Shark Week Nails

shark-week-nailsTo get into the Shark Week spirit, I created a themed manicure. Adding to the already over 470 species of this cartilaginous fish, please welcome the Great Fingernail Shark to the bunch. I decided to play with the ever-so-trendy accent nail and really make the shark ~*POP!*~

First, choose your shark color. I mixed a few different polishes to get the color I wanted since I didn’t have it on hand. Choose a more muted color for the rest of your nails. Mine is a bit of a mauve-y gray.

After painting your accent nail some shade of blue, create a mouth with a red triangle on the tip of the nail. Use a dotter tool or a toothpick to outline the mouth and create teeth once the red polish has dried.

To make the eye noticeable, I dotted some black on top of a larger dot of white. To finish the design, add gills beneath the eye.

To create a tidal wave nail, I first dotted the design with white polish to get an idea of the shape of the wave. I added additional dots in blue along with stripes in blue and white.

Voila! Enjoy the rest of Shark Week!

Stars and Glitter Patriotic Pedicure Toenail Designs for 4th of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day

pure-ice-nail-reviewSummer holidays are some of the most fun holidays all year, especially when it comes to cute manicures and pedicures. I’ve never been one for plain red toenails—I always felt they made me look older than I am or that they looked like someone else’s feet. But I think I finally found some red nail polish I can wear on my toes without any worries at all… I recently received the opportunity to review the Pure Ice Stars & Stripes collection of nail polish and I couldn’t be happier with the results. If you’re looking for fun patriotic nail polish ideas or for nail designs with stars, glitter nails, or simple red, white, and blue nails, you’re sure to be thrilled as well.

The Stars & Stripes nail polish collection by Pure Ice includes: Dazzle Me (silver glitter), Superstar! (white), Freedom (red & blue sparkle with silver stars), Siren (red), and Wide Awake (blue sparkle). I so far have only had the chance to try Siren and Freedom, but I can tell you this is the perfect combination for a girl who loves red and things that sparkle. I showed my husband and he asked about how I got the stars on there. He honestly couldn’t believe they were inside the bottle of nail polish and just painted on like that!

patriotic-pedicure(Granted, I did have to fish around for enough stars for what I wanted to do to my nails, but it’s to be expected and I think it is a genius option as opposed to having a totally separate base coat, sparkle top coat, and loose stars!)

I painted my patriotic pedicure on my deck while my daughter played next to me. I only did one or two toes at a time so I could watch her closely, but it only took me five minutes or so to get the first coat of red applied. I slapped on a quick second coat, though I’m not convinced I even needed one. My toes didn’t look so alien in this red as I used to think they did with other nail polishes. (Is it because I’m a mom now? Because I’m in my 30’s?)

I ended up falling asleep before I could complete my patriotic pedicure designs, so, the next day I did the fun part—I put the sparkle and stars coat on each toenail, putting two stars on my big toes and one star on each other toe. I made sure enough sparkles were spaced throughout the nails and I let them dry. I have to tell you, I am thrilled with the results. I like a professional pedicure as much as the next girl, but I love how fast and easy it was to get gorgeous, sparkly, and festive nails at home in a matter of minutes.

To be fair and honest, I will, of course, disclose my only point of contention–I know this would happen with any 3-D nail art, so take this point with a grain of salt… When I did curl up into my bed between the satin sheets after completing the sparkle and stars top coat, it felt like my pedicure was getting stuck to the sheets or dragging across them a bit oddly. I’ve since learned to tuck my toes or keep them closer to the fleece blanket rather than the satin sheets.

stars-nail-polishAnother thing that impressed me about this collection is that the polishes hold up amazingly well on my toes. I have not had to reapply yet, aside from when I accidentally smudged my toe on my flip-flop before it was dry. (Mama multitasking mistake, not a rookie mistake!) In reading more about this product line, I’ve come to learn that all of Pure Ice’s nail polishes feature a long-wear formula, making your mani’s and pedi’s last longer. These products are also free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP, making them a smart choice for health reasons as well.

Are you ready for the best news of all? How much do you think a high quality, totally functional, durable, and brilliantly beautiful, versatile bottle of nail polish should cost? Or how much it really does cost? Wait for it… you can get Pure Ice’s Stars & Stripes collection for just $1.99 per bottle, meaning you can have the entire set for less than 10 bucks! What are you waiting for? Get to your nearest Walmart or hop on over to so you can get your patriotic pedicure in place before the 4th of July!

Disclosure: LifeLoveBeauty received complimentary PURE ICE nail polish samples for the purpose of review. The opinions in this post are my own honest experiences and not influenced in any way. Individual experiences may vary.

Pretty Nail Art Ideas

Painting Nails by PixelandsoulEvery woman should allow her nails to make a fashion statement by decorating them with pretty nail art ideas. Creating beautiful fingernail art designs can be achieved with only a little effort and patience.  You can create nail art designs that are perfect for that special occasion. Apart from accessorizing your wardrobe, the nail art ideas will also express your individuality and complement your personality. These designs range from subtle to simple to elegant, quirky or even bold. If you wish to get in the holiday mood, you need to allow your nails to be part of the celebration with one of the many designs.

One nail art that is common and a favorite for most women is the French nails design.  This nail art is admired both for its simplicity and the elegance that it exudes.  With the French manicure, the tip of your nail is painted with a white nail polish. Depending on your available budget, you can opt to try out the different variations of the French manicure. You have the option of either using the different materials available or nail coatings, such as nail acrylics, gel, or even air polish, all depending on your individual taste. Other French manicure designs come with flower decorations or cartoon character designs. Check online for the latest designs and decorations of French manicure designs.

It is now possible to keep up with the trends with fashion nails without emptying your paycheck. A spectacular manicure does not have to be complicated or even cost a fortune. The 3D nail design is a hot trend that will leave your nails looking glamorous. It is fun to experiment with different polish colors and different nail designs as often as you like. Alternatively you can allow the style that suits you best to be your signature look, though it is important that you match your nails with your outfit if you want to get noticed.

Some nail polish designs are definitely more beautiful than others. To come up with the best designs, you should go for a long-lasting nail polish. Though a little bit expensive, they are worth the cost because they are perfect for a woman who wants to be creative with designs; they go on smoother but still do not chip. It is a perfect idea to go for nail designs that are original. For example, at Christmastime, you can have your nails painted with a moon, star, and Christmas tree to tell it all. To make your nails striking at all times, you can get the best nail polish online. Here you may find your favorite right off the bat or have fun trying a few different types.


Image courtesy of StockFreeImages.


My Favorite Topcoat

My Favorite Topcoat

I received the ever-name-fitting clear nail polish, My Favorite Topcoat, to review and put to the test. I rarely used topcoats in the past; I either forgot or just didn’t consider it. After using this nail product I  changed my mind and vow to never forget again!

Every great manicure needs something equally great to protect it. There’s nothing worse than doing your own manicure at home and having your design chip away because you forgot to top it off with a clear polish. Some polishes just doesn’t cut it for the wear and tear nails get without something to defend it.

With all the things my nails have to go through.. typing, washing dishes, rifling through purses and bags for that Chapstick I swear I threw in there. I accepted the fact that my nail designs would only last a few days, before I started using My Favorite Topcoat.

Perfect Formula’s My Favorite Topcoat is designed to extend the wear of your manicure or pedicure. The formula will seal and toughen your nail polish to withstand the everyday abuse nails experience. I used to be ashamed at the state of my nails when friends and co-workers noticed my manicure days after I’ve painted them and designs had already started to chip. Now that I’ve got My Favorite Topcoat on my side I’m hoping to avoid all future embarrassment.

My Favorite TopcoatThis nail product isn’t a miracle worker though. I tried this with Sally Hansen polish and it worked wonders – really kept my manicure in shape. However, when I tried it with Confetti brand nail polish, the tips of my nails were chipped within hours. It also helps to reapply a coat every day or so to further extend wear.

When there is a pattern on nails, paint in the direction of the pattern to avoid smearing and smudging. When I went in the opposite direction, the polish made my design bleed a small amount.The topcoat also made my nails a little tacky, although this is perhaps due to too many coats of polish being used and being a tad bit impatient.

Although there may be some small measures to take in preserving a manicure or pedicure, it is well worth the effort. My Favorite Topcoat has rightfully earned its name as my favorite topcoat.

My Favorite Topcoat is just one of the many products featured on QVC. It’s not just a channel on TV anymore. QVC is on many social networks and you can even order products online. You can order this product here, or visit the mainpage for other great products!


Hot Fall 2012 Nail Polish Colors and Trends

hot fall 2012 nail colorsFall nail polish colors and trends for 2012 promise to be darker, more mysterious, and richer than their summer counterparts. Keep in mind that as the weather becomes chillier and the leaves turn brown, the color palette for this season will be in the same tone. Let’s take a tour of the hottest nail trends for fall 2012.

Dark hues
Perhaps the most popular nail trend for fall will be of a more subdued elegance embodied by dark hues such as midnight blue, copper, and burgundy. The nails at Wes Craven were of the same look and feel. Dark, mysterious, but still as beautiful…

Black, but not quite
There’s plum, blackened malachite, black coffee, and midnight blue nails. These were achieved by combining two shades – one in a deep and vibrant hue and the other in an almost black shade. To make midnight blue, for example, you can combine Essie’s Electric Purple and Black Jack topped with a matte finish. Perfect for nail polish for fall evenings.

Crimson makes a big comeback this year. Red hot lips, whether with a blue or orange base, look great with crimson nails. This bold red nail trend also works well with metallic accessories as the color really pops. Other shades of red are as equally stunning- there’s coral and fire engine red, among others.

Fall 2012 nail trends aren’t just about the darker shades. Some designers like Rachel Anotoff like it spunky and colorful. Nail art, well, it never ceases to become a favorite. In fact, some summer shades such as watermelon, cucumber, lime green, and cobalt transition well into fall.

A little bit of shimmer is always beautiful. In fact, it goes pretty well with dark colors, giving them a little kick. Matte nails are also in season. Think subdued hues that are as matte as the most luscious matte lip color. Such a perfect combination, right? Like red, it goes well with metallic since the metallic shine is a stark contrast to the vivid matte color.

Other mainstays for fall nail trends this 2012 come from the summer hype. There’s ombre, neon colors, nude and neutral shades, as well as the classic French tip. Oval or short and round nails are still the best canvass for this seasons colors and trends in nails- classic neat and trim nails are always a sight to see- as well as beige and light pink lacquer.

The top brands in the beauty industry have been releasing their fall 2012 lacquer collections and these popular nail colors are widely available as early as today. OPI has its Germany collection which boasts a variety of rich colors such as Unforgettably Blue, Don’t Talk Bach To Me, and Deutsch You Want Me Baby. Pretty catchy names, a typical OPI trademark.

Essie also released its fall collection, Yogaga, with Pilates Hottie, Gym Dandy, and Boxer Shorts. These come in a lighter shade compared to OPI’s Germany collection.

A new fall favorite nail polish brand is the British laquer Butter. It just released its new fall/winter 2012 collection that’s sure to add sparkle into your life. I’m thinking this is a good set for nights around town.

The fall and winter collection for 2012 is all about the subdued elegance that comes in every bottle of color. Whether you prefer bold and dark tones or bright shades for your fall nails, be sure to add a new shade or two to your polish collection just in time for the autumn of 2012.


2012 London Olympics Nail Ideas

Olympic nail artGet into the Olympic Spirit by donning your nails with themed nail art! The Olympics are full of colors, symbols, words, and flags that can be used for inspiration.

If you are painting your own nails, make sure you are able to do a decent job using either hand. If you are not ambidextrous (at least when it comes to painting nails), consider only doing a statement nail on each hand by having art on your ring finger.

Olympic Nail Art

Word Play: You could do the classic ‘London 2012’ to decorate your nails or sport something more team specific. Use the Olympic code of the country or countries you are rooting for (Ex. USA, GRB, CHN). Write any phrases your favorite Olympian uses for example Ryan Lochte’s ‘Jeah!’ If letters are difficult, try to limit what and how much you write. Stretch the phrase or number across your nails so you have enough space.

Patriotic Patterns: There are so many counties involved in the Olympics that you could have your pick for each finger and toe and still have leftovers! Mimic patterns or colors of your favorite uniforms or pick a country’s flag. Pick your top one, two, ten, twenty, what have you and decorate one or all of your nails with pride!

American Flag How To

Depending on what colors you have available, start with either a red or white base. Use a nail art pen, a fine polish brush, or toothpick to stripe your nail. Paint a ‘corner’ blue. Use a toothpick to dot the blue. If you have the confidence, try painting tiny stars.

Olympic Nail Art

The Rings: Accent one nail with all the rings or make a pattern out of them. One pattern idea is to paint overlapping semi-circles at the top of your nails leaving the rest of your nail blank.

Rings How To

Olympic nail art

Unless you have a fine tipped brush or pen, toothpicks can help you create the five circles. If you want the logo exact, leave spaces in the circles for the rings to loop.

Olympic Nail Art


If your polish is bold, for instance the black ring may not show other colors painted over it. Don’t get lost in the details though, I doubt many people will get close enough to your nails or be rude enough to comment on the inexactitude of the Olympic rings.


The Torch: The torch may be the easiest theme to paint. The shape is a simple elongated triangle and the flame can be any shape or style you want.

The Medals: Paint some medals on one or more fingers by creating a circle and painting a royal purple ribbon.

London Specifics: If you’d like to sport some London inspired nails, there are many options for your nails. Of course you can paint the flag and write whatever you’d like, but there are also more complicated ideas. If you want to take a challenge, try your hand at replicating the London Olympic Logo or some London Landmarks like Big Ben.

London Logo How To

I outlined the logo in black and filled in in with red polish. Make sure you plan the nail before you start so you have enough room to complete the logo. (I nearly ran out of room and the middle of the logo suffered a bit from that.)

Keep it Simple: Paint each nail a solid color, either to represent each of rings or the country you’d like to win. Another spin on this is to play with metallics with silver, gold, and bronze to represent the medals.

Olympic Nail Art

Don’t forget to use a top coat on all your nails to protect your art and to have long lasting wear!


Summer 2012 Pedicure Trends and Hot Colors for Toes

Hot Summer Pedicures - colors and trends for 2012What’s a little bit of color in your outfit, right? Don’t forget to keep your fabulous sense of style and fashion going straight down to your toes with fun summer pedicures this season. Summer 2012 pedicures are all about bright takes on classic colors for toes. What’s more, different brands have customized their collections just to put you ahead in summer 2012 pedicure trends. Here are a few trends we’ve spotted in popular pedicure styles this summer from the trendsetters in the beauty and fashion industry.

Electric yellow, lime, cobalt blue, and fuchsia are making a big splash this year.  Your toes will definitely get the attention they need with these colors. Try a fun trend by putting a different color on each toe. China Glaze has a fantastic neon summer 2012 collection.

Going to the club one of these summer evenings? Metallics are classic lacquer shades that you can wear from the beach to the club, say, in Miami or Brazil. Match this color with silver or gold pumps or heels with metallic embellishments. Kleancolor has a collection available in dark hues as well as lighter, pinker ones. Picture the sandy beaches of all the most wonderful tropical destinations in the world and you are sure to envision some of the metallic sandy pinks and beiges in this summer nail polish collection.

Hot Summer Pedicures - colors and trends for 2012Classics
Of course, classic colors will never go out of fashion. Deep reds, nudes, and pinks will always look great on any feet. You can wear these to semi-formal day and afternoon events such as weddings, bridal showers, and birthday celebrations. Essie has a lovely collection that boasts colors such as watermelon and clam bake.

Like metallics, shimmer is a good color to wear when out partying. Layer them over bright or dark hues for an attention-grabbing set of toes. It also helps to buy colors with added shimmer. Zoya has a pretty set of shimmers that can make some of the most perfect summer pedicures.


Ombre is especially chic when done in metallic or shimmery shades. To do this, choose colors that are in the same color family. You’ll need a makeup sponge to dab one color over the other. Ombre is a style that can be done using different brands and different colors, so it’s as fun as it looks.

Summer is a time to let your hair down and have a break away from stress. Beach vacations are a must, and so are happy, colorful feet. One thing to consider is to get yourself armed with an array of colors, all bright and fit for the sun. Next is a pedicure or a foot spa to make your feet look like they’ve been waiting for sun, sand and surf. Happy summer!


Summer 2012 Hot Nail Polish Colors and Manicure Trends

Essie Summer 2012 nail polish collectionSun, surf, sand – it’s summer! And what better way to kick it off than to add a little color into your look with summer manis and pedis? No matter if you like bright and funky nail colors or sweet and subtle manicures and pedicures, you can find a pretty summer nail trend that suits your style this season. Here’s a quick rundown of the hottest nail polish colors and trends for summer 2012.

Perhaps the best place to look for the latest trends in everything from fashion to hair to nails is on the catwalk. Fashion weeks all over the world showcase forecasts on what’s going to be hot, and so people like us flock to fashion blogs and magazines to get a first look at what’s going to be in. This is especially true for nails this summer of 2012.

Reverse French Tip
It is what it is! Use a richer, darker color for the larger side, and a lighter, neutral color for the “tip.” French tip nails are timeless classics, so take a fun spin on this traditional manicure and pedicure style.


There’s one brand that comes to mind whenever I hear the term Ombre in connection with nails, and that brand is Zoya. You can wear the Zoya Beach collection Ombre style by blending two or more colors on one nail. Another way to do it is by wearing shades going from the darkest to the lightest from your thumb to your pinky, sort of like a gradient nail. Either way, your nails will still look like they came out of a fresh grapefruit.


Two words: China Glaze. If you want to go all out on a splash of color, China Glaze’s Summer 2012 collection is for you. You’ll be delighted with the neons in pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange. It’s all fun from there! Bright, bright neons are some of the hottest nail polish colors for summer this year.

Pale Brights
There’s no other way to spice up your nails than by literally making them bright. This is absolutely perfect for summer – you need something that will compliment a sundress. Essie’s Bikini So Teeny 2012 is the queen of the brand’s summer collection, and a sweet nail color that you should try. The Summer 2012 Essie nail collection is just so colorful and fun; you can create a whole wardrobe based on these nail lacquers.

Long and Elegant

Essie did quite a number for Zac Posen’s runway show. The models were fitted with long nails that were, of course, filed to a perfect rounded shape. The nails were then painted in a neutral color. This look is subdued enough for work yet super sexy for a hot night out with your man. Maybe it’s no surprise for a hot summer 2012 nail trend – nude and neutral nails always seem to be in style!

OPI Summer 2012 hot nail colorsShort and Sweet
Keep it prim and proper with short nails, but make them pop out with OPI’s Summer 2012 collection. The destination-themed colors are a great way to add juicy hues to your outfit. For this year, it’s all about Holland. Think tulips in red, pink, purple, and yellow, and you have a collection that’s waiting for you in the shelves. Spice up your summer outfits with these lovely summery nail colors for 2012.

Manicured nails are always a sight to see, so go ahead, have your nails done or do them yourself, and get ready to show them off this summer!


Spring 2012 Hot Nail Polish Colors and Trends for Nails

pink-nail-polishSpringtime is the perfect time for a fresh new look or a special day pampering yourself. Even a simple new spring manicure or pedicure can make you feel like a million bucks. To welcome the warmer weather, try one of the hot spring 2012 nail polish colors for your next mani or pedi. You can brush up your style with stunning nail colors for spring 2012 using some polishes from the latest collections by top nail polish designers.

These hot nail polish colors for spring 2012 will give your look a snazzy twist, no matter if you choose something a bit wild or a look that is more down-to-earth. Polished nails can really polish your look – try not to go out of the house with half-worn polish on your fingers and toes. Instead, dress up your nails with a pretty new shade of polish just in time for spring. Check out our Spring 2012 hot nail polish colors and trends for nails to find some great new colors to add to your nail polish collection as flip-flop weather finally arrives.

Spring 2012 Nail Polish Trend #1: Bright, Bright, Bright!
You might not be surprised to find that some of the hottest nail lacquer colors for spring 2012 include bright hues in yellows, oranges, blues, purples, and greens. The trends for spring 2012 hot nail polish colors are leaning towards shades that make a statement, grabbing attention, and accenting an outfit like the perfect fashion accessory.

“I would say these bright colors are one of most exciting collections yet,” says Natasha Polikov, co-owner of Marina and I Salon. “As always, nail colors are dictated by fashion and it is not an exception this year. The biggest colors in fashion are orange and yellow. And nail colors are following with wonderful oranges, corals, salmons, and, of course, yellows. And absolutely any bright and delicious color that will compliment any and all of those, including the brightest pinks, most luscious lavenders, deep and seductive hues of blue, and spring reds.”

Polikov respects that not all women are bold and daring with their nail polish colors, though, and she recommends a few easy ways to adapt the trends to personal comfort zones for nail colors.

“Some of us ladies are a little shy, a little softer perhaps, and there are colors for us are there as well,” she says. “All the same colors work, but just in shades a little more mysterious like smoky blue, quiet gray, mysterious very light violet, beautiful sage, and very soft shimmers.”

OPI’s Spring 2012 nail polish lineup, the Holland Collection, fits the bill for both bold and bright colors as well as more subdued yet still gorgeous shades in the same theme. Colors include rich reds and purples, medium blues, a softer sage green, and a few pinks and coffee hues, among others. There truly is something for everyone in OPI’s spring 2012 collection, whether it’s a basic off-white or light pink, or a truly deep purple or a fun coral red.

Another set of bright and pretty nail colors to try for spring are the daniPro polishes, which are a doctor-formulated brand that includes a topical antifungal to keep your nails free from nail fungus and discoloration while looking beautiful. The daniPro collection includes bold and bright colors like My Girl PURE PINK, Stop And Smell the Flowers LILAC, and First Kiss RED, but also includes lighter shades like Love is All PINK, and neutrals in nude, steel, and even clear coats. I received four bottles of daniPro nail polish to review. The polishes apply smoothly but may need a couple of coats to reach your desired depth of color. I especially like the lilac shade, which has a shiny and juicy appearance. The colors really “pop” on your nails and I love how bright they appear. These nail polishes are natural, organic, and safe to use, formulated to be healthier for those using them, as they are free from formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene.

Spring 2012 Nail Polish Trend #2: Classics and Subtle Neutrals – Beige, Cream, and Pinks
It seems the neutral shades of nail polish never go out of style! Some additional spring 2012 hot nail polish colors include sweet shades of pink, cream, and beige, offering a softer look that works for business as well as pleasure. Dress up your nails for a formal occasion or everyday wear – these nice neutrals and soft, subtle nail polish colors will keep your look fresh and feminine no matter what the occasion.

Paul & Joe’s spring 2012 nail enamels feature a nude beige, an elegant pink, and a flirty rose color specifically chosen for springtime. This nail polish collection is unique in that it was actually inspired by owner Sophie Albou’s love of cats as an ode to Paul & Joe Beaute’s 10 year anniversary. The adorable cat themed nail polish boxes are too cute for words so hopefully the picture does them justice. I received a bottle of Manekineko (027), which is a bright, hot pink nail polish that brings together romance and playfulness in one bottle. I especially loved the ease of application with the nail polish brush, but the shape of the bottle is also attractive and easy to hold and open. Some of the key ingredients in this specialty nail enamel include orange flower water, white lily extract, jojoba oil, chamomilla recutita, and pearl calc extract, each with its own purpose to moisturize, soften skin, or protect your nails. Paul & Joe’s spring 2012 nail polishes retail for $14 and are available for purchase at and

More Hot Spring Nail Colors…


Springtime Nail Art Designs

Spring nail art designsSpring is not only the most colorful season of the year, but it is also the most awaited in the fashion calendar. Why? It’s because it signifies a new year of colors, trends, and designs that will grace the streets of New York, Milan, Barcelona, and Paris. More often than not, people tend to focus on the clothes and the makeup just because these are the things that easily get their attention. Little do they know that some of the trends on the runway can actually be applicable to springtime nail art ideas. Here are a few examples of what you can do with this year’s trends and translate them into pretty spring nails.

You will need nail polish (OPI has a variety that you will fall in love with), nail art pens (you could also use a toothpick or a really tiny paintbrush), paper towels or a napkin to put your hands over so that you avoid making a mess, nail polish remover, Q-tips, and a clear topcoat to finish.

The easiest thing to do is to go plain. Use this season’s colors to match your spring wardrobe as well. I guarantee you that you will look put-together. Use Pantone colors such as cockatoo, driftwood, solar power, margarita, and cabaret.

Color Block
1.    Paint your nails in your desired base color. Let it dry.

2.    Use a more striking set of colors for the color blocks. Use a masking tape to create divisions on your nails if you’re really poor at drawing straight lines. You can combine spring colors like margarita with cabaret and driftwood, or cockatoo with solar power. Let the coat dry. Here’s an example of a color block attempt.

3.    Apply a clear topcoat to finish.

1.    Paint your nails in your desired spring nail polish base color. Let it dry.

2.    Using a toothpick, nail art pen, or a paintbrush dipped in another color and draw a line from one end of your nail to the other. Create lines in a variety of widths to make it more interesting. Take a look at this attempt to give yourself a visual.

3.    Apply a clear topcoat to finish.

1.    Paint your nails in your desired base color. Let it dry.

2.    Open up a variety of colors and make sure that the brush is easy to lift. You will need to be quick in applying each color onto your nails.

3.    Apply the first color in one stroke. Before it dries, quickly apply another color and make sure that it overlaps part of the first color so that it blends. Do this with all the colors that you want to use until you fully cover the nail. Let it dry. Take a look at this attempt to paint a sunset inspired nail.

4.    Apply a clear topcoat to finish.

1.    Apply a metallic base coat. Orly Luxe is a great shade for this. Let it dry. If you want to put a spring theme into this previous spring nail art favorite, use a spring pantone color.

2.    With a very careful and precise finger, paint over the nail with a darker shade, leaving a crescent moon at the base of the nail. Think of it as a reverse French tip, because that’s what it looks like. Let it dry. Take a look at this pretty one. If you have a hand that’s quite a bit shaky, you can put on a piece of tape that’s cut out in a crescent shape on the base of your nail and remove it once the darker coat dries.

3.    Apply a clear top coat to finish. You may want to try one that has a matte finish to enhance the look.

These spring nail designs are inspired from the latest trends that hit the runway during the Spring/Summer 2012 shows. Ruffian, however, was inspired by the designer who used it on his models in his Spring 2010 collection during the New York Fashion Week. Spring nail colors add so much to your look, no matter what you wear. Have you tried these spring nail art techniques? What other ideas do you have for your nails this season? Share it with us in the comments below.


Easy Manicure Ideas with an Irish Spin for St. Patrick’s Day

4leaf-clover-nail-designsHolidays give us a fun excuse to paint our nails and get all dolled up for the occasion. St. Patrick’s Day is a fun and festive holiday that brings together the Irish culture along with the spirit of drinking and socializing. Hues of green, gold, black, and silver tend to bedeck the bars and other social venues where people will gather to celebrate. Consider these easy manicure ideas with an Irish spin to help you create lovely St. Patrick’s Day nail art designs.

Before you get started, be sure to gather all of your manicure and pedicure supplies as needed. Try to have a few different nail polish colors to give you some flexibility in painting your Irish nail designs. You can also try nail art decals if you find Irish or St. Patty’s Day themed nail tattoos and decals.

Easy St. Patty’s Day Manicure
Perhaps the simplest of all is the basic green and silver or green and gold manicure. Paint your nails in a shade of green that you like. Consider hunter green, jungle green, mint, and teal as just a few options. You can add a gold or silver glitter top coat to seal in the green base coat.

Shattered Irish Manicure
Try these steps for a fun and easy Irish manicure using the shatter nail polish products.
1.    Paint your nails green or teal.
2.    Apply a shatter top coat in gold or silver to get a stunning manicure.
3.    Apply a clear top coat to seal and protect your Irish nail art.

Clover or Shamrock Nail Art Designs
Painting a clover or shamrock on your nails can be the perfect way to prep your fingers and toes for St. Patty’s Day weekend. Try these steps for an easy shamrock or four-leaf clover nail design.
1.    Paint your desired background color, even a light green.
2.    Paint a single dot of darker green nail polish.
3.    Paint a second dot next to the first.
4.    Paint a third dot below one of the other dots.
5.    Paint a fourth dot in the open space between the others.
6.    Add a thin line for a stem.
7.    Apply a clear top coat to seal and protect your Irish clover nail art designs.

Mini Lucky Charms Nail Art Designs
Take inspiration from the cereal with the leprechaun mascot! Paint a different lucky charm on each fingernail… a purple horseshoe, blue moon, pink heart, red balloon, yellow and orange pot of gold, green clover, and a colorful rainbow. For a more consistent look, paint all your nails with the same background color.

These are just a few suggestions for easy manicures to try for St. Patty’s Day weekend. You can also try to do St. Patty’s Day pedicures for a fun and festive look that keeps your toes and feet fresh for springtime. If you have other ideas for Irish themed nail art designs or easy manicure ideas for this festive holiday, please share them in our comments below.


Fingernail Designs for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Fingernail Designs for Christmas and New Year's EveThe holidays are a great time to dress up from head to toe. Don’t forget to create your own special fingernail designs for Christmas and New Year’s to complete your stylish look. Your holiday manicures can be as simple or as complex as you like. You can do your own nails or go to your local nail salon with an idea you’d like them to try on your nails. Here are some tips to help you craft your own special fingernail designs for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Before you get started, be sure you have some gorgeous winter nail polish colors on hand. Choose a premium brand like OPI, nubar, Julep, Physician’s Formula, or another one of your favorites for a long-lasting manicure or pedicure that looks great and stays put.

Hot Fingernail Designs for Christmas
Check out these suggestions for pretty fingernail art designs you can try for the Christmas holiday:

•    Try a basic manicure or pedicure with a holiday themed base color and a sparkly topcoat. Consider emerald green with silver or gold sparkles, blue with white or silver sparkles, or wine / red with gold glitter.

•    Paint all your nails the same festive color. Then add a holly berry cluster or a delicate snowflake on a single nail (on each hand) to complete your look with an elegant twist.

•    Paint your nails red or green. Next, apply the gold or silver shatter topcoat for an edgy but fun Christmas fingernail design motif.

•    Try something a little casual but just as pretty. Look for Christmas nail decals or nail art stickers to dress up your manicure or pedicure. You can also look for holiday or winter themed Fimo nail art slices.

These are just a few suggestions for fun and festive fingernail art designs for Christmas. If you have other suggestions, please share in our comments below.

Sexy Fingernail Designs for New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays where fashion meets fun in a big way. The perfect New Year’s outfit gains even better marks with a fun and festive New Year’s Eve manicure to match your style. Consider these tips for sexy fingernail designs for New Year’s Eve:

•    Choose a nail polish color that complements your outfit, or even one that can be somewhat neutral like black or silver. Use a shatter coat (black, silver, gold, etc.) that will complement the overall look. Consider nail art combinations like purple and silver, dark blue and silver, green and gold, black and gold OR silver, etc.

•    Go for a classic French manicure with a single rhinestone and decorative swirl or line on your ring finger.

•    Keep it simple with an iridescent, solid nail color like a pearly aqua, sapphire, or purple polish. Check Five Below for a great selection of nail colors at rock bottom prices.

•    Go all out and try water marbling on your nails. You can choose any color combination that you like. Because this is a somewhat involved process, it may be best to do your nails in the morning if you have an hour or two to set aside for your New Year’s manicure.

What other ideas do you have for New Year’s Eve fingernail designs? Please share them in our comments below. Happy Holidays everyone!