How to Get the Top Knot – Empire and Baroque Chignon Hairstyles (Trends for 2010)

As one of the breaking hairstyle trends for 2010, the top knot or chignon is growing fast in popularity. This somewhat celebrity hairstyle has been noticed on the likes of Victoria Beckham as well as at the Venexiana and Woman’s Mafia Fall fashion shows. While a little bit on the wild side, the top knot or chignon can be a fun and adventurous hairstyle to try in 2010.

Well-known celebrity stylist Philip Pelusi and creative director Jeffrey Reitz designed a selection of top knot hairstyles to show off at the Fall and Winter 2010 Fashion Week events. Venexiana’s show welcomed a top knot hairstyle known as the “Empire Chignon” while the Women’s Mafia Fashion Show at Tela Design Studios saw the “Baroque Chignon” come to life.

The Empire Chignon is a twist on the classic chignon with leaps and bounds of height added to the style. This look at Venexiana matched Kati Stern’s design esthetic, hot couture and high-fashion. To synch up with the fashion design flavors of Jonathan Kayne of Project Runway, Ardistia, and Shantele, the Philip Pelusi team came up with the Baroque design as a way to address the versatility of all three collections.

You can easily create the Baroque Chignon look at home for your own hair. To create a top knot Baroque chignon hairstyle, follow these steps:

1.    First spray your hair with P2 Refresh Hair to give your hair some added texture.
2.    Divide your hair into two ponytails: one at the perimeter and one at the crown.
3.    Pull the perimeter ponytail into a high nape.
4.    Spray your hair again with P2 Refresh Hair.
5.    Pull a hair net over the ponytail and fashion it into “petals.”

This look can easily be achieved at home and it can be a great look for a more daring evening or event. You might also consider working this fun hairstyle fashion trend into your routine when dressing up for special events. Even if you aren’t full comfortable with the entire hairstyle and its height, you can tone it down for a more understated look.

About the Expert:

Philip Pelusi is the creator of the P2 hair care product line, which he specifically designed for treating aging hair. For more information, please see

White Sands Orchid Oil for Coarse and Curly Hair

Long admired for their ability to brighten a dreary room or garden, orchids are beautiful and seemingly ageless. The folks at White Sands are among the first to find a way to adopt these principles of the orchid flower to benefit hair. White Sands Orchid Oil promises to capture the anti-aging properties of the orchid flower to restore “moisture, shine, elasticity, and softness” to hair. It uses orchid oil extract supplemented with light weight silicones to eliminate frizz and balance moisture to make hair smooth, shiny, and soft. A 3-oz bottle costs $20, and so little is required for each use, that the bottle should last a very long time.

In full disclosure, White Sands Orchid Oil identifies coarse and curly hair as their ideal candidate; my hair is neither. I have fine hair that has wavy days and stick-straight days. However, my hair is at its midwinter dry-and-frizzy peak, so I gave the Orchid Oil a shot.

Following the White Sands directions, I used only about a nickel-sized amount on towel-dried hair. I was initially put off by the powerful, slightly acrid smell and the fact that once I applied the oil, it seemed to vanish. However, after my hair dried, the smell disappeared and my hair was the softest it’s been in months. I actually found myself running my hands through my hair all day, marveling at how smooth it was! While frizz wasn’t eliminated entirely, it was significantly decreased. The oil had an added bonus of acting a slight curling agent. Repeat wet hair applications produced similar results, although after a week or so, I’ve managed to stop the embarrassing tendency to play with my new soft hair in public.

White Sands also offers a dry hair application option, which I also tried. This time, I used a dime sized amount. I didn’t have as much success as with the wet hair application. My hair didn’t feel any different than before I applied. However, when put in a spray bottle, it worked great as a spot detangler.

White Sands also claims the oil works to restore moisture on skin, however, the consistency of the oil was a bit too oily for most of my skin, although I’m sure it’s great for the scalp. In their very helpful directions, White Sands also offers ways to use the Orchid Oil to augment the hair coloring process, which I might try the next time I dye my hair. In the meantime, though, I’m grateful to White Sands for finding a way for me to get through winter frizz free. For those with coarse or curly hair, I imagine the results will be even better than mine. You can try it for yourself by ordering from the White Sands website at or online at

Do Suave Professionals Hair Styling Products Work as Well as Sebastian Products?

For most of my adult life, This is a comparison of Suave Professional line and Sebastian products.I have been in search of a terrific hair styling product to hold my long, thick, curly, sometimes frizzy hair without leaving it sticky or stiff. I wanted a product that I could use that wouldn’t flake and that would smell better than paint thinner. I know that lots of women do not use hair spray, but having grown up in a home where my mother used hair spray every day of her life, I got used to the idea of using it to control my unruly locks — at least on those occasions when I was leaving my home temporarily.

Over the years, I relied on my mother’s tried-and-true hair spray product, Aqua Net, until I eventually started using whatever I had a coupon for. Therefore, when I got the chance to try and compare Sebastian with Suave Professionals, I jumped at it. Good thing for me that my one daughter is off at college, because when I happened to mention this assignment, I thought she was going to reach her hand through the phone and grab my Sebastian Super Shaper Hairspray. Apparently, the name meant something to her even though I had never heard of it before now.

This is a comparison of Suave Professional line and Sebastian products.Anxious to get started, I began to read the tiny words printed all over the six bottles of wonderful hair styling products that I had received. I read the advertisements claiming that I could get salon-proven performance with Suave Professionals. After my youngest daughter’s reaction, I rather doubted these claims. However, after using all five Suave products on separate occasions as well as the Sebastian product, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this is not an empty claim.

I started with the Sebastian Super Shaper Hairspray, Shpritz Forte in the Power Hold mist 8.5 fluid ounce size. While it offered a powerful hold, I honestly did not notice a big difference between Suave products and the Sebastian product, which by the way, happens to be a discontinued product that is no longer available through the company. I did experience some initial trouble with the nozzle on the spray. Instead of spraying in a fine mist, the product came out in a stream. Maybe it is supposed to do this, I don’t really know. Unfortunately for me, even though I tried to distribute the Power Hold mist through my hair evenly, when it dried, it left white globules all over my hair. Despite this fact, Sebastian Shpritz Forte provided excellent hold in a big way.

Next, I tried the Suave Professionals Freeze Hold Aerosol Hair Spray (Shaping and Finishing Spray) in an 8.5 fluid ounce size. It provided hours of excellent control and a firm hold, helping to control the errant fly aways that are so common with curly hair. I thought that it worked just as well as Sebastian Super Shaper Hairspray. Despite the fact that this one is an aerosol and less environmentally friendly, I did like the way that this one smelled best out of all six products. Plus, it is easy to touch up any spots that I miss the first time around when I use this spray. It is important to apply this one to dry hair at least 10 to 12 inches from your hair and to spray it evenly.

I also liked the Suave Professionals Extra Hold Non-Aerosol (Shaping and Finishing Spray) in the 8.5 ounce size that provided excellent all-day hold for style and control. This one comes out in a fine mist with a strong yet pleasant smell, giving a firm hold without looking like I just glued my hair together.

The Suave Professionals Freeze Hold Non-Aerosol Hair Spray (Shaping and Finishing Spray) 8.5 fluid ounce is quite…

Wedding Hairstyles for Grandmother of the Bride and Grandmother of the Groom

Grandmother of the Bride or Grandmother of the Groom hairstyle by Naz Kupelian. (photo courtesy of Naz Kupelian)Wedding hairstyles for the grandmother of the bride and grandmother of the groom shouldn’t be overlooked. As the honored grandmother in the wedding, you should feel special and beautiful. Once you’ve selected your gown, your wedding day hairstyle for your granddaughter’s or grandson’s wedding would be another important consideration. Depending on the length of your hair, you can choose from a variety of wedding hairstyles for grandmother of the bride and grandmother of the groom.

Celebrating the marriage of your grandchild to his or her beloved is an extremely special event. Consider visiting a hair salon or your favorite stylist to help you select the perfect grandmother of the bride or groom hairstyle for the wedding day. If you are comfortable styling your own hair, go for it. Keep your usual style in mind but think dressier and more polished for a beautiful grandmother wedding hairdo.

Wedding Hairstyle Tips for Grandmothers of the Bride and Groom
Grandmother of the Bride or Grandmother of the Groom hairstyle by Naz Kupelian. (photo courtesy of Naz Kupelian)“Keep the look simple and elegant,” suggests salon owner and hair product creator Philip Pelusi. “To do this, make sure the hair is in top quality condition. The quality of the hair fabric will directly affect the overall look of her wedding style.  Shampoo and condition hair with an anti-aging hair fortifying product. Try P2® by Philip Pelusi® Age de phy® Shampoo and Age de phy® Conditioner. This will help infuse weightless moisture, strength, and lots of shine.”

Pelusi adds, “the trick to looking age appropriate but also current and on trend is to keep the hair styled as natural and soft as possible. Steer clear of any over hair sprayed helmet head looks. Also stay away for the old standard teased up-do. A chin length or shorter cut is very flattering and also age appropriate. Just make sure the cut is not too short or too long.”

Pelusi says the first step to a beautiful grandmother of the bride or grandmother of the groom hairstyle is to “get a good hair cut that flatters the facial shape and also works with their hair texture and density.” He recommends a classic chin-length bob and also soft, shorter styles.

Hair Color and Hair Texture Tips for Grandmother of the Bride and Groom
Fresh hair color is vital, explains Pelusi who highly recommends avoiding letting any grey roots show. He does approve of a lovely solid icy-white grey natural hair color for grandmothers of the bride and groom.

“Aging hair is often more fine, fragile, and also tends to need texture and volume,” Pelusi says. “Blow dry hair with a hair texturizing product that builds body inside the hair strand. Try P2® by Philip Pelusi® Increase® and as you style with a round brush direct the hair up and away from the root to create volume. As you go, lightly mist the roots with a root lifting product to lock in volume. Try P2® by Philip Pelusi® Define Root Lifting Spray.”

“Then to keep the look current, add some soft bend to the hair with hot rollers and a curling iron,” he instructs. “Curl entire head and allow hair to cool completely and with a wide tooth comb or bore bristle, groom hair into place, and lightly spray with a medium holding spray. This will help hold the style but won’t look stiff. Try P2® by Philip Pelusi® Rivet Holding Spray.”

About the Expert:
Philip Pelusi is the creator of the P2 hair care product line, which he specifically designed for treating aging hair. For more information, please see

Romantic Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day and Special Dates

Romantic curls make a great Valentine's Day hairstyle.So many couples plan a special date for Valentine’s Day that it gives women that perfect excuse to get their hair done or to do their own romantic hairstyles for the occasion. You can consider so many different romantic hairstyles for Valentine’s Day dates, no matter if your hair is short, long, or somewhere in between. Dress your hair up or leave it down to suit the formality of your Valentine date. To save a little money this year, you can create your own romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyles at home.

If you think about romantic hairstyles and romance as an element of beauty, you might think back to the covers of some romance novels. Remember the heroine’s hairdo? Often, these romantic hairstyles are loose, cascading curls, sweeping waves, or long and flowing hair. Valentine hairstyles or romantic hairdos can be very low maintenance or a bit more complex, depending on how you like your hair styled.

Try this romantic hairstyle by Philip Pelusi for a V-Day date.“Most definitely loose curls, sweeping wave, and long flowing hair appear romantic and are perfect for a special Valentine’s Day hairstyle,” says Philip Pelusi. “Also wearing hair swept up into a loose ponytail with several curled pieces falling around the face.”

Valentine’s Day hairstyles should match the sweet, sexy, or sensual side of your personality while also complementing your Valentine’s Day outfit. Play up your hair for Valentine’s Day for a romantic date or a fun night at home.

Pelusi offers his own step-by-step instructions on how to get romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyles at home.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Hairstyle #1: Long, Loose Curls and Waves
Long and loose curls and waves are a favorite look for many top celebrities looking for no-fail hairstyles. The long and loose curls and waves can really soften your look, giving you a very romantic appearance and a head full of hair for your sweetheart to run through his fingers. Consider these step-by-step instructions for a romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyle involving long, loose curls and waves.

1. To wear hair in long, loose curls and waves, first shampoo and condition with a combination strengthening and weightless moisturizing formula to leave hair in top condition but full of body,” instructs Pelusi. “Try P2® by Philip Pelusi® Long gev ity® Shampoo and Long gev ity® Conditioner. This will strengthen, detangle and condition longer hair preparing it to be styled into your special Valentines hair style.”

2. Next, apply a volume and curl boosting product like P2® by Philip Pelusi® ReCurl.

3. Comb through your hair with a wide tooth comb and gently push natural waves and curls gently into place.

4. Allow to air dry or blow dry with a diffuser attachment.

Note: If hair is straight, follow the same instructions but gently scrunch hair with fingers while diffusing.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Hairstyle #2: Tousled Curls for Naturally Curly or Wavy Hair
Tousled curls are a sexy and romantic hairstyle for any occasion, but especially for Valentine’s Day or a romantic date. Tousled curls tend to go every which way in a somewhat disheveled fashion, yet still looking sexy and seductive. Try these step-by-step instructions from Philip Pelusi to get a romantic tousled curls hairstyle for Valentine’s Day or any special date.

Try tousled curls for a romantic Valentine's Day hairstyle. (Photo courtesy of Philip Pelusi)“If hair is naturally wavy or curly, simply wear natural or touch up curls with a large barrel curling iron to polish up and define curls,” Pelusi recommends.

1. To help hold curls in, lightly mist each piece before curling with a body building spray. Try P2® by Philip Pelusi® Define Root Lifting Spray. If hair is straight, use the same curl locking spray but set your entire head in hot rollers.

2. Leave in until completely cool, remove and tousle curls.

“The trick to keeping both of these looks sexy and romantic is to curl the hair in opposite directions,” Pelusi advises. “Roll some curls going forward and others going back. And tousle the curls with fingers using a product that gives that ‘just from the beach’ sexy hair texture. Try P2® by Philip Pelusi® BeachComber. This creates soft texture and has an unbelievable citrus scent.”

Romantic Valentine’s Day Hairstyle #3: Loose Ponytail…

Review – Nexxus Therappe Luxurious Hydrating Shampoo and Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner

Should using a salon quality product make you feel luxurious and utterly pampered? Maybe, maybe not, but the truth is for many women, it does. For the very first time I tried Nexxus hair care products in my shower this evening. I loved the rich, smooth, and dense texture of the shampoo and conditioner. The fragrance brought me back to a tropical destination where everything smelled of just the subtlest hints of coconut, pineapple, and tropical bliss.

In trying these products for the very first time, I decided to allow my hair to air-dry to fully put them to the test. I also decided not to apply any styling products for the time being to see how my hair dries and whether it lays flat or becomes frizzy or unmanageable after drying. Time will tell.

The first time I tried Nexxus Therappe Luxurious Hydrating Shampoo, I felt extremely pampered. I don’t normally buy salon grade hair care products, so receiving this item as a sample to test was a true treat. Nexxus Therappe Luxurious Hydrating Shampoo contains the key ingredients of rosemary, chamomile and nettle. When followed with the Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner, the Nexxus hair care experience gets even better.

Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner increases the amount of moisture locked into your hair strands using key ingredients Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, and Honey Extract. Using this product made me feel luxurious and truly indulgent. The fragrance gave off subtle hints of the coconut ingredients, making this product a welcome change from winter fragrances and a reminder of summer and warmer weather to come.

Nexxus Therappe Luxurious Hydrating Shampoo and Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner retail for roughly $10 and up, or less for 5 oz. size. You can buy Nexxus hair care products at grocery stores, drugstores, mass retailers, club retailers, and For more information about Nexxus Salon Hair Care products, please see

Men’s Haircut and Hairstyle Trends for 2010

Consider these hair tips and trends for men for 2010.The advent of the New Year often inspires people to try a new look, especially when it comes to haircuts and styles. Many times for men it is no different. A new haircut, hairstyle, or hair color can make all the difference in how you feel about yourself going into 2010. As you think about your new look for the New Year, consider some hot men’s haircut and hairstyle trends for 2010.

Pam Kelly, National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams Hair Salons, shares some tips and hottest trends for men’s hair in 2010. She explains how guys can get the salon look at home with little effort. Consider the following hot trends for men’s cuts and styles this coming year.

Men’s 2010 Hair Trend #1: Longer Hair is Hot
Say goodbye to the buzz cut and welcome longer locks for men. More hair on your head gives you more styling and texture options, but it also gives you a new look that many will love. Pam Kelly suggests keeping the shape of longer men’s hair slim and sleek, not wide and bushy.

“All male designs should create a tall and lean look on men,” she says. “One look that is popular for men is having longer layers cut on top and shorter layers on the sides and back.”

Men’s 2010 Hair Trend #2: Diversify for Success
Don’t get stuck in a rut! The hair products available for men have come a long way from years ago. Depending on the haircut and hairstyle you choose, you may find more success with a different hair styling product than your current gel or styling goo.

“Most men (you know who you are!) just grab the gel, but gel doesn’t work for every hair type or style,” Kelly notes. “Longer lengths may require pomade or molding mud to add texture with a slight hold.”

Men’s Haircut and Hairstyle Tips for You and Your Stylist
Longer hair and different styling products are two keys to 2010 men's hairstyles.By speaking with your stylist at your next haircut appointment, you can get a good feel for your new haircut and what’s involved in your hair routine. You can get a lot of great tips and tricks from your hairstylist, and by talking with them and asking questions, you can usually ensure that the haircut you get is the one you want.

“Men need to let their stylist know their daily routines,” says Pam Kelly. “Be sure to tell your stylist what you do for a living, if you work out a lot, and how often you shampoo and condition. This helps the stylist to determine how much time the guest has to spend on his hair and what products to recommend.  In addition, most men have scalp issues for several reasons: products tend to build up on the scalp as men have shorter hair and men with thinner hair or short clipper cuts have more scalp exposure. These guests should ask about the best hair care regimen to keep their scalps healthy. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair.”

As you consider these men’s haircut and hairstyle trends for 2010, remember that you alone can be the judge of whether you are comfortable with a particular hairstyle. It’s good to be cautious so you don’t end up with a hairstyle you want to hide, but the good news is your hair will grow back, and you can always recolor it or cut it again if you don’t quite get the hair color or the longer hairstyle that you want. Talk with your significant other, family, friends, and stylist to get an idea of what hairstyles others think would look good on you – and then go with your gut instincts.

About the Expert:
Pam Kelly is National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams Hair Salons. Fantastic Sams offers a full selection of hair care services, from styling and coloring to straightening, waxing, grooming, and even a collection of styling products for use at home. For more information, please see

Top 10 Hair Care Products to Own

From general hair care to countless do-it-yourself hairstyles, these top 10 hair care products to own will give you the foundation you need. Sometimes it’s important to ensure you have all of these items on hand so that you never find yourself in a hair crisis.

These 10 items would also make a great gift basket of hair care goodies for someone. You can create your own hair care gift basket by including these cleansing and styling products and accessories.

Consider these top 10 hair care products to own for your own collection or as a fun hair related gift for a friend or loved one.


1.    A good brush – Different brushes help to create different hairstyles, but owning a good brush is essential to having nice hair.

2.    Comb – Combs help with many hair care needs, but especially with detangling and parting your hair. Be sure you have a good comb on hand.

3.    Bobby pins – Bobby pins help to create fancy up-dos and other clever and classy hairstyles. These little hairstyle fixer-uppers also help save the day when a style isn’t staying put.

4.    Ponytails / elastic bands – Ponytail elastics save any bad hair day!

5.    Headband – A headband can be a welcome change in your hairstyle from time to time.

6.    Hair stick or hairpin – For a classy and elegant up-do, a hair stick or hairpin creates lovely twists and styles.

7.    Styling gel – From small fixes to entire styles, styling gel gets your hair ready for any occasion.

8.    Shampoo – Different types of shampoo are targeted for different hair types. Find out what works best for your hair, or go for a daily clarifying shampoo when in doubt.

9.    Conditioner – Conditioner helps to keep hair smooth and offers a nice texture when you leave the shower. You might also try leave-in conditioners if you’d like a change.

10.    Deep conditioner or hair masque – To give your hair the moisture it craves, a deep conditioner or hair masque with sea kelp can do the trick. Deep conditioning treatments with peppermint are another great option to revitalize your scalp and skin as well as your hair.

Try to keep these top 10 hair care products on hand when you are at home or when you travel. You’ll feel great knowing that you’re always prepared for just about any hair care situation.

Three Elegant and Glamorous Hairstyles for the Holidays

Depending on what you decide to wear for the holidays, you’ll surely want to find a complementing holiday hairstyle to go with your outfit. From a formal holiday occasion to the casual office party holiday look, you can create your own fabulous holiday hairstyles with just a few step-by-step instructions. No matter what the occasion, enjoy dressing up for the holidays with a fashionable, fun, or elegant holiday hairstyle.

Once you know what type of look you want to go for – up-do, straight hairstyles, blow out, etc. – you  can create your own elegant and glamorous holiday hairstyles at home. Below, Beverly Hills celebrity hairstylist Umberto Savone shares his favorite hairstyle looks for the holiday season with step-by-step tips on how you can achieve the same hairstyles at home.

Sexy Holiday Hairstyle #1: A Sleek Up-Do
Celebrity stylist Umberto Savone shares the following tips to get a sleek up-do holiday hairstyle:

1.    Starting with damp hair, run Umberto’s Roman Shine Oil through hair.

2.    Using two paper towels, squeeze hair gently to remove excess water.

3.    Create a straight and clean middle part.

4.    Dry hair with your hairdryer, or the Umberto 4000i dryer if you can get it.

5.    Once you’ve finished drying your hair, smooth it back and secure your hair tightly near the nape of your neck.

6.    Tease your hair a bit to add in a little “Va Voom.”

7.    Create a puffy giant bun, similar to a pin cushion, while making sure to smooth the outer layer.

8.    “Now’s the fun part,” says Savone. “Either add a chic ornament with tulle attached (make sure it’s placed off to the side so that you can show it off from the front or back), try accenting with a large surprising broach, or place pins randomly into the bun.”

9.    Use Umberto’s Super Hold Hair Spray to finish your look.

10.    To add some glitz and holiday sheen, spray a bit of Umberto’s Shimmer Shine Spray.

Glamorous Holiday Hairstyle #2: A Fun Up-Do
For a fun up-do you can wear just about anywhere, follow these tips by Umberto Savone:

1.    First mist your hair with Controller Conditioning Spray.

2.    Blow dry your hair straight.

3.    Comb all of your hair back like when you make a ponytail, but twist your hair upward instead, to form an upside-down French Twist.

4.    Continue to twist your hair upward until you are almost past the crown before your hairline.

5.    With the remaining hair, create either a poof (and then tuck it under to add height), or roll hair off to the side into a small roll.

6.    Secure your up-do with bobby pins.

7.    “Accent an up-do with a feather or piece of tulle positioned perfectly toward the back of the head, off to one side, or add a glamorous hair accessory,” Savone says.

8.    Complete your elegant holiday hairstyle with Umberto’s Super Hold Hair Spray and a touch of Shimmer Shine Spray.

Hot Holiday Hairstyle #3: A Vamped Up Blow Out
Try these simple steps by Umberto Savone for a vamped up blow out hairstyle for the holidays:

1.    Add a coating of Umberto’s Roman Shine Oil to wet hair.

2.    “Blow dry long layers with a slight wave for added bounce and body,” Savone says. “Body comes from underneath and is vamped out from roots.”

3.    Use the Umberto Ionic Ceramic Styler flat iron or your favorite flat iron to touch up the ends of your hair while also playing up the waves.

4.    Tease your roots.

5.    Spray your hair with Umberto’s Super Hold Hair.

6.    Part your hair one-inch deep off center.

7.    “For a hipper version think Grey Gardens and push back hair away from face with a pretty little piece of your favorite fabric,” Savone says.

With these easy tips, you can look like you just stepped out of the salon for any of your holiday events, secretly knowing you created your own hot holiday hairstyle at home in minutes. Enjoy enhancing and accessorizing your hairstyles this holiday season and don’t be afraid to try a new holiday look!

Flattering Plus Size Hairstyles to Slim Your Look

Did you know that certain hairstyles can make you look slimmer? If you are worried about your weight or your figure, why not try a fashionable, flattering hairstyle that slims your look and shakes pounds off your figure? Flattering, plus size hairstyles can make you look thinner while also complementing your facial features. Consider a new haircut or hairstyle to accentuate your favorite features while also making you look more slender.

Top hair care experts can offer a variety of plus size hairstyles that are designed to be flattering while also making you look thinner. If you are lucky enough to have such a hairstylist, you need only take a trip to your salon and get your stylist’s professional opinion on a slimming hairstyle to suit you. If you don’t have a hairstylist who specializes in plus sized hairdos, consider some of the tips in this article to help you find a haircut or hairstyle to help make you look slimmer.

“A hairstyle is a fashion statement and just like an accessory, your ‘do’ can complete or finish a look,” says Nikki Watts, owner of Nikki London, the premier boutique for curvy women in Philadelphia. “I suggest styles that add height and volume, which embrace your natural curves. For example, a retro up-do that brings hair away from the face with depth.”

Consider the following tips on flattering plus size hairstyles for women, from tips on hair length to curls, straight hair, layering, and more.

Q. Is long hair, short hair, or medium length hair most attractive on plus size women?

A. – From Elena Golescu, New York Cosmetic Image Center, Great Neck, NY:
“Women who have excess weight they would like to hide are right to find the most flattering hairstyle to make them look slimmer, and perhaps distract people from looking at other parts of their body. As for length – it’s highly individual… long, short, or medium [hair] can work on a plus size woman. It’s the cut and styling that really makes the difference. The angle, layering, and overall style of the cut will either camouflage or accent someone’s best features and catch the eye.

“In addition to positive advantages — i.e. calling attention to your face and highlighting your best features — big, gorgeous eyes, full lips, great skin, etc. — the right cut can make up for facial flaws. Let’s say you have a strong jaw line (a la Reese Witherspoon) and want to soften your overall look, go for a cut with long layers and side-swept bangs. A great hair stylist, like a great makeup artist, knows how to balance your features and create an illusion of perfection. And after all, isn’t that really what ‘perfection’ is for all of us, celebrities included …an illusion?”

A. Pam Kelly, National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams Hair Salons:
“The length of hair for a full figured woman is very important to her overall look. Hair that is too long can distract from her entire appearance and cause her to look matronly. A good length for a plus-size woman is generally shoulder-length or shorter, as it will enhance her total look.”

Q. Does hair color make a difference when women want their plus size hairstyle to help them look slimmer? What about texture, such as curls vs. straight hair, layering, angles, etc.?

A. – From Elena Golescu, New York Cosmetic Image Center, Great Neck, NY:
“Hair color is important and can soften or harden your features. What many plus size women do not realize is that highlights placed around the face will help full faces appear thinner. Any type of hairstyle will greatly benefit from some highlights and even lowlights — which are more subtle colorations that give your hair a healthy, sun-kissed look.”

A. Pam Kelly, National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams Hair Salons:
“Texture plays a big role, as full bodied locks will balance out the total look. Spiky tops that draw the eye to the top of the hairstyle will ‘lift’ the appearance of a full face. Hair that is styled close on the sides with height on top is another way to slim down the face.

“Don’t forget about adding color to the cut. Highlights added to a wispy face frame will brighten the face and add interest to any style. Adding a shade of color darker on the sides and nape area of the hair while adding highlights or a color one or two shades lighter to the remaining hair will help to narrow the sides of the face and slim any neckline.”

More tips and techniques for flattering plus size hairstyles…

How to Create Heidi Klum’s Hairstyle from the 2009 Emmy’s

Heidi Klum is a gorgeous celebrity whose hairstyle is often at the top of our lists. With just a few step-by-step tips and instructions, you can style your own hair much like the celebrity hairstyle worn by Heidi Klum to the 2009 Emmy Awards Ceremony.

Celebrity hairstylist Naz Kupelian shares easy tips to recreate Heidi Klum’s hairstyle from the Emmy’s. To create Heidi’s hot Emmy’s hairstyle using your own hair at home, follow these steps:


1.    Wash your hair.

2.    Blow-dry your hair.

3.    Apply mousse to the roots of your hair.

4.    Curl all of your hair from the roots using a 1.5 inch curling iron.

5.    After curling, break up the curled pieces with your hands.

6.    Section off the middle hair back.

7.    Cross the pieces of hair together in a sort of weaving motion and pin the hair down as needed.

8.    Sweep the side pieces up and pin them together and back. Try to achieve a somewhat messy look.

“The hair will look braided together due to the weave,” says Naz Kupelian. “This deconstructed look is a very loose and sexy evening look.”

About the Expert:
Naz Kupelian is an International Hair Artist and owner of Naz Kupelian Salon. For more information, visit Naz Kupelian Salon online at

How to Get Nicole Kidman’s Loose Waves from the 2009 CMA’s

Using celebrity hairstyles as a guide for our own hairstyles is a great way to find trendy looks that work well with particular hair types. If you liked Nicole Kidman’s loose waves from the 2009 Country Music Awards, you are in luck. Celebrity hairdresser David Babaii has kindly decided to share his step-by-step tips on how to get Nicole Kidman’s loose waves hairstyle from the 2009 CMA’s.

First things first, David had Nicole shampoo and condition her hair using To get started, I had Nicole shampoo and condition her hair with David Babaii for WildAid Amplifying Shampoo and Conditioner to add some volume.

“Remember my motto: rinse, rinse, rinse so you have a clean canvas,” Babaii says. “This is a must for achieving a ‘good hair day!’”

After shampooing and conditioning, David Babaii sprayed Nicole Kidman’s entire head with David Babaii for WildAid Bohemian Beach Spray. He then scrunched the styling product into her hair.

“This gives just the right amount of texture and movement,” Babaii explains.

To add even more volume, Babaii moved Nicole Kidman’s hair in various directions while blow drying it. After Kidman’s hair was dry, he separated her hair into three different parts: top, sides, and back, while leaving the nape of her neck area free.

“This is vital because you need to have constant control over the hair at all times,” Babaii says. “I used a 1 ½-inch sized FHI Heat Ceramic curling iron to create these luscious loose curls.”

To create natural looking curls while also hiding the partings of the hair, Babaii suggests taking alternating ‘V’ shaped partings and wrap the sections around the inside of the barrel, holding for 10 seconds. Then clip each curl and allow hair to cool.

To style your hair like Nicole Kidman’s hair from the 2009 Country Music Awards, David Babaii instructs that you should remove all the clips from your hair and then rub a bit of David Babaii for WildAid Hair Polish into your hands and fingertips.

“Gently run your fingers through the curls to loosen (no comb or brush, please!),” he explains. “Remember, your hands can be your best styling tools. To create these loose curls, take random sections and run your fingers through to separate and define.”

For the additional lift or volume at the scalp area as shown in Nicole Kidman’s CMA hairstyle, Babaii used David Babaii for WildAid Volcanic Ash Root Amplifier. Using his fingers, he lifted sections of hair for added volume and height.

To complete Nicole Kidman’s look for the 2009 Country Music Awards, Babaii sprayed David Babaii for WildAid Mise en Plis Light Styling Spray.

You can also enjoy trying celebrity hairstyles like Nicole Kidman’s loose waves and curls from the 2009 Country Music Awards. If you aren’t ready to try the style on your own at home, you can also take a picture of your favorite celebrity hairstyles to your stylist so he or she can create the perfect look for you.