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From mascara and eye shadow to lipstick that makes you oh-so-smoochable, learn some great makeup tips here. We’ve got the dish on how to get sexy, smoky eyes and how to use mineral makeup, or even how to choose and apply shimmery eye shadow.You can also learn about great new products in the marketplace and the latest techniques for applying makeup. Check Life Love Beauty for the latest product reviews as well as step-by-step instructions to get hot holiday makeup looks and celebrity makeup tips, too.In this section you can read up on the latest makeup tips and trends, the hottest colors, textures, brands, and more.

“It Doesn’t Get Any Countrier Than This” – McGraw Southern Blend

I feel like there are three types of men who wear cologne: Men who wouldn’t otherwise be aware of its existence had someone else not purchased it for them, men who did bother to put a little time and effort … Keep Reading

Lip Gloss Bracelet Gifts and Party Favors for Little Girls or Elegant Accessories for Women

Did you ever have cool kind of lip gloss jewelry as a child? I had a plastic lip gloss bracelet that had a cheery pink lip color inside. Granted lip balms and lip glosses have come a long way in … Keep Reading

Christian Dior Addict Lipstick Review

The Christian Dior lipstick is quite popular with most ladies regardless of their age group. I like the Dior lipsticks for their renowned and superior quality. I have realized that the Christian Dior Addict lipstick products are among the very … Keep Reading

29 Cosmetics D’Vine Grape Seed Age Protecting Conditioning Mascara Review – Vine Noir M01

I won’t leave the house without mascara on my lashes, so you can imagine how critical I am when trying products for the first time and deciding which to keep in my makeup bag. I am happily surprised with my … Keep Reading

Sparkle Eyeliners – Cargo Boogie Nights Eye Pencil Set Review

Colored eyeliner can be a lot of fun when dressing up for a special occasion or just trying to change your look for a new season or a new you. Adding sparkle to black or colored eyeliner makes it even … Keep Reading

Waterproof Blue Mascara Showdown: Mavala Eye-Lite Waterproof Blue Mascara vs. Dior Diorshow Waterproof Blue Mascara

Way back in high school and college, I rocked the waterproof blue mascara like it was the trend of the year. I don’t actually recall anyone else wearing it besides me, now that I think about it, but I loved … Keep Reading

The Best Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes

If you have been wondering what the best makeup colors are for brown eyes, get ready to play with the colors instead of just thinking about them. Brown eyed girls can have more fun with their eye makeup than most … Keep Reading

Mary Kay: “Thinking of You Eau de Parfum”

Giving perfume is a tricky business, unless you happen to know the preferred brand of your target. But for those brave enough to take a risk (or looking to fill a gift basket) Mary Kay’s ‘Thinking of You’ is a … Keep Reading

Beauty Themed Stocking Stuffers for Girls

The holidays are upon us and there will be plenty of stockings to fill! Girls and women of every age love emptying out their holiday stockings to find all the goodies inside. Consider these ideas for beauty themed stocking stuffers … Keep Reading

Lierac Paris Diopti Demaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes – Product Review

Eye makeup remover comes in so many different styles, from liquid to cream to gel to eye makeup remover wipes. Each woman may have her own personal favorite style of makeup remover, but it’s often a good idea to test … Keep Reading

Fall 2010 Makeup Trends for Lips and Face

With every new season come new trends, fashions, and styles to show off. Update your look with the latest fall 2010 makeup trends for lips and face so you can show off the style of the season. You can check … Keep Reading

Fall 2010 Eye Makeup Colors and Trends for Eyes This Autumn

Eye makeup colors often change by the season with a few favorites and trends trickling through from one to the next. If you don’t already have a perfect eye shadow color for fall that you love, check out these suggestions … Keep Reading

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