Skintimate’s Moisturizing Cream Shave—A Splash of Hydration for Smooth, Springtime Legs

Product Review of Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave (Photo by Karin A. Kovacik)Nature’s most primitive creations — from trees and leaves, to flowers and stems — act as our indelible shadows, our ever-present Earthly neighbors with whom we co-exist in the surrounding world. We bask under one universal sky and sparkle in the same flints of sunlight. We undergo the same seasonal sensations — from the harsh, unforgiving winds of winter to the fresh, easy breezes of spring. Why is it then, that in experiencing these same conditions, we often react in such drastically opposing manners?

The trees of spring clothe themselves in abundant foliage as a tribute to the signs of warmth — covering their once barren limbs with thick layers of adornment. However, as we breathe in the first calming breath of spring, we think only of basking in that warmth, removing our burdensome coverings and exposing what had been hidden all winter long. As women, our limbs scream for release and we are undoubtedly ready to show off our long, beautiful legs to the world.

But in order to do this with confidence, we still need to take some hints from nature — and more specifically, from Skintimate. Skintimate’s new Moisturizing Cream Shave, infused with luxurious, natural ingredients, is a must-have for the warm weather season, as it effortlessly provides us with legs that are hydrated, silky smooth and ready for confident exposure under the sunny spotlight of spring.

The Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave line comes in two different formulas — providing women of all skin types with a suitable solution for healthy and hydrated legs. The Dry Skin formula, fragranced with a subtle hint of Cashmere Rain, is the perfect treatment for women needing that extra splash of moisture, after suffering through frigid months of the ever common winter itch. For those that dread the shaving routine and its seemingly unavoidable results of nicks and cuts, Skintimate’s alternate Extra Gentle formula, with a fresh scent of Soothing Petals, can provide that extra protection needed for sensitive skin. But no matter what the formula, both products expertly combine the aspects of a typical shaving cream with the lavish features of a lightweight moisturizing lotion — producing results drastically superior to the shaving gels of the past.

With a mere glance at the Skintimate bottles, my mind was instantly transported to the blissful, breezy evenings of spring. The tubes are splashed with soft, pastel colors and the bottoms of the bottles, which emit the shave cream, are shaped into the form of delicate, springtime flowers. A flip of these caps only enhanced this springtime experience, as the air was filled with fresh and flowery scents reminiscent of the season’s notable fragrances. The Dry Skin formula, infused with olive butter and soy, radiated a soft scent similar to vanilla or cocoa butter, and the Extra Gentle product, with Vitamin E and Soy, held a more poignant scent, like the radiating aroma of freshly cut flowers.

Product Review of Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave (Photo by Karin A. Kovacik)When finally dispensing the cream into my palms, I found a product drastically different than the Skintimate lines I’ve used in the past. Years ago, I had used the shaving gels packaged in aerosol cans, dispensing overflowing heaps of bubbling foam. Much to my surprise, Skintimate’s Cream Shave did not arrive in my palm with such a grand entrance, as it simply squeezed out of the bottle just like a regular lotion.  It didn’t bubble up, foam or even produce a lather when applied to the legs. But this cream does not need to produce such an extravagant show to get the job done. In a more demure and reserved manner, it provides all the results of those fancy foams — plus more.

To get started, you need only to apply a small dollop of this lightweight lotion — a portion just enough to coat your legs with one thin layer. Going over the cream with a razor, this lightweight formula proves to be a plus, since it does not quickly clog up the blades — saving you the time that comes with multiple rinses of your razor. With simply one swoop, the hair is instantly removed, and you can already feel the smoothness and deep-down hydration that the product provides.

When it came to Skintimate’s confident claims regarding the protection against nicks and cuts, I was initially hesitant to accept them as truth — until the product almost instantly removed my doubts. In a rush to get ready one evening, I threw caution to the wind when shaving, moving just a bit too quickly. I went over my ankle with the razor, felt a quick pinch of pain and instantly anticipated the usual damage which would occur soon after. To my surprise, however, no cut surfaced, and I continued my routine with a smile, as well as a feeling of shocking disbelief. When I got out of the shower, I saw a slightly red scrape, but it was not bleeding at all. It was as if the Skintimate cream shielded my legs with a protective covering, averting any potential shaving crisis. Having gone through the annoyance of cuts before, holding a tissue to my ankle for what seems like an eternity, I cannot stress to you just how much hassle this product saves.

Overall, the end result that emerges after the use of Skintimate’s Moisturizing Cream Shave is one to applaud. Legs become not only free of stubble, but instantly drenched with hydration and silky smooth to the touch. As part of my routine, I typically apply a lotion after shaving to guard against the razor burn or pesky red bumps that often arise soon after. However, with the Skintimate product, there is simply no need for this step. The cream acts dually as a lotion, guards instantly against any irritation, and keeps your legs feeling extremely silky for hours, even days, after shaving.

To prepare your legs for the shorts and miniskirts of spring, try out Skintimate’s Moisturizing Cream Shave. It is available at almost all drug stores for a retail price of $3.99. For more information about this product or others in the Skintimate line, visit

Product Review of BeautyScoop

A rejuvenating scientific Beauty Breakthrough that will have you sipping your way to sensational beauty…it is but a “scoop” away.Beauty scoop can help you get beautiful hair, nails, and skin.

With BeautyScoop, you can have a radiant, healthy glow. BeautyScoop works from the inside out and is an edible peptide and lipid drink that will help advance every aspect of your well being. It has been scientifically proven that 86% of people who tried this product showed dramatic results within three weeks. That’s three weeks to beautiful hair, skin and nails. That’s three short weeks to a new and improved wellness.

  • Benefits for the skin include (but not limited to) reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases hydration and show a youthful glow as well as improving vitality at a cellular level.
  • Benefits for the hair include (but not limited to) intensifying shine and manageability, diminishing split ends and strengthening hair and providing luster and nourishment to the scalp.
  • Benefits for the nails include (but not limited to) strengthening and lengthening the nails, fortifying splits & breaks and softening cuticles as well as preventing ridges.

Beauty scoop can help you get beautiful hair, nails, and skin.Some of the key ingredients in BeautyScoop are Safflower, Canola and Vanilla Flower, Soy Protein isolates and whey protein concentrates. Each of these ingredients combined are proven to bring out the youthfulness of your skin, hair and nails from within. Also included in each individual scoop are the Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and anti-oxidants which are important building blocks for improving and maintaining healthy, active more productive day. The benefits are well worth the try.

Each box supplies you with 21 days of individually packed scoops for your convenience. These tasty scoops can be added to a favorite hot or cold drink of choice and give you the most out of each day (or evening). I actually used the scoops with my morning OJ and enjoyed the added energy I experiences throughout the day.

Although I only received three samples in my package to try; my nails, hair and skin did show a noticeable difference. I enjoyed being able to try this product first hand and know that if I used it daily I’d see a significant difference overall. It really is a great product and I recommend it to anyone that has been searching high and low for a product that will give you added benefits.

If you’re interested in BeautyScoop or would like to read more about the product, feel free to visit Beauty Scoop’s original site. ARV: $95.00 +shipping and handling for a 21 day supply (1 box); ARV $285.00 + coupon code for shipping discount + free gift with purchase for a 3 box supply (this is for those outside the continental US & ARV $285.00 + free shipping + free gift with purchase (this is for those who reside in the continental US) of a three-box supply. They also offer Sample Scoops for an ARV of $10.00.

Beauty Scoop for healthy skin, nails, and hairIn conclusion, as BeautyScoop would say, “Cheers, To Your Beauty!”

After trying BeautyScoop’s edible beauty accessory, I give a #1 for the most benefits a person can receive with one scoop! Thank you to BeautyScoop’s creators, NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Yagoda and world renowned chemist Dr. Eugene Gans!

Artistry Microdermabrasion System: The Tools for a Flawless Facial Masterpiece

The world’s Artistry Microdermabrasion System (Photo by Karin A. Kovacik)greatest artists took weeks, months, even years to meticulously transform their once barren canvases into stunning works of art, pervaded with smooth, crisp lines and doused with strokes of color. We, however, as women on the go, are not always granted the luxury of time.

That is why Artistry brings us their Microdermabrasion System — promised to smooth and rejuvenate a woman’s most important canvas — the face — within a single minute, evoking the true inner artist in each of us.

The Artistry Microdermabrasian System contains the Artistry Polishing Scrub, MicroExfoliation Cloth, and Time Defiance Skin Refinishing Lotion — a remarkable trio of tools to transform your face into a beautifully flawless work of art.  Artistry captures in a bottle the luxurious results of professional dermatological treatments, but before sealing the cap, removes any unnecessary “ingredients” inherent to these expert exfoliations, including the high price tags and often harsh facial sensations. Knowing that these professional treatments, when performed improperly, may damage the skin and cause painful irritations, Artistry offers a more a sensible solution with their Microdermabrasion System — a gentler, safer, and more affordable home-based alternative with high-class results.

Having never splurged for a professional treatment myself, in order to imagine the process, I could rely only on the one piece of information I knew — the word itself. Microdermabrasion. To me, the mere pronouncement of the term sounds painful in itself, as each brutal syllable drops harshly from the tongue trudging slowly towards its final fatal utterance — abrasion. However, the Artistry Microdermabrasion System held true to its various claims, immediately falsifying my rather grim verbal instincts. The harsh term labeling these products does no justice to the gentle, smoothing and pleasant experience that Artistry provides.

According to directions, the first step in the process is applying the Polishing Scrub to a dry face. At first, I found the instruction a bit odd, predicting that the gel would hardly smooth in to a dry face or would produce a scratchy sensation on contact. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I placed the gel in my palms, finding that it was of a thin, almost drippy consistency. Smoothing it into dry skin felt almost like a refreshing splash of water.

Artistry Microdermabrasion System (Photo by Karin A. Kovacik)The scrub itself has a rather attractive look, as the clear gel is dappled with tiny blue specks — otherwise known as jojoba beads. They weren’t so much round and spherical as I have seen in other exfoliators, but rather like minute freckles. As to the scent of the product, Artistry describes it as a mix of tangerine and berry, and with a flip of the cap, I could definitely sense a refreshing hint of citrus.

The next step in the process is to wet the MicroExfoliation Cloth and use its surface to rub in the scrub in circular motions. The cloth was nothing like I imagined, as I expected to find a Brillo-like texture — strong enough to remove the dead cells and get deep down to the surface. I was surprised to find an extremely soft cloth — almost a thicker, durable cotton texture. As I used the cloth to rub in the product, I could barely feel the beads working their magic. There was a slight sensation, but really nothing harsh at all.

On my second use of the system, my laziness got the best of me, as I neglected to lug all three products into the shower for use. So I decided to simply rub in the scrub with my palms, instead of using the exfoliation cloth. To tell the truth, the smooth results I achieved at the end of the process were practically identical, but that is not to say that the cloth does not have its benefits. I would still recommend its use, as I felt that it more easily smoothed the gel into the skin, and I sensed that it was performing a more thorough, deeper clean. The fibers work to give that extra exfoliation texture that your palms simply cannot provide. I also saw the cloth effortlessly removing layers of makeup that are always a chore to rinse away — an unexpected bonus.

When finally rinsing the gel and drying my face, I could instantly feel results. In a sense, I almost felt lighter — as if the system had removed unhealthy layers of skin that were weighing me down. I felt uplifted and my skin felt extremely smooth. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it was time for the last step in the process — the Time Defiance Refinishing Lotion. The product was almost clear and extremely lightweight — not a thick, sticky consistency that you would more often label as a lotion. Rubbing in the product, I felt like it almost locked in the smoothness I already felt, providing for silky smooth skin that could last throughout the day. Even my hands, from simply touching the product, felt amazingly soft. This product is a magical little potion, smoothing everything it touches.

The Artistry Microdermabrasion System sells at a retail price of $71.50, and each product may also be purchased separately, if desired. To learn more about Artistry products or to purchase a system of your own, visit or call 800-253-6500.

Tip: You can get the the Artistry Microdermabrasion System at a lower price on

Five Anti-Aging Tips for Under $5

We’re always on the lookout for tips and products that make us look and feel younger. In many cases, anti-aging products and anti-aging cosmetic procedures come at a cost. Luckily, though, you can still do things to make yourself look younger without spending a bundle.

To get a younger appearance, consider these five easy, anti-aging tips for looking younger for less than $5. Celebrity makeup artist Mickey Williams shares the following five anti-aging tips you can try for under $5.

Mickey Williams’ Tips for Looking Younger for Less
Celebrity makeup artist Mickey Williams suggests the following inexpensive anti-aging tips:

Tip 1:  Lighten up.  White eyeliner eliminates the red rim that makes you look tired and ages your look. Gently apply a white or beige liner to the inner rim of your eye for an immediate pick-me-up and eye brightener.

Tip2:  Back away from the tweezers.   Not only are fuller thicker eyebrows all the rage for fall, they also push the rewind button on your overall look.  If you’re brows are over-tweezed or thin by nature, pick up a light blonde pencil and start filling in.   You don’t want to see the color on your skin, just a light shadow which can only be achieved by light blonde or taupe.

Tip 3: Ditch dark circles with concealer.  Heavy base makeup can actually define the fine lines and creases that make us look older. Using a lightweight concealer as spot corrector is one of the best ways to hide bags and discoloration and ultimately erase years from your appearance:   hide dark circles under the eyes by lightly pressing it in the groove that creates the bag and or circle; highlight the area over your eyebrows, along your jawbone and down the center of your nose to create dimension and an unrecognizable glow;  and gently blend the concealer around the edges of your nose where any redness or blotchiness is visible.

Tip 4:  Brighten up those pearly whites.  A bright smile will turn heads as well as turn back the hands of the time.  People don’t realize how stained teeth age them, or how pearly white teeth make them look younger!  Loads of teeth whitening products are out there, but nothing is more affordable and effortless than using the original teeth whitener baking soda – just mix with water to make a paste and brush onto your teeth.

Tip 5:   Luscious lips make you look years younger.  Fine lines and wrinkles on the lips can add years to the face.  To keep lips looking young, keep them moisturized and use an anti-aging lip balm like Blistex Deep Renewal, which has hyaluronic acid to improve skin condition and give lips a fuller appearance, Coenzyme Q 10 for moisturization and overall revitalization and light refractors to keep lips smooth.

– Tips courtesy of celebrity makeup artist Mickey Williams

Now that you know five ways to look younger for less, give it a shot. Do your part to brighten your smile, moisturize your lips, conceal your dark under-eye circles, lay off the tweezing for your brows, and hide the red rim of your eyes with white or beige eyeliner. The expense is small and you’ll look and feel younger in no time!

Tips for Getting Rid of Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

Warmer days call for less clothing, new swimsuits and miles of sexy legs shown off just about everywhere. Unsightly spider veins and varicose veins often cause women to hide under long skirts and pants as opposed to displaying their legs, even during summer months.

Spider veins typically appear on the legs as small reddish or bluish blood vessels that are visible through the skin. Usually raised above the skin, varicose veins are larger and dilated, sometimes causing discomfort.

Women and men alike may feel self-conscious when it comes to showing off their legs if they experience these undesirable veins. They may wonder where the veins came from, or why they’ve been troubled with them. Truth be told, one’s genes play a major role in whether a woman will develop varicose or spider veins, but factors like lifestyle, habits and hormones also play a part.

If a man or woman is born with weak vein valves, his or her vein walls may weaken and begin to disintegrate, causing unsightly veins. A surplus of hormones present in the body at times of puberty, pregnancy and menopause may also contribute to appearance of spider and varicose veins. Additionally, obesity, aging, injury to the legs and excessive time spent standing may also bring on these veins.

Because these pesky, unattractive blood vessels no longer function properly, it is possible to treat them in several ways without disrupting the body’s circulatory system.

Several treatments available for spider veins and varicose veins include:

Sclerotherapy – A doctor injects a solution into the troublesome veins, which causes the walls of the vein to swell and stick together. The veins then convert into scar tissue and fade over time. This procedure produces very effective results if done correctly, requires no anesthesia and may be conducted in a doctor’s office.

Laser surgery – Producing a sensation similar to a gentle snap of a rubber band, laser therapy works by aiming intense light at the spider and varicose veins. Lasers are exceptionally accurate and cause damage only to the targeted veins, causing them to disappear painlessly and without affecting any of the surrounding tissue.

Electrodesiccation – Similar to sclerotherapy, this form of treatment introduces an electric current to seal off the troublesome veins. Patients should be aware that scarring may occur.

Here are some things you can do to prevent spider veins and varicose veins:
•    Don’t cross your legs when sitting.
•    Try not to stand for a prolonged period of time.
•    Wear sunscreen when you’ll be exposed to UV-rays.
•    Exercise regularly. (Especially by walking and running)
•    Avoid tight clothing and wear support stockings if you like.
•    Do what you can to control your weight.

Tips for Dealing with an Oily Complexion

You’ve just washed your face and ten minutes later, voila, your skin feels oily all over again. Sound familiar? Prepare yourself to glow with confidence, even if your skin usually has an oily shine. Relax and follow a few simple steps and you’ll soon be on your way to drier, cleaner-feeling skin that glows with radiance!

When trying to look your best, having oily skin can pose quite the dilemma. Having your picture taken when you’ve forgotten your powder compact can be a nightmare. The shine from your face may appear in your photograph as well, giving your visage a glossier look than is natural.
In hopes of clearing up your complexion, you may worry about what kind of moisturizer to use, which cleansing products and which types of makeup. First things first – decide if you’ll be using a liquid or a powder makeup product to combat your complexion conundrum. If you opt for a liquid foundation, select one in your skin tone that is specially formulated for oily complexions.

If you don’t like the way it feels to cover your entire face with liquid makeup, a pressed powder compact can really tone down the shiny look that results from an oily complexion. Check out powder compacts in your local drug store if you’ve got a budget to consider. If you have a little more cash to burn or if you really want a nice compact, consider checking out the designer makeup in department stores. If you need help picking out the right color for your skin tone, you can request assistance from a cosmetologist in the department store.

To battle this annoying skin problem, always try to keep some pressed or loose powder handy. Wash your face in the morning and before bed, and up to once or twice additionally if necessary. Do be careful not to over-wash your face, as too much cleansing may cause excessive dryness and flaking.

To further tend to your complexion, complete the following steps:
•    Drink lots of fluids – especially water.
•    Follow a balanced diet, and consume low-fat foods, fruits and veggies.
•    Enjoy a diet rich in proteins but avoid excessive amounts of salty and sugary foods. This includes chocolate and junk food!  (Sigh!)
•    Take vitamins.
•    Maintain a regular facial cleansing routine.

•    Use hot water when cleansing and avoid harsh cleansing products.
•    Use an astringent to deep cleanse your face.
•    Stick with oil-free makeup products.
•    Exercise as often as you can, and avoid wearing makeup while doing so.
•    As tough as it may be, try not to touch your skin unnecessarily.
•    Change your pillowcase more often to prevent residue from clogging your pores overnight.

•    Exfoliate with a facial scrub product a minimum of once a week.
•    Apply a facial mud masque at least once a week to zap the oil from your skin.

Become the New, Flawless, Fresher You — Product Review: Become’s Age Resistant Face Smoothing Gel

At each stage of life, as females, we dream of becoming. Become's Age Resistant Face Smoothing GelAs young girls, we wish to be become flawless, fresh-faced replicas of the models that graze the pages of a magazine. Then, as time works its inevitable aging process, we dream of becoming ten, twenty years younger — relishing in the days when our beauty reached its ultimate pinnacle. Now, no matter what your stage of life or personal beauty aspiration, your wish may be granted. But instead of rubbing a magical lamp to obtain your fanciful standards of beauty, all you have to do is rub your face — with Become’s Age Resistant Face Smoothing Gel.

A luxurious exfoliator infused with Jojoba beads, Become’s Age Resistant Face Smoothing Gel gently polishes the skin to create a silky, radiant complexion. Become’s products are expertly designed to slow the aging process, and this particular gel features an algae extract that firms and tones the skin, leaving you feeling years younger, with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

This smoothing gel is a great pick-me-up for your morning shower — where I first decided to try it out.  Within seconds of flipping open the cap, I was met with a noticeable, yet pleasant fragrance. The product emitted a dominant and invigorating smell of fresh mint, but under this initial layer emerged a subtle hint of fresh and fragrant rose petals. Understandably, this awkward mixture of opposing scents may seem rather unpleasant, but the pairing actually proved to be a delightful balance that left me feeling energized, yet still softly feminine.

Become's Age Resistant Face Smoothing GelThe light pink gel is infused with tiny scrubbing beads that work to polish the surface of the skin. Rubbing the gel between my palms, the texture reminded me of a day at the beach — removing my hands from the ocean and feeling the small granules of sand that haven’t completely washed away.  When rubbing these sand-like beads on your face, it does seem a bit harsh at first, but to tell the truth, this slight polishing sensation became, to me, more of a positive than a negative. The abrasiveness of the beads made me feel as if the product was truly doing its job, scrubbing away the imperfections for a deep and thorough clean.

Barely into my twenty’s, I wasn’t extremely concerned with the age reversing aspects of the gel, but was simply looking for something to give my skin an all-over smoothness, as I sometimes struggle with scratchy areas around the forehead and nose. When I rinsed my face (an easy task since the lightweight gel was a breeze to remove), I was surprised to find that I not only received the results I was looking for, but could also identify how the product truly helps to battle signs of aging.

My skin instantly felt silky smooth — even those troublesome areas that are usually tough to eliminate. I seemed to radiate with an all-over freshness.  Although I could not take full advantage of the aging features of the product, I could see how the gel may leave women feeling rejuvenated and years younger.  The product left my skin feeling extremely firm, and any poking or prodding could barely produce a budge. The gel creates such a remarkable smoothness — as if it peels away years and years of aging layers to reveal the true, younger you beneath the surface.

The directions recommend using the gel once a week for dry skin and three to four times for a normal or oily complexion. I found with most face washes, the initial smooth feel would fade overnight, as I would wake up the next morning with the same problem areas. With this Face Smoothing Gel, however, the feeling lasted throughout the next day, leaving me feeling silky, smooth, and radiant for days at a time. Overall, I’d recommend this product to anyone looking for a great cleanser, a radiant complexion, and a youthful boost of beauty!

A 5.3 oz. bottle of Become’s Age Resistant Face Smoothing Gel runs for $29, and this and other Become products may be ordered at or 1-877-BECOME2.

Also, stay tuned this month for our Face Smoothing Gel Giveaway. You might just BECOME a winner!

Five Tips for Conquering Cellulite

Legs. Men love them, and women love showing them off. From skimpy swimsuits to sexy miniskirts, we continually find ways to accentuate our best features. Try as we might, though, we cannot always prevent cellulite, lumpy and dimpled fat deposits that resembles cottage cheese or an orange peel, typically noticed on our legs, hips and buttocks.

Countless procedures – medical and non-medical, surgical and non-surgical – offer alleged “cures” to cellulite, including everything from medicinal injections to herbal body wraps available at most spas. And while all these supposed cures exist, each person responds differently to various treatments and procedures. Some at-home remedies for cellulite may be just as effective as a complex procedure like mesotherapy, which involves microinjections of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and medications. These chemicals react with the fat deposits in the targeted areas where the injections occur, dissolving the fat deposits and shrinking the fat cells.

If heaving over a heap of cash to smooth out the cellulite from your legs isn’t in your plans, consider these at-home remedies to lessen cellulite’s impact on your life and your legs!

Detoxify your diet! By eating lots of healthy, fresh fruits and veggies, you’re already taking the first step toward healthier skin and fewer cellulite problems. Whole grain foods also contribute to your cause. Think about reducing or eliminating your intake of alcohol, coffee, soda and cigarette smoke to further aid your quest to end cellulite. Items high in fiber positively impact your health and also respond better to the digestive process. Your best-case scenario: A low-fat diet high in fiber and rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Exercise to your heart’s content.
Not only does exercising help you lose weight and tone your muscles, but it also helps to improve circulation while firming your tissues in general. You’ll notice an increase in your energy levels and hopefully, you’ll enjoy your exercise routines enough to see its value on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Relax. Avoid those things that cause stress and aggravation in your life if at all possible. Take hot bubble baths, practice yoga or begin meditating on a daily basis. A more peaceful frame of mind will help you get into the routine of satisfying your skin’s needs.

Exfoliate and renew your skin naturally. Try natural body scrub products during your shower routine and use a loofah pad, massage brush or other cleansing tool to release dry and dead skin cells so new, healthy ones can form.

Find a massage partner and relieve tension while stimulating your circulatory and lymphatic systems. Massaging your body can help prevent cellulite from forming while it also helps to battle cellulite that already exists. To begin, try basic massage techniques. Start by massaging your legs one at a time in a circular motion. This should help prevent fat from collecting while also breaking down and ridding the body of toxins.

Try a few of these tips for reducing and preventing cellulite in your body. Remember that about 90 percent of women experience cellulite in some capacity, no matter how slim they might be. If you believe you have more serious cellulite problems than most, speak with a dermatologist to learn more about treatments that may be available to you.

Rave Review: Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection – Red Tea & Fig and Lotus & Bamboo Body Washes

I am completely and utterly impressed by the new Mary Kay Body Care Collection (spring line). Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection - Red Tea & Fig and Lotus & Bamboo Body Washes (Photo by Barbara Baker)The smells are absolutely tantalizing and the feel of your body after you’ve washed is incredibly invigorating!!! You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a spa and are being pampered beyond your wildest dreams; the seas will part, the birds will sing and your body with thank you…

Without fail, Mary Kay has done it again; she has put together two wonderful new shower gels that will drive your senses wild. You can choose between the fresh scents of Red Tea & Fig or Lotus & Bamboo. The choice is yours, but I can say that without a doubt; you’ll be indulged with fragrances that will awaken your inner soul.

I’m actually tickled with excitement as I sit here writing this review. I have been a user of Mary Kayfor many years and have always anticipated the new and improved products that immerge. My mother was a representative back in the day (yes, it was that long ago). I remember seeing her place orders, try new products and occasionally, she’d even let us girls (my sisters and I) have small lipstick samples or she’d douse us with the latest fragrance that had just come out; such fond memories.

The fact is; Mary Kay is one of the largest direct sellers of skin care and color cosmetics worldwide. They have achieved record results in years past and are exceeding in independent sales by 1.8 million. Mary Kay has been taking care of women’s needs for many years and has been trusted by all who have come to know and use the products.

Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection Body Wash (Photo by Barbara Baker)


Upon receiving these products for review; I had to literally toss a coin in order to choose which one I’d use first (don’t worry; you’ll be faced with this dilemma too). The coin landed me on the Red Tea & Fig… I used it and loved it. I thought the smell was absolutely wonderful; it reminded me of the green tea smells that I’m so fond of, but the red tea does have a distinct difference. Red tea is a bit stronger; sweet but stronger and the fig is just an enhancement to those already invigorating smells. I even found myself smelling my arms and smiling throughout the day.

I later showered again (you know, you’ve gotta have two showers a day, right?) and this time, I used the Lotus & Bamboo; nothing out there compares. This particular fragrance is very different from anything I’ve ever tried; in fact, I don’t think there is anything to compare it with except for maybe a hint of aloe. The Lotus & Bamboo is one of those smells you’ll have to experience for yourself, but trust me; it’s anything but “normal”.

Mary Kay Body Care (SPRING) Collection - Red Tea & Fig and Lotus & Bamboo Body Washes (Photo by Barbara Baker)I sat here trying desperately to find something that might have made any one of these “just another” product; just another scent, but honestly…I can’t. The gels not only purify and revitalize your every sense; they nourish the body and leave you feeling breathless. The smells are wonderful, they stay with you long after you’ve showered/bathed and your skin feels so soft too. I’ve even considered purchasing a few sets for some special friends of mine for Valentine’s Day.

The shower gels come in clear tubing (enabling you to see the clear shower gel within) and are beautifully crafted with flowing flares of colors and springing leaves for added texture. They are appealing to just about every sense; smell, touch and feel. What’s more; it can be applied using your hand, sponge or wash cloth and still has the ability to lather quite nicely leaving you to feel clean and fresh like you’re sitting amongst the flowers on a beautiful spring day.

I truly recommend these products to anyone out there that care about their bodies, who has the need for self pampering without leaving the home, for all those moms out there that have used the statement “…,take me away” far too many times. They are truly invigorating products worth every cent.

If you’re looking for a daily cleanser without exfoliation and are interested in trying any one of these products; you can go to; by phone at 1 (800) MARY KAY (627-9529) or make that much needed visit to your local representative and experience this phenomenon yourself. The shower gels I tried have an SRP of $14.00 each. The body lotions and spritzers are also available for (lotion) $16.00 and (spritzers) $18.00; and right now, if you order any of the collection sets for yourself (or someone special) you will receive a striking gift bag for displaying and/or gifting your new products.

12 Easy and Effective Tips to Moisturize Your Skin

No matter what your age or skin type, it is vital to protect the skin you have. Avoid overly exposing your skin to the sun, wind, or harsh chemicals like chlorine. Practice a regular skincare routine by cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing your skin. By following simple tips like these, you can keep your skin looking youthful and beautiful for many years to come.

As you care for your skin, be sure to keep your skin type in mind. Also, take the time to be good to your skin and it will be good to you in return. Follow these tips to keep your skin as healthy, smooth, and sexy as ever!

•    After a bath or shower, apply moisturizers to lock the moisture into your skin.

•    Alternate between oil-based and water-based moisturizers if you have combination skin.

•    Choose an oil-free, water-based moisturizer for oily skin.

•    Choose a thick, oil-based moisturizer for exceptionally dry skin.

•    Choose a gentle, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic moisturizer for sensitive skin.

•    Do not apply moisturizers too often because it can result in clogged pores.

•    Focus on other body parts besides your face. Moisturizing is vital on dry elbows, knees, legs, breasts, and other areas that may be prone to flaking and chapping.

•    It’s never too early to start moisturizing your skin and to protect it from the signs of aging.

•    Mature skin may benefit from moisturizing products that contain alpha-hydroxy acid, selenium, or Tropoelastin.

•    Pick a moisturizer that contains a low level of sunscreen, like SPF 15. It keeps your skin soft and smooth while preventing the negative effects of harmful UV rays.

•    Strengthen your skin by choosing moisturizers that contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

•    Wear lots of warm clothes, as well as gloves, scarves, and hats in the winter to prevent chapped skin and loss of moisture.

If you experience difficulty in selecting an appropriate moisturizer for your skin, consult your healthcare provider or a beautician for educated suggestions. If you know your skin type, choose a product created especially for you!

Hair Be Gone: A Critical Look at At-Home Hair Removal Options

Smooth, silky, sexy…hairless. In most cases, society and relationships dictate that barely there and very little hair are the ways to achieve the ultimate in sexiness. But when it comes to ridding our bodies of unwanted hair, what is the best approach?

Shaving seems to be the standby of all time, with quick whisks of the blade in the shower solving our problems oh-so temporarily. Lotion hair removers like Nair and Sally Hansen brand depilatories make a lot of promises but don’t always produce the results they pledge. At-home waxing kits can be very time consuming, but if executed properly, you can be hair-free for weeks if not months.

Your personal needs will best determine which method of hair removal is right for you. Consider the following product report cards, featuring the pros and cons, risks and efficacy.

Costs: Inexpensive, but it adds up over time. Razors and shaving cream; $5 – $10 per month or less

Time Required: Anywhere from five minutes to a half-hour or more

Results Last: One to three days; Results vary from person to person. I personally shave every day because the hair typically tends to grow back by the end of a 24-hour period.

Risks: The only real risks involve nicking your skin by shaving carelessly. If deep enough, those nicks may cause scarring.

Pros: Inexpensive, fairly easy to do, no true dangers involved, generally very effective – even if only temporarily

Cons: Results don’t last very long. It becomes frustrating when you have to shave every day or suffer with stubbly legs, etc. If you get goose bumps, watch out! Stubble is sure to follow.

Costs: Typically less than $10, possibly less than $5

Time Required: 10 minutes to a half-hour, possibly longer

Results Last: I have not been successful in achieving favorable results as of yet. According to those who have achieved success with such depilatories, results may last longer than shaving.

Risks: Irritation, allergic reaction, chemical burns, possible lack of results; Follow directions very closely to avoid problems.

Pros: If it works, it is a nice alternative to shaving because it minimizes the risk of nicks and cuts. Also, depilatories can produce results that last longer than shaving if effective.

Cons: Takes longer than shaving. Doesn’t always produce proper results. Can cause irritation or damage to skin, especially small red bumps along the hair follicles. Often carries an unpleasant odor.

Costs: Moderate in price; Costs do add up over time. At-home waxing kits typically cost anywhere from $5 to $20+ each.

Time Required: HOURS – No kidding, but try to split up the areas of your body and apply the wax on different days if you are doing an at-home waxing. In other words, don’t try to wax your legs, bikini line and underarms all in the same day unless you want a headache!

Results Last: Results last anywhere from three weeks to two months, depending on the effectiveness of the treatment.

Risks: Waxing doesn’t carry too many risks with it; women applying this hair removal treatment should be careful not to burn themselves by heating the wax at too high a temperature. Also, be sure to test the wax on a small area prior to use in case of allergic reaction.

What a nice change from shaving! Waxing prevents stubble from coming through until the hairs physically grow back. Smoothness and silkiness endure, leaving your body hair-free and super sexy. At-home treatments are moderately priced and well worth the time it takes to perform the procedure.

Cons: The time involved to remove hair can be tiresome, but it was well worth it to me. Sometimes the wax can be difficult to handle, and at times it doesn’t effectively remove all the hair. Frequent trips to the microwave to reheat the wax become annoying.

Comparing Skin Types and Choosing the Perfect Moisturizer

Soft, supple skin depends on moisturizers to keep it smooth and sexy. Consider your skin type and how your skin responds to different skincare products when choosing an appropriate moisturizer product for you. Whether your skin is young or mature, oily, dry, sensitive, or a combination of these, the perfect moisturizing solution for you is out there.

Consider these tips for matching a good moisturizer to your skin type:

Skin Types
While we all need moisturizers, different skin types tend to benefit best from certain moisturizing products that are created with specific skin types in mind. Varying skin types also call for different frequency of moisturizing.

The most common skin types include dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin. Read on to match your skin type to an effective moisturizing regimen.

Moisturizers for Dry Skin
With constant exposure to the elements – sun, wind – or chemicals like chlorine, skin can become dry without warning. Skin that does not produce the right amount of natural oils also becomes dry. It is best to moisturize dry skin heavily with an oil-based moisturizer. When skin returns to its normal condition, decrease the frequency of moisturizing as desired.

Moisturizers for Oily Skin
Even oily skin can be soft, smooth, clean, and beautiful with the right skincare routine. Caring for oily skin is frustrating, but the proper combination of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing makes all the difference. For skin that is excessively oily, a gentle and oil-free moisturizer works best. Also try water-based moisturizers to avoid adding any additional oils to the skin.

Moisturizers for Combination Skin
Combination skin can be oily, normal, or dry, all at once or one or the other at random. Care for combination skin with a varied routine. Moisturize frequently with an oil-based moisturizer when skin is dry. When skin takes on an oily texture, switch to a water-based, gentle moisturizer. If skin shows signs of both types, seek a moisturizer made especially for combination skin.

Moisturizers for Sensitive Skin
Because skin is sensitive to different cleansers, chemicals, and naturally occurring elements, the best approach to caring for sensitive skin is a gentle one. For the best care and protection, pick moisturizers that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Use as needed.