Product Review: Native Remedies Nail-Rx for Beautiful and Healthy Nails

My nails are a bit worse for wear these days, so I’ve been trying to be a bit gentler with them. I’m not sure if I am leaving my nail polish on too long, washing too many dishes (if only!), or what! When I heard about Native Remedies Nail-Rx, a natural and herbal product designed to give you healthy and beautiful nails, I couldn’t wait to try it. When I removed the protective seal and opened the bottle, I couldn’t believe my luck.

Anything you already know about nail products and nail polish, forget it right now. The awful stench of nail polish and nail polish remover, mainly acetone, is nowhere to be found here. I should have seen it coming, and I did, but I was still very surprised at the immediacy of the pleasant lemony fragrance that escaped the bottle when I unscrewed the cap. Native Remedies Nail-Rx contains tea tree oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, and clove oil – the perfect cocktail of essential oils for a fragrance you’ll love to use as often as you possibly can!

I followed the directions and applied a small amount of Native Remedies Nail-Rx to a Q-tip and gently swabbed it onto my fingernails and toenails. They stayed slick for a few moments, but I was still able to type without getting the oils everywhere. The lovely fragrance still lingers beautifully about five or ten minutes later. The bottle says you can apply this product two to three times daily. I am unfortunately one of those people who pretty much always must have nails painted, so my applications will be between paintings. I am still excited about the product and the possibility that it could help to strengthen and protect my nails.

Native Remedies Nail-Rx is designed to help protect the nail itself and the nail bed to give you beautiful, natural nails. This would actually be a great product for those who don’t like to paint their nails or anyone whose profession makes painted nails out of the question. This herbal treatment for nails is one I’m really going to enjoy using for a long time to come, even if I do paint my nails regularly.

In case you aren’t familiar with the brand, Native Remedies offers a wealth of natural remedies for just about anything that could be wrong – cold and flu care, allergy relief, eye and ear health, joints, nerves, muscles, memory and brain health, stress, and travel care, among countless others. The Boca Raton-based company also offers countless remedies for pet health, including products for eyes, ears, oral health, first aid, fleas, ticks, skin and coat, weight, behavior, joints, muscles, bones, and more.

Native Remedies Nail-Rx is made in South Africa. This nail care product is available in a 12ml bottle and retails for $47.95. Right now Native Remedies is running a special where you can get one bottle for $37.95, or buy two and get one free. For more information on Nail-Rx and any of the other Native Remedies products, please see You can also order Native Remedies Nail-Rx at for $34.16 with free super saver shipping.

KISS and Broadway Nails Product Review

If there’s one thing I love doing, it’s spending time with the girls. One sure way to have a good time with my girls is with spa time at home. This can go on for hours and usually consists of brushing each other’s hair, doing our makeup, and making our nails pretty and fashionable. However, when it’s time to do our nails, we always turn to KISS and Broadway nails. These are usually the nails I use, but when it’s time for the girls… we usually use Pink by Kiss because the nails are smaller, brighter, and have the glue pre-applied. Having the glue already on the nails makes it easier to put on and take off when they need to. This can be done by simply soaking their hands in warm water for a few minutes and then they’re done. There is never any fear of damage to their nail bed because the glue is safe.

About the Product: KISS and Broadway Nails offer a number of different products to keep fingernails and toenails looking beautiful, healthy, and fashionable. When talking about glue on nails, there are countless styles, shades and designs to consider. Also available are files, girls’ nail kits, and more. I received KISS French Pedicure Toenails for the purpose of my review.


Where to Purchase: KISS and Broadway nails can be purchased at any national chain, grocery store, or drugstore. If you’d like to see what’s new from Kiss or Broadway, please visit

Pros: Talk about making pretty nails prettier! It’s a great way to enhance the look of your nails. Whether you want to add length to your nails or simply make them splash through with color and glam, KISS has you covered. They offer so many different options and always have new products to reflect the seasons.

Cons: The only thing I have ever found to be disappointing is, once you’ve used the nails you need, the left over ones are of no use anymore (because of the size variation). Each kit typically comes with 20+ nails; plenty for a single person to find the size they need. Unfortunately, because there is only a pair per size, the ones left usually get thrown to the side. If a nail breaks, you have to purchase a whole new kit (to ensure you have the size needed).

My Thoughts: Overall, hands down for me these are the only nail products I’ll purchase. I love the durability of the nails. I love the styles and colors as well as all the other products they have to offer.

I love that when I glue them on they’re going to last for at least two weeks. I feel confident knowing that the glue is not harmful to my skin (because I use them on a regular basis) and that when it is time to take them off, I simply soak them in nail remover (also offered by KISS) and within minutes, they’re off.

Disclosure: I was provided with product samples from KISS and Broadway nails, through Dark PR, for the purpose of my candid review. I was not gifted with any monetary compensation nor did receiving product influence my thoughts and/or opinions.


Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure Reviews: Handy Dandy Mani, Tips & Toes, and Best in Toe

Nail care is an important part of a girl’s beauty routine. It doesn’t have to take a long time to trim, file, and paint your nails. You can glam them up with color and nail art products or you can keep the natural look with a clear gloss coat or nail strengthening product. No matter what you decide to do, though, you will need a good nail file, set of clippers, and nail scissors at the very least. Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure are here to provide you with those essential nail tools at a super affordable price in a handy nail care gift set.

When it comes to keeping your nails looking great and keeping your feet soft and smooth, Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure have got you covered. These products are nice as gifts for the favorite girls in your life. The Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure kits include just about every kind of nail tool you would need to keep your fingernails and toenails looking great. What’s better yet – the prices are very reasonable for the number and quality of products included in each set.

The Ms. Manicure Handy Dandy Mani kit includes nine professional nail care goodies: cuticle nipper, nail clipper, nail scissors, washable salon board, four-way nail buffer, slant-tip tweezers, nail brush, wood cuticle sticks, and a double-zippered pocket bag. This set is great for perfect nail care at home or on the go. The Ms. Manicure Handy Dandy Mani kit retails for $9.99.

The Ms. Manicure Tips & Toes kit offers nine great nail care items for a manicure or a pedicure. The set includes toenail clipper, cuticle trimmer, cuticle pusher, pumice stone, nail brush, washable salon board, toe separators, wood cuticle sticks, and a double-zippered pocket bag. This nail care set includes everything you need to keep your nails smooth and as short as you like. The Ms. Manicure Tips & Toes kit retails for $7.99.

The Ms. Pedicure Best in Toe kit
offers six nail care items for perfect pedicures at home or on the go. The set includes a toenail clipper, mini salon board, nail brush, pumice, comfortable toe separators, wood cuticle sticks, and a reusable pouch. This nail care set offers a great travel kit for touching up pedicures on vacation – just don’t forget your nail polish! The Ms. Pedicure Best in Toe kit retails for only $3.49.

Products provided free to writer for reviewThese cool and compact nail care kits are great for experienced nail artists and beginners alike. Each kit includes a tip sheet on the back of the pouch, offering Q&As about nail care and how to care for hands and feet at home even if it’s your first try. The Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure sets are great for adults, teens, and young girls first learning about nail care.

For more information about Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure, please see and

Patriotic Nail Designs for 4th of July

Try a pretty patriotic manicure for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Labor Day.Fourth of July is one of the most awaited summer holidays that usually results in food and drink, barbequed food, lawn games and fireworks. The patriotic colors red, white, and blue bedeck table settings, cakes and desserts, and other various sights on Independence Day. To celebrate July 4th in style, paint some patriotic nail designs or a red, white, and blue manicure.

For a fun patriotic manicure or pedicure, think about nail designs with flags, fireworks, firecrackers, stars and stripes, and USA nails. You can also do abstract red, white, and blue designs, like a top hat, heart, or basic colored manicure. Consider the following patriotic nail designs for the 4th of July.

Patriotic Star Nail Designs

Try these pretty patriotic nail designs!

Stars make great manicures and pedicures and they are a perfect patriotic design. You can paint big or little star nail designs. You can include stripes or no stripes in your nail art. To create pretty red, white, and blue star nails, follow these steps.

1.    Paint two coats of the background color for your nails and allow nails to dry.
2.    Using your preferred color of nail polish and a nail art pen, nail art brush, or a pointy toothpick, paint a star. First paint a diagonal line going one way, then another line from the point going the
opposite way. Then paint a line outward across the lines from the bottom two points. Then draw a straight line across the two remaining points and paint the inside of the star as desired.
3.    Decide if you would like to have more than one star on your nails. Add more stars as appropriate.
4.    Seal your patriotic star nail designs with a clear or glitter topcoat.

Patriotic Heart Nail Designs
Hearts are a great way to show fondness for the things you like and appreciate. Paint a red, white, and blue heart nail design to show your appreciation for the United States of America. To paint your own patriotic heart nail designs, follow these steps:

1.    Paint two coats of the background color for your nails and allow nails to dry.
2.    Using your preferred color of nail polish and a nail art pen, nail art brush, or a pointy toothpick, paint the outline of a heart.
3.    Fill the inside of the heart with red, white, or blue nail polish. You can also do stars, stripes, or a combination inside the heart.
4.    Allow nails to dry completely.
5.    Consider finishing your patriotic heart nail designs with a clear topcoat or a glitter topcoat.

Even a plain red manicure can be patriotic!

Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Stripe Nail Art
Painting your nails for the Fourth of July can be simple or complex, depending on your personal preferences. Consider painting a pretty red, white, and blue striped manicure or pedicure for the patriotic holiday. To paint patriotic stripes nail art on your fingers and toes, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the base coat in red, white, or blue. White often works well since it is a lighter color to paint over again.
2.    Paint a chunky diagonal line of red or blue across the tip of the nail, starting higher on one side and coming down just to the tip of the nail on the other side.
3.    Once dry, use a nail art pen, brush, or toothpick to paint a thin diagonal line a little bit above the chunky line.
4.    Apply a clear or glitter topcoat to seal your designs.

Enjoy wearing these pretty manicure styles for the Fourth of July, Labor Day, or Memorial Day.


Summer Pedicure Tips

Try these fun summer pedicure tips to keep your feet looking great!If you don’t have a pretty or creative pedicure on your toes for the summer, it’s time to get painting!  Summertime is the perfect time to show off our toes and lovely pedicures until it gets cold again. Choose your favorite bright colors or put a new spin on the classic French pedicure. No matter what you decide to do, be sure to show off your tootsies with adorable sandals, flip-flops, or totally bare feet.

A creative pedicure often starts with inspiration of some kind. You might find inspiration for your pedicures in flowers, fruit, landscapes, or summer toys. The creativity you can apply to your nail art is fully unbridled. Use your imagination and come up with a creative pedicure design to show off this summer.

Pedicure and Manicure at Home
Don't forget your toe separators when doing your own pedicures at home.Doing a pedicure and manicure at home saves a lot of money in the long run. It also allows you to creatively design your own pedicure nail art or even a basic plain pedicure. Depending on your budget, you might even consider a luxury pedicure, complete with pedicure scrubs, a foot spa, ultra-soft towels, and music for your own relaxation and enjoyment.

If a luxury pedicure isn’t really your speed, you might consider a pedicure that ignites your senses, like a tingly peppermint pedicure. Simply look for pedicure products that contain peppermint, such as foot scrubs and foot lotions. Whatever pedi style you decide, don’t forget your pedicure toe separators!

Pedicure Essentials
To do your own pedicure and manicure at home, gather the following pedicure essentials:

–    Pedicure tub, basin, or foot spa
–    Plush towels
–    Pumice stone or foot buffer
–    Nail file
–    Pedicure lotion
–    Pedicure foot scrub
–    Nail polish remover
–    Cotton balls
–    Favorite nail polish colors
–    Clear topcoat
–    Pedicure tools like nail clippers, cuticle nippers, and orangewood stick

Choosing Your Creative Pedicure Style for the Summer
The sky really is the limit when it comes to selecting a manicure and pedicure style to create at home. You can use any colors of nail polish that you like. You can add stripes or polka-dots or even funky designs. You can also apply nail decals, rhinestones, or other fun nail art accessories.

Consider these fun and exciting summer pedicure ideas:

Bright and Bold Summer Pedicure
Try a bright and bold pedicure for the warmest months of the year.Paint all your toenails in the brightest, boldest color you love for summer. Consider bright orange, hot pink, deep green, turquoise, or yellow. Make a statement with a pedicure no one can miss. You can paint all your nails the same color, each a different color, or alternate between colors.

Pedicure Nail Designs
If you get easily bored with a simple solid color pedicure, be sure to spice things up a bit with a nice nail art design on your toenails. Paint all your nails in the desired basecoat color and then spruce up a nail or two with a summery nail art design like a watermelon slice, a beach ball, or the sunshine. You might also consider less seasonal nail art ideas, like a daisy or another pretty flower.

At-Home French Pedicure
If you aren’t confident about painting your own pedicure, look for French pedicure kits to help you get started with a classic, timeless look. To create your own French pedi, simply gather the right materials – white nail polish, nude or light pink nail polish, and a clear topcoat. You might also consider using French Pedicure guides to allow you to paint the tips of your nails more flawlessly.

No matter what you decide to do for your pretty summer pedicure, be sure you enjoy a pedicure treatment about twice a month while the warm weather lasts. Your feet will be softer, smoother, and more beautiful than ever.


Fun Ideas for Your Nails for Junior or Senior Prom

Paint your nails for prom!Prom is the perfect time to sport that gorgeous manicure or pedicure, even if you normally aren’t the type to do your nails. Getting ready for your junior or senior prom with your girl friends can be a blast, from choosing the perfect prom gown to picking out accessories, to doing your hair, applying your makeup, and of course, getting your nails done.

Depending on your budget and your creativity, you can either get your manicure and pedicure professionally done or you can do your nails yourself. If you choose to do your nails yourself, you can either rock your natural nails with a hot nail polish color for prom or you can apply fake nail kits that look great and last for about a week or so, or until you remove them if sooner.

Consider these tips to help you decide what you would like to do for your prom manicure and pedicure.

Prom Manicure Tips
Manicures can be a vital part of your look for prom. Nice nails can make you feel glamorous and classy. Your manicured fingers will look great in your prom photos, especially if your date gives you a bouquet for your junior or senior prom. Consider these tips to help you choose a salon manicure or an at-home manicure.

Prom Nails at the Salon
Prom manicures and pedicures are so much fun with friends!Getting your nails done at the salon can be more expensive than doing your nails at home, but there are some advantages to consider as well. With the added cost often come longer wear and more professional styling and designs. Also, the sky is the limit. You can go for acrylics, false tips, or adornments on your natural nails. You can get your nails airbrushed, painted, or creatively sculpted with cool nail charms or other details.

If you opt to get your nails done at the salon for prom, you will also enjoy a more relaxing nail experience since you don’t have to worry about messing up the nail designs if you do them yourself. You can rest easy knowing a trained professional nail artist is handling your manicure for prom.

For your prom manicure at the salon, consider a timeless French manicure. You might also consider a set of colorful nails that match or accent your prom gown or accessories. Take a look through your favorite beauty and fashion magazines to see what the stars are doing for their nails these days. You can also consider the pretty nail colors for spring and summer to help you choose if your prom gown color isn’t helping you make a decision.

Lastly, getting a pedicure at the salon can be great fun with your friends. A professional pedicure can make your feet feel so supple and smooth. Just be cautious that you choose a nail salon known for cleanliness and good hygienic procedures, as pedicures get a bad rap from time to time.

Prom Nails at Home
Prom manicures and pedicures are so much fun with friends!Whether you are a true creative type or simply on a budget, doing your nails at home for prom can be a very worthwhile experience. You can save big bucks while also utilizing your own artistic talents. As you prepare to do your own prom manicure or pedicure at home, consider whether you would like to paint your natural nails or apply fake nails or fake tips.

Once you decide on the style of nails you would like for your prom manicure, the next step is to determine the color. You can choose something neutral like a pretty pearl or gold shimmer color or you can go for something more bold and daring, something in line with the colors of the season. Match or contrast your prom dress for a fun expression on your nails.

If you would like a neutral yet classy look, consider a French manicure and pedicure. Even if you are worried about the lines being straight for the white tips, you can find at-home French manicure and pedicure sets that include sticker guides to help you paint straight lines. You can also paint your nails a solid color for a simple look. If you want something a little more daring, consider adding an adornment to one or two of your nails. You can add something like a rhinestone, sequin, fimo nail art, or other nail charm or decal.

Prom Pedicures
No matter what you decide about the salon or the at-home nail painting, a prom pedicure is a must-have. If you plan to wear strappy high heels for prom like most girls, a perfect pedicure will be the ultimate accent to your look. Your feet will be soft and smooth and looking great.

For your prom pedicure, consider a French pedicure, neutral colors, same color as your prom manicure, or failing all else, a clear gloss coat. The simple fact is that you will look and feel great by simply taking the time to dress up your tootsies!


Artistic Summer Nail Ideas with Kiss Nails Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit

CreateSummertime is the perfect time to dress up your fingernails and toenails to be seen by the world. You can get manicures done at the salon or save yourself some money and expand your creativity by painting your own nails for the summer. If you would like to try some fun and exciting summer nail art ideas at home, consider these tips on bright and pretty colored nails.

Popular summer nail colors include bright and bold colors, smooth and muted tones, and even some dark colors. You can use the following tips to create a fashionable summer manicure or pedicure using a few of your favorite pretty nail colors for the season.

The Kiss Nails Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit is a product designed to give you hip and pretty nails for the summertime or any season. You can create a wide variety of summer manicures and pedicures using the included nail art paint, stencil tip guides, and stone nail art stickers. The nail art paint bottles contain a helpful professional striping brush to give you artistic nail designs with more precision. (Think of perfect French manicures and French pedicures for summer!)

The following DIY nail art design features the Kiss Nails Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit, but does not require using the Kiss nail stencils. You can use a combination of the steps below and the nail stencils or any nail polish or nail art pens to create your own summer nail designs.

DIY Summer Sunburst Nail Art Designs
To create your own pretty summer sunburst nail art designs for a manicure or pedicure, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails the desired background color. (Try something fun like pink or orange!)
2.    Plan to have three nail polish colors available to create the designs. (Kiss Nail Artist kits come with three colors that work great together.)
3.    Start at the top left corner of your nails and paint or draw three or four thin, curved lines using one of the colors.
4.    Using a different color, paint two or three curved lines with each line in between two of the other lines.
5.    Use the third color of nail polish to enhance only the designs on your thumbs.
6.    Consider adding a clear topcoat to seal and protect your summer sunburst nail designs.

Remember, summer sunburst nail designs are just one of many, many nail art patterns and manicure or pedicure styles you can try for the warmest part of the year. Use your own creativity to come up with other pretty mani and pedi styles for summer. Enjoy!

Fast Tips for Pretty Nails

Painted fingernails and toenails often catch the eyes of anyone around. Pretty nails, whether on hands or feet, look great for any romantic, formal, or casual occasion. If your nails are chipped and in need of a new manicure, you should take the time to apply at least a single coat of nail polish to dress up your fingertips. Your manicure or lack thereof may be a crucial factor in a job interview or on a first date. Show that you care enough to try by sporting pretty nails wherever you go.

So many exciting and exotic nail polish colors exist, just waiting for you to splash them on your fingers and toes. From neons to bold colors and everything in between, you should be able to find a fabulous color or color combination for your at-home manicure. If you prefer the natural look to any other array of wild colors, consider painting your nails with a clear topcoat or a pearly glaze.

Tips for Pretty Nails
Consider these tips to help keep your nails looking pretty:

–    Always keep your manicures looking fresh. Change colors or styles at least every other week, or as soon as they chip beyond repair.
–    Consider adding a glitter topcoat or a pearly topcoat for added sheen and shine.
–    Paint your own nail designs for a fashionable and pretty look on your nails.
–    Add nail decals or nail stickers when you need a change.
–    Wear a French manicure for special occasions and important events.
–    Go bright and bold for summer.

Tips for Fast Nails
Consider these tips to help you get beautiful nails fast:

–    Buy a few bottles of quick-dry nail polish in different colors.
–    Take your time when painting your non-dominant hand so it doesn’t get messed up as easily.
–    Paint only solid color manicures when you are short on time. Adding in designs can take longer and may require you to redo a nail or two.
–    Consider using a nail station to help you evenly paint your fingernails.
–    Give your nails sufficient time to dry even if you are in a hurry. You don’t want to have to do the same manicure twice!

Try these fast and easy tips for pretty nails at home. You should be able to save money and have nails that look great in a jiffy. Keep track of which nail polish brands have done well with quick-drying and which ones are not best suited for speedy manicures.

About the Expert:

DIY Nail Designs is a sister site of Life Love Beauty, offering step-by-step nail art tips, manicure and pedicure ideas, and photos of DIY nail art designs.

Summer 2010 Hot Nail Polish Colors Preview

Consider pretty nail colors for summer. OPI is a great brand.Although spring hasn’t yet concluded, we wanted to give you a preview of all the hot nail polish colors to come for summer 2010. After all, why wait to get in on the nail polish trends for the warmest season of the year? The trends for summer 2010 hot nail polish colors range from bright and cheery to smooth and muted to bold, rich and dark. You can paint your manicures and pedicures to match your mood this summer!

Hot nail colors for summer 2010 include everything from retro glam to cheery, modern hues. You can find a nail color trend for any occasion – formal or casual, day or night. Blues, teals, purples, oranges, yellows, greens, magentas, silvers, and greys are all hot nail colors for summer 2010. Other popular summer nail colors include pale pinks and off-whites, sparkly metallic purple or gold, and iridescent pearl.

Consider these hot nail polish colors for summer 2010 to help you create unbelievable and gorgeous manicures and pedicures.

Summer 2010 Nail Polish Trend #1: Bright and Cheery
Consider these bright and cheerful summer nail colors by Nicole by OPI.One of my favorite finds in this summer nail color preview is Nicole by OPI. This brand offers the most cheerful and bright collection of nail colors I’ve seen, with cleverly designed bottles that are both interestingly shaped and ergonomic – offering perfect flat place to press your thumb when opening each bottle!

The bright and cheerful colors of Nicole by OPI may be some of the hottest nail colors for summer and beyond, comprising bright and sparkly pink, green, orange, yellow, and vibrant red. Each color has its own built-in sparkle and sheen, and they are all so lovely that you’re bound to want to mix and match them on your nails at the same time. I received each of these colors for the purpose of review, and can’t tell you how excited I am to paint my nails in these bright and sparkly summer colors this season. They sort of remind me of the Starburst candies!

With names like Make Mine Lime (sparkly green), You’re an Angel (sparkly pink), Yellow It’s Me (sparkly yellow), Fresh Squeezed (sparkly orange), and I Stop for Nicole (sparkly red), it’s easy to see that this brand leaves no detail out of production. Each color shows off its sparkle even on a single coat, but you may want to jazz things up by painting a second or third. The soft and subtle sheen of a single coat of this nail polish is still lovely and very pretty, though. Just add another coat if you want a stronger depth of color!

OPI also offers a variety of nail colors for summer, including Panda-monium Pink and Lucky Lucky Lavender, two pretty shades that seem to be mostly in the purple family when in the bottle, but seem to carry just as much pink once applied. Both these colors are a lovely light nail color option for summer 2010.

Summer 2010 Nail Polish Trend #2: Smooth and Muted (or maybe not…)

The hottest nail lacquer shades for summer just wouldn’t be the same without…

Tips for Wearing Red Nail Polish (Even When You Aren’t Sure it’s Your Color)

Here are tips for wearing red nail polish even if it isn't your best color.What could be more classic than wearing red nail polish on fingers and toes? The truth is, certain nail polish colors look better on certain skin tones and nail shapes than others. In fact, some people may not like how certain nail polish colors – like red – look on their fingertips at all. If this is the case for you, consider getting a little more creative with your red manicures and pedicures. Consider all shades of red – dark red nail polish, blood red nail polish, fire engine red nail polish, burgundy wine nail polish, and everything in between.

Wearing red nail polish may not be for everyone. However, if you like the color red, but just don’t think it looks right on your hands or feet, consider sprucing up your mani and pedi a little bit to accommodate this flashy and fabulous color.

Tips for Wearing Red Nail Polish
Consider these tips to help you decide how you can still wear red nail polish even if you aren’t crazy about how it looks on your fingers and toes.

You can still wear red nail polish even if you don't think it looks right.•    Keep trying different shades of red nail polish, from blood red nail polish to extremely dark red nail polish, to burgundy, or even an orange-red hue. You should eventually be able to find a red nail polish color that you like on you.

•    Try different types of topcoats after applying red nail polish. You might find a golden shimmer topcoat or a pearlescent or iridescent nail polish topcoat makes your run-of-the-mill red nail polish an unbeatable shade for you.

•    Accent your nails with red, don’t drown them in it. Instead of full sets of red nails, think about using red as an accent color on a different nail polish color applied predominantly on all your nails.

•    Try the art of creating your own nail designs using red. This would be an especially nice nail treat around Valentine’s Day or Christmas when reds are all the rage. Painting a red heart or a red Santa hat is a lot different than painting all 20 of your nails red.

•    Start with pinks and work your way darker. If you ease into the bold red nail polish colors, you may be more accepting of them.

•    Give red nail polish a shot anyway – maybe the reason you don’t like it is simply because you aren’t used to seeing it on your hands and feet. Find out from friends, family, or a significant other if they think it looks as weird as you do.

If all else fails, bypass red altogether and go for a different colored nail polish for your fingers and toes. While red is and probably always will be a classic nail polish color, there are countless colors – thousands of shades – available for you to try instead. Try neutral colors, pinks, purples, whites, grays, blues, greens, yellows, oranges, or anything in between.

Spring 2010 Hot Nail Polish Colors and Manicure Trends

Orly offers the Bloom Collection of Spring 2010 hot nail polish colors.Spring is a time of new life and color blossoming all around. The trends for Spring 2010 hot nail polish colors have been announced. You can spruce up your spring manicures and pedicures with these hot nail polish color trends. No matter if you like light nail polish colors or dark nail polish colors, you’ll be sure to find a Spring 2010 nail polish color trend to love.

Bold and beautiful is the name of the game for the hottest nail polish colors and trends for Spring 2010. Rich hues are taking the stage, with many of the nail polish color trends for this spring settling on the darker side. Pinks, purples, oranges, greens, and burgundy wines are all hot nail polish colors for Spring 2010.

Orly offers the Bloom Collection of Spring 2010 hot nail polish colors.SpaRitual nail lacquer is releasing the Believe Collection in February 2010, featuring an attractive display of colors including purple, bright pink shimmer, and soft lavender. The inspiration behind SpaRitual’s Believe Spring 2010 Collection came from “leafy greens, juicy pomegranate, and vibrant eggplant.” The Believe Spring 2010 Collection by SpaRitual comprises six hot nail polish colors in green, orange, pink, purple (light and dark), and pomegranate (burgundy wine color).

The Spring 2010 nail polish colors in the Believe Collection are a fine blend of fresh and fun as well as bold and elegant. The six colors in the Spring 2010 SpaRitual nail polish collection include: “Yes, I Can” in Leafy Green Crème, “I Believe in You” in Poppy Orange Crème, “Hope Springs Eternal” in Hot Pink Shimmer, “Spread Your Wings” in Pomegranate Crème, “Shoot for the Stars” in Purple Crème, and “I am the Light” in Lavender Crème. SpaRitual nail polish products in the Believe collection will be available for $10 per bottle at fine salons and spas as well as online at

In a similar vein, the new feminine Spring 2010 nail polish collection from ORLY takes its inspiration from the garden and colors of Mother Nature. Hot nail polish colors for Spring 2010 by ORLY include “Wild Wisteria” in Blue Purple Crème, “Blushing Bud” in Pink Crème, “Ginger Lily” in Burnt Orange Shimmer, “Thorned Rose” in Red Wine Crème, “Pure Petunia” in Mauve Purple Crème, and “Wandering Vines” in Green Crème.

“Bold colors epitomize this year’s spring trends with deep pinks, burnt oranges, rich wines and purple blues,” say the experts at ORLY in regards to Spring 2010 hot nail polish color trends.

SpaRitual offers the Believe Collection of beautiful spring nail polish colors.

ORLY’s 2010 hot nail polish colors in the Bloom Collection become available beginning February 2010 at $7.50 each.  You can purchase ORLY Nail Lacquers and Treatment products at, Sally Beauty, Ulta, and other beauty stores worldwide.

“ORLY and SpaRitual both use a French trend forecasting company to be the first with the latest colors,” says a source close to both companies. “’Wandering Vine’ in the Bloom Collection and ‘Yes I Can’ from the Believe Collection are both a beautiful extension of the HUGE green trend in the fall – pulling into a lighter, truer green for Spring [2010].”

“Celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp is a huge fan and uses them on her numerous celebrity clients,” she adds.

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SpaRitual nail polish products are Vegan and are free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Formaldehyde resin. For more information about SpaRitual, please see You can also order SpaRitual products online at

ORLY nail polish products are free of DBP and all traces of Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Formaldehyde resin. For more information about ORLY, please see You can also order ORLY products at

Winter 2009 – 2010 Hot Colors and Nail Polish Trends

Orly offers the Femme Fatale Holiday nail colors winter nails collection for hot 2009-2010 nail polish colors.

For the winter of 2009 – 2010, nail polish experts are calling out the trends of the season. While not all nail experts agree on the top nail polish textures (to shimmer or not to shimmer), they do have one thing in common. Deep reds and berry shades are some of the hottest nail polish colors for Winter 2009 – 2010.

Winter 2009 – 2010 calls for bold, rich colors and special touches to dress nails up for special occasions. You can follow the hot trends for winter nails or make up your own creative manicures and pedicures. Try out the hot nail polish colors of winter 2010 and experiment with other lacquer colors that you enjoy. Do your own manicures at home to save some money or visit a salon for hot and trendy winter 2010 nail polish colors.

“One of the hottest nail trends for 2010 is ‘80’s inspired colors and patterns,” says Andrea Lavinthal, Senior Beauty Editor of “The easiest way to achieve the look is with adhesives like the ones by Minx (find a salon that has them at There are nearly 200 different graphics to choose from. Another option is to choose a vibrant nail polish with obvious flecks of glitter or sparkle. Think in-your-face colors like hot pink and bright purple.”

ORLY’s Femme Fatale Holiday 2009 Collection of nail polish hues include Siren in Bright Red Crème, Temptress in Deep Red Shimmer, and Goddess in Red Brown Crème. Deep, rich reds and browns make a great statement in the winter chill. The colors are warm toned and feminine, and beautifully suited for any occasion. ORLY’s winter 2009 – 2010 Femme Fatale Collection of nail lacquers became available in November 2009. These hot nail polish shades retail for $7.50 each at, Sally Beauty, Ulta, and other beauty stores worldwide.

Shari Gottesman, the creator of Perfect Formula and Vice President of Cosmetics Coatings Corporation, the nation’s second largest nail product manufacturer, recommends the following hot nail polish color trends for Winter 2009 – 2010.

•    “If you don’t have time for a salon appointment, go for a naked nail look for the season, which is chic looking as color right now, and totally on trend,” says Gottesman. “As long as your cuticles are in good health and you keep nails buffed and shiny….”

Orly offers the Femme Fatale Holiday nail colors winter nails collection for hot 2009-2010 nail polish colors.

•    “For the winter / holiday season, nothing beats the look of a deep, dark red,” Gottesman adds. “This year, we’ve created some very dark blackberry shades, which I think add some nice and much needed drama to balance out a festive, cutesy party look.”

•    “And this season, the trend is away from shimmer, even for holiday,” Gottesman shares. “Dark and matte – that’s where nails are for now!”

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Andrea Lavinthal is the Senior Beauty Editor of Owned and operated by Hearst Magazines Digital Media, is a Web site dedicated to providing comprehensive content on all things beauty-related.

Shari Gottesman is the creator of Perfect Formula and Vice President of Cosmetics Coatings Corporation, the nation’s second largest nail product manufacturer.

ORLY nail polish products are free of DBP and all traces of Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Formaldehyde resin. For more information about ORLY, please see