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A number of factors determine your skin’s condition, such as exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays, your cleansing routine, diet, and even exercise. Learn about great skincare and various skin care tips here! The articles in our skincare section will give you helpful advice to help clear up your complexion for special events, eliminate acne, reduce the signs of aging, revitalize your skin for a healthy and radiant appearance, and achieve that smooth, sexy skin we all want.We’ll also give you the low-down on various skincare products in the form of honest product reviews about lotions, creams, face wash, body wash, facial mud masques, and so much more.We hope you enjoy reading up on our skincare topics. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Skintimate’s Moisturizing Cream Shave—A Splash of Hydration for Smooth, Springtime Legs

Nature’s most primitive creations — from trees and leaves, to flowers and stems — act as our indelible shadows, our ever-present Earthly neighbors with whom we co-exist in the surrounding world. We bask under one universal sky and sparkle in … Keep Reading

Product Review of BeautyScoop

A rejuvenating scientific Beauty Breakthrough that will have you sipping your way to sensational beauty…it is but a “scoop” away. With BeautyScoop, you can have a radiant, healthy glow. BeautyScoop works from the inside out and is an edible peptide … Keep Reading

Artistry Microdermabrasion System: The Tools for a Flawless Facial Masterpiece

The world’s greatest artists took weeks, months, even years to meticulously transform their once barren canvases into stunning works of art, pervaded with smooth, crisp lines and doused with strokes of color. We, however, as women on the go, are … Keep Reading

Five Anti-Aging Tips for Under $5

We’re always on the lookout for tips and products that make us look and feel younger. In many cases, anti-aging products and anti-aging cosmetic procedures come at a cost. Luckily, though, you can still do things to make yourself look … Keep Reading

Tips for Getting Rid of Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

Warmer days call for less clothing, new swimsuits and miles of sexy legs shown off just about everywhere. Unsightly spider veins and varicose veins often cause women to hide under long skirts and pants as opposed to displaying their legs, … Keep Reading

Tips for Dealing with an Oily Complexion

You’ve just washed your face and ten minutes later, voila, your skin feels oily all over again. Sound familiar? Prepare yourself to glow with confidence, even if your skin usually has an oily shine. Relax and follow a few simple … Keep Reading

Become the New, Flawless, Fresher You — Product Review: Become’s Age Resistant Face Smoothing Gel

At each stage of life, as females, we dream of becoming. As young girls, we wish to be become flawless, fresh-faced replicas of the models that graze the pages of a magazine. Then, as time works its inevitable aging process, … Keep Reading

Five Tips for Conquering Cellulite

Legs. Men love them, and women love showing them off. From skimpy swimsuits to sexy miniskirts, we continually find ways to accentuate our best features. Try as we might, though, we cannot always prevent cellulite, lumpy and dimpled fat deposits … Keep Reading

Rave Review: Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection – Red Tea & Fig and Lotus & Bamboo Body Washes

I am completely and utterly impressed by the new Mary Kay Body Care Collection (spring line). The smells are absolutely tantalizing and the feel of your body after you’ve washed is incredibly invigorating!!! You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a … Keep Reading

12 Easy and Effective Tips to Moisturize Your Skin

No matter what your age or skin type, it is vital to protect the skin you have. Avoid overly exposing your skin to the sun, wind, or harsh chemicals like chlorine. Practice a regular skincare routine by cleansing, exfoliating, toning … Keep Reading

Hair Be Gone: A Critical Look at At-Home Hair Removal Options

Smooth, silky, sexy…hairless. In most cases, society and relationships dictate that barely there and very little hair are the ways to achieve the ultimate in sexiness. But when it comes to ridding our bodies of unwanted hair, what is the … Keep Reading

Comparing Skin Types and Choosing the Perfect Moisturizer

Soft, supple skin depends on moisturizers to keep it smooth and sexy. Consider your skin type and how your skin responds to different skincare products when choosing an appropriate moisturizer product for you. Whether your skin is young or mature, … Keep Reading

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