Classy and Sophisticated Jewelry for Mature Women

Classy and sophisticated jewelry pieces for mature women do not automatically equate to oversized broaches or large clip-on earrings. As a classy and demure older woman, Zavida Gemstones Smoky Topaz with Gold Overlay Clasp Necklaceyou can really show off some stylish and truly lovely jewelry items and accessories without feeling a day past 30. Depending on your own style preferences and tastes, you can consider countless types and genres of jewelry to find a mature and elegant piece that suits you best.

Part of the fun of selecting the perfect piece of jewelry boasting mature sophistication involves the actual hunt for the right piece. You can find classy and elegant jewelry items just about anywhere if you look hard enough… at your favorite department store, online at any of countless retailers, at, or even at a local antique shop. You may also enlist your husband, significant other, or family members to help you in finding beautiful pieces of jewelry for mature women.

As you search for classy and sophisticated jewelry designed with mature women in mind, remember to keep your wardrobe in mind as well. Some jewelry fashions look great with just about anything, while others may be best kept for special occasions.Star Sapphire pendant, available at Amazon.comThink about the purpose of your jewelry and the frequency with which you expect to wear it, and finding the best mature jewelry items should be a snap.

The ladies of Zavida Gemstones recommend the following tips for sassy and sexy older women to create their own classy and sophisticated jewelry look:

Fancy shell bracelet, available at ZavidaGemstones.comAccent Your Jewelry with Story Pieces.
“Everyone loves good conversation, and an interesting piece of jewelry can be just the item to spur a lively chat. Items that originate from exotic places or have a special meaning to the wearer are not only great conversation pieces, but also keep your favorite experiences close to your heart. If something seems outdated, try refashioning old heirloom pieces into modern new takes that incorporate the sentimental gemstones.”

A stunning Star Sapphire pendant (available at would bring more life into just about any outfit!

Beautiful blue opal studs, available at Amazon.comHold True to the Chic Classics.
“Although it’s fun to accessorize with fresh trends, timeless pieces look graceful and elegant on older women. But it doesn’t have to be boring! For a modern approach, try pairing pearls with other layered necklaces and bracelets that complement each other. Also, avoid being too matchy-matchy with outdated earring and necklace sets. The best pairings are often those that are unexpected, so couple your favorite studs with a bold necklace or try different textures together, but within the same color palette.”

Consider a pair of blue opal studs to brighten up your look, available at

Don’t Forget the Seasonal Fashions.
“Stay tuned to the latest seasonal looks – with a jewelry collection built over time, you’re bound to have a few perfect pieces as a base. For instance, this fall, pull out earthy and nature-inspired pieces, such wooden beads from yesteryear. And, get out the yellow gold! Previously overshadowed by popular platinum, classic gold is making a big comeback. Pair your old favorites with fun gemstone pieces that will complement this season’s must have hues.”

For a funky wooden beaded bracelet, check out

Bold is Beautiful.
“Use bold, colorful jewelry to highlight favorite outfits — nothing says hot mama (or grand-mama) like a large statement piece that brightens an entire ensemble. Large chunky bracelets and enormous gemstone beads strung on necklaces can add dimension and excitement to an otherwise subtle outfit, and provide an easy way to showcase personal flair and pizzazz.”

Stunning shell bracelet, available at Red Genuine Sea Bamboo Coral Chunky Bracelet, available at Amber Bangle Bracelet Set, available at Triple Strand Turquoise Multi-Stone Necklace, available at

For examples of some classy and sophisticated jewelry pieces for mature women, you can check out the jewelry on the Zavida Gemstones Web site or at a
number of other online retailers, such as and

About the Experts: Zavida Gemstones is a company that sprung from the owners’ dream to combine a love of gemstones and jewelry with a passion for helping people less fortunate than themselves, and to make a living while doing it. Zavida Gemstones eliminates the middleman while giving the quarry workers and artisans a chance to create better lives for themselves. For more information, please see

Classy and Sophisticated Shoes and Footwear for Mature Women

For many women, shoes and handbags make or break the outfit. Mature, sophisticated women want classy outfits that look great from head to toe – with a classy hairstyle and a nice pair of shoes or boots to piece it all together. Classy and sophisticated shoes that are also comfortable may be hard to find for older feet. Mature women can find excellent shoes and footwear options despite this frustrating process of trying on shoes and scouring the shelves for the perfect pair.Classy, comfortable shoes by Aetrex

As women age, they don’t need to give up their favorite classy and sophisticated shoes. However, it is a good idea for older women to assess their shoe collections and evaluate which shoes may never see the light of day again…and then replace them with new shoes that are both stylish and comfortable.

Sue Ryder, women’s product director for Aetrex Worldwide (, shares tips and recommendations from her vast experience in designing classy and comfortable shoes especially for mature women. Read on for tips on finding and selecting classy and sophisticated shoes for mature women.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What styles and trends in footwear are currently “IN” for the Baby Boomer crowd and mature women in general?

A. Sue Ryder – I think the most important trend in footwear (and apparel) for baby boomers is the combination of flattering comfort. No matter what age we are, we want to be a little bit sexy and look our best.

When we get a little older though, we are less willing to suffer ill fitting or poorly made shoes. This has been a long-term trend launched several years ago and led by baby boomers. It works into the idea that as you get older, you know your body better and know what looks good on you and fits your lifestyle.

You might have that great pair of high spiky heels in your closet, but when was the last time you wanted to wear them? We want it all…great looks and super comfortable.

I was just in Paris shopping for shoes (what a job!). The trends there were very classic.  Black is the number one color for fall, which it always is, but a close second was every shade of grey and brown – very neutral colors. Thick strap Mary Janes were huge – especially ones with buckles or other metal hardware.

Even though it was fall, there was patent leather everywhere. Every version, including croc patent, crinkle patent, patterned patent. Suede was big too. I love the suede handbags with fringe that I saw everywhere.

The Aetrex Essence line

Q. Life Love Beauty – What types of shoes should every mature woman own? (Give us a list of what you would recommend every woman’s closet should have.)

A. Sue Ryder – Every woman needs that go-to pair that fits with everything. This season, it’s a thick strap Mary Jane with a small heel that goes so well with fall length tailored trousers. Everyone should have a great pair of athletic casual shoes that feel like sneakers, but are more stylish.

No matter what the style, when trying on shoes, ask yourself, could I walk everywhere with them? An airport? To work? Out to dinner? If the answer is no (even if they are really cute), pass them up. You’ll be happier.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What about colors for shoes? What should mature women add to their collection, and in what style of shoe?

A. Sue Ryder – Stick with neutrals this season. Wait for spring for a little more color. Definitely add patent, though. As far as style goes, try it on and if it feels great the moment you put it on BUY IT!

Q. Life Love Beauty – When picking out shoes and trying them on, what are the most important elements for women of the baby boomer crowd to consider?

A. Sue Ryder – Aetrex has a unique fitting device you can find in many shoe stores. You step on the electronic mat on the floor and an image comes up on a TV screen in front of telling you where your pressure points on your feet are and guiding you to the correct size.  It can also tell you how to customize your Aetrex footbed to relieve your pressure points and make the shoe fit you perfectly. No other company does this kind of custom fitting.

Aetrex Velcro Shoes, available at!Striped oxfords, available at!Aetrex running shoes, available at!

Q. Life Love Beauty – Is it possible to achieve both comfort and style?

A. Sue Ryder – Oh yes! Just look at our new Aetrex line!

Q. Life Love Beauty –
Can you recommend some shoes on your site or some styles of shoes in general for this group of women?

A. Sue Ryder –
Aetrex designs shoes for baby boomers, so everything we have in the line is appropriate. Check out the Essence collection. We have more tailored and sporty shoes.

Aetrex Mary Janes, available at!Q. Life Love Beauty – What types of shoes go best with which types of outfits?

A. Sue Ryder –
You can’t go wrong with the classics. Loafers with trousers, Mary Janes with skirts, cute Velcro shoes with jeans.

Q. Life Love Beauty – When going for a classy and sophisticated look, what should women pick out?

A. Sue Ryder –
Go for rich materials – lamb suede, beautiful details, soft leathers.

About the Expert:

Sue Ryder is the women’s product director at Aetrex Worldwide, a world leader in comfort footwear and pedorthic footcare products and technologies. Ryder carries more than two decades of experience as a product designer for the footwear industry, and will be incorporating a fresh design into all of Aetrex’s women’s to better appeal to the women’s and sports fashion markets in her new role. To learn more about Aetrex Worldwide, visit

What to Wear with Boots – Fashion Tips and the Best Looks for Boots

So you’ve got a killer pair of boots and no idea what to wear with them? We’ve all been there. Creating the perfect outfit, complete with footwear and accessories, is similar to creating an artistic masterpiece. Each garment must work with the next, and the shoes and accessories must also play into the big picture. Deciding what to wear with boots can be a tricky dilemma. But, as you learn more about your options and become more comfortable with your own sense of fashion and style, your decisions should become considerably easier.

Boots lend so much to your pre-existing wardrobe. You can wear boots with jeans, skirts, even dresses. Boots come in all shapes and sizes and styles, so you can easily find a pair – or a few pair! – that suit your own style and preferences. Once you’ve added a pair of boots to your collection of footwear, it’s time to decide what to wear with your boots.

Spice up your wardrobe with a pair of sexy boots. Pair fashion with functionality with a pair of rain boots or snow boots. The combinations of what you can wear with boots are virtually endless. Get a little creative, try the same outfits with different boots, and most of all, have fun. Here are some additional tips on what to wear with boots!

AYLA Boots, a designer of custom, calf-fitting knee-high boots, recommends the following thoughts for what to wear with boots.

“Bare knees are sexy, so try wearing discrete socks under your high boots rather than tights with a mini or knee length skirt to show off a little bit of leg.”

“The slimmer the skirt, the sleeker the boot. Don’t wear bulky boots or boots with a thick heel with a slim skirt. It’ll make your leg look shorter and the outfit look disproportionate. If you have wider calves, you can find custom tailored boots at to maintain a sleek look.”

“Cowboy boots look great with a-line skirts or loose frock dresses, and you can have fun with them because of their variety of colors and styles.”

“Casual cowboy-style and high moccasin-style fringe boots stand up to some serious trends including being worn outside pants, with minis and over jeans. It’s one thing we love about teen-phenom Miley Cyrus.”

“Flat-heeled boots or riding-boots look great with a preppy style or trench coat dress or even with leggings.”

“Ankle boots pair well with tights when you’re wearing a micro-mini or above-the-knee skirt.  It gives you a longer, sleeker look.”

“If you’re seeking a ‘rocker’ look, booties and ankle boots look best with a short skirt or skinny jeans.”

“Remember to keep your pants hem line long… when wearing boots or heels, it should nearly skim the floor.”  

“Add some pop. Wearing boots or shoes with some bright color, like red or yellow, with a solid outfit will add some fun.”

“Over the knee boots are hot again this year but this time with a high heel rather than a flat one.  The catwalks are showing them paired with tights, micro minis and jeans.”


No matter what you wear with your favorite boots, remember that they add a nice element to your outfit regardless of the style you choose. Have fun deciding what to wear with boots and when to wear your boots. The fall is a wonderful time for boots, and the winter is a great boot season too, although you can show off your favorite boots whenever you want. Keep in mind – comfort, style, and coordination. You’re sure to shine in a fabulous outfit coupled with the perfect pair of boots.    

About the expert:
AYLA Boots ( designs custom, calf-fitting knee-high boots, specially crafted for full-size and ultra-slender women’s calves. Designs by AYLA Boots incorporate fine leather and craftsmanship that focuses on both the foot and the calves.

Classy Fall Shoes and Fall Boots for Fabulous Fashions

Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes or boots in the fall? Just when the weather and the trees start to turn is a subtle reminder that we may want to evaluate the items in our closet and consider a bit of a fashion makeover ourselves.

Rockport Gregale Snow Boot, available at Amazon.comChoosing new shoes for the fall or new boots to wear until spring may take a little more thought than picking out new flip-flops in the summertime. You want your new fall shoes to be functional and fashionable, while your fall boots should also be able to repurpose with many different outfits and for many different occasions. Fall footwear is at its finest these days – just spend a few moments in your favorite department stores or your favorite shoe shop – or even online! – to catch a glimpse of all the fall shoes and fall boots that are at your disposal.

Tips for Selecting Fall Shoes and Fall Boots
When it comes to arming your closet with the best collection of shoes and boots that you can afford, there are a few things to consider. We will call them the “four F’s” – functionality (Will you wear them to work or school, or out to the bar, or to fancy events, or all three?), fashion (Are they so trendy that you will hate them in a few months?), fit (Are the shoes comfortable on your feet? Are they still comfy when you walk around?), and funding (Are you going to have to break the bank or give up a lot of things to pay for these shoes? Can you buy them without digging yourself into credit card debt?).

“I love a chic, peep-toe pump like our NEW Fall STELLA,” said fashion and shoe designer Elaine Turner. “Peep-toes can be dressed up or down and are season-less. They offer a classic, retro femininity that is on trend right now.

“I look for shoes with subtle ornamentation and a slightly thicker heel,” she added. “It’s easy to dress these up or down.”

First things first – a nice pair of fall boots can really spice up an outfit. Boots are, in and of themselves, a total fashion accessory. You can wear boots with a short skirt showing off miles of legs or a long and flowy skirt you might’ve worn to Literature class in college. You can rock out in a nice pair of fall boots with your favorite jeans or any number of outfits – and they do make quite the fashion statement.

Ariat Tambour clog, available at Amazon.comAriat Westlake, available at Amazon.comAs you begin to consider your choices for purchasing fall boots, remember that sometimes you need a brown shoe, or sometimes a black shoe. If you can spring for the cost of both, it may behoove you to have a nice pair of brown fall boots and a nice pair of black fall boots. If your piggy bank can only spill out enough for one pair, choose the style and color you like best – which hopefully will be the pair you’d get the most mileage out of. Oh, but let’s not forget about snow boots, either – especially if you live in a region where playing in the snow, walking around in the winter, or shoveling snow may be common winter activities.

Once you select your fall boots, then you can move on to selecting fall shoes!

Soon you will have an idea of what you can afford and what styles you like, and at that point, your decision process should become tremendously easier. As you begin to try on different shoes and boots for you fall wardrobe, don’t forget to consider the wide variety of styles and types of shoes available. Mules or clogs are excellent choices for fall footwear, while you can never go wrong with a nice pair of high-heels. Let’s not forget about flats and sporty shoes, either!

Designer Jerome C. Rousseau has his own collection of fashionable, high-end shoes, recently featured in Vogue and Bazaar. He suggests the following tips for selecting your fall footwear:

•    Rich color, often used in unexpected and dramatic combination
•    Grey
•    Ruching / gathered details
•    Geometric silhouettes
•    Reptile
•    Intricate strappy sandals
•    Peep-toe booties and boots

Keep Reading for Our Favorite Shoes and Boots by Different Designers…

Color Me Perfect: What Shades to Wear Based on Body Type

When we dress, we are trying to present an image that is pleasing to the eye. We want to receive those compliments that tell us that we look great, because then, and only then, will we believe that we do look great. This allows us to feel good about ourselves. Hence, the quest for the perfect outfit begins and continues forever.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons for having difficulty while selecting an outfit from our wardrobe would be the simple fact that the wardrobe is lacking in outfits that flatter our body shape. How many times have you played the “try on as many outfits as possible in 30 minutes” game while looking for the perfect outfit to wear, only to be left with the same decision and a mountain of clothes to put away? The actual problem is not that you have nothing to wear; it is that you have nothing in the closet that flatters your figure.

So for many of us, the decision about what to wear should begin at the origin of purchase.
Exactly how should you choose your outfits? Let’s start first by exploring how you currently go about selecting your clothing.

If you are like me, you are drawn first by the colors and patterns. Your thoughts are more along the lines of whether or not it will look good on you, without thinking about how will it accentuate your body shape so that it does look good on you. Color is an important feature, and how we display it is the most important aspect of that.

The goal should be to take the attention away from the aspect of our body that is the least pleasing to us and place it elsewhere. In order to accomplish this, we need to consider our body shape, decide which feature we wish to accent more, and discover how to accomplish that.

Here are some helpful tips:

• Those of you who are top heavy and have a full bust will want to draw the eye to the lower portion of your physique. Wear a bolder color from the waist down, and a softer color above.

• If you are thin everywhere, you will want to accentuate your figure by adding dimension. You can do this by choosing outfits that are loose and flowing, and by wearing horizontal patterns.

• If you are bottom heavy and have full hips, you will want to select clothing that draws the eye to the top of your body. You can accomplish this by wearing a splash of color or a bold print on the upper part of your figure, and a solid, darker color below the waist.

• If you have a fuller frame, you will want to stay away from bold patterns or prints. Draw the eye to the upper portion of your torso to create a focal point.

• Those of you who have the envied luck to have a perfect hourglass figure have the easiest path of all. Wear anything you want!

Classy and Sophisticated Fashion Tips for Mature Women

No matter what our age, we all like to look classy and beautiful. Look sophisticated at any age! (Fashions by Nancy & Co.)As women grow older, the need for new clothes and fashionable, sophisticated accessories does not become any less important. Fashions for classy, mature women can still be breath-taking, and they don’t have to be excessively trendy or overly matronly. Read on for some classy and sophisticated fashion tips for mature women.

Would you take fashion advice from a New York fashion icon who sold hot-pants to Jackie O? If you want a sophisticated and classy mature style for your wardrobe, you might as well hear us out and arrive at your own conclusion!

We’ve got a number of stylish and chic fashion tips for mature women to review in order to update their wardrobes to include tasteful and beautiful fashions. Older in terms of age does not equate to older in terms of how you feel or how you look. In fact, we are big fans of the adage, “you are only as old as you feel.” And with that in mind, we’d like to suggest the following classy fashion tips for mature women, compliments of Nancy Schneider, a New York City boutique owner.

“Forget the pantsuits and pearls!”
Nancy says, “Older women don’t need to be so stuffy as far as pantsuits and pearls – instead they can be a little funky, but the ‘right kind’ of funky and edgy – like separates. You can wear what’s trendy but adaptable to your age. Pick up the trend but not in the same way your children would!”

“Scarves are a must-have,”
Nancy suggests, “Be sure not to show your décolletage or wear low necklines because of neck wrinkles – and be careful not to look ‘crepe-y’ – wear a scarf around your neck, or a turtleneck!”

Look chic no matter what your age! (Fashions by Nancy & Co.)“Don’t wear a lot of heavy knits because they can be hot,” Nancy cautions. “Wear the right weight of fabric. Avoid wool – look for viscose and other fine yarns that don’t have wool in them. Nancy & Co. specializes in that.”

“Make sure to layer so you can take off your cardigan – this goes for any season,” she adds. “You can ‘peel’ away layers while you are indoors.”

When it comes to shoes, go for comfort and style. “Women have feet problems as they get older, so you can find comfortable but chic shoes like a sneaker with a little flair,” she notes. “It’s very important to really care for your feet.”

“A tailor goes a long way,”
Nancy states. “Fit is your best friend and any piece you buy should be taken to the seamstress and tailored to perfection. Mature women know better than to opt for ill-fitting garb.”

Disguise or hide figure flaws. Mature women often look to hide figure flaws like the proverbial ‘batwings,’ which are jiggly arms! There are easy ways to hide this, like the ‘4 S’s’, which are scarves, shrugs, sweaters, and shawls.”

Classy and sophisticated fashions for mature women are ever changing with the times, yet many styles are timeless as long as they remain comfortable. Nancy Schneider’s Web site mentions that sweater jackets, sweater coats, and sweater dresses will be popular in the fall. She also recommends strong, jewel-toned colors for a vibrant look.

Here are a few examples of fashions for mature and sophisticated women:

Scarves and shawls: Viscose shawl, Azuri Pashmina Shawl, Azuri Silk Charmeuse Scarf

Shoes: Easy Spirit Women’s Sport Lace-up, Columbia Women’s Sun Trax Sandal, K-Swiss Women’s Stiliks

As you prepare to add some classy new garments to your wardrobe, keep in mind that comfort is just as important as style. Find sophisticated fashions that make you look as good as you feel. Take the time to try on items and consider taking a friend or family member to the stores with you as you search for the perfect mature, attractive fashions.

About the Expert: Nancy Schneider is a New York City fashion icon, making her mark for more than 40 years. Schneider owns a chain of boutiques called Nancy & Co. You can visit her shops online at

How to Choose the Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

14K Yellow Gold Genuine Citrine Earrings, by B2C JewelsNo matter what your age, earrings are a hot accessory to spice up any outfit. Once you determine what colors and materials (metals, stones, shells, etc.) you prefer in earrings, you can begin to consider other factors, like the level of formality and of course, the price point. You may also want to consider which earrings would be best based on your face shape. This article provides tips and examples of the best earrings for different face shapes, so read on to find out what styles would best complement yours!

Michelle Ponto, a representative for B2C Jewels, shares the following tips on how to choose the best earrings for your face shape. No matter what shape your face is, you are sure to find a style of earrings that will look great.

“Accessories are a great way to update your look at an older age – and the right pieces can go a long way in enhancing your appearance as well,” Ponto says. “Here with some tips for choosing the right jewelry for your shape and frame.”

The Best Earrings for Your Face Shape
To choose the best earrings for your face shape, consider your own fashion and style preferences, choice of metal and adornments, and your budget. Also, check out the following suggestions for your face shape, whether it’s oval, square, heart-shaped, or round.

Oval Face
As with consideration for haircuts, the oval face is the proverbial lottery winner. Shapes, sizes, styles, textures, lengths, and widths of earrings for the oval face may not weigh in as much as with other face shapes.

“You can wear most earrings – oval faces are well-proportioned,” Ponto says. “Studs and mid-length dangly earrings will show off your proportions; long earrings might make you look too elongated.”

A few examples of some great earrings for an oval face include:

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Blue Topaz Dangle, available at Amazon.com14K White Gold Round Cut Diamond Studs are truly a staple – they look great with any outfit, for any occasion.

Various Yellow Gold or White Gold Diamond Studs offer a chance to show off your preference in cut and the color of the gold settings.

14K Yellow Gold Akoya Pearl Studs are a classy and classic look for women.

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Blue Topaz Dangle Earrings weave their way intricately to a grand finale blue topaz stone.

Pink Shell Mother of Pearl Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings feature beautiful shell inlays in a sterling silver, feather shaped earring.

Square Face
As you prepare to choose the best earrings for a square face, think about shapes that would contrast with a square shape. Look for earrings with soft curves and gentle bends.

“Soften the face’s angles with round silhouettes,” Ponto suggests. “Create the illusion of length with earrings that have a slight drop.”

Blomdahl Opal Drop Earrings, available at Amazon.comSome examples of earrings that look beautiful with a square face include:

• Add some texture with 14K Yellow Gold Genuine Garnet and Serpentine Earrings, which feature clean cuts and contrast in shapes and angles.

Brown Dyed Mother of Pearl Nugget Earrings offer a slightly off-the-beaten-path look to any outfit for day or night.

• Funky and fun Sterling Silver Murano Glass Bead Earrings can bring some pizzazz to your earring collection.

• Perfect for any outfit, Black Tahitian South Sea Pave CZ Pearl Drop Earrings can also work for business, casual, or formal events.

Blomdahl Opal Drop Earrings offer the ultimate elegance for fancy occasions.

Heart-shaped Face
The heart-shaped face is wider at the top, tapering down to the chin. You can choose the best earrings for a heart-shaped face by considering an inverted shape for your earrings.

“Dangly earrings that are wider at the bottom will add volume to the bottom of your face,” Ponto states. “Triangle-like shapes will work well to balance out a pointy chin.”

A few examples of lovely earrings for a heart-shaped face include:

14K Two-Tone Gold Designer Earrings, by B2C Jewels14K Two-Tone Gold Designer Earrings bring movement and gentle motion to the equation.

• For any occasion, consider Earspiral™ “Paisley” with Celtic Knot Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings. Their elegant curves and twists provide a beautiful design for heart-shaped faces.

Sterling Silver Open Double Flower Earrings offer a clean look of perfect symmetry. Dress up or dress down with a design that looks great with your face shape.

• Want earrings with a little more personality? Check out Blue Moon Merlyn’s Window Earrings for a fresh style blending curves and curls.

Sterling Silver Celtic Square Earrings offer a lovely union of culture and style, boasting a wider shape at the bottom for a lovely fit with the heart-shaped face.

Round Face
To choose the best earrings for a round face, keep shape and length in mind. You can find many attractive earring styles to suit your face shape, giving you a beautiful accent to your favorite outfits or everyday, casual clothing.

“Draw the eye vertically rather than in a circle,” Ponto recommends. “Don’t choose anything too skinny – it’ll emphasize your face’s roundness.”

A few examples of pretty earrings for a round face include:

14K Yellow Gold Genuine Citrine Earrings bring the eye to focus on the lovely pendant of sparkling stones.

Sterling Silver Celtic Design Oval Earrings offer a fancy or sedate look for any outing. The twisty design provides fine symmetry and a nice flow for the eyes.

• For fancy occasions and elegant attire, the 10K White Gold Black Diamond Infinity Earrings make a beautiful statement, especially for those with rounder faces.

Clearly Charming Mother of Pearl Bar Sterling Silver Earrings, available at Gold Filled Peridot Dangle Earrings deliver an earring style that is both fashionable and functional. This design could work nicely with a variety of wardrobe selections.

• A slightly abstract beauty, the Clearly Charming Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Bar Earrings feature multi-colored mother of pearl shell inlays on sterling silver earrings in a flower-type pattern.

We hope this guide to choosing the best earrings for your face shape truly does help you to find and select some earrings to accent your wardrobe and accessorize your look. Remember, sometimes looking great really is in the details!

Shopping on a Shoestring Budget

For many women, designer clothing simply isn’t in the budget. However, you can still afford to purchase and wear high quality clothing if you learn a few techniques.

Paying attention to when stores have their sales is a very important facet to providing yourself with an extensive wardrobe. Many stores run special sales, which usually provide the customer with a special discount, around the holidays, especially on weekends. Various times throughout the year, other special sales are provided with equally significant discounts.

If you have a favorite store or two that you like to browse for your clothing needs, become familiar with the store and its policies. In fact, don’t be afraid to go on a little shopping mission on a different day than you normally go. Many stores will run specials on their slowest traffic days to reward the customers who do venture in to visit. Often there are early morning bonus buys to entice customers to readily exchange their hard earned money for a few trendy threads.

Many stores also offer special rewards such as larger discounts, free shipping, and free gift-wrapping to their most loyal customers. The requirements for this are simple; you must be a charge card holder who has spent up to a certain level of money. After this initial investment, which is worthwhile anyway, you simply need to continue to use the store charge rather than a credit card. Many of the stores will also offer clip free coupons to their charge customers who have attained a certain level of spending.

In addition to observing which months or holidays the stores run their sales, you might also take note of familiar discount patterns. Quite a few stores will run a typical pattern of lower prices. For example, certain merchandise may be reduced to $12.95 initially, then $9.95, then $4.95 and finally $2.95. One of our local stores has been following this practice for several years.

If you are technologically inclined, a simple internet search may provide you with a handy site to browse the store’s merchandise, locate additional branches, as well as the opportunity to sign up for an e-mail account for early notification of special sale events. Once inside the store, you can have a sales associate search for a particular outfit if that branch does not have your size.

Many stores, chain and individual, sell discounted designer clothing and accessories year round. For this, you need to do a little research to discover the ones that are closest to you. If you are fortunate enough to be within driving distance to the outlet stores, then you have many a good bargain waiting for you. Often the selection is more limited by size and color, but if you go in with an open mind, you are bound to discover the perfect bargain. The designer merchandise in these stores may have slight imperfections that you can easily overlook due to the super low purchase price.

If you do your research diligently, you can maximize your savings so that you can afford the pricier clothes. Whether you are shopping for an outfit for a special family event, an executive’s power lunch, or a special dinner date, a little homework can provide you with the perfect outfit at the perfect price.

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