The Makeup Staples of Rimmel London

Twelve great products from Rimmel LondonThere are certain items every gal should have in her beauty kit. Although I could totally be cheesy and say they’re a smile and confidence, I’m talking about tangible makeup this time around. From eye shadow to lip color to foundation, I was lucky to receive a bit of everything from Rimmel London. These twelve products create some really classic and stunning makeup looks.

Rimmel’s Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipsticks are just as pretty in your purse as they are on your lips. They might just look like a generic tube of lipstick to some, but I think they have such a classic look with a black case and Kate’s autograph in red with a heart on the cap.

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipsticks

The collection has a color for everyone. I received three of the collection’s shades to try out. I have to say my favorite is a very neutral light, dusty shade of light pink. The other colors I received are also spectacular (a mauve and an orange-red), but I can’t get enough of playing with neutral colored makeup, so the dusty rose takes the cake.

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick

The Lasting Finish sticks claim to have up to 8 hours of wear. Although I never checked my watch to have an official count of how long it stayed, I was pleased with how well the color stayed with just one application. I brought my lipstick along when I went out for the day or night, but I never found myself needing to reapply.

The smooth formula feels comfortable for a night out or an everyday look. When I wore it, I didn’t feel like I was too made up and it looked very natural with the rest of my look.

Glam’Eyes HD Eyeshadows

Glam’Eyes HD Eyeshadows are another pretty product of Rimmel London. The shadows are arranged in the Union Jack flag. The colors are vibrant and glitzy, but not chock full of glitter- it’s just the right amount for you to feel dazzling and not at all silly.

I received the shades Green Park and Heart of Gold. Mix all three shades shades in the shadow pack to create highlights and contours. The shadows are packaged in tiny shapes, which might be hard to get to with larger brushes. The brush that comes with the pigments is tiny enough to get one color without picking up the others.

Scandaleyes MascarasMascara might be a girl’s best friend. It’s probably my favorite makeup item to play around with; I’ve got blues, teals, purples, you name it, it’s in my makeup bins. I received Rimmel’s ScandalEyes Mascara in Volume Flash and Waterproof, both in the classic shade of Black.

The application brush is larger than most mascaras, which helps to catch every lash. This formula coats the entirety of your lashes with 3x collagen and keratin formula to give extra boost to your eyes. As a contact wearer with semi-sensitive eyes, it’s great to find a product that fits both those niches and is also ophthalmologist tested. I had no issues with wearing the mascara.

ScandalEyes Mascara not only accentuates lashes with a bold, black shade, but makes eyes pop with fuller, longer lashes. The big orange tube is another plus for when you are routing through your purse — it certainly stands out!

Rimmel London's Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer

Rimmel’s Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer will also aid in beautiful eyes. They are available in a range of bright colors; I received shades in Purple Shock and Precious Gold. Theses eyeliner colors are strong and beautiful. The gold has just the right amount of glitz and the purple is more of a matte color.

The liner glides on smoothly and resists smudging more than I would think it’s capable. I put some on my hand and really had to rub to get the makeup off. It still didn’t “smudge,” but it did remove the color. At the other end of a liner, you’ll find an extra bonus of a smudge brush and a sharpener! Although the liner is already thin, use the sharpener to get a more precise and thinner line.

Rimmel London's Clean Finish FoundationI received Rimmel’s Clean Finish Matte Foundation in Soft Beige. Although this shade is a little darker than my pale nearly-winter face, if I had more sun on my face I’d be wearing this all the time. The formula feels light on the skin and makes for a perfectly flawless face.

Clean Finish Foundation controls shine and the appearance of pores while providing up to 12 hours of wear. The mineral formula won’t clog pores and will soak up oil leaving the face clean-feeling with a matte finish.

Find your perfect shade of blush with Rimmel’s Match Perfection 3 Tone Blush. This product features three shades in one palette. Smart-Tone technology and a blendable formula will leave you will unbeatable color that blends not only with each other but also your skin tone without any distinct lines.

Rimmel London Blush and Powder

I received Light/Medium in the blush and Creamy Natural in the powder.

Top off your look with Rimmel’s Stay Matte Powder, which is available in three shades. This pressed power controls shine up to 12 hours and reduces the appearance of pores with natural minerals. One downside is that the lid isn’t perfect and mine tends to have difficulty staying closed. I would advise you treat yours with care; it might not be a product to keep loose in your bag.


A Mini Spa Moment from Softsoap®

Body Butter Strawberry SmootherThree Wonderful Treats: Body Butter Strawberry Smoother, Sweet Honeysuckle & Orange Peel Bar Soap, and Coconut Scrub Bar Soap

Do you enjoy a morning shower/bath or do you indulge in a nightly ritual of showering? Either way, you have access to a wide range of luscious bathing products that cleanse and moisturize your skin efficiently and pleasantly.

If you are like women, your arsenal of bath products includes a range of items designed to offer exceptional formulas that not only cleanse dirt and grime away, but they also address other skin issues for both mature and youthful skin. Choosing your bath products wisely is an important aspect of maintaining healthy skin that looks as good as it feels.

From high-end brands that cost an arm and a leg to more affordable ones that easily fit into any budget, body washes and bar soaps are sold in numerous fragrances, sizes and shapes. They contain a medley of different ingredients, offering your skin what it needs to look and stay fresh.

Today, you can envelop yourself in an aromatic experience that gently cleanses your body and lifts your mood, while delivering a medley of benefits to your skin. No longer are you limited to the simple bar soaps that your mother had to use back in the day. Instead, you can choose body wash, shower gel, body scrubs, and liquid soaps that feature skin-softening extracts and oils that smell absolutely amazing.

Whether you are a lover of fragrant body washes or you enjoy the scent of body bars, the makers of Softsoap® have something for you. Featuring delectable fragrances that tantalize your olfactory senses into thinking that you are going to enjoy a tasty treat, Softsoap body wash and soaps deliver botanical-infused creations that cleanse your body while surrounding you with a delightful effervescent experience.

Softsoap’s Body Butter Strawberry Smoother is a delightful body smoothing wash, containing strawberry and jojoba butter extracts for the sheer purpose of creating smooth, sexy skin. It is sold in a generous 15 fluid-ounce size. It smells divine and lathers up with a silkiness that leaves your skin smelling and feeling great!

Sweet Honeysuckle & Orange Peel bar soapSoftsoap’s Sweet Honeysuckle & Orange Peel bar soap is infused with the aromatic goodness of real orange-peel extract and honeysuckle fragrance. This scrumptiously scented soap is my new favorite!

Coconut Scrub bar soapSoftsoap’s Coconut Scrub bar soap is enriched with crushed-coconut extract and mild exfoliants that gently cleanse your body, refining the texture of your skin. It helps to remove the dullness that the skin sometimes develops when dead skin cells and oils build up on the surface of your skin.

Products may have been received for the purpose of this review, but they are worth their weight in gold!



My Favorite Topcoat

My Favorite Topcoat

I received the ever-name-fitting clear nail polish, My Favorite Topcoat, to review and put to the test. I rarely used topcoats in the past; I either forgot or just didn’t consider it. After using this nail product I  changed my mind and vow to never forget again!

Every great manicure needs something equally great to protect it. There’s nothing worse than doing your own manicure at home and having your design chip away because you forgot to top it off with a clear polish. Some polishes just doesn’t cut it for the wear and tear nails get without something to defend it.

With all the things my nails have to go through.. typing, washing dishes, rifling through purses and bags for that Chapstick I swear I threw in there. I accepted the fact that my nail designs would only last a few days, before I started using My Favorite Topcoat.

Perfect Formula’s My Favorite Topcoat is designed to extend the wear of your manicure or pedicure. The formula will seal and toughen your nail polish to withstand the everyday abuse nails experience. I used to be ashamed at the state of my nails when friends and co-workers noticed my manicure days after I’ve painted them and designs had already started to chip. Now that I’ve got My Favorite Topcoat on my side I’m hoping to avoid all future embarrassment.

My Favorite TopcoatThis nail product isn’t a miracle worker though. I tried this with Sally Hansen polish and it worked wonders – really kept my manicure in shape. However, when I tried it with Confetti brand nail polish, the tips of my nails were chipped within hours. It also helps to reapply a coat every day or so to further extend wear.

When there is a pattern on nails, paint in the direction of the pattern to avoid smearing and smudging. When I went in the opposite direction, the polish made my design bleed a small amount.The topcoat also made my nails a little tacky, although this is perhaps due to too many coats of polish being used and being a tad bit impatient.

Although there may be some small measures to take in preserving a manicure or pedicure, it is well worth the effort. My Favorite Topcoat has rightfully earned its name as my favorite topcoat.

My Favorite Topcoat is just one of the many products featured on QVC. It’s not just a channel on TV anymore. QVC is on many social networks and you can even order products online. You can order this product here, or visit the mainpage for other great products!


Four Fabulous Mally Beauty Makeup Products

A review of four great products from Mally BeautyI was so excited to receive and try out this large variety of Mally Beauty products for this review! This line is highly acclaimed by its fans and it’s not hard to see why.

Mally Roncal is the genius behind this cosmetics line. As a celebrity makeup artist, Roncal gained the experience necessary to create perfect products for a flawless look.

I highly suggest investing in these and other Mally Beauty cosmetics; they will change how you view makeup. (If you don’t believe me, look at the reviews of any product and see what seems to be an infinite amount of praise of not only the product, but anything by Mally Beauty!) The products offer long-lasting wear and all the necessary ingredients for cosmetics that work for every lifestyle.

You can find these products and more on as well as from

If you are looking to update your look for fall, these products are great starters for your makeover as well as a great introduction to what this line of cosmetics can provide. Whether you are looking for something glam or something natural, Mall Beauty has got you covered.

Evercolor Poreless Face Defender

The Evercolor Poreless Face Defender from Mally Beauty

Although it’s not a powder, use Face Defender whenever you would use translucent powder to protect your makeup and diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines.

The formula isn’t a powder, but it isn’t a gel either. To use, swirl the buffed-edge Japanese sponge that the product comes with in the unique formula and pat your face. This product glides on smoothly and feels light on your face.

Face Defender will give your face a matte finish and set your look in place. It will reduce shine and last all day, even in warmer climates where makeup can seem like it’s melting off your face. Not only does it trump powder in its use, but it also will not make a mess or spill like other products.

If you aren’t already in love with the product description so far, the clear formula will always match your skin tone. If you are in between shades or if you are darker in the summer months and paler in the winter months, you won’t need to worry about buying multiple powder products to match your skin tone.

Age Rebel Lip Wand TrioAge Rebel Lip Wand Trio from Mally Beauty

These lip colors come in shades of two pretty pinks and a deeper berry shade. The beautiful colors appear and feel natural on lips.

To apply, slide the Age Rebel Lip Wand of choice and feel the smooth soft color on your lips. No need to worry about sharpeners with this product- simply twist the tube to reveal more lipstick.

The Age Rebel Lip Wand formula was created for more than just gorgeous lip color. This products works double time by providing hydration and conditioning for lips. Although not advertised, I’m convinced the lip wands have a subtle vanilla taste. Either way I’m absolutely in love with these lip colors.

Age Rebel Lip Wand Trio and Waterproof Shadow Stick Duos from Mally Beauty

Age Rebel Waterproof Shadow Stick Duo

Age Rebel Shadow Duo from Mally Beauty

If you are looking for flawless vibrant color for your lids look no further than the Mally Age Rebel Shadow Stick Duos. These shadows are designed to not only be beautiful, but also to be easy to use. Simply twist for color and roll the stick across eyelids.

I received sets in Rose Quartz and Chocolate Diamond as well as Royal Amethyst and Antique Gold. The third color combo features a shimmery taupe and green called Smoky Quartz and Emerald. The colors blend easily with other shades in this collection.

I love pairing the sweet pink color of Rose Quartz and the bright metallic of Antique Gold to really make my blue eyes pop. The shadows add a lot of sparkle to eyes to give them some extra WOW factor.

Not only will the Age Rebel shadow sticks make your eyes stand out, but they will treat your skin with anti-aging ingredients to smooth and firm. The waterproof formula lasts all day and feels very light.

Before applying these shadows, use a primer or a shadow base like the one in the following Mally palette to ensure long-lasting wear. Unlike some waterproof and long-lasting make ups I’ve tried, I had no trouble in washing these shadows off with face wash at the end of the day.

Citychick In the Buff Shadow Palette

This palette is perfect for creating subtle and natural looking eye makeup looks. The Citychick in the Buff Shadow Palette offers eleven neutral colors plus a shadow base. The colors range from matte to a bit a shimmer, although nowhere near the amount of glitz in the Age Rebel shadows.

This palette is your one stop shop with browns, taupes, and bronzes that blend with each other to create a classic barely there look. Create looks perfect for the weekend and office with the lighter shades as well as a night out with the darker shades.

The palette is designed in a chic green snakeskin patterned box. Inside the box you’ll find the shadows and base as well as a mirror and a double-ended brush.Citychick In the Buff Shadow Palette from Mally Beauty


Hot Fall 2012 Nail Polish Colors and Trends

hot fall 2012 nail colorsFall nail polish colors and trends for 2012 promise to be darker, more mysterious, and richer than their summer counterparts. Keep in mind that as the weather becomes chillier and the leaves turn brown, the color palette for this season will be in the same tone. Let’s take a tour of the hottest nail trends for fall 2012.

Dark hues
Perhaps the most popular nail trend for fall will be of a more subdued elegance embodied by dark hues such as midnight blue, copper, and burgundy. The nails at Wes Craven were of the same look and feel. Dark, mysterious, but still as beautiful…

Black, but not quite
There’s plum, blackened malachite, black coffee, and midnight blue nails. These were achieved by combining two shades – one in a deep and vibrant hue and the other in an almost black shade. To make midnight blue, for example, you can combine Essie’s Electric Purple and Black Jack topped with a matte finish. Perfect for nail polish for fall evenings.

Crimson makes a big comeback this year. Red hot lips, whether with a blue or orange base, look great with crimson nails. This bold red nail trend also works well with metallic accessories as the color really pops. Other shades of red are as equally stunning- there’s coral and fire engine red, among others.

Fall 2012 nail trends aren’t just about the darker shades. Some designers like Rachel Anotoff like it spunky and colorful. Nail art, well, it never ceases to become a favorite. In fact, some summer shades such as watermelon, cucumber, lime green, and cobalt transition well into fall.

A little bit of shimmer is always beautiful. In fact, it goes pretty well with dark colors, giving them a little kick. Matte nails are also in season. Think subdued hues that are as matte as the most luscious matte lip color. Such a perfect combination, right? Like red, it goes well with metallic since the metallic shine is a stark contrast to the vivid matte color.

Other mainstays for fall nail trends this 2012 come from the summer hype. There’s ombre, neon colors, nude and neutral shades, as well as the classic French tip. Oval or short and round nails are still the best canvass for this seasons colors and trends in nails- classic neat and trim nails are always a sight to see- as well as beige and light pink lacquer.

The top brands in the beauty industry have been releasing their fall 2012 lacquer collections and these popular nail colors are widely available as early as today. OPI has its Germany collection which boasts a variety of rich colors such as Unforgettably Blue, Don’t Talk Bach To Me, and Deutsch You Want Me Baby. Pretty catchy names, a typical OPI trademark.

Essie also released its fall collection, Yogaga, with Pilates Hottie, Gym Dandy, and Boxer Shorts. These come in a lighter shade compared to OPI’s Germany collection.

A new fall favorite nail polish brand is the British laquer Butter. It just released its new fall/winter 2012 collection that’s sure to add sparkle into your life. I’m thinking this is a good set for nights around town.

The fall and winter collection for 2012 is all about the subdued elegance that comes in every bottle of color. Whether you prefer bold and dark tones or bright shades for your fall nails, be sure to add a new shade or two to your polish collection just in time for the autumn of 2012.


2012 London Olympics Nail Ideas

Olympic nail artGet into the Olympic Spirit by donning your nails with themed nail art! The Olympics are full of colors, symbols, words, and flags that can be used for inspiration.

If you are painting your own nails, make sure you are able to do a decent job using either hand. If you are not ambidextrous (at least when it comes to painting nails), consider only doing a statement nail on each hand by having art on your ring finger.

Olympic Nail Art

Word Play: You could do the classic ‘London 2012’ to decorate your nails or sport something more team specific. Use the Olympic code of the country or countries you are rooting for (Ex. USA, GRB, CHN). Write any phrases your favorite Olympian uses for example Ryan Lochte’s ‘Jeah!’ If letters are difficult, try to limit what and how much you write. Stretch the phrase or number across your nails so you have enough space.

Patriotic Patterns: There are so many counties involved in the Olympics that you could have your pick for each finger and toe and still have leftovers! Mimic patterns or colors of your favorite uniforms or pick a country’s flag. Pick your top one, two, ten, twenty, what have you and decorate one or all of your nails with pride!

American Flag How To

Depending on what colors you have available, start with either a red or white base. Use a nail art pen, a fine polish brush, or toothpick to stripe your nail. Paint a ‘corner’ blue. Use a toothpick to dot the blue. If you have the confidence, try painting tiny stars.

Olympic Nail Art

The Rings: Accent one nail with all the rings or make a pattern out of them. One pattern idea is to paint overlapping semi-circles at the top of your nails leaving the rest of your nail blank.

Rings How To

Olympic nail art

Unless you have a fine tipped brush or pen, toothpicks can help you create the five circles. If you want the logo exact, leave spaces in the circles for the rings to loop.

Olympic Nail Art


If your polish is bold, for instance the black ring may not show other colors painted over it. Don’t get lost in the details though, I doubt many people will get close enough to your nails or be rude enough to comment on the inexactitude of the Olympic rings.


The Torch: The torch may be the easiest theme to paint. The shape is a simple elongated triangle and the flame can be any shape or style you want.

The Medals: Paint some medals on one or more fingers by creating a circle and painting a royal purple ribbon.

London Specifics: If you’d like to sport some London inspired nails, there are many options for your nails. Of course you can paint the flag and write whatever you’d like, but there are also more complicated ideas. If you want to take a challenge, try your hand at replicating the London Olympic Logo or some London Landmarks like Big Ben.

London Logo How To

I outlined the logo in black and filled in in with red polish. Make sure you plan the nail before you start so you have enough room to complete the logo. (I nearly ran out of room and the middle of the logo suffered a bit from that.)

Keep it Simple: Paint each nail a solid color, either to represent each of rings or the country you’d like to win. Another spin on this is to play with metallics with silver, gold, and bronze to represent the medals.

Olympic Nail Art

Don’t forget to use a top coat on all your nails to protect your art and to have long lasting wear!


Fabulous Products from Sue Devitt

Sue Devitt offers many fabulous products in her makeup and skincare lines. Her high performance and technologically advanced products feature anti-aging ingredients, minerals, vitamins, pro-vitamins and nutrients. These products have seen the fashion runway and are worn by the stars, but they are perfect and ready to be used in your own day-to-day makeup routine. I had the pleasure of receiving the following items for the purpose of this review.

Luxury Lash Mascara spoils your eyelashes with Sue Devitts’s signature Microquatic (TM) complex. This formula pampers your lashes with intense hydration. Sit back as your mascara takes the lead with vitamins, Orchid Extract, and beeswax, providing your eyelashes with ultimate moisture for flexible and strong lashes. Advanced Microsphere technology ensures that every lash is coated with this mascara formula made of hydrolyzed keratin protein, film formers and clay derivatives designed for long, full, shiny, luxurious lashes.

Get intense color with ultra-rich pigments to make your eyes pop with every use. I received this product in the shade of Black Chocolate which worked perfectly with my blue eyes.

Splurge yourself with color and comfort with Color Luxury Lipstick. Let this product cover your lips in a sweet shade of pink or red as it treats your lips to a wealth of benefits. This stick will protect and refresh your lips with Sepilift Complex, an anti-aging and firming ingredient. Your color will stay bold while Orchid Extract and Vitamins A and E offer emollience and antioxidants to protect from free radicals.

Microquatic Bioluminescence Illuminating Concealer is a terrific product to hide blemishes and imperfections on the face. Target dark circles and wrinkles with the light-reflecting properties of photo-luminescent microspheres. Like the previous products, this product also features the benefits of Orchid Extract and Vitamin E in addition to Lipobelle Soyaglycone and Imperata Cylindrica.

Lipobelle Soyaglycone is a soy active that helps to increase collagen production and prevent skin degradation, perfect for the area around eyes. Imperata Cylindrica is a botanical unique to Australia that is key to the hydrating benefits of this concealer. On top of all the other skin benefits, this products also provides skin with SPF 20 to protect the face from a small dose of sun.

To find more great products from the makeup and skincare lines of Sue Devitt visit the website. Products are available for sale in a variety of stores as well as online.


Summer 2012 Hair Colors, Cuts, Styles, and Trends for the Hottest Months of the Year

Summer 2012 Hairstyles and HaircutsFew better places exist for finding the latest trends and fashions than the runway. Spring and summer collections in fashion weeks were filled with 2012 hair trends and hairstyles for women, hot new nail colors, trendy accessories, and so much more. With the summer heat, vacations, summer weddings, and so much more, these hot hair trends are perfect for the hottest months of the year.

Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan were fans of this classic hairstyle. Models were fitted with ponytails with center parts. These put focus not only on clear complexions but also on the clothes that debuted in the runway.

Side Parts
Side parts were seen at J Mendel and Dries Van Noten’s Spring-summer 2012 collection. They were either sleek and shiny or textured, rough, and wavy. Nevertheless, side parts added a hint of mystery as it hid part of the models’ faces as they walked down the runway.

Accessorized Up-Dos
Accessorized Up-Dos were seen in the runways of Chanel and Phillip Lim. Chanel, being big fans of pearls, added them to the models’ elegantly styled coifs and bare backs. Phillip Lim, on the other hand, used copper hair pins to hold hair in strategic places. Louis Vuitton used headbands, tiaras, and golden accessories to amp up the volume.

Glorious blow-outs were very popular for Anna Sui and Dolce and Gabbana. Blow-outs look great on long, luscious hair with either center or side parts.

Wet Look
Going to the beach? Start the fun by imitating beach waves. Apply a generous amount of styling products onto wet hair and allow it to air-dry. It’s also great to wear hair slicked back or down and loose.

Fishtails and braided up-dos are perfect for those days that are too hot to let your hair down. This is a fancy way to keep it up and textured.

Quiffs (think Gwen Stefani) add lots of volume to slick, styled hair. Use tons of hairspray and volumizing cream to get the look, and sweep your hair either back or to the side.

Teased hair comes full circle right from the 80’s. Only this time, it’s more elegant than its previous version. Voluminous locks are perfect for semi-formal social gatherings or evening parties during the summer.

Long hair is making a comeback this season. Whether it’s classically styled by center parts or braids, long, glorious hair looks absolutely divine. It’s also the ideal length to let beach waves show. Nevertheless, with these styles and long locks, you’re sure to have a variety of styles to consider for the summer of 2012.


Summer 2012 Pedicure Trends and Hot Colors for Toes

Hot Summer Pedicures - colors and trends for 2012What’s a little bit of color in your outfit, right? Don’t forget to keep your fabulous sense of style and fashion going straight down to your toes with fun summer pedicures this season. Summer 2012 pedicures are all about bright takes on classic colors for toes. What’s more, different brands have customized their collections just to put you ahead in summer 2012 pedicure trends. Here are a few trends we’ve spotted in popular pedicure styles this summer from the trendsetters in the beauty and fashion industry.

Electric yellow, lime, cobalt blue, and fuchsia are making a big splash this year.  Your toes will definitely get the attention they need with these colors. Try a fun trend by putting a different color on each toe. China Glaze has a fantastic neon summer 2012 collection.

Going to the club one of these summer evenings? Metallics are classic lacquer shades that you can wear from the beach to the club, say, in Miami or Brazil. Match this color with silver or gold pumps or heels with metallic embellishments. Kleancolor has a collection available in dark hues as well as lighter, pinker ones. Picture the sandy beaches of all the most wonderful tropical destinations in the world and you are sure to envision some of the metallic sandy pinks and beiges in this summer nail polish collection.

Hot Summer Pedicures - colors and trends for 2012Classics
Of course, classic colors will never go out of fashion. Deep reds, nudes, and pinks will always look great on any feet. You can wear these to semi-formal day and afternoon events such as weddings, bridal showers, and birthday celebrations. Essie has a lovely collection that boasts colors such as watermelon and clam bake.

Like metallics, shimmer is a good color to wear when out partying. Layer them over bright or dark hues for an attention-grabbing set of toes. It also helps to buy colors with added shimmer. Zoya has a pretty set of shimmers that can make some of the most perfect summer pedicures.


Ombre is especially chic when done in metallic or shimmery shades. To do this, choose colors that are in the same color family. You’ll need a makeup sponge to dab one color over the other. Ombre is a style that can be done using different brands and different colors, so it’s as fun as it looks.

Summer is a time to let your hair down and have a break away from stress. Beach vacations are a must, and so are happy, colorful feet. One thing to consider is to get yourself armed with an array of colors, all bright and fit for the sun. Next is a pedicure or a foot spa to make your feet look like they’ve been waiting for sun, sand and surf. Happy summer!


Summer 2012 Hot Nail Polish Colors and Manicure Trends

Essie Summer 2012 nail polish collectionSun, surf, sand – it’s summer! And what better way to kick it off than to add a little color into your look with summer manis and pedis? No matter if you like bright and funky nail colors or sweet and subtle manicures and pedicures, you can find a pretty summer nail trend that suits your style this season. Here’s a quick rundown of the hottest nail polish colors and trends for summer 2012.

Perhaps the best place to look for the latest trends in everything from fashion to hair to nails is on the catwalk. Fashion weeks all over the world showcase forecasts on what’s going to be hot, and so people like us flock to fashion blogs and magazines to get a first look at what’s going to be in. This is especially true for nails this summer of 2012.

Reverse French Tip
It is what it is! Use a richer, darker color for the larger side, and a lighter, neutral color for the “tip.” French tip nails are timeless classics, so take a fun spin on this traditional manicure and pedicure style.


There’s one brand that comes to mind whenever I hear the term Ombre in connection with nails, and that brand is Zoya. You can wear the Zoya Beach collection Ombre style by blending two or more colors on one nail. Another way to do it is by wearing shades going from the darkest to the lightest from your thumb to your pinky, sort of like a gradient nail. Either way, your nails will still look like they came out of a fresh grapefruit.


Two words: China Glaze. If you want to go all out on a splash of color, China Glaze’s Summer 2012 collection is for you. You’ll be delighted with the neons in pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange. It’s all fun from there! Bright, bright neons are some of the hottest nail polish colors for summer this year.

Pale Brights
There’s no other way to spice up your nails than by literally making them bright. This is absolutely perfect for summer – you need something that will compliment a sundress. Essie’s Bikini So Teeny 2012 is the queen of the brand’s summer collection, and a sweet nail color that you should try. The Summer 2012 Essie nail collection is just so colorful and fun; you can create a whole wardrobe based on these nail lacquers.

Long and Elegant

Essie did quite a number for Zac Posen’s runway show. The models were fitted with long nails that were, of course, filed to a perfect rounded shape. The nails were then painted in a neutral color. This look is subdued enough for work yet super sexy for a hot night out with your man. Maybe it’s no surprise for a hot summer 2012 nail trend – nude and neutral nails always seem to be in style!

OPI Summer 2012 hot nail colorsShort and Sweet
Keep it prim and proper with short nails, but make them pop out with OPI’s Summer 2012 collection. The destination-themed colors are a great way to add juicy hues to your outfit. For this year, it’s all about Holland. Think tulips in red, pink, purple, and yellow, and you have a collection that’s waiting for you in the shelves. Spice up your summer outfits with these lovely summery nail colors for 2012.

Manicured nails are always a sight to see, so go ahead, have your nails done or do them yourself, and get ready to show them off this summer!


Skin Danger Zones: Sun Damage Where You Least Expect It

Information courtesy of Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt,

Sunny Palm Tree BranchesSpending the day basking in the sun? You are likely to protect yourself from sun exposure. But what about everyday? Sun damage can burn its mark when and where you least expect it. Are you really protecting your skin day in and out? Applying your daily facial moisturizer with SPF is not all it takes to protect yourself against harmful rays.

As we approach warmer weather, Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt gives a rundown of often ignored areas and locations where you need protection from the sun.

Commonly Ignored Areas on Your Body

Sunny Beach

You have prepped for a day out in the sun. But have you covered all the bases? When slathering on sun block, there are certain areas people

tend to forget to protect. Be mindful ofcommonly ignored areas including your feet, lips, hands, back of the ears, chest/neck, lips and your scalp. “The chest is an area commonly affected by sun damage and wrinkles—but not commonly protected,” explains Dr. Baxt. “Be sure to properly protect these areas prior to stepping out into the sun. Wear protective clothing to cover up your skin from the sun.” Keep in mind, a light bathing suit cover-up does not protect your skin from harmful rays. “On a day out in the sun, apply sunscreen every hour —even when wearing a cover-up.”

Rain or Shine

Who needs sun protection on a cloudy day? We all do.  If the sun is hiding, it doesn’t mean you aren’t being exposed to it. Hazy days are common days for sun burns, the UV rays come right through the clouds.  Don’t forget your sun protection! Despite your perception of the climate, you may end up exposing yourself to more damaging rays. Whether in an urban or beach setting, the sun can affect you come rain or shine. Feeling a bit chilly from the wind? You can still get a sun burn even on a cool day. Protect yourself.

Indoor Exposure

Whether in a car, at the office or at home, UVA rays through a window may cause serious damage to your skin. “When driving, the left side of your face and hands are exposed to UVA rays through the windshield, dab on products with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect yourself.” Sitting next to a window and reading a book may seem harmless, but indoor sun exposure may lead to sun damage. Consider your daily locations and travel arrangements and protect yourself accordingly.

Reflecting Rays

Meeting a friend for a quick outdoor lunch on your break? You purposefully sit under an umbrella assured you are fully protecting yourself. However—the rays of the sun reflect off concrete. Sitting under an umbrella should not be your method of sun protection. “Protecting yourself from damaging rays not only requires using products—but requires proper knowledge. The more you know, the better equipped you are to protect yourself in all areas, at all times.”

About the Expert:

Rebecca Baxt, MD, MBA, FAAD is a Board Certified Dermatologist specializing in both cosmetic and general dermatology for adults and children. She also has a particular interest in acne and rosacea. For more information, please visit or visit Baxt Cosmedical Facebook Fan Page.


Fool-Proof Spring & Summer Hair Trends

Information courtesy of Gocha Hawkins,

While some may argue that winter never truly arrived, there is no doubt that for most of us, spring has sprung. With a new season comes new trends, and the world of hair is no exception. From recent red carpet events to runway shows, celebrities and style trendsetters alike are blazing the trail of the most sought-after looks for the warmer months. The question becomes how to make them work for everyday wear. Here are fool-proof versions of hot spring and summer looks from celebrity hairstylist, makeup artist and owner of Gocha Salon, Gocha Hawkins, with emphasis on low-maintenance styling, also known as a woman’s best friend.

Tight Top Knot

Jennifer LopezThe updo is back this spring, and arguably the most popular style of the moment is the upswept top knot. “More than ever, we see people taking more chances with hair. The top knot has been a favorite of celebrities for a long time, and now more women are looking to capitalize on this easy, yet impactful, trend. One thing to remember when doing the top knot is that your hair should be shoulder length or longer; anything shorter, and your style will be much more difficult to achieve. When you add too much product, it can be sticky and unflattering,” says Gocha.

·         Gather hair as if putting up in a high, slicked-back ponytail. If hair is thin and does not have a lot of natural volume, tease gently and pull back, securing with hair elastic.

·         Divide hair into two sections, winding them around one another from the base of the ponytail.

·         Using hairpins, secure hair by pinning the base and then any additional loose hair. The key is to keep most of it contained so the look emphasizes the knot, like Jennifer Lopez’s look at this year’s Academy Awards.

·         Spray with hair spray to keep in place throughout the day or night.

Effortless Waves

Kate HudsonWhile for some of us, beachy hair may be easier to achieve, for those without a natural wave, it takes a little practice to get the right look without overloading on product. As Gocha explains, “One of the biggest mistakes with the beachy-haired look is to utilize products without understanding your hair type. For all hair types, you’ll want to avoid products that are sticky or that make your hair feel hard. Overdoing it on gel or spray can make hair appear stiff, and often, it doesn’t solve the issue of frizz. If your hair is prone to frizzing, use a serum; they are most easily absorbed into hair.”

·         While hair is still wet, apply a volumizing spray; after all, the desired effect is a little bit of a boosted, “heavy-with-saltwater” wavy style that requires some volume. Kate Hudson’s look is the perfect mix between carefree and careful, deliberate face frames.

·         Blow-dry with hands; don’t brush hair while styling.

·         Choose random groups of strands and twist with fingers; particularly those around the face.

·         Finish with hairspray if needed.

High Volume

BeyonceWith humid months around the corner, it’s helpful to have a few styles in the repertoire that lend themselves well to high volume. As Gocha puts it, “Why fight it when it’s humid outside? It’s a losing battle, unless you want to spend your day doing countless touch-ups, and who has time for that? I usually suggest going for trends that are low-maintenance and work well for women with thicker hair that changes texture in heat. Achieving a bigger look is simple, and contrary to popular belief, does not require a trip to the salon for a professional blowout!”

·         If hair is thin, use a shampoo that specializes in producing volume.

·         Use volumizing spray, and then flip hair until upside down. Blow-drying this way produces natural heft and allows closer access to roots that may need teasing. Like Beyonce, don’t straighten bangs, but blow dry them so that they keep the same texture.

·         If needed, use a three inch curling iron (make sure all hair is dry first!) to add more control to waves.

·         Not big enough? Tease hair at the crown. Then, using a large flat brush, comb out and seal with hairspray.

Short and Chic

Sienna MillerThere is no time more popular for short hair styles than spring and summer. And with more and more stars embracing the pixie cut, the moment to go short is now. “Not only are short hair styles the most low-maintenance and easiest to style, but they’re also increasing in popularity as more and more celebrities embrace them. It’s important with a short haircut to trust your stylist to give you the right look; this isn’t something that I would suggest trying at home. It takes a certain personality to pull off this trend, but it’s worth it to be on the cutting edge of what is chic,” explains Gocha.

·         With short styles, keep in mind that they look best on women with square, oval or heart-shaped faces and hair with a certain degree of texture. Not curly, but wavy, is the best for short hair, though thin can also work if layered well. Not ready to go for the full pixie? Take a cue from celebrity Sienna Miller and keep hair longer in front.

·         While many women think that a pixie cut is a “one-trick pony,” there are certain cuts that can be very versatile. For example, a short pixie cut can be styled into choppy bangs, a deep side part, spiked up for volume, or tousled.

·         One of the best go-to products for any type of styling for a pixie cut is a wax-based product, which adds volume and also separation for sectioning hair. Use this as an alternative to hairsprays for keeping the style in place.

“Spring and summer are the prime seasons for women to be more confident in changing hair. I always suggest going for whatever look you’re considering, because it is hair, and it grows back! These easy styles are great for women-on-the-go who seek low-maintenance, yet trendy, looks. And isn’t that all of us, after all?” Gocha says.

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