Strand by Strand Hair Extensions and Ethnic Hair Textures

When it comes to applying strand by strand hair extensions to ethnic hair, or any texture of hair for that matter, the quality of the hair is most important.

For most ethnic hair textures, virgin Indian Remy hair works extremely well in creating a natural, long lasting look with strand by strand hair extensions. Hair referred to as “virgin” is hair that has not been chemically processed to alter the color, look, or texture of the hair. The hair is available in its own set of textures; straight, wavy, or curly. And the only colors available are that of natural black and various shades of dark brown.

The term “Remy” refers to hair that has cuticles facing the same direction, causing the hair to lay in the same direction.  The procedure of arranging the hair is such a way prevents tangling. Virgin Remy hair is the most highly sought after hair, as the high quality makes extension styles last a long time.

Strand by strand hair extensions are virtually undetectable once applied since each strand of hair is attached to a single strand of your own. The hair extensions can last for three to six months and you still have the control and flexibility to style your hair as you like.

When researching hair for strand by strand hair extensions on ethnic hair, be sure that you are using virgin remy hair. The brand of hair that I use for my clients is from the Wagman Primus Group, a trusted source in the industry for many years. My clients love the curly virgin Indian Remy hair. It’s easy for them to wash and go!

About the Expert:
Toccara specializes in strand by strand hair extensions in the Washington, D.C. area. Some of her popular hair extension services and styles include bone straight, cascading curls, ponytails, custom color, wash-n-go, and faux-hawk. For more information, please see:

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Red Carpet Hair for Charlize Theron

Who wouldn’t want to try out gorgeous blonde bombshell Charlize Theron’s amazing hairstyles? The yellow-haired beauty looks stunning in her movies and on the red carpet. If you would like to try Charlize Theron’s red carpet hairstyles for yourself, you are in luck. Here we have steps to create the same hairdo that her professional hairstylist Enzo Angileri created for the 2010 Oscars.

Charlize Theron’s Oscar hair was inspired by the pale and classic shape of her gown at the awards. Theron’s hairstylist, Enzo Angileri, created her look to emphasize “delicate, enduring beauty.”


“To create this look I needed a very smooth texture and lots of natural-looking shine,” explains Angileri.

As part of her hairstyle routine, Angileri used new argan oil-infused Moroccanoil Light, which is made especially for fine and light colored hair.

To create a red carpet hairstyle like Charlize Theron’s look at the 2010 Oscars, follow these steps:

1.    Apply argan oil-infused Moroccanoil Light or a similar product on wet hair.

2.    Blow-dry hair to perfection.

“After that about 50% of my work was done,” he said, “and I had a texture that was workable, healthy-looking and naturally beautiful.”

3.    Create a low bun hairstyle. To create a polished look, roll hair clockwise and hold it in place with bobby pins.

4.    Finish the look with a light mist of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray or a similar shine spray product.

5.    Keep hair in place all night long by spraying with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray for a firm yet flexible hold.

You can enjoy Charlize Theron’s lovely 2010 Oscars look by following these simple hairstyle steps. Take your time and be sure to fasten your bun securely so that you don’t have to fix your look later in the evening. Try this and other gorgeous celebrity hairstyles for a fabulous look for any occasion.

About the Expert:
Enzo Angileri is a celebrity hairstylist who has created numerous gorgeous looks for Charlize Theron among others.


Product Review: AXE Shine Pomade, Sleek, Smooth & Sophisticated Look

Girls and guys – if you don’t like crispy, crunchy hair that results from day-old gel, this new sleek and smooth product by AXE (for men) is just for you. For a smooth and suave slicked back look without a greasy change to your hair, check out Axe Shine Pomade, Sleek, Smooth & Sophisticated Look. A little bit of this gel can give your hair all it needs to stay in place without making your hair all crunchy.

My husband enjoys the scent of Axe Shine Pomade, Sleek, Smooth & Sophisticated Look much more than he liked the new AXE Twist fragrance. The AXE Shine Pomade has a clean scent that also seems a bit herbal. I can’t quite place it, but it reminds me of aloe or another water-based plant.

The pomade itself is pale blue and sparkly. It contains silica and mica, which I imagine create the shimmery effect inside the container. One jar has plenty to go around for many uses. The smell rocks, the gel is non-greasy, and it looks great when styled. The only possible downside I can find is that the container itself seems a bit cheap compared to other pomades I’ve owned (granted they were all products designed for females). When it comes down to it that really isn’t much of a con… Who honestly cares what the container feels like? It is black and a neat shape, making it nice and rugged for men.

Axe Shine Pomade, Sleek, Smooth & Sophisticated Look is available in a 2.64-ounce black container with a screw-top lid. Under the lid is a set of instructions letting you know you should use just a finger-tip amount, rub between your hands before applying, and then spread evenly through your hair while it is still damp. Sounds too easy to be true, but that’s all there is to it. Seriously, though, err on the side of using less product. As with all hair care products, a little bit goes a long way.

For more information, visit AXE online. You can also purchase AXE products online at


Summer Wedding Hairstyle Tips

Try these beautiful summer wedding hairstyles for brides, bridesmaids, family, and guests of the wedding.Summer weddings offer countless lovely options for wedding colors, flowers, dresses, hairstyles, and more. Depending on the humidity and the weather forecast, brides, bridesmaids, immediate family, and guests may have a lot to consider in choosing their summer wedding hairstyles. Hot and humid days may present a strong argument for a pretty summer up-do. Cooler summer nights and lower humidity days work nicely with up-dos or wedding hair worn down or half up and half down.

No matter if the summer wedding is indoors or outside, you can find a great hairstyle that suits your personality, your dress, and the weather. Consider these summer wedding hairstyle tips from Hair Room Service and Fantastic Sams to help you choose a great style for all your summer weddings.

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Brides, Bridesmaids, and Wedding Guests
For the most part, the bride’s hair should stand out from the other members of the bridal party, family, and wedding guests. Unless invited by the bride, leave the fancy wedding hair accessories and summer wedding flowers for the bride alone to wear in her hair. Consider the following tips on wedding hair ‘dos for summer weddings.

Summer Wedding Hairstyle Idea #1: The High Ponytail
It seems the ponytail is more than an all-purpose hairstyle worn out of laziness and convenience. Much to the contrary, the ponytail can be a classy and elegant hairdo or a glamorous style, depending on the details.

“The High Pony Tail is back!” says Pam Kelly, National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams Hair Salons, a chain franchise of full-service, family-oriented salons.

Pretty ways to wear hair at a summer wedding include high on the head as a ponytail or other up-do.She offers the following tips on achieving a summer wedding-worthy high ponytail:

1.    Amp up the volume by shampooing with a volumizing shampoo.
2.    Add a few drops of shine serum and blow dry.
3.    Lightly tease the top crown of the head to create a subtle pompadour and then brush back all the hair and secure into an elastic band, high at the back of the head.
4.    Take a strand of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band to hide the band.
5.    Secure with a bobby pin.
6.    Flatiron the pony tail and you have created a perfect balance between sophistication and a playful look.
7.    To add some glitz for the bride, secure a favorite brooch or hair accessory off to one side of the pony tail.
8.    TIP: If you prefer a softer look, place the pony tail low and off to one side.

  1. Curl the pony tail with a large barrel curling iron and wait five minutes for the curls to cool down.
  2. Then separate the curls with your fingers. DO NOT brush or comb the curls. The purpose for this look is to create soft definition and separation of the curls.
  3. If you prefer the messy look, lightly tease the separated curls with a comb.
  4. Follow up with a light finishing spray.

Summer Wedding Hairstyle Idea #2: Loose Chignon
For an especially classy summer wedding look that is great for the bride’s hair or anyone else for that matter, consider a loose chignon hairstyle. Chignons are like loose bun hairstyles where the hair is rolled into a lovely ball shape at the nape of the neck. Consider these tips from Pam Kelly, National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams Hair Salons, to create your own summer wedding loose chignon hairstyle.

1.    Pull all the hair back and into a low ponytail at the base of the nape.
2.    Secure with an elastic band.
3.    Begin to wrap the ponytail’s hair around the base of the ponytail and it will coil into place.
4.    Secure with a few bobby pins. Loosen a few strands of the chignon and there you have it!
5.    TIP: Chignons are great to wear if you want to show off fancy earrings or a statement necklace!

“If the bride would like something a little bit more pulled together, or a modern classic, the chignon is always a fail safe,” adds Michael Duenas, the founder of Hair Room Service, which is an agency that offers salon services to clients in their hotel rooms, homes, or place of business — a truly great option for brides, the bridal party, and immediate family in out-of-town weddings in the Manhattan area.

Summer Wedding Hairstyle Idea #3: Faux Bob, #4: French Twist, with a Twist


How to: Short Hair Styles for Mature Women

Try a short bob hairstyle for a mature and sophisticated change.Long gone are the days where mature women, women of a certain age, stopped coloring their hair, cut it short and let it go grey. Times have definitely changed as have hair styles and the thought process behind them for mature women. Today, mature women want to stay stylish, youthful but age appropriate.

Quality hair fabric that is in good condition is the most important commonality for mature women. Hair fabric that is shiny, strong, and properly moisturized always has a youthful and stylish appearance. Hair fabric and the scalp should be on a proper regimen of strengthening and protection. Look for antioxidants like Organic Reishi Mushroom, Pomegranate and Milk Thistle. Antioxidants help protect hair and scalp strength by warding off free radical pollutants. Also look for a hair product with an actual SPF rating to block ultra violet rays and protect the hair and scalp just like anti-aging SPF products do for the face and body. Also select products that can work on any hair texture to create lovely short hairstyles for women.

Don't be afraid of short hairstyles, especially for older women!Featured Products – Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Healer and Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Guardian SPF 18

Here are a few examples of mature short hairstyles:

Judy Dench – Short Crop Hairstyle
This style is both cutting edge and elegant all at the same time. Judy Dench’s cut is short and cropped yet ultra feminine. This style is worn in a piecey, stylishly disheveled way. This makes the style more youthful. Super neat hair looks dated and old fashioned. Judy looks modern and vibrant. Also her color is kept rich but on the light side. Sometimes she sports her naturally vibrant, shiny white gray. She can do this because of her fair coloring and blue eyes. But she also wears both golden blond and warmer light brunette shades with golden highlights.

How to: Short Hair in a Mature Crop Style
To get that piecey style apply a soft and moveable hair groom to wet and then to dry hair to finish. Look for a product that doesn’t dry to a hard finish but stays pliable and creates shine.

Product – Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Hair Gloss

Helen Mirren – Medium Short Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs
Helen Mirren’s style is perfect for her beautiful bone structure and hair fabric. Sometimes as we age our hair fabric becomes a bit finer and this makes it difficult to get volume. Helen’s medium short layered bob is both classic and stylish. It works well with her finer texture and gives her volume and body.

Also this length bob also gives her the hair appearance of being thicker.  Thicker hair always looks younger. The side swept bangs soften the style, making it sexy and also giving her face a slight lift. The length of the cut and how the cut is angled around the face are critical in making mature women look their best. Also her color is always on the light side.  Helen Mirren has a multiple toned highlight with both warm and cool light tones and at times leaving a bit a grey showing.

How to: Short Hair in a Short Medium Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs
Some short layered hairstyles older women can enjoy start with easy application of great hair products. To get soft lift and create those side swept bangs, choose a product that softly grooms but adds control to finer flyaway pieces.

Product – Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Composer

Diane Keaton – Longer Short Face Framing Bob

Try this longer bob for a mature hair style.Diane’s hair has never looked better. All the right things are happening here to give a youthful but still age appropriate elegant appearance. The cut is a bit of longer bob. It is a myth that as women get older that their hair should automatically become shorter… although super long hair is not a good choice for mature women. But a somewhat longer style that is below the chin but to or above the shoulders works well, especially when the hair fabric is of such great quality as with Diane Keaton.

The hair is healthy, shiny, and the hair color spot on. Her cut is also layered around the face with side swept bangs. Her color is a rich light brunette with multidimensional golden blonde highlights, which makes her hair appear even thicker. Also Diane’s hair style is extremely shiny with zero frizz, which can be a big problem with mature hair fabric.

How to: Short Hair in a Longer Face Framing Bob
Look for a product that is weightless, that smoothes frizz and creates a voluminous but silky effect.

Product – Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Guardian SPF 18


Hair, Nails, and Lipstick Product Reviews

What do women love most? Great hair, lips, and nails!I recently took a poll among my family and friends. I was curious to see what products women purchased most… and why. Below is a list of the top three product categories women shop for first.

1.    Hair care products and accessories
2.    Lipstick, lip glosses, and lip balms
3.    Artificial nails

Do these answers surprise you? The majority of women taking part in my poll said that these are the three most noticeable features in a woman; that these are the three prominent areas that people see at first glance. I could see why.

I can definitely see how hair fits the #1 answer among friends. It may be different in other areas, but in South Texas, the humidity and high heat indexes can bring on a whole new definition to hair dilemmas. I know that for me, finding a product that will help reduce frizz, control fly-aways, and prevent breakage is nearly impossible, not to mention finding a product that will enhance any bit of shine we have left.

After using Emmett Cooper’s hair care products, I am happy to say that my hair is well on its way to a beautiful, healthy, lustrous shine. It is already exhibiting fewer frizz problems with each wash and is slowing decreasing the amount of fly-aways my hair so often plagued me with before.

Emmett Cooper Moisture Wash product reviewI am so in love with the fragrance of the Emmett Cooper Moisture Wash. I am also enjoying the clean smell that lingers from my hair as a result. I especially love that my hair has become so much softer. I could only imagine how it’d feel if I used the conditioner too. Yes, I’m feeling all of this from a single bottle. I have ceased using any other product at this point because I want to see how much better my hair will become.

Emmett Cooper Moisture Wash sells for $20 (8 oz) and is intended for frequent washing for those that have normal to dry hair. It is infused with a blend of aloe, evening primrose, and Jasmine. It helps restore sheen, softness and improves the flexibility of hair while minimizing frizz.

I also received, from Emmett Cooper, a sculpt wax. My son has grown a fondness for this product. He loves the fresh mint fragrance and he totally loves that he has the ability to hold his hair where he wants it without it looking like he used cement in order to create it. Though I haven’t styled my hair using the sculpting wax, I have put some on the tips of my hair to help hold them in place. It works wonders. Did I mention how much I love the minty smell? It’s great!

Emmett Cooper Sculpt Wax sells for $22 (2 oz) and is a water-based sculpts wax that is infused with light-reflecting shine polymers. It gives the hold and separation you desire while keeping your hair feeling soft and clean.

If you get the chance, check out the list of celebrity devotees (like Mariah Carey, Macy Gray, and Angelina Jolie) to Emmett Cooper Hair Care Products. The list is long, and with reason. The products are incredible! Also, feel free to look around at the many products offered online. From hair dryers and hair brushes to shampoos and conditioners, sculpting waxes and volumizing creams to thickening mists and texture creams, you are sure to find a number of products needed to enhance the body, volume, shine, and balance of your hair, no matter what climate is your own.

Please visit for detailed product information.

Products provided free to writer for reviewOn to number two of my product poll: Lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balms…


Styling Your Hair with the H2Pro Hair Styling Iron

If you are one of the lucky women, you have the exact shade and type of hair that you want. However, many women have not been blessed with the type or color of hair that they would prefer. In fact, many of us have suffered through comments, often made by the friends of our mothers, such as “Oh, what lovely hair,” “Oh, what a beautiful set of curls,” and so on. Unbeknownst to us, one day we become quite content with our hair as we age and develop a familiarity with it. Nonetheless, we sometimes enjoy changing our hairstyle up with the assistance of a few hair tools. In fact, changing our hairstyle can turn us into a completely new woman- what a delight for the ones who love us!

For me, this is certainly true. I have a full set of curls that I’ve had all my life. I’ve received lots of comments throughout my childhood from the older women around me who absolutely loved my hair to the children I went to school with who taunted me with catcalls of “Hey, brillo head!” So, every once in a while, I do want to change up my hair in a dramatic way. Using a hair styling iron such as the H2Pro Hair Styling Iron accomplishes this in a very distinctive fashion.

I have to say that the H2Pro hair styling iron is one of the nicest hair styling tools that I have ever used. It is easy to use and actually does what it purports to do. The H2Pro hair styling iron is designed to create silkier, shinier hair for a woman than she has ever had before. What it also does is take every last bit of curl out of a full head of curls so that long locks and tresses have been straightened to perfect sleekness. The H2Pro hair styling iron is quite effective at this task. I’ll give you some of its finer points:

•    Offers a variable temperature setting that ranges from 140 F to 450 F.
•    Has a fast heating up time.
•    Can be used for wet-to-dry styling.
•    Is attractively designed in red and black.

Once the temperature is set, the H2Pro hair styling iron remains constant so you don’t have to worry about checking the temperature or having it lose its styling ability. You do, however, need to exercise caution to avoid getting burnt, because it does become hot to the touch. The Turbo shot feature gives you access to an extra burst of power that gives even more styling control. This is one of the most effective straighteners that I have ever used.

From a younger point of view or for young women in their teens and twenties, the H2Pro Hair Straightener is one of the coolest inventions for a woman’s arsenal of hair tools and accessories. My youngest daughter fell in love with this hair styling tool so much that she asked if she could keep it forever. Now, mind you, her hair is quite short and we never quite know what it is going to look like each time we see her. However, the H2Pro hair styling iron has been declared “the best one” she has ever used out of about four or five stylers. Her usually wavy hair that often curls up in the cutest way looked adorable sleek and straight after using the H2Pro hair styling iron. She believes the H2Pro hair styling iron is “the fastest one” on the market. I have to agree that it does work quickly, a feature which is great for women who are incredibly busy and don’t have a lot of free time to spend on their hair or beauty care.

Product provided free to writer for reviewI am so glad that the makers of the H2Pro hair styling iron offered to share one with me as a gift so that I could share my opinion with other women. I love it and I think that you will too.

Mother’s Day Hairstyles to Try

Mother’s Day can be fast-paced and hectic or relaxed, depending on your plans and your family’s style. From classy and elegant to fun and casual, countless Mother’s Day hairstyles are possible—buns, long and flowing hair, a sporty ponytail, a cute up-do…. You can easily find a special Mother’s Day hairstyle to try for the festivities, no matter what you are planning to do.

Consider these different Mother’s Day hairstyles to help you decide what to do with your hair for the Mom’s Day holiday. Choose one of these mom hairdos or come up with your own idea after reading through them.

Mother’s Day Hairstyle #1: The Easy Up-do with a Clip
To create this fun and easy hairstyle, you simply need a claw clip or other hairclip that can hold all of your hair at the same time. To create this hairstyle, you first smooth back your hair as if you are creating a low ponytail. Then twist all your hair either to the right or to the left. Secure the claw clip and let the rest of the hair fall as it may. If your hair is very long, you might want to wrap your hair up and down a bit along the back of your head before securing the clip.

Mother’s Day Hairstyle #2: Loose and Free
It’s hard to go wrong with a long and flowing hairstyle, especially on a holiday like Mother’s Day. You can simply wash and dry your hair and wear it loose and free for the special day. As another option, you can use a curling iron for some loose curls or you can try a flatiron for a really straight and sleek hairdo. If you prefer something more along the line of beach waves, you can get a sexy, wavy look for Mother’s Day with a bit of styling product.

Mother’s Day Hairstyle #3: Loose, Low Ponytail
For a mom style that looks great anytime, try a loose and low ponytail. You can put a little curl or some waves in your hair for a dressy look or leave your hair straight and smooth. Another fun option with the loose, low ponytail is to enhance your look with a beautiful hair accessory or barrette. You can pick something colorful or something basic in black, white, or neutral. As an extra tip, don’t forget a pair of earrings if you have your ears pierced!

What to Do for a Bad Haircut

Find out what you can do for a bad haircut or bad hairstyle / bad hair day.Whether it’s a cheap haircut, a home haircut, or just bad luck at the hair salon, a bad haircut can ruin your mood while also changing how you feel about yourself. Your confidence may sink, you may not feel like going out, and you may avoid people and places if the bad haircut is really that bad. The truth is, bad haircuts happen. You can either sit around feeling sorry for yourself, or you can do something about it.

Whenever you end up with a bad haircut, you will probably want to do something as soon as possible to fix it. Most hairstylists will try to fix bad haircuts for free in an effort to keep you as a customer. If you think the hairdresser can fix your bad haircut, call the salon and speak to her. If you think the haircut is beyond repair, you still have some options for what you can do to try and fix bad haircuts.

Tips on How to Fix Bad Haircuts
Consider these tips on how to fix, disguise, or cover up bad haircuts:

1.    Call the hairdresser and request that she fix it for you. If you got a bad haircut at the hair salon, you should be within your rights to call back and let them know you are not happy with how your hair turned out. Most hairdressers won’t mind because they want you to be happy and confident in your new style. If you are uncomfortable going back or complaining, consider any of the following tips.

2.    Try wearing various barrettes, hair clips,
or other hair accessories to change your look. You can easily hide a bad cut or style with some fancy or unusual hair accessories. Consider headbands, hair scarves, clips, hairpins, and other hair adornments.

3.    Use bobby pins to pin up any pieces or sections of your new haircut that you don’t like.
You can easily get too-short bangs out of your face or hide them altogether if you aren’t a fan of the bangs or side bang. You can also use bobby pins to create pretty rad hairstyles, so give it a shot.

4.    Wear your hair in braids or a ponytail to hide bad haircuts. Sometimes something as simple as changing the way you wear your hair can make all the difference. You can hide a bad hairstyle with a different way of styling your hair, or you can try an up-do for a fancier look.

5.    Wear a variety of different hats (or your favorite hat) to disguise your bad hairstyle until it grows out. Hats are a great and efficient way of hiding a bad hairstyle. Girls have a lot of cute options for hats these days, and guys can usually get away with wearing hats to hide a bad hairstyle most of the time. Not all places of employment allow hats to be worn, though, so you might have to get a little more creative for work.

6.    Be patient and wait for the bad haircut to grow out. Not to sound insensitive, but it is only hair – it will grow back in a few weeks or months. Try to come to terms with the new look, do whatever you can to fix it to your liking, and then wait until it grows back. No sense in worrying over something you can’t change.

No matter if you decide to try to fix your bad haircut or wait for it to grow out, remember to do whatever you can to prevent future bad haircuts every time you go to the hairdresser from now one. One of the best ways to prevent a bad haircut is to explain exactly how you want your hair to look, leaving out no details. If possible, bring a photo of the style or a similar look with you, whether it is a celebrity hairstyle or a photo of you with a previous haircut that you liked. You can also check out the magazines and Web sites with photos of celebrities and other people to give yourself ideas on your hairstyle. You can usually avoid bad haircuts by knowing exactly what kind of hairstyle you want.

Easter Hairstyles for All Ages

Try these Easter hairstyles. (Photo courtesy of you’ve decided what to wear, be sure to complete your look with a fantastic Easter hairstyle. You can go casual or elegant, simple or quite complex, but the important thing is that you put some thought into how your hair looks on this lovely spring holiday. Easter hairstyles can be similar or very different across age groups, so consider these tips to help you choose an Easter ‘do that works for you.

When considering various Easter hairstyles, also keep in mind what you’ll be doing for the day. Reservations at a fancy, upscale restaurant for Easter dinner may require quite a different hairstyle than an Easter picnic lunch outside in the sunshine. If you are celebrating Easter at home, your hairdo can probably be on the casual end of things while Easter dinner out of the house may be a nice excuse for a special holiday hairdo.

Adorable Easter Hairstyles for Little Girls
Little girls look adorable in most hairdos, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a great look for your daughter on Easter. For this festive spring holiday, consider styling your little girl’s locks in a set of bouncing ringlets or adorable pigtails. You might also try a braided hairstyle with either a single braid or double braids. For more mature little girls, consider dressing up their hair in a bun with a pretty barrette or some flowers (real or fake) in her hair.

Another option is the simple Easter hairstyle for little girls. If styling your daughter’s hair is not your forte, consider simply brushing her hair straight and then giving her a cute look with a fashionable headband. This hair accessory usually works well with various lengths of hair, so if your little one’s hair isn’t long enough for a bun or braid, you still should be able to achieve a really cute look with a headband.

Sweet Easter Hairstyles for Teens and Tweens
Teens and tweens should strive for a fresh and fun hairstyle for Easter. You can wear your hair straight and simple if you don’t want to go to too much trouble, or try a few loose curls for a romantic Easter look. If you want something more involved, you can try your hand at a creative twisty up-do that looks great morning, noon, or night.

To create the twisty up-do, you’ll need bobby pins or little claw clips, an elastic ponytail, and a bit of styling product to smooth your hair back. First, pull your hair back into a high ponytail and secure it, using gel or styling product to smooth down your hair. Then, take a small section of hair and twist it into a coil. Once twisted, continue to twist so that the hair curls up into a twisty bunch. Pin it down to your head with bobby pins or a claw clip. Repeat these steps until all of your hair is twisted and pinned down. It’s a great look for spring and summer!

Easter Hairstyles for Young Women, Middle-Aged Women, and Mature Women…

2010 SAG Awards Hairstyles of Marion Cotillard, Diane Kruger, and Nicole Kidman

At the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards event, popular celebrities sported sexy and very desirable hairstyles. You can bring photos of the styles to your own hairstylist for help creating gorgeous hairdos for special occasions, or try these hairstyles at home for a fun and faster result. Getting lovely hair like the celebs is no big feat; you just have to know what you are doing.

To create your own SAG Awards hairstyles like those worn by Marion Cotillard, Diane Kruger, and Nicole Kidman, as created by celebrity stylists Robert Vetica, Mark Townsend, and David Babaii. Try these step-by-step hairstyle instructions kindly shared by the celebrity hairstylists who created their looks.

SAG Awards Hairstyle of Marion Cotillard – A Retro Look in the Messy Bun Hairdo
To complement her daring short, white dress, Marion Cotillard needed a hairstyle that made the right statement. She relied on celebrity hairstylist Robert Vetica to create the right hairdo for the occasion. Vetica choose a somewhat retro look that blended a super smooth and shiny hair texture with a bit of a messy, disheveled bun. To keep the look sexy instead of grubby, Vetica made sure the silky shine and smooth texture ended up just right.

To create the same kind of SAG Awards messy bun hairstyle of Marion Cotillard, follow these steps:

1.    Apply Moroccanoil® Treatment or another shine treatment to wet hair so you can amp up the shine effects while also getting an easy blow-dry.

2.    Then, apply Moroccanoil® Hydrating Cream of a similar product to achieve definition and soft, non-sticky hold.

3.    Create a low side part.

4.    Pin-curl the sides in the direction going toward the face.

5.    Pin-curl hair in the back to achieve added movement.

6.    After hair is dry, brush it out.

7.    Make a ponytail using the full length of hair.

8.    Wrap a sparkly bracelet around the base of the ponytail. (Marion Cotillard’s was a million-dollar emerald and diamond bracelet from Chopard.)

9.    Pin the hairstyle and bracelet together strategically into a messy bun.

10.    Complete the look by lightly misting Moroccanoil® Glimmer Shine Spray or a similar shine spray product for a brilliant finish to endure the evening.

SAG Awards Hairstyle of Diane Kruger – A Romantic Side Chignon…

How to Get Gorgeous 2010 Grammy Hairstyles of Jennifer Lopez, Colbie Caillat, and Taylor Swift

Create Taylor Swift hair - A soft and curly chicnon for the Grammy's is a sweet look for your hair or hers. Photo by events in the celebrity world are a great place to look for new and exciting hairstyles. From the A-listers to the up and coming, you can enjoy wearing the same kind of celebrity hairstyles as the stars, young and old. From the recent Grammy’s, you can try to create your own hairstyles like those worn by Jennifer Lopez, Colbie Caillat, and Taylor Swift.

Celebrity hairstylist Luke O’Connor shares the following tips to help you create beautiful Grammy’s caliber hairstyles at home. Simply follow these instructions to create a hairdo like Jennifer Lopez, Colbie Caillat, or Taylor Swift.

The Look:  Long Glamour Waves of Jennifer Lopez
“Jennifer Lopez embodied vintage Hollywood at its best,” says Luke O’Connor, who styled J-Lo’s hair. “Her soft, sultry waves completed the look, bringing a casual elegance to her stroll down the red carpet.”

To re-create Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyle at home, follow these steps by Luke O’Connor:

1.    Shampoo and condition hair with the Suave Professionals Healthy Curls line (or a similar shampoo and conditioner designed for curly hair).

2.    Apply Suave Professionals Healthy Curls Styling Foam (or a similar styling foam product for curly hair).

3.    Part hair down the middle.

4.    Blow-dry the mousse completely into the hair on a medium to low setting.

5.    Starting six inches from the roots, spiral-wrap two-inch sections of hair around a 1.5 inch curling iron to get glam curls.

6.    Soften hair with fingers.

The Look:  The Dressed-Up Wave of Colbie Caillat at the Grammy’s…