 13-Worst)
–    Dr. Melissa Hong, podiatric expert at Crystal Lake Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine, LTD

“Platform, or wedges, are ‘in’ and come in all sizes and shapes. The higher the platform or wedge, the worse the center of gravity becomes when walking. A high platform or wedge may cause the individual to lose their balance and twist an ankle which may lead to chronic ankle instability or even a broken bone in the ankle or foot. It is important to make sure that the shoe material is made of cotton or a soft, supple leather. Plastic will irritate the skin and may dig into the skin causing blisters. Tight straps may feel like a tourniquet, as the day (or night) progresses, and the feet naturally swell over the course of the day and can become very uncomfortable, if not downright painful.”
–    Dr. Robin Ross, podiatrist and New York State Podiatric Medical Association

Boots with a Heel…

Greener Living: The Green Garmento

The Green Garmento is a multi-purpose dry cleaning bag.Whether you are a newcomer to the world of greener living or an established fan, discovering new strategies that use an eco-friendly manner is one of the facets of your life now. If you haven’t already been introduced to an eco-practical strategy for your dry cleaning routine, you should be pleasantly surprised to learn about “The Green Garmento,” a wonderful, environmentally-friendly solution to doing away with all of those thin plastic bags that Americans accumulate from trips to the dry cleaners.

The creators of The Green Garmento have thought of everything that would make this bag perfect to use. They like to refer to it as an eco-friendly 3-in-1 reusable garment bag for the environmentally conscious. It can be used as a hamper that you can toss your dirty laundry in. It turns into a duffle bag so you can carry your items to the dry-cleaning store. Plus, it can be used to carry your dry cleaning home.

Why use it?

Try Green Garmento to keep your dry cleaning organized and neatly pressed.Dry cleaning bags are so thin that your garments are not protected from much of anything except maybe dust and light rain. The Green Garmento is crafted from recyclable, non-woven polypropylene, protecting your freshly dry-cleaned clothes from just about everything. The bag is sufficiently thick to prevent dirt of any kind from getting onto your clothing. Plus, it is water resistant, protecting your freshly dry-cleaned clothing from more than just a light trickle of rain.

Another of the many benefits of this bag is the simple fact that it is breathable. I don’t know if you have ever heard that keeping your clothes in a plastic bag in a hot car can shrink or damage them, but I have been told this several times by the owners of fancy boutiques or high-end clothing shops. This bag allows air to flow in and out of the bag, keeping your clothes safe from shrinkage.

The wide gussets prevent my freshly-pressed clothes from becoming wrinkled since there is plenty of room inside the bag for several articles of clothing. I can even store rarely-worn items of clothing for several months at a time without worrying about them.

The side zipper gives me an easy way to hang my clothes in the bag without the usual hassle of sliding a bag over the clothes while holding onto the hangers. Plus, I really like the drawstring closure at the bottom so there isn’t any worry over my hemlines getting dirty accidentally.

Try Green Garmento to keep your dry cleaning organized and neatly pressed.The Green Garmento has a sturdy loop near the top so I can hang the bag on a hook while using it for a hamper for my dry cleaning items. It offers a durable shoulder strap should I decide to use it as a duffle bag (that is if I can steal it back from my husband who has already figured this out.)

While The Green Garmento is designed to reduce the number of single-use plastic dry-cleaning bags in the world, it offers a stylish bag that can be used to help simplify your life as well. No more rushing around to locate your dry cleaning items at the last minute. No more looking for a bag large enough to hold your dinner dress or your husband’s suit to protect them while transporting them to the dry-cleaning store. And no more sorting your dry cleaning items from your laundry after you arrive home from a trip or vacation.

Personally, one of the reasons that my husband and I like the idea of The Green Garmento is that it is perfect to take on business trips or vacations. Instead of needing to sort our laundry when we arrive home from our trip, we can place any clothing that requires dry cleaning directly into the Green Garmento that we have brought along with us on our trip.

While I received a free 40-inch Garmento Bag for the purposes of reviewing this product for the public, I do think it is worth the small price tag of $9.99 to buy one. As the mother of four children, all of whom have needed to transport important clothing to and from the dry cleaners (dress suits, prom dresses, wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, and more,) I would have loved to have had a sturdy bag like the Green Garmento to protect them instead of the easily-torn, thin plastic bags that one gets at the dry cleaners. Even the department stores provide nicer bags to transport fine clothing home in.

The Green Garmento is so affordable that the company recommends purchasing two per family. This way, when you have one in use when you drop off your clothes at the dry cleaners, you still have a Green Garmento bag at home that you can use to store more clothes destined for the dry cleaners.

The Green Garmento is machine washable on the short or delicate cycle and line dry, which it does quickly. It even offers a handy see-through pocket where you can stick your customer identification. It comes in different sizes from 40, 48, 54, to 72-inch sizes and in three colors: black night, blue water, and green grass. I received the 40-inch size, but personally I advise purchasing at least one 72-inch size if you have long dresses or gowns. Color wise, I also suggest getting green grass as it seems more appropriate to its name, the Green Garmento. It is your choice though and my suggestions are simply that!

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