Justin Bieber’s One Less Lonely Girl Collection- Big on Bright Colors

justinbiebernailpolishRumors have it that the latest colors of Justin Bieber’s line of nail polish are being scooped up faster than they can be produced. This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone, especially for those people who actually know who Justin Bieber is. Perhaps one of the hottest sex symbols for teenage girls this century, Bieber is showing up in more places than ever – even on CSI, a TV crime show. His nail polish, produced by Nicole by OPI, is hot, hot, hot!

Even if you aren’t a fan of Justin himself, you are more than likely to appreciate the sexy colors, the unique names, and the perfect-stroke brush technology used with this exclusive collection of nail polish designed specifically for the fans. Offering 14 lush colors in hues of blue, lavender, and pink, Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber nail lacquers are heavy on glitter and splendid with color. Six shades came out in December with 8 more in January. The colors are bright, attractive, and popular!

Retailing for 7 to 10 dollars, depending on where you choose to make your purchase, the names of each of the polishes are inspired by songs. One of the shades that is sure to tug on the heartstrings of young girls and women alike is Step 2 The Beat of My Heart (a heart-filled glitter hue). Other shades include: Me + Blue (dark blue), My Lifesaver (lime), One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender), Prized Possession Purple (dark purple), Give Me the First Dance (silver), and OMB! (bright red).

Nail trends might come and go, but they almost always bring a touch of something attractive, clever, and desirable with them. Continuing with current nail-polish trends, Nicole by OPI produces an array of bright colors and glitters for the One Less Lonely Girl collection. Tweens are bound to clamor for this set of nail lacquers, so think about rewarding your girl for good grades, a kind act, or a paper that she worked really hard on with the gift of several colors.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the One Less Lonely Girl collection goes to support a charitable cause, Pencils of Promise. This organization strives to assist developing countries with the construction of schools that can help to increase educational opportunities for many children.

Nicole by OPI, the maker of Justin Bieber’s line of nail polish, One Less Lonely Girl nail lacquer shades, is responsible for several other celebrity-endorsed lines of nail polish as well. Justin Bieber’s collection can be purchased from WalMart, Target, Sears, and Amazon.com as well as a number of other retail establishments.

I received 7 shades of the One Less Lonely Girl nail lacquer collection, enough to get me through several important occasions including Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and my anniversary. Try them for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


Winter 2010 – 2011 Hot Nail Polish Colors Preview

It’s hard to believe winter is here again in full swing! Many places had their first big snowfall just a few weeks ago, and again this week. It’s time to break out the hottest nail polish colors for winter 2010 – 2011 so you can rock a sexy manicure for New Year’s Eve, January, and February, especially Valentine’s Day. No matter if you like reds, pinks, metallic nail polish, or something else entirely, you are sure to find hot nail polish colors to love for the wintertime.

This is our preview for winter 2010 – 2011 hot nail polish colors so you can stay on top of the nail trends. Consider these hot and sexy nail polish colors for winter.

Winter 2010 – 2011 Nail Polish Trend #1: Metallics Are Still in Style, but Don’t Forget Sparkle!

As always, nail polish brand OPI is on top of the hottest nail colors and shades for the season, in this case winter. OPI offers the Katy Perry Collection, which includes colors such as Last Friday Night NL K10, a beautiful glitter blue that is as bright and pretty as it is sparkly, Teenage Dream NL K07, which is another swirly, glittery nail color but this time in a captivating rosy pink, the subtle sparkling Simply Smashing NL S17, which is a lovely cross of fresh lime and olive green, Not Like the Movies NL K09, which is a tough color to peg – I think it is a kind of grayish green, and finally another gorgeous shade – The One that Got Away NL K08, which is a vibrant and sparkly magenta color that is great for making a statement!

The glittery nail colors for winter are extra fun, boasting large, chunky sparkles and glitter instead of the usual subtle sheen. Perhaps the most exciting new offering from OPI (in my humble opinion of course) is the Black Shatter topcoat, which can give your manicures and pedicures an edgy look with great ease. To create a shattered manicure, simply apply one coat of the Black Shatter polish over any completely dry Katy Perry shade of OPI nail color.

Perfect Formula is another nail polish brand keeping up with the trends in metallic nail polish colors. Chambord is one of my new favorite nail colors, showing off the look of wonderful wine before you even open the bottle. The nail color goes on smoothly and evenly and looks great with two coats. Where OPI The One that Got Away is more in the pink family, Chambord is more in the purple family. It is a really fun and sexy nail color for winter. Beyond the color though, I am honestly amazed at how quickly my nails dried when I painted them with Perfect Formula nail polish!

Another metallic nail shade for winter 2011 from Perfect Formula is Mystic, which can best be described as liquid opal in a bottle. While I love the look of the nail polish in the bottle, it gets a little washed out on my nails when I apply it. I can’t really see the opal tones as well as I wish I could. The moral is this – if you want va-va-voom color for winter, Mystic is not your shade. However, if you are interested in a subtle nail color for a job interview or a nice understated look on your manicure or pedicure, this color could be perfect for you. In fact, if you prefer the natural look of your nails, this color adds a bit of shine without taking away from the natural beauty.

Dazzle Dry nail colors offer two sparkly shades for winter, a slightly sheer mauve-type shade known as Bleu Rosé and a gorgeous, glittering silver sparkle shade of nail color, Silver Lamé, which is reminiscent of minx nails. Bleu Rosé seems to dry into a flat shade rather than an overly sparkly shade. Silver Lamé, on the other hand, allows you to live all your sparkling dreams with a wild and reckless glitter coat. Nail colors by Dazzle Dry really do dry in a flash, with or without the three-piece vegan nail care kit offered by VB Cosmetics, the parent company of Dazzle Dry.

Finally, Unforgettable Moments nail colors, distributed by Payless ShoeSource Worldwide Inc, arrive in a fine array of sparkly, metallic nail shades for the winter season. Bringing back the gemstone outlook, the nail colors come in trios of mini nail polish bottles in colors such as Sapphire, Amethyst, Garnet, and of course, the metal tones, Gold, Bronze, and Platinum. These rich metallic nail polishes make a great winter statement and look especially great with dresses or even with jeans. These sparkly shades go on your nails nice and evenly and can look great even with one coat. Zoe&Zac Naturals, another nail brand offered by Payless, also has a fun and rich sparkly brown nail color known as Bronze Lady. What a lovely change from the typical nail polish colors!

Rachele Greco, Spa Director at Viana Hotel & Spa in Westbury, NY, shares her outlook on nails trends and colors for winter 2011. She recommends the following nail polish products this winter:

Gold: OPI’s Rising Star takes on a rich hue, and is not too yellow,” Greco says. “Unless you are a nail biter, this will look good on any nail length. Want to be daring? Use gold as the base for a French manicure instead of pale pink.”

Silver/Platinum: “A completely silver nail looks great for evening wear, but for a day look, it might be too flashy,” Greco tips. “I’ve used it just on the tip of my nails for a subdued yet elegant option. Nars’ Full Metal Jacket fits the bill.”


“Always a great winter choice on nails and lips… Be careful to select a shade that complements your skin color,” Greco cautions. “If you are a woman of color, or just got back from San Tropez, select a more orange-based red like Zoya’s Haley. Those who have more of a pink tone to their skin should look for “true red” nail colors or ones with more of a blue pigment such as Le Vernis Pulsion from Chanel.”

Winter 2010 – 2011 Nail Polish Trend #2: Bright Colors…

Valentine’s Day Heart Nail Art

Valentine’s Day heart nail art can be some of the easiest nail art designs you ever create. You can paint cupid hearts with arrows for your Valentine’s Day manicure or simple hearts with cool backgrounds for an easier option. Think about different styles of hearts you can paint on your nails for Valentine’s Day this February 14. You might enjoy conversation hearts (candy hearts), red hearts, pink hearts, Valentines with the lacy edges, or so many other styles of heart nail art designs. Your Valentine nails may also include a broken heart for the opposite effect, especially if you are feeling sad.

For a pretty Valentine’s manicure, be sure you have lots of pink, red, and white nail polish on hand, as well as nail art brushes or toothpicks. You should also be sure to have some paper towels, cotton balls, and nail polish remover.


Consider these different styles of heart nail art designs that you can use for a beautiful Valentine’s Day manicure:

Lacy Valentine Heart Nail Design
To create a lacy valentine heart nail art design, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails in a background color other than pink, red, or white.

2.    Once dry, paint a heart using pink or red nail polish. (To paint a heart, paint an upward curve to the left and an upward curve to the right, with both curves meeting in a point below.)

3.    Using a small nail art brush or pointed toothpick, apply dabs of white nail polish around the edges of the heart. This creates the lace border.

4.    Seal and protect your valentine heart nail designs with a clear topcoat of nail polish.

Valentine’s Nail Art: Cupid Hearts with Arrows
To create clever and cute cupid heart arrow nail designs, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the desired background color for your Valentine’s nail art.

2.    Once dry, paint a thin diagonal line across your nails.

3.    On one end, paint a heart that has the pointy end on the outside and the curved parts attached to the arrow shaft. This is to be the tip of the arrow.

4.    On the other end, paint a few diagonal lines for feathers.

5.    Finish off your design with a clear gloss topcoat.

Candy Conversation Heart Nail Designs
To paint the popular candy conversation heart nail designs for your Valentine’s manicure, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails in the desired background color – perhaps red, burgundy, or white.

2.    Paint a heart in light pink or another pastel color of nail polish.

3.    Using a toothpick, pin, or very fine nail art pen, write something on the heart that is similar to what you would find on a candy conversation heart. Consider something like “luv u,” “ur cute,” or “xoxo.”

4.    Consider tracing around the border of the heart with a slightly darker color in the same family as the heart color.

5.    Paint a clear gloss coat to seal and protect your valentine nail designs.

These are just a few styles of nail art for Valentine’s Day that we are able to share. What other kinds of heart nail art would you suggest for a pretty and romantic manicure?

Groundhog Day Nail Art Designs

Holiday nail art can be lots of fun, so why leave out Groundhog Day? The second day of February marks the time we find out how much longer we can expect the winter chill to last. Punxsutawney Phil, the popular groundhog from Pennsylvania, comes out of his home before many visitors to see if he sees his shadow. No matter if the groundhog sees his shadow or not, you can still prepare for this annual holiday and the seasons it brings with fun and festive Groundhog Day nail art.

To create your own groundhog nail art designs for February 2, gather the following materials and follow the steps below.


Materials for Groundhog Day Nail Art Designs
–    Desired nail polish base color
–    Clear topcoat
–    Brown nail polish
–    Light brown or tan nail polish
–    Black nail polish

Steps to Create Groundhog Nail Designs
To create furry groundhog nail designs for a fun Groundhog Day manicure, follow these steps:

1.    Paint two coats of nail polish in your desired background color.

2.    Once dry, paint a round oval with somewhat rough edges in brown for the groundhog’s body.

3.    For the head, paint a smaller bump at the top of the oval.

4.    Use tan or light brown nail polish to paint the groundhog’s paws.

5.    Use black nail polish to paint the claws.

6.    Also paint two dots for eyes on the groundhog’s head. Don’t forget to add a nose and a downward pointed mouth for your groundhog.

7.    Use the brown and tan nail polish colors and a thin brush or toothpick to paint some fur along the edges of the oval for the groundhog.

8.    Complete your design with a clear topcoat.

This is just one variation of a groundhog manicure that you can paint for Groundhog Day. You can also paint the groundhog with a man in a black top hat or with a sun or a snowflake in the background. Use your creativity to come up with a beautiful manicure that gives a fun and festive look for Groundhog Day.

Winter Nail Art Designs

Wintertime is a great time to paint your own manicures and pedicures with winter nail art designs. You can have a lot of fun with colors like silver and blue, white, black, and metallic nail polish colors, too. A pretty winter manicure can really dress up your look no matter what’s on your agenda. Doing your own manicures and pedicures in the winter can save you some money, also allowing you exercise your creativity and artistic ability. Consider these different styles of DIY winter nail designs you can try at home.

Before you get started painting your own winter nail art, think about your favorite winter scenes and other things you enjoy in winter. You can paint winter animals, winter landscapes, and so much more. Try these suggestions with step-by-step instructions to create your own DIY winter nail art.


Snowflake Nail Designs
1.    Choose a dark background color for your nails. Paint your nails evenly and allow them to dry completely. Add a second coat of nail polish if needed.

2.    Next, paint three lines that intersect, creating an asterisk * to serve as your snowflake. To do this, use white or silver nail polish to paint one straight vertical line on your nails, followed by an intersecting horizontal line, followed by one diagonal intersecting line. You may need to let each line dry just a bit to avoid smudging your designs.

Tip: You can paint one large snowflake or a few snowflakes of various sizes on your nails. Paint longer lines for large snowflakes and shorter lines for smaller snowflakes. You can also do some snowflakes in silver and some in white, or do all of them in white and apply a glittery topcoat with silver specks for added dimension.

3.    Allow your snowflakes to dry completely. Consider adding a clear or glitter topcoat to preserve your nail designs.

Artistic Snowflake Nail Designs
1.    Choose a dark or bold background color for your nails. Paint your nails evenly and allow them to dry completely. Then decide if a second coat of nail polish is necessary.

2.    Paint a plus sign on your nails.

3.    Paint shorter, diagonal lines coming out from each intersecting point of the plus sign.

4.    On each line from the plus sign, paint two small diagonal lines in opposite directions toward the end of the line.

5.    Consider adding a few white or silver dots here and there on your nails for smaller snowflakes in the distance.

6.    Allow your snowflakes to dry completely. Consider adding a clear or glitter topcoat to preserve your nail designs.

Figure Skates Nail Designs
1.    Choose a background color for your nails. Remember to keep good contrast by using dark backgrounds for light nail designs and vice versa. Paint your nails evenly and allow them to dry completely. Then decide if a second coat of nail polish is necessary.

2.    Using white, paint a boot with a slightly pointed toe. To break this down step-by-step, paint one vertical line for the back and heel and paint a downward sloping line for the front of the skate. Paint an opening at the top (as a curvy line) and paint the sole of the boot with a little heel at the back.

3.    Using silver nail polish, paint the blades as a horizontal line that connects to the sole of the ice skate at the heel and toe areas.

4.    Add some laces to the front of the boot using silver or another light color.

5.    Apply a topcoat to protect your ice skate nail designs.

Hockey Skates Nail Designs
1.    Choose a light background color for your nails. Paint your nails evenly and allow them to dry completely. Then decide if a second coat of nail polish is necessary.

2.    Using black, paint the boot of the hockey skate. You can use the instructions in step 2 above, but make the boot a bit stockier and thicker for the hockey version of the ice skate. Bring the tongue of the boot up higher in the front and bring the line in the back up a bit higher too.

3.    Using white, paint the plastic area that holds the ice skate blade. This is sort of like a horizontal line with two smaller vertical lines connecting it to the boot. On nails, though, this won’t be very pronounced.

4.    Add some white laces and white accents to the hockey skate itself.

5.    Using silver, paint the blade at the base of the white horizontal line.

6.    Apply a clear topcoat to preserve your hockey skate nail designs.

Mittens Nail Designs
1.    Choose a contrasting background color for your nails once you know what color mittens you would like to paint. Paint your nails evenly and allow them to dry completely. Then decide if a second coat of nail polish is necessary.

2.    Using the color for your mittens, paint two ovals in any direction you like, leaving enough room to add the thumb.

3.    Paint another smaller oval connected to each of the larger ovals. This will be the thumb part of the mitten.

4.    Add the cuffs for each mitten by painting either a lacy cuff or a straight cuff.

5.    Using a very fine nail art brush or a toothpick, paint a curving string connecting the mittens to each other.

6.    Apply a clear topcoat to preserve your mittens nail art designs.

Winter Hat Nail Designs
1.    Choose a contrasting background color for your nails once you know what color winter hat you would like to paint. Paint your nails evenly and allow them to dry completely. Then decide if a second coat of nail polish is necessary.

2.    To create the hat, paint half a circle with the rounded part toward the top of your nail.

3.    Paint a rounded rectangle at the bottom part of the half-circle to create the part of the hat with the opening for your head.

4.    Paint a circle for a pom-pom on top if desired.

5.    Apply a clear topcoat to preserve your nail art.

Leave us a comment to let us know what you think of these fun winter nail art designs!

Handpainted Nail Art Designs

Handpainted nail art designs have become quite popular and especially with the younger generation. Nail art has a long history. There are quite a number of nail designs in the Internet to choose from. Nail art has become extra creative and artistic over the years.

Hand-painted nails are a perfect choice for women who are passionate about their nails. Well groomed nails tell a lot about a person’s character and mood. It is often said that a woman hands tell a lot about her age. Therefore hands that have been well taken care of can disguise a woman’s age.


Manicures and pedicures have become a daily necessity for women today. Pedicures are a good way of taking care of our legs and feet after supporting our bodies for days on end. However, both men and women should have pedicures. This will protect them from the many foot problems for example in grown toe nails, calluses, and fungal infections. Be sure to investigate the salon’s pedicure stations for cleanliness and fresh soaks if you get a salon pedicure.

Nail polish can be used to make any handpainted nail art designs that you may choose. Henna is another product that has become very popular in the recent past for making a variety of handpainted nail art designs. Quite a number of people use henna to make nail designs, especially during weddings and festive occasions.

Extra care should be taken when buying nail polish since some brands are inferior and may harm the nails. Some kinds of nail polish may not even bring out the desired nail designs. Quality nail polish brings out the designs better and they do not chip as often. Among the most admired nail designs are French manicures, hearts, and a variety of flowers. This nail art can be achieved using the wide variety of colors available in nail polish and nail art pens.

Quite a large number of people are opting to have handpainted nail art designs on only one finger. In such cases nail designs are only drawn in the thumb or ring finger.

Countless handpainted nail art designs are available to dress up your manicures and pedicures – just use your imagination. You should choose your desired nail art designs according to season, occasion, and personality. For example if it is spring you can go for lively colors, if the occasion is Valentine’s Day you can paint your designs in red. Both the color and design should tell a tale.

Nail stickers are also some of the available nail art designs which come in the shape of nails or sized small enough for nails. They are sold in beauty shops and have different designs. Your stylist can advice you on the nail art design that suits you best.


Nails, Nails, and More Nails – KISS Product Review Feature

Nails for Halloween from KISSI cannot express to you the amazing amount of love and fondness I have for all KISS nail products. They are my life line when I’m going out on the town. They are the ones to thank when I get compliments all day long because my nails look fabulous. They are the ones I turn too when I’m having another nail biting episode and need to cover my own hideous nails. They are the one and only brand of fake nails I prefer to use, recommend, and trust.

KISS nails come in all sorts of colors, styles, designs, shapes, and sizes. We recently received chrome nails and French manicure nails to try. You can usually find them at any mass retail store for less than five dollars. You can also find the necessary tools to help remove, file, clean, and color your nails, too. If toes are what you’re looking to spruce up and make pretty, you can find all the latest trendy colors, styles, and designs for even the smallest of pinky toes. It really is endless the amount of nail art, accessories, and products KISS has to offer; always at convenient prices, always all the rave in style.

Do you have young girls in the family? Are you lost for the next birthday party idea? Why not have a nail party. With Pink by KISS, young girls can have a safe, fun, and easy way to design and glamorize their nails. Moms can rest easy knowing that there’s no sticky glue to apply. The nails are pre-glued for easy application. When the girls are ready to take them off, they simply soak their hands in warm water for a few minutes and the glue loosens, making it easy for them to remove each nail without harming their natural nail bed.

At just under $5 a guest, you can have an amazingly fun nail party and I know the girls will thank you for it. We do it all the time and my girls love it! We don’t even wait for a special occasion to do this. We invite a few friends every other month and have fun! Even we moms get involved. It’s a great way to spend quality time with the girls and do something everyone loves.

KISS never forgets the holidays either. This Halloween consider trying some of the latest and craziest artificial nails that are sure to enhance your Halloween costumes! The designs are wicked looking and are so much fun to wear! Just think of the comments and reactions you’d receive from all your friends and colleagues. It’s definitely a conversation starter. I wore the spider web nail design last year and cannot wait to wear them again. I’ll be the Bride of Frankenstein with the most glamorous nails around!

Disclosure: Nail products were provided for the purpose of my review. Any thoughts and/or opinions expressed in this feature are 100% my own and did not influence any ‘positive’ feedback. Thank you.


Dashing Diva Nail Polish Product Review Feature

Dashing Diva Spring 2011 nailsPainting your nails, to me, is like therapy. Although I’m not an expert, I can really make my nails striking with just a little nail color; all the while making me feel better, more relaxed, and ready to start the day. Dashing Diva provides some really great up-and-coming nail colors that will bring out the best in you. From minty greens and bold blacks to daring reds and creamy browns, there is a color for every mood and every look you’re after.

Dashing Diva Spring 2011 nailsI received a few colors to try and indeed I did. Each color brought with it a mood to last. When I wore Tibi Couture (light creamy beige) I felt sophisticated, a little on the serious side. When I wore Pier 39 (light minty pastel green) I felt refreshed, clean, and a little sassy! It’s a fun color. Miranda’s Law (a coral hue) was definitely a fun, bright, and festive color that brought out my spunky side. It was very flattering.


Dashing Diva Spring 2011 nailsNow, No More Alimony (a silver metallic) was a very sharp color and brought out the feisty side of me. I was a real go getter with this shade. Remember My Name (black) is wickedly cool and always brings out the darker side. Add a matte top coat (new from Dashing Diva) and say good bye to that shine, leaving you nothing but matte on black. It’s very daring, yet dark and desirable. Whatever your taste—Dashing Diva has your color and will give you that bold statement you’re looking to express.

I loved every color I received. There’s no doubt about it, but I really enjoyed the matte finish because it was different. It took every bit of shine out of the color (any color I used) and left it looking flat. Not having that shine was a bit different at first, but I really admired the way it looked. My friend couldn’t help but want it. She loves coloring her nails but really hates the shine. When I shared this finish (after I colored her nails black) she was beside herself with joy. The Dashing Diva Spring 2011 nailswhen, where, how much, and whys began flowing out of her mouth. Of course, she ended up taking it home with her, to share this look with her sisters. I haven’t seen it back yet, but I’m sure she’s making the best of that look while she can.

Dashing Diva has always been a choice of mine when it comes to “out-of-the-box” shades of color. The prices are reasonable and the nail colors last, without chipping, for up to two weeks. I usually apply two coats, a base and a top, let dry and viola – it’s there, without worries for as long as I need it to stay before changing to a new manicure or pedicure.

If you’ve never used Dashing Diva nail products, I recommend visiting their official site. You might be surprised to find that true color you’ve been looking for.

For more information, please see www.dashingdiva.com.

Disclosure: I was provided with product for the purpose of my candid review. This was not a paid post nor did receiving product influence any ‘positive’ feedback. Any thoughts and/or opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. Thank you.

Toenail Art Designs

Try these cute toenail art designs at home.Painting nail art designs is not a new form of art, but sometimes painting toenail art designs isn’t as common as painting nail art on fingernails. You can get some beautiful and even wild style pedicures by painting some creative toenail art designs. If you can paint your nails a solid color, even if you are a beginner, you should be able to create some pretty and basic toenail art designs.

First gather your favorite nail polish supplies so you are ready to create your toenail art designs. Don’t forget to put down some newspaper or paper towels to protect your table, desk, or countertop. Then consider these tips for creating your own toenail art designs at home.

How to Create Toenail Art Designs at Home
When it comes to toe art designs, use your imagination to come up with a few ideas for styles of nail art you would like to create on your toes. You can do something as simple as a diagonal line nail art design or something as complex as a tiny symbol, design, or scene on your big toe. Consider these steps to create your own toenail art designs.

1.    Perform an at-home pedicure to soften your feet and prepare them for your nail art designs, if you wish.

2.    Once you dry your feet after preparing them for the nail art, paint two coats of your desired background color on all your toenails.

3.    Once the nail color on your toes is dry, it’s time to paint your toenail art design of choice. Consider these ideas and proceed with steps as needed:

•    Diagonal Line Toe Art Designs – To create this style of toenail art, pick one color that works nicely with your background color. Decide if you would like to paint the diagonal line on all your toes, just the big toenail, or what. Starting at one upper corner of the nail, paint a thin diagonal line across the nail surface toward the opposite bottom corner at the tip of the nail.

Try these cute toenail art designs at home.•    Starburst Toe Nail Art – For a fun and festive toenail art design, consider the starburst style of nail art. You can create this nail design by painting a few slightly curved lines (or straight lines if easier) coming outward across the nail. Use a different color to paint more lines in between the existing lines. Use two or three colors to create a starburst design that you love.

•    Flower Toenail Art Designs – You can create a lovely flower on your toenails using these easy tips. First paint a yellow dot in the center of the nail. Then, using your preferred petal color of nail polish, paint lines coming out from the yellow dot. You can make the lines thicker for large petals or thinner for skinny petals, depending on the types of flowers you like best. You can also paint ovals instead of lines if you are comfortable with that technique.

4.    Once the toenail art designs are dry, paint a clear topcoat to all your nails to preserve and protect your pedicure nail art.

These are three styles of toenail art for you to try at home. You can also find plenty of other nail art designs for your toes, like star nails and French pedicures to name a few. If you have other styles of beautiful toenail art to share, please leave us a comment or send us an email.


Halloween Nail Art Designs

Ghost Nail Art Designs by Jennifer M. MarimonHalloween is a fun time of year for costumes and candy, but don’t forget to try some Halloween nail art designs! You can paint your own Halloween nail art designs at home to match your costume or as a fun manicure or pedicure for the season. Even if you are not experienced at doing your own nail art, you can still create really cool Halloween nail art with these simple tips.

Before you create your own DIY Halloween nail art designs, consider what colors of nail polish you would like to use and make sure you have them handy. Another tip to consider before you get started – try to come up with the style of Halloween nail art you would like to create. Consider painting tiny Halloween nail art designs or painting nail art that takes up an entire nail. Once you have a good idea of how you want your nails to look, get started on painting your nails.

Halloween Nail Art Design #1: Candy Corn Nail Designs
Candy corn nail art is a very festive way to show your appreciation for Halloween. To create your own candy corn nails, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails with two coats of white nail polish.
2.    Once dry, paint the bottom two-thirds of your nail (middle of nail and nail tip) with yellow nail polish. Allow to dry completely.
3.    Paint just the tip of your nail with orange nail polish.
4.    Once all nails are dry, paint them with a clear topcoat to make your candy corn manicure last longer.

Halloween Nail Art Design #2: Pumpkin Nails / Jack-o-lantern Nail Art
Pumpkins are a classic symbol of Halloween and the fall season in general. To create your own pumpkin nail art, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails with two coats of orange nail polish.
2.    Once dry, paint a small green spot at the top of your nail (by your skin). This will be the pumpkin’s stem.
3.    Using black or dark brown nail polish, paint two triangles for eyes just a bit below the stem. If you can’t seem to get the triangles perfectly, just make two dots for the eyes.
4.    Paint a triangle nose the same way you painted the jack-o-lantern’s eyes.
5.    Paint a creative mouth using a zigzag pattern or any other style you can accomplish in the small space.
6.    Once you are done with the jack-o-lantern’s face, allow the nail designs to dry completely.
7.    Apply a clear topcoat to protect your Halloween nail art designs.

Halloween Nail Art Design #3: Ghost Nails
Ghost Nail Art Designs by Jennifer M. MarimonGhosts are another popular symbol of Halloween. You can create your own ghost nail art designs with these steps:

1.    Paint your nails with two coats of white nail polish.
2.    Once the white nails are dry, use black nail polish to paint two dots for eyes.
3.    Paint an open circle or letter “O” for the mouth slightly below the eyes.
4.    Once the nail designs are dry, paint a clear topcoat to preserve and protect your nails.

Second Variation of Ghost Nail Art Designs:
For a more detailed ghost nail design, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails with two coats of any dark colored background.
2.    Using white nail polish, paint an upside-down letter “U” to create the top of the ghost.
3.    Fill in the “U” with white nail polish.
4.    Create a bottom for the ghost. You can make a straight line across or make a bit of a curve or a twist depending on how you want your ghost to look.
5.    Give your ghost two dots for eyes.
6.    Paint an open circle or small letter “O” for a mouth.
7.    When all parts of these Halloween nail art designs are dry, paint a clear topcoat to protect your nail art.

Tip: For really cool ghost nail art designs, try glow-in-the-dark nail polish!

These are just a few Halloween nail art ideas you can try. You should also consider painting other fun and spooky nail designs for the season. Consider Halloween nail art ideas like bats, black cats, witches, witches’ hats, vampires, Halloween candy, Trick-or-Treat bags, tombstones, and a scary sky. If you have other ideas for spooky Halloween nail art designs, please feel free to share them in our comments!


Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week Nail Colors and Trends Unveiled

Trina Turk models wore coral toenail polish.For the Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week, the nail company Dashing Diva styled the nails of more than 30 shows backstage. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York saw hot nail shades like gunmetal gray and burgundy, among others. The Dashing Diva nail designs showed up at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, Nicholas K., Trina Turk, Tory Burch, and others.

If you are wondering what to expect for Spring 2011 hot nail colors and trends, you can catch a glimpse of what the future holds for manicures and pedicures from the recent New York Fashion Week this fall. Check out the latest and greatest in nail polish colors and styles!

Spring 2011 Nail Color from Vogue Fashion’s Night Out
Model Giselle gets her nails done for Spring 2011 NY Fashion Week.If you caught any of this show, you’d see how light and dainty still rivals bold and sultry in the nail color palette. Pure at Heart and the Fifties Flair inspired models wore a sheer pink color – Fashion Week – by Dashing Diva, while the Rock Chic inspired models showed off the new Fall 2010 gun metal metallic polish shade of Penthouse Views. A stunning dark burgundy nail shade known as Dark PR gave the Jazz-Age Cool inspired models a dramatic manicure.

Concrete Playground is a popular nail color from this year's NYFW.Spring 2011 Nail Color for Nicholas K.
Earthy nail colors made a great showing for Nicholas K, whose models wore nail polish in an array of khaki brown, cool mint green, heather gray (Concrete Playground), a grey/brown mix (Astor Place), and  a light creamy beige (Tibi Couture).

Trina Turk models wore coral toenail polish.Trina Turk Nail Polish Choices for Spring 2010
Timeless white nail polish continues to grace the runways. Trina Turk’s Palm Spring Eternal presentation on September 9 featured “The Met,” which is a chic white nail polish worn by models in the beach and backgammon scenes. At the bar, party, and bedroom scenes, models sported bright coral polish “Miranda’s Law” on their toes.

Gold Foil Nails for Cushnie et Ochs
At the Eyebeam Studio, models’ nails shined gorgeously as if dipped in gold. To really accentuate the flowing nature of the clothing, models’ nails were first painted with a basic clear base coat and then received a gold foil application onto the nails for a shiny and glamorous effect.

Cushnie et Ochs models wore gold foil nails.Farah Angsana models wore silver metallic polish.

Ashleigh Verrier chose mint green polish.Silver Metallic Nails for Farah Angsana
Models for Farah Angsana wore silver metallic “No More Alimony” nail polish painted by Pattie Yankee and her team. Reality star Alex McCord from The Real Housewives of New York was attended this show and reportedly raved about this particular nail polish color.

Refreshing Spring Nail Colors at the Ashleigh Verrier Show
To accent the mono-chromatic collection by Ashleigh Verrier, models wore a refreshing blend of a pastel mix using “Pier 39” cool minty pastel green nail polish and just a touch of white polish to lighten the color.

Sheer and Nude Nails at LORICK
The natural look is still in, both now and slated for Spring 2011. The Dashing Diva team prepared models with two coats of sheer nude “Socialite” nail polish for a clean finish at the Tela Design Studio on September 10.

From Feminine Nails to Fierce and Free for Spring at the Yoana Baraschi Show
Models at the Yoana Baraschi presentation on September 11 at Lincoln Center wore “East River View” for a feminine manicured look.  Pedicures proclaimed Yoana’s vision of a fierce and free-spirited woman with nails done in “Bittersweet,” which is a deep chocolate brown, and “New York Slice,” which is a bright coral pink.

Jose Duran models wore manicures and pedicures - males and females!Manicures and Pedicures for Men and Women at Jose Duran
At the Time Warner Center on September 11, Jose Duran’s female models wore press-on nails at the show, featuring “The Met,” a white nail polish, as a base and “Limo Service,” a black polish, to create a Chevron French.  Male models also received a similar manicure as well as pedicures to mimic the androgynous tone.

Shimmering Metallic Nails for Trias
Models at the Joaquín Trías’ show “Seized Movement” showed off a shimmering gunmetal metallic shade, “No More Alimony,” on their nails at the Lincoln Center on September 12.

Girly Nails at Erin Fetherston
To follow the Birds of Paradise inspiration, the nail team applied “Chelsea in the Buff” to models’ fingernails and toenails on September 12 at Milk Studios.

Pink for Magic and Moonlight at the Jenny Packham Show
Pretty pink nails are always in style, especially with UK designer Jenny Packham and the presentation theme of debutant balls and magic moonlight parties of youth. Models wore a soft pretty pink nail color named Debutante when showing off the Spring 2011 collection.

More Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week Nail Colors and Trends…


Fall 2010 Hot Nail Polish Colors Preview

While the last few weeks of summer wind down, we’ve already got fall colors, fall fashions, and fall makeup trends on our minds. Perhaps most importantly, many of us are wondering what the hot nail polish colors for fall 2010 will be. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the nail polish trends by checking out what the celebrities are doing (you might notice Minx nails). Other times we can check out our favorite brands to see what the fall product lineup will contain. This is our preview for fall 2010 hot nail polish colors so you can stay on top of the hottest shades for autumn and beyond.

e.l.f. Essentials Nail Polish Sets – Only $3!

The trends for fall 2010 hot nail polish colors range from shiny and metallic to jewel tones to the same kinds of shades the leaves turn between seasons. You can paint your autumn manicures and pedicures to match Mother Nature’s palette or you can follow the shiny shades toward stardom. Be sure you keep your nail bed shape and size and your skin tone in mind when choosing which fall nail polish trends you will follow – due to these and other factors, some colors of nail polish look better on some people rather than others.

The hot nail colors for fall 2010 include a wide array of hues and finishes to suit your fancy. You can choose stunning metallics like gold, platinum, or even metallic purple, or move toward brilliant jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst colored nail polish. If you are more comfortable in the family of reds and pinks, you can find a bunch of shades in the red, fuchsia, and even copper families in the hot autumn 2010 nail polish color lineup. Thanks to dozens of new nail polish shades just for fall, you can find a great nail color for any occasion, no matter how formal or casual.

Reds, greens, purples, silvers, blues, burgundy wine, and bright pinks are all hot nail colors for fall 2010. Other popular autumn nail colors include sparkly metallic purple and gold, or even glitter green. Consider these hot nail polish colors for fall 2010 to help you design beautiful manicures and pedicures for autumn.

Fall 2010 Nail Polish Trend #1: Metallic All the Way
Perhaps my most favorite discovery in this fall nail color preview is the array of sparkly and shiny metallic nail polish colors for autumn. From Mary Kay to Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer to OPI, everyone wants a piece of the metallic nail polish pie. If you also enjoy the look of glamorous metallic nails, you are in luck. Some of the fall’s hottest nail colors to watch for include metallic purple (Diva of Geneva by OPI), iridescent purple (The Color to Watch by OPI), sparkly deep purple Intensity VK 27 (Mary Kay – a little deeper purple and less pink), a golden mustard color (Serious Cinnamon 399 by Dazzle Dry), metallic burnt red (Savory Cranberry 400 by Dazzle Dry), sparkly silver Glitzerland NL Z19 (OPI), sparkly cerulean blue Yodel Me On My Cell NL Z20 (OPI), sparkly grey Lucern-Tainly Look Marvelous NL Z18 (OPI), and Platinum (Mary Kay).

These are just a few of the sparkly, glittery, and metallic nail colors for fall 2010. Depending on the look you are going for, each of these and others have a lot to offer your manicures and pedicures. The metallic nail colors also look great with nail art adornments and painted nail designs.

Something I should mention about the Dazzle Dry products – while these are lovely, you’ll get a lot more pleasure and mileage out of them if you also use the Dazzle Dry Quick Drying Three-Piece Advanced Vegan Nail System (nail prep, basecoat, and topcoat) by VB Cosmetics, which allows your nails to dry before you even finish painting one hand. I couldn’t even believe how quickly the nail polish on my thumbnail was dry just as I checked it after finishing painting my pinky nail. This trio of nail products by Dazzle Dry is everything you need besides a bottle of Dazzle Dry nail polish to get your nails dry in less than five minutes. I was amazed at the speedy response the polish gave once applied! Dazzle Dry products are free of the toxic ingredients Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Phthalate, as well as nitrocellulose and camphor. This nail kit retails for $28.

Fall 2010 Nail Polish Trend #2: Nail Colors of Autumn Beauty
The beautiful fall colors, inspired by changing leaves, offer another choice for popular nail polish colors for fall 2010. Reds, oranges, golden mustard, cinnamons, cranberry, and a range of other warm toned shades make the perfect nail colors for fall 2010. Warm up your fall manicures and pedicures with nail colors of autumn beauty from OPI, Dazzle Dry, and your other favorite brands.

The hottest nail lacquer colors for fall 2010 can look even better when you match them up with the right outfit or accessories. Some hot nail colors to consider for autumn manicures and pedicures are flat reddish orange Red Hot Chili 401 (Dazzle Dry), metallic reddish Savory Cranberry 400 (Dazzle Dry), golden glittery Serious Cinnamon (Dazzle Dry 399), the glittery green Jewel Effects Emerald 402 (Dazzle Dry), bright red Color So Hot It Berns NL Z13 (OPI), burgundy wine fuchsia wine I’m Suzi & I’m a Chocoholic NL Z11 (OPI), another wine color Just a Little Rosati at This NL Z14 (OPI), and matte fuchsia wine From A to Z-urich NL Z12 (OPI).

For some people it may be no surprise that the hottest nail polish colors for fall match the colors you see on the trees and falling to the grass throughout the season. You can have fun with mixing and blending hues of red, orange, and burgundy in your manicures and pedicures.

Fall 2010 Nail Polish Trend #3…