Q&A with Osvaldo Freitas – All about Hairpieces

TressAllure bounce hairpiece, available at Amazon.comHairpieces offer an alternative to hair extensions for those who wish to change their hair often or for those whose hair is not as healthy as required for hair extensions. Hairpieces deliver a renewed sense of style and freedom with one’s hair.

Hairpieces work well to disguise baldness or simply to give a fuller look to one’s natural hair. To follow is a question and answer session with internationally known hair guru, Osvaldo Freitas.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Technically speaking, what is a hairpiece? What is it made of?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Hairpieces are made with 100 percent human hair that is sewn into a mesh. They are fastened to the hair with clips if there is hair or an adhesive.  In my studio, we use them as an alternative to extensions for clients who want to change their hair day by day or for those client’s whose hair is not healthy enough to do extensions.  For damaged or thinning hair, a hairpiece is the ideal alternative to extensions.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What is involved when one gets a hairpiece? What process is used?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – A hairpiece is matched specifically for the client’s hair from a color and texture perspective. Typically I see a client, make an assessment and if they want a hairpiece I go ahead and make it to match their natural hair. They return for another appointment to have it put in.

Jessica Simpson HairDo 22Q. Life Love Beauty – Who are good candidates for hair piece?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Anyone with problematic hair as a result of alopecia, chemotherapy, hair loss as a result of stress.  I have worked with many women undergoing chemotherapy and helped them create a sense of normalcy in their lives using hairpieces.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What must be done to prepare oneself and one’s hair for getting a weave?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Nothing!

Q. Life Love Beauty – Is there any discomfort or are there any negative side effects?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – There is no discomfort, nor side effects.  The hairpieces I work with are a mesh and allow the head to breath as well.

Q. Life Love Beauty – As you see them, what are the top benefits of getting a hairpiece?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – The top benefits are creating a look that makes a woman feel beautiful if she does not have the hair condition needed to do hair extensions.  Also, a hair weave can bring back a sense of normalcy to women who have lost hair.

Clip-in hairpieces can enhance your look. (photo courtesy of morgueFile.com)Q. Life Love Beauty – How long do hairpieces last? Must they be completely redone, or is there maintenance for them? How often?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – They can last for a lifetime. They should be washed and maintained because they are natural hair and need to be kept up – perhaps once a month.

Q. Life Love Beauty – How long does it take to get a hairpiece put in?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Five minutes!

Visit Amazon.com to see a variety of hair pieces and clip-in hair extensions for all hair colors and types.

About the Expert:
Osvaldo Freitas is an internationally known hair guru, widely known for his work in hair extensions and hair pieces. He’s worked all over the world, at fashion shows, and with clientele including numerous celebrities. Freitas opened Osvaldo Freitas Atelier for hair in New York City in October 2008. Learn more at www.osvaldofreitas.com.

Snappy and Sexy Holiday Hairstyles

‘Tis the season for excessive spending, nonstop cookie noshing and socializing with reckless abandon. Amidst all the present wrapping and holiday card sending, we all struggle to find the time to look our best, no matter what the occasion. With countless holiday parties pending and possible soirees at your very home, quick and sassy hairstyles can really come in handy!

Regardless of your hair texture, color and style, you’re bound to find a few tips in here that make your holiday primping just a bit easier.

Holiday hairstyles for the multi-tasker…
If you’re the kind of woman who’s always got a dozen different things going on at once, you may appreciate a holiday hairstyle that allows you to focus on another element of your prep at the same time. Have you tried hot rollers? Great for hair that takes to curls and manageable with products for hair that sometimes resists them, this helpful styling appliance even clues you in when curlers are ready to be applied and when they can be removed. While your curls are setting, apply your eye makeup, perfume, jewelry and other fancy holiday accessories.

Holiday hairstyles for the glamour girl…
If you’ve got time to spare, you can really enjoy the full experience of getting dolled up! Whether you prefer cascading curls, soft waves or shiny and straight hair, your evening outfit will be complete once you adjust the finishing touches on your tresses. Consider a head full of spiraling curls, accented by a few silver hairclips. Dress up a traditionally straight style with micro-braids and festive little barrettes or hair accessories. Weave miniature flowers or tiny ribbons in a perfect French braid, allowing a few strands to sneak out and rest against the back of your neck. Finally, you can twist and pin your hair up with a large hairpin and curl the locks that spill out from the twist. If you select this style, use additional bobby pins to fasten the twist securely to your head.

Holiday hairstyles for the chic pixie…
If a shorter style is the name of the game, this holiday season you’ll be anything but lame. Arm yourself with some styling products, especially a good gel and mousse. For a flirty look, apply gel and work some of your short locks into curly sections and pin them wildly about your head. This look will be nicely accented by your choice of makeup, especially around the eyes. You can also use a styling product by itself to encourage your own curls or waves to come out to play for the evening. Experiment with straight styles and curly styles, and both straight and zigzag parts.

Holiday hairstyles for the last-minute lovely…
If you’ve only got a few moments to spare, simplicity will be your best friend. If your hair responds well to blow-drying, consider getting sassy with a zigzag part. After washing your hair, dry it straight. Take a comb and trace a zigzag from your forehead back. Brush your tresses as you normally would, being especially careful not to disturb your new part. Adorn your sleek style with a delicate yet fancy hair clip. Better yet if you can find one to match your outfit.

Once the primping process concludes, kick back, relax and prepare to have the time of your life. No matter which style you choose, step outside with confidence and realize that you are the spark that lights up the party.

Classy Hair Care Tips for Sophisticated and Mature 40+ Women

Women in their 40s and beyond know the importance of properly caring for their maturing hair. Clarifying shampoo can work wonders for your hair! (Photo courtesy of morgueFile.com)From choosing the right shampoo and conditioner to avoiding excessive heat to their tresses, sophisticated mature women recognize that certain steps must be taken to maintain healthy, shiny, strong, and beautiful hair.

Practicing the right hair care tips for mature women can improve the quality of your hair while also making your hair more manageable and easier to style. To get strong and beautiful hair all the time, follow these classy and sophisticated hair care tips for mature women.

Hair Care & Maintenance Tips for Mature 40+ Women

“The biggest complaint I have gotten, being in the industry for 23 years, is that clients will buy new shampoos and conditioners and the products stop working after a while, so they go out and buy new products,” says Scott Fontana of Badass Hair. “Well the problem is that products build-up on the hair, shampoos, conditioners, etc. This is why the consumer believes it stops working. There is so much build-up from product and the environment that the product does not even get through the build-up to the hair to cleanse and condition.

“This especially happens more during the summer months because we are outside more. I recommend that the consumer use a clarifying shampoo about once every two weeks.”

Clarifying shampoo can work wonders for your hair! (Photo courtesy of morgueFile.com)Scott Fontana’s hair care tips for using a clarifying shampoo:

1. Apply the clarifying shampoo to the hair.
2. Massage the product into the hair.
3. Leave the shampoo on for about three minutes.
4. Rinse and then cleanse again with your regular shampoo and conditioner.

“This will remove the build so your shampoo and conditioner can properly cleanse and condition,” Fontana says. “Badass Hair Wicked Mint Shampoo is a very light clarifying shampoo.”

Mature Hair Care Tips for Aging Hair and Gray Hair

Just like fine hair and textured hair, aging hair and gray hair also require special attention and special techniques and hair care maintenance to keep hair healthy, shiny, and beautiful. Follow these mature women’s hair care tips for 40+ hair.

“This is the age when things start to change, especially the body,” Fontana says. “When it comes to 40+ hair, I believe that hair does not get older, it just changes texture. For some of us it falls out and gets thinner. And for some it turns colors. You know the color I’m talking about, gray or silver.

Try these sophisticated hair care tips gray hair and mature 40+ women.“Now when hair turns gray, the texture changes along with it. It usually becomes more coarse and harder to work with. What I recommend are products that will soften the hair so it will become more manageable and easier to work with for the person. Also 99% of the time I recommend that the person color the gray hair, 1. because it ages our looks, 2. because it will change the texture of the gray hair, again to make it easier to manage and to work with. Badass Hair Ecstasy Luxury Shampoo and Vanilla Ocean Deep Treatment I would recommend using on coarse gray hair.”

Of course, if you don’t want to color your gray or silver hair, do not feel obligated. Gray hair or silver hair can also give off a classy and sophisticated look in and of themselves. Find products that work well for your gray hair or silver hair and take steps to improve your hair’s texture and overall condition. Taking good care of your 40+ hair will help to make your hair shiny, smooth, strong, and beautiful.

“I’m gonna tell you straight out, either you use Badass Hair or some other brand,” Fontana says. “I’m the hair care expert that will tell you, use whatever works on your hair. Whatever keeps your hair healthy, shiny, and strong. These are the three components to beautiful hair.”

About the Expert:

Scott Fontana is the mastermind behind Badass Hair. He’s been cutting and styling hair for more than two decades, and he has worked on many of the world’s biggest celebrities. To learn more about Scott Fontana and Badass Hair, visit www.badasshair.com.

Which Brush Should I Use to Create Certain Hairstyles?

Did you know that the brush you use can make a difference in the outcome of your hairstyle? In fact, certain brushes – for example, round brush, paddle brush, cushion brush, etc. – are designed to help create specific hairstyles.

FHI Heat hair brushes

Once you learn which hairstyles look best when styled with which brushes, you should be in good shape to create all your favorite hairstyles easily and effortlessly.

Phillip Wilson, the new Global Creative Director of FHI Heat professional hair tools, has kindly answered many burning questions regarding different styles of hair brushes and the hairstyles they are most often used to create. Read on to learn which hair brush you should use to create your favorite hairstyle for a beautiful and flawless finish.

Q . Life Love Beauty – What type of brushes should women use for different styling purposes and what types of hairstyles and styling techniques go best with each of the FHI Heat brushes?

A. Phillip Wilson –


Purpose / Technique of a Round Brush:
To add volume, lift, style direction, and smoothing to fine to medium hair textures.

Best hairstyle for a Round Brush:
Roundness to the shape, a bob, style, and any style with lift in the crown. Short hair with directional lift. Round brushes come in many sizes and the smaller the circumference the tighter the curl. The larger the circumference, the more volume and lift.

Why you should own a Round Brush:
You should own this brush if your desired style need more volume and lift.


Purpose / Technique of a Paddle Brush:
To straighten curly hair, to smooth rough hair, to add shine and direction to medium to coarse textures of hair.

Best hairstyle for a Paddle Brush:
Styles with straight lines and looks closer to the head. Think Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman.

Why you should own a Paddle Brush:
To get smooth, shiny, straight hair.


Purpose / Technique of a Cushion Brush:
To smooth and straighten while adding bounce and lift to the hair. Good for all textures of hair. Great for taming over curly hair without completely straightening it.

Best hairstyle for a Cushion Brush:
Any style you plan to curl once blow-dry is complete. Removes moisture and directional styling, forward, or backward, for example. Looks such as Beyonce, Christina Applegate….

Why you should own a Cushion Brush:
To style and control the hair in a natural directional way. To add shine without reducing volume, or adding volume.

FHI Heat hair brushes


Q . Life Love Beauty – Can you tell us what makes FHI HEAT brushes more special than a run-of-the-mill hair brush? 

A. Phillip Wilson – We offer styles in all three areas as well as several sizes suited to different lengths of hair. Our brushes also offer ergonomic grip handles.

Q . Life Love Beauty – How many different types of brushes should women own?

A. Phillip Wilson –
That depends on how many different ways she likes to wear her hair.

When you get a new look in a salon you should always purchase the brush the stylist used and ask them for specific tips for drying at home.

Q . Life Love Beauty – What type of brush do you see as most critical to have on hand?

A. Phillip Wilson –
All three types if you are a professional and one to support the chosen style for a consumer.

Q . Life Love Beauty – Anything else you would like to add?

FHI Heat Global Creative Director Phillip WilsonA. Phillip Wilson – Only the all important – Comb wet hair, never brush it.

About the Expert:
Phillip Wilson is the new Global Creative Director of FHI Heat professional hair tools. To learn more about FHI Heat and FHI Heat products, visit www.fhiheat.com.

Winterize Your Hair – Winter Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

As winter approaches, refresh your hair with great winter hair care tips to keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful. Your everyday hair care routine must make room for a few new steps if you want to keep your hair healthy and protected. Excess strain and extreme weather conditions can negatively impact the physical condition of one’s hair. By taking a few extra moments each day for simple maintenance and by minimally altering one’s everyday routine, hair can remain strong and beautiful every day of the year. Just follow these winter hair care tips for healthy hair.

Adding moisture to hair as winter temperatures dry out your hair can be a lifesaver when it comes to hair’s overall appearance. The bitter temperatures and lower humidity team up with the warm, dry climate of most people’s heated homes, resulting in a drier, less supple hair texture.

In addition to the hair’s texture, coloring may also dull as the winter comes into full swing. With the sun peeking through the sky less often in the cooler months, hair’s natural highlights begin to fade. Between the dryness and dearth of nature-inspired coloring, hair can use all the help it can get in escaping winter’s destructive kiss.

By altering the way one dries his or her hair, healthier results may be achieved with little extra time and no additional cost. Best approaches for preventing hair from drying out too often may include employing a hair dryer less frequently, towel drying before using a hairdryer, and taking showers at night to allow hair ample time to dry on its own.

When hair color seems a bit duller in the colder months, it could be due to less sun exposure and the general climate as well as the tougher elements the hair may endure, such as freezing tresses when left wet outside and excessive blow-drying. For a change, people may consider dyeing their hair, getting highlights put in or highlighting it themselves.

Tips for winter hair care:
–    Make efforts to dry hair prior to leaving your residence each day. Some climates’ temperatures are bitter enough to cause hair to freeze, making it extremely susceptible to breakage and unnecessary damage.

–    Allow hair to dry naturally as often as possible.
If you must blow-dry, gently squeeze and shake excess water from hair prior to toweling. Run towel through hair for several minutes and then wrap hair up in a dry towel to remove excess water. Use blow dryer after as much water as possible is shed, on lower heat settings.

–    Dry your hair as much as possible with towels first. Using several towels, turn head upside-down after the majority of the water has been shed from it and rub hair with towels vigorously to remove any excess water. Once hair is no longer damp, allow tresses to dry naturally the rest of the way.

–    Shower at night and allow hair to dry on its own. If daily morning routines do not leave enough time for an altered blow drying ritual, attempt to take showers at night before heading to bed, and allow hair to dry naturally or towel dry it at least a few times a week.

–    Moisturize hair by adding conditioner after your standard shampoo. Conditioners containing cetyl alcohol have been developed from coconut and are very good moisturizers for hair. Conditioners containing cetearyl alcohol are also known to be good at adding moisture to hair. Rinse hair with cool water to lock in the moisture by closing the cuticle.

–    Use a “hair mask” containing nourishing sea kelp from time to time, as it may also add moisture to stressed hair. Length of time for hair mask application may vary based on individual product. Follow instructions to see how long to wait before rinsing hair.

For best results, dry hair with heat less often, use moisture-rich products and remember to use cool water to lock in the moisture. If coloring hair, check ingredients to be sure the chemical ingredients are not excessively harmful to hair. Consult your hair care professional for more in-depth winter care suggestions!

All About Hair Extensions – A Q&A with Osvaldo Freitas

Osvaldo Freitas is not so much a jack of all trades as he is a master. Born in Uruguay, Freitas traveled the world to hone his skills and learn all the cutting-edge trends and techniques in hairstyling. He moved to the United States in the early 2000’s, where he received instant recognition for his talents and attention to detail. Now, Osvaldo Freitas has his own salon in New York City (Osvaldo Freitas Atelier for Hair) and he specializes in hair extensions and hairpieces, as well as hairstyles for special events, Japanese Thermal Reconditioning, and single process color, to name a few.

In this article, Osvaldo Freitas shares the details about hair extensions, from what exactly hair extensions are, to how he applies hair extensions, to who is a good candidate for receiving hair extensions, and more. Read on to learn all about hair extensions and to find out if you are a good candidate for getting hair extensions, and if so, to learn what you should do to prepare yourself for the hair extensions.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Technically speaking, what are hair extensions? What are they made of?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Hair extensions are added to natural hair in order to create more volume or length and they can be applied using various techniques. Good hair extensions should be 100 percent human hair and should match the texture of one’s own hair. Different ethnic backgrounds have different hair texture, so it’s important to match the texture. Anything other than human hair will not look real and won’t blend seamlessly to create natural looking hair. Quality in extensions is critical! It’s not worth doing extensions if you’re not working with the best products and technique.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What is involved when one gets hair extensions? What process is used?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – There are various methods in applying hair extensions and I have tried them all, having worked and studied hair extensions for the last 20 years. In my experience of applying extensions and working with different products and all over the world, I have found the fusion technique to be the very best. It’s different from traditional extension application, and far superior. With this technique, I also use organic products as to not damage the natural hair during removal and re-application.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Who is a good candidate for hair extensions?

A. Osvaldo Freitas –
Almost anyone looking for fuller or longer hair is a good candidate for extensions.  Hair at the crown of the head is necessary, as well as a generally healthy hair follicle, but the hair does not need to be long, just a few inches.  Blending a client’s natural, shorter hair with the extensions can be achieved through the right cut.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What must be done to prepare oneself and one’s hair for getting hair extensions?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – The only preparation for extensions is…getting ready to feel gorgeous and sexy!  Almost all of the women I work with feel entirely different and most say their new look is a dream they’ve had their whole lives.  Let’s face it, most women don’t have the hair we see on shampoo commercials, but dream of it.  Fulfilling those dreams has to be the most fulfilling side of my work!

Q. Life Love Beauty – Is there any discomfort or are there any negative side effects?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – There is absolutely no discomfort or side effects using the extensions and technique I use. The only thing I tell my clients is to wear hair in a loose bun during sleep, just as I suggest to clients I have with naturally long hair.

Q. Life Love Beauty – As you see them, what are the top benefits of getting hair extensions?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Self confidence, without a doubt.  Women walk out of the salon feeling so confident and beautiful.

Q. Life Love Beauty – How long do extensions last? Must they be completely redone, or is there maintenance for them? How often?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – The actual hair extensions last forever.  My clients own their hair and keep it as long as they want, changing color, length, etc… Typically, they need to be taken off and reapplied every two to three months.  It simply depends on how fast the natural hair grows. The extensions are applied to natural hair and thus, grow out with that hair. When I take the hair out for a reapplication, we wash it and then reapply that same hair.

Q. Life Love Beauty – How long does it take to get extensions put in?

A. Osvaldo Freitas – Using the fusion technique it takes from 20 to 30 minutes, but other hair extension techniques typically up to two and a half hours.

About the Expert:
Osvaldo Freitas is an internationally known hair guru, widely known for his work in hair extensions and hair pieces. He’s worked all over the world, at fashion shows, and with clientele including numerous celebrities. Freitas opened Osvaldo Freitas Atelier for hair in New York City in October 2008. Learn more at www.osvaldofreitas.com.

Classy and Sophisticated Hair Accessories for Mature Women

When it comes to looking amazing in a matter of moments, mature women have got it down pat. From efficient makeup tips to hairstyles and outfits that go flawlessly together in a flash, mature women have class and style beyond words. HairZing! Available at Amazon.com!To further enhance the unlimited possibilities of beautiful, manageable hairstyles, women can spruce up their looks with classy and sophisticated hair accessories.

Every woman should have at least a modest selection of hair accessories from which to choose. From ponytail elastics to headbands to combs and clips and claws and hairpins, the possibilities become seemingly endless, and this is especially great for mature women who want keep their hairstyles fresh, flirty, and fabulous.

“Most hairstyles are conducive to hair accessories,” said top hair artist Kenneth Darrell. “Generally staying away from extreme lengths, short or long, is best if you like to accessorize. If you enjoy wearing a little bling in the hair, most beauty supply stores carry a wide selection of combs, barrettes, and pins.”

“Remember a couple of rules when jazzing up the do,” he added. “As you get older, less is more. Icing up the hair can be fun, but overdoing it can be tragic. Unless you’re going to a grand event, keep it simple; the rules only change for really big events, even then use discretion. Decorative combs and pins can be just the ticket to class up an otherwise boring twist.”

Selecting the Perfect Hair Accessories for Your Hair Type and Lifestyle Needs
When it comes to actually deciding which hair accessories to wear when, the choice can seem overwhelming the larger your collection of hair accessories. No need to worry, though, because a number of classy hair accessories share multiple purposes, while others are a surefire winner for a specific occasion.

Thanks to the help of a few hair experts, Life Love Beauty has determined the Top Hair Accessories for Mature Women as follows:

Classy and Sophisticated Hair Accessories for Active Mature Women
Top Hair Accessory: The Ponytail Elastic
Why: The ponytail offers a classic style that can be worn just about anywhere, and keeps hair in place, whether running and working out, or dashing to catch the subway. Ponytail elastics, while not glamorous, still offer a solution to women based on a true necessity – keeping hair out of the eyes and face on a regular basis.

Life Love Beauty Tip –
Use your ponytail elastic for all it’s worth. You can wear a high ponytail or a low ponytail (or a mid ponytail), weave your hair into a nice French braid or a standard braid, or even toss your hair back into a messy bun. Of course you can always do the neat bun, too, but the messy bun is much more fun!

HairZing, Available at Amazon.com!Classy and Sophisticated Hair Accessories for EVERY Mature Woman
Top Hair Accessory: HairZing!
Why: HairZing offers such a versatility that is not often seen in hair accessories these days. Not only is the HairZing decorative comb accessory completely comfortable, but it also stays put, keeping hair tightly in place even during movement and exercise. The HairZing fashions are absolutely lovely, featuring a beautiful series of beads that seem to float in the hair effortlessly while the comfortable combs secure the hairstyle. HairZing accessories are perfect for any occasion, from everyday use to special events. Best of all, they are easy to style and can be worn in a variety of ways.

Expert Tip –
“Even with thin hair, HairZing’s comfortable design gives women the flexibility to create dozens of styles – hairstyles seen in fashion magazines that they thought they could never do in their own hair,” said HairZing eMarketing and Advertising Director Holden Penley. “The secret is in the beaded resin bands, which are attached to two hair-friendly molded metal combs. Gorgeous beads of all types appear magically suspended in the hair while HairZing holds the style in place all day. Women can even wear HairZings under a hat or a bike helmet with no worries about emerging with flattened ‘hat hair.’”

HairZing! Available at Amazon.com! HairZing! Available at Amazon.com! HairZing! Available at Amazon.com! HairZing! Available at Amazon.com! HairZing! Available at Amazon.com! HairZing! Available at Amazon.com!

Keep Reading for More Classy Accessories…

Curling for Any Occasion – Perms, Curling Irons, and Hot Rollers

Whether you want springy ringlets or sweeping spirals, a few different methods of curling hair can give you your desired look, even if you are a first-timer.

Remember the nights of “ouch”-ing away as your mom, aunt, or grandmother twisted those pink foamy curlers (or the metal ones with the rolly-ball, or something similar) into your hair just before you went to bed? Then up went the hair scarf, tying them tightly pressed against your scalp, making you long for sleep as soon as humanly possible. Thankfully, largely due to advancements in beauty know-how, so many other ways to curl hair exist, allowing women to get great curly looks easily and painlessly.

Do you want a Perm-anent look?
If you answered yes to this, look no further. Schedule an appointment with your hairstylist and decide what look you want to achieve. Do you like your hair at its current length and cut or would you prefer to get it shorter or layered? Can you accept the risks involved in the event that your hair does not turn out as you expect it to, leaving you with that sudden style for months or more, unless you cut it…? What if your hair gets damaged? These are questions you must ask yourself prior to getting a perm.

Curly hair at the salon is a piece of cake, but can you do your own curls?As technology has progressed over the past decade or so, perms have endured a number of changes since their inception in the early days. First, the malodorous scent of perms from years ago no longer haunts those who set foot into a stylist’s lair. Furthermore, perms, now sometimes known as “chemical texture service”, are healthier for your locks and contain more natural and herbal components than before.

Do realize that by getting a perm, your hair will still undergo some stress. Women with fine or damaged hair might not wish to have their hair treated with this procedure due to the possibility of a botched perm. Some hair types and certain conditions – such as pregnancy and recently having given birth, recent hair highlighting or color treatments, straightening, etc. – may cause a person to be a potentially poor candidate for perming. Sometimes risk may be involved with getting a perm, so everyone interested, especially women with long hair, should consider all the possible results, because it takes such a while to grow tresses so long! The trouble is that once the perm has been completed, the hairstyle is there to stay for at least a couple of weeks, if not longer.

Perms can be a great beauty band-aid in the sense that less time is required to keep them looking great and they really give a tired style a new and exciting jolt. Just be sure to weigh the pros and cons and consult with your stylist prior to making any hasty decisions, because the perm treatment is the most permanent of all those contained in this article.


Which to use… Curling Iron or Hot Rollers?
– Though both of these beauty devices require time to heat up, the hot rollers may take a bit longer as the wax that is often inside them needs to melt in order for them to be effective.

– Curling irons work great for specific areas of hair, like curling ends under or flipping them out, or even creating a few spirals to dress up a formal look.Hot rollers may work best when one wishes to curl her entire head.

– The readiness of hot rollers is generally indicated by a coloring change on the curler itself. Once the wax has melted it should change to a different shade, returning to its original hue once the curls have set and the wax has cooled.

– With a curling iron, one can choose to create tight ringlet curls or loose spiral curls, or a combination of both. With hot rollers this becomes a bit more difficult as the curls typically come out tighter, but can be brushed out to achieve the desired result.

– If traveling becomes an issue, curling irons can fit easily in luggage or a carry-on and require only an electric outlet. Counter space and more preparation and cleanup time are required for the hot rollers set.

– If a full head of curly locks is desired, hot rollers may be the way to go. The rate of success for keeping the curls intact all night may also be greater by using the hot rollers.

– Hot rollers will probably need about 10 minutes to heat up and 15 minutes or so for application time, followed by about 15 minutes to cool down and set the curls.

– Curling iron times may vary based on length of hair and desired style. Approximate times may be anywhere from five to 45 minutes or more.

– Conclusion: Based on differing hair types and desired results, women should try both approaches on separate occasions to see which their hair responds to best and which they like better.

Finally, if your hair has a natural curl or wave to it, use some styling products like gels and mousses to bring the coils and twists out even more. By turning your head upside-down and using the blow dryer after massaging in some gel or mousse, your hair should pick up more volume than it normally has, making the curls and waves even more noticeable.


No matter which curling route you decide to take, remember that some minor hair maintenance will be involved. Always feel free to consult your hairdresser if you have a problem or some questions that need to be addressed, but especially if you opt for a perm and it does not meet your expectations. Your cosmetologist should be able to help you remedy the situation as painlessly as possible, as he or she truly wants you to love the look and feel of your hair.

Favorite Hair Care Tips from Life Love Beauty Readers

Recently, Life Love Beauty hosted a contest for a chance to win African Pride Hair Care Products by submitting your favorite hairstyle or hair care tip. We received a number of really great tips, which we will share with you in two articles.

Many readers agreed on the following tips:
•    Use a leave-in conditioner.
•    Air dry hair when possible.
•    Keep hair’s ends trimmed on a regular basis.

In addition to these common hair care and styling recommendations, we also received a number of unique suggestions for how to keep hair beautiful and strong. Read on for some of the top suggestions on how to keep your hair feeling and looking great all the time:

Continue reading Favorite Hair Care Tips from Life Love Beauty Readers

Favorite Hair Styling Tips from Life Love Beauty Readers

Life Love Beauty recently teamed up with African Pride to host a contest that involved sharing your favorite hairstyle or hair care tip. We received a number of really great tips, which we will share with you in two articles.

Our readers made suggestions on both curly and straight hairstyles, as well as drying techniques, styling, and more. Many agreed on the importance of moisturizing your hair and deep-conditioning.

In addition to these common hair styling suggestions, we also received a number of creative recommendations for how to keep hair beautifully styled and strong. Read on for some of the top suggestions on how to keep your hairstyle looking great all the time:

Favorite Hair Tips for Curly Hair
“I love walking around with curly hair so my favorite curling routine is very simple. I wash my hair once a week instead of daily. I towel it dry and use a diffuser when blow drying my hair and a leave-in treatment to prevent breakage. I also use detangling cream to polish my hair and a mini curling iron to accentuate individual curls.”
–    Tip by Marilyn Lewis

“My favorite hairstyle would have to be a braid-out. To do a braid-out, you first wet the hair a bit, and apply your desired product onto your hair. A product made for enhanced curl may make your curls more defined. I prefer to use something creamy and moisturizing, and some oil to give it sheen and seal in the moisture from the moisturizer I put in.

Then, you part the hair down the middle (or make a part on each side if you want to make three braids) and french braid whichever side you’re comfortable with first. Do the same to the other side, and either go under a hot dryer for thirty minutes to an hour, or you can leave it braided all day/night, and take the braids out the next day.

Then, you undo the braids and either shake it out (which still may require some fixing up afterwards), or finger comb the curls until you get your desired style. I like to clip the hair up in the front sometimes, or I take bobby pins and pin my bangs to the side, which I find is so cute and can help hide a big forehead.”
–    Tip by Sheba Stafford

“My hair tip has to do with styling technique. When yo blow-dry your hair before curling, you should blow dry it to a point where there is still a slight bit of moisture left in your hair. By not blow-drying your hair completely dry before curling and styling, this will allow you to use less heat for less time in order to curl your hair.

It’s kind of like when you iron cloths, if they are very slightly damp before ironing, or if completely dry if you spray them a little with a water bottle just before ironing. Doing this, your hair will take an iron quicker and hold the press longer than when you iron an item that is completely dry. If your hair is already dry, what you can do is just give it a very light misting with a water spray bottle to bring up its moisture level before curling.”
–    Tip by Clarissa La

Favorite Hair Tips for Straight Hair
“To achieve straight hair and maintain it straight, the following steps need to be taken:

1.    Trim your ends as often as your stylist recommends. Your regular stylist gets to know your hair almost better than you, trust the professional. Ends that don’t split result in healthier hair. This step is number one because it’s literally the most important.

2.    Use proper heat styling precautions. Put a thermal styling product on damp hair. Blow dry hair in small sections from the root to tip only, don’t start in the middle down, and don’t blast your ends for prolonged periods of time. Make sure your hair is 100% DRY.

3.    Follow with a good ceramic flat iron, it is very true that you get what you pay for here. Don’t get some cheapo flat iron, that’s going to constantly snag your hair. That will cause breakage, the very breakage you are trying to prevent by getting your ends cared for on a regular basis.

4.    After flat ironing in small sections, follow with a silicone based styling product, sparingly!

5.    Wrap your hair or use a silk pillowcase when you go to bed.

All these steps should help you maintain straight hair if you prefer not to relax or perm it, and it will also help you maintain that glossy look you love if you do get your hair relaxed frequently.  If your hair gets blasted daily with high heat, I highly recommend a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week if not twice, and if you can roller set your hair and let it air dry on those days you’ll find your hair much healthier, as well as your scalp.”
–    Tip by Tracy Iglesias

“Tip – My favorite way of straightening my hair is to flat iron it bone-straight. I usually wash and dry my hair with hair moisturizer. Then I take a rat tail comb and hold it with my flat iron and straighten my hair, detangling it at the same time.”
–    Tip by Yashica McArthur

Favorite Hairstyles
“My favorite hair style to wear would be a bob. The look is so classic, but yet still so trendy. Once my hair is cut in a sleek bob, there are so many different styles that I can rock. I can change it up from straight and sophisticated to curly and playful.

I have been rocking a bob for years. Sometimes it is shorter and sometimes it is longer. No matter what length, it still looks wonderful.

I prefer a nice even cut. To change it up, I may bump it at the top, give it a flip, or wear it flat to the head. A bob has so many endless possibilities. Sometimes I even add a little color to give it that extra umph. The best thing about a bob, is that it looks great on almost any face shape.

Bobs are easy to care for. Keeping it wrapped, moisturized, and covering with a scarf helps keep the style healthy and gives it great body.

I can’t think of a better hairstyle.”
–    Tip by Harriett Talford

“I think ‘natural’ hair is beginning to become the thing (it). From fro to dred (ms) I have left the perm, curl, etc. alone for quite a while now and I’m loving it. No more getting up in the morning and making sure your hair looks the same as when you left the salon.”
–    Tip by FC Henley

How to Refresh and Revitalize Your Hair in Five Minutes or Less

Throughout the course of the day, sometimes our hair just needs a lift. It can happen after a long day at work, a short trip to the gym, or after a few errands gone bad. TRESemme No Frizz Shine Spray, available at Amazon.comMany women want to know how to refresh and revitalize their hair, but few have the time or energy to spend on researching the different ways to go about it. The truth is, reviving your hair doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort at all. In fact, you can easily refresh and revitalize your hair in five minutes or less with the right beauty products and the right steps.

Whether your hair needs more shine, less frizz, a fragrance refresher, or something else entirely, you don’t necessarily have to go to all the hassles you would if you were first getting up in the morning. Instead, consider these creative and effective ways to refresh and revitalize your hair in five minutes or less!

To Remove Oils and Reduce a Greasy Appearance, Try Shampowder
Apply Shampowder after your midday workout or on a day when you’ve slept way past your alarm. The Shampowder canister is compact and easy to stash in your purse on the way out the door. Depending on the amount of oil in your hair naturally, you may have to apply more powder to absorb it all. Shampowder is available for light hair or for dark hair.

Shampowder for light or dark hair, available at Amazon.comTo use Shampowder, tap the applicator on a firm surface with the cap on and the brush facing downward to release the powder. When you can see the powder in the cap, you are ready to begin. Daub and / or sweep the brush to apply the powder generously through your hairline and scalp or wherever needed. You can also pull your hair taut and brush through to the ends to touch up the entire length of your hair.

Shampowder is made by Buttercream Cosmetics, Inc. (www.buttercreamcosmetics.com). You can buy Shampowder for light hair or dark hair at Amazon.com.

To Refresh the Fragrance of Your Hair, Try TRESemme No Frizz European Shine Spray
Spritz your hair with TRESemme European Shine Spray for revitalization that changes your entire perspective on a potential bad hair day. TRESemme features a clean and lovely just-walked-out-of-the-hair-salon fragrance that stays with you longer than most other hair refreshers.

TRESemme No Frizz Shine Spray, available at Amazon.comThe product is ultra light and airy, leaving your hair as soft and silky as ever. The fragrance is alluring yet completely appropriate for any occasion. TRESemme No Frizz European Shine Spray lives up to its name, chasing away frizz and flyaways and leaving hair with a glossy, silky shine. To use TRESemme No Frizz European Shine Spray, spray the product on dry or damp hair as needed throughout the day to reduce frizz and enhance shine.

While this product offers frizz and flyaway control, it rates as my favorite in the fragrance department for any occasion. I first used this shine spray around Christmas time a couple of years ago, but I cannot get enough of it as the scent is truly divine!

TRESemme No Frizz European Shine Spray is available at your favorite drugstore or mass retailer, and also online at Amazon.com.

To Reduce Frizz and Flyaways in Hair, Try Pink Ribbon Revitalizing Mist by Ojon
Ojon Revitalizing Mist, available at Amazon.comPink Ribbon Revitalizing Mist preps hair and provides detangling, as it is a weightless pre-styling leave-in conditioner that refreshes and revitalizes hair. Revitalizing Mist’s fragrance is light and pleasant, and evocative of calm summer days at the beach. This product offers ideal solutions for damaged, dry, dull, or chemically treated hair, but it is also a great way to refresh your hair.

The revitalizing spray is peachy pink in color and is specially pH balanced and brimming with vitamins. Revitalizing Mist is a delightful way to revitalize your hair and to prevent frizz and flyaways anytime, anywhere.

While supplies of the Ojon Pink Ribbon Revitalizing Mist last, Ojon is donating up to $35,000 from purchases of this product to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can buy Ojon Revitalizing Mist at Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta, Beauty First / Pure Beauty, Beauty.com, Ojon.com, and Amazon.com.

Suave Vibrant Shine Mist, Available at Drugstore.comTo Add Shine and a Sexy Sheen to Your Hair, Try Suave Professionals Shine Mist
Suave Shine Mist delivers a light and airy, delicate fragrance to your hair while also enhancing the shine, allegedly as well as Sebastian® products. I have not tried Sebastian products; however I can say that
I enjoy the fragrance and the condition of my hair after using Suave Professionals Shine Mist.

The shine mist is nice because you can apply it whenever you want that refreshed feeling for your hair without worries of greasy residue or any unsightly side effects. The product restores hair’s vitality instantly, whether you apply it right after styling your hair or anytime throughout the day. For best results, hold the bottle eight to ten inches from your head and spray evenly.

With Suave Professionals Shine Mist, you can revitalize your hair and add shine at home or on the go… what’s not to love?

To Restore Curls and Waves to Your Hair, Try Sunsilk Non-aerosol Waves of Envy Sea Mist
SunSilk Non-aerosol SeaMist Waves of Envy, available at Amazon.comSunsilk Sea Mist Waves of Envy offers a fabulous boost for hair that falls out of its curly or wavy style. Waves of Envy give hair a beach tossed, tousled look whether your hair is styled wet or dry.

This product smells great, boasting fragrances that are fresh, lightly fruity, and summery. While I especially enjoy the fragrance of this product, it also gives hair softness and texture with ease.
The product itself is blue in color and really works hard to revitalize your hair and get your hair looking and smelling great. It gives you a sexy beach bum look any time of year with little effort.

To use Sunsilk Waves of Envy Sea Mist for tousled, textured beach waves, simply shake the bottle and spray evenly throughout your hair and then scrunch hair and twirl sections as desired. You can also reapply Sunsilk Sea Mist throughout the day as needed or as desired for a fresh and fragrant hair pick-me-up.

Sunsilk products are made by Unilever and they are available in your favorite drugstores, beauty aisles of mass retailers, and online at Amazon.com.

Note: For your summers and any vacations or tropical getaways, you might also consider Sunsilk Summer Spritz, which infuses a hint of coconut and UV filters for the ultimate warm weather hair care product. Sunsilk Summer Spritz provides hydration and protection for your hair while delivering a delightful and refreshing dose of fragrance. To use the summer spritz, spray evenly on (towel-dried or dry) hair.

Hot Fall Hairstyles for Mature Women – Mature Hair Trends for Fall 2008

Q & A with Rachel Hayes, Editorial Director at Dailymakeover.com

Hot hairstyles for fall 2008 seem to be going short and sassy for the most part. Beauty expert Rachel Hayes, editorial director at Dailymakeover.com, suggests the hottest hairstyle trends for mature women this fall, as well as plenty of tips to achieve them at home.

Fall hairstyles often invoke new hair dye jobs or highlights, but for fall 2008, the trends don’t necessarily need to involve new color. Changing the shape and length of one’s hair for fall and winter is the way things seem to be going. Finding hot fall hairstyles especially suited for mature women can be easy with a good stylist, the right tools, and research on hairstyles that would look nice with your face shape.

Mature women can take notes from some of our favorite older and younger celebrities who have always rocked great hairstyles. Check out these trendy hairstyles for fall 2008 – they offer flirtatious style with functionality and enough class to be professional at a moment’s notice.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What direction styles do you see styles going this fall for mature women… updos, down, half-and-half, etc.?

A. Rachel Hayes – The biggest trend by far this fall is the new bob, and while we’ve seen lots of younger celebrities wearing it, mature stars are going for it too. Sally Field, Diane Keaton, and Mariska Hargitay are great examples. The bob gained popularity during the summer and will continue to go into winter, and this look is amazing for mature women for many reasons.

The Sally Field look, by DailyMakeover.comFirst, the bob gives more definition and shape to the face because it frames your face from temples down to your neckline. This will give your cheeks and neckline a more defined appearance. Second, it’s ideal for women whose hair may be dry and brittle because you have less length to worry about (and regular trims will ensure you have no dead ends). Third, it’s easy to style, so it’s not a big time commitment and great for women who are really on the go.

The bob looks fresh this fall because it is sleek, layered, textured and more defined—not poufy and perfectly rolled under like soccer mom bobs of the past. Whether you want lots of layers like Diane Keaton, more volume like Sally Field, or pin straight like Mariska Hargitay, talk to your stylist about what kind of bob is right for you.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Can you recommend a few tips for mature women on how to achieve these styles in terms of step by step instructions?

A. Rachel Hayes – The key to making a bob look modern is to reduce any frizz. Apply an anti-frizz styling cream or serum on damp hair, then blow dry using a round brush. Be sure the nozzle of the blow dryer is always above the brush and pointing downward to prevent frizz. You can roll the ends under if you want some bend at the ends, but don’t overdo it.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What kind of style can you offer women with lots of class but little time to spare?

A. Rachel Hayes – The bob works great in all occasions, from casual Sunday brunch to a black tie affair.

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