Tips on Celebrity Hairstyles from the 2009 Oscars from FHI Heat’s Angel del Solar

When it comes to looking glamorous and gorgeous through and through, celebrities are often great role models to emulate. Some of the most sophisticated and glamorous hairstyles of all can be glimpsed as the stars are strolling down the royal red carpet for special events like the Oscars and the Emmys. As you consider your next new haircut or hairstyle for the season, keep an eye on the celebrity hairstyles that come down the runway.

Some popular celebrity hairstyles include the likes of Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker, Vanessa Hudgens, and Nicole Kidman. With the following hairstyling tips from FHI Heat National Artistic Director Angel del Solar, you’ll be able to create these sexy celebrity hairstyles at home. While Angel del Solar did not personally style the hair of Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker, Vanessa Hudgens, and Nicole Kidman for the 2009 Oscars, he explains step-by-step how women can get these glamorous celebrity hairstyle looks using FHI Heat hair tools.

Get a 1940s Inspired Style like Best Actress Nominee Kate Winslet (81st Academy Awards)
FHI Heat National Artistic Director Angel del Solar explains how to get a lovely 1940s inspired celebrity hairstyle like Kate Winslet showed off at the 81st Academy Awards ceremony.

“Use the FHI Heat 1 1/2″ curling iron starting from the front hairline, working back to the top of the occipital bone,” Angel del Solar says. “Create a horizontal parting from ear to ear. Sub-section to make curls going towards the nape. At the occipital bone, change direction, taking one row of curls in reverse direction. Brush out with FHI Heat Paddle Brush. Backcomb the hair, then set style in finish by pinning hair under like a bob, and spray with hairspray.”

Get Beautiful Spiral Corkscrews like Presenter and Performer Vanessa Hudgens (81st Academy Awards)
For breathtaking spiral corkscrews like Vanessa Hudgens wore at the 81st Academy Awards, Angel del Solar suggest the following tips.

“Take 2 x 2 inch triangles; lightly saturate the hair with your favorite aerosol hairspray,” he explains. “Comb through the section to make sure hair is evenly distributed. With one hand, take entire section and twist to base. Place the FHI Heat 3/4″ curling iron underneath the section. Take the hair and wind around the FHI Heat 3/4″ curling iron. Hold for approximately 15 seconds – slide iron out and secure with the FHI Heat T-Rex clips. Complete the entire head in this fashion. Let it all cool and remove clips. Apply approximately half a dime size of FHI Heat Hot Sauce to hands to emulsify – work through sections gently.”

Get a Foxy Faux Bob like Presenter Nicole Kidman (81st Academy Awards)
Nicole Kidman has exhibited many pretty celebrity hairstyles, but her faux bob at the Academy Awards this year is a great one to try for yourself. You can get a foxy faux bob like Nicole Kidman with these tips from Angel del Solar.

“Take a triangular section at the back of the head with the tip of the triangle pointing up,” he says. “Using the FHI Heat Paddle Brush, comb hair to the center of the section, secure with elastic. Curl the entire head including the ponytail; then style hair, making sure ponytail is blended by blending the two sections together.”

Get Luscious Waves like Presenter Sarah Jessica Parker (81st Academy Awards)
For incredible, luscious waves in a fashionable celebrity hairstyle, don a ‘do like Sarah Jessica Parker. Just follow these step-by-step tips from Angel del Solar.

“Starting at side, taking horizontal sections, place the FHI Heat Platform Domed iron at the base, push with the iron forward, and then move down hair shaft and pull with the domed iron,” he explains. “Continue down each section until the entire head is complete.”

About the Expert and FHI Heat Products:
Angel del Solar is the FHI Heat National Artistic Director. Products offered by FHI Heat include blow dryers, styling irons, curling irons, razors, heat-activated conditioners, styling clips, carbon combs, shears, brushes and a chemical straightening system.  For more information about Angel Del Solar or FHI Heat hair tools, call 877.FHI.HEAT visit the website

How to Create Celebrity Hairstyles like Katie Holmes, Kate Beckinsale, and Olivia Palermo

Celebrity hairstyles often serve as the forerunners to the hottest hairstyles of the season, the latest trends in hair, and the most fashionable way to wear your tresses. From long and flowing locks to short and chic styles, celebrities are not afraid to shear, texturize, or dramatically style their hair. To create your own hot celebrity type hairstyles, consider whose haircut or hairstyle you like best.

This article shares tips and tricks on creating the celebrity hairstyles of Katie Holmes, Kate Beckinsale, and Olivia Palermo. You can don their looks with a simple visit to your stylist or by trying the steps below to achieve these sexy celebs’ hairstyles at home. Naz Kupelian shares the following tips for how to achieve hot celebrity hairstyles of Katie Holmes, Kate Beckinsale, and Olivia Palermo.

Naz Kupelian shares some recommendations for helpful products from his own hair care line called “Naz Kupelian,” which consists of water-based products that work to achieve fabulous results.

How to Get Hair and Hairstyles like Katie Holmes
Naz Kupelian shares the following tips on how to achieve sexy and cutting-edge hairstyles like the fashionable celebrity hairstyles of Katie Holmes.

For finer hair, Naz Kupelian recommends blow drying the hair and also using a thickening product such as a styling spritz that achieves a soft hold. To capture the celebrity hairstyle of Katie Holmes, blow dry your hair with a round brush and finish styling with a hair polish serum for shine.

How to Get Hair and Hairstyles like Kate Beckinsale
For sexy, long layers with a bit of curl like Kate Beckinsale, Naz Kupelian suggests the following hair styling tips to achieve this kind of celebrity hairstyle.

“This look consists of long layers and to achieve this look you will need to keep the top of the hair flat and starting your curls from the ears down,” Kupelian says.

1.    Dry your hair and use a thickening product. (Naz recommends “Ocean 11”.)
2.    Spray your thickening product, focusing on the roots.
3.    Blow dry throughout with a round brush.
4.    Starting from the ears down, make curls using a big barrel curling iron.
5.    Using a holding hair spray (Naz recommends the “Satin Pillow Top”), spray each curl to create crisp barrel curls.
•    Note: Do not separate the curls as you work through the hair.
6.    When you are done curling each section using a quarter size amount of pomade (Naz Kupelian recommends “Gum” a Fiber Styling Paste”), run your fingers through the curls to spate the volume of your hair.
7.    You will achieve this natural look with good hold. Enjoy!

How to Get Hair and Hairstyles like Olivia Palermo
For a sexy celebrity hairstyle boasting crisp curls like Olivia Palermo, follow these tips by Naz Kupelian.

1.    Dry your hair with a thickening product (Naz recommends “Ocean 11”).
2.    Spray your thickening product, focusing on the roots.
3.    Blow dry throughout with a round brush.
4.    Starting from the ears down, make curls using the “Wand” tool.
5.    Using a holding hair spray (Naz recommends the “Satin Pillow Top”),  spray each curl to create ice crisp curls.

We hope you enjoy these sexy and flirtatious celebrity hairstyles and the tips and tricks you need to achieve hairstyles of Katie Holmes, Kate Beckinsale, and Olivia Palermo on your own hair. For more of the hottest up and coming hairstyles, keep your eyes out on the runways, on TV, on the big screen, in magazines, and on the Web for the newest trends in celebrity hairstyles.

Tips and Tricks on How to Use a Flat Iron

Flat Iron

Flat irons are modern hair straighteners that have a heating element, like a heating plate on either side, made up of ceramic materials, aluminum, Nano silver, Titanium Oxide, Tourmaline, Iron etc., cased in a plastic holder with a plastic or rubber handle. Flat irons come in various vibrant and cool colors and also in various sizes according to the person’s kind and volume of hair.

Using a flat iron is highly efficient, safe, and quicker than the hot combs or heated rods. Flat irons are used to style hair to make it straight, curly, straight pony, bun, upsweep, etc. Thermal Protectors are used to protect hair from harsh effects of high temperature.

Ceramic Flat Iron

Ceramic flat Irons are hair straighteners that use ceramic heaters, on either side of the clamp, which is mixed with materials like titanium and tourmaline to boost the output.  Most ceramic flat irons are made with aluminum or titanium coated with ceramic layers. More the ceramic layers, more flexible it is to use according to the need and style and more precise to choose the temperatures. But such flat irons might damage the hair if the ceramic layer is worn out.

Despite being expensive, it is beneficial to use pure ceramic iron, provided it is handled carefully. Invisible infrared rays are used in all ceramic flat irons that employ far infrared heating. Nano materials like Nano silver to inhibit bacterial growth, Nano titanium for even heat distribution in hair and Nano titanium oxide to inhibit chemical reactions are added to the ceramic layer. Tourmaline is also added to boost negative ion output to produce smooth and sleek hair styles.

Steps to use a flat iron

Clean hair is a must:
*Use a good hydrating or moisturizing shampoo and cleanse the hair thoroughly because the hair should be hydrated, cleaned, and must be free of dust, dirt, and grease.

No Ironing without Thermal Protectors:
*Thermal Protectors like sprays, creams, and foams are available in the market and are used to protect the hair from the harsh infrared rays from the ceramic heater that may denature the hair on a prolonged usage and from chemical damage that may lead to hair breakage.

*Conditioners reduce the harmful effects of hair straightening by heating drastically. Using the right kind of conditioners is mandatory. Thermal protectors also provide shine, gloss, and neat appearance. Use these products on wet hair.

Must dry well for good results:
*There are no shortcuts to straight or curly silky hair. You have to be patient, alert, and careful throughout the process. After applying or spraying the thermal protector thoroughly on hair, the hair must be dried extensively using a hair dryer.

*The hair must not be damp at all. If the heating is done on damp hair, the hair might puff up or frizz up giving an odd incomplete look spoiling the style. Let the hair dry slowly and completely.

Choosing the Flat Iron:
*The flat iron must be chosen according to the style, volume of hair, kind of hair, and other hair conditions. Flat irons with temperature setting facility should be preferred and must be of the right size according to the amount of hair.

*Flat irons come in various sizes and colors. If the iron is smaller, it is more portable and less maintenance is required. Being patient, slow, and careful heating of finer and thinner portions of hair will yield better results.

*If you require professional quality, choose a ceramic flat iron made of pure ceramics with no aluminum or titanium.

Choose the right temperature:
*The right temperature is chosen according to the type of hair, type of style, and the amount of time, the hair is going to stay with the style. If a lower temperature is used, it is safe for chemically treated or colored hair and also provides fast hair straightening, which is not so harmful but stays that way for less time only.

*The lower temperature is around 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest temperature is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Nominal temperature of 350 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit is pretty much enough to make good hair styles.

*So it is wise to buy the flat iron with variable temperature settings. For those who are straightening curly hair, it is advised to use 420 to 430 degree Fahrenheit for good results.

Using the Flat Iron – Being Slow and Steady yields better results…

Best of Spring Beauty 2009 for Hair – H2Pro 300 Special Edition Flat Iron

It didn’t take long to complete my review for the newly released H2Pro 300 special edition flat iron. H2Pro Flat IronFrom the moment my hair met the flat iron I was in awe. Each strand was left with a silky shine that said “I’m so healthy, straight, and sexy;” I was utterly impressed with the outcome and give the H2Pro two huge thumbs up for quality. It’s the perfect addition to anyone’s hair care collection for 2009.

The H2Pro can reach 450 degrees in a matter of seconds and is ready for use. It can tame even the wildest hair and will leave you looking breathless. It is an impeccable flat iron with a dial knob to set a preferred temperature of your choosing (from 140 – 450 degrees), a very long and sturdy cord that’s great for moving around the room, and a convenient on/off switch. It has a sleek black body and ceramic tourmaline iron plates.
H2Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron

The tourmaline treated plates are perfect for repelling humidity and they leave a shinier, frizz-free hairstyle that lasts all day (and as far out as the next day / evening). The ionic technology combined in the H2Pro is great for moisturizing hair and proves to remove pollutants and bacteria from the hair.

When I received the H2Pro, it was all I could do to keep it in the box and contain myself from the excitement within. Once I used it, I knew people would notice something different about me; friends, family and acquaintances asked if I had it straightened recently (I’m talking salon pricy results here). It was pretty neat to see their reactions when I told them that I did it at home with my new H2Pro. My confidence has boosted tenfold since I’ve been using the iron and I just know that it’s because of my hair’s appearance (Thanks H2Pro)!

I want to take a moment to recap on the ionic technology incorporated in the H2Pro and how it helps protect your hair. When the typical regime for taking care of your hair involves the use of color, hair sprays / gels and other such things, pollutants and bacteria become a big problem. Hair becomes unmanageable, dry, and brittle. The “ionic technologies” are components derived from Nano Ti + Nano TiO2 + Nano Ag used for bringing style and health benefits back to your hair. At the same time, these components help cleanse, purify, and moisturize your hair. The results are truly amazing. It completely transforms you hair from that dry, unhealthy, frizzing facade to a radiant, healthy, straight shine that’ll knock your socks off…

If you are looking to update your current flat iron with something new this spring season, I can assure you that the H2Pro 300 special edition flat iron is the one you need.

For more information on purchasing you very own H2Pro, call their toll-free number at 800-896-7728 or you can visit While you’re there, take a look at the other products they have to offer.

*Suggested Retail Price: $160.00

Award for Best of Spring Beauty for Hair 2009

I now give the H2Pro 300 special edition flat iron an award for being #1 in its class… For knowing just what we need when it comes to styling our hair and for continuing to provide us with the best products when it comes to our straightening needs! GREAT JOB!

Prom 2009 Hairstyle Trends and Themes

Prom hairstyles come in all shapes, styles, and dimensions, so picking the perfect hairstyle for you can be a fun challenge to undertake. Once you’ve picked out your prom gown, you can begin to consider your prom hairstyle. For tips on the trends and themes of hairstyles for prom 2009 – and prom hairstyles in general – read on!

For a beautiful look that lasts all night, prom hairstyles often do best when styled by your favorite hair stylist. You can, of course, style your own hair for prom if that is your preference or if your budget begs it. You can show off a sexy up-do for prom or a long and luxurious mane of curls or waves; you can rock a stylish hair accessory or you can leave your hair down and flowing. Whatever you decide, we hope you absolutely love it!
Renee Adkins, artistic director of Haircolorxperts in Cary, N.C., shares the following tips on selecting a prom hairstyle as well as the latest and hottest hairstyle trends and themes for prom 2009.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What is the main theme for prom hairstyles this year?

A. Renee Adkins – Think Amy Adams, low bun with fun texture. Think glamorous deep-side part. The theme is sleek yet slightly messy.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What kinds of styles would be popular for short hair?

A. Renee Adkins – Think Jennifer Hudson, piecey texture using pomade to sculpt and flip the ends after straightening.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What kinds of styles would be popular for medium length hair?

A. Renee Adkins – Think Reece Witherspoon, low bun with wispy pieces around the face.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What kinds of styles would be popular for long hair?

A. Renee Adkins – Think Kate Hudson, modernized traditional braid texturized and wavy.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Do you expect to see more up-dos or long and flowing hair worn down?

A. Renee Adkins – I expect to see a lot of wave and texture whether it be up or down.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Would you say straight hair or curly hair will be more popular for prom 2009?

A. Renee Adkins – It all depends on your individual personality and the style of your gown.

Q. Life Love Beauty – What are some popular hair accessories for prom hairstyles?

A. Renee Adkins – Think glamour and color and don’t be afraid to use flowers or feathers. Take risks!

Q. Life Love Beauty – Can you share any tips on do-it-yourself prom hairstyles?  

A. Renee Adkins – Pull some back with a sparkly accessory and curl remaining hair.

Q. Life Love Beauty – Anything else you would like to add?

A. Renee Adkins – Have fun, relax and don’t be afraid to bring pictures with you to the salon for reference.

About the Expert:
Renee Adkins has more than 14 years experience in the industry, including extensive experience at high-end spas, as well as two years experience as a Redken Artist.  Adkins earned an associate’s degree from Stanly Community College and has studied in New York; Washington, D.C.; Phoenix; Las Vegas and Dallas.  She has received several industry awards, including the Golden Scissors award, which honors artistic and creative expression, as well as the All-Star award in which recipients are leaders in fashion, retail and sports apparel.

Best of Spring Beauty for Hair 2009 – Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner

Jan Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner, available at

The name Jan Marini is one to be remembered.

I’ve had the privilege of reviewing Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner over the past seven days.  And after trying this product I can happily say that it’s one of the top conditioners I’d recommend to anyone.

I’ll have to admit; when I received the revitalizing conditioner last week, I was almost afraid to take it out of the box. It wasn’t that I was skeptical about trying Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner because at first glance and after reading the case studies for the conditioner, I knew I’d fall in love with it. I was “almost” afraid to take it out of the box because I knew that the moment I used it I would be addicted to it… I was right. I am officially addicted to a product that I can never again live without.

Jan Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner, available at Amazon.comNot one for reading directions, the first time I used it I got a little “spray happy” and ended up using more than I needed. I still saw results, but had I used it by following directions, I wouldn’t have wasted those few extra sprays. Needless to say, I still felt some improvement. The second day though, I decided to read the directions and spray just a few spays onto the palm of my hand, sparingly (as directed). I massaged it through my hair trying not to forget the scalp, and… what a huge difference that made.  I instantly saw and felt a difference in the texture, shine and body of my hair and my love for this conditioner has increased every day since.

What this product has done for me is simple; it’s given back the bounce and appeal that my hair once embraced. I’m sure that lots of women (and men) can agree with me when I say that hair becomes drab as we age. The vitality that once enriched each individual strand of hair has since dissipated and we’re left with unmanageable, unappealing mops atop of our heads. Fortunately it doesn’t happen to just a few of us…we all deal with it (sorry everyone).  So it’s really nice when a product (such as Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner) comes along and gives us the reason to cheer again. I for one am completely happy with the results thus far. Each day that I use Marini’s conditioner, my hair becomes more vibrant and notably thicker. Each day I feel a sense of confidence knowing that I have one thing that other people want… my radiant hair!

About Jan Marini – Jan Marini is the President and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. and is known for being one of the most respected names in skin care. Jan’s research has led to technology breakthroughs and it is her name that so many skin care professionals and consumers trust. Jan Marini offers 10 different lines of products to help in the rejuvenation of skin, hair and age intervention.

About Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner – the purpose of this conditioner is to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of aging, thinning and chemically-treated hair.  It dramatically increases the vitality of your hair and gives it renewed body and bounce. ARP $170.00 / 40z

Where to buy – You can call (800) 347-2223 for a personal skin care consultation for a referral to a Jan Marini Skin Research Authorized Reseller near you, buy Marini Hair Revitalizing Conditioner online at, or visit to shop online.

Award for #1 Innovative Hair Product for Spring 2009

In conclusion, I give Jan Marini’s Revitalizing Conditioner an award for being #1 in Innovative Hair Product for Spring 2009.

How to Get Perfect Two-Tone or Multi-Color Hair – Q&A with Master Colorist Stephanie Nimmer

Changing the color of your hair accomplishes many things, from revamping your look to revitalizing your mood. Two tone your hair for a fresh new look!Two tone hair coloring can make you look younger, older, more mysterious, more serious, and the list goes on. You can lighten your hair for summer, darken your hair for fall, or go with a completely outrageous color scheme to let out your wild side.

Two tone hairstyles can be a lot of fun and of course, a welcome change from your everyday hairstyle. Two toned hair makes you seem daring, courageous, and a bit wild and mysterious. You can also pull off a more conservative two toned hair look with two tone highlights for your hair.

“Anyone can throw one – or one thousand – colors on a head of hair, be those colors blonde, brown, red, pink, hot purple, blue, infinity,” said Stephanie Nimmer, who is a Master Colorist for Godiva Salon in Buckhead, Atlanta. “However, it takes an artfully-trained stylist with a great eye for color to PLACE those colors perfectly within a gorgeous hairstyle.”

Two tone hairstyles can be created at home or at the salon. If it’s your first time trying to two tone your hair, you might consider visiting your favorite hairstylist for an expert two tone hair coloring experience.

“Unless I can make my client’s color and style work together in synergy, neither cut nor color make sense,” Nimmer says. “The most stunning cut can be brought down by unfortunate color, and a gorgeous color can be made smarmy by a bad cut. That said, all of this has to work its magic within the constraints of the salon guest’s face shape, texture, and strength of hair, coloration of skin, client personality, comfort zone, etc.

“I need to design a look that my salon guest can wear with confidence, one that is tailor-made to her (or his) needs. Unless I do all of this (in a timely manner, no less), I am undermining the very industry I am so passionate about.”

Stephanie Nimmer kindly shares the following Q&A interview with us regarding tips on two tone hairstyles and two toning your hair.

“Please allow me to begin by saying that I have always believed that hair looks best when presented in a ‘family’ of color,” she says. “Basically, that means three blondes, three browns, three reds, or an artful combination of all three. Perhaps a light, medium, dark of one tone, or a light, medium, and dark of each tone. A client can create a multi-toned look that is as subtle or dramatic as she wants, using a three -toned formula. Even if the desired outcome is two-toned, an extra color, be it lighter or even darker, can really bring out the desired contrast.”

Nimmer says some of the top trends include “a one-process golden blonde with a few cool ash highlights, or a few ash lows… a warm copper red, with cool red accents coming from the length underneath, or the reverse.”

Q. – Life Love Beauty: Are these styles easy to create at home, or better off in the salon, or both?

A. – Stephanie Nimmer: “Of course, I am going to agree that in-salon color is the way to go! However, if budget is a concern (and all stylish girls know that there are ways to create ‘gorgeous-ness’ without a big budget), call your local fabulous salons and ask to be on their ‘model list’. Any great salon (such as mine) will have a list of house models who all get the latest cuts and colors, performed by the up-and-coming stylists of the salon. A note to house models… you must be open to cut and color trends and to change!”

Q. – Life Love Beauty: What lengths work best for two-tone hairstyles?

A. – Stephanie Nimmer: “It truly depends on the color pallet desired. If the placement is designed to go with the style, then ALMOST any length can work. Some length of hair can make it easier to create a style, I will admit. Very short layers on the top make for hard work, as the hair does not ‘flow’ into the rest of the style.”

Keep Reading: What cuts / angles work best for two-tone hairstyles AND More…

How to Achieve Celebrity Hairstyles of Rihanna, Eva Longoria, and Victoria Beckham

If you want to know the hottest new looks for hairstyles, keep an eye on your favorite celebrities. Rihanna's sexy celebrity haircut - Photo courtesy of Naz Kupelian Salon.Celebrity hairstyles often take a cutting edge approach to the trends, typically creating trends rather than following them. If you would like to sport celebrity hairstyles too, you simply need to decide with which celebrity you most identify and if you love her hairstyle enough to try it on yourself.

Rihanna, Eva Longoria, and Victoria Beckham aren’t afraid to show off their fashion-forward looks or their hot hairstyles. Celebrity hairstyles like the ones Rihanna, Eva Longoria, and Victoria Beckham wear are easy to achieve for yourself if you go to a hairstylist who is skilled and confident.

To learn about the celebrity hairstyles of Rihanna, Eva Longoria, and Victoria Beckham, read on and decide if any of these hot hairstyles are right for you.
Rihanna's sexy celebrity haircut - Photo courtesy of Naz Kupelian Salon.
How to Get Celebrity Hairstyles – Rihanna
If you’d like to take on the look of Rihanna, go bold and beautiful with this popular celebrity hairstyle. The look is cutting-edge yet soft and sexy. If you want to try the celebrity hairstyle but you aren’t completely convinced, bring a photo of the desired hairstyle to your stylist and ask if the look is right for you.

“This hairstyle is called ‘Déjà vu’ because it’s a newer version on Demi Moore’s haircut (think Ghost),” says International Hair Artist Naz Kupelian. “The style is cute shorter around the ears and left heavy/full on the top with a long bit in the right bang area. When styling use a product with a cream base to achieve elasticity in the hair. Finish with a product such as Sheer Brilliance to separate and define the layers.”

Eva Longoria's sexy celebrity haircut - Photo courtesy of Naz Kupelian Salon.How to Get Celebrity Hairstyles – Eva Longoria
For a youthful and flirty celebrity hairstyle, consider Eva Longoria and her fabulous locks falling right below the chin. This celeb style may be great for you if you aren’t brave enough to make the chop. Make like Eva Longoria with a beautiful hair color and modern bob for a fresh, new look.

“This ‘Modern Bob’ is achieved by creating a shorter bob with shorter hair in the bangs and layers all around for texture,” Naz Kupelian says. “This achieves a chic looks and can be achieved (depending on the hair type) blow dried with a round brush or with rollers. When blow drying, apply a mouse and for the finish break up with layers with wax to define the waves.”


Victoria Beckham's sexy celebrity haircut - Photo courtesy of Naz Kupelian Salon.How to Get Celebrity Hairstyles – Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham often sports the most coveted celebrity hairstyles around. Her looks are luxurious and in keeping with haute couture, so taking a page from the book of former Posh Spice is a great way to follow the fashion trends. Victoria Beckham’s hairstyle is daring and beautiful, so try it if you dare.

“The hair style is called the ‘Pixie Cut’ with a modern flair and is achieved with very short fringe like bangs in the front and short textured hair all around,” explains Naz Kupelian. “The finish for this is achieved with pomade and by breaking up each section for texture and shine.”

Remember, these are the celebrity hairstyles that are hot right now. If you aren’t fully in love with the styles, you can wait a season or two or try a popular hairstyle from a different celebrity. Whatever you decide, we hope you love it!

Tropical Hair Ornaments for Beach Weddings and Destination Weddings

Beach weddings and destination weddings present so many fun and exotic options, from a flirty and beachy wedding gown to adorable and perfect tropical hair ornaments. Flora, $79, made of Feathers and Austrian Crystals - By PrincessBrideTiaras.comTropical hair ornaments offer a variety of stunning hairstyles, whether up-dos, half-up half-down, or long and flowing bridal hairstyles with a simple tropical hair clip off to the side.

When selecting tropical hair ornaments for beach weddings and destination weddings, brides have many options in terms of materials that make up the tropical hair accessories as well as the color scheme, and tropical theme (starfish, flowers, shells, etc.). Destination brides and beach brides can also have fun picking out tropical hair ornaments for their honeymoons – after all, you can really take advantage of pretty and exotic hair accessories when you’re spending a week on the beach!

Types of Tropical Hair Accessories and Ornaments for Beach Weddings and Destination Weddings
Wild Rose, Pearl. $69, Made of crystals and leaded class with crystal stone center, by PrincessBrideTiaras.comDestination brides and beach brides have many options when it comes to selecting wedding day hair accessories for tropical themed weddings. From headbands to clips, decorative combs, and hairpins, the possibilities for beach themed hair ornaments and exotic hair styles are innumerable. First, the bride should decide if she wishes to wear her hair up in a tropical up-do, down and flowing with the tropical breeze, or half-up and half-down, showing off a beautiful wedding day hair ornament.

Some popular materials adorning tropical hair ornaments and accessories may include seashells or pieces of shell, pearls, mother of pearl, and Swarovski crystals. Silk flowers, such as the Karin’s Garden Orchid Hair Clip shown in Life & Style, are another popular option for tropical wedding hairstyles. If you cannot decide on a particular type of wedding day hair accessory or tropical hair ornament, consider consulting your hairstylist for a professional opinion. If you find several styles that you like, and if they are within your budget, you might consider picking up several tropical hair accessories so that you have options. They will still be fun to use on vacations long after your wedding day, after all.

KARIN'S GARDEN Silk Amaryllis French Hair Clip - Pink - $25, available at  Tropical Hair Ornaments for the Bride and the Bridal Party
Destination weddings and beach weddings create the perfect forum for fun and flirty hair accessories – especially when worn by the bride or members of her bridal party. Brides may choose to wear a special hair ornament on their wedding day while requesting that bridesmaids wear a different tropical hair ornament. Or, the bride may wish to be the only person in the bridal party wearing a tropical hair adornment.

Flower girls may look especially adorable with seashell barrettes or other fancy beach themed hair accessories on the bride’s wedding day. The options for these kinds of hair decorations truly are limitless, so brides will do best when they give some thought to the hairstyles before seeking out the pretty hair accessories.

Choosing Tropical Hair Ornaments and Accessories for Wedding Day Hairstyles
One way to help you decide on the perfect tropical wedding hair accessory is to style your hair similarly to how you plan to wear it on your wedding day, and then to test your style with a variety of hair ornaments, if possible. If you cannot test the hair accessories in person because you plan to purchase them online, you might try to obtain a photograph and get a few opinions from close family members, your bridesmaids, your hairstylist, and even your husband-to-be, if you don’t plan to keep every detail of your wedding attire a secret. caters to many destination brides and beach wedding brides. The hair accessories offered by are often crafted with Austrian crystals, leaded glass, and even feathers.

Here are a few styles of tropical hair ornaments by and a few other picks that we just love:

 Calla Lilly Brooch (can be used as hair jewelry), $109, made of Austrian Crystals - By PrincessBrideTiaras.comStarbright, $59, made of Austrian crystals (gold) - By  Starbright, $59, made of Austrian crystals - By

Wild Rose, Pearl, $69, Made of crystals and leaded glass

Wild Rose also available with crystal center stone

Starbright, $59, made of Austrian crystals

Starbright also available in gold

Calla Lilly Brooch (can be used as hair jewelry), $109, made of Austrian Crystals
 Star Flower, $59, made of Austrian Crystals - by
Star Flower, $59, made of Austrian Crystals
Flora, $79, made of Feathers and Austrian Crystals - By e=”5″ width=”179″ height=”250″ align=”right” />
Flora, $79, made of Feathers and Austrian Crystals

KARIN’S GARDEN Amaryllis Clip-Pin Duo – Shown in “GLAMOUR” March 2006: In Pink or White – $24

KARIN’S GARDEN Silk Amaryllis French Hair Clip – Pink – $25

Try a variety of exotic wood hair accessories – Hand Carved Hair Forks.


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If the tropical hair ornaments and wedding hair accessories you find never seem to be the right fit for you, consider wearing a fresh flower or several fresh flowers in your hair. Tropical flowers worn in the hair on one’s wedding day offer a very natural look that is accentuated by other flowers carried or displayed at the wedding. A hibiscus flower makes a lovely addition to any tropical wedding day hairstyle!

Stylish Up-do Hairstyle with a Twist

For a stylish up-do hairstyle, try these simple steps!

[Note: This twisty up-do hairstyle works best with wet or slightly damp hair.]

This stylish, twisty up-do hairstyle has seen me through business class presentations, mid-summer’s outings in sundresses and casual “bum” days in jeans and sweatshirts. It is a great style with a unique twist!

To create this relatively easy up-do hairstyle, gather these materials:

•    6 to 12 mini-claw clips (Or, failing that, lots of bobby pins!)
•    Elastic Band / Ponytail holder
•    Brush and Comb
•    A hand mirror (So you can check out your style as you create it.)
•    Styling gel (Spray gel works best.) or Hairspray

(Note: If you do not already have these items, it is not necessary to go out and purchase them. Simply get creative and improvise!)

Step 1: Remove excess water from your hair. Hair should be damp, not drenched.

Step 2: Using brush or comb, pull hair back and up, into a smooth, high ponytail and securely fasten.

Step 3: Pull a small section of hair away from the ponytail and twist whichever way is more natural/comfortable. Fasten the twist to your head with one of the clips.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 – fasten each twist so that they start to hide the elastic band. By the time you are finished, a ring of twists should have concealed the band.

Step 5: Arrange the twists however you like them best. Feel free to experiment with the dynamics of the hairstyle. Try fastening the twists closer to the elastic band, or considerable farther away from it. Add more twists or try the style with fewer, thicker twists. You can create many different styles out of this single, basic technique.

Step 6: The ends of the twists should peek out from the clips. You can easily alter the length of these ends by merely changing the position of each mini-clip. For longer ends peeking out-a wilder style-rearrange the clips with more hair outside of the twist, just sticking out where the clip meets your head.

Step 7: Once you are pleased with the result, lightly spray the twists and the ends.
This style can be flirty and fun, or professional and sedate, depending on how you manipulate the twists and clips. Play around, have fun with the style and the many varied end results you can create in minutes!

Approximate Styling Time: 10-15 minutes.

2009 Haircuts and Hairstyle Trends for Mature and Sophisticated Women

Many women love to sport a new hairstyle or haircut when the New Year arrives. If you haven’t gotten your new haircut just yet, you are in luck. The expert verdicts are in and the haircut and hairstyle trends for 2009 are here for the taking. Check out these expert suggestions for 2009 haircuts and hairstyles for mature and sophisticated women.

Mature women who want to appear sophisticated can truly benefit from a classy haircut that keeps up with the times. Before you visit your favorite hairstylist or salon, consider all your options and review the Internet and your favorite magazines for a few 2009 haircuts and hairstyle trends that you might like to try for giving yourself a mature, sophisticated look. As the year wears on, keep an eye on the celebrities for further tips on trendy haircuts and hairstyles.

Arlene Castro, Celebrity Hair Stylist from Say it With STYLE (, suggests a few haircuts that look great for mature 40+ women.

“For 2009, you can already see that pin straight hair is out and body / volume are in,” says Castro. “The pixie cut is back with a vengeance – Victoria Beckham is picking up where Haley and Sharon Stone left off.  As for longer hair on women 40+, it should definitely not be much longer than a little past the shoulders.  I find that there’s a big misconception that older women should always cut their hair off after a certain age but I disagree, being that it can be an accessory to deflect attention from maturing skin.  Full frontal bangs and fringe are also in and make the very popular side bangs / fringe soooo last year.”

Celebrity Hair Stylist Sarah Williams from Say it With STYLE ( suggests a few styling tips to “create beautiful waves for an undone look for evening or day.” Williams’ tips for a mature, sophisticated hairstyle for 2009 are as follows:

1.    Wash hair day before so that when ready to style the hair has texture.
2.    Blow-dry with round brush to add volume.
3.    Using a one-inch curling iron, take 1/4 inch sections and wrap pieces around the barrel of the iron.
4.    Hold for five seconds and let loose to create a beautiful wave of tight uniform curls.

Looking Great in a Declining Economy – Tips on Saving Money on Hair Cuts
Nelson Chan, “Best of LA 2008 Winner” and Celebrity Haircolorist of Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills, shares advice for saving money on haircuts by reducing the frequency of visits and being creative in styling hair in-between the salon visits.

Chan suggests always visiting the hairdresser to maintain the shape and health of your hair. For clients with short hair, Chan recommends getting a trim every six weeks. For clients with long hair, he suggests waiting up to 12 weeks before getting a cut.

“While you are waiting for the next cut, I recommend styling your hair creatively with hot rollers or a curling iron, or else putting it into a ponytail to keep the hair looking smart, sexy and fun,” Chan says.


About the Experts:

For more information, see

Nelson Chan is a “Best of LA 2008 Winner” and Celebrity Haircolorist of Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills. For more information, visit

Latest Haircut Styles and Trends for Teens, Young Adults, and Mature Women

When it comes to the latest haircuts and hairstyles, your favorite stylist, fashion magazines, and the Internet are great places to start. Trendy and cutting edge haircut by Naz (photo courtesy of Naz Kupelian Salon in Lexington, MA)These days, haircut and hairstyle trends change so fast that it’s hard to keep up, whether you’re a teen, young adult, or a mature woman who’s become well accustomed to the changing styles. Instead, settle for a style you love – and one that makes you feel confident and good about being yourself.

“The most important thing to remember when choosing a new hair style, regardless of one’s age, is that it must be conductive with your lifestyle,” says Ruth Kim, Senior Creative Cutting Specialist at Salon Bleu.

“With that being said, it is hard to perfectly define a ‘trendy’ haircut for someone , say in the 40+ age category,” Kim adds. “I like to think of trends as classics with a twist. For example, look at Kim Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner. Instead of opting for a boring, blunt, short cut, she added some face-framing layers to give it a softer feel. Regardless of the hair length, the goal is to have a softer look; whether or not you incorporate the trends of a swept bang or full bangs with layers is a decision that can fluctuate as your tastes change.”

Trendy and cutting edge haircut by Naz (photo courtesy of Naz Kupelian Salon in Lexington, MA)Latest Haircut Styles for All Ages and Hair Types
When it comes to a new haircut, many women don’t take things lightly. Moments if not hours go into visualizing oneself with the new haircut, envisioning all the new hairstyle possibilities with the new haircut, and weighing the options back and forth, agonizing over whether or not to go through with it. In the end, many women take a deep breath and take the plunge, reasoning that it’s only hair, and hair will grow back.

Naz Kupelian of Naz Kupelian Salon in Lexington, MA, an expert on cutting and coloring hair, offers a number of haircut trends and tips based on his latest teaching techniques. His expertise in his cutting techniques allows for volume and length both to be achieved with anyone’s hair, from teens and young adults to mature women, and even men.

Haircuts and Styles for Short and Medium Length Hair
Short hair and medium length hair offer many possibilities in the cut and style for teens, young adults, and mature women alike. From angles to texture, the possibilities are practically limitless. For mature women, young adults, and teens, the same hairstyle can work beautifully without taking on a reputation or stereotype of its own. Short hair and medium length hair offer flexibility from a professional look to flirty and fun.

Trendy and cutting edge haircut by Naz (photo courtesy of Naz Kupelian Salon in Lexington, MA)“For women and teens, Naz is teaching classic shapes such as the woman’s bob with a modern twist using softer lines in back of the head with longer layers in front cut asymmetrically,” says Anny Deirmenjian, a representative for Naz Kupelian. “This gives one side a little more drama and length.”

Another expert, Edmondo Blando, owner of Salon Vanity in Philadelphia and “Best of Philly” hairstylist, predicts, “The bobs have it! Short, cropped bobs will be strikingly girly and slick.  The bob that we saw in 2008 will still be popular but will be cut with a layered and shaggier (think Katie Holmes shag). For those select few with the right facial structure, the pixie cut will still be in (think Victoria Beckham).

“[For medium-length hair,] think long, sweeping bangs. As woman across the country start growing out their pixie cuts and shorter bangs from the fall, shoulder-length hair styles will be everywhere with bangs covering one eye (think Nicole Richie).”

Read more about Haircuts and Styles for Mature Women with Long Hair and Latest Cuts and Styles for Teens and Young Adults…