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Read up on the latest trends and fashions, hot new accessories, purses, shoes, boots, and more. You can find out the best jewelry fashions for you, as well as how to assemble special outfits for special occasions. The fashion world is constantly changing – for example, there’s recently been significant growth in the plus-size fashion industry, with the launch of stylish new brands like Curvissa and others. Find out about the hottest swimsuits for any body type, great dresses, and so much more. Don’t forget about the hottest fashions for prom, homecoming, and various outfit suggestions for what to wear on your favorite holidays. You’ll also get tips on great outfits to wear to work and a perfect wardrobe for vacations, among others.

Tips for Selecting the Right Bra for Any Dress (Prom Dress, Wedding Gown, Cocktail Dress, and More)

Finding the perfect dress is often the top consideration, but once that dress is off the rack and in your arms, don’t forget about the other pieces that make your outfit a dazzling success. You’ve probably got the obvious accessories … Keep Reading

How to Select the Best Prom Gown Based on Body Type

Picking out a dress for prom is an exciting experience that many girls look forward to and enjoy remembering for years. Finding the perfect prom dress is a sort of precursory experience to finding the perfect wedding gown. As girls … Keep Reading

Q&A – Hot Styles and Trends for Prom 2009

Prom 2009 is almost here and the hunt is on for the perfect prom dress, great shoes for prom, and the right purse or evening bag to complement the outfit. Get an early start on the search for your perfect … Keep Reading

St. Patrick’s Day Jewelry and Irish Accessories

Whether you are Irish at heart or Irish through and through, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a festive Irish wardrobe and Irish or green accessories is a great way to get involved with the holiday. From earrings to necklaces, bracelets, … Keep Reading

The Allure of White as a Color Choice in Fashion

White or black? Which is the color of chic? Perhaps it all depends on the wearing – who, what, when, and where. Maybe it depends on whose fashion rulebook you are using. Whatever it is, sporting white can make a … Keep Reading

Valentine’s Day Beauty Tips from Head to Toe

As Valentine’s Day approaches, dozens of thoughts may be flying through our minds – from the perfect gift for our sweetheart to the ultimate romantic date location to Valentine’s Day beauty and selecting the right outfit, makeup, and more. Busy … Keep Reading

Pretty Jewelry Fashions for Valentine’s Day – Great Gifts and Beautiful Pieces to Wear on the Special Date

Whether you’d like to wear something snazzy for Valentine’s Day or if you’re looking for an unforgettable gift, jewelry happens to be a key part of the holiday of love. Something as sentimental as a locket or as fun and … Keep Reading

Valentine’s Day Fashion – Dresses – Four Choices of What to Wear for Your Big Date

Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal for many folks. From makeup to deciding what clothing to wear on your date, not to mention shoes, accessories, jewelry, and more, the combinations and possibilities are virtually endless, and in truth – … Keep Reading

What Should I Wear on Valentine’s Day?

Selecting an outfit to wear on Valentine’s Day can be a challenge, but at least it should be a fun one. Keep in mind what your plans are for the evening. If you can figure out what activities you’ll be … Keep Reading

Choosing the Best Necklaces for Your Figure

With jewelry, sometimes it is love at first sight. Other times, when wanting to be fashionably correct, choosing the best necklaces for your figure can be a challenge and a half. The trick of choosing the best necklace for your … Keep Reading

Choosing the Best Rings for Your Fingers

Jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes, not to mention styles, colors, and designs. The different styles and sizes of jewelry offer lots of options for people to decide what fits best or what looks best. Comfort should be as … Keep Reading

Sophisticated Fashion Tips for Chic, Mature Women

When it all comes down to it, women want to look good no matter what their age. Older women are turning to sophisticated and chic younger styles and pulling them off very well. Younger women are turning to vintage styles … Keep Reading

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