Harvest Themed Product Feature: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Product Line

‘Tis the season to be super skinny – Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell that is!

Super Skinny Relaxing Balm, daily shampoo and daily treatment will protect, smooth and control your hair while it resists the humidity of, that sometimes, smoldering weather outside. It doesn’t matter if you have the most unruly hair type or the most impeccable hair ever – Super Skinny will leave you amazed.

We all know that when we use Paul Mitchell products, we’re going to be satisfied. Maybe it’s because they put the best ingredients together in order to produce a one-of-a-kind hair product that is sure to mend and maintain beautiful hair. I know that for me, the difference has been night and day.

Before I used the shampoo, conditioner and relaxing balm from Paul Mitchell, I had flyaways, frizz problems, and control issues. Now, my hair looks shiny, smells great(er) and has a beautiful healthy bounce to it. I’ve already had plenty of comments and questions about what I use to make my hair so pretty. They all assume I have a hairdresser and ask where I go. When I tell them it’s just Paul Mitchell and a blow-dryer for style, they say I’m lying. To me, that’s a compliment in itself… for people to feel like I’m holding back on a little “secret” about my hair regime is just too funny.

My take on the products I received for review is that they are marvelous! I love the smells that linger in your hair long after you’ve washed (or at least until you wash again), I love the bounce that has been added to my hair and most importantly, I love the shine that has become radiantly apparent over the past week since I first began using them.

If you’re doing any shopping for stocking stuffers this holiday season, I recommend a few bottles of the new Smooth Styling Paul Mitchell Super Skinny styling products. It’s sure to make the recipient of these gifts some seriously happy campers!

When I first received Paul Mitchell’s new Super Skinny Product line, I couldn’t help but stop what I was doing in order to check it out. It’s funny because I knew the name, I knew the cost, but I had never used Paul Mitchell before. I can’t say if it’s due to the initial “sticker shock” or not, but I never went out of my way to purchase it.

Now, mind you, I’ve heard all the rave about the name and knew how good this was, but it wasn’t until last week, when I tried it for the very first time, did I truly understand what everyone meant – now I know why there’s a pretty price behind the product – THIS STUFF IS AMAZING… it honestly makes me wonder why I had never tried it before. This is an incredible brand of hair product and is well worth the cost. Would I recommend this to others? ABSOLUTELY!

*Paul Mitchell products are only available in professional salons. To locate a salon near you, please call 1.800.321.JPMS or visit www.paulmitchell.com.

Product provided free to writer for reviewDISCLOSURE: these products were provided, FREE, by Paul Mitchell for the purpose of review. I am in no way entitled to lure you into purchasing this or any other products featured on Life Love Beauty. My opinions are based on my experiences through the use of the products and I do not claim responsibility for anyone who feels differently. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: I’ve also tried the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny styling gel and it is an effortless fix to flyaways and frizzy hair. It’s perfect for dry hair or damp hair right out of the shower. The Super Skinny styling products have produced great results on my hair as well. Also, the Super Skinny line offers a fabulous apple fragrance, which is perfect for fall harvest time or anytime of year.

John Frieda’s Radiant Red Color Captivating Daily Shampoo & Color Magnifying Daily Conditioner with Light Enhancers Product Review

My husband and I have this ongoing argument as to whether I am a brunette or a redhead. All of my life I’ve been a brunette, as far as I’m concerned, but he seems to think my hair is red. Truthfully, I do have red highlights that come out in full force during the summertime, but I still like to think my hair is brown. Whatever the case, I figured I had nothing to lose in trying out John Frieda’s Radiant Red Color Captivating Daily Shampoo & Color Magnifying Daily Conditioner with Light Enhancers, so I bought myself a bottle of each at my local CVS Pharmacy.

I was excited to try John Frieda’s Radiant Red Color Captivating Daily Shampoo & Color Magnifying Daily Conditioner with Light Enhancers, and I first started using the products in the warm summertime when my natural red highlights were already showing through. Perhaps now is a good time to mention that I have never ever dyed my hair. Anyway, I figured these red hair enhancing products could have a fair shot this time of year, and I wasn’t too intimidated to use them since they were just shampoo and conditioner products.

On first use, I fell in love with the fragrance of the John Frieda Radiant Red shampoo and conditioner duo. It’s a light and delicate aroma that reminds me of spring flowers or a fresh and clean fragrance in the summertime. Both John Frieda’s Radiant Red Color Captivating Daily Shampoo & Color Magnifying Daily Conditioner with Light Enhancers contain pomegranate extract and plum extract, which I imagine may contribute to the lovely scent.

One of the nice things about John Frieda’s Radiant Red Color Captivating Daily Shampoo & Color Magnifying Daily Conditioner with Light Enhancers is that these products cater to people like me, who don’t have dyed or color-treated hair, as well as those who do dye their hair. The bottles state that the products are appropriate “for all shades of natural, color-treated, or highlighted red hair”.

According to product packaging, John Frieda’s Radiant Red Color Captivating Daily Shampoo & Color Magnifying Daily Conditioner with Light Enhancers work to transform red hair so that each strand attracts more light and projects the truest color. This Radiant Red shampoo and conditioner duo is meant to leave hair looking vibrant and even more colorful. I can attest to the vibrant and lively look that my hair enjoyed after using these John Frieda products, however, I cannot truly assess whether or not the color enhancement worked with my hair. In certain lights, my hair really did look redder, but that could also be due to my natural red highlights.

John Frieda’s Radiant Red Color Captivating Daily Shampoo & Color Magnifying Daily Conditioner with Light Enhancers left my hair feeling soft, smooth, and silky. I really enjoyed the lingering fragrance and the smooth texture that kept my hair feeling great for a long time. Furthermore, these John Frieda products are gentle enough for daily use.

You can purchase John Frieda’s Radiant Red Color Captivating Daily Shampoo & Color Magnifying Daily Conditioner with Light Enhancers at your favorite drug store, grocery store, or mass market retailer, not to mention on Amazon.com. The retail price is typically $10 or less. For more information about John Frieda’s Radiant Red Color Captivating Daily Shampoo & Color Magnifying Daily Conditioner with Light Enhancers, visit John Frieda online.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner Product Review

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo & Conditioner products offer a pleasant tingling sensation for your scalp and a lingering minty fresh scent.For years I’ve been looking for a product to take the place of the old St. Ives deep conditioning treatment that left your scalp tingling after you applied it. The revitalizing sensation that pepperminty, tingly hair product left me feeling refreshed and energized and I haven’t been able to find another tingling hair care product since… until now! If you used to love the St. Ives deep conditioner, you will adore Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner.

I happily agreed to do a product review on Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner while seeking tips for oily scalps and how to reduce the oiliness of your scalp. Luckily, the Paul Mitchell team informed me that tea tree oil is a key ingredient in products that help to reduce the oils produced by your scalp and skin. It makes perfect sense to me now, especially considering one of my other favorite products, Tisserand’s anti-blemish stick, features tea tree oil as a vital ingredient in healing pimples and skin blemishes.

I was super excited to try the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner before I even opened the package. When it arrived, I saw that this effective shampoo and conditioner duo also contain peppermint and lavender, a favorite fragrance combination of mine. As I expected, the Tea Tree Special products by Paul Mitchell did not disappoint. Much to the contrary, I’m already excited for my next shower to use them again, and I’m definitely recommending that my husband try Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner as well.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner both offer a delightful and minty aroma. The mint fragrance truly is a precursor to the wonderful tingling sensation you get when you use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo leaves your hair smooth and purified from buildup and any impurities it may otherwise battle. The mint adds a gentle tingle that cools your scalp and skin, yet warms you up for the powerful and lingering tingle of the minty conditioner beauty product. If you want to start your day off with a bounce and revitalize and invigorate your hair and your senses, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner are the minty, tingling, lingering beauty products for you.

As you shop for your favorite Paul Mitchell products, be wary of imposter and counterfeit products. You should be able to find the authentic Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo & Conditioner at a salon near you. If you don’t have a salon near you or if you don’t go to the salon, you can still get this tingly shampoo and conditioner duo (10.1 oz bottles) on Amazon.com for $18.03 plus shipping – just remember you are taking a chance that it may be tampered with or it may not be the real thing. We recommend trying your luck at a salon first!

For more information about Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner and other Paul Mitchell hair care products, visit online at www.paulmitchell.com.

How to Create a Simple, Twisty Bun Hairstyle

Twisty, sexy bun hairstyle with steps and photosSometimes the best kinds of hairstyles to have in your mental book of tricks tend to be the ones you can wear anytime, for any occasion. A sexy bun hairstyle is one example of such a hairstyle, but did you know you can build off of the bun hairstyle for an even prettier, classier look?

Why not go with a soft and sexy bun hairstyle instead of the traditional sleek and pinned-back style? Buns gained much popularity for fall hairstyles, especially after Philip Pelusi and his Tela design team created a sexy, twisty bun hairstyle for more than 30 models at the Kati Stern’s Venexiana Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Show.

If you would like to try a twisty bun hairstyle with your own hair, you can try a simple process to get the same great looks as the models at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Show. To create a twisty bun hairstyle using your own hair, follow these steps, courtesy of Philip Pelusi and the Tela design team:

Twisty, sexy bun hairstyle with steps and photos1.    Make a side part and take three inches of the hair closest to the front and pin to the side.

2.    Take another three inches from the crown of the head, right behind the section of hair you just marked off and pin that to the side as well.

3.    You should be left with two sections of hair on both sides of your head.

4.    Take the hair from the right section, and twist hair into a low ponytail. You should go from your temple to the nape of your neck.

5.    Take the hair from the left section, and do the same but make sure you keep hair on an angle.

Twisty, sexy bun hairstyle - front view - with steps and photos6.    You should be left with two “rolls” on each side of your head.

7.    With the hair in the low ponytail, you should coil pieces together and allow them to fold into each other. Just use pins to hold hair in place.

8.    Take the top section from the crown of your head and twist that piece loosely like a rope. Then pin it to your head.

9.    Take the last section of hair and fold the hair into the rolls with your finger and pin all loose pieces with your finger.

Twisty, sexy bun hairstyle - stylists creating the look - with steps and photosTips and instructions courtesy of Philip Pelusi and the Tela Design Team

If you are concerned about the hairstyle staying in place once you’ve created your twisty bun hairstyle, simply spray some of your favorite holding product. You can enjoy wearing this pretty and classy twisty bun hairstyle at work or at play, daytime or at night, and for a formal occasion or a casual one. Thanks to its easy steps to create and the elegant, lovely look when complete, this simple twisty bun hairstyle is a winning hairdo to add to your hairstyle rotation.

Emmy Hair Tips: The Best Red Carpet Hair Colors According to It&ly Hairfashion

Celebrity hairstyles and hair colors are often the easiest and most successful to emulate. When it comes to looking great and feeling even better about your image, styles and trends from the red carpet can really enhance your image, not to mention your confidence. The 61st Emmy Awards ceremony welcomed countless celebrities, each boasting her own hot and fashionable hair color, whether dyed or natural. If you are interested in Emmy hair tips to help you achieve the same kind of lovely colors as the celebrities who walked the red carpet for the Emmys, go for it!

The following Emmy hair tips offer the best red carpet hair colors according to President and CEO of It&ly Hairfashion, Richard Zucckero. Zucckero shares the details on the hottest red carpet hair colors that you can try at home. If you want Emmy style hair or red carpet looks, just consider these sexy hair color choices spotted at the 2009 Emmy Awards.

Whether you are seeking natural hair color hues or classic finished styles, you can get true red carpet looks with It&ly Hairfashion products, which are popular in Hollywood with top shows like Twilight, Gossip Girl, and Sex & the City, to name a few.

Key Red Carpet Hair Color Trends – Natural, “Believable” Looks
“Makeup and hair color played along a strong statement this year,” says Richard Zucckero, President and CEO of It&ly Hairfashion. “Gone were the ‘old’ bold statements of multi-dimensional, in-your-face highlights, panels and streaks. The stars instead chose subtle, ‘believable’ hair color tones that fully complimented their skin and eyes. The styles supported and confirmed an overall shift towards a more natural look. While we may have missed the sometimes outlandish hair and make-up creations, one must recognize and applaud the truly outstanding talent that can achieve simple perfection.”

Achieve the Emmy Look of Kristen Chenoweth of Pushing Daisies
“Kristen Chenoweth of Pushing Daisies is the picture perfect blond,” says Zucckero. “If her natural level is not darker than 7, her look is achievable by a single process such as Colorly Arctic Blondes or a single process high-lift such as SSA or SSC with Oxily Advanced 40 Volume. If she is darker, then Easily Blond decolorizing powder is the clear choice for perfectly controlled and conditioned highlights. Her [Kristen Chenoweth’s] style is easily achieved with a cocktail of a few drops of Purity Design Pure Water Drops mixed into Purity Design Pure Glaze and dispersed evenly from roots to ends. The product will offer the perfect natural shine and direction.”

Gossip Girl Blake Lively Hair Color and Style from the Emmys
“Blake Lively channels the style of a Grecian Goddess with this perfect example of Greco-Roman style twisting and braiding,” Zucckero explains. “The high placement of the braided pony-tail style is designed to compliment a perfectly structured face and profile. The color is as natural as possible. The depth in her hair color is most prominent below the occipital however this effect is a result of this hair being combed closer to the head and shadowed by the braid. Still, her color clearly has a darker shade, most probably a level 6 or 7, light brown or dark natural blond. On top, Blake is a combination of level 8 and level 9 natural blond shades. They are natural and neutral. Not overly warm or cool and the perfect complement to her skin and eyes.”

Zucckero  adds, “To create Blake’s look properly, the color formulation and application are intricate requiring at least three if not four blond shades including Colorly or AQUAR&ly 7N, 8B, 9B and 9D alternating throughout the head with 7N predominant in the back. Natural blondes always have at least three distinct levels of depth and tonality. The look can be achieved with color variation by zone application but the right way is to utilize foils with very narrow partings. As for styling products, once again the overall theme holds true with no high octane sprays or fixatives required. The trick to this one is you are applying the chosen products in the reverse of their usual order.”

Zucckero recommends Purity Design Glaze, applied very lightly and evenly dispersed.

“The working and holding spray are the same in this style,” he says. “The choice is Purity Design Pure Texture Spray to deliver hold but to also maintain the perfectly controlled pieces.”

Leighton Meester and Debra Messing Emmy Hair

Three of the Hottest Trends for Fall 2009 Hairstyles

Sexy hairstyles for fall 2009 come in many shapes and sizes, lengths and textures. You can spruce up your hairstyle for autumn with some tips and tricks from the beauty professionals and celebrity hairstylists. Read on for three of the hottest trends for fall 2009 hairstyles.

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Product Review: Nu Skin Balancing Shampoo and Nu Skin Weightless Conditioner

A product that claims to give you “visibly younger hair in seven days” makes a pretty big commitment. Nu Skin Balancing Shampoo and Nu Skin Weightless Conditioner both offer this promise to those who use the products, noting that hair will be more manageable instantly while also cleaned, moisturized, and softened. Nu Skin Balancing Shampoo and Nu Skin Weightless Conditioner offer lots of benefits to those who use these products – especially the great benefit of hydrating your hair.

Packaged in sleek, attractive plastic bottles, Nu Skin Balancing Shampoo and Nu Skin Weightless Conditioner are the perfect size for your own shower or toting with you on those weekend trips. Each bottle is 8.4 fl oz and slender enough to fit comfortably in a backpack or duffle bag. The lid snaps open and closed easily for immediate use.

Nu Skin Balancing Shampoo delivers deep cleaning to your hair while also moisturizing and hydrating your tresses. This shampoo product contains cotton bloom extract to restore strength to your hair’s cortex. Nu Skin Weightless Conditioner contains meadowfoam complex to repair your hair and stop damage. This conditioner by Nu Skin also contains amino acids to make your hair even more manageable.

Using Nu Skin Balancing Shampoo and Nu Skin Weightless Conditioner leaves my hair feeling full and voluminous but definitely smooth, soft, and silky. I also felt as if all the buildup and other impurities in my hair were gone after using these Nu Skin products.

The fragrance of Nu Skin Balancing Shampoo and Nu Skin Weightless Conditioner is soft and clean, subtle, and light yet pleasant. I enjoyed using these products and especially loved how easy they are to tote to and from home and other places we visited for an overnight here or there.

Truthfully, it’s hard for me to say if my hair looked visibly younger in seven days or not, as I like to think that my hair currently looks young, vibrant, and full of life. After all, I’ve never dyed it, never permed it, chemical-treated it, chemically straightened it, or heat-treated it, and I take good care of it by only blow-drying my hair when necessary. So, while I can’t attest to whether or not my hair looks visibly younger after seven days, I can tell you that I enjoyed using these Nu Skin products and I felt as if my hair were emulsified, truly hydrated, and strengthened after using the products even just once in a while.

Nu Skin Balancing Shampoo and Nu Skin Weightless Conditioner both retail for $13.78 and are available for purchase on Nu Skin’s Web site, http://www.nuskin.com.

Best Athletic Hairstyle for Water Sports and Windy Day Activities

If you’ve ever gone above 30 mph on a Wave Runner or Jet Ski, you may have an idea of just how tricky it can be to untangle massively matted hair. Instead of damage control, why not prevent the problem in the first place? With a functional, athletic hairstyle, you can prevent the tangles that destroy your hairdo when riding on a Wave Runner or Jet Ski.

At first it may seem the best athletic hairstyle for water sports and windy day activities may be a French braid or other creative woven hairdo. This athletic hairstyle may work for women with long hair of mainly equal lengths, but it may not be optimum for women with shorter hair, layered hair, or hair with bangs or even a side bang. At the fast speeds so customary to a Wave Runner or Jet Ski, you may find the woven sections of your braid unfurling and whipping loose into your eyes.

Rather than fight with your hair during your fun activities or dealing with the damage of tangles and matted hair later, consider a hairstyle that keeps your hair out of your face, off your neck, and free from tangles. For the best athletic hairstyle for water sports and windy day activities, follow these steps:

1.    Pull the very front of your hair back into a ponytail using a small or regular sized hair elastic.
2.    Pull the remaining hair back into a ponytail below the initial ponytail.
3.    Ensure both elastic bands are securely fastened. You may add additional ponytails if needed.

Water activities don’t often prompt us to think about our hair and the styles we choose, but tangles caused by fast speeds and wet hair are not fun to repair. Removing matted sections and tangles becomes quite the chore, although it can be done. Simply use some conditioner and a brush or comb. Some tangles can even be removed by hand.

This athletic hairstyle for water sports and windy days securely keeps the hair out of the face, out of your eyes, and off your neck. You can do any activity from running to swimming, hiking, boating, wave running, waterskiing, and more. The hairstyle is also great for tubing, wakeboarding, and even surfing. Remember to secure your hair before you embark on a windy day activity – that way you’ll be able to enjoy the activity to the fullest.

Fabulous Hairstyles Are Easy with EZ Combs, HairZing, and the Clever Clip

EZ Combs are a fun and fashionable hair accessory that is cute and easy to use.If you are looking for a chic new hair accessory for a beautiful evening updo, a classy hairstyle for work, or an everyday hairdo, three hot hair accessories meet the mark for style and functionality. For a fabulous new ‘do, consider the Clever Clip, EZ Combs, and HairZing as a great way to sweep your hair up into a variety of lovely styles.

EZ Combs
Whether you have thick, luxurious hair or thin but gorgeous locks, you should get yourself a pair of EZ Combs to help turn ordinary hairstyles into extraordinary ones. I know that you have heard it all before. I said the same thing to myself. In fact, when I first received this product, I admit to thinking “okay, another item to use once and toss into my drawer of hair goodies.” Boy, I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

I received a pack of two EZ Combs – one in caramel bronze and the other in dazzling silver. They are also available in Bermuda Black and Sahara Sandalwood. Each set comes with illustrated, easy-to-use instructions that made it simple to figure out what I needed to do. In fact, it takes less than a minute for simple hairstyling and only a bit longer for more complicated ones.

EZ Combs are a fun and fashionable hair accessory that is cute and easy to use.EZ Combs are a fascinating invention for creating adorable hair styles with a touch of sophisticated class. It’s designed with dual combs and a set of ten durable, flexible bungees that do the stretching to hold your hair in place. It will work with straight hair, curly hair, and wavy hair. It will even work with short hair to create a fancy look such as an updo or a simple ponytail.

I selected the bronzy-gold EZ Comb to use on the fourth of July at an extended family barbecue. I wanted to look great and the color matched my hair coloring nicely. It only took two attempts to get the comb in exactly the right position. I never needed to adjust it the entire rest of the day and evening. The fit is secure so I didn’t need to worry about the breeze that day, gentle or otherwise. Plus, it’s an attractive little hair accessory that any female, young or old, would enjoy using. I know that I did.

While I admit to being disappointed that none of my family members gave me any compliments that day, I received enough admiring looks from my husband to more than make up for it. He kept saying things like “what did you do to your hair,” and “Honey, you look beautiful today.” What more could a woman ask for? I’m sure that had I worn EZ Combs among friends rather than family, I might have gotten a warmer reception for it.

Far from my original thought of using EZ Combs once and putting it away, I have used it a lot. It’s nice to have a hair accessory that doesn’t require constant adjusting. In fact, this little doodad has replaced my favorite hair accessory for securing my hair – at least for the time being. I might just have to purchase the other two colors so I can match them with a few more outfits!


The HairZing is another fascinating invention for creating adorable hair styles with a touch of sophisticated class. It’s a perfect little hair accessory since girls and women love to play with their hair, creating fancy hairstyles so they look terrific. The HairZing is one of those accessories that can be used to secure updos, ponytails, backsweeps, and more. Securing your hair has never been so simple or so much fun.

Hairzing is a great hair accessory for classy and easy updos.I really like this particular product since it features extremely stretchy and twisty elastics that don’t even give the faintest hint of being breakable. Plus, for those of us who have ever resorted to the awful tactic of using a rubber band as a solution to flyaway hair, we quickly discover that the HairZing is safe and friendly to our hair. Even though the combs hug our heads as they secure our hair, there simply isn’t the hair breakage that you get when using rubber bands – a definite no-no!

For those of us who are tired of constantly having to readjust our hair barrette as it becomes loose in our long tresses, the HairZing meets its mark in my book as far as functionality is concerned. Not only does it perform its task of keeping your hair in place, but it does it over and over again throughout the entire day. It’s a great accessory that I find myself using over and over again. In fact, in addition to busy professionals, women who like to jog, young mothers with tiny tots who love to pull a mother’s hair right out of her head (and it only gets worse as they turn into teenagers), and more, the HairZing is the perfect gadget to keep our hair in place and out of reach!

One of the nicest features to the HairZing is the fact that it comes in three different sizes so it accommodates thick full locks of hair all the way to short and sassy curls. There’s a large and a medium size as well as a skinny size. Women and girls with thin, short hair would do best with the skinny version of the HairZing since it will provide a tighter, more secure fit. The larger size comes with 4-inch combs and 3-inch stretch bands. If for some reason it isn’t fitting in your hair (such as your hair is actually not as full as you thought), you can twist the HairZing to make it fit more tightly by shrinking it in size.

The styles of the HairZing are completely different from one to the other. I was lucky enough to be able to try a black-beaded version with three black rings in the center, a white pearl version for those evening events, a bronzey-caramel colored beaded version, and a multi-colored beaded version that my youngest daughter (in college) quickly swiped from me the moment she saw it! There’s something for everyone no matter what the occasion!

The Clever Clip

When it comes to this particular hair accessory, “Clever Clip” isn’t just a moniker to get women to take a second look. It truly does describe this terrific little clip that can cleverly hold your hair in place all day long. It’s designed for the thickest of locks, the curliest of tresses, and the thinnest of fine hair possible. Even with my long tresses falling beyond my shoulders, I was able to clip this handy little accessory in with aplomb as it fit securely and snugly enough to give me the assurance that it was going to stay in place all day long.

Clever Clip is a fashionable hair accessory for any occasion.Clever Clip is a fashionable hair accessory for any occasion.Clever Clip is a fashionable hair accessory for any occasion.

With its money back guarantee, there isn’t a single reason in the world not to try using this comfortable and attractive hair accessory referred to as the Clever Clip. It is small enough that you can slip it into your pocket if you are jogging or into one of the inner pockets of your wallet, no less! I especially like its small size for those days when I already have a monster-size pocketbook to tote around but think that I might want or need to clip my hair differently later in the day. It takes up almost no space at all!

In addition to the simple fact that it is easy to use (unless you try to clip it in while you are still waking up from a long night’s slumber), the Clever Clip features an adorable bit of glam lovingly referred to as the “Tattle Tail.” Unlike the tattle tails that most of us have been exposed to in the classroom and even in the work place, this tattle tail is one that will bring a smile to your face and a bit of sophisticated glitz to your hair. My tattle tail is crafted from white, clear, and bronze beads – nice and neutral. The clips are available in a set of three – one each in black, brown, and gold. Simply collect your hair, twist, and clip!

Red Carpet Celebrity Hairstyles of Scarlett Johansson for Summer 2009 by David Babaii

Scarlett Johansson gets a lot of attention on the red carpet, and rightly so. The gorgeous strawberry blonde bombshell has a look that many women would love to emulate. Thanks to celebrity hairstylist David Babaii, women can wear the same kinds of lovely hairstyles as Scarlett Johansson using their own styling techniques at home.

To add Scarlett Johansson’s red carpet looks to your own beauty repertoire, follow these tips from when David Babaii styled Scarlett’s hair for the Comic-Con 2009 and the LA Shorts Fest ’09.

How to Create Scarlett Johansson’s Hairstyle from the Comic-Con 2009
For a curly, wavy, and sexy look ala Scarlett Johansson at the Comic-Con 2009, follow these steps from celebrity hairstylist David Babaii.

1.    Start by applying David Babaii’s Amplifying Whipped Mousse from roots to ends to add the right amount of volume and hold to your hair.

2.    Rough dry your hair with your hands, moving the hair in different directions.

3.    Once your hair is dry, section the hair into three different parts: top, sides, and back, leaving the nape of the neck area free.

4.    To create Scarlett Johansson’s famous wavy curls, use a 1.5″ sized FHI Heat Ceramic Curling Iron.

5.    To style, take small “V” shaped strands and wrap them around the inside of the curling iron barrel.

6.    Allow each curl to fall naturally.

7.    Through selected strands, run your fingers up the partially curled strand for added volume.

8.    To gain additional lift at the scalp area, spray Volcanic Ash Root Amplifier on your finger tips and apply to the root area by roughly massaging into the area for added fullness and texture.

9.    To finish the look, spray Mise en Plis Light Styling Spray.

Scarlett Johansson at LA Shorts Fest ’09
David Babaii found inspiration for Scarlett Johansson’s LA Shorts Fest ’09 style in a 40’s Marilyn Monroe look boasting the illusion of a chin length ‘bob’ without cutting any of Scarlett’s hair. To create this LA Shorts Fest ’09 look with your own hair, follow these steps:

1.    Apply Hair Polish to damp hair and then dry your hair.

2.    Divide your hair into three sections: top with a side part, sides, and back leaving the nape area free.

3.    To create Scarlett’s large barrel sized curls, take alternating “V” shaped partings to avoid any part lines from showing through.

4.    Use a 1.5” FHI Heat Ceramic Curling Iron throughout your entire head.

5.    Pin the sides and back curls into various sized looped curls to create the illusion of a short “bob.”

6.    On the top, gently brush your hair to one side to create soft waves.

7.    For added glamour, brush back one side and secure with your favorite decorative hair pin.

8.     For a soft and lasting hold, use David Babaii’s Mise en Plis Light Styling Spray.

About the Expert:
David Babaii is a celebrity hairstylist who has his own line of hair care and hair styling products. For more information or David Babaii products, please visit www.db4wildaid.com.

Resort and Cruise Hair Styling and Hair Care Tips

Getting your hair to look great on vacation can be a snap or it can take lots of time and patience, depending on how lucky – or how experienced – you are.  With a few simple tips, you can avoid pulling your hair back into a ponytail for your entire vacation. Give your vacation photos some depth and variety by trying the following tips for hair styling and hair care on your resort or cruise vacation.

Suki Duggan, owner of Manhattan’s legendary Donsuki Townhouse Salon (62nd and Madison), shares her favorite tips for getting great hair at the resort or on a cruise ship. Duggan offers advice on how to protect your hair, how to prevent frizz and flyaways, and how to avoid hair nightmares when you spend your time in hot, humid weather on your cruise or resort vacation.

Resort Hair Tip 1: Lay off the hot styling tools.
“If you normally use hot hair tools (blow dryers, hot irons, electric curlers) every day, give your hair a break and let it air dry,” Duggan says.

Resort Hair Tip 2: Deep condition your hair.
“Give it extra conditioning with the Donsuki Seaweed Hair Masque, a holistic treatment that uses nutrient-rich seaweed extracts to fortify the hair and scalp,” Duggan suggests. (Price: $32 Retail: Please call 212-826-3397 to place an order.)

Resort Hair Tip 3: Protect your hair from damaging UV rays.
“The sun’s UV rays are just as damaging to our hair as they are to our skin,” Duggan says. “Not only does the sun make our hair dry and weak, it also can make color-treated hair appear brassy.”

Resort Hair Tip 4: Wear a UPF protective hat or invest in a hair care product with SPF.
Wallaroo Hat Company features a line of fashionable hats for the entire family with a UPF of 50+ that can protect against 97.5% of the sun’s rays. www.WallarooHats.com

About the Expert:

Suki Duggan is owner of Manhattan’s legendary Donsuki Townhouse Salon (62nd and Madison). For more information, please visit http://www.donsukisalon.com.

Naz Kupelian’s Celebrity Hairstyles for Hair of Different Thickness and Texture

No matter if you have thin hair or thick hair or hair that has a texture and thickness somewhere in between, you can find your hair’s strengths and maximize on its potential. Celebrity Hairstylist Naz Kupelian shares the following tips for women to achieve celebrity hairstyles with hair that is fine to medium in texture as well as hair that is medium to thick in texture.

Consider the following celebrity hairstyle tips for hair of different thickness and texture to find the tips that will work best for your hair. Using the step-by-step tips below, you can create a sexy celebrity style ponytail, a romantic head of celebrity style barrel curls, or a slightly messy, half-up / half-down celebrity hairstyle.

A Sexy, Celebrity Style Ponytail: [fine to medium hair]
To create a sexy, celebrity style ponytail with hair that is of fine to medium texture and thickness, follow these steps:

1.     Blow dry hair completely using a product such as RUSK’s “Gleam,” a lusterizing crème and anti-frizz) product that detangles the hair and leaves it frizz-free, smooth and soft looking. Naz also recommends a product from his own line called “Silk Nectar” – a transformative and redefining serum.
2.    Place hair in a ponytail at the back of the crown of the head.

Sexy Celebrity Style Barrel Curls [medium to thick hair]
To create sexy celebrity style barrel curls using a large barrel curling iron on hair that is of medium to thick texture, follow these steps:

1.    Blow dry hair with a product that has resin in it such as a mousse for volume and control. Products will cream will weigh down the hair. Naz recommends “La Crème Mousse” in his own line “Naz Kupelian”.

2.    Once the hair is completely dry, make curls using a large barrel curling iron starting at your chin level down.

Slightly Messy, Sexy Half-Up Celeb Hairstyle [fine to medium hair]
To create a slightly messy, sexy half-up / half-down celebrity hairstyle with hair that is fine to medium in thickness and texture, follow these steps:

1.    Blow dry hair with a light mouse such as “La Crème Mousse”.

2.    Take pieces of hair from the side and pin them together below the crown of the head. The soft and un-kept look will be achieved by leaving a few pieces loosely in the front of the face.

About the Expert:
Naz Kupelian is an International Hair Artist and owner of Naz Kupelian Salon. For more information, visit Naz Kupelian Salon online at www.nazkupeliansalon.com.