Airbrush Wedding Makeup vs. Traditional Wedding Makeup

Airbrushed wedding makeup on a mature bride, by Michelle Lo ConteTRADITIONAL APPLICATION

My traditional makeup application provides sheer to full coverage. This type of make-up is waterproof, ready to wear, works with all skin types and comes in an all inclusive color range. It If good products are being used by your make-up artist, no matter what type of lighting or the type of lens shooting you, you will look flawless.


Airbrushed wedding makeup on a pretty bride, by Michelle Lo ConteAirbrush Makeup is a specialized makeup application previously used by makeup artists for professional photography and celebrities. It is a technique of applying makeup through an airbrush sprayer, which finely mists on foundation giving you a natural, flawless, durable picture perfect skin.

With a superior waterproof technology, Airbrush was created for active wear, water scenes and WEDDINGS! This make-up provides sheer to maximum coverage and it is smudge proof and non-transferable on clothes (perfect for the white gown!) It stays on until you take it off.

The Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

* It is long lasting. There is no need for touch-ups
* Custom Blending for beautiful make-up applicationAirbrushed wedding makeup on a smiling bride, by Michelle Lo Conte
* Your skin looks perfect and fresh all day – no matter how hot or humid it is
* Creates a flawless complexion, which equals photographic perfections
* Seamless Contouring and Highlighting to accent your most beautiful features
* There is a full color range to match your skin tone perfectly
* It does not rub off or transfer to your clothes
* It does not cake, smear or melt away
* Lightweight looks and feel
* Oil-free
* Hyper-pigmentation Correction
* Non-comodogenic (will not clog pores!)
* Maximum Tattoo Coverage
* Great for sensitive Skin

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Does the color of the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses impact the makeup color choices?

Traditional wedding makeup on a blushing bride, by Michelle Lo ConteFor bridesmaids, I always like to play up fun colors such as purples, blues, greens and pinks in the bridesmaid’s make-up – just a pop of the corresponding color to add a little dimension – it really stands out in photos!

While you don’t need to liner the entire eye with the coordinating color or cover the entire lid with a bright tone – a subtle use of the color goes a long way. I would only use these tones on the eyes, and keep the lips more neutral so it isn’t too much.

Traditional wedding makeup on a lovely bride, by Michelle Lo ConteFor the brides I keep their palette pretty standard, since the bride is photographed close up and is mainly pictured with a groom wearing black and white, I like to keep her makeup fresh, natural and romantic. I would rarely incorporate the corresponding bridesmaid color if it was vivid unless the bride requested. The main colors I use on brides are pinks, browns and champagne tones.

If a bride is wearing a bright white dress, I tend to have a little bit of a heavier hand when applying her foundation and blush so she doesn’t look washed out. For champagne and ivory dresses, I love to use whatever browns coordinate with their skin tone – there are so many colors out there, there are no wrong or right shades, it’s all about what works for the individual!

About the Expert:

For nearly a decade Michelle has transformed beautiful women into stunning brides fit to be showcased providing onsite hair and makeup services throughout the tri-state area.  Her love for the beauty business led to the opening of her own New Jersey based salon, Pink Comb, where clients receive the ultimate salon treatment.  Her success is based on her philosophy, combine a passion to make women feel beautiful with the highest quality of service imaginable and what you get is a relaxed, pampered experience that is truly unforgettable. For more information, visit or

Top 10 Types of Makeup to Keep in Your Makeup Bag

Many women have a true passion for makeup, and if not a passion, at least a mild fascination. Even if you aren’t very intrigued by all the colors, styles, textures, and types of makeup, you can still have fun testing a few different looks now and again. Whether you are a makeup junkie or brand-new to using makeup, there are likely at least a few makeup items you should keep on hand for use as needed.

Depending on your facial features, your complexion, and your personal preferences, some types of makeup may be better suited for you than others. On average, here are the top 10 types of makeup to keep in your makeup bag for use as needed.

1.    Mascara – Great for a night out or gals with light or short eyelashes.

2.    Eye Shadow
– Perfect for adding some color to your face without going overboard.

3.    Eyeliner – An excellent option to make you look more mature.

4.    Lipstick – The perfect way to draw attention to your kissable lips….

5.    Lip liner – A nice way to add some definition to your pout.

6.    Nail Polish – Truly a good way to go the extra mile with your appearance.

7.    Concealer – There may not be a better way to hide your blemishes and dark spots.

8.    Foundation and/or Powder Compact
– Easily blend and even out your complexion.

9.    Blush
– Add a touch of color to your cheeks, especially if you are feeling particularly pale.

10.    Bronzer – Spruce up your look with a warm glow no matter what the season!

Remember, these are just 10 useful types of makeup to have on hand in your makeup bag for any occasion. You can definitely get by with less makeup if wearing makeup all the time just isn’t your thing. Each type of makeup has its own benefits and function, so you can take your time and evaluate which kinds of makeup are best for you.

Fall 2009 Makeup Tips and Trends

The changing of seasons is the perfect time to replenish your makeup arsenal with some new and exciting shades and products. As you prepare to pick out the hottest new makeup and skincare products, get to know the fall 2009 makeup tips and trends so you can find the ones that work for you. To give you some ideas, Artistry Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist Luba Samrick shares skincare and makeup tips to help shift your face from summer to fall with ARTISTRY® makeup and skincare products.

If you would like to transition your face from summer to fall, consider these helpful fall makeup tips for skin, eyes, lips, and more.

Fall 2009 Skincare Tips
Consider adding a treatment product into your normal skin care routine, suggests Luba Samrick.

“After summer, the skin needs to be repaired and rejuvenated, so the ARTISTRY TIME DEFIANCE ® Vitamin C + Wild Yam Treatment would be a perfect addition to basic skin care,” says Samrick. “Vitamin C is a well known antioxidant that helps fight lines and wrinkles while promoting collagen production in the skin, which will help to reverse some of the damage done by the sun.”

Fall 2009 Makeup Emphasis for Lips, Face, and Eyes
“Makeup trends this fall and winter will bring attention to either the eyes or lips, leaving the rest of the face neutral,” explains Samrick.

Please note in the fall 2009 makeup photos, Luba Samrick decided to give emphasis to the model’s lips as an easy yet sophisticated statement. To create this pretty and professional fall 2009 makeup look, follow these steps:

1.    Moisturizer – Luba Samrick applied the ARTISTRY TINTED MOISTURIZER® in #4 all over the face, which provided sheer coverage that quickly blends into the skin.

2.    Blush
– Next, Samrick applied a sheer pink blush in Rosewood on the cheeks, giving a nice, fresh look, as if you just came back from being outside in the crisp autumn air.

3.    Eye Shadow
– On the eyes, she used eye colors in Belgian Lace and Cocoa from the ARTISTRY ESSENTIALS MAKEUP KIT® in light, along with the Espresso eye shadow from the medium kit as an eye liner.

4.    Mascara
– Samrick finished the eyes with two coats of the new ARTISTRY TOTAL MASCARA® on the model’s upper lashes.

5.    Lip Color – Upon completion of the face and eye makeup, Samrick moved to the main feature – lips. Tip: It’s easier to create a bold lip statement with a lip gloss rather than with a lipstick. Luba Samrick used the ARTISTRY ESSENTIALS LIP SHINE® in Vivacious to complete the look.
– Step-by-step instructions courtesy of Luba Samrick.

“Pair those makeup tips with a jeweled head band – one of this fall’s hottest trends – and you’ve got a fabulous look that will transition you out of summer and into fall and winter,” Luba Samrick recommends.

How to Achieve Katy Perry’s Makeup Look from the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA)

With this step-by-step guide, you can attempt to recreate the makeup looks of Katy Perry thanks to instructions from celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey, who did Katy Perry’s makeup for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. We hope you enjoy these tips on how to achieve Katy Perry’s look from the ’09 VMAs! – Editor

Katy’s look was definitely inspired by her dress; she wore an outrageous metal spiked mesh mini by “The Blonds.” The dress reminded me of a Gianni Versace book I have called “Rock and Royalty” and the powerful iconic images in it. I wanted the eyes to evoke that type of decadent glamour and of course complement the sparkle of the dress with a little sparkle on the eyes.

We used NARS Oil Free foundation as Katy’s base and a pink shimmer Blush for some glow. We kept the lips matte so the emphasis was on her eyes, but they definitely were not without color! For the carpet, Katy wore a matte coral and for her performance and after party, she wore a matte red.

The eye look was done with black and gunmetal shadows, silver glitter and liquid liner. A great trick to wearing glitter like this is to blend a little cream shadow onto the area where you want to place the glitter. You should do this once your eye makeup is finished.

So as a last step, gently apply the glitter using your fingertip… just a little at a time in order to avoid a mess. Once finished, use scotch tape to remove any excess glitter that may have fallen on the face. Press the tape gently into the skin and it picks it right up.

Katy’s lashes were ultra long and gorgeous thanks to COVERGIRL LashBlast Length Mascara.

How to Get Makeup Looks Like Beyonce and the “Single Ladies” Dancers from the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA)

It took 8 to 10 makeup artists to do the faces of Beyonce and her dancers for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.Backstage at the VMAs in the hair and makeup section, you could picture complete chaos. Picture 38 dancers for Beyonce’s performance of “Single Ladies” and 8 to 10 makeup artists. One hour before Beyonce was set to hit the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), the makeup team was told to change the look from a natural cat eye and dark lip to smoky eyes and a neutral lip. The team did an amazing job and pulled it off!

Here is how the final look for Beyonce and the “Single Ladies” dancers at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) was created:

Beyonce and the Single Ladies dancers got their makeup done as a smoky eye and neutral lips for the VMAs.First foundation was applied to the face and highlighted with shimmer and translucent powder. Cheekbones were contoured with a cool brownish/gray shadow. When you are on T.V., this really helps to accentuate a person’s best features.

After this step was complete we used MAC “Woodwinked” eye shadow on the lid and even in the inner corner of the eye to give the eye a reflective effect on stage. We then took a black kohl eyeliner and rimmed the entire eye. On the top of the eyelid we extended the liner, giving a cat-eye concept.

We took a white latex cheese wedge shaped sponge with some eye makeup remover and removed makeup from the outer corners of the eye, giving the eye a defined angle. To top the look off, we finished with MAC Sappilicous gloss, which is a neutral brown. The girls all loved their looks and they coordinated perfectly with their sparkly leotards on stage!

About the Expert:
Leora Edut, celebrity makeup artist. shares tips on how to get the looks of Beyonce and the Single Ladies at the VMAs.Leora Edut has been transforming people’s looks since 1995. She began her career with MAC Cosmetics, training with some of New York City’s top makeup artists. After several years there, she branched out on her own and began working with celebrities, fashion, and corporate clients. She has traveled worldwide doing shows for Redken in Las Vegas and Ports International in China. Leora has been personal makeup artist to several artists on major record labels. She has worked with Rihanna, Kate Voegele, and Dawn Richards for both print media and television appearances. For more information, please visit online at

*Photos courtesy of Leora Edut.

DIY Tips for Halloween Makeup to Complete Your Costume – Poison Ivy, Evil Hansel and Gretel, and a White Cat

Erica Maniscalco explains how to do your own Halloween makeup for a Poison Ivy costume.

Freelance Makeup Artist Erica Maniscalco shares with us step-by-step instructions on how to do your own Halloween face makeup for three special Halloween costumes. Maniscalco shares tips on how to create the perfect Halloween makeup look for Poison Ivy (from Batman and Robin), evil Hansel and Gretel, and a pretty white cat. – Editor

How to Do Your Own Makeup for a Poison Ivy Halloween Costume
When doing a character, the first step is to find out where your inspiration is coming from. Mine came from the actual cartoon comic book and Uma Thurman’s in Batman and Robin. I designed a layout for my costume. With the makeup for me, I really wanted to do a design like the one Uma had on her eyes.

Erica Maniscalco explains how to do your own Halloween makeup for a Poison Ivy costume.At the time I did not have access to prosthetics (which most people don’t) so I went down to the flower market in New York and bought all different kinds of green flowers that I could use on my face. I chose to get different shades of green glitter flowers. I then cut out a pattern for the piece and started to place the flowers on the pattern and put the piece together. I glued everything together with a glue gun. That was the main focus for the makeup and took the longest, so work on that first.

For the face I used a dark green cream makeup that was placed all over my face. This gave the face a green tint to it without making me look like the wicked witch. I then took different shades of green eye shadow and did a smoky eye and added fake eyelashes.

To make the look more authentic, I put in green contacts. The final steps to the eyes were the pieces I glued together. That component was placed around the eye and glued to the face with spirit gum (which can be found at any Halloween store). When using spirit gum you must be careful. The piece was not glued on my eyebrow but around it because it can pull hair out. Also when it was removed I used spirit gum remover.

The final touch for the makeup was my lips. That was done with green lip liner and lipstick. For the hair I was lucky that I had long red hair at the time so it went with the costume. You can buy a wig. To add to the color I bought red hair spray. I then took some old fashion wire rollers and pinned them in my hair sticking straight up and wrapped my hair around it.

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Tooth Makeup for Halloween Costumes and Whiter Teeth for Special Occasions

Whether you have the best Halloween costume in mind or whether you just need to brighten up your teeth for a few hours, tooth makeup can truly accent your teeth to suit the occasion. In fact, the tooth makeup available on the market today can add some sparkle or disguise your teeth to match your costume in a matter of minutes for typically less than $10!

You can easily color your teeth whiter and brighter with flaw concealing tooth makeup or you can dress up a costume to be even more realistic (and creepy!) with snazzy colored tooth makeup in green, brown, tan, black, extreme white, gold, and more. No matter what your objective, tooth makeup can enhance your look – for better or for worse (in a good, Halloween kind of way!).

If you are thinking about trying out tooth makeup to brighten your smile in a flash or to enhance your Halloween costume, consider the following tips for using tooth makeup.

Tooth Makeup for Halloween and Costume Parties
If you want to show off a more dramatic Halloween costume or outfit for a costume party, tooth makeup can be the answer to your prayers. Imagine your friends’ faces when you crack a smile of decayed brown zombie teeth or bloody red vampire fangs, thanks to the help of some handy tooth makeup.

Tooth makeup for costumes is inexpensive and a great accent to your Halloween outfit. You can order tooth makeup in a variety of colors, such as Blackout (black), Nicotine (tan), Gold (with or without glitter), Blood Red, Spinach Green, extreme white for a ghastly effect, and more. Match up your tooth makeup color choices with your costume. Find a brown or tan hue for decayed teeth of a zombie or other scary soul. Make a more intense mouth with black tooth makeup to haunt your friends. Let your imagination take your costume to new heights with the right kind of tooth makeup for the look.

Make sure you order your tooth makeup with enough advanced notice before your occasion so you have a chance to practice applying it to your teeth. Using tooth makeup can be a breeze to apply, but don’t forget to bring it with you for touchups later, just in case. Please note: colored tooth makeup is for theatrical use only – not for extended wear.

Tooth Makeup for Everyday or Special Occasions
You may be relieved to know that professional teeth whitening and at-home whitening strips are not your only option for a whiter smile. A new tooth makeup product on the beauty market offers concealer type results for your teeth so you can instantly have a sparkling white smile.

Pearl Drops Instant White is a tooth makeup product that you apply much like nail polish, except on your teeth. This type of tooth makeup applies to the teeth quickly for a whiter smile on the fly. Pearl Drops Instant White is packaged in a handy little vial that you can easily tote in your purse, backpack, or makeup bag when you travel or commute. Pearl Drops Instant White tooth makeup can hide the flaws in a single tooth or touch up your entire smile, depending on your needs and preferences.


For more information or to order tooth makeup, visit online at,, and You can also order tooth makeup, blacklight tooth color, and more at

Casual Makeup Tips for Women of Any Age

Pucker up - try these casual makeup tips for a sexy and natural look.If you aren’t into all the makeup trends and tips of the trade, you can still wear makeup the easy way. Casual makeup can be a great way to dress up your face without going overboard and without breaking the piggy bank. If you are more of a casual makeup kind of gal, try these tips for the natural look.

No matter if you are in high school or toting around grandchildren every once in a while, these casual makeup tips can help to simplify your makeup routine while still allowing you to look and feel great. Try these casual makeup tips for eyes, lips, and face for a simplified beauty routine.

1.    Apply lip gloss or ChapStick for soft, smooth lips. You don’t even need lipstick unless you want to dress up your smile for a special occasion. If you have a wedding to attend or a graduation or another momentous occasion, you can wear a neutral shade of lip tint or lipstick for a casual yet sophisticated look.

2.    Brush your lashes with a coat or two of lengthening or thickening mascara.
This will bring out your eyes so people notice them more when talking to you. Consider whether you will need waterproof mascara for the occasion or if you can get away with washable mascara.

3.    To disguise tired eyes, add a bit of gold eye shadow just below your lower lashes.
This trick is great for the morning after a long night or anytime after you didn’t get as much sleep as you should have. It’s also a great casual makeup trick to use on your wedding day or other special occasion.

4.    Conceal blemishes with a bit of concealer or cover-up.
You can use a green tinted concealer to disguise a red area. You can also use Visine to “get the red out.”

5.    Paint your nails for special occasions, or anytime if you like.
Even if you aren’t into manicures and wild colors of nail polish, you can still show off lovely fingertips with a clear gloss coat or a pearly white or pearly pink shade on your nails.

Even in a casual environment, a little makeup can go a long way. You may only spend $10 or $15 to get enough makeup to last you a season at a time, and your morning routine of getting ready may only need 5 or 10 additional minutes added. Applying some casual makeup can make you feel more dressed up, sexy, and better about your place in life. You don’t need to look like you just walked off of Broadway, but even a simple, natural look with some casual makeup can draw attention to your best features.

Must-Have, Can’t Live Without Beauty Products and the Authors Who Love Them

love finds you in holiday

In an economy with a regrettably sagging middle, you wouldn’t think the publishing industry would be choosing this moment to branch out. However, the CBA market has been doing just that. Brand new lines of fiction are unfolding in the inspirational market, and making their mark at record speed!

Summerside Press exploded onto the scene in October 2008 with the well-received Love Finds You line of romantic fiction, launched by well-loved author Andrea Boeshaar and new-to-CBA author Sandra D. Bricker. Then Abingdon Press, known in the CBA market for its non-fiction offerings, released a line of fiction this fall that is being reviewed with the highest regard in the industry.

Here at LLB, we have a long-standing relationship with some of the most exciting new authors, as well as the most established ones, in the publishing industry. Sandra D. Bricker, a special favorite of ours, will have a second Love Finds You novel coming out in December filled with all the hilarity we’ve come to expect from this Laugh-Out-Loud author. Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida is a romantic comedy that pays homage to the “unique and absurd planet” Bricker says is known by the rest of the world as Florida.

“Next year, I have another novel coming out with Summerside, and two with the new fiction line at Abingdon Press,” she says. “It’s given me such a great opportunity to do what I really love, as well as get to know some of the most gifted authors in publishing.”

Hmmm. That got us to thinking, so we reached out to Sandra and some of her writer friends to ask this question:


Igia Instant Cover.
“My skin has taken a beating over the years, and I have sun spots and blotches on my face that really tend to show my age. I use Instant Cover on them underneath a very light mousse foundation, and they’re hardly noticeable at all.”

Sandra D. Bricker, Laugh Out Loud Comedy for the Inspirational Market
Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida, Summerside Press

* * *

Jergen’s Body Lotion (the original). “I was out of state traveling on business and needed to pick up some body lotion. When I saw Jergen’s on the shelf, and the words Original Scent, I thought I just had to smell it … for old time’s sake! That one sweet breath led me to purchase it … and I’ve only purchased that lotion ever since. I use Jergen’s EVERYWHERE. Even my face. It leaves my face wonderfully soft and firm (at the same time!) and doesn’t weigh it down. I know a lot of women cannot imagine using body lotion on their face, but it’s wonderful!”

Eva Marie EversonWriter of Books, Author of None
Things Left Unspoken, Baker/Revell Books

* * *

My hair stylist! “She keeps my grays from showing and my cut looking good and easy to manage.”

Myra Johnson, Romantic women’s fiction . . . where life and love collide!
One Imperfect Christmas, Abingdon Press

* * *

Moisturizer. “I’ve been accused of looking younger than I am, and it might simply be good genes … or something more! Every morning, I wash my face with just warm water and a washcloth, and then immediately, while my skin is still damp, I apply moisturizer which seals in the natural moisture. So for what it’s worth, that’s my SECRET.”

Melody Carlson
, True to Life Fiction
Love Finds You in Sisters, Oregon, Summerside Press

* * *

Eight hours of sleep.
“This one thing helps me make better decisions, which lessens that furrow on my brow! No matter how busy I am, I try not to sacrifice a good night’s sleep. My college friends still tease me about how I was always planning to make sure I got eight hours!”

Judy Christie, Hurry Less, Worry Less to enjoy life more
Gone to Green, Abingdon Press

* * *

Tweezers. “I’m not sure if this one qualifies, but I always have an eyebrow tweezer in my car. You’d be amazed how many of those little eyebrow hairs pop out in the sunshine!”

Christa Allan, Stories of Unscripted Grace
Walking On Broken Glass, Abingdon Press

* * *

Petroleum jelly. “Weekly, I exfoliate from head to toe. For my face, I just use an inexpensive facial scrub from Walgreens or Target; and for my body, just a loofa or body scrub. But on my lips … I use petroleum jelly mixed with a little sugar, and I gently rub it with my fingertip. This helps chapped lips become smooth again.”

Debby Mayne, Faithful Fiction
Love Finds You in Treasure Island, Florida, Summerside Press
* * *

DermaNew Facial Rejuvenation System. “It’s what appears to be a sandblaster for the face, and I love it! The kit includes a little battery-powered gizmo to which you attach a sponge and a dollop of cream, and then gently massage your face for a short period, once or twice weekly. It’s a great exfoliator!”

Trish Perry, True Love. Real Laughs. Pure Fiction.
Sunset Beach, Harvest House

* * *

Bare Minerals makeup and Arbonne’s Clear Advantage. “I have rosacea with breakouts as an adult. The Arbonne products helped me clear it up in a couple of weeks after years of medical intervention that never really worked. and the Bare Minerals makeup doesn’t clog my pores, but covers while letting me look natural. My skin looks better than it did when I was younger!”

Lena Nelson Dooley, Characters Who Grip Your Heart
Wild West Christmas, Barbour Books

* * *

Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash. “It’s oil-free and soap-free, has a pleasantly light scent, and contains several soothing botanicals for sensitive skin. It’s perfectly refreshing in warmer months, and doesn’t dry out skin in winter. I buy two and three bottles at a time to stock up!”

Cerella D. Sechrist, Chocolate-Covered Fiction
Love Finds You in the Sweetest Place on Earth: Hershey, PA, Summerside Press

* * *

Olay Complete. “Living in the desert, a good facial moisturizer is essential. I use the one for sensitive skin. It’s very light, and it’s SPF 15. All my bases are covered in one little bottle!”

Jennifer AlLee, Romantic Fiction for the Heart and Soul
The Pastor’s Wife, Abingdon Press

* * *

Bright Lipstick. “I just cannot do without a bright color of lipstick! I feel dressed and cheerful when I wear lipstick. I’ve tried brands at all prices, but the best range of color at a good price point is Revlon. Cherries in the Snow is a great classic color for a bluish tone that goes well with the burgundy family. Love that Red is a fabulous shade that goes with almost anything!”

Tamela Hancock Murray, Fiction With a Heart
Love Finds You in Maiden, North Carolina, Summerside Press

Benefiting with Passion through Compassion – Mary Kay Crème Lipsticks Sales for Charity

Once again Mary Kay Ash has shown just how she embraces women’s lives with her “passion for compassion.” She so eloquently continues to prove that even the simplest of actions can impact and change the lives of so many people around us.

As Mary Kay once stated, “When you help somebody else, then you grow as a person.” Now, as a consumer, this means a lot to me. I know that when I purchase a lipstick, blush or even my favorite fragrance from Mary Kay, I’m getting more than just quality skin care products, I’m getting the satisfaction and comfort of knowing that – behind the name “Mary Kay” is a caring company dedicated to giving back to families in need.

I’m so thrilled to share the news that from May 12th (Mary Kay’s Birthday) through December 15th, 2009, Mary Kay will donate $1.00 from each sale, worldwide, of select Beauty That Counts™ Mary Kay Crème Lipsticks to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation in an effort to end domestic violence.

Last year, Mary Kay donated just under $2 million dollars from the worldwide sales (May 15th-December 31st, 2008) of Beauty That Counts Mary Kay Crème Lipstick (in Apple Berry) to causes that helped change the lives of women and children all around the world; causes and programs that offered, but were not limited to, aiding domestic violence victims, cancer sufferers, and orphaned children.

The Beauty That Counts Crème Lipstick shades include Gingerbread and the all new, limited-edition Pink Passion (I love this color!). Each color is enriched with emollients and moisturizers that provide a covering of protection against moisture loss. Each stunning color is lightweight, creamy and has a subtle hint of vanilla flavoring that will leave your lips feeling oh-so yummy!

I received the limited-edition Pink Passion lip color so that I can see firsthand how the shade measures up, and I just have to say… Pink Passion is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! It hardly feels like I’m wearing anything at all, but I know that I am because I see it (and because I put it on). The lipstick is (in comparison to anything out there) a step above the rest. Pink Passion is a beautiful shade of pink with a subtle iridescent shine. It’s light and creamy, pink and pearly, fragrance free but tasty.

After using this for much of the last few days, religiously, it has to be one of my favorite colors in my makeup bag at the moment. My husband (his thoughts mean a lot to me) even commented on how nice it was and that it wasn’t too overpowering or bright. I was even told that it’s better than the normal brown, copper tones I normally buy (huh – I never knew; he never said anything before so I just assumed he preferred that color)… overall, I’d have to say that Pink Passion is a stunning shade of pink and I highly recommend it!

To help support the cause (and get your hands on a beautiful new lipstick or two; contact your local Independent Beauty Consultant,, or by calling 1-800-MARY KAY (672-9629). You can also visit Mary Kay’s Social Responsibility page for more information; with the help of everyone, maybe we can double the contribution for those in need this year.

Pucker Up and Kiss Me Darling – Tips for Choosing Lipstick Shades

Could finding the perfect shade of lipstick help you in finding the perfect man? Definitely! Lips are a prominent feature on the face.  What other facial feature can demand more notice than soft, sensual, voluptuous lips?

While he is looking at your mouth, envisioning kissing those soft, sensual curves, you are snagging a place in his memory.  What better way to hold a man’s interest than to capture his libido and hold it in limbo?

Is he going to want to kiss lips that glare out at him from a delicate face or run from them before they snap at him?  Will the man of your dreams find himself drawn to lips that seem to beckon him with their delicately shaded vibrancy?  Can any man resist a woman with lips that seem to say:  Kiss me darling.  I am yours?

Finding the perfect shade of lipstick is as important as finding the perfect outfit.  Your lipstick is a major part of the personal statement you make through your fashionable appearance.  Everyone notices the perfectly dressed woman with the perfectly shaded lips and envies her.

How do you discover the perfect shade of lipstick?  Sometimes, it takes a little trial and error to find the shades that compliment your skin tone.  A good place to start is at the cosmetic counter of almost any mid to high-level department store.  Free makeovers are a staple of their day and give you the benefit of the expertise of their cosmeticians.  Even though the goal of giving the makeover is to get you to make a purchase, the result is the discovery of several different shades that you can wear with self-confidence.

Whether it is red, pink, brown, or somewhere in between, the ease with which you put on your lipstick reflects the confidence you have in the shade you have selected.  This, in turn, is reflected in the way that you carry yourself.  This is what gets you noticed.

Not only have lipsticks been perfected to color our lips provocatively, but also they have been perfected to offer them protection from the elements.  Lipsticks keep our lips soft, moist, supple, and noticeable.

In general, remember:
•    Muted colors (purples and browns) are better to tone down large lips.
•    Light colors work best for thin lips.

Remember that putting on lipstick can be as easy as putting on a happy face!  So, put a little razzle and dazzle in your life by putting a little sparkle of color on your lips!

Summer Make-up Review: Lacura Cosmetics launching at ALDI

Aldi - Lacura Cosmetics

What if I told you that you can purchase popular cosmetics for less than $4.00 per item? What if I told you that each item was of the highest quality & available at ALDI’s across 30 states? Would you believe me?

I was just introduced to Lacura Skincare and cosmetics the other day and I am astounded by the quality of their products; not to mention the sleek, impressive, shiny packaging that each item was presented in.

Lacura Cosmetics can be purchased for just $1.99 to $3.99 per item. Each item is comparable to (if not better than) those $12-$13.00 products normally bought at a department store. That’s up to 75% less than what you might be spending now!

Lacura was developed by German skincare specialists and are made with the same top quality ingredients found in most expensive labels, but they don’t share the same price tag. The best part is…ALDI (a select assortment discount grocer) is introducing the Lacura cosmetic collection in stores across 30 states in the country…talk about a great deal available right at your fingertips!

Aldi - Lacura CosmeticsI was happily gifted with 2 eye-shadow compacts;  801 Velvet Rose and the 21 Opal shades, 1 Mascara; Volumizing in Black, 1 lipstick; 200 Cool Sand, and 1 nail polish; 200 Cool Sand. Every single item was beautifully packaged in stunning lids and cases. I became excited the minute I received the box and, well, it was all I could do to get some pictures of these items before I ripped into them.

Once I accomplished the obvious (ripping into the packaging), it was off to trying these wonderful products out. I felt great! It didn’t feel or look like I was coated with too much color. The eye shadow shades had a soft shimmer to them, so when applied- it shined. I had the same result from the mascara, nail color and lipstick. The colors were soft yet vibrant. The mascara was light-weight and showed no signs of clumps. The lip color was soft enough to see shine and color but not so soft that you couldn’t tell I was wearing any. I even found that after a day’s worth of wear, I still managed to hold that freshly “just applied” look. My nails have gone chip free also without losing its luster or shine, and that’s without a base or top coat.

Overall, the experience was great! The cosmetics are wonderful and I recommend these cosmetics to even the savviest of shoppers.

What you can find at your nearest ALDI:

Aldi - Lacura CosmeticsEYE SHADOW: assortment of four eye shadows, each sells for $3.99:
o        101 Cocoa
o        801 Velvet Rose
o        302 Lilac Lady
o        21 Opal

MASCARA: Assortment of two mascaras, each sells for $3.99:
o        Waterproof in Black
o        Volumizing in Black

FOUNDATION: Assortment of four foundations, each sells for $3.99:
o        10 Translucent
o        20 Beige
o        30 Sun
o        40 Bronze

COMPACT POWDER/BRUSHES: Assortment of three compact powder/brushes, each sells for $3.99:
o        10 Translucent
o        20 Beige
o        30 Sun
o        76 Sunset Blush

LIPSTICKS: Assortment of five lipsticks, each sells for $3.99:
o        100 Coral
o        200 Cool Sand
o        301 Red Velvet
o        402 Deep Red
o        503 Truffle

NAIL POLISHES: Assortment of six nail polishes, each sells for $1.99:
o        104 Rum Raisin
o        300 Sweet Pink
o        402 Cherry Red
o        405 Classic Red
o        406 Salsa Red
o        800 Clear Base & Top Coat

Aldi - Lacura Cosmetics

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