Last Minute Stocking Stuffers: Holiday Design Nail Kits & Extras all under $10

paintingnailsThere’s but a few shopping days left before Christmas; if you’re not done shopping, may I make some suggestions? This season, give the gift of glamour with beautiful, limited edition holiday design nail kits. Better yet, combine the holiday design nail kits with a professional manicure or pedicure set. Oh, and don’t forget the little princesses… I have something special listed for them too.

The perfect last minute stocking stuffers would have to be, for me and I’m sure an awful lot of women, the following products: cool Holiday design nail kits from Kiss and Dashing Diva and awesome manicure and pedicure sets from Kiss. They’re beautiful, festive and such a great gift (especially when given together, making it a perfect gift duo).

I have so many products to show you today, that I think it’d be best to make my review quick. In just one word, I can describe each product as AWESOME! A must have for any girl (of any age).  I know that I, and my girls, were more than thrilled to try these products out. But then again, spa time is always a special time in our home. It’s a time when the girls and I can spend an hour or two together, making ourselves “pretty”.

Holiday Design Nail Kits from KISS
You might as well get every one of these nail kits from Kiss since you’ll probably have a hard time choosing just one. Valued at an ARP of $6.99, each kit contains 28 nails in 14 different sizes, 2g glue, mini-file, and a manicure stick. The French manicure look is perfect, as each nail is splashed with color – from poinsettias to flowers and glitter to elegant designs of simplicity. These are sure to make the perfect gift returned with endless smiles.

Product provided free to writer for review

You can find these Limited Edition Holiday Design Nails at all major drug stores nationwide, including RiteAid, CVS, Duane Reade, and Kmart. You can also see the full collection by going to

Holiday Nails From Dashing Diva
Dashing Diva is another favorite for beauty nail products and this holiday season they have four Holiday Design Nail on the GO kits worth the purchase. Dashing Diva nails have great features for those gals that are always on the go. There’s no messy polish or drying time to worry about. They’re fun and trendy and last for days (if that’s what you’re wanting). They’re quick and easy to apply (even in the car on the way to a party) since the adhesive is already on the nails. All you have to do is find the size that fits your nails and press on.  In seconds, you’ll be set for that holiday gathering without all the mess.

The ARP for this product is $8.00 and these nail kits are available at all Dashing Diva locations from November 23rd-Dec. 31st. Head over to and locate your nearest retailer.

Kiss Manicure and Pedicure Kits
Back to Kiss: let me show you a few of these must-have mani and pedicure sets (ARP: $9.99). Whether you decide to put them under the tree or as fillers in their stockings, the recipient will be so happy to get these beauties. It qualifies as a very practical, yet very wanted gift this year.

Each of the manicure and pedicure sets comes complete with all the tools you need to get the job done. These are quality tools too; they spared no expense putting these false nail sets together. From toenail clippers to cuticle nippers and files to separators, everything you need will be at the tips of your fingers, stored neatly in its own travel pouch.

Pink By Kiss: Nail Kits for Young Girls

How to Create a Half Moon Manicure by CND, as Seen at Ruffian, Fall Fashion Week 2009

The Ruffian half-moon manicure is one of the hottest nail styles for fall and winter in 2009. This deep burgundy red half-moon manicure debuted at Fall Fashion Week 2009, but it’s a dynamic manicure style you can wear well after the fall has passed. You can enjoy showing off this classy and elegant manicure either by painting your own nails or visiting your favorite nail salon to get a half-moon manicure professionally done.

CND Education Training Manager Roxanne Valinoti served as one of the CND nail pros backstage at NY Fashion Week 2009. She kindly shares step-by-step instructions on how you can create your own half-moon manicure at home. To paint your own Ruffian half-moon manicure, follow these steps by Roxanne Valinoti.

1.    File your nails into a soft almond shape.

2.    For longer wear, scrub your nails with ‘Scrubfresh’ to cleanse.

3.    Apply a thin coat of Stickey Base Coat to all 10 nails.

4.    Apply CND’s Putty or other neutral color such as Buff or Creamy Cameo to the entire nail.

5.    Apply a coat of CND’s Bloodline or other deep red color such as Dark Ruby or Scarlet Letter to the nail leaving the lunula, or ‘half moon,’ at the cuticle free of polish to allow the first coat to show through.

6.    TIP: Start by outlining the half moon, starting with one corner of the cuticle, continuing to the center of the nail. Continue from the opposite corner, to the center of nail. Then brush towards free edge to coat the entire nail for even coverage.

7.    Polish the entire nail with one layer of Super Shiney Top Coat for lustrous finish.

–    Step-by-step instructions provided by Roxanne Valinoti of CND

The Ruffian half-moon manicure would be a perfect look for the Christmas holidays or even New Year’s Eve. Dress up your everyday look with a deep red half-moon manicure that looks great no matter what you wear, from jeans to dresses and heels.

About the Expert:
Roxanne Valinoti is a CND (Creative Nail Design) Ambassador and nail expert. CND provides the salon and spa professional with products, services, education and support for the high quality nail services. For more information on CND (Creative Nail Design), visit online at

Wedding Nails and Manicures Picture Gallery by CND

Your wedding day most likely poses the most important decision of all when it comes to deciding how you’d like your nails or manicure to look. Try this pretty pink floral wedding manicure design by CND.Looking at pictures of wedding nails can help you to get a few ideas about your own wedding manicure. Wedding nails and wedding manicures come in limitless designs and color possibilities. You can get your wedding manicure customized to show off an accent of your wedding colors or stick with a simple and traditional manicure style. You can also try a more contemporary look, or something special for your nails to suit your beach wedding or destination wedding.

Depending on your preferences, your manicurist can easily add rhinestones and crystals, beads, glitter, and other glitz to your wedding day manicure to personalize your look. Looking at a lot of wedding nail pictures before your nail appointment can really help you narrow down the wide world of choices for your own wedding nails.

Consider these pictures of wedding nails and wedding manicures by CND (Creative Nail Design). You can suggest these pretty wedding nail styles to your manicurist or use these wedding nails photos to help you come up with the perfect manicure style for your wedding day.

Try this lovely wedding nail design by CND. It's a great look for a beach wedding.Try this lovely French oval wedding nail design by CND. It's an elegant manicure look for any wedding style.

Try this pretty striped wedding manicure design by CND. Great for a beach wedding, honeymoon, or any fun wedding occasion.Try this lovely wedding manicure design by CND. It's a great wedding nail style for your special day and your honeymoon.

Try this pretty wedding manicure design featuring pretty lines by CND. It's a wonderful look for any kind of wedding.Try this pretty pink floral wedding manicure design by CND. Try this beautiful gold and white wedding manicure design by CND. It's a glamorous look for your wedding day.

Remember, it’s usually a good idea to get your nails done two to three days in advance of your wedding so that you have a chance to relax and enjoy the experience without rushing it at the last minute. Also, if you plan to get acrylic French tips, your finger tips may bother you for about a day after you first get your wedding manicure. If you are working with a new salon or a new manicurist, it might be a good idea to bring your favorite pictures of wedding nails and manicures with you to show them how you’d like your nails to look when complete.

Congratulations and best wishes!

Do Your Nails Have a Costume Yet? Kiss and Dashing Diva: Limited Edition Halloween Nail Review

Yes, you read right… do your nails have a costume yet? Mine do; I’m dressing them up with some spooktacular Halloween themed nails via Kiss’s Halloween Nails and Dashing Diva’s Design Nails on the Go.

If you haven’t already, take a trip to any of the Walgreens, CVS, or Kmart stores (nationwide) before October 31st (that’s tomorrow).These Halloween Nails are definitely a must have and will definitely accent any costume you have in mind.

The nail kits come ready to use. There’s no mess from glue and it takes only seconds to apply. Each Halloween nail kit includes 24 nails in 12 sizes and “glue tabs” to help press on the nails, making the mess a thing of the past.

Young girls can wear Halloween nails too - a great costume enhancement!The limited edition Halloween nail kits I received:

Red French with Skull kit – this kit has got to be one of my favorites. It has the French manicure look only the white tips are red/black plaid; a few of them even have white skulls inside a beautiful gold heart (just beautiful).

Silver Spider Web kit – If you’re looking to add pizzazz to any gothic costume; these will do the job. The French tips are black with beautiful spider webbing across the bed of your nail, but don’t think that’s all for these nails wouldn’t be complete without the awesome silver spider that sits atop of your fingers…sure to get some attention on these beauties.

Halloween Love Potion Nails as modeled by PatienceVampire Red kit – Awesome blood red nails with the embossed black flair of designs around the edging. Trust me; you won’t want to forget about your nails once you see this design. They’re frighteningly red, yet elegantly vibrant with color…a must have.

Black & White Skull kit – You’ll have enough nails to do every other nail with cross bones and the other half with black nails and (what seems to be) white bones scattered about. They’re really cool looking, especially if you’re planning on dressing as a pirate, skeleton or other such character. I like these because of the cool Black & White contrasting look.

Dashing Diva; Design Nails on the Go… – (Skull & Bonz, Treasure Island and Love Potion) I received three spook-a-luscious designs; and all worth mentioning. Each set includes 28 nails and the glue is already applied. All you do is pick, set and press…that’s it. The hardest part was figuring out which one to wear first.

Girls showing off their Halloween manicures by Dashing Diva.The other set (that I plan to use tomorrow) are solid black nails with pretty white tips and a shiny silver strip to break the colors apart. I plan on wearing these tomorrow because I still haven’t decided what to wear. I know what I’d like to be, but because I’m not sure – these Halloween nail sets will be perfect for anything.

Each one of these kits was really fun to use and added much excitement to my girls’ evening. I normally don’t buy any type of nail kits for my girls because I worry about the glue tearing up their own nails, but with these being temporary, I had no fears. Why? To remove the nails, you simply soak them in warm water until the glue becomes soft and loose. Once there, the girls just peel them off (Note: nails cannot be reapplied once removed).

Although the Kiss nails were not the right size for my little ones (geared for women and young ladies), the Dashing Diva nails were a perfect fit for their little fingertips. The Dashing Diva nails had just enough “little” nails to give my girls a full set of glamour for tomorrow’s events.

Halloween Nails by Dashing DivaDashing Diva nails are available online at (8.00 SRP) and also (10.00 SRP) online or Sephora stores nationwide.

Kiss nails, as mentioned before, can be purchased at Walgreens, CVS, and Kmart stores nationwide. For more information, see

This review is made possible by Kiss and Dashing Diva (thank you). I happily accepted free products in order to give you my thorough and honest thoughts/opinion.

How to Create a Lovely Pink Ribbon Pedicure for Breast Cancer Awareness or Anytime

Pink Ribbon pedicures are easy with these DIY steps and pictures.Showing your support for breast cancer awareness on your piggies can be a fun and fashionable way to express yourself. A lovely pink ribbon pedicure is the perfect way to show your support in the fight for a cure. You can create your own DIY pink ribbon pedicure for breast cancer awareness in the comfort of your home, quickly and easily with a few materials and a few helpful instructions.

If you would like to know how to create a pretty pink ribbon pedicure, you are in luck! No matter if you are a beginner or an expert at DIY nail designs, you can create your own pink ribbon pedicure at home with a few nail painting supplies and some patience.

How to create your own DIY Pink Ribbon Pedicure and Nail Art DesignsOur pink ribbon pedicure starts with a French pedicure. In case you aren’t familiar with how to do your own French pedicure, we’ll include those steps in our DIY instructions. First, though, we’ll fill you in on the most important materials you will need to create your pink ribbon breast cancer awareness pedicure.

Materials for Pink Ribbon Pedicures:
Nude or pale pink nail polish
White nail polish or white nail art pen
Pink nail art pen (dark pink or hot pink)

(If a nail art pen is not available, you can use a tiny paintbrush or a toothpick to create your pink ribbon pedicure designs.)

DIY Nail Design Instructions for Pink Ribbon Pedicure:
To create your own pretty pink ribbon pedicure for breast cancer awareness month or any time of year, follow these steps:

DIY French Pedicure as a Base for Pink Ribbon Nail Art Designs
The first step is to do a French pedicure as a base for your pink ribbon nail art designs. If you know how to do your own French pedicure, do so and then skip down to the steps for adding pink ribbon nail art designs to your nails. If you are unfamiliar with French pedicures, see below:

1.    Paint all of your toenails with a very pale pink or nude nail polish.

2.    Allow them to dry and paint a second coat using the same base color.

3.    Determine if a third coat is necessary. Apply and let dry if needed.

4.    Once your nails are dry, paint just the tip of each nail white. You can use a white nail art pen for precision or if a nail art pen is not available, simply use the nail polish brush, a tiny paintbrush, or even a toothpick.

Tip: If you find that you have a hard time making a straight line across your nails, you can give yourself a guide using a piece of paper taped around your toe or some kind of label, tape, or sticker that won’t peel up your base coat. Some nail kits include guides you can apply for flawless French manicures and pedicures.

5.    Allow your nails to dry completely before moving onto the next steps.

DIY Pink Ribbon Nail Art Designs for Breast Cancer Awareness
Adding pink ribbon nail art designs to your manicure or pedicure gives a classy and worthy look to your nails. While this tutorial is for a pink ribbon pedicure, you can easily apply the same techniques to your fingernails so that you can enjoy a pink ribbon manicure as well or instead.

To create your own DIY pink ribbon nail art designs for breast cancer awareness on your piggy toes, follow these steps:

Follow these steps to create your own pink ribbon nail art designs.1.    After your French pedicure dries, prepare your dark pink or hot pink nail polish or nail art pen by eliminating excess polish that could ruin your design. Prepare to paint your pink ribbon nail design with your nail art pen, tiny paintbrush, or toothpick.

2.    Paint a diagonal line from the white tip across your nail toward the middle but not quite to the opposite corner.

Follow these steps to create your own pink ribbon nail art designs.3.    Repeat this technique from the opposite side, painting another diagonal line from the tip toward the middle and opposite side of the nail.

4.    Very carefully paint an arch to connect the two diagonal lines.

5.    Fix any parts of your pink ribbon nail art design that may not be uniform or to your liking.

Follow these steps to create your own pink ribbon nail art designs.6.    Consider adding a clear gloss topcoat to seal your design or a pretty glitter topcoat for extra pizzazz.

Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can paint your DIY pink ribbon nail art designs on every toenail or simply on the big toe if you wish. Be creative – you can also experiment with twisting the arch of the pink ribbon to make it look multi-dimensional.

Have fun and remember – even if your first attempt doesn’t come out perfect, DIY nail designs get easier with practice. You can look great for a good cause with this pretty pink ribbon pedicure, and while you’re at it, consider trying a pink ribbon manicure to complete the look for breast cancer awareness.

About the Expert:

DIY Nail Designs is a Web site dedicated to providing exciting new nail art designs with color photos and step-by-step instructions on how to create the nail designs yourself. For more information or to see what’s new, visit online at

Pink Ribbon Nail Designs are a great way to show your support!

DIY Fall Nail Art Designs

Fall begins on September 22, which means it’s time for warm nail polish colors of spiced pumpkin, burnt  orange, goldenrod, dark chocolate brown, and even jewel tones of emerald, plum, and ruby red. As you consider your fingernails and all your options for fall, don’t forget to try some lovely DIY fall nail art designs. Fall nail art designs are something fun and festive that you can do yourself in the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to DIY fall nail art designs, you have many options and possibilities. You can paint your own nails with beautiful and fun fall nail art scenes. You can paint an individual fall nail art detail on each nail, or manicure your fingertips with the same fall nail designs on each nail. DIY fall nail art designs also offer a great new look for school, a pretty option for work, or something fun to wear on your nails for no reason at all.

Materials Needed for Creating DIY Fall Nail Art Designs
As you prepare to paint pretty DIY fall nail art designs on your fingernails for autumn, don’t forget to gather the necessary materials to make your task a lot easier. The materials needed for creating your own DIY fall nail art designs are as follows:

–    Newspaper or paper towels (to protect your work surface)
–    Nail polish remover (to remove old polish and touch up nails)
–    Q-tips and cotton balls (to remove old polish and touch up nails)
–    Tiny paintbrush or a few toothpicks (for painting your fall nail art designs)
–    Nail polish shades in your favorite fall colors
–    Nail art pens if you have them (if not, you can get cool sets on
–    Optional – Glitter and other decorative nail adornments (to dress up your nails)

Beginner’s Tip: Please note – if you want to ease into painting your own DIY fall nail art designs, you can start out with nail tattoos, nail stickers, and waterslide nail decals. Nailz*by*me offers very reasonably priced waterslide nail decals on eBay if you are interested.

DIY Fall Nail Art Design #1: Fall Trees and Fall Foliage for Your Fingertips
To create this pretty DIY fall nail design, you must have a few different colors of nail polish on hand. You can be as detailed or as abstract as you like, so feel free to vary your steps from ours if you like. To paint your own fall trees and fall foliage nail art scenes on your fingernails, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails with the desired base coat or background color. You might be as abstract as painting a pretty color that you love, even a red or deep orange or brown, or you may be as detailed as painting the majority of your nail blue (for the sky) and the tip of your nail green (for grass).

2.    Allow nails to dry completely and assess whether a second coat of nail polish is needed.

3.    Paint the tree trunks on each of your nails that are destined for pretty fall nail designs.
Tip: Decide if each nail will have a fall tree or if only certain nails will show off the pretty fall foliage nail art scene. You can also decide whether you will paint one tree or several on the desired nails.

4.    Using a toothpick or extremely fine tipped paintbrush, dab little dots of color atop your tree trunk designs to represent the pretty fall leaves.

5.    Repeat step 4 with all the different fall nail polish colors that you would like to use for your pretty fall nail art designs.

6.    When you are done dabbing the colors for your fall leaves, consider sprucing up your DIY fall nail art designs with a few falling leaves or fallen leaves.

7.    After your fall nail designs dry completely, consider adding a clear gloss topcoat to protect them and lengthen the lifetime of your autumn manicure.

DIY Fall Nail Art Design #2: Fall Leaves in Autumn Colors…

Top 10 Fall Nail Polish Trends and Hot Nail Colors for 2009

Now that the summer is through and we’ve moved on to back-to-school, television show season premieres, and new fashions for fall, why not spruce up your makeup collection with some hot nail colors for autumn? To help you choose some new nail products or just for your own knowledge, we’re happy to share the top 10 fall nail polish trends and hot nail color trends for 2009.

Remember – the latest nail trends often come out on the fashion runways months before they even hit the mainstream. You can still take advantage of these hot nail color trends and fall nail polish trends with your existing nail polish collection, or pick up a few new bottles of nail polish to help you stay in line with the latest nail color trends of the season.

CND (Creative Nail Design) recommends the following top 10 nail polish trends and hot nail color trends for fall 2009:

1.    Ivory tones with gold glimmer
2.    Black pedicures
3.    Dark jewel tones like amethyst and sapphire
4.    Dark chocolate enamel
5.    40s moon manicure
6.    Half-moon manicure
7.    French moon manicure
8.    Grey nails
9.    Warm antique gold
10.  Gold / silver on a black nail

Out of these top 10 fall nail polish trends and hot nail color trends for 2009, you should be able to find at least something that catches your eye or strikes your fancy when it comes to manicure styles. If you don’t happen to like any of the hot nail color trends or fall nail polish trends, by all means, stay with your tried and true nail polish and manicure styles, stick with something classic like the French manicure, or make up your own nail color trends.

The most important thing – regardless of fall nail polish trends or even hot nail color trends – is that you are comfortable with your appearance and that you like how your nails look in whatever color you choose.

About the Expert:
CND provides the salon and spa professional with products, services, education and support for the high quality nail services. For more information on CND (Creative Nail Design), visit online at

New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 Nail Trends and Manicure Styles

Carolina Herrera Nails at the New York Fall Fashion Week 2009 - image  by CND.At the New York Fashion Week Fall 2009, a number of the hottest new looks for nails and manicures came to light on the runways. It appears there are five key fall 2009 trends in nails and manicures to add to your beauty arsenal. Best of all, these New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 trends are budget friendly, so you can enjoy looking hot without spending a lot.

Star nail pros from CND (Creative Nail Design) manicured the gorgeous runway models with the latest and greatest fall 2009 trends for nails and fingertips. Read on to learn about the five hot fall 2009 trends in nails, nail polish, and manicures.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 Nail Trend 1: Tickle the Ivories
CND says: “Glimmering ivory and buttercup blond manicures debuted on the runways of Carolina Herrera and iconic American designers Jason Wu and Tommy Hilfiger. The look is opaque, not sheer, with hit of golden shimmer.”

New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 Nail Trend 2: Dark is Classic
CND says: “Ebonized jewel tones in sapphire and amethyst punctuated the seriously sexy styling at BCBG, Herve Leger and DKNY, while Milly and Luca Luca showed classic dark raisin manicures to complement their feminine collections. At Miss Sixty, pure black Voodoo polish was reserved for pedicures. At Diesel, Amanda Fontanarrosa mixed a custom shade of dark chocolate enamel to match the clothes.”

40s Moon Manicure Nails at the New York Fall Fashion Week 2009 - image  by CND.New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 Nail Trend 3: 40s Moon Manicure
CND says: “The glamour and hope of post WWII returned to fashion in the form of bold beauty elements including matte red lips, pin curled hair, lined eyes, and half moon manicures. Ruffian, inspired by a vintage Vogue cover, updated the moon manicure from Vogue’s coral to a deep blood red. At Thakoon, CND’s Wanda Ruiz took the look a step further with a French moon mani in beige and black. At FORM, the urban black uniforms were contrasted with 40s hair and makeup and black and white moon manicures. At ThreeAsFour, CND’s Roxanne Valinoti abstracted the manicure with black triangular moons on nude nails.”

This Ruffian manicure was inspired by a vintage Vogue cover as an update with a deep blood red nail polish.New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 Nail Trend 4: Greige & Dirty Pastels
CND says: “The non color of choice for fall is grey. At Kai Kuhne, Roxanne Valinoti designed a gradated manicure effect with grey shade evolving from pinky to thumb. CND’s Kristina Baune mixed custom shades of grey and mushroom for Karen Walker, Costello Tagliopietra, Matthew Williamson, Yigal Azrouel, and Malandrino.”

New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 Nail Trend 5: Vintage Metallics
CND says: “Nails are jewels not tools; treat them like the fashion accessory they are. At Marchesa, the look was a metallic charcoal veil to pick up on the delicate embroidery. Baby Phat manis were a universally flattering warm antique gold while Diego Binetti showed distressed gold and silver on a black base.”

Karen Walker The next time your update your fingertips, consider any of these great fall 2009 nail trends from the New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 collection. From the moon manicures to the hot color trends of fall, you’ll be sure to find a trendy color and style combination that works great for your fingertips.

About the Expert:
CND (Creative Nail Design) provides the salon and spa professional with products, services, education and support for the high quality nail services. For more information on CND (Creative Nail Design), visit online at

* Photos courtesy of CND.

Choosing the Best Nail Shape for French Manicures

French nails look great with certain shapes.French manicures continue to be one of the most popular styles for manicures. Whether you plan to create your own French manicure at home or get your nails done in the salon, choosing the best nail shape for a French manicure may be easier than you think. In fact, if you get your French manicure in the nail salon, the manicurist will work with you to find the best looking nail shape for your nails and the length and style you prefer. The nail care professionals can choose the best French nail shape based on your hands shape, finger size and shape, nail bed shape, and even the skin tone of your hands.

Especially if you plan to do your own nails, finding the right nail polish color and the best nail shape for your French manicure can be a snap with a few tips and tricks. If you are wondering which nail shape looks best with French manicures, remember – in addition to the shape of your own nail beds, fingers, and hands, as well as skin color – whether or not you want to apply the manicure to your own nails or to use false nail tips also contributes to finding the best look.

French nails look great with certain shapes.“The French manicure is always a classic, yet has evolved over the years,” says Roxanne Valinoti, a CND (Creative Nail Design) Ambassador and nail expert. “No longer do women have one choice of ‘pink’ and ‘white,’ which can look artificial. With new technology, a nail professional can customize the shades of pink and white to compliment skin tone. A French manicure can be done as a semi-permanent coating with a CND Liquid and Powder service, as a permanent coating with a CND UV Gel service, or done at home with nail polishes that complement your skin tone.”

For at-home French manicures, Valinoti suggests choosing “a shade of pink or beige that suits your beauty goals: sheer for minimal coverage or opaque for full coverage.” She advises that the white tips of the French manicure also become a consideration – pure white for high contrast or off white for a more natural look.

“Beware that a square nail with a straight white tip can give the illusion of a shorter, wider looking finger or toe,” Valinoti cautions. “Keep the tip curved slightly at the corners to create the illusion of a longer nail. Remember, the longer the nails, the deeper the curve.”

About the Expert:
Roxanne Valinoti is a CND (Creative Nail Design) Ambassador and nail expert. CND provides the salon and spa professional with products, services, education and support for the high quality nail services. For more information on CND (Creative Nail Design), visit online at

Duri Nail Polish Fall & Winter “Rags to Riches” Collection

With the fall and winter months approaching, it’s time to start preparing. This means putting away the shorts and tank tops in order to make room for long sleeves, sweaters and pants. It also means that it’s time to update your nail polish collection with something more fitting for those cold days out.

In September and then again in November, Duri will be unleashing their latest collection and you won’t want to miss it! Duri Cosmetics is proud to present the all new Fall/Winter “Rags to Riches” nail collection. They’re showcasing deep reds, vibrant purples, satiny pinks and a striking gold shade. Each of them is fitting for any occasion and will compliment those warm winter outfits in the months ahead.

Million Dollar Baby, shade (513) and one of the new shades to debut in November, is a beautiful iridescent, satiny pink shade. This particular polish gives you the ability to control the shade you’re wanting. If you put just one coat on, it leaves a clear, yet iridescent shine to it while still showing the nail underneath; sort of like a pearly, iridescent “clear” coat so-to-speak. The more coats you apply, the less “clear” it appears and the more color you see. I also think it’d be a perfect accent to any color you’re already wearing.

I also received Trophy Wife (521), due out in September. This is a much darker shade of burgundy or ruby red (can’t really decide), but beautiful none the less. This color will definitely go great with a red, brown, black, blue or green outfit. It’s just so pretty; it’s strikingly rich in color and with just two coats, you’ll have enough color to last a while.

FYI: Duri was established in 1990. They were originally manufacturing and distributing nail polish, nail treatment and complete hair removal waxing lines for beauty salons and spas only. They started with 47 colors and 3 treatments but have since grown to over 200 brilliant contemporary shades and 10 exclusive treatments for your nails and hands. I’ve actually got my eyes on the Rejuvacote nail growth system right now… I have a thumb nail and middle finger that have given me problems for years – they just don’t grow and when they do they’re already split and snag, rip and tear on anything.

Duri Cosmetics offers a type of nail polish that can be trusted to last. They have awesome prices; at an ARP of $5.00 for color nail polish (0.5 fl. Oz); you’re sure to load up on all the latest colors without breaking the bank. In fact, Duri also has a Summer Special going on you wouldn’t want to miss. For a limited time, you can get three (limit – 3 offers per order) Duri professional nail files FREE with any Duri Summer Nail Polish.  So while choosing from the fall/winter “Rags to Riches” collection, be sure to check out the specials or other products of interest. Remember, you’re not limited to just nail polish. They have an array of products for helping some of the most common nail issues as well as preventive care perfect for keeping those nails looking their best!

For more information on/or to purchase Duri Cosmetics; please call 1-800-724-2216 or visit… Oh, and before it’s over – HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!

Choosing the Best Nail Color and Nail Shape Based on Your Hands and Fingers: Q&A with Roxanne Valinoti

Depending on the shape of your hand and fingers, you may find that certain colors of nail polish and certain nail shapes look better on you than others. The best nail shape based on hands and fingers...For a really great look, you can customize your manicures based on what nail shape looks best based on the shape of your hands and fingers. Once you find out the nail shape for your fingers, you can easily file your nails to have a rounded edge or a square edge, or let them grow longer, or trim them to be shorter.

You can also have fun with matching up the right nail shape with your fingers and hand shape when using fake nails. A number of beauty companies offer lovely fake nails kits with pre-painted nails, a French manicure style, or plain, unpainted fake nails. If you decide to use the false nail kits with your manicure, simply look for a fake nails kit that contains the nail shape that works best for your hands.

In case you need help choosing the best nail color and the right nail shape based on your hands and fingers, consider these tips from CND Ambassador and nail expert, Roxanne Valinoti.

Q.-  Life Love Beauty: Does the length or shape of the fingers impact which nail shapes look best? If finger shape can help determine the right nail shape for someone, please explain.

Tips on choosing the best nail shape and color for your hands and fingers...A. – Roxanne Valinoti:
Who doesn’t want their fingers to look longer and leaner? A great nail shape that can take 10 lbs off your hands is a softer oval or almond shape. It gives the illusion of length, which is great for shorter fingers. This elegant, modern, feminine shape looks great on any woman. If you have shorter nails, you can still get this illusion by slightly rounding the corners of a short square nail.

Q.-  Life Love Beauty: What about color? Does finger shape or finger size impact which colors look best on nails?

A. – Roxanne Valinoti:
When it comes to color, there are no rules. Nails can be a great fashion accessory to complement any style. This season (winter 2008 – 2009), nudes are more opaque, which can have a lengthening effect on shorter nails. Look for one that matches or complements your skin tone.

Deep, rich burgundies or browns are chic on a medium length nail and metallic shades look great on any nail length or nail shape. Try adding a few drops of black to your metallic polish to give it a vintage, patina look.

Q.-  Life Love Beauty: How does a woman determine which nail shape or nail polish color will look best on her own hands? Any tips?

A. – Roxanne Valinoti: Decide what your style is: Who are you? What are your beauty goals? Then go for it!

Choose the best nail shape for you with these tips on matching your finger and hand shape to your nail shape.Sexy – try longer almond nails in a deep rich red or burgundy, like CND’s Masquerade.

Classic – stick to neutral shades like CND’s Cocoa, or other creamy beiges.

Sophisticated – a chic rich dark brown with high shine, like CND’s Fedora, on a shorter to medium length nail looks great… even on toes.

About the Expert:
Roxanne Valinoti is a CND (Creative Nail Design) Ambassador and nail expert. CND provides the salon and spa professional with products, services, education and support for the high quality nail services. For more information on CND (Creative Nail Design), visit online at

Photos courtesy of CND (Creative Nail Design).

Top 10 Times When Painted Nails Are a “MUST”

Whether you are a total makeup fanatic or a one-in-a-while kind of girl, painted nails can surely make you feel pretty and well dressed. Sometimes painted nails could be considered a “must” – for those very special occasions or anytime you want to make a good impression. This article discusses the top 10 times when painted nails could be considered a “must” in your appearance.

Painting your nails may be more important if you currently have weeks-old, chipping nail polish on your fingers and toes, although attending major events with bare nails is perfectly acceptable as well, especially if you don’t like painted nails or if you simply don’t have time to paint them. (Just remove the old, chipped polish before you go somewhere important – like a wedding or a job interview!)

Painting your nails doesn’t always take a lot of time, but if you aren’t a regular, it could take a little practice to get used to the strokes and to avoid painting your skin. Even those who paint their nails all the time may still end up with a nail polish smudge here or there, so don’t dismay. Despite the small drawbacks of messy nail painting, painted nails can really add elegance and class to your look.

Here are the top 10 times when painted nails are a “must” in completing your look:

1.    Your Wedding
– This is one time when you are expected to get dressed to the nines and dolled up beyond your wildest dreams. Your hands (and possibly feet!) will be in a ton of pictures, so don’t neglect your nails!

2.    Job Interview – Don’t make a bad impression by appearing at a job interview with chipped nail polish. Instead, do a pretty at-home manicure or opt for a clear gloss coat if you aren’t a fan of color.

3.    A First Date
– Catch your date’s eyes with a pretty manicure. Let him see that you took the extra time and made a little more effort than usual to get dolled up for him.

4.    A Friend’s or Family Member’s Wedding
– This occasion may not be as important as your own wedding day, but getting a nice manicure or doing your own can really go a long way to making you look and feel sexy at a special soiree. (Plus, if you are a bridesmaid or immediate member of the family, your nails are also subject to potential photography!)

5.    Holidays, especially Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve
– While not absolutely necessary, painted nails for the holidays can be an excellent way to spruce up your look. Have fun doing your own manicures for the season!

6.    Tropical or Beach Vacation
– Show off those tootsies! Get a soothing, rejuvenating pedicure to enhance your image at the beach. You’ll love how your toes look as you dip them into the ocean.

7.    Graduation – As your classic graduation photo will last for ages, you had better be sure your nails are up to par for the camera. A lovely French manicure or a classy solid manicure sporting one of your school colors could truly add to your look in your graduation pictures.

8.    Back to School – Back to school is a great time to show off the new nail polish trends of the season. Paint your nails before the first day of class to give your confidence a boost and enhance your appearance even at the slightest detail.

9.    Whenever You Buy a Hot New Shade of Nail Polish
– Why bother buying if you don’t plan on trying? Don’t simply collect nail polish – show it off!

10.    Anytime You Are in the Spotlight
– If you will be on television or creating videos of yourself, painted nails are a “must.” Also, this list is not meant to be fully comprehensive, so keep your mind open to any time in your life – or your schedule – that may call for a dressy look sporting pretty painted nails!