“It Doesn’t Get Any Countrier Than This” – McGraw Southern Blend

I feel like there are three types of men who wear cologne: Men who wouldn’t otherwise be aware of its existence had someone else not purchased it for them, men who did bother to put a little time and effort into discovering which scents are worth having, and finally, those men who are willing to buy a brand purely on endorsement.

And there are plenty endorsements out there, celebrity or otherwise, hawking men’s cologne. David Beckham, Michael Jordan, and Antonio Banderas, known for being the sweatiest, smelliest high performance athletes and actors have cashed in their names and bottled their fame, charisma, and sexual prowess so that you, luck guy, might partake in their sweet success.

This stuff, McGraw Southern Blend, has two major endorsements going for it: Tim McGraw, and the whole entire South. That’s a lot to distil down to an aggravatingly small one fluid ounce bottle. One the one hand, you have Mr. All-That-Is-Man Tim McGraw. That guy’s moustache alone can bench press 150 lbs, play the guitar, and fix an engine, all at the same time. And on the other hand you have the South; not the incestuous lynch mob south, but the refined, sophisticated, values oriented high-society South. I’m talking watching fireflies and heat lightning through the oak trees from the front porch South.

So has it worked?

No, unfortunately not. For starters, the bottle is a joke. The cap looks like a chintzy gold painted plastic Christmas tree ornament done wrong. The top of the bottle is supposed to be saddled in “leather”, but the plastic is so cheap it could actually be mistaken for treated cardboard.

The cologne itself wants to be manly with tobacco and whisky base and middle notes respectively. However, this is as much commentary around current perceptions of manliness as it is ineffective essential oils. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t smell bad, but it doesn’t smell good, either. And what little scent there is doesn’t last half as long as most other colognes I’ve tried. What we have here is little more than a fuzzy memory of southern heritage, a half hearted attempt at emotional evocation, which is probably a long way from where McGraw had intended on landing.

Ain’t That The Way It Always Ends?


Lip Gloss Bracelet Gifts and Party Favors for Little Girls or Elegant Accessories for Women

Did you ever have cool kind of lip gloss jewelry as a child? I had a plastic lip gloss bracelet that had a cheery pink lip color inside. Granted lip balms and lip glosses have come a long way in 20 years, but it’s exciting to see that some of our childhood products are still available, with upgrades. Lip gloss bracelets are available to suit girls of any age, from young girls wanting to start experimenting with makeup to women who need to keep lip gloss within reach at all times.

Several types of lip gloss bracelet gifts are available for purchase, from the elegant KLS lip gloss bracelet to the Dior lip gloss bracelet for adults and the Dora Star Catcher Lip Gloss Bracelets and assorted Disney lip gloss bracelets. Little girls’ lip gloss bracelets make great gifts and party favors instead of the traditional party bag. You can give your daughter’s friends a little token they’ll treasure and cherish instead of candy and junky plastic toys.

If you are more interested in lip gloss bracelet styles for adults, consider the Dior Lip Gloss Bracelet. The Dior Gourmette Lip Gloss Bracelet offers women two of their great loves in one product – jewelry and makeup! Two lovely shades of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss (Pink Shimmer and Light Bronze Shimmer) are contained in this special silver ID style bracelet.

The KLS Lucky Charm Bracelet with Golden Goddess Gloss is another option for a fashionable makeup accessory to enjoy, this time in gold metal. This cool lip gloss bracelet features gold chains and links with a square lip gloss locket containing a shimmery gold gloss to keep your lips soft and kissable anytime, anywhere.

A lip gloss bracelet can be a nice gift to request on your Christmas list or birthday list. No matter if you like the Dior lip gloss bracelet, KLS lip gloss bracelet, or a plastic lip gloss bracelet for your daughter and her friends, you are sure to love the versatility of this cool item. Enjoy the lip gloss and fashionable jewelry at the same time!


Christian Dior Addict Lipstick Review

The Christian Dior lipstick is quite popular with most ladies regardless of their age group. I like the Dior lipsticks for their renowned and superior quality. I have realized that the Christian Dior Addict lipstick products are among the very best in the market today. You can make your choice from the wide variety of colors available.

I have also realized that these are splendid creamy items that are offered in radiant shades. With the Dior Addict lipstick, I am fond of a stylish variety of quality lipsticks that I can use with every fashion and in every season. It costs me a few extra dollars to purchase the Dior Addict lipstick, but to me it is absolutely worth every single cent I invest in it because I like it so much. These lipsticks are valuable makeup products that are being enjoyed by countless other ladies all over the world today.

The Christian Dior Addict lipstick is a comfortable formula that leaves my lips sparkling. Wearing it imparts a nice amount of shine and I do not look too glossy or at all plastic. I am a sucker for packaging and the pearlescent tube of the Christian Dior Addict lipstick is pretty to me. I have now realized why people purchase it and why those operating on stretched budgets become loyal to the lipstick. I especially adore the lipstick in Gallant Bronze, which is a warm pink. I have found it to be marvelously shiny and glossy like all other Dior lipsticks. Its formula is perfect.

The new Dior Addict lipstick is beautiful and sophisticated with an ever subtle sheen. It is possible to get one that looks like your lips and one that perfectly suits your skin tone. I now know that with the new Dior addict lipstick you can also get a glamorous shade that you can comfortably wear to work on a daily basis. You can add a couple of layers to it and there you have more impact from the new Addict lipstick for your evening out. With this range of lipsticks, you are sure to get a consistency that is incomparable and an amazingly light feeling that keeps true color on your lips.

The Dior Addict lipstick 2011 is your lifestyle lipstick. Most people call it a stylish array of high quality lipstick that is worth trying out. This Dior Addict lipstick for 2011 comes with most of the characteristics that I look for in a lipstick. I find it moist, radiant, and most importantly, very long lasting. With the 2011 package, everyone is sure to find a variety of fashionable lipstick colors to suit their individual tastes and preferences.


29 Cosmetics D’Vine Grape Seed Age Protecting Conditioning Mascara Review – Vine Noir M01

I won’t leave the house without mascara on my lashes, so you can imagine how critical I am when trying products for the first time and deciding which to keep in my makeup bag. I am happily surprised with my first few experiences using D’Vine Grape Seed Age Protecting Conditioning Mascara by 29 Cosmetics. This black mascara offers insane, expert coverage and full definition of lashes for a look that is flawless every time. I really couldn’t ask for more.

When I try a mascara product for the first time, there are a few things I notice. Here are my criteria for evaluating mascaras:

•    Does the mascara lengthen my lashes enough?
•    Is there good volume in this product?
•    Does this mascara help to curl lashes?
•    Is the color a good fit for my lashes?
•    Does it smudge easily?
•    Is it waterproof or would I prefer it to be? Does it stand up to its name if so?

Made in Italy, D’Vine Grape Seed Age Protecting Conditioning Mascara by 29 Cosmetics comes in a sleek silver tube. The .28 oz. tube has a nice feel and it is easy to apply with the high quality, full mascara brush. This 29 Cosmetics mascara gives incredible, instant results. I am really impressed with the expert coverage of this product and fullness of my lashes after using it. The black color of D’Vine mascara is perfect – it looks great with any skin tone or hair color.

I found the D’Vine Grape Seed Age Protecting Conditioning Mascara to be everything I hoped a mascara product could be. It covers every lash effectively, curls, lengthens, and thickens lashes perfectly. In reading the packaging, I learned that this makeup product contains anti-oxidants from grape seed extract to nourish lashes and protect them from environmental toxins and pollutants (as well as free radicals).

D’Vine Grape Seed Age Protecting Conditioning Mascara by 29 Cosmetics is available in two shades – Vine Noir and Devine Brown. It retails for $26 per tube and you can get it online at www.29cosmetics.com.


Sparkle Eyeliners – Cargo Boogie Nights Eye Pencil Set Review

Sparkle Eyeliners by Cargo Cosmetics Product ReviewColored eyeliner can be a lot of fun when dressing up for a special occasion or just trying to change your look for a new season or a new you. Adding sparkle to black or colored eyeliner makes it even more fun and daring, with dramatic eyes only moments away. Cargo Boogie Nights Eye Pencils are the best sparkle eyeliners I have tried to date. They are perfect for holidays, girls nights out, and just about any fun special occasion. I received a free set of Cargo Boogie Night Eye Pencils to review and here are my thoughts.

The Cargo Boogie Nights set includes a clear and chrome plastic case with five different sparkle eye pencils – silver, navy, purple, black, and teal. The pencils are mini sized compared to the usual long eyeliner pencils you might know from various stores, but since there are five of them, it is very easy to rotate through the colors without running out of makeup too fast. Each colored eyeliner pencil has its own clear plastic cap and a smooth, crayon-like tip.

Sparkle Eyeliners by Cargo Cosmetics Product ReviewCargo Boogie Nights eyeliner pencils apply evenly and smoothly with glitter sparkles in every application. I especially enjoy using these eye pencils during special occasions like New Year’s Eve, Christmas, birthdays, and other social outings. The teal color is bright and a lot of fun to use, adding a pop of color to your eyes. The purple and navy blue colors work especially well with my brown eyes, but I enjoy the whole set and the versatility of using sparkly colored eyeliners whenever I want.

Sparkle Eyeliners by Cargo Cosmetics Product Review
Sparkle Eyeliners by Cargo Cosmetics Product Review

These products by Cargo Cosmetics are made in Germany and have a shelf life of about three years. I find them to hold up well and I enjoy using them for a change in pace from my usual makeup.

You can buy Cargo cosmetics online at a variety of beauty retailers as well as at Amazon.com for $35.


Waterproof Blue Mascara Showdown: Mavala Eye-Lite Waterproof Blue Mascara vs. Dior Diorshow Waterproof Blue Mascara

Christian Dior DiorShow Blue Waterproof MascaraWay back in high school and college, I rocked the waterproof blue mascara like it was the trend of the year. I don’t actually recall anyone else wearing it besides me, now that I think about it, but I loved how it made my [boring] brown eyes more exciting, dramatic, and fun. The pop of color from the blue mascara was just perfect, and the waterproof aspect ensured long wear and resilience through any sad moments, expected or not. Just before I turned 30 this year I decided I needed to relive my heyday and try the blue waterproof mascara on for size one more time.

To my dismay, my old favorite product, Revlon waterproof navy mascara, was no longer on the market. I’ve used the Maybelline blue washable (non-waterproof) mascara and have been less than impressed. So what’s a girl to do when she’s got her heart set on a particular look within a rapidly approaching time period?

Blue Waterproof Mascara ShowdownI scoured the Web high and low until I found (hopefully) suitable replacements to my long-discontinued favorite waterproof blue mascara product. What I found did not live up to my expectations as a true replacement, but I am happier with these options than not having product at all. I guess old favorites die hard. At any rate, these products can and do work well enough if you’ve got a hankering for a new look using blue mascara that won’t wipe off with a few tears, rain, sweat, etc.

I spent a lot more money on these two blue mascaras than what I was used to spending on the old Revlon blue waterproof mascara. Since that isn’t around anymore, I figured I had to step it up if I wanted to relive my glory days of blue eyelashes. So I tested both Mavala Eye-Lite Waterproof Blue Mascara and Diorshow Waterproof Blue Mascara to hopefully end up with at least one suitable product. Well, after trying both blue mascaras on multiple occasions, here are my critiques:

Mavala Eye-Lite Waterproof Blue Mascara
Mavala Blue Waterproof MascaraIf you aren’t ready for va-va-voom blue mascara, but still want to test the azure waters on your eyelashes, consider Mavala Switzerland Eye-Lite Waterproof Blue Mascara. This blue hue is more of a navy blue color for your eyelashes. I like the mascara for the most part. It offers excellent coverage for top lashes with only minimal coverage for lower lashes. I had to apply probably two or three coats of Mavala blue mascara before I was happy with the results.

Here are some of the product specs for Mavala Blue Waterproof Mascara:
•    Contains silk proteins
•    Strengthens and protects
•    Thickens and lengthens
•    Quick drying
•    Smear-proof
•    Easy to apply
•    Curved professional brush

Mavala Blue Waterproof MascaraAgain the blue color is not as intense as you might expect for a blue mascara. It is almost more of a blue-black, but still offers enough blue sheen to notice. I purchased this product on Amazon.com for about $12 or $13 and received it fairly quickly. Having thin lashes that need good coverage, I am happy enough with this product that I would buy this blue waterproof mascara again if I decide to keep wearing colored mascara beyond this year.

Dior Diorshow Waterproof Blue Mascara…

Keep reading for a very blue mascara…

The Best Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes

Try these makeup tips for brown eyes and brown-eyed-girls.If you have been wondering what the best makeup colors are for brown eyes, get ready to play with the colors instead of just thinking about them. Brown eyed girls can have more fun with their eye makeup than most realize. For starters, there’s the wide world of colored mascaras. Then, you can’t go wrong with so many eye makeup palettes that look fabulous with brown eyes. Keep reading to find out the best eye makeup colors for brown eyes.

As a brown-eyed girl myself, I have always loved shades of purple on my eyes, as well as lovely hues in the earth tone family, especially tans, taupe, and browns. I adore anything with a little shimmer, so when I saw Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips MADE FOR brown eyes, I couldn’t resist. I bought both sets.


Physicians Formula offers Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner for Brown Eyes with three color-coordinated trios and three pop trios. I couldn’t choose one of the other as I felt both intensities have their own time and place in the world of eye makeup for brown eyes. In both sets of eye shadow and liners for brown eyes, the palettes contain three trios of eye color, ranging from natural to playful and finally, dramatic. The shades are easy to mix and match, blending to create your favorite custom eye makeup colors. You can even apply them wet for a different texture and finish that lasts longer and offers more dramatic results.

I love the nine custom shades for the perfect brown eyes set best, I think, as the shades are a nice blend of subtle to dramatic. The colors have just the right amount of shimmer, and I am comfortable with just about any eye shadow shade on the palette. The colors in this compact range from a shimmery sand color to a soft pinkish mauve, sparkly tan, and graduate up to a smoky wine color and glittery toffee color. These eye makeup colors all fall within my comfort zone and I enjoy wearing them on a daily basis, sometimes with more of an earthy look and other times with more of a pinky or plum kind of look.

Physicians Formula’s nine custom shades for brown eyes that pop have a definite leg up on the color intensity between these two selections of makeup colors for brown eyes. The shadow palette starts out with a white hue and goes right into a series of purplish pinks, golds, and a touch of coffee and eggplant. The colors in this makeup collection definitely do “pop,” but they work well in moderation. These are the colors you will want to wear in the evening most often, although they still may be a bit too bold for some tastes. Remember, you can always blend your colors for a perfect look!

I have tried the angled sponge applicator that comes with these eye makeup kits, but I don’t care for it as much as I like my ecoTOOLS eye shadow brush. I have also used my fingertip to apply the eye shadow on my lids and brow bone. The colors seem to last and last, although I am finally starting to see the bottom of my favorite shades. Bummer! Guess I will be picking up a new Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips palette soon.

If you are interested in trying these out for yourself, you can find Physicians Formula products at your favorite drugstores and mass market retailers, as well as online at Amazon.com. You can also find Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips with custom eye makeup colors for blue eyes, hazel eyes, and green eyes.

By the way, I also recommend blue mascara for brown eyes if you really want eyes that pop! More on that in a future post…

Mary Kay: “Thinking of You Eau de Parfum”

Giving perfume is a tricky business, unless you happen to know the preferred brand of your target. But for those brave enough to take a risk (or looking to fill a gift basket) Mary Kay’s ‘Thinking of You’ is a good compromise.

The perfume comes in an attractive and understated rounded bottle that fits smoothly in the hand. The fragrance comes out punching from the bottle — it’s very strong. But no fear for those of us who shy away from strong scents. The perfume lingers in the location it’s sprayed, but doesn’t cling as fiercely to the body. Instead, you get a pleasant scent that trails lightly after you.

Mary Kay suggests the presence of a lot of fruity notes (mandarin, white peach, and plum), however I mostly smelled the lower notes — vanilla and musk, and lily of the valley. These smells are pleasant winter scents and Mary Kay does them richly. So if you know a vanilla girl, this perfume will be right up her alley.

At $30 for a 1 oz bottle, it’s a bit expensive for a ‘just because’ gift, and a little pricey for me to want to take a risk. These drawbacks are countered by the attractive packaging, which includes a place for a personalized note, and a keepsake charm the recipient could add to a bracelet or necklace. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a perfume-wearing friend — or yourself — call up your local Mary Kay representative and give it a whiff for yourself. 

The perfume is exclusively available through Mary Kay. To learn more about Mary Kay or find a Mary Kay representative near you, log onto www.marykay.com or call 1-800-MARYKAY.

Beauty Themed Stocking Stuffers for Girls

The holidays are upon us and there will be plenty of stockings to fill! Girls and women of every age love emptying out their holiday stockings to find all the goodies inside. Consider these ideas for beauty themed stocking stuffers for girls – perfect for your daughter, girlfriend, wife, mom, or even your grandmother!

Beauty Themed Stocking Stuffers
Check out these suggestions for stocking stuffers for girls:

•    Lip balm or lip gloss from Softlips or Bonne Bell
•    Body lotion
•    Bath products from LUSH
•    Barrettes, ponytail elastics, or other hair accessories
•    Nail polish and nail art products
•    Jewelry – necklace, earrings, bracelet, toe ring, etc. (Consider Touchstone Crystal Jewelry, like the Silver Regal Circle Bracelet and Aqua Mist Bracelet, featuring lovely Swarovski crystal components and pearls made in Austria. The clasp is easy to fasten and release for anyone!)
•    Makeup – eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, blush, etc.
•    Razors or razor refill cartridges
•    Tweezers, nail clippers, or nail trimming kits…
•    Emery boards
•    Shaving cream
•    Body sponge, pouf, or loofah
•    Skincare products – sunscreen, facial wash, moisturizer…
•    Hair care products – shampoo, conditioner, styling products
•    Deodorants or antiperspirants
•    Pocket mirror or compact

This is just an overview of the kinds of girlie beauty products you can put together in a stocking if you want to give your favorite female a beauty themed Christmas stocking. If you know her favorite flavors and fragrances, that can help you make an even more appropriate holiday stocking full of goodies she will just love. Consider these ideas or come up with your own suggestions for a wonderful beauty themed stocking for the holidays. Share any other ideas you have in our comments so other readers can benefit, too!

Lierac Paris Diopti Demaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes – Product Review

Eye makeup remover comes in so many different styles, from liquid to cream to gel to eye makeup remover wipes. Each woman may have her own personal favorite style of makeup remover, but it’s often a good idea to test different kinds of makeup remover to find the one that works best for you. Always interested in trying a new kind of eye makeup remover, I recently received a tube of Lierac Paris Diopti Demaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes for the purpose of review.

This eye makeup remover product definitely is gentle on your eyes. I squeeze a little of this product onto a folded tissue to remove eye makeup before I grab a shower. This makeup remover gel never burns or stings my eyes. It is cool and comfortable to apply.


The key ingredients include cornflower, floral water of rose, and mallow extract, which help to remove makeup without leaving oily residue behind. This “soothing floral gelée” is crystal-clear in color and contains Vitamin B5 as well as keratin derivatives to prevent loss of lashes. Lierac Paris Diopti Demaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes is ophthalmologically tested.

I enjoyed testing this product; however, I am not ready to set aside my eye makeup remover wipes just yet. Here is the reason – I do truly like this product for removing washable mascara. It is relaxing on my eyes and feels nice after using it. What I don’t like is how Lierac Paris Diopti Demaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes performs against waterproof eye makeup. I found even with scrubbing, it was difficult and time-consuming to remove the waterproof mascara. Some mascara smudges still remained after attempting to remove makeup from the night before.

I think the convenience of makeup remover wipes has won me over, but I do enjoy this product for anytime I’m not in a rush as long as I am not wearing waterproof mascara. The botanical nature of Lierac Paris Eye Makeup Remover is enticing and draws me toward using it more often – especially for the simple reason that the product is meant to be gentle on your eyes and eyelashes.

I’ll let you be the judge of this one. If you don’t wear waterproof makeup very often, this eye makeup remover gel may be perfect for you!

Fall 2010 Makeup Trends for Lips and Face

Red Lips are in for fall 2010, and nude lips are too!With every new season come new trends, fashions, and styles to show off. Update your look with the latest fall 2010 makeup trends for lips and face so you can show off the style of the season. You can check out the pages of your favorite beauty and fashion magazines for a glimpse into the fall 2010 makeup trends, but you can also follow the trends from the fashion runways and whatever the celebrities have adopted for their own looks. Consider these fall 2010 makeup trends for lips and face to get your appearance ready for fall.

“Inspired by strength, the potential of new forms, think of red hot, glowing iron – that’s the color at the heart of beauty, of attitude, for fall,” says Adriana Vater, creative director of Spa Adriana, an Aveda lifestyle salon and spa in Huntington Village.

“Expect to see lots of reds, auburns, coppers for hair and makeup,” continues Vater. “Lips compliment with sheer pastels. Rusts, organic mineral colors are key for lips – gone are the heavy red lips of last autumn.”

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Neutral Lips for Fall 2010 Makeup Palettes
Beauty and fashion experts agree that this year will see more and more neutral, nude, and sheer lips for fall 2010. Jason Garner, makeup artist and national training manager for DuWop, shares how lip color trends for fall will transition from corals to peach toned winter nudes. The subtlety of the nude lips lends itself to a complementing dramatic eye.

“To create the perfect neutral lip, simply repurpose your favorite coral gloss by blending it with a peach based matte lip balm like DuWop Tinted Prime Venom in Samba,” Garner suggests.

To create a sexy fall look, licensed esthetician/makeup artist and owner of Studio Tres Jolie, Jessica Lauren suggests using a lightly tinted moisturizer, followed by a shimmery eye shadow, and finishing with a peach blush. For the ultimate nude lips, this makeup artist loves Revlon Matte Lipstick in nude.

“Creating the appearance of nude lips will definitely be a trend this spring as more women focus on playing up their eyes,” says Jessica Lauren, licensed esthetician/makeup artist and owner of Studio Tres Jolie.

Red Lips for Certain Occasions this Fall
Makeup artists Liz Olivier and Erica Maniscalco both noticed red lips playing a part in fall 2010 makeup trends for lips despite some other neutral lip trends. If you choose red lips, be sure your makeup doesn’t compete between your lips and eyes.

“The biggest trend I am noticing is the red lip,” says freelance makeup artist Erica Maniscalco. “If you look at all the fall ads and what’s in stores from Makeup Forever to Bobbi Brown and Chanel, red, red, red is it – a classic look that can turn makeup from day to night. Remember red is not just one color. There are so many shades of red, so make sure when you pick what’s your color, you pick the shade for you.”

Luminous Complexion for Fall and Winter 2010
Skin with a soft and subtle glow is sexy for fall and winter this year. Makeup Artist Jason Garner recommends the following steps to get a luminous complexion for fall and winter 2010:

1.    Apply a lightweight foundation to even out the skin without looking overly made-up.
2.    Add a light translucent powder for a radiant finish.
3.    Define cheeks and create dimension with a hint of shimmer applied just behind the apple. Blend upwards.

“For a flawless complexion, choosing the right foundation is crucial,” Garner says. “I like DuWop’s Foundation of Youth since it plumps fine lines and restores the skin’s suppleness as it provides coverage; it also has a built in brush applicator for flawless application.”

About the Experts:
Adriana Vater is creative director and co-founder of Spa Adriana, the award-winning Aveda lifestyle salon and spa in Huntington Village, New York. John Vater is the other co-founder of Spa Adriana and a prominent fashion photojournalist. For more information, please see: www.spaadriana.com.

Liz Olivier is an international makeup artist. For more information, please see www.lizolivier.com.

Jessica Lauren is a licensed esthetician/makeup artist and owner of Studio Tres Jolie. For more information, please see www.studiotresjolie.com.

Jason Garner is a makeup artist and national training manager for DuWop. For more information, please see http://shop.duwop.com.

Erica Maniscalco is a freelance makeup artist based in New York City. For more information, visit www.ericamaniscalco.com.

Fall 2010 Eye Makeup Colors and Trends for Eyes This Autumn

Eye makeup colors often change by the season with a few favorites and trends trickling through from one to the next. If you don’t already have a perfect eye shadow color for fall that you love, check out these suggestions and trends from makeup experts about what colors to wear on your eyes this autumn. Not every color works equally well with different colored eyes, but you can find a shade or eye shadow color that works great with yours and make it a favorite new part of your beauty routine.

Fall eye makeup colors this season will complement your look with a small burst of color.

Rich, Dramatic Eye Makeup Colors for Fall
“Makeup is a deeper, richer color, great teal greens for eyes, which are overlined in dramatic black,” says Adriana Vater, creative director of Spa Adriana, the award-winning Aveda lifestyle salon and spa in Huntington Village, New York. “Lashes are important, with either an all-over long lash or just in the corner of the eye.”

Jason Garner, makeup artist and national training manager for DuWop, recommends a few easy tips to ensure your favorite makeup makes the transition from beautiful fall to winter looks. He says high intensity eyes are extremely popular this fall and will transition into the winter season, and especially the holidays, as well.

“Fall 2010 was all about luminescent skin, dramatic eyes and warm nude lips,” says Garner. “These trends will still be relevant this winter, but slight application adjustments should be made to account for the needs of a winter complexion.”

Garner says to look for “multi-tonal rich pigmented shadows highlighted by intensely bold black eyeliner” to enhance your look for a party or anytime for fall and winter 2010.

“For added dimension, try using a synthetic shadow brush and apply a sheer shimmer shadow in blue or green to the inner corner of the eye,” Garner says. “When I create this look, I use a jewel toned mosaic shimmer such as DuWop’s EyeCatcher Shadows.”

Jessica Lauren, a licensed esthetician/makeup artist and owner of Studio Tres Jolie, says that this season will have women playing up their eyes and wearing a nude or sheer lip color. She recommends a shimmery eye shadow for this fall look.

Hot Fall Eye Makeup Trends – Colorful Smoky Eyes in Purple, Blue, and Green
“Fresh off the runway, this fall’s beauty trend is all about rocking the glamour chic look,” says International Makeup Artist Liz Olivier. “The glamorous look focuses on sultry brown, bold smoky eyes with hint of deep purple, blues, greens, and maroon or red stained lips.”

“For eyes, mauves and purples are a nice change to the classic smoky eye,” adds Erica Maniscalco, a freelance makeup artist. “We tend to see purple as a bright color that is too much, but again with the right shade it can be a beautiful alternative to change your look. I also love using mauve and wine colors on brown eyes. It gives the eye a glow and brings out the green in it.”

Olivier reminds women not to get so stuck on black and gray for the smoky eye look. She informs us that the trend is now to include colors like purple, blue, and green to a natural brown smoky eye. Olivier also recommends a soft black eye pencil to create the smoky eye.

“Buying a pallet of four or five colors is the best way to get great value for your money,” says Olivier. “The color pallet will make it easier to transition from day to night makeup since it contains all the hues you need.”

Tips for a Great Smoky Eye:
1.    Apply eye shadow as desired.
2.    Line your eyes (top and bottom) with a soft eye pencil.
3.    Blend with a small eye brush to create a sexy smoky eye.

“For a more sultry look, line the inside of your eye with your black pencil,” Olivier suggests.

Fall Smoky Eye Product Recommendations:
MAC: Smolder eye pencil
Guerlain: Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Pallet (nude) Rue des Francs- Bourgeois
Dior: 5 color eye shadow Stylish Move

So to sum it up, look for pretty jewel tones and rich colors for fall 2010 eye makeup trends. Find a shade that works best for you in blue, green, teal, or purple. You can also make a great statement by taking your standard smoky eye look and enhancing it with rich colors. Play up your eyes for the fall and winter seasons!

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About the Experts:
Adriana Vater is creative director and co-founder of Spa Adriana, the award-winning Aveda lifestyle salon and spa in Huntington Village, New York. John Vater is the other co-founder of Spa Adriana and a prominent fashion photojournalist. For more information, please see: www.spaadriana.com.

Liz Olivier is an international makeup artist. For more information, please see www.lizolivier.com.

Jessica Lauren is a licensed esthetician/makeup artist and owner of Studio Tres Jolie. For more information, please see www.studiotresjolie.com.

Jason Garner is a makeup artist and national training manager for DuWop. For more information, please see http://shop.duwop.com.

Erica Maniscalco is a freelance makeup artist based in New York City. For more information, visit www.ericamaniscalco.com.