Two mark Lip Products

Consider these lip products by mark to keep your smooch soft and kissable!Summer is the season of weddings. Suddenly, long-wear makeup is essential. With all the champagne-sipping and cocktail-houring, lip color that doesn’t leave behind all the color on the rim of the glass can’t be underestimated.

mark offers two new lip products for different types of weddings: Gloss Gorgeous Stay-On Lip Stain for long-lasting shine for the fancy hotel reception and Instant Vacation Totally Balmed Lip Balm for SPF and color in one perfect product for the destination beach wedding.

I loved the Gloss Gorgeous Stay-On Lip Stain. I’m pretty challenged at applying lipstick, but this went on easily. My lips felt hydrated and the color lasted for a reasonably long time without additional cover like powder. Adding a light dusting of powder on top did keep Product review of Gloss Gorgeous Stay-on Lip Stain by mark.the color on long enough to last the night. I loved the colors: Bare, Lolli (Cherry), Pop (Coral), and Bella (Plum). They aren’t very bright, but rather a slight tint which gave my lips a natural look with added shine. My only problem with the product is that it comes in a clickable brush tipped pen–great for easy application, but it takes a good minute of clicking for the first color to appear.

I was not as keen on the Totally Balmed Lip Balm. I appreciated marks assertion that it offers SPF 15 for UVA/UVB protection, but it didn’t feel much like a lip balm to me. It had the same thick chalky feeling I get from regular stick lipstick. mark claims it has Winter mint flavor, but it also tasted like lipstick to me. Finally, I found that after about twenty minutes of wear, my lips were actually drier than before I put the balm on. The colors were nice and matte: they come in Totally Bare (cocoa), Totally Hot (Plum), Totally Sweet (light pink), and Totally Cute (pink/coral). They did last for a long time, but I had to use my own chapstick on top. mark recommends using alone or under a lip gloss. I would not recommend using this one alone. With a lip gloss it would be fine, but then why bother with the lip balm instead of your favorite lipstick?

So wedding attendees or just those in search of good lip products, my quest continues, although I will be adding the Gloss Gorgeous Lip Stain to my rotation.

mark Instant Vacation Totally Balmed Lip Balm is $8 per color and the Gloss Gorgeous Stay-On Lip Stain is $9 per color. Both are available through a mark rep or online at or


Using Makeup Brushes and Loose Powder Eye Shadow

Try DEX mineral loose pigment eye shadow for a luxurious and exciting makeup experience.At the moment I’m not sure if I am more in love with ecoTOOLS makeup brushes or DEX loose powder eye shadow. Both products offer an unbelievable makeup application experience that is fun, professional, and easy for even beginners. No matter if you wear makeup every day or only for special occasions, DEX Mineral Loose Pigment Eye Shadow products and ecoTOOLS eco-friendly makeup brushes are two products you don’t want to miss.

I received three colors DEX Mineral Loose Pigment Eye Shadow to try – purple, blue, and orange. The orange hue is totally wild. I am thinking about wearing it for the Flyers game tonight! It is very vibrant and metallic for a bold and daring look. If you like to keep things more subtle, save this shadow for Halloween or use only the tiniest amount and blend with other colors like a soft or medium pink.

DEX eye shadow works great with ecoTOOLS makeup brushes...The purple shade is a lovely and soft pastel hue that looks especially great with brown eyes. The color works well when toned down for daytime or played up for evening wear. This purple color also looks lovely and edgy when blended with a shimmery beige or off-white tone.

I have yet to try the blue shade – don’t get me wrong, it is a pretty pale sky blue color. I am just scarred from way back in high school when one of my friends made fun of my blue makeup and told me I needed to go back to the 80s. I am sure there is nothing wrong with it – I just can’t bring myself to try just yet!

As for the ecoTOOLS makeup brushes, they make applying makeup such a pleasant experience. The brushes are skillfully crafted for a comfortable hold and effective shading and blending. Each eco-friendly makeup brush features a bamboo handle, sleek ferrule made of recycled aluminum, and cruelty-free bristles made from synthetic taklon.

I received a few different ecoTOOLS makeup brushes to try, including 1203 BAMBOO Eye Shading Brush, 1200 BAMBOO Powder Brush, and 1204 BAMBOO Angled Eyeliner Brush. My favorite brush by far is the ecoTOOLS bamboo eye shading brush. It makes applying and blending eye shadow easy and so much fun. This brush works beautifully no matter if you are using standard pressed eye shadow or loose powder.

ecoTOOLS makeup brushes are unbelievable and I love them!I recommend these products as highly as I’ve ever recommended anything. If you aren’t already using quality cosmetic brushes to apply your makeup, you truly don’t know what you are missing. Give these brushes by ecoTOOLS a shot and you’ll never go back to those annoying foam makeup applicators. Also, don’t forget to check out the wide array of bold and colorful loose powder eye shadow that DEX has to offer. If you’ve ever wanted bright and colorful eye makeup like you see on the glossy magazines, you can’t go wrong with the wild, bold, and sometimes softer shades of DEX Mineral Loose Pigment Eye Shadow.

Products provided free to writer for reviewYou can buy ecoTOOLS makeup brushes online at You can buy DEX Mineral Loose Pigment Eye Shadow products online at for $22 per jar.

CVS Brand Makeup Remover Wipes vs. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Product Review Comparison

Recently I purchased CVS Brand Makeup Remover Wipes to evaluate them and see if they compare to Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. I am in love with the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, which are non-oily and gentle enough for everyday use. This product review compares the CVS Brand Makeup Remover Wipes to the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes for a critical overview about whether the store brand makeup remover wipes are an effective substitute.

CVS Brand Makeup Remover Wipes look similar to the name brand counterpart, but there are a number of differences you should know before choosing one brand over the other. CVS Brand Makeup Remover Wipes are roughly $2 cheaper than the Neutrogena brand wipes, but the CVS brand product did not seem to be as gentle as the Neutrogena makeup remover product. I felt a small amount of stinging in my eyes after using the CVS brand wipes. The stinging subsided after just a moment but it was a slightly unpleasant side effect of use.


Another key difference between the two makeup remover products is the fragrance of the wipes. I may be a bit biased with the Neutrogena product as I used that around my wedding and honeymoon and have very good memories associated with the scent. The CVS brand makeup remover product could benefit from a more neutral fragrance. The current fragrance reminds me too much of baby wipes, which I would not use to remove makeup from my eyes.

Both types of makeup remover wipes are effective at removing washable mascara and eye makeup or foundation. The Neutrogena brand had much better success in removing waterproof mascara. Each product seems to be oil-free, leaving skin relatively soft and smooth after use.

Sadly, the combination of these findings in my product review of the CVS Brand Makeup Remover Wipes leads me to believe I would not purchase them again unless it was my last resort. I appreciate a good deal and I am always open to trying non-name brand products, however I do not feel that the CVS Brand Makeup Remover Wipes live up to the same standards and quality of the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. While I would not buy the CVS brand makeup remover product again, I would still consider any CVS brand competitor to other beauty related name brand products.

You can read the full product review about Neutrogena Makeup Cleansing Towelettes here.

Five Tips to De-Clutter Your Beauty Products and Your Lifestyle

Declutter your beauty products and your life with these tips!Warm weather often inspires us to do things we’ve been putting off during the cold, more dismal days. If you are interested in tackling the clutter in your home, spring and summer are a great time to get started. You can clear out your home of clutter and make room for new products that become available with the change of the seasons. You can also capitalize on the warmer weather if you wish to hold a yard sale to get rid of some of your junk.

Consider these five tips to de-clutter your beauty products and your lifestyle this spring and summer.

1.    Take an inventory of everything you currently have so you don’t overbuy next time you are out shopping.
Count every tube of toothpaste, each stick of antiperspirant, and bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion.

2.    Once you have the inventory, start organizing everything.
Those clear shoebox sized plastic bins really come in handy for storing toothpaste, toothbrushes, medicines, deodorants / antiperspirants, and other beauty and personal hygiene items.

3.    Keep in mind the shelf life of various beauty products that you own. Makeup and bath and body products don’t last forever, so use your best judgment in deciding what to keep and what to toss. Start somewhere easy, like your nail polish collection, so you can get yourself off to a good start.

4.    Make a point to use up whatever bottles of beauty products are less than half-full. If you have smaller travel sized products, you can keep those aside for your vacations and business trips if you like (plastic bins work great). Body lotions are a good place to start as  they are probably the easiest to use up once you have a handle on the number of products you currently own.

5.    Go through your clothing and choose some items to donate to Good Will, Salvation Army, or Purple Heart.
Sorting your clothing and trying things on if you are still undecided may help you let go. Remember – if you make enough room, you should be able to welcome some new fashions this season!

These are just a few tips to de-clutter your beauty supplies and your lifestyle. If you can get yourself into a routine where you avoid overbuying and you make a conscious effort to simplify your life, you should start to notice a difference in the clutter over time. Just remember that it takes patience and discipline to truly de-clutter your home, but going through your beauty products is a great place to start!


More Mother’s Day Makeup Tips (Featuring Lily Lolo Bronzer)

Enjoy these Mother's Day makeup tips for moms.Mother’s Day happens to occur during the lovely time of year when flowers are blooming and warmer temperatures allow us to enjoy ourselves outside a bit more. A special Mother’s Day makeup look can freshen up your face no matter what you plan to do on that special Sunday. Consider these classy makeup tips for Mother’s Day featuring Lily Lolo Bronzer.

Mineral bronzers like Lily Lolo Bronzer offer women a chance to snazzy up their look by investing just a few moments of time. Bronzers can offer a subtle shimmer, all-over shimmer, or a fresh tanned look that can’t be beat – especially this time of year.

A Fresh Tanned Look for Mother’s Day
If you would like to enjoy a fresh tanned look for Mom’s Day, consider these tips for a Mother’s Day makeover from Lily Lolo Bronzer.

1.    Start with a Lily Lolo bronzer three shades deeper than your natural skin tone.
2.    Using the Lily Lolo Super Kabuki Brush ($21), swirl the brush into the powder.
3.    Tap the excess off the brush.
4.    Dust lightly with soft, fast strokes all over the face and slightly down the neck.

The result is light color that makes the skin look fresh and alive.

Tip: For light skin use the Lily Lolo Waikiki Bronzer and for medium skin tone, use the Bondi Bronzer, $22 each.

A Monotone or Natural Look for Daytime on Mother’s Day
If you want to show off your natural beauty for Mother’s Day, consider these tips for a soft and subtle Mother’s Day makeover featuring Lily Lolo Bronzer.

1.    Start with a Lily Lolo bronzer three shades deeper than your natural skin tone.
2.    Apply using Lily Lolo Small Powder Brush ($13.50).
3.    Use the brush to define cheek bones, contour the jaw line, and dust over the eyelids for a natural eye shadow.

The result is a great looking day makeup without looking made up.

Tip: For light skin use the Lily Lolo Waikiki Bronzer and for medium skin tone, use the Biondi Bronzer, $22 each.

A Gorgeous Mother’s Day Look for Nighttime
If you need a pretty evening look for a special Mother’s Day date or gathering, consider these makeup tips featuring Lily Lolo Bronzer.

•    Dust lightly using the Lily Lolo Stardust Bronzer ($22) from your hairline to the apple of your cheek and over the collarbone. This works well on any skin tone.

Lily Lolo Bronzer is available from


Selecting Luscious Lipsticks for Women: SKINN® High Brilliance, No7, and Too Faced™

Whether you want to wear lipstick for a formal occasion or just a casual event, wearing the right lipstick is essential to looking beautiful. What exactly does this mean for women? How do you know what lipstick brand is the right one for you? Basically, you need to follow a process of trial-and-error before you find the brand of lipstick that helps to create luscious lips for you. Your choice of a lipstick should enhance your beauty, not detract from it.

The coloring of your lips influences which colors of lipstick are going to look nice on you. The shade that will be the most flattering is one that is at least one shade darker than your natural lip color. Two shades darker is better yet. If you accidentally choose a shade that is too bright, you can always tone it down by using a darker lipstick as a liner beneath the bright shade.

In general, fair-skinned women should wear nudes, apricots, light corals, and pinks. Medium-toned women can wear mauves, berries, and roses. Darker-toned women can enjoy shades of deep plum, red, and chocolate. Visit a makeup counter at one of the department stores and get some advice from one of the attendants or use the samples on your own to help figure out which colors are best for you if you don’t already know.

I am going to offer you a review of three different brands in the hopes that you get some useful information from them. In all honesty, I enjoyed each of the brands and believe they wore wel l- at least for me.

SKINN® High Brilliance Lipsticks
A delightful array of micro-collagen peptide lipsticks, SKINN® High Brilliance lipsticks are available through the efforts of Dimitri James. These lipsticks include a long list of special ingredients designed to soften while promoting the lusciousness of your lips. In fact, the ingredients have been selected for their collagen-forming capabilities. I find these lipsticks to be quite creamy and enjoyable to use with their skin-softening capabilities and cool shades. They are perfect for women whose lips have seen a bit too much sun and too little care over the years.

SKINN® High Brilliance lipsticks come in a shiny black tube with a clear base that features a fake lipstick end. The lipsticks sell for $14.00 and can be purchased at You have your choice of shades including Auburn, Candy, Copper, Crushed Rose, Pink, Spice, Strawberry, and Vixen.

Too Faced™ Lipstick
This particular lipstick offers the richness of shea butter that helps to smooth out any of the fine lines, creases, or wrinkles that your lips might be plagued with while pampering them with creamy goodness. The folks at Too Faced™ like to refer to this one as their “Lip of Luxury,” a smoothing lipstick infused with fine ingredients and champagne essences. It feels like silk when it glides onto my lips. True to its promise, this lipstick does offer staying power due to its particular blending of pure pigments.

This Too Faced Cosmetics Lip of Luxury Lipstick comes in an attractive tube that has a fake crystal on the top. If anything, this makes Too Faced™ lipsticks cute enough to give as a gift to tweens, teenagers, and women of all ages. However, there are so many different shades that most women are bound to discover at least one or two that they like. Too Faced™ lipsticks are available in twelve luscious shades: Celebrity Meltdown, Centerfold, Cougar, Cupcake, Drop Dead Red, Free Love, Living in Sin, Marcia Marcia Marcia, Pink Flamingo, Runaway Red, Sex Kitten, and Totally Nude.

You can purchase Too Faced Cosmetics Lip of Luxury Lipsticks at and They sell for about $18.00. Why not check out this websites to see the shades for yourself and order a few for a tiny bit of lip indulgence?

No7 Stay Perfect Lipsticks
Another of the gorgeous line of lipsticks, the No7 Stay Perfect lipstick array have been designed to assist your lips in staying hydrated while looking luscious. Lips are one of the focal points on the face, so it is important to use the right products to keep them in good shape. No7 Stay Perfect lipsticks are available in 16 different shades including Angel Rose, Bare, Nude, Classic Rose, Under the Sun, Cherry, Velvet Kiss, Gay Geranium, Grace, Mischief, Tranquil Rose, Chinchilla, Raspberry, Tangerine Touch, and Divine Pink.

No7 Stay Perfect Lipsticks are sold in attractive tubes that resemble a slight hourglass design in that the middle of the tube is a bit more slender than the ends. The lipstick is hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. They sell for approximately $10.00 so if you are in the market for a nice lipstick that lasts, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is definitely the line to go with for your purchase.

No7 Stay Perfect lipsticks are formulated to provide color for 8 full hours. I think they provide pretty close to that, depending on how much you do with your lips during those 8 hours. They can be purchased at, and

Products provided free to writer for reviewI received free lipsticks by Too Faced™, Boots No7 Stay Perfect, and SKINN® High Brilliance for the purpose of this review.

Stir Up Your Love Life with Sensational Scents: “The Triple Threat,” “Scent by Alexis,” and “Queen”

As most women know, fragrances can be worn not only for your own personal pleasure, but also to drive your significant other crazy beyond sensibility. Men are quite in tune with their senses. They enjoy using all five of these senses, especially when women are involved. Finding and wearing the perfect perfume is often a simple matter. After all, there are so many wonderful fragrances to choose from these days. Once you discover the fragrance or fragrances that stimulate your man’s interest, you can use your pulse points to maximize the benefits of wearing your favorite scents.

The Triple Threat

The Triple Threat
, one of the most recent celebrity fragrances to hit the market, is one of fifteen scents created by Ashley and Courtney Peldon. This show-biz inspired scent offers a pleasant whiff of fragrance that is quite sweet and strong. It is infused with elements of orange, starfruit, chocolate, vanilla, and brownie. Sounds almost good enough to eat, doesn’t it?

The Triple Threat ranges in price from $14 to $40, depending on what size you purchase. Each fragrance is created from organic ingredients that are paraben-free. One of the unique aspects of these fragrances is the fact that each bottle of fragrance contains a star-shaped gemstone. It’s like discovering a tiny piece of treasure that turns your day or evening into a wonderful adventure.

Scent by Alexis

Created by Alexis Karl, Scent by Alexis is a delightful collection of ten aromatic, oil-based perfumes. Each scent has been designed as an artistic masterpiece from the mixing of the perfumes to the creation of the bottles that have been carefully crafted in artistic displays that appeal to the eye in much the same way that the fragrances appeal to the nose. Each of the perfumes in the Scent by Alexis collection have suggestive names that offer a hint of the fragrance before you even open the bottle.

Delicate almost beyond belief, the scent of Courtesan is flirtatious, seductive, and sensual. It is designed to remind one of delicate satins, silks, and brocades along with coquettish smiles. I can almost guarantee that the wearing of Courtesan will bring a coquettish smile to your lips along with a delicate fragrance to those around you. This fragrance includes notes of violets, florals, and green tea.

Impish grins instantly come to mind when I reflect on the rich, sweet scent of Vixen. Blended with Ethiopian coffee and red currants, the scent of berries is strong as it invokes an expectation of playfulness.

White Sable is another of the fragrances that scream seduction. It offers the warmth of vanilla and amber along with the airiness of white florals. Its scent seems mysterious and yet comforting at the same time.

The femininity of Goddess is unmistakable. From its touch of citrus to the warmth of its vanilla notes to the delicacy of jasmine, this fragrance is as gentle as it is alluring. It is a real winner as far as attracting attention.

Reminiscent of the scents of 1930s Hollywood, Femme Fatale offers a rush of secret ingredients along with a few discernible ones. From the tingle of nutmeg to the zest of amber to the warmth of vanilla and ylang-ylang, you get a medley of deliciously fragrant notes that might make you want to wear this one over and over again.

Upon first whiff, the deep, lush notes of amber of Venus in Furs offer to whisk you away to an exotic city on a cold brisk night. Its blend of vanilla, freesia, and florals add a touch of sophistication and intrigue that scream “I am woman” rather than whisper “I am girl.”

The name, Black Valentine, hints at the deep, rich fragrance of this sensual blend. Mixed with notes of tuberose, caramel, and brown sugar, Black Valentine offers excitement and intrigue. It even provides the hint of sweetness and romance that women associate with Valentine’s Day.

Offering a hint of nature’s bountiful gardens, Eve’s Revenge provides a fresh fragrance laces with the scent of pomegranates, figs, and freesia. As the Web site states, this one is irresistible. Eve’s Revenge is light enough to be worn at any time of the day.

Minx offers a seductive scent that oozes sexuality along with a healthy dose of a blend of fruits mixed with chocolate and merlot. While this fragrance offers a decidedly chocolaty scent upon initial contact, it transforms itself into a warm, elegant fragrance that oozes sensuality. I definitely suggest wearing this one for your next important romantic encounter.

Although Duchess is a scent that doesn’t exactly tingle my personal fragrance meter, it is undoubtedly one of the more commanding fragrances in the line along with Minx. It offers the rich, sinfulness of the aroma of chocolate blended with pear and linden blossom. If ever you wanted to play at being royalty, this is the fragrance to try.

My only regret with this collection is that my sample for each scent offered a one-time use that simply begged to be repeated. You can visit for more information or to purchase any one of the Scent by Alexis collection.

“Queen” by Queen Latifah is not for the faint of heart. This is a hearty fragrance that is full of body while offering a woody oriental scent. Offering a touch of the latest trend in fragrance, cognac and tequila, this fragrance is bold and instantly commanding. With a touch of mandarin, bergamot, patchouli, vanilla, baie rose, coriander, jasmine noir, sandalwood, tonka bean, musk, and incense, Queen provides a warm, sweet fragrance that can overpower you if you accidentally spray on too much. If you want to avoid subtle when it comes to your fragrance, Queen Eau de Parfum Spray is the one to use. It is a nice clean scent that can be worn with elegance and style. (Queen Latifah’s fragrance is also available in the Queen by Queen Latifah Gift Set.)

Products provided free to writer for reviewFragrances can offer an entirely new facet to any outfit that you wear, any hairstyle that you try out, and any persona that you are trying to portray. Experimenting with more than one fragrance is one of the best ways to discover new facets to your own personality while also revving up your love life. I received a generous sample of Queen for the purposes of this review along with smaller samples of Scent by Alexis and The Triple Threat.

Mark Instant Vacation Illuminating Powder Review

There are two kinds of people in the world: the glitterati and everyone else. Mark has introduced a product for both.

Just in time for summer, New Glowdacious Illuminating Powder is a pressed powder that enhances skin tone by brightening and illuminating. It comes in three colors: ‘Prettied Up’ (light), ‘Shimmied Up’ (medium), and ‘Amped Up’ (dark). Each color comes in three shades pressed into one compact. Mark suggests the best effect is from blending all three onto your brush, but you can use individual shades as subtle eye color, or for illuminating specific areas.

I used the ‘Prettied Up’, since I have fair skin. The first time I used the product, I brushed it all over my face. Immediately, my face was imbued with a sheer glitter when the light hit it. If you’re into body glitter, then the effect is perfect. It’s subtle, but visible without being gauche. I, however, generally do not like to sparkle–it’s not my thing. So, the next time I used the powder, I used it only to highlight my cheeks. This was perfect for my style. It called attention to my cheekbones for a perfect summer look. I also use the white shade in the ‘Prettied Up’ compact to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. I’ll definitely be keeping this in my summer make-up rotation.

A friend of mine of South Asian descent happened to be visiting while I was testing the product. She tried the dark shade, ‘Amped Up’ on her cheeks. She loved it because it defined her cheekbones without looking fake. She frequently finds that blush or bronzer never looks natural on her skin tone. She found ‘Amped Up’ to be a great alternative for the more traditional blush hues. We both loved the bright summery feel of the product.

Product provided free to writer for reviewMark’s Glowdacious Illuminating Powder will be available from Mark in May 2010 ( or through your Mark representative. Each compact includes the pressed powder, a mirror, and a brush and costs $12. If you plan on using the product heavily, $12 might be a little steep. If, like me, however, you intend to use it for a special summer look, then $12 is a bargain. The color lasts all day without reapplication, is non-comedogenic, and oil-free. Should be good for all skin types.

Indulge Your Inner Woman with a Touch of the Natori Fragrance Collection

Natori Women's Fragrance Product ReviewHeld in deep plum-colored flacons, glass containers, and attractive plum and black bottles, Natori’s fragrance collection offers a tantalizing reason to indulge your inner woman with a touch of fragrant extravagance. The pleasure is undeniable. The appealing attractiveness of the collection is irrefutable. The price is extravagant. Nonetheless, I am so glad that I took the opportunity to indulge in a pleasurable experience such as this. Natori offers a fine collection of excellent products designed to tempt, tantalize, and perform. They are, in my opinion, worthy of being considered the cream of the crop when it comes to fragrant beauty products.

Natori’s Silk Body Crème
Sold in a generous 5 oz container, Natori’s Silk Body Crème is luxurious not only in the way that it feels, but in its floral-scented muskiness (notes of Natori’s Eau de Parfum) as well as its attractive deep-plum colored glass container. The crème is thick and creamy offering the touch of luxury with skin-softening excellence. If I can have one indulgence in these trying times, this truly might be the one. It currently sells for $75. I fell in love with Natori’s Silk Body Crème the first moment that I allowed it to glide onto my skin. It provides a silky feel as it glides over the skin without any of the greasiness that lesser brands are so prone to give. You can use it for your entire body, making it a perfect luxury crème for your boudoir.

Natori’s Perfumed Candle
Natori’s perfumed candle, a sheer luxury by any standard, sells for $75.00 and is worth every single penny. Offering an elegant, sophisticated look that resonates extravagance with each and every glance at the candle and whiff of the rich, deep scent it exudes, this perfumed candle is a must have item for any woman. The bone-colored wax has been poured into a 6.35-oz. container crafted in black glass and decorated with a river stone atop the lid. For those of you who are new to the pleasures of candle burning, the packaging provides easy directions for burning. Light one up for your shower, a romantic encounter, or some quiet time on your own.

Natori Women's Fragrance Product ReviewNatori’s Silk Shower Crème
Natori’s Silk Shower Crème is sold in a generous 8-fl. oz. plastic bottle, which is perfect since containers tend to get a bit slippery in the shower. Offering a touch of the Natori fragrance, this silky gel smells so good that I kept holding my hands up for a closer whiff. Something about it just made me feel alive and energized. Add to that the fact that this shower crème is so silky that I can’t seem to get enough of it and Natori’s Silk Shower Crème becomes one of those products that is going to show up on this year’s Christmas list. It lathers up really well and feels silky the entire time. It’s a luxuriating experience, so if you are into a bit of self-indulgence, it is definitely worth taking a chance to try it out.

Natori’s Eau de Parfum Spray
The Eau de Parfum Spray by Natori is delightfully oriental with a floral scent deeply immersed in an opening bouquet of rose petals and enhanced by deep notes of plum. The heart notes feature an alluring blend of purple peony, ylang ylang, and jasmine. Together, these floral notes provide a tantalizing aromatic experience that touches the inner being through its effervescent fragrance.

For the best results, use your pulse points (inner elbow, wrist, ankles, base of the throat, and behind the ears) to enhance the fragrant scent which also has a fine touch of amber, black patchouli, and musk. It is sold in a convenient 1.7-fl. oz. size for $80 as well as a larger, 3.4-fl. oz. size for $110. If you want to feel truly decadent, purchase the Eau de Parfum in the adorable .25 fl. oz. flacon. It is petite in size and adorably appealing!

I received the generous gift of these items for the purposes of reviewing them for Life Love Beauty. I am so glad that I did! If luxurious products are your thing, you should try these because they certainly fulfilled my expectations. Of course, since we are all different, there is always the possibility that you might not like them, but I doubt it. They are wonderful!

Products provided free to writer for reviewFor more information, please visit

Get Ready to Pucker Up Using Soothing Arcelia Lip Balms and Lip Scrubs

Try Arcelia Lip Scrub  Tins for smooth, soft, and kissable lips.Ever feel as though you have something right at the tip of your lips – something you want to say or someone you want to kiss maybe? Well, if you use Arcelia’s invigorating lip scrubs and put their soothing lip balms at the tip of your lips, you might just get that chance to pucker up and kiss that dreamboat that you are pining after.

Okay, all kidding aside, if we don’t take care of our lips, especially as we get older, no one is going to want to kiss us anymore. Well, maybe they just might not enjoy it as much as they could have with silkily-smooth, luscious lips to kiss.

Try Arcelia Lip Scrub  Tins for smooth, soft, and kissable lips.Arcelia sugar lip scrubs come in three fresh-scented varieties: Sage Brush, Margarita, and Sopapilla. Containing beeswax and natural oils, each one offers a moisturizing experience that is pleasant. All you need to do to polish up your lips is to apply, rub, and rinse. It only takes a minute or two, so this should be part of your beauty routine each week.

One of the cool facets to Arcelia’s scrubs is that they are sold in neat little tins that are easy to open and close. This fact makes these scrubs user-friendly, especially for women who might be experiencing the early signs of arthritis in their hands.

Just in case you don’t read the labels, it is important to note that each one of these sugar lip scrubs might contain a bit of salt. I did not notice any salty taste until I gently rinsed my lips. It’s a mild taste though. Believe it or not, I noticed more salt in the Margarita lip scrub, which happened to be my favorite one anyway with Sage Brush as a close second. These are actually quite similar so there isn’t that much difference among them.

In addition to using a lip scrub product weekly to remove dead cells and rejuvenate your smoochers for happy kissing, you should apply a soothing lip balm to help keep your lips moisturized and fresh. The balms are sold in tiny little tins just like the lip scrubs so they are easy to carry and easy to open.

Arcelia offers five adorable lip balms: Sassy Sangria, Mojito Lime, Hibiscus Tea, Mucho Mango, and Beer: 30. With names like these, even your honey can enjoy them. Surprisingly enough, they all smell somewhat like their names with the exception of Beer: 30, which does not seem to remind me of beer at all.

The Arcelia label is part of the Herban Renewal group of products. You can purchase the Arcelia scrubs and balms at Products provided free to writer for reviewI tried each of these as the result of a generous gift from the people at Herban Renewal, creators of this earth-friendly line of products.

Cover Up Dark Circles, Birthmarks, and Scars Easily with Smart Cover Cosmetics Cover-Up Kit

Try Smart Cover Cosmetics Cover-up products to hide blemishes, scars, and more.If you are anything like me, you are always looking for beauty products that you can use to hide those tiny (and large) imperfections that seem to magically appear as we get older. After all, we want to look as young or as beautiful as we can, for our self-esteem, for a mood lifter, and just because.

I recently discovered that I can cover up dark circles, birthmarks, scars, and more easily with the Smart Cover Cosmetics Cover-Up Kit. It has every skin care product I need to cover up just about every type of skin imperfection that I need to hide on my face or body. Let me tell you the truth. I love this product. It his my facial scars ( I have two), the tiny red veins at the base of my nostrils, skin imperfections, and more.

I also love that it is waterproof – a fact someone close to me might have appreciated one unfortunate “toss-her-in-the-pool” experience a few summers back. You never need to worry about reapplying it should you decide to freshen up before meeting a client, attending an afternoon conference, or meeting your significant other for a special dinner. This in itself is a win-win feature.

Since Smart Cover Cosmetics Cover-Up products are also non-comedogenic, they can even be used during those hormonal days when your skin seems to magically clog up and develop all sorts of skin problems despite your best efforts to avoid them. This is an especially good feature for those of us who want to hide imperfections on our best feature – our faces.
Try Smart Cover Cosmetics Cover-up products to hide blemishes, scars, and more.
Moreover, Smart Cover Cosmetics Cover-Up products have been dermatologically tested so even those of us with sensitive skin can use them without concern that we are going to create a new problem while trying to hide an old one. They go on easily and are non-greasy. Plus, I found them to be relatively smudge proof, another great aspect. When I remembered to avoid rubbing areas where I applied Smart Cover, it lasted long, almost forever. I even used it for light touch ups when I didn’t feel the need to start from scratch.

Smart Cover Cosmetics generously provided a Smart Cover Cosmetics Cover-Up Kit for me to review. Since I do have a significant facial scar right below my nose, I wanted to use this item immediately. I am glad that I did because I have discovered that it does work. Whether your skin imperfections are major or minor, you should try it for yourself and discover its ability to camouflage in just a few moments.

The Smart Cover Cosmetics Cover-Up Kit is sold in a convenient 10-piece cover-up kit at a reasonable price that falls below $30 even though it has a value of $121, and you can purchase it online at Each 10-piece kit includes a primer lotion to smooth and prep the skin, 3 containers of concealing creme to hide imperfections, a tube of color corrector, a cover stick for targeted coverage, a vitamin stick to provide vitamins for dry, wrinkled skin, and 2 blending sponges. A camouflage brush is included for applying your products along with a convenient carrying case.

Don’t worry that you won’t be able to find the right shade because Smart Cover Cosmetics Cover-Up is sold in six great shades ― three light shades and three dark shades! You can use it to hide marks from Rosacea, laser redness, tattoos, age spots, varicose veins, wrinkles, birthmarks and more!

Product provided free to writer for reviewFor more information on Smart Cover Cosmetics, please see

Makeup Tips for Mother’s Day

Creating special makeup looks for holidays like Mother’s Day can be a lot of fun. You can try a fresh new look for spring and especially for Mother’s Day by trying soft and pleasant colors during the day and more exciting colors at night. Whether you are the mom of honor or you’re mom’s daughter dressing up to celebrate with her, you can enjoy a number of lovely Mother’s Day makeup tips and tricks.

Daytime Mother’s Day Makeup Tips for Eyes
Dressing up your eyes with makeup is one of the best ways to make a statement. You can go for a subtle look or a bold look depending on the time of day and depending on your mood. For spring and Mother’s Day makeup, consider the following expert cosmetic tips.

“For the eyes I recommend going with mauve colors,” says freelance makeup artist Erica Maniscalco. “Give the eye a nice neutral base to start then you can go two different ways with this look. If it is a day look I would add a medium tone mauve color to the base of the eye. Always go back with your base color and blend both colors together with a blender brush, so the line between the colors is not severe. You can then add a shadow to the bottom eye line as a drop shadow to bring the look together and top it off with mascara – black, brown, or plum mascara.”

Nighttime Mother’s Day Makeup Tips for Eyes
Nighttime makeup looks can be much more daring and dramatic. Consider the following expert tips for makeup looks on Mother’s Day.

“For a night look, start off with the neutral base, then go in with a darker wine color that has a sparkle to it,” suggests Maniscalco. “You can look for colors that have specs of other colors within the shadow. For example, a dark wine shadow that has specs of black in it is nice. Add that shadow in the crease of the eye from the inner to outer corner. Then bring down the shadow to the lash line on the outer corner of the eye only. To tie the look together, go in with that same color and line the lower lash. Always go back in and blend the colors together with a blender brush. To complete the look add true black mascara to give it a more dramatic look.”

Mother’s Day Makeup Tips for Lips
Create the perfect smooch for Mother’s Day by keeping your lips soft and smooth with your favorite lip balm, lip gloss, or ChapStick. Wear your favorite shade of lipstick or lip tint, but be sure it doesn’t compete with your eye makeup. If your eye makeup is bold and daring, go for a more understated look on your lips, and vice versa.

Mother’s Day Makeup Tips for Face
For a fantastic facial, start out your day with an invigorating facial scrub and/or face mask. Renew your skin so it feels fresh and soft. You can use a touch of gold eye shadow beneath your lower lashes to cleverly disguise tired eyes. You can also smooth out your complexion with a nice foundation or powder compact matched to your skin tone. Don’t overdo the makeup on your face – keep things light and airy for spring.

Happy Mother’s Day!

About the Experts:
Erica Maniscalco is a freelance makeup artist based in New York City. For more information, visit