Evening Gown and Cocktail Dress Trends of the 2009 Hooters Best Damn Dream Girl Competition

Top dress trends for the 2009 Hooters Best Damn Dream Girl Competition included everything from long evening gowns to flirty cocktail dresses falling a bit above the knee. One outgoing contestant wore much less than the others, a two-piece getup, and even took the time to remove her long and flowing sarong for a quick flash of a bikini bottom.

Many of the Hooters girls, especially the blondes, chose pink evening gowns and strapless or halter style cocktail dresses. In fact, halter style dresses and strapless dresses of all lengths were two of the more common styles. Another trend in the 2009 Hooters Best Damn Dream Girl Competition involved cutouts under the bust and around the ribcage area. This cutout style of dress showed up both in colored gowns and black dresses.

As far as color, you could find just about every shade of the rainbow in the evening gown and cocktail dress selections of the 2009 Hooters Best Damn Dream Girl Competition entrants. The lovely colors were a wonder to watch and the styles of the gowns complemented the girls as much as the dress colors.

In case you weren’t expecting it, we should tell you that most of the evening gowns and cocktail dresses boasted very revealing necklines and quite a few also featured practically mini-skirt length skirts. Some of the gowns were just plain short (read: don’t bend over!), and another trend in the dresses of the 2009 Hooters Best Damn Dream Girl Competition involved long gowns with slits that came up into a shorter skirt in the front of the gown and a full skirt around the sides and back.

If you take the time to watch the show for fashion trends if nothing else, you might find yourself longing to don one of those sparkly, bright colored evening gowns, even just once.

Not So Basic Black – A Timeless Fashion Favorite

Black, the richer version of basic, can provide a chic look with a hint of everything from romance to business. Its modest appeal of the past has undergone a transformation into a fascinating presence of must have.

Although a newer fashion trend may make its appearance in the stores every season, one of everybody’s favorites, black, is always there to dazzle the onlooker.  In fact, creations in black, designed by fashion superstars, Jean Yu and Rochas, made an appearance at the Golden Globes a few years ago.

Tips for wearing black or rules to live by when it comes to wearing black:

  • Avoid 100% cotton – Cotton tends to fade as time passes.  In addition to holding the dye longer and more completely with a higher luster, cotton with Lycra or mercerized cotton has greater strength and shrinks less.
  • Prefer wool blends – Wool fabrics create deeper and richer blacks.  Since wool retains dyes better and longer, fading is less of a problem.  Suits, skirts, and sweaters look exceptionally classy in woolen fabrics, and will last for years.
  • Toss faded clothing immediately – Clothing that has faded simply does not blend as well.  Rather than risk looking tacky, toss the item and replace it with something exciting.
  • Match completely – Black clothing often presents a cast or shine of a different color, for example, purple, green, or brown.  Therefore, you should take the time to match your clothing carefully when creating an all black outfit.
  • Minimize fading – Dark colors, especially black, should always be laundered in cold water to minimize fading.  When washing an article of clothing for the first time, you can add a cup of vinegar to help set the dye.  Dry cleaning, also, takes less of a toll on the dye and will help to keep your clothes looking fresh longer.
  • Maximize appeal – Wearing black can create a sleek and mysterious vision, or it can create a picture that says too many words.  Maintain the care of your outfits carefully.  Avoid the build up of lint of all kinds through carefully laundering and matching up of your outfits.
  • Accessorize to add a heightened look of elegance – Even the word, embellishment sounds pretty.  Imagine what it can do for your outfit!  Glitz and glitter add an air of excitement, so add a few unique pieces of jewelry, a snazzy purse, or stylish shoes to top off the perfect outfit.
  • Personalize to create a unique statement – Select a style that suits your physique and personality.  Make it your own with a few simple modifications.  Personalize your outfit with jewelry, layering, and other accessories.

Not-so-basic black has become an intriguing component of fashion.  Ensembles in black, including, cocktail dresses, evening gowns, business suits, jeans and jacket, and lingerie ensembles transform to visions of beauty, models of mystery, looks of professionalism, impressions of comfort, and images of romance.  Black isn’t back, it’s simply here to stay!

Sunglasses and Eyeglasses Color and Style Trends for 2009

When it comes to choosing sunglasses and eyeglasses to suit your face shape, so much more comes into play in your decision than you may realize. Let’s not forget about style, shape of the frames, color of the frames, color of the lenses, prescription glasses or non-prescription, Transitions lenses or not, and so on down the line. To help you in your search for the right glasses or sunglasses for you, here are the top sunglasses and eyewear trends for 2009.

In keeping up with the times and the trends in sunglasses and eyeglasses, consider the different colors and styles of shades and glasses that you like and dislike for 2009. Keep your face shape and eye color in mind and most of all, make sure you like how the glasses look on your face!

What are the current style and color trends in sunglasses and eyeglasses for 2009?
“Blue is a very strong color this season [2009], as well as deep greens, but utilizing neutral type colors, you create a unique look but something that the client will not grow tired of, so they can continue to build a wardrobe,” say renowned eyewear stylist Matthew Sakolsky from Morgenthal Frederics and Jeff Press, eyewear designer for Morgenthal Frederics. “To this end, black and classic tortoise always works – in the recent season, the styles have become a bit more tailored, for instance the Morgenthal Grand, gives the client a large feel without overwhelming the wearer. Also, aviators continue to be hot, hot, hot, especially modified versions that do not droop, and keep sharp angles for the face.”

Also for eye glasses trends for 2009, Dr. David Nierman, an optometric physician and co-owner of Chicago’s Nierman Vision Centers says “green, in the ophthalmic industry, is also in,” and notes that Pro Design and Lafont are currently offering eyewear collections featuring a wood grain look, animal prints, and colors in nature, soft greens and browns, subtle reds.”

“The Jackie ‘O’ look is back,” Nierman says, adding that this look tends to flatter the faces of those who have an oblong face shape. “Top-drawer designers like Dolce & Gabbana have stunning collections this year [2009].”

“These rectangular faces are longer than they are wide, so frames that are deeper than their width help create the illusion of a shorter face,” he says.

Popular and Trendy Eyewear Collections to Consider for 2009
Nierman also likes the Ed Hardy line, which is another trendy look. “Inspired by tattoo art and worn by celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Madonna, and Britney Spears these [Ed Hardy] frames have loud, bold colors and a lot of visual activity that tends to look better on those who have soft, symmetrical features so that there’s not a lot of competition with the frame,” says Nierman.

“Classics like Channel never go out of style,” he adds. “That retro-style combined with understated elegance is a smart look. For example, square shaped faces, characterized by a strong jaw line, broad forehead and wide chin and cheekbones, should seek out styles that make their face look longer. Gently curved narrow styles will add length, minimizing the squareness. Oval shapes with temples in the center are good option. Plastics and metals in different colors and shapes can be found to complement hair and skin coloring as well as face shape.”

So, to sum things up, a lot of the popular trends in sunglasses and eyeglasses in 2009 include aviators and Jackie O sunglasses, colored frames boasting blue, green, black, and tortoise, or even more alternative and bold colors, and frame shapes that suit your face shape.

About the Experts:
Matthew Sakolsky is a renowned eyewear stylist from Morgenthal Frederics and Jeff Press is an eyewear designer for Morgenthal Frederics. For more information, visit online at www.morgenthalfrederics.com.

Dr. David Nierman is an optometric physician and co-owner of Chicago’s Nierman Vision Centers. For more information, visit online at www.niermanvision.com.

EyeBuyDirect.com is an online eyeglasses shop that sells men’s and women’s glasses, children’s glasses, fashion glasses, rimless glasses, bifocal glasses, prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, and more. Visit online at www.eyebuydirect.com.

Tips on Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

To help you in choosing the right glasses and sunglasses, first consider your face shape, your eye color, and your own personal sense of style. Choosing sunglasses or eyeglasses becomes easier when you can rely on a friend, family member, or loved one to give you honest sunglasses advice about how you look with different sunglasses on your face.

Whether you prefer to visit your favorite sunglasses shop to browse and try on some shades or whether you prefer looking for sunglasses online, you can learn a lot about the shades that will look good on you based on your face shape and facial features, as well as your eye color. Visiting your optometrist in person can also help you to make an intelligent choice regarding the best glasses to suit your face shape.

From prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses to cheap designer sunglasses to high-end designer shades, consider these tips from the experts to help you in choosing the right sunglasses or eyeglasses for you.

Important Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Glasses to Suit Face Shape
Experts from EyeBuyDirect.com offer an easy way to remember the most important things in choosing sunglasses – size, shape, and symmetry.

Size: Keep a happy medium and your glasses will always enhance what you already have,” experts suggest. “For instance don’t go oversized when your features are small because they will be lost in your look. Shape: The shape of your glasses should always be in contrast with the shape of your face. If you have a round face, wear square shaped frames and vice versa.

Symmetry: It’s been said symmetry is synonymous with beauty, so when purchasing glasses or shades you have to keep in mind your best facial features and strive to find a pair of glasses that will accentuate them. For instance if you have brown or blue eyes wear a similar shade; this will amplify those hues thus adding the finishing touch to any look.”

Renowned eyewear stylist Matthew Sakolsky from Morgenthal Frederics and Jeff Press, eyewear designer for Morgenthal Frederics, offer their favorite tips for choosing eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Q. – How does one choose sunglasses and eyeglass frames that are the right fit for their face shape?

A. – Sakolsky & Press: Contrast and angles are always a great criteria to utilize when looking at a client and what shapes and styles [of frames] work for them. However, at least equally important to size and shape is what look you want your eyewear to give you.

Q. – Can you offer some tips in choosing sunglasses and eyeglasses – and the different things you should look for in eyeglasses versus sunglasses?

A. – Sakolsky & Press: Choosing something that is tailored and well fitting is always the best option. Sunglasses can be oversized but still fit well, as the dark lens covers any de-centering that may be caused to the eyes. For eyewear or sunglasses, the biggest question is always personal style, lots of options will work great on you, there is no one perfect frame for any face, but be open-minded, have fun, and embrace the most important accessory there is, the one that decorates your face. Have fun, glasses are great!

About the Experts:
Matthew Sakolsky is a renowned eyewear stylist from Morgenthal Frederics and Jeff Press is an eyewear designer for Morgenthal Frederics. For more information, visit online at www.morgenthalfrederics.com.

EyeBuyDirect.com is an online eyeglasses shop that sells men’s and women’s glasses, children’s glasses, fashion glasses, rimless glasses, bifocal glasses, prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, and more. Visit online at www.eyebuydirect.com.

The Many Styles and Functions of Different Kinds of Bras

They say a woman should always have a black lace bra. Why not a whole collection of sexy underthings and supportive, functional ones for athletics and motherhood, as well?

Bras come in many shapes, styles, and colors for women with breasts of all shapes and sizes.From underwire to comfy cloth bras, from strapless and backless to clear or beaded bra straps, the world of women’s lingerie offers virtually unlimited styles, colors, and possibilities. Depending on your own body type and the event or activity of the day, numerous bra types await to show off your cleavage or keep you wrapped up.

Consider these bra types along with your personal body needs. Spice up your sex life with a new and sultry bra or get back into your workout routine with a supportive sports bra. Set up your collection so that you always have the right bra for the occasion!

Adhesive Bra, aka: “Stickies” – These bras are available as a reusable silicone or an adhesive paper-based solution to backless and strapless attire. Women often choose to wear adhesive bras at weddings, galas, and other formal events that may call for a fancier dress code.

Backless Bra – Fastening low on the back, this type of bra is ideal to wear with backless dresses and gowns. You may also opt for adhesive bras in this case.

Bandeau – More than anything, a bandeau is built for comfort. This style of bra provides fairly little support, shape, or function, if any, other than a cute and stylish cover-up. The fabric band goes across the breasts and does not usually feature any straps, hooks, or other fasteners.

Built-in Bra – Some shirts, swimsuits, and other garments may have a strip of fabric with elastic or actual bra cups sewn into the fabric. It’s also popular with many wedding gowns to get the cups sewn directly into the dress to avoid hassle with strapless bras or adhesive bras on the day of the wedding.

Bullet Bra – Calling up imagery of Madonna and her cone-shaped bra, the bullet bra dates back to the 1940s, with its conical shape and supportive structure. These bras are a vintage style that hasn’t lost its novelty or its charm.

Bustier – This fancy lingerie item provides shape and support as well as style. The bustier contains flexible boning to achieve shape and typically goes from the bust to the waist or hips. It can be plain and neutral or decorative and fashionable, with or without straps.

Contour Bra – The contour bra’s primary purpose is to create shape without showing itself. These bras often contain padding and underwire for support and proper structure.

Convertible Bra – Perhaps the most functional bra around, the convertible bra allows women to adjust the straps for an entirely different fit and style. Convertible bras may be worn with standard straps, strapless, halter necks, or crisscrossed in the back.

Cupless Bra – Sexy and seductive, cupless bras offer ultimate exposure and spotlight on the nipples. Some styles may be as naughty as a triangle of cloth or ribbon tracing around the outsides of the breast, or other times offering a bit of support with a variation such as a shelf bra. (see below)

Demi Bra, aka: “Balconette” – Demi bras offer a bit of a push-up effect and the flexibility to wear low-cut garments without the bra being visible. Demi bras often feature lacy construction or dainty trim, but they may be available in many styles and fabric selections.

Your husband or partner may think your bra looks best on the floor.Full Support Bra – Practically speaking, women could wear a full support bra everyday based on its construction. However, the style itself is not the sexiest out there on the market. In fact, the full support bra styles generally feature full coverage of the breasts and thicker bands or straps, showing less skin than even most bathing suits.

Gel Bra – A gel bra can be similar to an adhesive bra, featuring molded bra cups filled with silicon gel, or it can be a padded bra that has gel instead of traditional padding. The adhesive type gel bras often clip together between the breasts to deliver a more noticeable cleavage effect without straps or other connecting elements.

Maternity Bra / Nursing Bra – Expectant women may opt for maternity bras, as they can expand in size to accommodate a woman’s growing breasts. After they’ve given birth, new moms may turn to nursing bras for easier access to the nipple for their newborns.

Minimizer Bra – Women who are well-endowed may choose to wear a minimize bra in order to reduce the appearance of their breasts. Minimizer bras give the illusion of a smaller chest size.

Novelty Bra – Think wild and crazy or flirty and fun! Novelty bras can feature countless different designs, styles, themes, and fabrics. These styles may wrap your chest in leather or present your curves in a tropical theme. The possibilities with this type of bra are virtually limitless, especially if you consider all your options at your favorite lingerie retailer.

Padded Bra – Padded bras offer the breasts a more supportive position and also create the look of larger breasts. Many padded bras offer the flexibility to add or remove the padding at will. Padded bras come in countless varieties, from full support bras to sexy lingerie items. You may consider gel bras, water bras, or air bras as padded bra alternatives.

Push-up Bra – For enhanced cleavage, many women turn to the Wonderbra and other brands of push-up bras. These bras push the breasts together while lifting at the same time. Push-up bras contain padding often made of foam, rubber, or gel, and the positioning of the padding is what separates a push-up bra from a simple padded bra.

Shelf Bra – Shelf bras offer a bit of push and support, but they do not actually provide coverage. Most of these bras feature a firm band of fabric that sits at the low part of the breast, gently lifting and exposing it. Shelf bras are a variation of the cupless bra styles.

Sports Bra – Female athletes and active women choose to wear sports bras for true support and protection of the breasts during exercise and athletic competition. Sports bras often feature an elastic type construction that stretches to fit the breasts. Some sports bras may feature a racer back, which is similar in appearance to a crisscross style.

Strapless Bra – Especially when wearing gowns and evening attire, women choose the strapless bra for garments that expose the neckline and shoulders. For some garment styles (gowns, halter tops) strapless bras may be used interchangeable with convertible bras or adhesive bras.

T-Shirt Bra – For a seemingly invisible effect, women choose the T-shirt bra. It’s primary purpose is to make it easy for a woman to wear a tight shirt without showing off her bra and all its details.

U-plunge Bra – For dangerously low-cut tops and mile of cleavage, choose the U-plunge bra. This style typically covers the nipples and outer sides of each breast while exposing a strip dipping way down the center of your chest, below the breasts.

Best Sunglasses to Suit Your Face Shape

If you are looking for sunglasses advice to help you find the best sunglasses to suit your face shape, you are in luck. From cheap designer sunglasses to celebrity style sunglasses, you are bound to find the best sunglasses for your face if you put a little thought and effort into it. No matter what your face shape – round, square, heart-shaped, oval, you can find a style of sunglasses to match and complement your facial features.

Paying attention to your face shape can impact your decisions around your appearance in a number of ways, especially when selecting sunglasses. Consider the following sunglasses advice from the experts to help you choose the best sunglasses for your face.

Sunglasses Advice on Choosing the Best Sunglasses to Match Your Face Shape
Whether you are looking for cheap designer sunglasses or styles of shades like your favorite celebrities wear, you can find a great pair of sunglasses in your price range that will also look great on your face. To choose the best sunglasses for your face shape, you should consider the actual, physical shape of your face.

Do you have a round face, square face, rectangular face, oblong face, oval face, heart-shaped face, apple face? Once you know what face shape you have, you can begin to shop around for the best sunglasses to suit your face shape. Choosing sunglasses can be much easier when you have a friend around, so consider looking for new shades when you can rely on the opinion of someone you trust.

Best Sunglasses for a Round Face
Steve Madden S396 sunglasses, available at Shoebuy.comIf you have a round face, consider the experts’ sunglasses advice that suggests wearing square frames to show off your cheekbones and make your face look slimmer or oval frames to get a celebrity look.

“Round-faced women who constantly struggle to keep up with what seems to always be a trend for everyone but them can wear oval sunglasses and look greater than ever,” says Anne Crays, VP of Fashion Forecasting and Merchandising for Shoebuy.com. “These Steve Madden S396’s ($34.95) gives a round face the look of a celebrity without feeling overly masked.”

EyeBuyDirect.com experts recommend the Elbert glasses, which deliver a slimmer appearance to your face while accentuating your cheekbones.

“Acquire the vision of simple beauty with EyeBuyDirect.com’s stylish black Clavin Klein Shades,” they suggest. “Once on, you will realize why less is always more.”

Sunglasses for Heart Shaped Faces
The best sunglasses advice from the experts for heart-shaped faces especially involves wearing Aviator sunglasses or even shades with thin rectangular rims.

“Get the skinny on thin rectangular shaped frames that will promise to keep your face from looking to top heavy,” suggest experts from EyeBuyDirect.com. “EyeBuyDirect.com’s Parsley follows the similar features of an aviator while the Sorento glasses shy away from the classic, yet still maintain the essence of the look for this [heart shape] face type. Both give off a chic, sophisticated vibe that can last all year round.”

“If you’re channeling Top Gun this summer, then you and your love-ly face need to get EyeBuyDirect.com’s Emporio Armani aviators,” the EyeBuyDirect.com experts recommend. “With a twist on an old favorite, this classic will enhance your face and compliment your style in a pinch. The skinny metal rims will offset your narrow chin and won’t overwhelm your face.”

XOXO Forever sunglasses, available at Shoebuy.com“Women with apple-shaped faces (wide face with narrow chin) should invest in a pair of aviator-style glasses like these XOXO Forever’s ($34.95),” says Anne Crays, from Shoebuy.com. “They hide the widest part of your face with the large lens yet accentuate your stylishness!”

Cool Sunglasses for a Square Face
Those seeking sunglasses for a square face may benefit from choosing shades that offer circular frames.

When it comes to finding cool sunglasses for the square face shape, experts from EyeBuyDirect.com recommend Hattie prescription glasses, which feature a circular style to “help achieve a softened look while still maintaining a feminine edge that compliments your square jaw line.”

“For a summer transition with this shape, why not go vintage with EyeBuyDirect.com’s Emporio Armani jeweled black shades?” EyeBuyDirect.com experts propose. “Purple is the new black and with these shades you will thrive on being ahead of the curve.”

Best Sunglasses for an Oval Face Shape
As with those having oval shaped nail beds, welcome to an easier time choosing your style. If you are seeking the best sunglasses for an oval face, take the time to explore your options and choose whatever you like best.

“If you have an oval shaped face, thank your lucky stars!” say the experts at EyeBuyDirect.com. “You can get away with any kind of shade, so why not show off. Stand out this year with EyeBuyDirect.com’s Haystack or Cloud.”

“EyeBuyDirect.com’s Carrera shades demands attention as you walk along the beach this summer,” the experts add. “Tortoise shell is hot this season, and with a face like yours, you can pull off any new trend and make all off your other face-shaped friends envious of your bold look.”

The Right Sunglasses for Oblong Faces and Narrow Faces
If you have an oblong face shape and you want to find the right shape and style of sunglasses, consider these pieces of sunglasses advice from the experts, such as wearing slightly rounded frames.

“EyeBuyDirect.com’s Sunflower prescription glasses will make any beauty blossom and keep onlookers blushing while the slightly round frames will help break up the length of a long face,” the experts note, adding: “Say hello to the new Jackie O’s fashionistas! Your gorgeous face has granted you the gift of embodying a 60’s style icon. EyeBuyDirect.com’s Calvin Klein retro pattern will give you an edge on this timeless frame.”

Peppers Carly's sunglasses, available at Shoebuy.comAnne Crays, of Shoebuy.com, adds: “Seasonal trends are not always for everyone but for those narrow-faced daredevils who would like to try out this summer’s unique style, a pair of Peppers Carly’s ($34.95) are the way to go. They come in different colors like the infamous Ray-Ban’s but are far less the investment.”

Not Sure What Face Shape You Are?
Even if you don’t really know what face shape you have, you can still find a pair of rockin’ sunglasses to enjoy during the summer and all year long, and especially on vacation.

“For those of you who just want a pair of sunglasses and are not sure of what kind of face shape you have, you have not to worry!” says Anne Crays, VP of Fashion Forecasting and Merchandising for Shoebuy.com. “Squared sunglasses like these Jessica Simpson J294’s ($44.95) and Etienne Aigner Soleil’s ($74.95) will look good on all shapes while keeping on top with the current trends.”

Etienne Aigner Soleil sunglasses, available at Shoebuy.com

Jessica Simpson J294 sunglasses, available at Shoebuy.com

About the Experts:
Anne Crays is VP of Fashion Forecasting and Merchandising for Shoebuy.com, an online retailer selling countless brand name shoes, bags, accessories, clothing, and more. Visit online at www.shoebuy.com.

EyeBuyDirect.com is an online eyeglasses shop that sells men’s and women’s glasses, children’s glasses, fashion glasses, rimless glasses, bifocal glasses, prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, and more. Visit online at www.eyebuydirect.com.

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How to Be Sure the Price Is Right in Fashion

Whether you are shopping for an elegant gown to wear to an opera, a sexy dress to wear to a wedding, or that special outfit for your first anniversary, you will want to be able to justify the price tag on the outfit. After all, let’s face it, no matter how gorgeous the outfit is, you will never be able to pull it off, if you are wearing a face filled with guilt.

No one wants to be thinking, “I can’t afford this. If he discovers how much I paid for this, he’ll skin me alive.” Not that anyone actually says that anymore. I know, for one, I would not stand still long enough to allow anyone to skin me. Nonetheless, it is best to avoid worrying over this detail.

Not a problem, a simple formula is the vital answer to your personal spending dilemma. A little bit of math is involved, but I am sure that we can all handle that. Once the perfect dress or outfit has made its presence known through its spectacular appearance on your physique, you simply need to calculate how many times you will wear it.

Next, you divide the price of the outfit by the number of times that you will be wearing it. For example, the sexy dress costs $220.00, and you will be wearing it twice over the course of the next year. So, you divide $200.00 by 2, and you happily discover that the dress, in actuality, only costs $100.00 for each event.

The first time that I tried this technique, I was in college and the outfit was quite a bit less expensive. In fact, I did not feel comfortable with this type of subterfuge initially. However, upon wearing the outfit a third time and realizing what a bargain I had purchased, I became a believer in the “divvy up the cost” process.

Here are a few good tips to help make the process work for you. First, it is very important that the first time you use the “divvy up the cost” process, the outfit that you are purchasing will be worn to at least two occasions, preferably three occasions. Second, if the accessories that you will be using are already in your possession, subtract their cost from the cost of your new purchase. Third, remember to make mental notes, so that you can keep track of your savings.

Wherever you go, whatever you buy, wear it with a smile!

Hassle Free Dressing

Trying on your outfits and putting on your makeup should not be a ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ event every single day or night.  You should not have to try on three different skirt and blouse combinations before you come to terms with what you are going to wear.  Nor should you have to pull out three different shades of lipstick before you get the right shade.

Life has enough twists and turns in it without adding our own.  Perhaps the difficulty comes from having to actually think about what it is that we are going to wear, how others will view us in the outfit, how we will feel wearing it, and exactly what the outfit says about us.  As a young child, all we probably thought about was whether the shirt was the right color i.e. the color we liked.

Here are a few handy tips for creating a hassle free dressing engagement:

•    Lay your clothes out the previous evening.  If your choice does not look good, you’ll know ahead of time.

•    Rotate your clothes that are in the closet from right to left.  That is, once you have worn an outfit, and it has been laundered, place it to the far right side of your closet.  This will help you to keep track of what you have already worn.

•    Remove clothing that is too small or too large for you.

•    Have several articles of clothing on hand that allow you to layer.  In this way, rather than waste time trying to decide if something will be too warm, or not warm enough, you can simply layer an outfit that allows you to shed extra weight or add it on top.

•    Keep your wardrobe versatile.  Purchase several separates that you can mix and match.  Have a few blazers, lightweight jackets, and sweaters on hand.

•    Keep part of your wardrobe basic.  Neutral and basic colors lend themselves to easy use and flexibility.  They go with anything.

•    Remember to purchase your lingerie in colors that will not show through your outfits.  In fact, a variety of colors is probably your best bet.

•    Don’t forget to acquire accessories with versatility, durability, and style.

•    Assemble a selection of footwear that is durable, stylish, and versatile.

•    Be aware of the colors that you wear well and keep them on hand.  This rule of thumb is for both clothing and make-up.

A good wardrobe is like a good pantry—well stocked.  Just like a well stocked pantry has a few staples: sugar, salt, and coffee, a well-stocked wardrobe has a few staples: basics, reversibles, and a few versatile articles of clothing.

So, keep your head out of fairytale land, be happy with what you have, and mix it up!

How to Find the Right Hat for Your Face Shape

Some people look great in hats while other people just don’t look as good when wearing a hat. But did you know the issue may not be that some people aren’t meant to wear hats – on the contrary, some hats look better on different face shapes than others. Even if you think you don’t look that great in a hat, you might surprise yourself by trying on a different style hat than you’d usually grab off the rack.

Hats make the ultimate summer accessory – they offer a fashionable look with a wonderful protective purpose as well. Wearing a hat comes in handy for countless outdoor activities, such as gardening, fishing, playing baseball, relaxing on the beach, hiking, and so much more. Hats offer a great functionality of shielding your eyes from the sun and protecting your scalp and face as much as they offer a classic fashion statement.

Stephanie Carter, cofounder of Wallaroo Hats, shares her favorite hints to help you find the hat that is right for your face. Read on to discover which type of hat will look best on you based on your face shape, from round face shape to oval shape, heart shape, or narrow / petite face shape.

The Best Hat for a Round Face Shape
WHAT TO LOOK FOR – Stephanie Carter, cofounder of Wallaroo Hats, suggests a squared crown with a medium sized brim hat for the round face shape.
ONE TO TRY – The Sonoma, by Wallaroo Hats

The Best Hat for an Oval Face Shape
WHAT TO LOOK FOR – Stephanie Carter, cofounder of Wallaroo Hats, suggests a larger flexible brim that folds up or down for the oval face shape.
ONE TO TRY -The Catalina, by Wallaroo Hats

The Best Hat for a Heart Face Shape
WHAT TO LOOK FOR – Stephanie Carter, cofounder of Wallaroo Hats, suggests hats with square and flat tops (think panama types) for the heart face shape.
ONE TO TRY – The Canberra, by Wallaroo Hats

The Best Hat for a Narrow or Petite Face Shape
WHAT TO LOOK FOR – Stephanie Carter, cofounder of Wallaroo Hats, suggests a hat with a rounded crown and a shorter brim for the narrow or petite face shape.
ONE TO TRY – The Victoria Hat, by Wallaroo Hats


Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Brooke Shields, and Marcia Cross have been spotted wearing Wallaroo Hats, as well as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s daughter Violet Affleck, who was wearing Wallaroo Hat Company’s new Sophia hat in a park in Boston. The company offers hats for men, women, children, and infants.

About the Expert:
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Hot Swimsuits and Top Swimwear Trends for the Summer of 2009

One-piece, two-piece, bikini, tankini, boy shorts, and cutouts – the styles and trends for swimwear in the summer of 2009 come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Bright, exotic color schemes and lively patterns make this year’s swimsuit trends perfect for lots of fun in the sun.

Various swimwear companies are offering a wide selection of swimsuits in bright, vibrant colors for a fun and vivacious look this summer. Bold and beautiful colors like fuchsia, emerald green, amethyst, and other jewel tones hold a top spot in color trends for 2009 swimsuits. Black swimwear continues to be timeless and slimming as well.

Regarding style of swimwear, halter tops seem to be a popular fashion for summer 2009, but so are swimsuits with a single shoulder strap or cut-outs. Swimwear companies offer sexy one-piece swimsuits and bikinis, tankinis, and more, all of which can be a great swimsuit style for 2009, depending on your preferences.

In terms of patterns, prints, and designs, summer 2009 swimwear trends see geometric patterns, African prints, or tribal prints hold great popularity this season. Adornments make a special fashion statement while ruffles, ruching, and fringing deliver camouflaging effects and a bit of soft and sexy to your look.

If you are worried about fitting your swimsuit to your bust size, don’t fret. Freya and Fantasie cup-size bathing suits offer support and cup sizing to give you a perfect fit for your swimsuit every time.  These two lines of swimwear provide full support for women up to an HH cup size, so you should be able to find a swimsuit that looks and feels great with Freya and Fantasie collections, both offering vibrant colors and interesting prints and patterns.

Rosa Cha, a high fashion Brazilian bikini line created by designer Amir Slama, also features swimwear in bright colors and unique styles, perfect for fashion-forward women and celebrities across the globe.

No matter what your body shape, size, and style preferences, you can find a fabulous swimsuit this summer. Whether you prefer to follow the swimwear trends of summer 2009 or pave your own way to fashion in your swim attire, enjoy your summer!

Hot Summer Shoes and Sexy Sandals for Women of All Ages

Put your best foot forward this summer by choosing a stylish and sexy sandal, a fun and flirty pair of flip-flops, or a lovely pair of fashion-forward boat shoes. Stylish summer shoes can make all the difference in your summer outfits, no matter if you plan to chill out at home or hit the beach, go out on the town with friends, or attend a summer gala.

Finding hot summer shoes that fit your feet and your lifestyle can be easier than you think. Remember that style and comfort are both important to consider in selecting the best summer shoes and sexy summer sandals for you. As you plan to choose hot new summer shoes, make sure you consider some of the most important factors: function (what will you be doing when you wear these shoes?), style (do you like how they look? Will you still like the shoes next season?), color (will your shoes match most of your clothing or only a few items?), and cost (how much do you want to spend to look great from head to toe?).


As you search for the perfect summer shoes and sexy sandals for wearing around the home or for a special vacation or honeymoon, remember to consider the types of outfits you’ll be wearing with the new summer shoes. You want to make sure the style of your shoes complements the style and theme of your clothing. Consider these fun and flirty summer shoes and sandals for women of all ages.

Hot Flip-Flops for Summer or Anytime
If you are looking for a flip-flop that you can love forever and one with which you’ll never grow bored, consider SwitchFlops. Your favorite colors, styles, and patterns can help you to customize a summery flip-flop that will remain among your favorite shoes all year long.

From the moment I slipped my feet into these cute and versatile flip-flops, I was in love. SwitchFlops are comfortable and durable – the sole of each shoe is stronger and tougher than most flip-flops you’d find anywhere else. You can feel how supportive these summer shoes are with each step you take – a nice change as compared to many of the more flimsy flip-flops.

One feature I especially loved is that these flip-flops have just a bit of heel compared to most of the entirely flat flip-flops. When I first slipped my feet into the SwitchFlops, I immediately felt the slight depression in the sole around the ball of my foot and at my toes. The heel proved to be a bit higher, giving me that arch support I’m so accustomed to with my platform sandals and heels.

Even my puppy gives these cool summer sandals her approval. A border collie, she quickly found the most unique element of the SwitchFlops: the Velcro straps that allow you to change the look and style of your flip-flops at your own pace. Each interchangeable SwitchFlops strap pulls easily away from the shoe itself and can be conveniently replaced with a new and exciting strap and decorative adornment. The SwitchFlops Web site offers countless styles, colors and patterns to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect customized pair of flip-flops – SwitchFlops – for you.

SwitchFlops retail for roughly $25 and up. For more information about SwitchFlops, visit online at www.switchflops.com.

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Stylish Swimsuits to Flatter Every Body Type

Once the weather starts getting warmer, many of us get new swimsuits on the brain. Even during the cooler months of the year, a tropical vacation to a warmer place definitely warrants a new and beautiful bathing suit.

Women's Regular TrimLine Solid Shirred Front Tank Swimsuit by Lands End

A new swimsuit can mean so much more than a desired trip to the beach. Swimsuits can be our motivation to drop a few extra pounds or to tone our muscles for more definition, six-pack abs, or simply a slimmer figure. New swimsuits can also be a great way to ring in the summer and hot weather.

Even if you aren’t looking to slim down or lose a few extra pounds, you can still find a swimsuit to flatter your own body type. Swimsuit designers are now creating swimwear specific to the different body types, often mentioning the key attributes in the swimsuit’s description online or at the store. Even bathing suits plus size have significantly improved in quality and style in recent years.

Women's Regular All-over Control Slender Tunic Swimsuit by Lands EndIf you want to find a stylish swimsuit to flatter your figure, keep two things in mind. (1.) Fashion experts and designers want you to look and feel great in your swimwear, so they are trying to make different swimsuits to flatter different body types; and (2.) You should keep your favorite color combos and patterns in mind as you seek out a stylish swimsuit to flatter your body type. You can always match the swimsuit style to your figure and match the pattern and colors to your own preferences. That way you end up with a kickass bathing suit that looks great and accentuates your best features or enhances various other parts of you.

Some of the popular trends for swimsuits this season include swimwear with ruffles, swimwear with cut-outs, color-blocking, and of course, patterns and prints boasting florals, tribal designs, and more, according to Kim McGowan of MarkdownAlert.com.

No matter what your body type, read on for the top swimsuits that will flatter your figure and make you feel great this summer!

Swimsuits for the Apple Body Shape
Women with an apple body shape tend to hold most of their weight around the midsection, particularly the stomach. This can be due to stress, eating habits, etc. To find a flattering swimsuit for the apple body shape, consider looking for swimsuits that elongate your middle.

“Miraclesuit® ‘Oceanus’ One-Piece, on sale at Nordstrom, has plenty of support for the chest in the form of an underwire bra,” says Kim McGowan of MarkdownAlert.com. “The faux-wrap detail and continual ruching at the sides of the waist slims as well as camouflages problem areas. The solid color also helps to elongate the frame, giving the allusion of a longer, leaner midsection.”

(At the time of this posting, the Miraclesuit Oceanus One-Piece is not currently available at Nordstrom.)

For women with an apple shape who are searching for a trendy floral swimsuit, McGowan suggests the Magnolia print swim suit for sale at Lane Bryant.

“This all the things apples need in a suit plus a flattering floral print that is proportional to their size,” McGowan says.

Swimsuits for Pear Body Shape
The pear body shape typically involves a thinner or even athletic upper body and fuller hips and/or butt. To flatter your figure if you have a pear body shape, consider ways to emphasize and draw attention to your upper body while choosing less distracting pieces for your lower half.

“The key to finding a swimsuit for a pear shape is to emphasize the best asset of the shape,” McGowan says. “Pear shapes have great arms, shoulders and abs. Draw the eye upward by emphasizing the shoulder line with halter-style tops with lots of embellishments like ruffles. Pears can wear lots of pattern on top to draw the eye upwards while wearing a dark colored bottom with a medium to high-cut on the hips to elongate and slim the leg.”

For women with pear body shapes, Kim McGowan suggests MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS ‘South Beach Border’ Halter Tankini from Lord & Taylor.

Swimsuits for Hourglass Figures
Lucky women with the hourglass figure may still have a difficult time selecting a swimsuit for their figure – simply because there are countless options, colors, and styles of swimwear to fit their needs. At this point, women with the hourglass figure should consider all swimsuit types and decide on either the colors or bathing suit style that they most desire.

“Women with an hourglass figure boost a proportional top and bottom half,” McGowan notes. “Hourglass shapes can wear almost any bathing suit style and pattern as long as the balance between top and bottom is retained. Hourglasses can go for trendy florals, tribal, and ombre prints in one-piece or two pieces as long as the tops and bottoms match.”

McGowan recommends women with the hourglass shape body try the ruffle sliding halter top & bottom bikini from Victoria’s Secret (on sale for $92.00).

Swimsuits for Straight Figures / Boyish Bodies
Cut-Out One-Piece Swimsuit from Neiman MarcusIf you have a slim, straight figure with few curves (sometimes also called a boyish body or frame), you will probably want to find a swimsuit that enhances your curves and adds a bit of bulk to your frame.

“Women with straight or boyish figures look best in swimsuits that create curves in the bust and hips,” says McGowan. “This season’s Cutout or monokini swimsuit does exactly that. Straight shapes who crave a two piece should try the ruffle skirted bottom with a triangle top with light padding to emphasize breasts and provide some cleavage. Curves are created at the hips with the ruched and ruffled bottom.”

McGowan suggests women with straight bodies try the Anika Brazil Halter One-Piece Swimsuit or Juicy Couture’s JACKIE BORDER MONOKINI for $160.00 at Diane’s Swimwear.

Swimsuits for Diamond Shape Bodies
Women with diamond body shapes can make the most of their figures with swimwear that draws attention to their long, sexy legs. As you shop for your summer swimsuit, consider the following tips.

“Women who are diamond shape have large breasts and straight waists with great long, lean legs,” says McGowan. “The best swimsuits create an illusion of a slimmer midsection and provide support for large breasts. Throw emphasis on the legs with ruffles or another hot trend this season, the 50s-style swimdress like the CARMEN MARC VALVO ‘Draped Solids’ Bandeau Swimdress available at Lord & Taylor (10-15% off with coupon).”

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