Product Review of PURE FIJI Coconut Milk Shampoo and Coconut Crème Conditioner

PURE FIJI Coconut Milk Shampoo and ConditionerCoconut Infusion!
I’ve neverss had someone ship me something all the way from Fiji before, so I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I received a package that had indeed come to the States from one of my most dreamed-about tropical locations on the globe. I couldn’t be more excited about the luxurious coconut shampoo and conditioner duo, which I’ve been using for the past couple of weeks. The kind folks at PURE FIJI shipped me a complimentary full-size bottle of both PURE FIJI Coconut Milk Shampoo and PURE FIJI Coconut Crème Conditioner along with a Pineapple Candle for the purpose of my review. I’m more than thrilled to share my experience with you!

The more I try different products I start to realize how far things can vary in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and so on. The coconut shampoo and conditioner products from PURE FIJI do NOT disappoint. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I am a complete coconut fanatic, but this product goes way above and beyond just liking it for the scent. I am very happy to report that PURE FIJI shampoo and conditioner hit the mark on every piece of criteria on which I would grade a product. Let’s go through it….

•    Scent – I absolutely adore how much the fragrance of PURE FIJI Coconut Milk Shampoo and Coconut Crème Conditioner (Coconut Infusion) products lingers after a shower is long done and hair is evenly dried. The lingering fragrance of the coconut infusion is tantalizing and makes me want to shower more than once a day – seriously.

•    Hair Softness – The quality of my hair following a shower using these coconut hair goodies is remarkably improved from your average grocery store or pharmacy shampoo and conditioner products. Even my husband had to comment on how soft my hair was after using them. And my hair is normally soft to begin with (never treated, never dyed), so that’s huge in my book.

•    Cleaning Ability – Again, nothing but great remarks here. After washing my hair with PURE FIJI products, it very easily rinses clean (more easily than normal) and leaves my hair feeling free from residue and other annoyances.

Ship Shape and Ready to Sail – Pure Nautica Discovery

It’s the first week of July and summer has finally found the Pacific Northwest. Fitting then that I should get my hands on Nautica’s new-for-2011 Pure Nautica Discovery, a summer scent if ever there were one.

Keeping well within the brand’s wheelhouse (get it? (wheelhouse is both a nautical term for the location a ship’s steering wheel and jargon for “sweet spot” (OK, never mind, jeez))), the bottle fades from nearly clear up top to a lovely topaz blue color. Grooves at the bottom of the glass add a weight to the bottle that anchors the brushed aluminum look of the cap. It’s a smart, safe package to be sure.

So what’s it like to wear?

Top notes are nice and airy; a little citrus noise balanced with a splash of sea water. It’s not too fruity which is fine because this scent is definitely marketed towards the male half of the population. Middle notes don’t stick around long, but lavender, ginger, and coriander do make themselves known, for a while at any rate. Bottom notes, the ones that hang around all day, are surprising; sandalwood and Virginia cedar settle down to a very pleasant aroma that does not lend itself to fatigue – very important if you’ll be wearing this every day. Really, it’s like carrying around a mug of spiced summer cider. Delicious.

This is a scent devoid of all drama; perfect for someone just discovering cologne. Wear it to work, around home, and even out in the evenings. This is likely not for the connoisseur, it doesn’t really speak to a specific personality. Wonderful, then, for most of us.


Hair Trends 2011 – Haircuts, Styles, and Color

Hair is a beautiful aspect of every woman and it is an important element that adds to her physical beauty. The length is not very important as long as the hair is strong, shiny, and healthy. It is generally acceptable to move forward with the current trends. Remember that choosing your hairstyle is as important as choosing your stunning shoes, unique outfit, and your makeup.

Hair Trends 2011
Some of the short hairstyles described as the ultimate 2011 trends are the layered short bob and the longer version of a bob. The short layered bob is for those women who are willing to experiment a radical hair change. These two hairstyles are practical and suited for all face shapes and are perfect for various occasions. Once you have chosen the 2011 trends for hair that you like best, you should speak to your stylist about your hairstyle preferences.

Hair coloring is a trend that is always evolving. There is now a variety of hair color trends for 2011 that give you an exceptionally natural look. Once you have decided to color your hair, you will need to choose a color that best suits you. You should choose a hair color that matches your complexion and eye color. Those who have dark hair can go for mahogany, hazelnut, caramel, or warm toffee colors in their hair. The redheads will look perfect in mahogany tones as well as auburn and copper red. Gold and copper are also among the hair color 2011 trends. Discover the numerous 2011 colors that go well with your personality and your appearance.

2011 haircuts are cut in such a way that they highlight your facial features and structure. The 2011 haircuts require minimal maintenance so they are a perfect choice for the busy woman. This is great for women who want to blowdry their hair and dash out the door. You can either chose the dimensional shag, versatile cut, Heather Locklear, or even the Hillary cut. Look for a haircut that suits your specific age group as well as your personality.

2011 Hair Color Trends
If you are new to hair coloring you can now experiment with the 2011 hair color trends that will give you a natural look. 2011 hair color trends are now public and you should update your look if desired. The colors are either pastel blondes that come in clean icy tones, cool browns, or even brilliant reds. The trend is now a little away from brown but if it is your personal choice, go ahead.

The 2011 trends are now double sided coloring where underneath you can go for a darker color and a lighter shade for most of the hair and over the top. The darker color should frame your face.  For the year 2011 you can try color combinations. There is much more you can do with color in your hair. Browse through the Internet for suggestions and photos so your stylist will know exactly what you want to achieve in your new look.

More 2011 Hair Trends for Women
There is a wide variety of amazing new 2011 hair trends for women as well as improved versions of the already existing hairstyles. There are now more products, tools, equipment, and modern gadgets to make amazing hairstyles. The different 2011 hair trends will require time and patience from the woman. Some 2011 hairstyles that can be done easy and fast are the popular curly hairstyles. Some 2011 curly hair color trends include a curly updo or a wavy look.

It does not matter whether your hair is curly or straight. Curly hair pulled up will definitely give you a romantic touch. There are also the wavy hairstyles that can either be done with fringes or without. The short hairstyles are also in again. The longer bob is the top 2011 trend for hair because it looks sexier and more romantic than the very short one.

There is a wide variety of 2011 hair trends to enhance your beauty and personality. The following are some of the hair trends that will give you an elegant and glamorous look in the year 2011. You can go for the 1940s long waved hairstyle, buns, bouffant and pompadour for teenagers. The plaited and braided hairstyle with also give you an elegant and comfy look whether you are a working woman or not. Soft waves in a low bun can be especially romantic and easily move from casual to formal or elegant. Ballerina buns are still highly popular for 2011 hairstyles – keep them in mind as your go-to hairstyle for summer and fall weddings. Top knots give you a youthful and playful look. There is much more in hair trends to suit and accentuate your femininity and style.


Hairstyles for Mature Women – Age 40, 50, and 60+

Most times mature women should appear in age-appropriate styles. This applies to both dress code and hairstyles, not to mention makeup, jewelry, and other accessories. Mature women should act as a good example to the upcoming generation who look upon the older generation for guidance. However, maturing does not mean that it is time for the woman to compromise her hairstyles and length.

Women can consider countless beautiful hairstyles for mature women. The short hairstyle is a popular choice with most mature women. It gives this woman a face lifting effect and also has the ability to attract attention to the mature women. A woman who would want to lift and elongate her neck should go for this hairstyle. It is known to make fine lines appear less visible.

Hairstyles for Mature Women Over 40
Some of the most popular hairstyles for mature women include a good haircut that can transform the look of the mature women. Female haircuts have always included elegant styling ideas for all generations, but this elegance is especially perfect for the mature woman.

As she ages, a woman can use colors to brighten her complexion in order to infuse her with youthfulness and brilliance. A woman should not lose interest with her hair because she has hit 40+. A woman who is in her 40s can also search photos on the Internet for the latest haircuts.

Hairstyles for Mature Women Over 50
Days are gone when there were limited hairstyles for mature women and especially those who are over 50. That was a time long ago when people thought that the mature woman had no business looking interesting and attractive. This group of women now has a choice of hairstyles that can flatter and please them in all senses.

Today’s woman who is over 50 can wear long hair, dye it in a variety of colors, apply highlights or lowlights, and she can wear any other style that she deems appropriate. However, her choices should reflect her age in most cases. Leave the pigtails for cute kiddos and sport a more elegant twist, braid, or bun hairstyle!

Hairstyles for Mature Women Over 60
Hairstyles of mature women over the age of 60 should not be dictated by her age or by society. This woman should select her hairstyle by basing her choice on her hair type and a great deal on her facial structure. This woman’s hairstyle should also be guided by her personality.

Determine whether post menopausal hormone deficiencies are affecting your hair before selecting the hairstyle. If the woman realizes that her hair is thinning, then she should choose a short style to disguise the thin hair. This woman who is over 60 can chose a bob style and bangs to cover any wrinkles on her forehead. This is a classic hairstyle for the mature woman.

Short Hairstyles for Mature Women
Mature woman who have decided to wear short hairstyles are on the right track. They can wear short shags and layered crops, which work well for mature women’s hair that has seen better days. Short hairstyles give mature women a younger look. They also help boost her confidence level. Older women should wear styles that complement their facial structure as well.

Short hairstyles for mature women over 50 are easy to manage. They give the mature women a smart and professional look. Short hair is the ideal hairstyle for women who love swimming. If she decides to add color to her hair, it should be the right color to avoid creating wrong impressions. Some short hairstyles for the mature woman are curls and pixies. However, the mature woman should go to an expert for advice on choosing the best style.

To maintain the short hairstyle, the mature woman can have regular trims to keep her hair healthy and in good shape. She can also change her look from one season to the next with a new hair color or a new haircut.


Trends in Caramel Hair Color

Hair color trends change with each season like everything else. During the spring and summer seasons, hair colors tend to lighten while hair tends to darken during the fall and winter seasons. While choosing the right color for your hair or that of your client, you ought to be guided by one’s lifestyle, hobbies, skin tone, and current haircut. Caramel hair color is a light brown or yellowish brown color. It is a versatile hair color that fits a variety of skin tones. It also works for women of different nationalities.

When your hair loses vitality and when the color loses radiance, it is time to get a caramel hair color that works for you. Always replenish and refresh your hair color. Do not choose a caramel hair color simply because it is the trend or because it looks chic on another person.

You should always choose a shade that is close to your natural color. Caramel hair color will give you a sensational look if you find the right tone for your complexion. This hair color can stand perfectly on its own but can also be made warmer, ashy, or even cool. With the caramel hair color, you can be chic and candy sweet. Its variations depend on the individual and the look one is craving for. There is much to achieve from caramel hair color. For the black hair, caramel hair color can soften any harshness in the face. Caramel is a natural complement and super cool color for brunettes.

Caramel Blonde Hair Color
Caramel blonde hair color is a popular hair color for many women. If you wish to brighten your hairstyle, do not worry about your skin tone. There is always a shade of caramel hair color to suit everyone.

If your brunette tone hair is shoulder-length, you will look classy if you apply caramel highlights throughout your style. This creates an eye-catching look. If you currently have bleached blonde hair, you can choose a richer shade of the caramel hair color. On the other hand, if you have a pale skin tone, then your caramel hair color should be a bit lighter.

Caramel Brown Hair Color
If you feel that your hair now has a dull look and you wish to add some spice to the color, you can opt for caramel brown hair color. Decide whether you want highlights of brown hair color or whether you wish to completely color your hair. A complete color gives you a brand new look. Caramel hair color is mostly meant for those people who fall in deep brown shades. When you decide to use the brown hair color, it means that you want to look serious and sophisticated.

Light Caramel Hair Color
Light caramel hair color is best used during the warmer seasons which are spring and summer. Never choose a light hair color that is too light for your natural shade. You sure do not want hair that is too brassy or even orange. Consult a professional otherwise you could end up with burns on your scalp and skin due to incorrect use of the chemicals.

Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

Spring finally arrived a couple of weeks back and before you knew it, summer was hot on its heels. Time is on the fast track and there are upcoming events ahead where you can flaunt your new looks. Have you made up your mind on what look you’ll be sporting for the coming chapters of your life? If not, then let’s start on the top: your hairstyle.

Prom is nearing and so is the summer break. Although you look pretty with that long, smooth hair, people are too accustomed to it and you need a lift to get back into the limelight. A retreat to a short curly hairstyle will not only seize second and third glances, but it also inspires a light, bouncy feeling, oozing with confidence – a great aura for the summer season.

Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair
Before you choose the new style you want to achieve with your hair, always seek advice from an expert first. Hairstyles should match certain features like the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. Hair maintenance and styling change significantly upon transition to a bob cut. Short hair is definitely more manageable than long hair, as long as you know how to style it.

If you’re aiming for a cute, charming look this summer season, try something like the short, layered, curly hair of Jenifer Lopez, Rihanna, or Charlize Theron. These celebrity hairstyles are suitable for round, oval, or diamond-shape faces and best for medium to thick hair texture. You can browse through the Internet to get a clearer picture of hairstyles for the short curly hair of women.

When wearing the curls, perfect your evening look for a dinner date with your partner by putting on a stylish headband or pretty hair clips. If you’re off to a shopping spree with your mom, add more volume on your short, curly hair and wear a headband with scarf topping a shirt, shorts, and flats outfit. Enhance that sweet, charming look by putting on a tan hat, or feel young at heart by clasping the curls on colorful kiddie barrettes for a weekend getaway on the beach with your friends.

You can do so much to achieve that cute hairstyle for your short curly hair. You just have to apply your creativity to achieve the appropriate look for each occasion and every season.

Prom Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair
The prom is one of the moments when any young woman feels she’s indeed a real lady. Parading in elegant gowns and toting chic, glimmering bags and accessories, it is not only a social gathering, but a venue to celebrate our femininity. You’d better be sure your hairstyle down to your shoes agrees with this goal.

Short curls can emanate a sexy and romantic aura. Put on a glittering headband teeming with stones or style the curls with hair gems and sparkling clips to match your sophisticated look. Nice Swarovski earrings and more sparkling jewelry will complete the dramatic look. But don’t overdo it. Remember, simplicity is elegance.

If you want to try a trendy prom hairstyle for your short curly hair, you may use tinsel to glam your hair. Make sure it blends nicely with both your gown and hair color to achieve that evening princess look. Apply hair mouse to add volume and bring the best of the curls. Once again, it’s good if you can take time to research on the Internet, and even better to ask an expert about the most suitable prom hairstyle for your short, curly hair. In seeking advice, consider your gown’s style and color to make sure your hairstyle complements your outfit.

You can mix and match with short curly hairstyles. A couple of hairstyles can transform you into different looks that one may not recognize you at all. Keep in mind that your transformation isn’t purposely a total change of you, but a fun and fancy upgrade of your look.

Revolutionary Hair Styling – Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters

If you are a woman who was born in the 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s, then you can probably remember when it was necessary to set your hair the night before in order to create a head full of gorgeous curls. In fact, from hard plastic rollers to stiff bobby pins, the tools needed to give women beautiful curls were anything but beautiful themselves. Today, however, women have lots of choices once they decide to curl their hair including curling irons, rollers, and heated hair setters.

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters
Using dual heating technology, Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters are designed to create long-lasting curls within as little time as five minutes. One of the nicest features about this hair setter is that it heats the curls from the inside out and the outside in due to the fact that you get a heated clip as well as the heated roller to set your hair.

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters includes 12 large rollers and 8 medium rollers along with matching clips. Since the rollers feature cool-touch end rings, you can roll your hair quickly without ever needing to say “Ouch!” The clips are hinged and easy to put on and take off.

Pearl Ceramic Technology
Treasured for centuries as one of Mother Nature’s finest treasures, the fresh water pearl is surrounded with mystery and a magical allure. As the only gem to be created by a living creature, the fresh water pearl symbolizes an innocent beauty as well as the ability to withstand adversity and change.

Partially crafted from fresh water pearls that have been crushed into a nano-sized powder that is then infused into each Remington tool, the T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters seals the hair cuticle, creating long-lasting curls with a frizz-free shine. That means less static to deal with too!

Due to the unique pearl ceramic technology used in the Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters, it only takes 90 seconds for the rollers to heat up and 5 to 10 minutes for your curls to set. Fast, easy, and reliable!

Hair-Curling Tips When Using Heated Rollers

•    If you want full, wide curls, set your hair with large rollers.
•    Use hair gel if your hair is very thin or fine.
•    For tiny curls, set your hair with the smallest roller size.
•    Remember that the longer you leave the roller on, the tighter your curl will be.
•    If you are using a hair setter for the first time, you should experiment with different sizes of rollers as well as different brands of styling gels.

Remington offers a 4-year warranty for their T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters. I haven’t had my set that long, so I cannot vouch for this guarantee. However, I can state that I thoroughly appreciate the fact that this product is easy to use, performs well, and is attractive to look at. Thank you Remington for providing me with this gift and the ability to create long-lasting curls whenever I want.

Hot Trends in Women’s Hairstyles for 2011

New hairstyles for 2011 find inspiration in older throwback styles as well as new celebrity hairstyles and whatever’s popular in Hollywood. Women’s hair accessories are also a hot fashion right now, with many ladies opting for fringe, feathers, braids, and other exciting adornments to the standard hairstyle. Blast from the past hairstyles are as hot as ever, with many women wanting to sport the bob hairstyle, wedge haircut like Dorothy Hamill, and even 80’s hairstyles!

We’ve asked the hair experts to give us a glimpse of the hot new hairstyles for 2011 and this is what they had to say:

2011 Celebrity Styles Going Mainstream
Celebrity-inspired looks continue to top the charts for what women want in their new hairstyles for 2011. Just think about browsing celebrity gossip sites on the Web or paging through your favorite magazines. You are bound to see the likes of Rihanna, Ashlee Simpson, and Jennifer Aniston. Eva Green hairstyles are also a popular search frenzy this month. These celebrity hairstyles are some of the most searched hairdos for 2011 according to Yahoo! Search.

Rihanna Hairstyles for 2011
Yahoo! Searches shows many searches for Rihanna hairstyles being requested by lots of girls under the age of 18, as well as some older women. Rihanna’s sexy and sassy short hairstyles seem to resonate with the younger crowd and the young-at-heart looking for a fun and playful haircut to enjoy in 2011.

Ashlee Simpson Hairstyle 2011
This year shows Ashlee Simpson’s short blond hairstyle as a fast favorite for new hairstyles in 2011. Young adults are searching most for this women’s hairstyle. This short, boyish cut turns ultra glam with a little styling and a sparkling smile. The blond hair color makes a dramatic statement compared to Ashlee Simpson’s earlier hairstyles, ranging from jet black to auburn and everything in between. Ashlee Simpson’s is just one of many celebrity short hairstyles to consider for 2011.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle
From her Friends era, Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles have been desired by many women time and again. “The Rachel” is still a popular haircut with lovely layers and a medium length that can appeal to just about anyone’s hair color and face shape. The 2011 Jennifer Aniston hairstyle is a bit different – a sort of longer bob hairstyle that is popular this year in searches by middle aged women.

“It [the bob] has to be done right,” Celebrity Stylist Sam Brocato says. “Proportion is everything, and I’m not sure Jennifer has nailed it. A little shorter and this cut would have been a modern statement.”

More Celebrity Hairstyle Tips for 2011
Amy Quackenbush, owner and stylist of Adele Salon, agrees that celebrity women’s haircut and color trends are hot for 2011.

“One of my favorite things about hair nowadays is that truly anything goes,” she says. “It’s your attitude and personality that makes the cut. I think we will still see the long, soft hair on women, but I also think you will be seeing some shorter styles make a comeback. Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan are wearing short hair amazingly well, while Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are a great example of longer locks with texture.

“I personally love the Ombre hair coloring technique that is all over Hollywood right now, and see it as a continuing trend.”

Quackenbush adds that natural texture is more commonly accepted by women, and that they are finally starting to work with hair’s texture instead of against it.

“People will start adding texture to hair again (yes perms!), but not in that 1989 way,” she says.

Hair Accessories Big in 2011 – Feather Extensions, Fringe, and More
The haircut and hairstyle will only take you so far. Adding hair accessories to your styles is a big women’s hair trend for 2011. Licensed Cosmetologist and Hairstylist Christina Pastore strongly recommends unique hair accessories and fashions as a great way to freshen up your hairstyle this year.

“The Ombré was a really fun trend; however, I think that we will be seeing less of it and more BOLD changes… with LOTS of hair accessories: fringe, feathers, braids, just hair flair,” Pastore says.

Feather hair extensions can be a fun way to add color with a bold result. Danielle Wade, owner of Asteria Salon in Denver, offers feather hair extensions as a popular add-on to her hair services. Hair feather extensions surprisingly are easy to maintain – simply continue with your usual washing, blow drying, curling, and straightening. Feather hair extensions at Asteria employ top-quality rooster feathers that are attached to hair’s root, much like with standard hair extensions. These feathering extensions are also easily removed when the time comes.

Feather hair extensions can range from bold colors like turquoise, red, yellow, and fuchsia, to natural highlights and lowlights, offering unlimited possibilities for your creative hairstyles. The locks of feathered extensions usually last for about four weeks.

Short Hairstyles for 2011… The Bob Hairstyle and Pixie Cut…

Burgundy Hair Color Tips and Ideas

The burgundy hair color is an alluring shade that shows you aren’t afraid to speak your mind and express yourself. Burgundy colored hair makes a statement no matter what the haircut or hairstyle, giving you a fashionable look for every season. If you’ve already dyed your hair a pretty purple, red, or wine color, you know how much fun it can be to wear a daring shade. If you are considering dyeing your hair burgundy, consider these tips and tricks to help you choose a color and style that works best for you.

Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

Shake things up a little with a fresh, new burgundy hair color! You can really change your look when you dye your hair to this amazing shade. Before you make such a dramatic hair color change, though, consider checking with your favorite local hair salon to get their take on your best hair color. Experts say that women with skin tones ranging from medium to a deep, cool skin tone are most likely to look great with burgundy hair or highlights.

Remember, when you are dyeing your hair at home or having your hair professionally dyed, you have countless options for colors and in-between shades. When it comes to bold maroon colors, you can choose from burgundy wine hair color, burgundy purple hair color, and burgundy red hair color, not to mention black burgundy hair color. More specifically, these colors may have special names like black cherry, chocolate cherry, mahogany, wine, and others. Several factors may help identify which of these individual shades may work best for you. Consider your skin tone, eye color, and your existing hair color as you prepare to make a dramatic change to your appearance.

Hair Color at Home or at the Salon
Your comfort level with dyeing your own hair will help you decide if you should go to the hairdresser to have your hair coloring done or if you can handle dyeing your own hair at home. If you plan to dye your hair at home, you will find many options for home hair dye kits and products, such as burgundy henna hair dye, Garnier Nutrisse burgundy hair color, and L’Oreal Feria Haircolor in Blowout Burgundy.

When you dye your hair at home, it is very important to read all the directions and follow them closely. You will probably test a small area before dyeing your entire head. If you are nervous about coloring your hair at home, consider having a friend, sister, or your mom over to help you. When all else fails, head over to the salon for a really professional wine, red, or purple dye job.

Burgundy Hairstyle Design
Once you’ve selected the shade you want to sport, you still have one important decision ahead of you. What hairstyle can live up to the fun and dynamic shade of wine in your hair? The beauty of the burgundy hairstyle and color is that you can truly spice up your life with this style and dye job. Choose an edgy cut with fun angles or a romantic and feminine style. Consider long, flowing curls or a crisp bob hairstyle that really shows off your new color. Pick a pin-straight style that goes great with your school girl routine and your sexy eyeglasses.

When in doubt about what to do with your hair, burgundy or not, check out what the celebrities are doing. Review magazines and browse websites for tips and burgundy hair color pictures to help you decide if you can pull off this drastic change from your standard hair color. Whatever you decide, have fun with your new look!

Top Wedding Hair Tips for Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom

When your son or daughter is getting married, there are so many things to do before the wedding gets here. Choosing your mom of the bride or mom of the groom hairstyle and making sure your hair is in great shape are two very important preparation steps to help ensure a flawless appearance. Wedding hairstyles for mother of the bride and mother of the groom come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Stay within your comfort levels and follow these tips for great wedding hair at your son’s or daughter’s wedding.

Consider these wedding hair tips for mother of the bride and mother of the groom before the wedding gets here:

•    If you color your hair, make an appointment at least two weeks out so you can get your color freshened up if needed.

•    Avoid MOB and MOG hairstyles that are too elaborate, including those with dramatic hair ornaments or flowers – you don’t want to upstage the bride.

•    Consider a fancy mother of the bride or mother of the groom up-do hairstyle for warm weather weddings, destination weddings, and formal weddings if you wish.

•    Consider a blowout hairstyle for winter weddings and anytime you prefer to let your hair down.

•    Avoid getting a dramatic haircut or coloring job within the month of the wedding. Maintaining your current look is usually the best plan to help keep the attention focused on the bride.

•    Check out wedding magazines and Web sites to help you find mother of the bride hairdos or mother of the groom hairstyles that you would like to try.

•    Consider inviting the bride to get sample wedding hairstyles done a few weeks before the wedding to ensure you both know how you want to wear your hair. It can be a fun outing for bride, mother of the bride, and mother of the groom.

These are just a few tips to help you arrive at the perfect mother of the groom or mother of the bride hairstyles for your son’s or daughter’s wedding. If you have other tips on choosing a MOB or MOG hairstyle, please share them below in our comments.

Review of Scünci No Slip Grip Hair Bands and Upzing

When it comes to hair accessories, women tend to want fashion, function, and comfort. Scünci No Slip Grip Hair Bands by Conair Corporation give your hair a colorful accent while catering to the children of the 80’s and the jelly bracelets of long ago. The jelly type ponytail holders are fun and highly desirable, boasting bright neon colors like hot pink, neon orange, fluorescent yellow, neon green, electric blue, and hot purple, as well as black. These gummy hair ties are perfect for spring and summer or any time of year.

I received a pack of 14 Scünci No Slip Grip ponytail bands for the purpose of this review. I was really excited to try them out and they definitely sent me back to my childhood years in the 1980’s with the age of jellies, jelly bracelets, and neon colors. To give you a general statement, I am glad I received them and I love them for their bright colors and fun texture. I especially like these waterproof hair ties for swimming and water sports.

To give you my full critique, I will say there are only two things I didn’t like about this product. First, if a little bit of your hair gets caught on the rubbery surface of the hair band, you may find it a little less ouch-less than you are expecting. Second, the bands are pretty tight so they may not be a one-size-fits-all for wearing on your wrist. Also, try to avoid falling asleep when you do have these on your wrist. I fell asleep and mine must have rolled partway up my arm, so when I woke up, I had quite an indentation from the pressure.

These hair ties offer a stylish grip as well as a colorful bit of flair for your hair. You can get your own pack at your favorite drugstore or mass market retailer, or online at for about $2.99. To learn more, please see

I also received a Scünci Upzing Double Combs hair clip, size medium with black beading. Much like the EZ Combs and HairZing, this double-comb style barrette offers dozens of different hairstyles all with the same hair clip. The Scünci Upzing allows you to wear your hair half up and half down or completely on top of your head in a fancy up-do. You can also do fancy ponytails with this cool and fashionable hair clip.

The packaging includes an easy, four-step set of instructions so you can create one of many different hairstyles. The hair clip’s construction features two comfortable black combs, super stretchy clear string, and a variety of pretty black beads. This clip is great for any woman from young teens to mature adults. You can purchase the Scünci Upzing at your favorite drugstore, mass market retailer, or online at


Bounce Your Curls Back to Style with Curls™ Hair Products

Having curly hair can be a blessing or a curse depending on how well you take care of those fine locks of bouncy, trouncy curls. Of course, providing excellent care for your curly tresses depends on your ability to discover hair products that actually work for your hair.

If you are like me, then you probably have already gone through a lot of trial-and-error trying to discover shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and styling aids that actually work on your hair. While I do enjoy hearing those questions “Is that your natural hair” and “Did you get a perm,” and comments like “I simply love those gorgeous curls,” sometimes it does take a lot of work to keep my full set of curls looking their best.

As most women know, it isn’t easy getting your hair to look great each and every single day. After all, there’s a lot going against us at times. The weather loves to play tricks on women and our hair giving us too much humidity or too much rain. And let’s not even talk about the blustery gusts of wind that can turn a head of curls into a bunch of tumbleweeds in minutes!

Plus, women (and men) have to deal with shampoo and conditioner buildup as well as dyes used in hair products that can dull the glisten and gleam that adds to the beauty of a full set of curls. For me, the best solution has been to regularly try new hair products specially designed for women with curly hair in mind.

Recently, I sampled some great products that I received to review. I have to be honest and say that the creamy white color put me off initially. Despite my age, I am still fond of pale lavenders, pinks, peaches, and yellows as colors used to brighten my hair products as well as blues and greens that simply seem to make products more attractive and desirable to use. I am still trying to get over the fact that many naturally organic products aren’t as colorful since they avoid chemicals and dyes. All the more reason to use them!

Therefore, I was anxious to try these products out due to the fact that I love having curly hair and the products simply screamed “We are good for your hair!” Curls™ hair products are paraben free, silicone free, and do not contain any mineral oils, sulfates, or petrolatum oils. Carefully created from certified organic ingredients, Curls™ hair products are designed to be gentle while accomplishing their purpose.

Curls™ hair products include four individual creamy concoctions designed for multi-ethnic women who have been blessed with curls. Curls™ promotes its products as a four-step regimen designed to give your curls the best cleansing, moisturizing, and styling routine possible.

Step 1 is to use the Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream to gently cleanse your curls. Its coconutty scent is reminiscent of long days at the beach, tropic isles, and of course, coconut candy. It’s low sudsing too!

Step 2 is to use Curls™ Coconut Sublime Conditioner after cleansing your curly tresses. It’s designed to be a super-hydrating instant rinse-off conditioner that leaves your curls untangled, bouncy, and full of life. As you might expect, this conditioner smells of coconut. It’s creamy and non-oily to use.

Step 3 is to use Curls™ Quenching Curls Moisturizer as a second day curl refresher or as a daily leave-in conditioner. It comes in a spray bottle and smells kind of citrusy. It’s light and non-oily to the touch.

Step 4 is to use Curls™ Milkshake, a hair product designed to moisturize those gorgeous curls. It doesn’t offer any hold capability, but it does provide an easy way to moisturize your hair, preventing unnecessary frizz and wayward tendrils.

While I did enjoy using Curls™ hair products and my hair looked great, you’ll have to try them yourself to see just how well they work for your curly locks. Curls™ hair products can be purchased at Stay tuned for our Curls Giveaway on Life Love Beauty – coming very soon!