New Year’s Eve Nail Designs and Manicure Ideas

For New Year’s Eve, you want to make a statement with your outfit from head to toe. That means you need to be dolled up from your fingertips to your tippy toes. As you consider your outfit for the holiday, don’t forget to keep in mind some New Year’s Eve nail designs and manicure styles that would complement your getup.

Of course, you can visit the salon to get yourself a professional New Year’s Eve manicure, but what’s the fun in that. Why not create your own exciting New Year’s Eve nail designs at home? As you contemplate your New Year’s Eve nail designs, keep in mind the color and topcoat of your nails, as well as whether you’d like to use nail decals, paint on your own designs, or simply sport a solid colored New Year’s manicure.

New Year’s Eve Nail Art and Nail Decals

New Year’s Eve nail decals and New Year’s nail art styles can be lots of fun for dressing up your New Year’s Eve outfit. Nail decals and nail art can be easy to apply and long-lasting. As you consider which New Year’s Eve Nail Art or New Year’s Eve nail decals you want to apply, keep in mind your preferred colors and whether you will be painting your nails or applying false tips.

Some examples of appropriate New Year’s Eve nail art decals include:

–    New Year’s bottle of champagne
–    Champagne glasses
–    Confetti
–    Fireworks
–    “Happy New Year” text
–    Bell or noisemaker
–    Party hats

You can find a number of New Year’s Eve nail art and New Year’s Eve nail decals on eBay and you can find rhinestone nail art and glitter decals on To get your own New Year’s Eve nail decals, visit the Nailz by Me eBay Store.

New Year’s Eve Nail Designs You Can Do Yourself

Create your own New Year’s Eve nail designs at home professionally and easily. Using nail art pens or nail polish and toothpicks, you can paint and draw tiny nail designs for New Year’s Eve, such as champagne bottles, confetti, fireworks, party hats and noisemakers, and text for “Happy New Year”, to name a few. New Year’s Eve nail designs offer a festive accent to your New Year’s outfit. You can dress up your nails with New Year’s nail designs and a glittery topcoat if you wish.

Take your time as you paint your nails and apply New Year’s Eve nail designs at home. You can always remove a nail design if it doesn’t turn out right, but by painting slowly and allowing each nail design to dry completely, you should have better results with your New Year’s Eve manicure.

New Year’s Eve Nail Design #1: Fireworks

To create a New Year’s Eve fireworks scene nail design on your fingernails, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the background of your nails with a dark basecoat, such as navy blue or midnight blue, black, or deep purple. This serves as the sky portion of your design.
2.    Allow the basecoat to dry completely and determine if a second coat of the same color is necessary. If so, paint and allow this to dry as well.
3.    Using a nail polish paint pen or a toothpick and desired color of nail polish, paint a series of curved lines to create the firework. Use more than one color if desired.
4.    Allow to dry.
5.    Consider painting a clear or glitter topcoat.

New Year’s Eve Nail Design #2: Confetti

To create New Year’s Eve nail designs with confetti, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the desired basecoat color.
2.    Allow the basecoat to dry completely and determine if a second coat of the same color is necessary. If so, paint and allow this to dry as well.
3.    Using a variety of colors you like, paint tiny specks or curlicues to create confetti.
4.    Allow these nail designs to dry completely.
6.    Consider painting a clear or glitter topcoat.

New Year’s Eve Nail Design #3: Bottle of Champagne

To create New Year’s Eve champagne bottle nail designs, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the desired basecoat color.
2.    Allow the basecoat to dry completely and determine if a second coat of the same color is necessary. If so, paint and allow this to dry as well.
3.    Paint a green bottle on each nail or on a single fingernail if desired.
4.    Allow the champagne bottle or bottles to dry completely.
5.    Once dry, paint a label for the champagne bottle. A simple square or rectangle in a solid color will do.
6.    Using a gold nail polish or a light brown nail polish or another color if desired, paint the cork.
Tip: For an extra festive New Year’s Eve nail design, paint the popping cork and bubbles coming from the bottle.
7.    Allow to dry completely.
8.    Consider painting a clear or glitter topcoat.

New Year’s Eve Nail Design #4: Noisemakers and Party Hats

To create New Year’s Eve nail designs with party hats and noisemakers, get a variety of nail polish colors or paint pens and follow these steps:

1.    Paint the desired basecoat color.
2.    Allow the basecoat to dry completely and determine if a second coat of the same color is necessary. If so, paint and allow this to dry as well.
3.    Paint a skinny triangle or cone on an angle for the noisemakers.
4.    Once dry, paint small designs on your noisemakers, such as lines, squiggles, dots, etc.
5.    Paint an upright cone or triangle for the party hats.
6.    Allow the hat or hats to dry and then paint designs on them as desired – stripes, polka dots, etc.
7.    Put a little fringe on top of the triangle’s point for a nice bit of detail.
8.    Consider painting a clear or glitter topcoat.

New Year’s Eve Manicures

New Year’s Eve manicures add so much to your appearance without costing a bundle or taking up too much time. If you want a simple solution to your New Year’s Eve manicure, consider a solid color manicure. Solid color New Year’s Eve manicures make a bold statement without taking hours on end to create.

New Year’s Eve manicures look great in dark, bold colors or even with rich jewel tones like emerald green or amethyst purple. You can complete your New Year’s Eve manicure with a lovely glitter topcoat or with a single diagonal line of silver or gold nail polish for a special holiday touch. You can create your New Year’s Eve manicure on your own or visit the salon to get your nails done for the New Year.

Here are some nail polish collections to consider for your New Year’s Eve manicure or New Year’s nail designs:

–    OPI Night Brights Collection – From metallic to dark and sultry, these colors have got it going on. Shades of silver, gold, midnight blue, and more.

–    OPI La Collection de France – These colors are reminiscent of wine and berries – what a great color scheme for the holidays and especially for a New Year’s Eve manicure.

–    Zoya Downtown Collection – These bold metallic nail polish colors make a hip and classy statement while adding depths of intrigue to your appearance.

New Year’s Eve nail designs and New Year’s Eve manicures are a great way to kick off the holiday and get in the mood for a party. Pick your special New Year’s Eve outfit and select nail polish colors and nail designs to complement your look. Look online and check out what the celebrities are wearing for additional insight into the holiday nail designs and manicure styles. Most of all have fun!

What Are Water Slide Nail Decals and How Do You Apply Water Slide Nail Decals

Water slide nail decals are a style of custom nail art that can feature any graphic, logo, or design you desire. The water slide nail decals are printed on special paper so that the designs slide right off the paper when they are briefly immersed in water.

“It is a nail decal that you cut out and put in water and it will slide off the backing,” says Amy, the mastermind behind Nailz by Me, a company offering virtually endless styles of water slide nail decals. “It doesn’t just stick like a sticker; you can reposition it.”

Amy got started creating her own water slide nail decals upon her husband’s suggestion. She is a stay-at-home mom who found a creative way to make a little extra cash. She now creates countless water slide nail decals in myriad styles and designs, with everything from holiday styles to professional sports themes to specially designed decals for weddings and special events. She can even create water slide nail decals from your own photographs (pictures of your pets, children, spouse, etc.), logos, words / phrases, or artwork.

How to Apply Water Slide Nail Decals
Applying water slide nail decals is fun and easy. To apply water slide nail decals, all you need to have on hand are scissors, water, and clear nail polish. You can also paint your nails in a light color beforehand if desired. You can do it yourself at home in as quickly as 10 minutes once you’ve got the hang of applying the water slide nail decals.

Here are special instructions from Amy on how to apply water slide nail decals:

Directions for applying Nail Decals by Nailz by Me:

1. Paint your nail any light color, French manicure, or clear, and make sure nails are dry. (Typically, leaving one hour between painting nails and applying water slide nail decals is a good idea.)

2. Cut out decal and soak in water for about 15 seconds.

3. Take out of water and decal will slide off the white backing.

4. Apply to nail, dry off excess water, and coat with at least two coats of clear polish. (The clear nail polish seals the water slide nail decals to your fingernails.)

5. When ready to remove, just use fingernail polish remover.

6. Come back to Nailz*by*Me for more nail decals!
How Long Do Water Slide Nail Decals Last?
If you take the time to apply the water slide nail decals as directed, Amy says they can last for two or three weeks, unless you decide to remove them sooner. When you apply the nail art decals, it is important to put at least two coats of clear nail polish on top of the design to seal the decals in place.

If you feel that it would help prolong the lifetime of your water slide nail decals, you might consider painting a third coat of clear nail polish a week or two later.

“These are so fun to use!” Amy says. “I can make them anyway you want. You can wear your kids on your nails for birthdays or graduations. You can wear your wedding date on your nails at your wedding. The list is endless and I stand by my work 100%.”

About the Expert:
Nailz*by*Me is a company specializing in themed and custom water slide nail decals. You can learn more at or visit the Nailz by Me eBay store.

Thanksgiving Manicure Tips

Holiday time is the perfect time to sport a special manicure. This fall, spruce up your appearance with a beautiful Thanksgiving manicure. Your Thanksgiving manicure can feature solid colors, nail art, nail decals, or other special designs and nail adornments. You can get your Thanksgiving manicure done professionally at the salon, or you can create your very own Thanksgiving manicure at home.

Thanksgiving water slide nail decals, by Nailz by MeIf you would like to pain your own Thanksgiving manicure this year, make sure you have the necessary supplies – nail polish, nail polish remover, nail file, paint pens or toothpicks for detail work, and decals or nail art and adornments, if desired. Next, think about the style of Thanksgiving manicure you would like to wear. Will you go for a fashionable French manicure with a Thanksgiving accent, or would you prefer to be completely original with your own designs?

Here are a number of suggestions for creating a beautiful Thanksgiving manicure and for applying Thanksgiving nail decals.

Thanksgiving Manicure Styles and Colors
The possibilities for your Thanksgiving manicure span as far and wide as your imagination. Your own creativity can spark additional creative options for you to use when crafting a holiday manicure, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You can always remove unwanted colors and designs with nail polish remover.

As you prepare to paint your own Thanksgiving manicure, consider your options. You can take a traditional French manicure and spruce it up for the Thanksgiving holidays. You can simply go with a solid color manicure, which is timeless and very functional. You could also apply Thanksgiving nail decals for a fun twist on the traditional manicure.

French Manicure for Thanksgiving
Creating a Thanksgiving French manicure is not as difficult as you may expect. Just follow these steps to get a beautiful manicure for the holidays.

1.    Paint your nails with the traditional French manicure.

2.    Decide if you would like your special Thanksgiving design to appear on all nails, a few select nails, or just on a single nail from each hand.

3.    Paint your own special Thanksgiving nail designs, or enhance your Thanksgiving French manicure with a single diagonal line (or other design) in a bold and festive color of your choice.

Solid Color Thanksgiving Manicure
If you would like to simply paint your nails with a pretty, solid-color manicure for the Thanksgiving holiday, consider colors that are bold and bright or bold and earthy. Make sure your nails are neatly trimmed and shaped to your liking.

Some colors you might want to consider for a Thanksgiving manicure may include burgundy, turquoise, chocolate, orange, green, purple, plum, gold or goldenrod, burnt orange, and reddish brown.

Here are some colors we love:

Squirrel Thanksgiving water slide nail decals, by Nailz by Me Turkey Thanksgiving water slide nail decals, by Nailz by Me Thanksgiving Leaves water slide nail decals, by Nailz by Me


I Heart Thanksgiving water slide nail decals, by Nailz by Me

Pilgrim hat Thanksgiving water slide nail decals, by Nailz by Me

Thanksgiving Nail Decals
If you don’t feel up to painting your own Thanksgiving manicure or using nail polish to craft your Thanksgiving nail designs, you may want to consider Thanksgiving nail decals. Nail decals are like small temporary tattoos that adorn your nails. They come in all kinds of styles and themes, and you are sure to find great Thanksgiving nail decals that are just perfect for the festive holiday season.

Thanksgiving nail decals, along with countless other kinds of nail decals, are available at the Nailz by Me store on eBay for a reasonable charge. You can find everything from a variety of Thanksgiving turkeys to pilgrims and Indians, festive fall leaves, pumpkins, squirrels, and other adorable themed nail decals. Thanksgiving nail decals are quick and easy to apply, and they add a nice touch to your nails.

To get your own Thanksgiving nail decals, visit the Nailz by Me eBay store. You can also learn more at

Thanksgiving Nail Designs – Do It Yourself Nail Painting Tips

Why not get a little fun and festive now that the Thanksgiving holiday is almost here? Applying your own Thanksgiving nail designs is easier than ever, thanks to all the cool products on the market. To create beautiful Thanksgiving nail designs, you may want to consider the colors of your nail polish and whether you will be applying Thanksgiving nail decals or using a nail polish pen to create your own Thanksgiving nail designs.

First things first – what kind of Thanksgiving nail designs do you want to wear? You can go from a simple French manicure with a single Thanksgiving nail decal on one fingernail, or you can take things to more advanced levels by applying holiday decals to all your nails or by actually painting Thanksgiving nail designs on each fingernail. Your level of confidence in creating nail designs may help you to determine which type of nail designs are best for you at this time. You can also consider any special events you may attend.

Some creative Thanksgiving nail designs you might want to consider are:

–    Cornucopias
–    Indians
–    Leaves
–    Pilgrims or Pilgrim hats
–    Pumpkin
–    Pumpkin pie
–    Scarecrow
–    Turkeys

Painting Thanksgiving Nail Designs
No matter how experienced you are at painting your nails and applying nail art, you can surely add creative Thanksgiving nail designs to your fingertips. For most Thanksgiving nail designs, you will want to paint your nails with a basecoat first. The basecoat can be dark or light, but it should cover the nail completely. Once your basecoat dries, decide if you should apply a second coat to achieve the desired color on your nails. Once you are happy with the basecoat, it is time to begin creating your Thanksgiving nail design.

Remember, when you paint your own nail designs, they don’t have to be perfect. Many times, people opt for the more abstract or the less detailed nail designs because they are easier to duplicate – especially when using your non-dominant hand. As you paint your own Thanksgiving nail designs, take your time and don’t worry if your designs do not all look identical.

As you begin painting your nail designs, remember to use color and tools as needed. A toothpick can act as a tiny paintbrush if needed. Also remember, each item you paint will appear beneath anything that is painted after it. So, save the items for the top or front of the design for last. Just be creative! Consider the following tips on painting your own Thanksgiving nail designs, or use these ideas to spark inspiration for other Thanksgiving nail designs.

Thanksgiving Nail Designs #1 & #2 – Pilgrim and Indian Designs
To create pilgrim and Indian Thanksgiving nail designs, you will need a variety of nail polish colors and either a nail polish paint pen or a few toothpicks for the detail work. For the pilgrim hat design, you will need black nail polish, silver or white nail polish, and your desired color for basecoat. If you want to paint an Indian headdress on your nails, gather a few different colors of nail polish for the feathers and at least one color for the band.

Thanksgiving Nail Design: Pilgrim Hat
To paint a pilgrim hat Thanksgiving nail designs on your nails, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the desired basecoat on your nails and allow them to dry completely.
2.    Paint a black pilgrim hat and allow it to dry. The hat should have a tapered rectangular shape with the narrower end at the top, with a wide brim at the base of the hat.
3.    To create the pilgrim hat’s buckle, paint a small, open rectangle in a lighter color – silver or white will do just fine.
4.    Allow the nails ample time to dry.
5.    Paint on a glossy or completely clear topcoat, if desired.

Thanksgiving Nail Design: Indian Headdress
To paint Indian headdress Thanksgiving nail designs, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the desired basecoat and allow nails to dry completely.
2.    Paint a horizontal line for the band that would go around the Indian’s head and allow it to dry. You can make it a solid color or decorate it if you feel so inclined.
3.    Paint at least one or even several colorful feathers rising from the band and allow nails to dry.
4.    Once nails are fully dry, consider applying a topcoat to prevent chipping.

Thanksgiving Nail Designs #3 & 4 – Leaves and Cornucopias
Leaves and the cornucopia are two great symbols for the fall months and especially for the fall holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Painting leaves and cornucopias as Thanksgiving nail designs can be fun and relatively easy if you go for the abstract approach. Here are some tips to achieving these designs. To paint fall leaves or cornucopias, you will want a variety of nail polish colors, including orange, yellow, green, red, and brown.

Thanksgiving Nail Design: Fall Leaves
To paint pretty fall leaves as Thanksgiving nail designs, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the desired basecoat and allow nails to dry completely.
2.    Using a tiny paintbrush or a toothpick, paint a stem for each leaf and follow with a few sweeping motions to create tiny geometric leaves. You can paint a single large leaf or a series of smaller leaves, depending on your preferences.
3.    Once your leaves are dry, consider applying a topcoat.

Thanksgiving Nail Design: Cornucopia, or Horn ‘o Plenty
To paint a cornucopia on your nails for Thanksgiving, follow these steps:

1.    Using your preferred color, paint the desired basecoat and allow nails to dry completely.
2.    Paint a curvy cone using orange or yellow and allow your nails to dry.
3.    Paint small fruits or vegetables in the large opening of the cone.
4.    Consider sealing your holiday nail designs with a topcoat once completely dry.

Keep Reading: Thanksgiving Nail Designs #5 and #6: Pumpkin and Pumpkin Pie…

Halloween Nail Designs and Nail Polish Tips

For Halloween, don’t forget to complete your costume with perfect Halloween nail designs. From ghosts and vampires to rock stars and more, you can create stunning nail designs to match your outfit for Halloween. With just a little time and effort, you can enjoy lovely or scary Halloween nails… consider these Halloween nail designs for your convenience.

Remember – you can go out and get a Halloween manicure at your favorite nail salon, or take things into your own hands and create beautiful Halloween nail designs to match your Halloween costume. Let’s get creative and mock up some awesome Halloween nail designs!

Halloween Nail Design #1: Ghost Nails
For perfect Halloween ghost nails, try to get your hands on some glow-in-the-dark nail polish. If you can’t seem to find any, your next best bet for ghost nail designs would be a pure white nail polish or even a pearly white nail polish.

For super spooky ghost nails, you might also consider solid black nails, especially to make a bold statement if the rest of your ghost costume is white! If you want to be a bit more creative with your ghost nail designs, you can always look into Halloween nail decals or nail tattoos.

Get glow-in-the-dark nail polish at!

Halloween Nail Design #2: Candy Corn Nails
A Halloween nail designs kit like nubar makes creative Halloween manicures so much easier! For this festive Halloween nail design, you need a bottle each of orange, yellow, and white or brown nail polish, depending on the candy corn style you are going for. This style is so cute and not too difficult to create, so let’s get started.

First, decide which combination of colors you’ll be using. Then paint your nails with three horizontal stripes – one orange, one yellow, and one either brown or white. Add a glossy top coat and you are all set with your sweet Halloween manicure!

Halloween Nail Design #3: Halloween Nail Decals
One relatively easy yet adorable way to spice up your Halloween manicure is to add some nail art pieces, such as Halloween decals or nail tattoos. The Halloween Collection from nubar includes peel and stick nail designs of a wide variety of themes, including spiders and webs, witches, bats, pumpkins, black cats, ghosts, candles, skull and crossbones, masks, candy, and much more.

To apply nubar’s Halloween Collection nail art decals, simply clean and dry the nail and press on whichever of your desired designs are a good fit for the nail’s size. Then, apply a coat of nubar Diamont Seal & Shine topcoat to finish.

Halloween Nail Design #4: Vampire Nails
Just about any combination of black and red nail polish will make for a great vampire nail design. You can paint your nails all black or all red. For an edgy vampire nail design, paint your nails solid in either red or black, and then apply some diagonal lines of paint in the opposite color. Red nails with black tips or black nails with red tips also make a fabulous Halloween manicure for a vampire.

You can also adorn your nails with actual vampire faces if you’d like. Paint your nails a solid color and allow them to dry completely. Then, using a nail polish paint pen or a toothpick and some polish, add two fangs, evil eyes with upward slanting brows, and drops of blood around the vampire’s mouth.

Halloween Nail Design #5: Zombie Nails
For perfect zombie nails and nail designs of the dead, think dirty-looking, creepy nails in shades of yellow, brown, and green. Add a few black cracks to the zombie nail designs for an authentic “undead” appearance.

Zombie nail designs don’t necessarily need a lot of intricate details. In fact, these Halloween nail designs can be as sloppy as you like. After all, when was the last time a zombie made it to the nail salon for a special Halloween manicure?!

Tips to Personalize Your Manicure with Adornments, Decals, and More

Whether you do your own nails or rely on your manicurist to keep them looking fabulous, tried and true leaves a lot of room for creativity to creep into the picture! With a few inexpensive adornments and some supplies you already have throughout the house, you can personalize your nails to suit your interests and creative energies.

For a beautiful, personalized manicure, consider the ultimate look you are hoping to achieve. Check out the magazines and pictures on the Internet to find perfect, personalized manicures to give you additional ideas on how you can customize your own nails.

Adorable Adornments…

No matter what your personal tastes are like, you’re sure to find some fancy little accents to dress up your nails. From metallic foil to tiny gemstones, golden initials, sequins, stripes and much more, your creativity is the only limitation! With a spot of nail glue and some patience, you can sport the most dazzling nails on the block.

Many different adornments are available as sets in the beauty department of drugstores, superstores and other shopping locations like Before checking out, be certain that your selection comes with the nail glue or appropriate substitute. Some tiny decorations will stick to your nails merely with nail polish, but it is better to read the packaging while you’re in the store than to wait until you get home and find out you need more supplies.

Daring Decals…

For low maintenance design tricks, consider applying a few decals to your fingertips. Decals come in endless shapes, sizes and designs, from colorful hippie frogs to flowers, hearts, butterflies, holiday designs, and even designs for specific interests like cards, dice and cocktail glasses!

Visit for great beauty buys!

Decals prove very easy to apply and take only a few moments, even for someone who’s never used them before. Much like tiny temporary tattoos, decals often require just a little bit of water and downward pressure upon the surface to which they will be sticking. Read the instructions thoroughly before affixing decals to your nails in order to prevent any slight imperfections.

Show Some Spirit!

It’s hockey (Or insert your favorite sport here) season! Why not affix your favorite team’s logo on your thumbnail or pinky nail for good luck? My favorite team happens to be the Philadelphia Flyers, so during playoffs in 2004 I took my team pride to the max. Donning white, black and orange nail polish on my pinky nail with the help of a toothpick with a pointed end, I created my own miniature Flyers insignia! Unfortunately, it did not impact the hockey season enough for my team to take home the cup, but they came close!

Quick and Easy Designs for Stylish Nails

Whether you have a hot date or a job interview, a wedding or a casual night out at the bar, get creative and try some new styles for your nail painting needs. With the right supplies – namely some hot new nail polish colors – you can create beautiful nail designs that are stylish and chic.

No matter if you are feeling lazy or ambitious, the tips here provide a number of options for your nails. Follow these quick and easy tips to achieve a glamorous look in only minutes!

Basic Hues:

Perhaps the simplest style of them all is the basic solid color manicure. For open-toed shoes, be sure to apply a coat of the same color to your tootsies to accent your outfit and make you feel even more stylish and sexy. Basic styles in neutral and mild tones work very well for first impressions. Save the black and silver for future engagements.

Choose a color that complements the clothing you intend to wear. If the outfit is patterned, pick a shade that appears within the design a bit less than the other colors and use that same shade of nail polish to emphasize that hue.

For an even more fashionable look, do your nails in the solid color and allow them to dry completely. When they are finished drying, use a thin brush or a toothpick with a different color and trace a diagonal line going the same way on each nail. Try to make them as uniform as possible, and as you become more and more adept at painting extra designs, create your own styles for fun.

School Spirited:

If you are still in school or attending college, an exclamation of school pride would wear well on your nails by painting them in your school colors. You can do this in one of many ways:

– Alternate the colors by painting each nail entirely with one color and doing the next nail in the next school color. For example, if your school colors are blue and white, start with blue on your thumbnail, white on your index finger, blue on your middle finger, and so forth.

– Paint the nails all the same solid color, and once completely dry, paint the tips the other school color.

– Paint all nails one color, and using a toothpick or very thin brush, sketch a phrase or “GO (mascot or school name)!” on your fingernails if it fits.

– Get creative and make up your own… draw swirls, try to paint your school mascot, etc.

A Girl’s Night Out Styles:

Attract some attention with a wild and crazy style – be it zebra stripes, metallic glints or otherwise. Perfect for a night to the clubs or a date out on the town.

Do a quick version of a French manicure by painting the base coat of your nails in a neutral tone, such as a salmon color. With a white hue, once dry, paint the tips of your nails carefully and as uniformly as possible. This works best if you are able to grow your nails out a bit so you can use your natural nails’ anatomy as a guide

Glitter and glamour – Choose a base color to use on all of your nails to complement your outfit. Allow that coat to dry – paint another coat if necessary. Once the nails are smudge-proof, take a glass coat of clear gloss or a sparkle coat that matches the chosen color and add your own special touches. Dark blue and black look very nice with silver glitter, red with gold glitter, though the combination possibilities are endless. These glittery styles may complement wedding apparel, semi-formalwear and even casual attire.

To save even more time, apply a clear coat to your nails each day to protect the polish from chipping. Experiment with decals and nail transfers if you are not up for designing your own artistic themes. Be creative, do not get discouraged and remember, the more practice you get, the easier it will become each time you try a new style!

Best Shapes and Colors Based on Nail Bed Shape

Much like fingerprints, nail shapes and sizes are also unique to the individual. You may find similarities between your nails and those of a parent or sibling, but fingernails come in many shapes and sizes.

Find the best nail shape based on your nail bed.

If you’ve ever looked at a friend’s manicure, you may notice that hers does not look identical to yours. Why is that? Well, for starters, your nail bed may be longer or shorter, wider or narrower than your friend’s nail bed. The nail bed is the part of your skin where the actual nail rests. Your nail bed may also differ from your mother’s, your sister’s, your cousin’s, as well as from complete strangers. This is because nail beds come in different shapes suited to the anatomy of the individual.

“The wider and shorter the nail bed is, the less attractive dark colors will look,” says Carolyn Cianciotto, the owner of Carolyn New York Nail Care Line. Her recommendations to determine the best shape when filing your nails, or for when you apply false tips, are as follows:

Tips for choosing the best nail shape based on nail bed...

Nail Bed Shape Best Nail Shape

Short and wide ———————————- Square with rounded edges

Long and big ————————————- Square with a rounded edge

Narrow and long oval ————————– Square with a sharp edge

Oval nail bed ————————————– Lucky you!

When the nail are crooked and have different shapes, Cianciotto suggests a square nail shape.

Color Clues

Find the best nail shape for your fingers based on nail bed.

Did you know that different skin tones reflect the same nail polish shades differently? In other words, certain nail polish colors may look better on you, or your friend, depending on the tone of your skin. If you don’t already know the tone of your skin, you can find out by simply consulting a beautician or your own stylist.

“If a person has red tone to her complexion, reds don’t always look good, but if you must, make sure it is blue-red, not an orange-red,” Carolyn Cianciotto explains. “If one has yellow tones, beige will look yellow. Pinks are nice for people with a lot of yellow in their skin.”

“If one has brown tones, she can wear almost anything, but most of the sheers will look whiter and brighter, so be careful if that’s not the look you are shooting for,” she adds.

“Get to the salon 15 minutes early so you can try a couple colors on and decide what you like best,” Cianciotto advises.

* Photos courtesy of CND.

How to rock dark nail polish

For the last few years, one of the “newest trends” continues to be dark or black nail polish. When you flip through the pages of any glossy gossip magazine, you’re bound to see Hollywood girls from troubled starlets to pop stars flashing fingers tipped with edgy dark polish.

One piece of good news is that dark doesn’t have to mean black. While black can create quite a statement, it’s not for everyone. There are many lovely shades of navy, dark purple, deep burgundy, even chocolate brown, which can work to give you a hot, sexy manicure. Follow these tips, and you’ll be easily riding this trend in next to no time. Not quite ready for dark fingernails? That’s fine! Try these tips during your next pedicure to have something different peeking out of your summer sandals.

One thing you’ll want to make sure of before you try out dark nail polish is that your nails are short and neat. You’re going for edgy, not dragon lady. Give yourself a manicure, trimming and filing your nails to a good short length. Take care of your cuticles, too–I like putting on some Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream or Manicure’s Best friend by bliss. Make sure you wash your hands before applying your polishes, to remove any cream residue that might keep your manicure from lasting.

You’ll want to apply a good base coat before you start, as well. Dark nail polish can stain or discolor your nails, so it’s a good idea even if you don’t normally use base coat. A good ridge-filling base coat (like Seche Base) or strengthening base coat (like Sally Hansen Hard As Nails) does double-duty here.

Picking your dark color should be the hardest part of this–there are so many from which to choose! Many brands these days carry dark colors, and you can find them to fit any budget. Some good ones to check out are Wet ‘n’ Wild, Sally Hansen, OPI, Sephora brand, MAC, and Chanel. This is definitely something you want to shop for in person; colors online are never what they seem, and you could think you’re ordering a dark berry just to end up with a hot pink! Colors may dry darker or lighter than they appear in the bottle, as well, so if there are testers, it can be a good idea to try a spot out on your thumbnail before buying.

Make sure to apply at least two coats of your dark polish, as many dark polishes can be thin, and streaks are pretty obvious when you’re using a dark color. If you make a mistake, dip a cotton swab in some nail polish remover and carefully clean it up. Once your two coats are dry, apply a good top coat, too. Like streaks, chips in dark nail polish are obvious.

Well, there you go! At this point, you should have a dark, lovely manicure, and be a part of one of the coolest trends of the last several years.

Pretty Summer Manicure and Pedicure Tips

Warm Weather Nail Designs!

The sun is shining, beach waves are crashing, and the pool temp is just right. Now is the perfect time to sport a spiffy new manicure – or pedicure – wherever you go. Consider the following color combinations and nail designs and styles as you plan your summer manicures and pedicures.

While French manicures and pedicures are a favorite standby for all seasons, you might want to jazz your nails up a little bit this summer. This season, the hottest colors also seem to be the brightest. So, grab your sunglasses and get set for bright, bold, and beautiful.

The sun is shining, beach waves are crashing, and the pool temp is just right. Now is the perfect time to sport a spiffy new manicure – or pedicure – wherever you go. Consider the following color combinations and nail designs and styles as you plan your summer manicures and pedicures.

Neon colors are so much fun! (Essie Neon Collection)

While French manicures and pedicures are a favorite standby for all seasons, you might want to jazz your nails up a little bit this summer. This season, the hottest colors also seem to be the brightest. So, grab your sunglasses and get set for bright, bold, and beautiful.

Neon colors offer a fun and flirty perspective for summer nail trends. Go with anything that draws attention and shines brightly in the sun. Fluorescent hues such as Day-Glo yellow, cerulean blue, hot pink, neon green, neon orange, and ultraviolet purple make the charts as some of the season’s hottest shades. Consider the full size essie Neon Collection for a four-pack of fun or check out the Color Club Neon Flower Power 7pc for seven lucky shades.

Go bold and colorful this summer! (Color Club Neon Flower Power)

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your colors – adding a stripe here or there, or a small polka-dot or other accent. Your own creative imagination is your only limitation when it comes to dazzling up your nails.

Still need more color options? Think sherbet. Raspberry pink, lime green, and outrageous orange are some of my favorite colors for the summer. Just think of all the fun you can have showing off an impressive set of fingernails or toenails.

Don’t forget about other brilliant yet non-neon colors. Teals and turquoises carry reminders of perfect sparkling seawater while standard yellows, oranges, reds, and purples even make their mark across the globe. OPI Brights offer a wide array of colors with both neon and non-neon option.

Too bold? Too much color? No problem!

If you’re not too keen on plunging your nails into nuclear neons this summer, and you don’t want to make too big of a statement with the best of the bolds, don’t give up just yet. You have so many options for tweaking the trends to your liking.

Consider white, pale pink, or pearly nails with bold accents. You can still take advantage of the colorful hotlist by painting your nails with a slightly neutral shade first (consider OPI’s line of pale pinks and pearly whites – they are perfect for this) and then create your own special finishing touches with brighter or bolder accents and adornments.

If you’d still prefer the French manicure look, consider adding a small colored gemstone, stripe, or other decal or decoration in a color you like. You can almost always find success when you build off of a timeless design.

OPI offers bright and neutral tones. (OPI Brights shown)Keep your eyes peeled for toned-down shades of these colors. You can still wear a shimmery peach or lemon drop color with style and grace this summer. Light sparkly blue or aqua still reminds us of the tides, and just about any color you choose can still look great if you take your time and apply it with care. Lots of nail polish brands will be offering these lighter tones for people who may not feel comfortable wearing bolder, brighter colors.

Remember that a trend is just a trend! If you don’t particularly care for it, don’t follow it! You won’t have to wait long for another new and equally astonishing trend to roll around.

So now that you’ve discovered the ins and outs of summer nail designs and colors, it’s up to you to put these tips into action. Sure, you can stick with your traditional reds and pinks for pretty painted nails, but why not go a little wild this summer? Have a little fun and get a little flirty. Show off!

Note: For a beautiful splash of color, check out the selection at your local drugstore, superstore, or beauty supply store, or snag yourself some at!

Do-It-Yourself French Manicure

French manicure, courtesy of Mary A. Pen, morgueFileWant professional looking nails without spending your day’s pay in the salon? With some practice and a little patience, you can enjoy fancy nails anytime you want for just the cost of your nail polish! An at-home French manicure is the perfect way to get your nails ready for a new season, special occasions, or just for a change from the norm. Feel beautiful and chic sporting your French manicure. Learn how to do it yourself with these simple tips.

Their pale pink base and bright white tips characterize the ever-popular French manicures, which are a common request at nail salons everywhere. Professional nail stylists may paint your nails alone or they may apply fake tips if you desire. Based on your personal preferences, a nail designer will give your nails a strengthening and conditioning workout prior to painting them. If you get your nails done with fake tips, you may have to make a trip back to the salon to get your French tips “refilled” when your nails have grown noticeably.


Keeping longer, healthy nails will be most conducive to sporting a French manicure. To complete your own French manicure, begin with the following steps to prepare your nails for the procedure.

1. Using a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover, wipe off any old nail polish prior to painting nails. Wash hands and soak in warm water for a few moments.

2. With an orangewood stick, gently push back the cuticles so they are all even with each other once the water has softened your skin.

3. With nail clippers, beauty scissors or a nail file, shape your nails evenly.

4. With a steady hand, carefully paint only the tip of each nail with a white hue. A second coat may be desirable, depending on the thickness and opaqueness of the polish. Allow polish to dry between coats.


5. Using a slightly transparent pink or nude color, paint the entire nail once the tips have dried. A second coat may be necessary. Allow nails to dry thoroughly.

6. Once all the coats have dried, apply a clear topcoat to protect your new French manicure. To lengthen the manicure’s lifespan, make an effort to paint a clear coat on each night. Be sure it has ample time to dry completely.

7. If you are feeling especially creative and ambitious, kick off your shoes and match your tootsies to your fingertips!

This procedure is best performed on a lazy morning or evening when no other pressing errands or tasks will get in the way. After painting your nails, avoid doing things with your hands while they dry.

For an easier painting technique, check the beauty section of a drug store or superstore for a French manicure kit. The set should contain, at the very least, nail polish in white and pink or beige and a clear topcoat. Some manicure sets – like COVERGIRL’s French Manicure Kit – will contain tiny, sticky nail guides. These make the manicure process 100 times easier by allowing you to place the guides on each nail individually, leaving a small margin where the polish can spill outside the tip without tainting the rest of the nail.


TIP: If you are getting a French manicure for your wedding, prom, or other special event, keep the style of your nails in mind. If you get a small design painted on your nails, or if you get a tiny decal or rhinestone or other applique, consider the direction of the design. If you’ll be walking down the aisle arm-in-arm with your dad on your wedding day, and exiting the church arm-in-arm with your husband, request that the design be painted from the thumb side outward. To visualize this, hold your hand as if you’ve linked arms with someone. You’ll want the design applied so that it stretches downward.

As the holidays approach, let your crazy side out by concocting a wildly modified French manicure – green and white for St. Patrick’s Day, pastel shades for Easter, black and orange for Halloween and red and green for Christmas. Have fun and remember, even if you find the do-it-yourself French manicure difficult at first, practice will provide you with the skills you need to create beautiful and perfect manicures all year long!

The Perfect 12-Step Program: Perfect Pedicures at Home

Pedicures at home are easy and affordable.

Ready to break into spring and get those toes into strappy sandals, flip-flops, and yes, even bare feet? Polish away the dry skin and bid winter goodbye with a pampering, relaxing at-home pedicure. Just follow this fabulous 12-step pedicure program to picture-perfect, spring ready feet!

To get started, gather the following materials and make some room in your bathroom or even in front of the television if you’re feeling comfortable with the techniques!


– Basin or tub
– Foot Soak, Epsom salt or bath salts
– Pumice footstone
– Small brush
– Nail polish remover / cotton balls
– Nail polish
– Base coat for nails
– Top coat for nails
– Clippers
– File
– Orangewood stick (Cuticle stick)
– Lotion
– Foot scrub treatment

Whether you are in the mood to pamper yourself or just starting to get dolled up, an at-home pedicure can be one of the most soothing and relaxing body treatments after a long day. If you find yourself surrounded by unavoidable stress factors day-to-day, wash your cares away with a pedicure!

The last couple of days remaining before a special vacation would also be a great time to perform an at-home pedicure. Just think of all the fun you’ll have dancing around in the sand and surf, showing off those pretty, pedicured toes!

Paint your nails for spring and summer.

Getting beautiful, soft, and sexy feet is simple if you are willing to put a little bit of time into it. Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Begin to fill a basin (or your bathtub) with several inches of warm water. Add desired amount of foot soak, bath salts or Epsom salt so that it dissolves in the water as the tub fills.

Step 2: While the tub is filling, remove any old polish from your toes with nail polish remover and cotton balls. If necessary, clip and file nails to desired shape and length.

Step 3: Grab a good book or magazine, turn on some music, or just sit back and enjoy the warm water on your tired feet. Soak for as long as you like, but at least 5-10 minutes.

Step 4: Using the small brush, gently buff one foot first and then the other. This will help to remove some dead skin cells and also to soften your feet.

Step 5: Using a foot scrub (Freeman’s makes a great one—Barefeet: Plum and Pumice foot scrub), massage the cream onto your feet, paying special attention to your heels and any rough spots. This will further soften and exfoliate.

Step 6: A pumice footstone can work wonders for dry and rough feet! Use this inexpensive extra to eliminate remaining rough spots. Dip feet after this step.

Step 7: Remove both feet from the tub and dry feet with towel. Massage your favorite lotion onto them. (Some companies even have a line of foot massage lotions!)

Step 8: Using orangewood stick, gently push your cuticles back along the nail. They should be supple due to the soaking.

Step 9: If you wish to paint your toenails, you can use toe separators to facilitate the process. Apply a base coat of nail polish to fill in the ridges and uneven surfaces. Base coats are generally clear or slightly opaque and they help to strengthen the nail to avoid breakage.

Step 10: Choose your desired shade of nail polish and apply. Allow first coat to dry and repeat. (Hint: For touch-ups, dip a Q-tip in the nail polish remover and gently swab away the unwanted color.)

Step 11: Apply a crystal-clear topcoat to add shine and to protect color from chipping.

Step 12: Enjoy your smooth, soft feet and beautified toes! You are now ready to sport your favorite sandals or cozy up at home in your comfiest slippers. Whatever the occasion, your feet will look and feel great!

Approximate time required: 45 minutes to an hour, depending on personal preference

Once you’ve completed all the steps, you are ready to enjoy having soft, smooth and sexy feet for a couple of weeks. Keep an eye on your nail polish to make sure it doesn’t crack or chip. Once your toes start to show signs of wear and tear, it may be a good time to perform another pedicure. If you don’t have time to go through all 12 steps, you can always remove the old nail polish and apply a new coat at least once every two weeks.

Enjoy your at-home pedicure. Now get out there and show off your pretty toes!