Tips for Selecting the Right Bra for Any Dress (Prom Dress, Wedding Gown, Cocktail Dress, and More)

Finding the perfect dress is often the top consideration, but once that dress is off the rack and in your arms, don’t forget about the other pieces that make your outfit a dazzling success. You’ve probably got the obvious accessories – shoes, purse, jewelry – but have you considered your undergarments? Make sure you select the right bra for your dress so you complete your look.

Depending on your bust size and the style of dress or gown you’ve selected, you may find an appropriate bra easily or your search may be a little more complicated. Strapless gowns, halter dresses, and other daring styles of dresses may require a more creative bra than gowns with sleeves or thicker straps.

Julia Hampton, CEO of NYC-based Nu-U Image Consulting, offers a number of tips for selecting the right bra for a dress as well as tips on going bra-less.

How do you select the right bra for a dress, and should you ever go bra-less?
“Choosing the right bra is very important and can really make a difference in how your prom dress will fit,” says Hampton. “If you are small busted, you may be able to get away without wearing a bra if your dress is not sheer or light in color. However, you should look into nipple covers or silicon pasties if you choose to go without, you can never be too careful.

“If you are wearing a strapless or spaghetti strap dress, then opt for a strapless or bandeau bra.  Look for one with boning in the cup to support your breasts and help keep it from falling down to your waist.  Another thing that may be helpful if you buy some double-sided adhesive tape, which can help keep your bra and your dress in place.”

Hampton notes that a sexy backless dress may pose a more difficult situation. For a backless dress, Hampton suggests a strapless, bandless bra.

“You may also be able to get a bra extender strap that you can attach to your own bra and wrap around your waist (if your dress is not completely backless),” she says.

“A halter style dress will require a halter bra,” Hampton adds. “These are very easy to find and may be the most comfortable out of the ones mentioned above.  Look for a bra with adjustable straps that will extend around your neck, leaving your shoulders bare.”

A convertible style bra may be a great fit for a halter dress or many other dress styles. You can remove the bra straps or reposition the bra straps for a better fit with the dress or shirt you are wearing. Once you’ve selected your prom dress, wedding gown, cocktail dress, or other style of dress or gown, finding the right bra for the dress becomes easier.

If your prom gown or wedding gown requires alterations, consider getting the bra cups sewn directly into your dress so that you don’t have to worry about bras at all. An experienced seamstress can easily sew bra cups into strapless gowns, backless gowns, and other exquisite dress styles to eliminate the bra dilemma.

Another Option: Show off Your Bra Straps!
For a fun and flirty or sexy and elegant option, you can also show off your bra straps by picking out a set of designer bra straps to go with your favorite convertible bras. Designer bra straps offer a fashion statement that is as functional as it is fashionable. offers a wide variety of fashion and designer bra straps that are interchangeable with your favorite convertible bras. Bra straps from the Elite™ Jewelry Collection feature impressive materials such as 150-344 genuine Swarovski Austrian crystals or 50 freshwater pearls adorned on adjustable silver jewelry that is hypoallergenic and nickel free. designer bra straps are compared to “jewelry for your shoulders.”

The Adorned Collection offers a variety of adjustable bra straps in brown, black, red, pink, white and clear straps with rhinestone accents while the fashion straps offer a fun and casual fashion statement for tops and eveningwear. designer bra straps and fashion bra straps are available at $15.99 to $45 per pair. For more information, visit

How to Select the Best Prom Gown Based on Body Type

Picking out a dress for prom is an exciting experience that many girls look forward to and enjoy remembering for years. Finding the perfect prom dress is a sort of precursory experience to finding the perfect wedding gown. As girls search for the best prom dress, several elements of consideration may aid in the hunt, including consideration of the best prom gown for a particular girl based on her body type.

Depending on the trends of the season, picking out a prom dress can be a cinch or a true quest. If you are looking for a prom dress that follows the trends of the season, you’ll find options in dozens if not hundreds of stores near you. If you want to find a prom gown outside of the typical trends, you might need a little more effort and some luck. Whatever the case, consider your body type in your hunt for the perfect prom gown as a wise start to your search.
Julia Hampton, CEO of NYC-based Nu-U Image Consulting, shares the following insight into the best style of prom gown based on a girl’s body type:

How can a girl discover which dresses look good on her body type?

“Some simple tips to remember are the certain styles that will work for your figure,” Hampton says.

Hampton suggests the following tips for picking the perfect prom gown for your body type:

For a fuller figure, go for an empire waist and a shorter hem. An empire waist will give you a long lean silhouette.

Hourglass or pear shape (small waist, full hips and bust)
You can look great in most dresses out there.  Dresses to look for to flatter you most would be strapless dresses and dresses with a cinched waist and shorter hem.

Triangle (small on top and heavier bottom)
Go for a longer bodice with full skirts to camouflage the hip area.  Look for cinched waists and cap sleeves as well to create a more balanced look.

Inverted Triangle (fuller on top)
Search for dresses with very simple necklines, no ruffles, bows or rouching on top that will only draw attention to that area. Create balance with a fuller skirt.

Thin and no curves (Slender)
Create curves with a bubble hem or A-line dress.  Look for detail on top which will give the illusion of something more. You can also play up your attributes with a floor length ball gown. Feel free to wear patterns and whatever color suits you best.

Shorter hemlines are the best.  Look for mid calf or mid knee dresses that won’t overtake your small frame. Small detail and solid colors are best so everyone see’s you and not just the dress.

– Tips courtesy of Julia Hampton, CEO of NYC-based Nu-U Image Consulting

Q&A – Hot Styles and Trends for Prom 2009

Prom 2009 is almost here and the hunt is on for the perfect prom dress, great shoes for prom, and the right purse or evening bag to complement the outfit. Get an early start on the search for your perfect prom dress, but keep these tips and trends in mind for prom 2009 as you seek out your prom perfect outfit.

Consider the following styles and trends for prom 2009 to help you decide on your own prom gown, prom shoes, handbag or purse, and more. You can also find the hottest places to catch a glimpse of the latest prom styles and trends and also get the scoop on celebrity prom gown styles and trends.
Julia Hampton, CEO of NYC-based Nu-U Image Consulting, offers the following tips and trend outlooks for the upcoming prom 2009 season. Enjoy these tips and keep them in mind while you piece together your own perfect prom.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Where is the best place to spot new trends for prom 2009?

A. Julia Hampton – Take cues from what we saw on the red carpet, magazines, and what you are seeing in the stores now to find some of the most sought-after styles of the season.

Start out searching for your perfect dress by flipping through magazines and online to see what kind of dress you are most attracted to. Then hit the stores with an idea in mind of what you are looking for.  Try on as many dresses as you can; your idea of the “perfect dress” may not be as well suited for you as another style. Don’t limit yourself.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Which length dress is best for prom 2009 – short or long (or both)?

A. Julia Hampton – Short is the way to go in 2009! We have finally said goodbye to the traditional views that long gowns are the only way to go. Long gowns, of course, and just below the knee can be amazing as well. Go for what looks best and forget the hemline. The key is what looks best on you and makes you feel special.  If going short, however, detail is key. In order to keep it prom worthy, think lace, bows, sequins and ruffles.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Is there any dress style that will look good on any figure?

A. Julia Hampton –
A sleeveless sheath dress that hits just at or below the knee should complement any figure.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Is there anything a girl can wear to help minimize bumps and bulges under her prom dress for a smooth look?

A. Julia Hampton – There are miracle workers out there now that can help minimize certain assets or simply create a smoother look underneath your dress. Look at your local lingerie store or department store for shapewear such as waist cinchers or thigh slimmers. They have a wide variety of styles to suit whatever you may be wearing. Spanx and Body Wrap are two great brands to look for.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Does a girl need to spend a fortune to look fabulous on prom night?

A. Julia Hampton –

You do not have to spend a lot to look great on prom night! If you have already exhausted your own closet and family and friends closets and found nothing… you can start looking for your dress early and hit the Goodwill and local thrift stores and find really expensive dresses marked down to almost nothing! Outlet malls are also a great place to find dresses.

As for a purse, try heading to the children’s department at any store, you will be able to find a small purse that you can dye to match your dress and carry it as a clutch. Look for accessories in your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry box. They may be more subtle than what you would find at a department store, but they will be more momentous for your “special night.”

As for your makeup, most makeup counters offer free makeovers. Ask around and see what they offer, you may simply need to purchase one thing afterwards, which will most likely be a lipstick for you to reapply throughout the night.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What kinds of accessories are hot for prom 2009?

A. Julia Hampton – If you want to really change your look, you can add a hair extension clip-in piece to create a completely different look. These are very hot for prom night. Other accessories that are hot this year are rhinestone hairclips, flowered or braided headbands, beaded clutch purses, and strappy metallic heels.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What types of dress styles have you been seeing celebrities (like Taylor Swift) wear that might look good on prom night?

A. Julia Hampton – Some styles that I really love this year are the one-strap dresses, short flirty hemlines – sequins in every size and color are always a hit – and dresses in fun colors like papaya, plum, or yellow are sure to make you stand out on prom night!

St. Patrick’s Day Jewelry and Irish Accessories

4 leaf clover green pearl necklace by Mu-Yin Jewelry, LLC, www.muyinmolly.etsy.comWhether you are Irish at heart or Irish through and through, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a festive Irish wardrobe and Irish or green accessories is a great way to get involved with the holiday. From earrings to necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and beyond, you can have lots of fun dressing up your outfit for St. Patrick’s Day with fun, green jewelry fashions and Irish accessories.

Feel free to dress for the occasion… If you are going to a bar, you might go for a funky look with chunky green jewelry or unique, Irish themed accessories. If you are hosting dinner in your home, a single conversation piece – a special piece of jewelry with a story behind it – can really lighten up the mood. If you are going on a special date for St. Patrick’s Day, you might choose jewelry from your significant other or pick out items with an Irish theme to show off your unique sense of style.

Irish Themed Jewelry for St. Patrick’s Day
When it comes to sporting the right accessories, your own personal fashion sense leads the way. Select items that make you feel good about being you – items that make you feel natural and comfortable yet also daring and fun.

Here are some fun St. Patrick’s Day jewelry fashions and Irish themed items that caught our eye:

Gold Oval Charm Necklace by Janna Conner Designs

•    3832 Gold Oval Charm Necklace, Shown in Kelly Green / Clover – $87.  Enjoy the luck o’ the Irish with this unique gold plated oval pendant enhanced with vibrant Kelly green enamel and a gold plated clover charm hanging from an 18″ 14K gold fill ball chain. Designed by Janna Conner Designs,



Gold Medium Charm Bangle by Janna Conner Designs

•    3668 Gold Medium Charm Bangle – Shown in Kelly Green / Lucky Mix – $81.  Gold plated bangles enameled and decorated with unique charms. One of our most popular styles! Shown in Kelly Green/Lucky Mix (top). Measurements: 2.75″ diameter, 0.75″ width. Also available in silver. One size fits most! Designed by Janna Conner Designs,



Gold Thin Charm Bangle by Janna Conner Designs

•    3666 Gold Thin Charm Bangle – $75. Shown in Olive/Lucky Mix.  Gold plated thin bangles enameled and decorated with charms. Shown in latte/owl head (left) and olive/lucky mix (right). Bangle measures 2.75″ in diameter and 0.5″ in width. One size fits most! Designed by Janna Conner Designs,


Gold Christa Bangle Set by Janna Conner Designs

•    4903 Gold Christa Bangle Set – $123.  Set of three gold plated thin bangles decorated with a mix of charms hanging from a large jump ring. Mix consists of a gold plated knot charm, asymmetric Swarovski stone, and small semi-precious coin. Shown in Emerald Swarovski mix. Also available in silver. Designed by Janna Conner Designs,


four-leaf clover guitar pick necklace by Heidi B, Funklectic Mistressfour-leaf clover guitar pick earrings by Heidi B, Funklectic Mistress

•    Four-leaf Clover Guitar Pick Earrings and Matching Necklace – How cool is this design?! The cord is made from a recycled guitar string! Cool white guitar picks are accented by four-leaf clover design in a pretty Irish green. Design by Heidi B, Funklectic Mistress,





1 OAK Crystal and Mayoica Pearl Lariat Necklace


•    1 OAK Crystal and Mayoica pearl lariat necklace with a pop of green – This piece includes a 14K gold filled chain with a combination of Green Crystal, Pink Topaz and Mayoica pearl beads. The chain is approx. 29.5″ in length – this is excluding the bottom pendants which are almost 1.5″ long. This lariat style necklace looks great dressed up or casual. Designs by Sara, of 1 O.A.K.

4 leaf clover green pearl necklace by Mu-Yin Jewelry, LLC,•    4 leaf clover green pearl necklace – Four rare lime green petal shaped keishi freshwater pearls are wrapped in sterling silver wire to resemble a four leaf clover.Looks gorgeously feminine on a sterling silver chain and irresistably cute on a leather choker. Pendant measures approximately 5/8″(17mm) wide. Choose a leather cord or sterling silver chain. Designs by Mu-Yin Jewelry, LLC,


“sweet pea” green pearl jewelry by Mu-Yin Jewelry, LLC,

•    “sweet pea” green pearl jewelry – Enjoy a classic sweet pea look with creatively designed pea pods or single peas. The green pearls are lovely and offer a unique spin on green jewelry. Sweet pea jewelry is available as necklaces, earrings, and rings. Designs by Mu-Yin Jewelry, LLC,

Garnet, Jade and Opal Jewelry by Nancy Dobbs Owen

•    Garnet, Jade and Opal Jewelry – Five stone crushed chain necklaces are made of sterling silver, gold fill and green garnet or jade. The confetti necklace is crafted in sterling, gold fill and Peruvian opal.  Designs by Nancy Dobbs Owen



Abstract Triangle Bangle by Velina Glass


•    Abstract Triangle bracelet – This bangle is made of custom dyed epoxy resin and sterling silver.  I pour the liquid resin into a mold made from transparency paper.  I cure the resin with heat and finish it by hand using increasing grits of sandpaper.  Only hand sanding can give the resin this luminous look and silky smooth texture.  This bracelet is priced at $100 and is available at Design by Velina A. Glass, The Artist Online, LLC,


 “I recommend a necklace made of a green stone – green garnet for prosperity, jade for wisdom, opals for good fortune…,” says Nancy Dobbs Owen ( “Natural, gorgeous, flattering and useful!”

“Especially on holidays, jewelry can be such a perfect way to add a pop of color,” says Sara, of 1 O.A.K.

The Allure of White as a Color Choice in Fashion

White or black? Which is the color of chic? Perhaps it all depends on the wearing – who, what, when, and where. Maybe it depends on whose fashion rulebook you are using.

Whatever it is, sporting white can make a big statement. Wearing white is no longer seen as boring. Rather, it is sexy, demure, or sophisticated depending on the where and how. You can personalize an outfit of white to give it a personality that will stick out in anyone’s memory.

If you decide to wear something with volume, try to pair it with a slimmer item to avoid the totally sloppy look. After all, once you get the attention that you are craving, you want to be able to maintain it- e.g. a fitted jacket or top and sleek boots –especially, to the knee style boots, with a full skirt.

A slightly oversized bag makes more sense than a large satchel that’s big enough to hold half a dinner set of dishes. If it’s easy to clean, so much the better. White accessories, while blending in, can add a sparkle and shimmer that can liven up an outfit. Embellishments from beads and tassels to ribbons and lace can add an exciting dimension to the already perfect outfit.

Instead of worrying about white becoming dirty quickly, purchase something that’s easy to clean such as cotton or stretch cotton. Or simply be bold and wear your whites with zest and the confidence that at the moment, the outfit looks fabulous. After all, we love to add to our wardrobe constantly, and chances are, you will only have to replace part of an ensemble if the worst does happen.

Wearing white promotes a look that captivates the sightseer of fashion. It almost mesmerizes to the point of distraction. The fact, that many celebrities now choose to wear white all year long, adds to the glamour of the color.

Steer away from the typical “hot” colors of red and black for your lingerie. The color white can inspire your mate and give you an almost untouchable look that will send him burning with desire straight into your arms.

The crisp and clean look of white can give an appearance of newness, of innocence, of simplicity. Soft, sheer, and frilly can add a touch of romance. Puffy sleeves, bits of ribbon, and trimmings of lace can lend themselves to the feminine side of your nature.

Fitted jackets and blouses add a sense of professionalism.

Whatever you wear, make it white, and make it yours!

©2005 Susan M. Keenan

Valentine’s Day Beauty Tips from Head to Toe

Try these Valentine's Day beauty tips!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, dozens of thoughts may be flying through our minds – from the perfect gift for our sweetheart to the ultimate romantic date location to Valentine’s Day beauty and selecting the right outfit, makeup, and more.

Busy gals and last minute planners alike can save themselves some stress and frustration by selecting a stunning outfit, complementing makeup, and fashionable hairstyle ahead of time. Consider these tips to help you select your Valentine’s Day beauty regimen, from clothing to Valentine’s makeup, manicure, and more.

Selecting Your Valentine’s Day Outfit
Most women will feel the immediate need to select their evening wardrobe prior to even thinking about hairstyle or makeup options. As you select your clothing, bear in mind the climate of your date’s location. Is it outdoors, like ice skating or stargazing? Will there be intense air conditioning, such as in a movie theatre, a hockey arena or indoor ice rink, or some other place known to be chilly?

If you expect that the temperature may be on the cooler side, opt for a soft, snuggly sweater that just begs your date to wrap his arms around you. Cute and comfortable, a sweater can be paired with a tank or t-shirt underneath in case the temperature is warmer than expected.

Jeans, dress pants and skirts will all complement a stylish sweater, so try to get an idea of the general dress code of your date’s location prior to planning your outfit for the evening.

Selecting Your Valentine’s Day Hairstyle
Depending on the nature and atmosphere of the evening’s venue, determine if an up-do or a longer style would best suit the date. Curls created by a curling iron or hot rollers provide an elegant touch to your appearance while free and flowing tresses never go out of style. Pins, clips and barrettes carefully placed will adorn hair nicely while creating a unique and practical look.

Selecting Your Valentine’s Day Makeup – Kissable Lips, Sexy Eyes
For soft, kissable lips, a simple lip-gloss or flavored chapstick may be the best bet. Lipsticks and lip stains often smooch off onto handsome boys’ faces, wineglasses and clothing if not especially careful. If lip color is desired, do a test run with a shade prior to the big Valentine’s Day date to see if it suits your likes and needs.

Lash thickening and lengthening mascara enhances eyes’ intensity and romantic appeal by making eyes stand out even more. A simple powder shadow with a subtle sparkle may do just the trick so you can unleash your enchantment on your date.

Selecting Your Valentine’s Day Manicures and Nail Polish Colors
Continue the beauty trend all the way down to your fingertips, and pick a pretty nail polish to complement your outfit or one that will accent a certain hue if you have a shirt with several colors. Apply a base coat first to strengthen nails. Once it has dried, apply a coat of your preferred color, let it dry and then apply a second coat to nails. After your nails have dried completely, apply a sparkly or iridescent topcoat for added protection and shine.

As you finish up with your fingernails, remember to treat your tootsies to some pampering, too. Do an all-out pedicure or simply massage some lotion onto your feet and paint your toenails in the same attractive color as your fingernails.

For a quickie Valentine’s Day pedicure, first soak your feet and use a gentle foot scrub to exfoliate. Dab dry with a towel and push back cuticles with an orange stick. Next apply a base coat to protect nails. Using the same color you selected for your nails, apply two coats, allowing polish to dry fully in between each one. Finish off with a shiny, sparkly or iridescent topcoat and allow them to dry. Massage some scented lotion onto feet and enjoy how soft and touchable they are!

Fragrance Tip:
Last but definitely not least, appeal to your date’s senses even more with a flirty perfume. Dab a few drops on your pulse points (neck, wrists) and spritz a bit in the air near you to fully take on the fragrance.

Last Minute Tips: As you prepare to meet your date for the evening, remember to pack a few items in your purse – a small compact mirror, lip gloss or lip color, a few tissues, a tiny bit of dental floss just in case, and a pack of gum or mints.

Finally, relax and enjoy your special evening with the lucky guy!

Pretty Jewelry Fashions for Valentine’s Day – Great Gifts and Beautiful Pieces to Wear on the Special Date

Whether you’d like to wear something snazzy for Valentine’s Day or if you’re looking for an unforgettable gift, jewelry happens to be a key part of the holiday of love.
Something as sentimental as a locket or as fun and versatile as a strand of handmade beads can be a memorable and favorite keepsake. When choosing your own pretty jewelry fashions on Valentine’s Day to either wear or give as a gift to your sweetheart, remember that jewelry is wearable art that can express feeling and emotion without words.

From the elegant and exquisite to the casual, fun, and funky, jewelry fashions make any kind of statement you want them to make on Valentine’s Day.

What Kind of Jewelry to Wear on Valentine’s Day

Selecting Jewelry to wear on Valentine’s Day can be a fun complement to picking out your special outfit, from clothing to shoes, purse, and everything in between. Depending on your preferences, consider all the types of jewelry you plan to wear – rings, necklace, earrings, bracelet, toe ring, etc.

When it all comes down to it, wear what you want. Select your jewelry based on your outfit and your plans – where you’re going, what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day. If you would like to coordinate a special sentiment with your jewelry or convey emotions or attitude with your accessories, consider the following options to get you started.

Jewelry to Wear if You are Single and out with Friends…
A Valentine’s Day girls’ night out or girls’ night in would be the perfect time to sport some snazzy jewelry fashions, from chunky rings or bracelets to beaded strands and more. Select jewelry that you adore – borrow something from your mom’s jewelry chest or wear a favorite piece of your own. If you are feeling especially indulgent, pick out a new piece of jewelry as a special gift for yourself!

Jewelry designer Summer Allen created a lovely 18-inch necklace with semi-precious stones and beads, entitled “After the Rain”. (After the Rain retails for $160.) The necklace is warm toned with reds, oranges, pink and more, making a lovely complement for so many different types of outfits.

“Bright and beaming!” Allen said. “I have intermingled multiple yellow, orange, pink, and red semi precious stones within green silk macramé for this refreshing design. The clasp consists of a honey colored bohemian Vaseline disk and gooseberry trade bead.”

Other fun and flirty fashions for singles to sport on Valentine’s Day may include “love beads” or pretty Indian beads as bracelets. Consider wearing several strands on your wrist or around your neck for a carefree Valentine fashion statement.

ZuluGrass jewelry from the Leakey Collection is an excellent choice for Valentine's Day.ZuluGrass Jewelry offers an extensive variety of beaded jewelry made by the Maasai women of Kenya through the Leakey Collection, which was founded in 2002 by Katy and Philip Leakey. ZuluGrass jewelry is available as a single strand or multi-strand so that wearers can enjoy whichever style they like best. The color choices are virtually limitless, and the Leakey Collection also contains a number of styles featuring wooden beads, or ZuluWood, which are crafted from the native woods of Eastern Africa.

For more information on Zulugrass and the Leakey Collection, visit online at

Jewelry to Wear if You Are on a First Date or if You Are in a New Relationship…
Whenever you go on a first date, you always want to make a good first impression. Some tips for jewelry to wear on a first date: avoid pieces from any of your exes, heirloom pieces are good conversation pieces if they look natural with your outfit and fit your personality, and finally, be yourself – don’t try to make yourself into something you are not.

Simple jewelry fashions may be best in a new dating scenario. You don’t want to come on too strong with the accessories, as you don’t want your partner to see you as high maintenance or well stocked in jewelry. Keep things a little mysterious with a signature piece of jewelry such as dangle earrings and perhaps a bracelet of your choosing. Beaded bracelets and necklaces can be a fun and lighthearted jewelry design to show off on Valentine’s Day. The Leakey Collection’s ZuluGrass strands in red and purple would make a lovely fashion statement for a first date or a date in a new relationship.

Jewelry designer Summer Allen offers a number of jewelry designs that would look great for Valentine’s Day – such as “Rose Bud” earrings. The earrings offer a neutral color tone that can be mixed and matched to your outfit fairly easily. Rose Bud earrings retail for $16.

“Pink faceted glass stones hang at the bottom of the simple, wear with anything earrings,” Allen says. “They were created with sterling silver wire. These earrings are approximately 3/4 of an inch long.”

Jewelry to Wear if You Are Married, Engaged, or in a Long-term Relationship…
If your significant other has already given you gifts of jewelry, you may want to wear a special piece to emphasize your commitment and your connection. A nice pair of diamond earrings, if you have a set, is classic for Valentine’s Day or any day. A special necklace from your loved one is another great piece, while rings are a wonderful accent to your Valentine’s Day ensemble.

A bracelet is always a nice piece to attract the eyes and bring more attention to your hands, fingernails, manicure, and so forth. For a special night out with your sweetheart, consider wearing a bracelet that makes you feel fashionable and sexy. Summer Allen offers a bracelet, “Michelle”, which features unique, handmade brass and copper Ethiopian drop pendants, with a couple of them boasting “clappers” inside to make a tiny noise when they move.

If you are married or engaged, your choice of rings may be an easy one. If you’d like to spice it up with an additional ring or two, go for it!

Jewelry as Gifts on Valentine’s Day
Many women love receiving jewelry as a gift on Valentine’s Day, as jewelry is often seen as more of a commitment to the relationship than say, chocolate or flowers. Of course, women still appreciate any gift their mates may choose, but a gift of jewelry is often the icing on the cake. Any of the above jewelry items would make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift.


Valentine’s Day Fashion – Dresses – Four Choices of What to Wear for Your Big Date

Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal for many folks.  Mary L Couture Sequin Bodice Ombré Chiffon Gown, suggested by iStorez From makeup to deciding what clothing to wear on your date, not to mention shoes, accessories, jewelry, and more, the combinations and possibilities are virtually endless, and in truth – enough to inspire an endless headache if you let it all stress you too much. So, rather than stressing out on the small stuff, take each element one at a time and work your way to the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Deciding what to wear for Valentine’s Day may seem like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can have a lot of fun putting together outfits that look like a million bucks for a special night out. The hardest part of your efforts may be narrowing it down to just one outfit to wear on Valentine’s Day.

Four Fabulous Dresses for a Special Valentine’s Day Date
When it comes to special holidays and romantic date nights like Valentine’s Day, dresses are among the favorite fashions of choice. To make your decision process easier, we’ve selected four dresses that we just love for a Valentine’s Day date.

Payal Jaggi, Fashionista and Blogger for iStorez (, shares her favorite three choices for a stunning Valentine’s Day outfit, perfect for a night out on the town, followed by a choice from Life Love Beauty.

 JS Boutique Strapless Pleated Taffeta Dress, suggested by iStorez Valentine’s Day Fashion Choice #1. Strapless Dress – A timeless classic for women of all ages…
Outfit: Rather than completely flipping for “what’s in fashion,” stick to the color that best suits you, because after partying for hours, you still want to look good and fresh. A complementary color can do wonders to your complexion.

Accessories: Don’t forget to add accessories to your ensemble. For a strapless dresses, the choices are many. Oversized cuffs, armlets, or long shoulder-hugging earrings are perfect to add glamour.

Shoes: Go for stilettos or pointy-toe pumps.

More about this dress at Nordstrom.


(Payal Jaggi, iStorez)

 BCBGMAXAZRIA One Shoulder Satin Sheath Dress with Beaded Belt, suggested by iStorez Valentine’s Day Fashion Choice #2. One Shoulder Dress – Exotic, vintage, whatever you want it to be…
Outfit: The thing I like most about one shoulder dresses is they give a couture-like effect to your ensemble. They look more exotic than strapless dresses and are ideal if you have a big bust. Choose a thin strap for a smaller bust and a thicker one for big busts.

To accessorize the look, go for face-framing accessories or chunky cuffs / bracelets instead of necklaces. Use a stole or a cropped bomber jacket to play with different angles and achieve a cutting-edge look. For a bag, clutches match one shoulder dresses the best.

Shoes: Stick to simple strappy sandals, or if you’re wearing a jacket, wear boots or booties.


More about this dress at Nordstrom.

(Payal Jaggi, iStorez)

 Mary L Couture Sequin Bodice Ombré Chiffon Gown, suggested by iStorez Valentine’s Day Fashion Choice #3. Gown – For an elegant evening on the town…
Outfit: Long and lean, nothing is more dazzling than a floor-length gown. It not only makes you look taller but also elegant. Choose a fabric that flows – think chiffon or georgette.

Accessories: Keep the accessories to a minimum. A clutch is the best bag choice here as well.

Shoes: Open-toe sandals work great with this look.
More about this dress at Nordstrom.


(Payal Jaggi, iStorez)

Little Black Dress - Sylvia Dress by cmarchuskaValentine’s Day Fashion Choice #4. The Little Black Dress – Always a classy, sexy choice for a special date or any occasion…
Outfit: A 1960s style fitted silhouette dress can make the scene for a casual or an elegant outing. A unique twist like an off the shoulder or asymmetrical design can really spice things up.

Silver or white gold jewelry would look stunning with this style, especially bangles or other thin, shiny bracelets. Colorful accessories are a must here with a pretty little black dress. This little black dress is also a great excuse to wear tights! Pair the dress with metallic tights for a sexy, trendy look. When it comes to purses, try a simple hobo style purse or pick up your favorite clutch.

Our first pick for shoes here would be a sexy high-heeled black mule with a bit of embellishment. You might have fun pairing lots of different shoes with this versatile dress – try heels or flats.

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“But make sure you remember (even if you do so only after you’ve eaten all the chocolate you possibly can), to tell not just your partner, but also your friends and family, that you love them,” Jaggi says.

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Stylish and classic, the cmarchuska clothing line features fabrics that both look and feel good while also helping to sustain our environment. To learn more or to view various styles available from cmarchuska, visit online at =”” target=”_blank”>

What Should I Wear on Valentine’s Day?

What to wear for Valentine's Day - Top by Sienna RoseSelecting an outfit to wear on Valentine’s Day can be a challenge, but at least it should be a fun one. Keep in mind what your plans are for the evening. If you can figure out what activities you’ll be doing on your Valentine’s Day date, that makes the “what to wear” dilemma so much simpler.

For a casual Valentine’s Day date, such as takeout and a rented movie or making dinner together at home, you can get away with almost anything, but undoubtedly jeans and comfy, classic tees are in the running. If you and your sweetheart are planning a night out on the town, think upscale with a classy dress or skirt and shirt ensemble. Another staple – you can always pull off a hot little number in black pants and a camisole with some type of jacket, cardigan, or cover-up.

What to Wear for a Sexy and Stylish Valentine’s Day – The Perfect Little Black Dress
What to wear for Valentine's Day - Sylvia Dress by cmarchuskaIf you want jaws to drop and heads to turn on Valentine’s Day, consider wearing a little black dress. In the opinions of many, the little black dress is a great choice of apparel for almost any occasion. For Valentine’s Day, the little black dress says sexy, seductive, and sweetheart all at the same time.

Eco-friendly brand cmarchuska offers a fabulous 1960s style silhouette dress called “Sylvia”. This little black dress is fitted and features a sassy and asymmetrical off the shoulder style. The Sylvia dress is made of soft and silky organic cotton and modal for an ultra comfortable, touchable fabric.

What to Wear for a Romantic Valentine’s Day – A Graceful TopValentine's Day fashion - flirty top by Sienna Rose
Nothing spells romance quiet like tops that seem to imply poetic thoughts. Sienna Rose, Inc. offers a breath-taking line of shirts that offer flattering silhouettes for every figure as well as beautiful patterns and soft, comfortable fabric that flows gracefully along the body’s lines.

Sienna Rose tops come in a wide variety of styles with different lengths of sleeves and different necklines. The diversity of the designs offers a nice variety for different style preferences and fits. The artistic patterns and flowing nature of the shirts make them a truly romantic and sexy style to wear for Valentine’s Day.

What to Wear for a Flirty Valentine’s Day – A Flowing or Twirly Skirt
Flirty, twirly skirt - Seven Year Skirt by Effie's HeartFor a flirty accent to your Valentine’s Day outfit, consider a fashionable skirt with a full fluted hem. The Seven Year Skirt by Effie’s Heart offers a classy and romantic look that is functional at the same time. The Seven Year Skirt features a pima cotton and spandex blend with front pockets – that’s right, we said FRONT POCKETS. How wonderful it is to find a design that looks great and still gives you a place to tote your favorite lip gloss!

A twirly skirt or flowy skirt like Effie’s Heart’s Seven Year Skirt would look excellent with a camisole or a wide variety of short or long sleeved shirts. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

So, What Should I Wear on Valentine’s Day?

Hopefully some of these suggestions have helped you to find your perfect outfit for a special Valentine’s Day. And if not, well, in the words of humorist author and speaker January Jones, “Have you considered wearing just chocolate and whipped cream?”

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Stylish and classic, the cmarchuska clothing line features fabrics that both look and feel good while also helping to sustain our environment. To learn more or to view various styles available from cmarchuska, visit online at

Effie’s Heart strives to provide modern women with the vintage glamour of years past. Visit Effie’s Heart online at

Sienna Rose, Inc. fashions feature works by Sue Halevy with soft, flowing fabric and artistic, eye-catching prints. Visit Sienna Rose, Inc. online at

January Jones is an author and speaker who specializes in homemaker humor and expert on whining. Visit her online at her Web site, Thou Shalt Not Whine – The  Eleventh Commandment, which shares the top ten things people whine about, why they whine, and how to stop the whining. To learn more about January Jones, visit online at

Choosing the Best Necklaces for Your Figure

With jewelry, sometimes it is love at first sight. Other times, when wanting to be fashionably correct, choosing the best necklaces for your figure can be a challenge and a half. The trick of choosing the best necklace for your figure is to find an appropriate style of necklace with an accent piece or color combination that you absolutely love.

Sterling Silver Marcasite & Garnet Glass Heart Pendant, 18To choose the best necklace for your figure, keep in mind that certain necklaces look best with certain clothing fashions, while other clothing and jewelry combinations may not look as great together. Your figure and stature also come into play when selecting the best necklace or necklaces for your figure. You should also keep in mind which precious metals and gemstones or shells or other adornments you prefer in your jewelry.

B2C Jewels, an expansive and well established online jewelry store, offers the following tips for choosing the best necklaces for your figure and body shape. Consider these tips when selecting the best necklace for you:

Best Necklaces for a Petite Figure
Sterling Silver Eternity Cross Pendant, 1814K Hammered Designed Pendant With Chain by B2C JewelsTo choose the best necklaces for a petite figure, remember that your petite size needn’t be overpowered by large or bulky necklaces and jewelry. They say good things come in small packages, so keep up with the theme and accent your petite shape with small and subtle necklace and jewelry fashions.

B2C Jewels suggests: “Delicate chains and small pendants will work with your small frame.”

Image: 14K Hammered Designed Pendant With Chain by B2C Jewels (left)

Image: Sterling Silver Eternity Cross Pendant, 18″, Collection (right)

Best Necklaces for a Tall Figure
10k White Gold Black Diamond Infinity Pendant (1/4 cttw), Collection14K Yellow Gold Genuine Citrine and Kishi Pearls Necklace by B2C Jewels To choose the best necklaces for a tall figure, keep in mind that your height can be a blessing. You can wear longer necklaces that some other women may not feel comfortable wearing, but wish they could. You can find beautiful necklaces for a tall figure by keeping in mind a few simple tips to help you choose.

B2C Jewels suggests: “Look for longer necklaces that hit below your top’s neckline to balance your height. Your figure can handle a necklace with medium-sized stones.”

Image: 14K Yellow Gold Genuine Citrine and Kishi Pearls Necklace by B2C Jewels (right)

Image: 10k White Gold Black Diamond Infinity Pendant (1/4 cttw), Collection (left)

Sterling Silver Open Double Flower Pendant, 16Best Necklaces for a Thin Figure
14K Two Toned Gold Diamond Heart Pendant(.07 cttw.) by B2C Jewels To choose the best necklaces for a thin figure, keep in mind that your best necklace style may be similar to the best necklaces for a petite figure. When you have a thin frame, you want to play off your best features without taking on an unbalanced look with your jewelry.

B2C Jewels suggests: “Look for necklaces without too much bulk. Pendants are a great way to wear a delicate chain and still incorporate fun design.”

Image: 14K Two Toned Gold Diamond Heart Pendant(.07 cttw.) by B2C Jewels (left)

Image: Sterling Silver Open Double Flower Pendant, 16″ – 18″, Collection (right)

Best Necklaces for a Curvy Figure
To choose the best necklaces for a curvy figure, keep in mind that you can really show off a special pendant or eye-catching necklace. Play up your curvy figure by selecting a necklace that accentuates your lovely curves.Exquisite 14K Yellow Gold Loop Necklace by B2C Jewels

B2C Jewels suggests: “Choose more substantial piece that is in keeping with your overall figure. Necklaces that fall below your neckline will help lengthen your silhouette.”

B2C Suggestion: Exquisite 14K Yellow Gold Loop Necklace (right)

Sterling Silver Marcasite & Garnet Glass Heart Pendant, 18Life Love Beauty Suggestion: Sterling Silver Marcasite & Garnet Glass Heart Pendant, 18″, Collection


Choosing the best necklace for your body type and your figure can make for a fun jewelry shopping experience. From browsing the stores to browsing jewelry online, you can find many lovely necklace styles to suit your shape and size. Keep in mind your own style
preferences and your body shape and stature when choosing the best necklace for you. You’re sure to find beautiful fashions to compliment your shape!

About the Expert:
B2C Jewels is an online jewelry store with a focus on making online jewelry shopping easier, with a large selection of jewelry ranging from engagement rings and wedding bands to earrings, pendants and necklaces, bracelets, loose diamonds, and more. Visit B2C Jewels online at

Choosing the Best Rings for Your Fingers

Jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes, not to mention styles, colors, and designs. The different styles and sizes of jewelry offer lots of options for people to decide what fits best or what looks best. Comfort should be as much of a consideration as style when selecting jewelry. Peridot and White Gold Ring by B2C JewelsChoosing the best rings for your fingers is a great place to start in finding jewelry that suits you.

Choosing the best rings for your fingers gets easier when you actually begin the search for attractive rings that appeal to you. Whether you are searching online for styles you know look great or actually going out to the stores to try on rings, remember the key elements of choosing rings that look great with your particular fingers and hands: comfort, style, thickness of the band, and size of the stone or any designs.

Best Rings for Your Fingers Based on Fashion and Style
Finding your own fashion and style preferences can truly help in the process of choosing the best rings for your fingers. The truth is, you have to like the rings in order to want to wear them. You don’t want to pick out a ring based on finger shape alone – you must also consider your preferences in metal, design, stones or adornments, etc.

Think about these things… Do you want a fancy ring for special occasions or a more casual ring that you can wear every day? Do you want to buy several different rings to go with a few select pieces in your wardrobe, or are you hoping for something you can wear with everything? Are you more traditional, or fast following the trends? Once you have answered these questions, you’ll be better suited to begin the hunt for the best rings for your fingers.

Best Rings for Your Fingers Based on Finger Shape
Consider the shape of your fingers when selecting rings. The shape of your hands and fingers may work better with certain styles of rings than others, but you should still keep your own style preferences in mind. B2C Jewels offers the following tips for finding and choosing the best rings for your fingers:

Peridot and White Gold Ring by B2C JewelsBest rings for long and thin fingers:

If you have long and thin fingers, look for rings that offer a noticeable, eye-catching element. Draw attention to the ring, not the length or slender appearance of your fingers, when choosing the best rings for your fingers.

B2C Jewels suggests: “Choose a thicker band and a larger stone to balance out the fingers’ length.”

White gold and sapphire ring with diamonds, by B2C JewelsBest rings for shorter and thicker fingers:

If you have shorter and thicker fingers, you might want to consider delicate rings that won’t call a lot of attention to the length or width of your fingers. Consider the narrowness of the band and the size of the stones when selecting the best rings for your short, thicker fingers.

B2C Jewels suggests: “Narrower bands and smaller stones will avoid visually cutting off too much of the finger.”

Best Rings for Your Fingers Based on Comfort
It is important to keep comfort in mind as you search for the best rings for your finger shape. Whether you have slender piano fingers or knobby knuckles or wider fingers, you can still find a ring that offers a comfortable fit and a beautiful appearance. Choosing the best rings for your fingers may ultimately come down to the comfort factor, so don’t ignore this element.

“Don’t stop at the tailor to custom fit your fashion,” says Eric Alulis, a specialist in New Product Development for Superfit® Inc. “Stop by your local jeweler and discover ways to custom fit your jewelry as well! Having your ring fit with a special mechanism will allow any ring you already own (or one you are picking out for yourself) to open completely to bypass your knuckle and fit comfortably at the base of the finger.

“You will never have to struggle to force a ring on or off over a reluctant knuckle and your ring will no longer spin around your finger. It will sit securely in place and present perfectly.”

Remember, when looking for the best rings for your fingers, you really can wear anything you like. By considering proportion and visual appeal in the decision process, though, you can find rings that look perfectly dazzling on your hands. Once you get to know your style preferences and which types of rings you find comfortable, the rest of the decision process is a piece of cake!

About the Experts:
B2C Jewels: Visit B2C Jewels online at Check out the latest fashions or do a little window shopping for a special occasion.

Superfit® Inc.: Visit Superfit® Inc. online at You can look into getting the Superfit invisible hinge for your own rings or find jewelers in your area.

Sophisticated Fashion Tips for Chic, Mature Women

When it all comes down to it, women want to look good no matter what their age. Older women are turning to sophisticated and chic younger styles and pulling them off very well. Younger women are turning to vintage styles and throwbacks that others had long since forgotten. From clothing to accessories to jewelry and more, the styles and fashion trends of today, yesterday, and tomorrow truly do move through a circle of life.

Here are some sophisticated fashion tips for classy, mature women, compliments of Karen Hipwell of Karen Warren Ltd. Karen Hipwell is an expert in the fashion field, especially on the topic of dress and accessories for older women.

“Older women today are younger looking and much more sophisticated,” says Karen Hipwell, President of Karen Warren Ltd. “Style conscious and hip, women today put beauty and comfort at the top of their list. Whether it is the match look or staying with one tone or perhaps the mix and match alternative, the elder woman of today promises to be ultra fashionable.”

Classy and Sophisticated Fashion Tips for Mature Women: Styles, Fabrics, and Colors
“For a special occasion, gowns are softer offering a lighter fabric, continuing to cover appropriately, yet daring a style or two of a younger appeal,” Hipwell says. “Separates extend the wardrobe after the party is over while the sophistication of a shorter suit or flare front wide leg pants supports a cocktail party, charity event, or vacation elegance.”

Classy fashion tips for women often begin with styles, fabrics, and colors of clothing. This year, Hipwell suggests bolder colors, such as corals, slate blue, lilac, and champagne. When springtime rolls around, she expects to see pinks, greens, yellows, black, and white. She points out that silk dupioni, summer linen, lace, and classic chiffon are the fabrics in fashion for mature women right now.

When it comes to styles of the classy and sophisticated clothing, Hipwell encourages older women to consider elegant separates and a variety of gown styles, from classic gowns to halter or even conservative cut spaghetti strap gowns. For elegant separates, she says to go for clothing that is “designed with classic elegance in mind.”

“Chiffon overlay skirts soften bodylines and offer an air of elegance while wearing a wrap to complete the look,” she adds. “Mix and match skirts and wide-leg pants, with tops, jackets, and cocktail coats.”

Confidently Wearing Classy and Mature Fashions
When women feel good about what they are wearing, it shows. Through their moods, their posture, and their attitudes, women can convey a confident air, stemming from the sophisticated fashions they choose to try. Piecing together an outfit can be a bit of a task, but the result is a truly fashion forward and fabulous look that speaks volumes for the styles and tastes of those who take the time to put it all together.

“Older women today are glamorous and romantic, showing us sophistication and elegance, supporting the role of the elder and walking with pride,” Hipwell shares. “Our collection offers beautiful fabrics, flattering lines and quality workmanship accentuating the positive and giving an older woman a creation they will want to wear again and again.”

One Fashion Must-Have for Every Mature Woman

Karen Hipwell recommends the versatile cocktail coat as the one item every mature, sophisticated woman should have in her wardrobe. Hipwell calls the cocktail coat “the perfect complement to every outfit.”

“The seven-buttoned knee-length coat is available in every color in either silk dupioni or linen and features a distinctive tie-back bow,” she explains. “Popular this season is the polka dot linen coat. It is showing well in lime and fuschia, and currently arriving in high-end boutiques across the country. The coat is designed to take the sophisticated woman from lunch to dinner and is a hit when paired with jeans and a simple top.”

“The cocktail coat has emerged as a real exciting trend,” she adds. “The coat is reminiscent of the elegance of the past when women dressed up, yet it has a modern flair. It is a very versatile piece that adds value to every wardrobe and makes a statement when worn.”

Mature Fashion Tip – It’s All about How You Wear It
When it comes to mature fashion – or fashion in general for that matter – it all boils down to how you wear it. A number of outfits can work completely differently based on how you accessorize or how you accent them with other fabrics, textures, or colors. You can stretch your wardrobe so many ways with a little creativity!

“Karen Warren LTD offers a variety of colors, fabrics, styles and lengths that flatter every figure,” Hipwell notes. “Many of the styles are offered in ankle and short lengths and customers can pick their own mood setting colors.”

A sleeveless silk dupioni shell with a built in sash offers a number of looks depending on how you tie the sash. It’s feminine and formal when tied in the front into a bow. A more tailored look comes to life as the sash ties in the back and drapes along the skirt. Finally, the same top becomes a lesson in classic simplicity when wrapped around as a sash and paired with silk pants or capris.

When pairing the top with a skirt in the same fabric and color, women can create the illusion of a formal dress. A classic look in silk dupioni is always in style with a simple taupe top and black skirt and sash. It is offered in a number of stunning color combinations for the more sophisticated woman. The separates also offer a better fit with the option of different sizes for top and bottoms.”

About the Expert: Karen and Warren Hipwell create the design team for Karen Warren Ltd. The Karen Warren Contemporary Designer Clothing line is best known for its special occasion dresses and popular resort / cruise wear and casual lines, which it sells to more than 253 retail locations throughout the United States. For more information, please see