A New Look for the New Year: 10 Ways to Change Your Appearance with Ease

The New Year brings with it many desires of what we’d like to change in life. From our lifestyles to our appearance and everything in between, the start of the New Year is a great time to capitalize on this newfound motivation and inspiration. If you are looking for a way to change your appearance in the New Year, consider these 10 ways to take the plunge.

1.    Get a more daring haircut that gives you a new style. Picking out and getting a new haircut is one of the first things many women do in the New Year. And what better time to try a new cut and style? Get a new look the most basic way with a great new hairstyle you’ll love to show off.


2.    Try a new hair color if you are looking for a bigger change. You can also try basic highlights for a less drastic change. New hair colors are a great way to change the way you look and feel, whether for the New Year, a midlife change, or after the end of a phase in life, such as after a divorce or breakup.

3.    If you want less of a change, find five new hairstyles you can do yourself and work them into your routine.
Practice until you are happy with the results and don’t forget to consider adding some new hair accessories to your collection, too.

4.    Pick out some new makeup that is different from what you already own. Choose colored eyeliners or darker ones, pick new hues of eye shadow, and change up your lip color from time to time. New makeup is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to change up your look for a New Year.

5.    Ditch some of your older clothes for new fashions to give you confidence and style. Out with the old, in with the new. Make room for some new clothes for both work and play by donating your worn clothing to a charity like Purple Heart or Goodwill, and then you’ll feel less guilty when picking out your new wardrobe.

6.    Get manicures once or twice a month or do your own nails at home. This can become costly if you go to the salon all the time, so don’t be afraid to experiment on your own manicures, pedicures, and even French manicures at home.

7.    Get a new pair of glasses or switch to contacts. Even if you have 20/20 vision, you can even try a pair of glasses with regular lenses just to make a fashion statement. For a bigger change, consider trying a pair of colored contact lenses. They’ll be a bit pricey but you might enjoy peeping a different color for a few months or even the year.

8.    Get longer eyelashes. Consider eyelash extensions or very simply, a better mascara product to give you longer, more noticeable lashes.

9.    Try teeth whitening products to give you a brighter smile. Rembrandt and Crest both offer great at-home teeth whitening options, among other brands. You can also consider professional whitening services if needed or desired.

10.    Don’t sweat the small stuff – less stress in your life can really impact your appearance.
Get your vibrancy back by letting go of the things you cannot change. Try not to obsess over things unless you absolutely must. Why do you think they call them “worry lines”?

What to Wear for New Year’s Eve with Family, In-Laws, on a Date, or with Friends

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year. If you are wondering what to wear for New Year’s, you should consider your plans for the evening to help you come to a decision. New Year’s is frequently an occasion people look forward to celebrating, many times making their plans months in advance. For such a feted occasion, a fashionable outfit for New Year’s Eve is truly a must have.

“It’s only natural that you want to look fabulous at all of the holiday parties you’re attending in the next few weeks,” says New York-based image consultant Marla Tomazin, who has 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. “After all, we know that when you look good, you feel good! The problem is, around this time of year many women open their closets and think, So many clothes, and nothing to wear!


“If that’s you, I’m willing to bet that you’ve got more to work with than you think you do. And let’s face it — many of us don’t have as much extra money this year as we would like. However, by putting a fresh spin on some of your old standbys — or by supplementing them with a few new additions — you’ll be turning heads in no time, and your wallet won’t be hurting.”

As you contemplate what to wear for a New Year’s Eve party, remember to keep your comfort in mind. Think about the venue where your New Year’s party is being hosted – is it a bar, someone’s house, or another location? Be sure you dress warm enough or cool enough for the evening’s festivities. Consider the following ideas for what to wear on New Year’s Eve with family, in-laws, friends, or your significant other.

What to Wear for New Year’s Eve with Your Family or Your In-Laws
New Year’s Eve with your family or in-laws can typically be whatever you want it to be when it comes to deciding what to wear. From your favorite jeans and a fuzzy sweater (especially one with a V-neck and a hood) to a cute party dress or even a pencil skirt and classy top, you can make your New Year’s Eve ensemble fit for the occasion.

A nice silk top may be the perfect fashion for a New Year’s Eve party with your family or in-laws, or even your friends or significant other, recommends Kim Bolufe, owner of Bolufe, a trendy boutique in South Florida. Black is a timeless color, and an off-the-shoulder or single shoulder sleeve could be a fashion forward option for the holiday festivities.

Consider matching up your favorite pair of boots with a knee-length skirt or dress up one of your stand-by outfits with new accessories, new shoes, or a new hairstyle. If you are celebrating New Year’s Eve with your family, ask your siblings, your mom, or your cousins what they are planning to wear to the party. If celebrating the New Year with your in-laws, check with your spouse to find out what would be appropriate for the occasion. Most times, selecting an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself is a great start, especially if you choose something comfortable.

What to Wear for New Year’s Eve with Your Sweetheart or on a Date
For many, New Year’s Eve carries a very romantic ambiance, whether you’re in a long-term relationship or a new one. Choosing what to wear on a New Year’s Eve date can be tricky or a snap, depending on the message you want to convey and the details of your evening together. If you are going out with your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband for a romantic dinner, that little black dress may fit the evening perfectly. If you’re staying home to enjoy an intimate evening together, a less formal yet equally sexy outfit should do the trick.

When spending New Year’s Eve with your significant other and/or friends, Richard Metzger, the creative director of Rafaella Group, endorses sparkle and shine in the form of embellished necklines. Whether sweeping, V-neck, scoop neck, or something else, an adorned neckline adds an attractive element to your New Year’s Eve outfit.

Kim Bolufe, owner of Bolufe Boutique in South Florida, recommends a Jersey Cotton Modal Dress as a great fashion choice for what to wear on New Year’s Eve. This little black dress features a sexy cut, short skirt length, and nicely adorned thick dress straps.

Guys looking for a hint on what to wear for a romantic New Year’s Eve date – consider a dress shirt with French cuffs and cufflinks. Depending on the level of formality for your evening, you can dress the outfit up with dress pants or dress it down with your favorite jeans.

What to Wear for New Year’s Eve with Friends or Strangers…

What to Wear for Christmas with Family, In-Laws, on a Date, or with Friends

It’s hard to believe how quickly Christmas sneaks up every year, and yet it does, year after year. And with it comes the ever present decision of what to wear for Christmas. No matter if you are going on a festive Christmas date with your sweetheart or a  new love interest, spending the holidays with your family, or setting aside the Christmas holiday with your in-laws, you’re probably thinking about what you should wear for Christmas.

Should you buy a new outfit for Christmas or repurpose something you already have in your wardrobe? The truth is it’s up to you what you wear for Christmas, although it can be fun to find and buy a new outfit or dress to help you celebrate the holiday season. To help you decide what to wear for Christmas with your family, in-laws, on a date, or with friends, consider these options from a few top fashion experts.

For the budget conscious, Walmart offers an array of fashions that are great for any occasion and even better for your wallet. Walmart’s Norma Kamali collection boasts lovely wrap and jersey dresses, pencil skirts, and even an all-in-one dress that you can wear six different ways for a truly unique experience each time, no matter who you’re visiting. Walmart also offers the Miley Cyrus & Max Azria line, which features everything for the perfect party getup – from bubble dresses to sequin tops and snazzy bomber jackets. To keep your wallet happy, all of Walmart’s prices for these items are under $35.

“The most popular items so far for the holiday season at Effie’s Heart have been versatile pieces that can be re-worn later in the year,” says owner and designer Kimo. “These items can be transformed into entirely different looks with the addition of a jacket and a change of jewels.”

Part of the fun of selecting a holiday outfit to wear for Christmas at any location is choosing an ensemble that you can wear again and again. Keep this thought in mind as you try to decide what to wear for Christmas and Christmas Eve.

What to Wear for Christmas with Your Family
Spending the holidays with your family is a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas. Christmas with your family may call for a comfortable and casual look but you can also show off lovely holiday fashions with a more elegant look. No matter which level of formality you choose for your wardrobe for Christmas with your family, you can always spice things up with shoes and accessories as well.

Rafaella, a clothing design company featuring modern fashions for on-the-go women, offers a wide array of lovely tops, skirts, pants, dresses, and other fashionable ensembles that are perfect for the holiday. Rafaella’s creative director Richard Metzger recommends Winter White for a fabulous holiday fashion statement when celebrating with your family.

“You don’t have to dress in red and green to feel festive this holiday season,” Metzger says. “Try high contrast winter whites for a fresh update to your holiday wardrobe; you can even add a dash of silver or gold for a gilded holiday look.”

What to Wear for Christmas with Your In-Laws
Celebrating Christmas with your in-laws is special because you’re spending the holiday with your spouse and his loved ones. Making a good impression with your in-laws may be important to you if you’re newly a part of the family. If you’ve been married for quite some time, you may still want to dress up a little bit for the holidays with your in-laws.

If you are trying to decide what to wear for Christmas with your in-laws, Rafaella’s Richard Metzger suggests Ergofit. A wardrobe that offers slimming and shape friendly lines and angles can enhance your confidence as well as your holiday wardrobe.

“Rafaella’s ergofit slimming technology collection is a godsend during the holidays,” he says. “You will look slim and sleek with Rafaella’s slimming technology built into classic silhouettes – eggnog anyone?”

Effie’s Heart, a fashionable Indie clothing line that offers staples for every wardrobe, offers a lovely collection of winter fashions that are great for any kind of holiday entertaining and visiting. While certain fashions make a perfect match for certain occasions, these are beautiful garments you’ll love wearing all year long.

“For celebrating Christmas with your in-laws, the sweetheart dress is perfect,” says Kimo, owner and designer at Effie’s Heart. “This flattering classic has just the right balance of girlie-ness.”

What to Wear for Christmas with Your Sweetheart or a New Love Interest on a Christmas Date…

Perfect Panties for Every Body – Different Types of Underwear

Lots of cute underwear options exist for women of all shapes and sizes. You can enjoy skimpy skivvies or full coverage panties, depending on your preferences and your needs. Countless cute patterns and styles of panties exist, and you can get underwear in just about any color and fabric you can imagine.

Consider the following types of panties to determine which ones are best for your body.

Bikinis and String Bikinis / Tangas – Much like the bottom of a typical bikini, bikini panties rest at the hips and feature a narrow strip of fabric at the sides. You can also get string bikini underwear, which have a string or ties at the sides instead of a strip of fabric. Tangas are essentially string bikinis with a narrow waistband strip at the side. Bikini panties feature less coverage in the rear compared to briefs.

Boy Leg Briefs or Boy Shorts – These cute bottoms offer a boyish style to a girl’s panties. As you can probably picture, these panties have short legs that offer more hip coverage. Many bathing suits also offer the popular boy leg or boy shorts bottom. These are a good fit for women who would like to downplay their thighs and hips.

Briefs – Briefs offer full coverage of your bum and a pretty standard cut for underwear. You aren’t showing much off, but briefs do make good athletic underwear, especially for sports such as running. Briefs come up to your waist or just below your bellybutton. Different styles of briefs exist, such as classic / full briefs (often what little girls wear), high-cut / French cut briefs (a bit less coverage), boy leg briefs (see above), and control panties (offering support and a more slender look).

Flutter Panties – These adorable and romantic panties rest on the waist with elastic at the top, but down below they feature pretty fabric that can be frilly, ruffled, or flowy.

G-String – G-String panties are much like a thong panty but usually only offer a tiny ribbon or string of material in the rear. G-Strings are often popular choices to reduce panty lines or to give the wearer a seductive secret.

Hipsters – These cute panties are often popular with teens and young adults. The waistband goes lower around the hips but the panty itself offers a similar style to the briefs.

Thong – The thong is a popular style of underwear that does an amazing job to hide panty lines. Thongs have a narrow band for a waistband but offer only a strip of fabric in the rear for coverage. The fabric in the rear of the thong panty gets wider at the top and the rest of the strip nestles between your cheeks. The rest of your bum is exposed.

If you are curvy, plus size, or just a bit overweight, you might consider a sexy panty like the lacy boy shorts or the corseted boy shorts. Those offer a very attractive fashion for your backside and they look great no matter how big your bum is.

If you are skinny or don’t have many curves, you might want to focus on the fabric more than the cut of the panties. You could definitely wear something like a flutter panty that would give you the illusion of more curves. Anything with ruffles or flowing fabric can also help to add some shape to your hips, bum, or legs.

No matter what kinds of panties you decide to get, have fun looking and considering different styles, colors, and fabrics. Some novelty panties feature beads and charms for an extra cute approach. Others feature printed or painted sayings on the backside of your briefs or boy shorts. As you shop for the best panties for your body type, don’t forget to get a few in your favorite colors and a few sexy ones in lace that you can save for a rainy day.

Hot Fall 2009 Fashion Trends

Fall 2009 fashion trends offer a lot of sexy styles for us all to try this year. From the runways and television straight to your very own eyes, you’re sure to believe in at least one of the fabulous fashion styles that have surfaced for fall 2009. Fashion stylist Jorge Ramón and Rowenta, a premier maker of irons and garment steamers, have teamed up to offer some exciting tips on the top eight hottest fall fashions for 2009.

Consider these hot fall fashions for daytime, nighttime, anytime.

1. Bright Nights: “Neon is back and the must have color is electric pink,” says Jorge Ramón. “Also look for orange, citrine yellow green and cobalt blue. Go sparingly here – a little goes a long way.” Hot, fluorescent colors are so much fun – a perfect fashion treat to enjoy this fall!

2. One Shoulder: Ramón explains, “The asymmetrical look made famous by our first lady is this fall’s favorite. Look for exposed shoulder details, cut outs, pads and strong 40’s influences.” Keep this hot fall look in mind for wedding gowns, cocktail dresses, and more.

3. Sleek and Sexy: Jorge Ramón recommends “tailored looks that fuse the refined sensibility of Mrs. Don Draper, including blouses and a coat belted over a pencil skirt or a fitted plaid dress for a thoroughly modern take on the 60’s silhouette.”

4. Black and Grey: You can go classy for any occasion. “Sophisticated and timeless, keep this chic color combo modern by layering up tailored pieces and mixing textures,” Ramón instructs.

5. Red: “Mr. Valentino’s signature color is alive and well,” Ramón says. “Mix it with pink to really push the color envelope.” A red and pink combo can be great for a romantic look or even red Fridays.

6. Daytime Sparkle: “Not just for evening, shine on during the day by keeping this flashy style statement to one piece of your outfit,” Ramón describes. A pretty, sparkly accent can add so much to your ensemble.

7. Pattern Power: “Fan favorites include plaid, hound’s-tooth, and checks – go for tailored and refined silhouettes to keep these essential prints looking fresh,” Jorge Ramón states.

8. Details and extras: Jorge Ramón suggests “ruffles, rouching, tweed, above the knee boots, leather, fur, black and white color combinations, structured sheaths, long boho layers, fitted jackets and patterned leggings.”

While all of these fall 2009 fashion trends may not be perfect for everyone, don’t be afraid to try at least one new look per season to see if you enjoy some flair in your wardrobe. These fun and fabulous fall 2009 fashion tips are great for daytime, nighttime, or anytime – from work to a night out on the town, from a cozy night at home with your sweetheart to a dinner party, holiday gathering, and more.

About the Expert:
Jorge Ramón is a fashion stylist who is known as the “modern day style guru.” Ramón has also been featured on-camera as a contributing style expert for ET on MTV, and appeared on VH-1, TRL, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, E!, Style Network, ABC’s The Early Show, NBC’s Today Show, TBS Movie and A Makeover.

Rowenta offers a product line including steam irons, steam generators, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and hair styling and beauty appliances. For more information, please see www.rowenta.com.

What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner with Family and In-laws, on a Date, or at a Restaurant

Even in sunny, casual California it feels festive to wear richly colored and textured clothing for Thanksgiving. Depending on with whom you will be sharing the day, you have some options regarding what to wear.

What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner with Family or In-Laws
Dinner with family, immediate and in-laws, can often mean dressing down. After all, you see each other often and don’t need to impress anyone. However, this is a special holiday centered around a thoughtful meal. So show the respect this day deserves and dress up a bit!

Pull out the velvets that have been hanging in your closet since last winter. Wear a velvet skirt with a more casual knit top and some sparkly jewelry. Or if you prefer pants, try wearing simple black or winter white pants with a soft cashmere or merino wool sweater that is embellished with some beading. You can also wear a stylish dress in shades of the season: deep red, emerald green, dark teal, or burnt sienna.

Add a colorful scarf or jewelry to make your outfit shine. In terms of shoes, boots are fantastic with dresses and skirts, and booties or embellished pumps and flats look great with pants.

What to Wear for a Thanksgiving Date with Your Boyfriend or Fiancé
A Thanksgiving date with a boyfriend or fiancé calls for a more polished look. Go for simple pants and a pretty velvet top or patterned sweater.

A dress is always an appropriate way to go, so try one with some beading, pretty draping, and in a lovely color. Or go for a beautiful and simple black dress that suits your figure. For shoes, wear classic riding boots or pumps.

What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner with Friends
When you get to share Thanksgiving with friends, feel free to have fun with your clothing. Wear velvet, scarves, big, statement jewelry in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and rings, pants with sequined tops and jackets, colorful or textured tights, tunics with slim pants or leggings, and booties, glittery ballet flats, pumps, or bejeweled shoes of any kind.

What to Wear When Dining out at a Restaurant for Thanksgiving Dinner
Dining out at Thanksgiving is an opportunity to wear clothing that doesn’t get out much! Find a pretty dress that you save for special occasions or slip on tuxedo pants and a finely knit sweater or satiny top.

You can also wear a pencil skirt in heavy satin, fine wool, or in tweed with some sparkly thread running through it. Pair your skirt with a simple turtleneck in a rich color or a silk blouse. You can also try wearing a plain tank top or t-shirt with the skirt and a good-looking jacket. Lucky you! No dishes to wash!


Of course, while you are getting dressed, think about what you will be doing that day. If you are like me, you are doing the bulk of the cooking. In that case you may want to skip the silk top and wear something more kitchen friendly. If you are simply showing up with dessert or the dinner rolls, go all out and get fancy! Enjoy the day and be thankful for what you have.

About the Expert:
Lori Cooper is a wardrobe consultant who helps women and men to update their style and their looks for both their personal and professional lives. For more information, please visit online at http://www.wardrobewisdom.com or http://loriacooper.blogspot.com.

A Look at the Caroline Mary Jane of the Aetrex Essence Collection

Aetrex Caroline Mary Jane Shoe ballet flatAetrex manufactures a nice line of women’s shoes designed for women with problematic feet. While I don’t consider myself to have problematic feet per se, I do appreciate a pair of shoes designed to provide comfort along with style. After all, as many of you might know, once the feet have reached their breaking point there isn’t any recourse but to take off your shoes and give your feet that much deserved break. Plus, my feet aren’t perfect after the years of abuse that I put them through squeezing my tender little toes into pointy high heels. For those tender spots where calluses and bunions exist, it is nice to have another option besides buying a new pair of shoes.

Crafted with the Mozaic customization insole, the Caroline Mary Jane features terrific comfort built right into the specialized insoles. The insole lifts out readily allowing easy access to the gel plugs that have been carefully inserted into this unique insole. All you need to do is identify the location where you are experiencing pain or pressure, remove the gel plug and reinsert the sole. Once you do so, your foot should feel better.

Aetrex Essence Caroline Mary Jane Shoe ReviewSince I am used to heels or sneakers, both of which I live in although not at the same time, it took me a bit to get used to wearing flats again. If you have the same problem, stick with it as these shoes tend to feel more comfortable after a few wearings. Maybe it just took that long for me to get used to the idea that I could tear my shoes apart if I wanted to do so.

The Caroline Mary Jane is just one of the many styles included in the Aetrex Essence Collection. Although I have not worn any of the other styles and only received this free sample for the purposes of this review, I think that I would discover the other styles to be just as fashionable and comfortable.

In fact, I did glance at a few of their other available shoes including “Lizzy,” “Lucy,” “Ellie,” and “Maggie,” and I discovered that each style seems to carry a woman’s name (kind of cute when you think about it) and all of the styles seem to be flats. If you have a job that keeps you on your feet most of the working day, a pair of Aetrex could be the solution you need to come home without wanting to take off your footwear.

Cute and sassy in a sophisticated way, the Caroline Mary Jane features an easy to place Velcro strap with a suede upper. The top of the upper is elasticized for added comfort. The outsole is rubber so it holds up well. Maybe this isn’t actually a selling point, but the outsole is designed with a floral pattern- it is kind of cute to look at.

Plus Size Fashion Tips for Curvy Girls

Finding the right fashions for your body type, your height, and your personality can be tricky enough as it is. Add in the need to find cute, plus-sized fashions that don’t lack style and you may have found quite the challenge. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Consider these plus-sized fashion tips to help you find the right fashions for your figure.

As you begin your search for cute and classy plus-sized fashions, remember that women’s plus size clothing is widely available on the Internet as well as in boutiques and department stores near you. You can have lots of fun trying plus-sized fashions on in person or browsing the plus size clothing catalogues online.

“As one of the leading designers of stylish plus size women’s apparel, we strive to make full figured women look and feel amazing in our line of clothing,” says Alicia Leach for Kiyonna. “As over 60% of women wear a size 14 or larger, our aim is to create “something a size 6 would die to wear.”

Plus Size Fashion Tips to Hide Your Tummy, Look Thinner, and Accentuate Your Best Features
Sometimes plus size women may find a particular “problem area” that they would like to disguise or hide. Targeting these problem areas with your fashion choices can be easy once you have the right apparel and accessories on hand. If you are looking for plus-sized fashions and accessories to help hide your tummy, consider the following tips and ideas.

•    “Layer with tank and jacket or twin set to camouflage your midsection (tummy).” – Paula Guthrie, owner of Bodacious Boutique, the only non chain boutique for new plus size fashions in Dallas.

•    “Don’t wear it too loose, or too tight, but wear your garment close to your silhouette and you will look thinner.” – Paula Guthrie, Bodacious Boutique

•    “Sexy and feminine boy shorts, chemises, and camisoles make for an unmentionables collection that is sure to show off those curves.” – Alicia Leach, Kiyonna, an online designer of plus sized fashion that is stylish and sophisticated.

•    Find jeans for a curvy woman at Fashion Bug, Catherines, and Lee Jeans. Try on a few different styles to find the right fit for your curves! Life Love Beauty, product research

Plus Size Tips – Colors, Patterns, Prints, and Styles for Curvy Girls
What is the rhyme and reason to women’s plus size clothing? What are the best patterns, colors, and styles for curvy girls? Curvy girl clothing comes in countless patterns and prints, colors and fabrics, and cuts and styles. Depending on your own preferences and your instincts, you can consider the wide world of plus size women’s clothing to find the right fit and style for you.

“I personally love prints vs. solids, but that is really a personal preference,” says Paula Guthrie, owner of Bodacious Boutique. “We suggest that your top / jacket length hit you at the top of your leg, so that it covers the tummy and back side. Long tops and tunics look best on taller ladies. As far as colors, we love the look of a black tank and pant or skirt with a fun jacket. This way you only have to invest in a top / jacket piece and it is also great for travel, to save space in packing.”

Boots for Plus-Sized Women
If you are interested in adding a sexy or sedate pair of boots to your footwear collection, but have difficulty finding a boot that fits comfortably, you are not alone. Silhouettes Extended-Calf Boots offer a great option if you need extra room in the legs as compared to other boots available on the market. Silhouettes boots are designed especially for women sizes 12 to 26.

Silhouettes boots fit a wide variety of popular styles, from ankle boots to dress boots, riding boots, fur trimmed suede boots, stretch boots, and everything in between. Footwear by Silhouettes is available in wide-calf and wide-width sizes. Silhouettes boots are available online at www.silhouettes.com and through catalogue orders.


“I believe that size should never dictate style, and that every woman deserves to dress in a way that befits her personality and zest for life,” says Paula Guthrie, owner of Bodacious Boutique.

About the Experts:
Paula Guthrie is the owner of Bodacious Boutique, the only non chain boutique for new plus size fashions in Dallas. Bodacious Boutique caters to the full-figured woman who has a life full of places to go and people to see, and who always wants to look good doing it. They offer a large selection and affordable prices on everything from casual sportswear to After 5 and Wedding attire, as well as shoes, handbags, and accessories galore. Visit online at www.bodaciousboutique.com.

Alicia Leach
is a marketing specialist for Kiyonna. Kiyonna is an online designer and boutique offering plus sized fashions ranging from 0X (10-12) – 5X (30-32). For more information, visit online at www.kiyonna.com.

Best Dress Types for Plus-Sized Women

If you are wondering how to best accentuate your favorite features or how to best hide whatever you’ve decided to be your figure flaws, certain fashion choices can help you do one or both. Finding the right plus sized dress can be challenging if you don’t know where to start or what you are looking for – in terms of cut, style, color, etc. Consider these tips to help you find the best plus sized dress type for your body.

Sydney’s Closet, a plus size dress shop with hard-to-find plus sizes 14 to 44, offers the following tips for matching up the right dress type to your body for a perfect plus size dress to add to your wardrobe. Find out which plus sized dress style is best for your body type – A-line, ball gown, empire waist, princess dress, and sheath.

Best Body for a Plus Sized A-LINE Dress
The popular A-line dress is narrow at the top, fitting close to body, and then gently flaring out and flowing wider into an “A”. Phyllis Brasch Librach, president and founder of Sydney’s Closet, says this is a flattering fit for everyone and every body type.

This dress flatters all body types because of the benefits the A-line dress provides. On her Web site, Phyllis Brasch Librach says the A-line dress disguises fuller hips and bigger bottoms while balancing the torso with the chest and adding the illusion of height and a more slender figure. An A-line dress can also enhance the curves of a straight body, she says.

Best Body for a Plus Sized BALL GOWN
Perhaps one of the most romanticized dresses and a popular wedding style, the ball gown features a fitted bodice and a floor-length, flowing skirt. Phyllis Brasch Librach says the ball gown flatters women with the hourglass figure. The ball gown especially hides hips and accentuates the bust, she says.

Best Body Type for a Plus Sized EMPIRE Dress
The empire waist is a favorite among many women who wish to disguise their tummy or midsection. This dress type features a high waist right under the bust line that flows loosely into a long skirt.

Phyllis Brasch Librach says this style of dress is great for women with a heavy middle, as this style disguises thicker waists and hides large tummies while also enhancing smaller breasts and adding length to petite figures.

Best Body Type for a Plus Sized PRINCESS Dress
Phyllis Brasch Librach explains that the princess dress features vertical panes that follow the body’s natural lines and curves. This type of dress flatters the lower body by minimizing hips and hiding the tummy, she says. The princess dress is slimming and gives the illusion of a longer body.

Best Body Type for a Plus Sized SHEATH Dress
The sheath dress is a closely fitting gown that hugs the body and offers a straight, slim fit. Like the princess dress, the sheath dress minimizes hips and disguises the belly area, Phyllis Brasch Librach says.

This dress is similar to the mermaid gown, which flares out at or just below the knee. These dress types work nicely for tall and thin body types.

About the Expert:
Phyllis Brasch Librach is president and founder of Sydney’s Closet – “We Size Up Glamour” – a plus size dress shop online and with a store in suburban St. Louis, Missouri. Sydney’s Closet features a collection of hard-to-find plus sizes 14 to 44 with fast turnaround and delivery. For more information, please visit and shop online at www.SydneysCloset.com.

Tips on Finding the Perfect Plus Size Dresses

Finding cute plus size dresses can be like finding a set of winning lottery numbers – maybe not the easiest thing to do, but certainly well worth your efforts! Women’s plus size clothing has come a long way in recent years, offering curvy girls many more options when it comes to a fashionable wardrobe. If you’re a curvy girl, plus size dresses may be an essential fashion choice to add to your wardrobe. Don’t fret if you can’t find something perfect right away – the following tips on finding the perfect plus size dresses should help you!

Plus size dresses come in many styles, lengths, colors, cuts, and levels of formality. You can find everything from plus size prom dresses to plus size wedding gowns and plus size bridesmaid dresses for those special occasions in your life. You can find a women’s plus size holiday dress or plus size fancy dress for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, or any holiday or special time of year.

“When it comes to finding a plus-size dress that fits and flatters your curves, an A-line design always works,” says Phyllis Brasch Librach, president of Sydney’s Closet, a plus size dress shop online at www.SydneysCloset.com and with a store in suburban St. Louis, Missouri.

“The silhouette, narrower at the top then gently flaring wider into an ‘A,’ flatters everyone,” adds Librach. “How? An A-line dress disguises full hips and bottoms, balances the torso with the bust line, adds curves to a straight figure and makes any shape look taller and slimmer. It’s the one perfect dress for any body.”

Tips for Finding Stunning Plus Size Formal Dresses
Life often throws us a number of formal occasions each year for which we must find an appropriate dress or gown to look great for the occasion. Whether you need a plus size prom dress or plus size wedding gown or even plus size bridesmaid dresses, you can rock the scene by choosing a dress that looks and feels great.

“I wanted to take the tears out of shopping for my daughter and the millions of full-figure women like her who want to look and feel gorgeous when they celebrate life’s special occasions from going to Prom to going down the aisle,” says Librach.

If you are preparing to celebrate your high school prom, homecoming, or a special school formal or military ball, a kickass plus size formal dress becomes a top priority. You can find a lovely and sexy plus size prom dress if you give yourself enough time to search to your heart’s content.

If you or a close friend or family member is getting married, a special plus size wedding gown or collection of plus size bridesmaid dresses may be a great fit for your needs. You can look just as good as the women who wear smaller sizes by finding fabrics, styles, and colors that work with your body type and your own curves.

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It Only Takes a Minute to Add a Lifetime of Use to Your Clothing

A wardrobe that is properly taken care of will last longer.  Caring for your clothes can be a simple and easy task.  Extend the life of your clothing with a few simple strategies that pay off with big results.

Here are several ways to keep your wardrobe fresher looking.

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Striking Looks – Free Customized Beauty and Fashion Advice for Real Women, featuring Simma Lieberman

Welcome to our new column – Striking Looks! In this regular Life Love Beauty feature, we are offering real women the opportunity to receive customized beauty and fashion advice based on their hair color, eye color, face shape, body type, complexion, and general appearance. Top beauty and fashion industry experts share their tips and best recommendations for our featured readers based on photos and appearance stats they provide, along with any special requests.

Simma Lieberman - free beauty advice volunteer

Read on to find out our experts suggestions for each beauty reader and let us know if you are interested in receiving free customized beauty advice and fashion tips or if you are qualified to serve as one of our expert beauty and fashion panelists. We hope you enjoy this new regular feature on Life Love Beauty!

Striking Looks –
Beauty and Fashion Advice for Real Women

About Simma Lieberman,
our first featured guest

Simma Lieberman - free beauty advice volunteer

“I want to live life fully in all ways, and feel great about how I look. I’m in a profession that can be age and looks conscious and would like feel and look vibrant.”



Simma Lieberman is an organizational development consultant based in California. She specializes in Diversity and Inclusion, Power Living, and Gender Communications.

Simma Lieberman recently celebrated her 60th birthday, although she must have great genes because we can’t figure out how she came up with that number. Simma is our very first reader to be featured in the new Striking Looks beauty advice column on Life Love Beauty. Here she will receive customized beauty and fashion advice that is tailored to her specific looks.


Simma is 5’9″ and between 136 – 155 lbs. She has blue / green eyes and brown hair with a blonde streak in the front. Her skin tone is light beige and she has an oval face.


Customized Beauty Advice for our Readers!Examples of the kinds of customized beauty and fashion advice that Simma will receive include:

  • Best haircut / hairstyle based on face shape
  • Best makeup colors based on eye color and skin tone
  • Best skincare advice based on complexion
  • Best nail and manicure / pedicure advice
  • Best fashion advice in terms of haircuts and styles
  • Best hair color

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