How to Create the Perfect Pucker – Great Makeup Tips for Lips

Your lips are one of the most noticeable features on your face, and they show off so many different expressions and emotions. For a perfect pout or a perfect pucker, you might want to experiment with some new and exciting makeup tips for lips.

From lip liner to lip gloss, here are some favorite tips on applying cosmetics on your lips. Find the tips that you like best and you can easily have a perfect pucker or perfect pout, too.
Creating the Perfect Pucker with Lipstick, Lip Liner, and Lip Gloss
Sometimes all it takes to create the perfect pucker is a little bit of confidence and your favorite cosmetics meant for lips. Try these tips to create a smoochable set of lips.

“I create the perfect pucker by applying a layer of lipstick, blotting my lips on a tissue, and then reapplying another layer. For some reason, this method seems to help the color last longer. Then I apply a layer of clear lip gloss, for shine.”
– Viv Sicherman, NY

“The perfect pucker begins with nude lip-liner and a neutral, matte pink shade of lipstick. I keep my lips in good shape by keeping them hydrated with either plain Vaseline, ChapStick or tinted lip balm. I prefer a natural, healthy look.”
– Anne Sicherman, NY

“I use foundation on my lips then I lip line them. Use 4 different lipsticks and then add lip venom.”
– Rosanne Morrison, IL

“My tip… put Vaseline on your lips at bedtime… wake up with soft smooth lips.”
– Susan Simon, PA

“Wash your face every night and use a retina A component to take away the wrinkles!”
– Lorie Ann Corron, MD

“Keep your lips moist to prevent cracking and dryness and choose your lip-gloss or lipstick that suits your individual skin type. Try samples before you buy if possible to see how they look and feel before buying the full sized product.”
– Angela Jacobs, CA

“I create the perfect pucker by exfoliating my lips, applying a little bit of Shea butter, then applying some lip stick or lip gloss. Also, I think that confidence is what makes a sexy kiss!”
– Jennifer Jiggetts, MD

“My tip for creating a perfect pucker is to first start by exfoliating your lips with a soft bristle toothbrush. Wet it and lightly rub your lips with it to take off dead skin. Next put on a ChapStick like Burt’s Bees to help them stay healthy and unchapped and it has a great peppermint taste. And finally, put on a lip gloss of your fave shade. I also suggest one with a great taste that you and your guy both love..and last but not least. Enjoy ;)”
– Kristen Grey, VA

“To create a smooth, perfectly formed pucker, I put my base liquid makeup on my lips. Then, I carefully outline my lips with a lip liner… and then lipstick… blot… and a light layer of lip gloss! Makes for a perfect, pouty mouth every time!

“But having perfectly made-up lips is only step one… the ultimate goal is the perfect kiss! Slow and sensual, quick and passionate — both can be fantastic, but only if you are kissing the right mate! After waiting 38 years for the ideal mate, I can safely say I have kissed many frogs until I found my prince!”
– Dru Mooney, NC (Engaged to be married October 2009)

“I have fair skin.  What I do to create the perfect pout is use a neutral liner and usually use a medium to light color on the lips because I love to play up the eyes and don’t want to appear overly made up.  When I go lighter on the eyes, I will reach for my red or dark coral lipstick.”
– Michelle Henriquez, CA

“Use a lip liner that is close to your natural lip color. Choose a fun, flirty shade of lipstick in pink, red or berry. Finish with a soft, shiny lip gloss. I like kissing to be slow, taking time to explore. Eye contact and whispered sweet nothings are turn-ons.”
– Veronica Garrett, GA

According to many women who apply makeup to their lips, these are the top elements of a perfect pucker or a sexy set of lips:

•    Lip liner
•    Blotting excess lipstick
•    Gloss for shine

For the perfect kiss, make sure you keep your lips in great shape – moisturized and supple. Paint on the perfect pucker or the perfect pout and have fun!

Budding Beauty Tips for Spring

Pink of any hue will do for spring!

Spring brings pretty colors, flirty skirts and warm weather worth enjoying. With nature blooming all around, it’s no wonder that we’re all looking to bust out of this winter gloom.

If you’d like a new and exciting change from your traditional beauty routines, check out these hot tips – just in time for spring!

Pinks of any hue will do. Sport pink on your eyelids, cheeks, nails and lips for a deliciously delicate look. No matter what your skin tone or hair color, spring is the time when you can really pull off pink in a big way.


Go daring with green. Especially on the eyes, metallic greens make a great beauty statement. In fact, shades of green have really stolen the limelight this spring. Using a shade that works for you, draw attention to your eyes by playing them up a bit. Don’t be afraid to go dark, but if you do, reme mber – intense eyes should be paired with soft, subtle lips. Use a softer shade or a slick gloss to achieve this result.

White is the new black. When intensifying your eyes with eyeliner, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors. Browns and navy blues are fine, but don’t forget about the fresh looks you can achieve with white and silver eyeliner. If you aren’t too keen on eyeliner to begin with, apply frosty white and silver shades to your eyelids in a powder or gel form.

Go soft; go sheer; go glossy. To complement the bold and inspiring looks accenting the eyes, choose softer hues for the lips. Simple lip-gloss and Chap Stick products give your lips a tasty and therapeutic treat, but don’t forget about adding some subtle color. Apply traditional lipstick in lighter colors or use liquid lip products for a wet and glossy glow.

Don’t skimp on the color. Especially when dressing up the eyes, be generous with your colo rs. Neutral tones are fine, but have a little fun with brighter and wilder hues. The shades you select should draw attention to your beautiful faces and your gorgeous eyes.

Engage in metallics. In an effort to accentuate your eyes, sparkly metallic colors will truly make a great _expression. Metallic green, steel and other shades will look stunning with your complementing makeup and your sexy wardrobe.

Rock out with longer, more noticeable lashes. Long and sexy eyelashes give your peepers a great lift. Apply a glossy or sparkly topcoat to your lashes after your mascara dries for ultimate sheen and a fabulous “wet” look.

Spring 2009 Beauty Preview

Spring traditionally marks a time of new beginnings and nothing could be truer when it comes to the seasonal beauty scene. While softer looks usually take center stage, this year splashes of bold, beautiful colour also make a statement.

First and foremost, skin serves as the foundation for our beauty and is the most important aspect of any makeup look. Obtaining a good moisturizer is the first step to achieving beautiful, glowing skin ─ no matter what your skin type, hydration is critical to skin’s overall health and appearance. Follow this with a light-weight foundation to give skin an even color, without looking heavy. For example, ARTISTRY® Tinted Moisturizer will give you the even color you want, but it also contains a moisturizing formula and UV protection that helps shield skin from the sun’s damaging rays for naturally gorgeous, younger-looking skin.

For Spring 2009, during a season inspired by nature’s beauty, three standout makeup directions are emerging.

Bright Eyes
A single pop of colour adds a playful twist to spring beauty. Apply colour from lashline to crease and enhance the look with full, flirty lashes. Get the look of the season with ARTISTRY Eye Colour in Sapphire or Tulle. Keep the rest of your look light with a gentle blush on the apples of cheeks and gloss for shimmering lips.

Beautifully fresh-faced is a season standard. Turn to shades of soft sands and earthy browns to capture a look so natural that it’s barely there.

Created with tonal colours applied to eyes, cheeks and lips; it’s effortless beauty at its best. One easy way to achieve this look is to use a customized makeup kit, such as the ARTISTRY essentials makeup kit. The kits come complete with everything you need to create this simply flawless look, from mineral foundation to mascara to lip shine, and more.

Bold Lips
Springtime-chic took an unexpected turn with bold lips and a classically defined eye. Think updated Hollywood glamour with signature red lips transformed into berry-stained hues and dramatic liner redefined with surprising colour. Get in on the action with ARTISTRY’s high-dimension lip colour in Opulent or Sheer Chance.  And for lips that are picture-perfect, shape and contour them with ARTISTRY Lip Define in Downtown or Nuance.  Keep the rest of your face bare for a sophisticated, modern finish.

Experiment with one look or try all three. Spring is the perfect time to update your makeup, try new things, and remember just how much fun colour can be!

About the Expert:
Barb Alviar is the US Beauty Marketing Manager for ARTISTRY Cosmetics. For more information on ARTISTRY products, please visit online at

How to Use Concealer and a Product Review: Mary Kay Concealer

Using a concealer can be… Mary Kay Concealer helps achieve a clear complexion.well, let’s just say that it’s one of the more rewarding steps to the whole “applying” makeup experience, but it can be a bit tedious and even disastrous if you don’t have the right shade to cover with.

Let’s look at it this way: if the shade is too light, you risk looking a little ghostly and you’re not actually “concealing” anything you set out to hide in the first place; if it’s too dark, you end up looking splotchy and again, defeat the whole purpose of using the product; essentially, you end up drawing more attention to the problem rather than disguising it.

The goal of using a concealer is to cover those unsightly blemishes, swathing those miniscule scars or brightening up those dark, under the eye circles (without looking like you tried). A concealer is merely a “helper” for covering up the areas that regular liquid foundation can’t fix or mask.

One of the reasons why I was so eager to review the New Mary Kay Concealer was because I knew that I was the perfect candidate. I was born with bilateral cleft lip and have endured 23 facial surgeries to date. Without the use of a concealer, my scars stand out like a sore thumb. I had already been using the yellow concealer from Mary Kay, so I knew how well the product worked…when asked to try one of the color shades, I was more than excited about it. If you’re not sure what a yellow shade is used for; it is used to reduce the appearance of redness on the skin (much like a scar or for women who suffer from rosacea). It can also be used to cover red blemishes in women with ivory to beige colored skin tones.

The other reason I was so thrilled to accept and do this review is because I know that it’s made from one of the leading companies for skin care and color cosmetics. I know that the minute I apply this product to my face I’m getting the best treatment possible.

Mary Kay Concealer helps achieve a clear complexion.Now, some of you ladies may only need to use a concealer for a week or two out of the month; others (like me) need to use it daily. So, it’s one of those extra makeup products worth having around. It is a lightweight waterproof formula that is suitable for sensitive skin. It’s fragrance-free and is non-comedogenic (meaning it does not block pores).

For as little as 10.00 per .3oz tube; you’ll have the ability to conceal for (literally) years to come (*depending on how often and how much is used per application*). I’ve had my yellow concealer going on 2 years now and haven’t even reached the bottom of the tube yet. All you need is an itty-bitty speck (much less than half the size of a pea) and you’ve got yourself great cover that will last all day. There are seven shades in all; perfect for blending naturally with an even wider array of skin tones. It’s suitable for sensitive skin and has been dermatologist tested. This concealer can be used in conjunction with your regular foundations and powders or can be used as a standalone. It’s definitely something worth adding to your makeup bag.

In conclusion; I recommend the new Mary Kay concealer to anyone who is seeking flawless-looking skin, wanting to conceal blemishes and other imperfections and for anyone who suffers from dark under-eye circles. You’ll absolutely love the way it evens out your skin tone, hides those dark circles under the eye and masks marks and other imperfections.

If you are interested and want to know more about this product; please visit Mary Kay online by going to can also call 1 (800) MARY KAY (627-9529) or swing by your local representative’s house (maybe you can call her first…LOL) for your ordering convenience. Thanks for reading the review and I hope it’s helped with the decision in your next concealer purchase.

Define Your Eyes: Makeup Tips and Tricks

No matter if blue, brown, hazel or green, eyes have been referred to as “windows to the soul,” giving those who exchange glances the power to better grasp one’s personality and emotions. Eyes reveal joy and elation as much as they uncover sadness, melancholy and distress. Sometimes pensive, mischievous or mysterious, eyes can let us in on little secrets we might otherwise miss in dealings with people we know and love.

Eyes can exercise a special power of seduction by casting an enchanting gaze in another’s direction. A wink can signal a special understanding or remind another of an inside joke or amusing memory. Eyes also key into flirtation a great deal. Cartoons and old movies always show the femme fatales batting their long, dark eyelashes in an attempt to attract the men.

No matter what your motives, playing up the looks of your eyes will bring a natural definition to your facial features while accentuating perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic on your visage. The main makeup components you may want to consider when dressing up your pretty peepers are mascara, eye shadow and possibly eyeliner, though sometimes pressed powder or a light foundation will work wonders for circles under the eyes.

Eye Shadow
Depending on the hues you wish to use, you can get a little colorful and creative with the wide selection of products for eyelids on the market. No longer do you have to sift through dozens of shades of eye shadow powder looking for the perfect blend…now you can accessorize your eyes with a beautiful array of powders, creams and glittery dustings. Traditional eye shadow powders are very easy to use with small applicator brushes and foam pads. For a dimensional look, blend two colors of powder or one color of powder atop a cream shadow base.

With cream-based eye shadows, less really is more. The cream shadows generally come in small squeeze tubes that really enhance the look of your eyes with a light application across the lid, reaching up to your brows if you wish.

Not sure about colors? Go with something neutral the first couple of times until you get the hang of it. Apply a light dusting of bronze, tan or other shimmery transparent color for a gentle hint of color.

When selecting mascara, many factors come into play, with each brand’s newest addition to the line claiming bigger and better benefits. From thickening to lengthening to blackest black, waterproof and curling, each mascara product has a special offering of its own. Considering your own lashes, choose one that best suits your needs.

If you wish to avoid that scary-looking metal eyelash curler that appears more like an ancient torture devise, opt for a product that contains a curling formula. Choose the color you want to wear – black, brown or even navy blue. With so many options available, you can add a couple types of mascara to your collection and change your look as often as you like!

Generally, applying two coats of mascara will give enough definition to lashes to really make a difference. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second in an effort to prevent clumping. If some of the mascara accidentally brushes onto your eyelids or underneath, simply use a q-tip to remove it. This may necessitate touching up your eye shadow a bit.

To really define your eyes, apply a thin line of eyeliner in black or brown, khaki, plum or navy. To properly apply the eyeliner pencil or liquid liner, gently pull the corner of your eye outward, forming a straight line along your lashes. Starting at the inside corner and working toward the outside, delicately trace a line with the pencil angled toward your lashes.

Be careful how much eyeliner you apply, as a little really does go a long way. For a dramatic look, thicker and darker is very acceptable. For a subtle definition, stick with a lighter application.

* * *

Feel free to experiment with a bunch of different products until you find the ones that suit you best. Also, check into the makeup counters at local department stores. They have a wide array of makeup you can test before you buy so that you know what you are getting for the money. For lower budgets, drug stores sometimes offer a return policy if a customer is dissatisfied with her purchase. Doing a home makeover can be fun as well as a form of much-needed stress relief. For best results, invite some girlfriends over and make a night of it!

Winter 2008 – 2009 Beauty and Makeup Trends and Tips

Ward off the winter blues with beauty and makeup tips that give your face a fresh and beautiful look. From bronzers that brighten to lip shades that lighten, get the scoop on the latest tips and trends in beauty and makeup for winter of 2008 – 2009.

Professionals in the makeup industry have weighed in with their opinions and recommendations for winter makeup tips and trends for 2008 – 2009. Read on for tips on eyes, lips, cheeks, and all over face.

Winter 2008 – 2009 Makeup Trend #1: Smoky Eyes, Peach Cheeks, and Pale Beige Mouth
Celebrity Makeup Artist Jo Strettell shares that grey is holding tight as the hottest color for winter 2008 – 2009. Strettell has created fashion forward looks using muted and intense greys for the classic smoky eye. As you can see, the smoky eye continues to be a fabulous cosmetic fashion statement that you can wear for a hot look.

“This winter (2008 – 2009) it’s all about smoky grey eyes, peach cheeks and beige pale mouth.”

Celebrity Makeup Artist Jo Strettell shares the following tips for the perfect winter face:

1.    Start with a perfect even skin achieved by using a creamy foundation blended evenly across the face like skin cream using a brush and fingers.

2.    Eyes, using dark grey with soft shimmer shadow, sweep across eyelid from lashes (corner – outer) to crease line and then blend along crease line (with clean brush) dragging around and under eye to create a soft smoke.

3.    Line the inside of eye – upper and lower lid – with black Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil and lashings of Glam’Eyes mascara to create thick rooted heavy lashes.

4.    Use a soft peach blush on the apple of the cheeks to create a natural glowing look.

5.    Natural, pale, beige lips with a creamy lipstick such Lasting Finish Lipsticks in Paradise and Birthday suit to bring focus on your eyes.

An insider’s tip to take color out of lips to get a true pale mouth is to sweep your foundation across the lips first under the lipstick.

6.    To make this look hot for a party, add some shimmer by using that RIMMEL LONDON Spark It Up!

7.    And add some GLOSSY lip gloss in beige over those creamy lips.

8.    A little skinny, fluffy scarf wrapped around the neck to frame the face should be added to finish look – cozy.

All the above tips (1 – 8) from Jo Strettell for RIMMEL LONDON xxx

Winter 2008 – 2009 Makeup Trend #2: Bold Lashes Rule, Try New Eye Shadow Colors If You Please
First and foremost, your mascara should accentuate your eyelashes and secondly, your eye shadow should complement your mascara without overpowering it.

“Use minimal eye shadow and tons of mascara; expect lots of emphasis on the lashes this season,” says Daniel McFadden of Prive Salon in Beverly Hills, CA and owner of Daniel McFadden Cosmetics. “For the shadow, use a waterproof cream that can be applied with your finger or a concealer brush and will last all day. Bare Necessity is the perfect light shadow color for this winter.

McFadden also recommends changing things up a bit and using a plum colored eye shadow this winter season.

“If this is too much of a change, you can put the plum over your standard black to soften and tone down the black,” he says. “Brown is just very overused and boring right now. I suggest this pencil liner in Fig.”

Winter 2008 – 2009 Makeup Trend #3: Muted or Nude Colors for Lips… Or Maybe Not.
Makeup artists and cosmetics creators agree – winter 2008 – 2009 is the season for muted and nude tones for lips. A softer smooch allows other features, such as eyes, to take the center stage this winter. Consider the following tips for your own perfect pout.

“While some may say boldly colored lips are big news this season, we suggest either mute or nude colors,” says Doris Dalton, founder of Dalton Color Cosmetics. “The trick is lipstick colors that look natural. Talk to the men in your life and almost universally they say ‘no gooey gloss or lipstick please.’  One way to get a bright pout is to apply bright shades as a stain – try a rich chocolate or cherry tone.

“One of our most popular products, especially in the winter, is Dalton’s Lip and Gloss Duo. I wanted to create a formula that wasn’t sticky or tacky, and I combined both a gloss and balm in one form factor – so for the winter days you feel like being more natural, the balm is perfect choice for keeping lips moisturized and protected from the elements. The gloss adds just a hint of natural color.”

Daniel McFadden of Prive Salon in Beverly Hills and Daniel McFadden Cosmetics notes that winter is the perfect time to give your lips the limelight.

“This winter lips should receive the most emphasis and gloss is out,” McFadden says. “Use a matte lipstick in a peach to mauve color. My Parisian Pink color would be the perfect choice to finish your look!”

Winter 2008 – 2009 Makeup Trend #4: Use Bronzer to Bring Some Sunshine to Your Face…

Ten Tips for Holiday Makeup and Nails

The holidays are the perfect time to dress up your appearance and make a statement with beautiful holiday makeup and an attractive winter manicure. Bold, rich tones for nail polish (Utopia nail polish available at makeup and holiday nails can be as simple or as involved as you like, which gives you the flexibility to spruce up your look without a large time or cost investment. Or you can splurge and pick out nifty new holiday cosmetics and treat yourself to a professional holiday manicure.

Applying makeup for the holidays doesn’t have to be much different than applying makeup for any other time. You can use the same makeup techniques you’ve come to know and love, and you can even use most of your current makeup products to create beautiful and sexy holiday looks. However, it’s a lot more fun if you add a few new cosmetics to your collection, especially with the holidays in mind.

Consider these ten tips for holiday makeup and nails:

1.    Color – Start off your holiday makeover with rich, warm tones in gold, purple, emerald, and other jewel tones.
Cosmetics industry experts recommend gunmetal gray for both eyes and nails. Also, you can never go wrong with beautifully blended earth tones.

2.    Texture – Matte finish is in for the winter season and for the holidays.
Ditch the gloss and take your holiday makeup in the direction of the current trend.

Metallics are in for the holiday season (photo courtesy of morguefile)3.    Finish – Metallic and shimmery tones score major points for holiday makeup and holiday nail styles.

4.    Skin tone – Experts agree – this winter and the holiday season are the perfect time to warm your skin tone with a light dusting of the correct shade of bronzer.

5.    Coverage – For a natural looking complexion, check out mineral makeup foundations.
A good quality powder foundation can provide great coverage and improvement of your complexion without reminding you that you’re wearing foundation.

6.    Eyes – When it comes to your lashes, don’t settle for less than the best. Choose mascara that offers both volume and length.

7.    Lips – Conflicting opinions pave the way for holiday makeup for your lips this season. Some experts stress the berry stained lip shades while others urge muted tones in neutral pinks and peaches. Pick your poison.

8.    Nails – Holiday nails call for dark shades and short, well manicured fingernails. Don’t be afraid to show off those bold and dark colors.

9.    Cheeks – Keep your blush soft and natural and let winter’s nippy bite do the rest. Check out soft peach tones for a sweet and innocent look.

10.    Practice – To select the best holiday makeup or holiday nail styles for you, consider getting a free makeup session at a department store.
After your session, select at least one item that you like enough to purchase, and commit the new look to memory so you can practice it at home.

Remember, these are just a few out of many, many holiday makeup tips and suggestions for holiday nails. Keep in mind the colors of the season as well as the message you want to convey with your holiday makeup or manicure. Too light and you fade away into the winter and too dark or too bold and you’ll stand out in a crowd. For best results, practice your holiday makeup or holiday manicure prior to the special day or night when you intend to wear it.

Once you’ve found the perfect holiday makeup tips and holiday manicure tips for yourself, share your new expertise with your friends so they can also enjoy a glamorous appearance this holiday season!

Rave Review: Too Faced Lash Injection in Hot Chocolate – Mascara that Lengthens AND Thickens… For Real

I am convinced I have found the perfect mascara. If you are still seeking that amazing cosmetic that will give you flawless, picture-perfect eyes every time, then look no further. Too Faced Lash Injection mascara, available at!Too Faced Lash Injection mascara really lives up to its claims of “extreme thickening & lengthening mascara”. For me, it was love at first blink.

Too Faced Lash Injection in Hot Chocolate is an easy way to get sexy and sultry eyes or pretty, professional eyes. This kickass mascara allows you to apply just a single coat with the same results that require two or even three coats of mascara with just about every other brand I’ve tried. Oh, and while it really delivers thickness to your lashes, it doesn’t leave clumps behind, so you get the best of both worlds.

Too Faced Lash Injection mascara contains Vitamin E and jojoba, and features an incredible 3D formula that builds a tube around each individual eyelash for the ultimate volume, extension, and coverage. The mascara stays put when you want it to, as the formula is weatherproof and waterproof, but as soon as you are ready to wipe it away, Too Faced Lash Injection mascara washes off easily with makeup remover or warm water and (tear-free) soap.

My eyelashes are fairly fine and definitely not the longest lashes ever. With just a single coat of this miracle mascara, I feel like my eyelashes are a mile long and my makeup looks like a million bucks. The Too Faced Lash Injection in Hot Chocolate offers a strong brown coat to lashes, which looks great and works well without being the least bit overpowering.

Too Faced Lash Injection mascara, available at!I find that every time I apply Too Faced Lash Injection mascara, the product goes on evenly and smoothly. While I do notice a few occasional flakes after a long day at work now that my mascara is around six months old, I don’t ever recall seeing a smudge. Leave it to my eyeliner to make all the messes! Oh, and while I haven’t been caught in a downpour yet, I must admit that I have not had any problems with the mascara running down my cheeks when I’ve been standing out in the rain… and it has also withstood the true test at some of my dear friends’ weddings. Had I only known about this product for my own! (sigh)

So the truth is – I have finally found one cosmetic product I cannot live without. Unfortunately, my bottle of Too Faced Lash Injection in Hot Chocolate is pretty darn near used up. I’m definitely going to need to get myself a new one, and maybe this time I’ll spring for the Too Faced Lash Injection Pitch Black mascara, too.

Too Faced Lash Injection retails for just under $20 for a .45 oz. bottle of mascara or around $8.50 for Too Faced Mini Lash Injection mascara.

You can learn more about Too Faced Cosmetics, Inc. at

You can buy your own Too Faced Lash Injection at

Classy and Sophisticated Perfumes and Fragrances for Mature Women

Estee Lauder Sensuous (Available at sexy hairstyles and hot fashion tips, seductive perfume and fragrance options for older women are among the top ways to revamp your impression of yourself as well as how others perceive you.

Sophisticated and mature women want a fragrance that implies sexy, compassionate, sensuous, and fun. As women grow older, their fashion, style, and beauty preferences don’t go away – they just get better with age! Read on for tips on choosing a fresh and sophisticated perfume or fragrance just for you.

The truth is, older women can have just as much fun as they did ten, twenty, or even fifty years ago. Getting dolled up and dressing for the occasion never goes out of style, and choosing a classy and sophisticated perfume or fragrance to accent your outfit is a great idea for any season. Just because you may not wear the same style of clothing, the same hairstyle, or the same perfume as you did years ago, you can still exhibit excellent taste with the elegant style you still possess.

When it comes to finding the perfect classy fragrance, you may want to experiment, or consult a cosmetics specialist. Chances are, you’ll have much more fun visiting the stores and trying different fragrances until you find a sophisticated scent to suit you.

Older women often fall in love with the finer things in life – delicious wines, fancy jewelry, impeccable fashion, expert skincare products, and of course, killer shoes. Fragrance is no different – and with many mature, classy, and sophisticated perfumes available, it’s no wonder the decision process can be a trying one.

Midnight Poison by Christian Dior (Available at Quinlan, Vice President of Fragrance Evaluation at Firmenich, says that many of the more sophisticated fragrances are intended for people willing to invest in a fragrance for long-term use rather than a ‘limited edition’ – often older women with a keen sense of fashion and style, and a true appreciation for the finer things in life.

Quinlan’s recommendations for sophisticated and mature women and for sexy older women include:

•    Estee Lauder Sensuous
•    Estee Lauder Pleasures
•    Estee Lauder Private Collection – Tuberose Gardenia
•    Jo Malone Orange Blossom
•    Carolina Herrera 212
•    Guerlain Bois d’Ambre
•    Dior – Midnight Poison
•    Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise

While I have yet to own any of these personally, I do absolutely adore the Estee Lauder Pleasures fragrance. I still remember its delightful aroma wafting from the pages of my favorite magazines.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Sophisticated and Classy Fragrance for You

1.    Mature women know better than to leave things to chance. Test fragrances on your skin to see if you like how each perfume coordinates with your body.
Pure Turquoise by Ralph Lauren, for Women (Available at
2.    Even if we may experience indecisive moments when looking for a classy, mature fragrance, we can still find a perfect fit. Ask a friend or partner for advice if you are having a hard time selecting your favorite new perfume.

3.    Classy, older women have learned from years of trial and error. Try to avoid wearing scented lotion or other perfumes or fragrances when you go to try on new ones. It may be difficult to get an accurate impression of the fragrances if other scents are competing.

4.    Play a fun game online – A Perfume for Every Woman – to determine your best bets for classy and mature perfumes and fragrances. Visit for a chance to see what your perfect fragrance would be. Play the game at:

I played the game, and it had this to say about me and my ideal fragrance:

“Generous, spontaneous and original, you enjoy the outdoors, the ocean, the sun, and the delicate stroke of the breeze.

You are serene and your mood is unchanging.
You like to go back to natural settings in search for peace and harmony.
Adventure doesn’t scare you.
You are athletic and energetic.
You’re always up for new challenges.

Your perfume emanates the vitality and spontaneity in you. Sparkling and sun-drenched, citrus scents follow you with a fresh and natural character.”

We hope you found these tips and ideas helpful, and we also hope our tips give you a good start to finding the perfect classy and sophisticated fragrance!

Lip Savvy

When you greet people, your smile is probably the first thing that catches their attention.

Pucker up! (Photo courtesy of Dave, smile, especially one that reaches the eyes, can be engaging enough to beckon someone’s interest and winning enough to hold their attention.

Oftentimes, people place all the attention on beautiful, white teeth that shine out through your smile. While this is important, the health of your lips is also important.

If your lips are sore and cracked, a smile can be painful and therefore, less engaging.

When you talk, your lips move constantly and therefore dry, cracked lips can create a desire to remain silent.

Do you ever think about how much depends or rests on your lips? Your lips are your gateway to so many different avenues.

With them you can:
o Whisper sweet nothings into the ears of your loved one.
o Push away the boogieman as you sooth and comfort your little ones.
o Pray for peace for ALL of humanity.
o Extend love and kindness to the people you cherish.
o Offer encouragement, support, and guidance to those who need it.
o Provide thoughtfulness and generosity in a time of need.
o Invite the sandman to elicit sweet dreams while you slumber.
o Sing dulcet tunes to instill peace and harmony.

Winter can be a harsh companion, especially on our lips. Therefore, caring for our lips should be part of our daily routine. Many products are available to help prevent dry and cracked lips. First and foremost, avoid problems with daily care. Take the time to invest in a few products that will keep your lips smooth and delectable.

An ounce of prevention (once or twice a day) is worth a pound of cure (all day long).

Preventative measures can be as simple as:
o Applying a small coat of Vaseline or lip balm when using a dry lipstick.
o Using a bit of lip balm to moisturize as you sleep.
o Using a lip balm before going out into harsh weather, especially one with a good SPF factor to protect them from the sun’s rays.
o Drinking plenty of water to keep your lips hydrated and supple.
o Avoiding the use of lipsticks that can dry out your lips if they have become chapped.
o Resisting the urge to lick your lips (saliva does not moisturize).
o Resisting the urge to nibble at your lips.
o Using a toothbrush with soft bristles to remove flaky skin from your lips.

Remember that pain is unnecessary, lips that hurt can and should be avoided, and there are many products available to help us.

©2005 Susan M. Keenan

Types of Makeup Brushes and Choosing Good Makeup Brushes

When it comes to applying makeup, every woman has her own technique. Some hurriedly splash on the color in a fine-tuned and precise five-minute routine before work, while others may enjoy more of a relaxed makeup application style. Some women rely on makeup applicators, sponges, cotton swabs, and their own bare hands to create the masterpiece of a made-up face. Others may turn to a variety of makeup brushes to assist with the process.A brush for every purpose... (Photo courtesy of

Here is a general overview of a few of the main types of makeup brushes available as well as a few tips to help you choose makeup brushes that will be best suited for your needs.

Some points you may wish to consider before purchasing any makeup brushes:
– Are you a beginner or are you fairly skilled at applying makeup?
– Do you wear a lot of makeup or just in a few places (like mascara and lipgloss)?
– Do you want or need an entire set of makeup brushes or just one or two special kinds?
– Do you already have the makeup you wish to use with the makeup brushes or will you need to get some?
– Is the brush made from “cruelty free” animal hair? Do you prefer natural or synthetic bristles?

ecoTOOLS are environmentally friendly makeup brushes!If you’d like to treat yourself to some environmentally friendly makeup brushes, consider the ecoTOOLS™ Bamboo 5-Piece Makeup Brush Set with its own carrying case or choose from a variety of ecoTOOLS makeup brushes. ecoTOOLS offers a bamboo eyeliner brush, bamboo eye shading brush, bamboo blush brush, and a bamboo powder brush that are all cruelty free and composed of natural and recycled materials.

Each ecoTOOLS brush features a sleek and comfortable bamboo handle and recycled aluminum ferrule component connecting the bristles to the handle. The bristles are made of synthetic Taklon and, of course, the bamboo is a highly renewable resource.

If you are a beginner, you may wish to start out with relatively inexpensive brushes until you get the hang of it. Your best bet to getting your feet wet at applying makeup with makeup brushes may be to visit your favorite department store’s makeup counter or to stop in to see your salon stylist for a makeup session.
Bare Escentuals Tapered Blush Brush
Once you are ready to start shopping for your new makeup brushes, consider the type of makeup you’ll be applying. Here are some basic tips to help you choose makeup brushes that are best suited for you.

Blush Brush –
Blush brushes offer a nice shape for applying makeup. They may be tapered or angled, and typically feature a soft and somewhat fluffy set of bristles with a smooth and reasonably sized handle.

A few blush brushes to consider are Bare Escentuals Angled Blush Brush, Bare Escentuals Tapered Blush Brush, or the Avon mark Blush + Bronzer Brush.

Eyeliner Brush –
Eyeliner brushes are long and thin, offering an angled set of bristles for precision in makeup application.

These types of makeup brushes allow you to define your eyes effectively and easily without any annoying pencil presses. The brush design is sleek and comfortable to use and the angled bristles form a super thin line for tracing around the lash line.

Consider the Sephora Brand Professionnel Platinum Angled Eyeliner Brush #23 with its angled tip for easier application or the Bare Escentuals Eyeliner Brush with an ultra fine tip.

Eye Shading Brush –
Eye shading brushes are great for highlighting the brow area for a lightened look or for blending colors on your eyelids. The brush is a little larger and thicker than an eyeliner brush but it still offers the same slender feeling and ease of use.

Try out Bare Escentuals Wet/Dry Shadow Brush or ecoTOOLS™ bamboo eye shading brush for smoothly blended eyes.

Powder Brush and Illuminating Powder Brush –
The fullest brush in the kit, powder brushes offer full coverage and soft, extra fluffy bristles. The soft bristles can effectively apply loose or pressed powder to the face, as well as illuminating powder or loose sparkly dust for a shimmer effect. Many women and professional makeup artists also choose to use Kabuki brushes to apply powder to the face.

For the illuminating effect, check out Stila #24 Double-Sided Illuminating Powder Brush. For the traditional loose powder application, consider Clinique Blended Face Powder and Brush.

Tickled Pink Kabuki BrushKabuki Brush –
Kabuki brushes are cute, short and stout makeup brushes that have bristles very similar to powder brushes. These brushes feature a short cylinder for a handle and a wide and puffy set of soft bristles. They are exactly what you would picture your stylist having in her makeup collection!

For a fun and flirty spin, try the adorable, itty bitty Tickled Pink Kabuki Brush from The Brush Company. It features ultra soft bristles and non-stop pink coloring, and a teeny size that’s perfect for stashing in your makeup kit or dropping in your purse when you’re on the go. If you are looking for a larger size, consider the Wet n Wild Kabuki Powder Brush. This brush features black and chrome coloring and a slightly larger
size – and it’s cruelty free, to boot!

Lip Brush –
Lip brushes are especially useful for reducing the amount of makeup we wear on our lips, and also for blending in lip liner. You can use a lip brush to apply lipstick as lip liner or you can simply apply lipstick as needed. Many lip brushes are retractable, offering women a small bit of product storage for a night’s worth of touch-ups.

If you would like to try your luck with a lip brush, look into a retractable brush like Click-A-Lip Retractable Lip Brush or a brush with a cover for the tip, like CARGO Covered Lip Brush.

* * *

Depending on your budget, you can find many makeup options available to you for every price point. For additional help in selecting and using makeup brushes, see your favorite stylist or visit the department store’s makeup counter for some great tips!

Editor’s Note: I’ve had the pleasure of testing out the ecoTOOLS products as well as the Tickled Pink Kabuki Brush and Wet n Wild Kabuki Brush. They all seem to be of excellent quality and especially easy to use.

Heat and Humidity Defying Makeup Tips

Time and again purses left in automobiles result in molten lipsticks, smeary eye shadow and super-sticky mascara. Makeup applied to one’s face fails to fare much better, with smudgy eye makeup and smeary foundation rubbing off every which way. Make sure you don't melt your makeup! (Photo courtesy of jeltovski, morgueFile)

Looking your best becomes a bit trickier when the warmer weather teases your tresses and melts your makeup quicker than you can bat an eye. A fully made-up mug may not be conducive to looking fresh and fabulous on a hot, sticky day, but a few heatproof makeup tricks and tips could really help you save face, literally!

Lip smackin’ fun, refreshing spray and sun protection…

For a cool, tasty treat, keep a stick or two of your favorite lip balm in the refrigerator. Fruity favorites become even more refreshing when chilled. Many brands of Chap Stick, lip gloss, lip balm and other lip treatments now offer products with SPF 15 to prevent burned lips. Keep an eye out for these sweet treats, as few things taste worse than burnt lips!


While adding items to your refrigerator, consider placing an invigorating body spray in the fridge to chill for a super-uplifting pick-me-up during the day’s hottest hours. For skin protection from the sun, also keep an eye out for special facial and body lotions that contain sunscreen along with the beauty ingredients for soft skin, greaseless feel and a nice fragrance.

Protect your makeup and your visage

First and foremost, putting makeup on while driving is a very bad idea. Full attention should be focused on the road, however it does become tempting at times to steal away a few seconds when stuck at a red light. If you lug your makeup along with you in the car on your way to work, the store, visiting family and friends or otherwise, be sure not to leave it locked inside your vehicle on a warm sunny day. It doesn’t take much to melt a tube of lipstick or cream foundation, making a mess all over your makeup bag, purse and your precious car!

Also, if swimming or exhaustive physical activity awaits on the agenda, waterproof makeup may be in order. Mascara runs quite easily when exposed to water and sometimes even to mere perspiration. A waterproof product allows you to keep your attractive look while remaining as active as you want to be.

Pressed powder may make a better substitute for cakey liquid foundation on warmer days, leaving skin feel soft, fresh and clean. If you require foundation every day, rain or shine, consider applying a thinner amount and dusting a bit of powder on top to prevent smudging, smearing and running of the makeup.

Taming your hair

To defeat the frizzies, try applying an ice cube to your tresses. For a new look, braid your hair while it is still wet for a tight, attractive look. If you wish to wear your hair straight, consider applying some spray gel or anti-frizz gel. When all else fails, tie your hair up in a trusty ponytail!

Allowing hair to dry naturally protects it from heat damage, but blow-drying on occasion can aid in straightening efforts and controllability. Special shampoos and hair care products provide relief for intense exposure to the sun and chlorinated water. Sometimes summer days and humid nights cause bad hair days despite your efforts, so keeping a hat or visor on hand may be a great solution. No matter where you go, keep a ponytail holder handy in case you need to put your hair up.

Pretty tootsies in strappy sandals

For a fresh, fun look with cool intentions, paint your toes to match your fingernails and show them off with the strappiest, sexiest sandals you own. Or, opt for a casual and comfortable look with a cozy pair of flip-flops. Perform a home pedicure and flaunt your fabulous feet at work and at play.

Wearing open shoes will keep your feet aerated, preventing sweating and helping to keep your body cooler. Painting your nails outside instead of cooped up in the bathroom gives a nice scenic setting and better ventilation for the strong nail polish fumes. Your nails may even dry quicker if allowed to dry outside in the warm fresh air.

While all these makeup tricks and tips may make your beautification process easier, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to go a few days without any makeup at all. Discover your own natural beauty by letting loose, relenting on routine behaviors, and enjoying the chance to just be yourself.