Skin Danger Zones: Sun Damage Where You Least Expect It

Information courtesy of Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt,

Sunny Palm Tree BranchesSpending the day basking in the sun? You are likely to protect yourself from sun exposure. But what about everyday? Sun damage can burn its mark when and where you least expect it. Are you really protecting your skin day in and out? Applying your daily facial moisturizer with SPF is not all it takes to protect yourself against harmful rays.

As we approach warmer weather, Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt gives a rundown of often ignored areas and locations where you need protection from the sun.

Commonly Ignored Areas on Your Body

Sunny Beach

You have prepped for a day out in the sun. But have you covered all the bases? When slathering on sun block, there are certain areas people

tend to forget to protect. Be mindful ofcommonly ignored areas including your feet, lips, hands, back of the ears, chest/neck, lips and your scalp. “The chest is an area commonly affected by sun damage and wrinkles—but not commonly protected,” explains Dr. Baxt. “Be sure to properly protect these areas prior to stepping out into the sun. Wear protective clothing to cover up your skin from the sun.” Keep in mind, a light bathing suit cover-up does not protect your skin from harmful rays. “On a day out in the sun, apply sunscreen every hour —even when wearing a cover-up.”

Rain or Shine

Who needs sun protection on a cloudy day? We all do.  If the sun is hiding, it doesn’t mean you aren’t being exposed to it. Hazy days are common days for sun burns, the UV rays come right through the clouds.  Don’t forget your sun protection! Despite your perception of the climate, you may end up exposing yourself to more damaging rays. Whether in an urban or beach setting, the sun can affect you come rain or shine. Feeling a bit chilly from the wind? You can still get a sun burn even on a cool day. Protect yourself.

Indoor Exposure

Whether in a car, at the office or at home, UVA rays through a window may cause serious damage to your skin. “When driving, the left side of your face and hands are exposed to UVA rays through the windshield, dab on products with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect yourself.” Sitting next to a window and reading a book may seem harmless, but indoor sun exposure may lead to sun damage. Consider your daily locations and travel arrangements and protect yourself accordingly.

Reflecting Rays

Meeting a friend for a quick outdoor lunch on your break? You purposefully sit under an umbrella assured you are fully protecting yourself. However—the rays of the sun reflect off concrete. Sitting under an umbrella should not be your method of sun protection. “Protecting yourself from damaging rays not only requires using products—but requires proper knowledge. The more you know, the better equipped you are to protect yourself in all areas, at all times.”

About the Expert:

Rebecca Baxt, MD, MBA, FAAD is a Board Certified Dermatologist specializing in both cosmetic and general dermatology for adults and children. She also has a particular interest in acne and rosacea. For more information, please visit or visit Baxt Cosmedical Facebook Fan Page.


Soften and Beautify Your Skin with Alighiero Campostrini Bar Soap

As we age, our skin begins to become thinner, loses natural moisture, and becomes less firm than in its younger days. It no longer looks or feels as soft as it once did. The skin’s production of keratin, collagen, and elastin decreases, causing our skin to develop expression lines, puffiness, sagging, and wrinkles. Fighting against this natural aging process is a constant battle that should include a number of anti-aging products from the soaps that women use to cleanse their skin to the moisturizers, toners, and treatments that they use to restore their dermal vitality.

Starting your day with a soap that offers anti-aging capabilities can provide your skin with the protection it needs to fight off wrinkles and damage from the exposure to the elements of nature. Using a soap bar containing important antioxidant and skin-softening capabilities can help to refine existing fine lines on your skin, while preventing new ones from occurring. It’s easy to include a skin-softening soap into your daily skincare regimen, enabling you to infuse a bit of new life into your skin.

Infused with the natural goodness of pure olive oil and formulated with an age-old recipe that utilizes only pure olive oil throughout the process, Alighiero Campostrini oliva soap is made in Florence, Italy. It is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin, since it is allergen free and contains no harsh dyes, no EDTA, and no synthetic fragrances. It delivers skin cleansing that softens and soothes your skin, offering it a luxurious experience.

Made by using the old-fashioned boiling process, this elegant soap bar is pure and contains 100% olive oil. It is almost like offering a spa-like experience within soap – just for you. Although it doesn’t lather effusively, it makes your skin feel clean and smooth. I am glad that I received the free gift of a single bar of Alighiero Campostrini oliva soap to enjoy. If you enjoy natural beauty products that offer extra goodness for your skin, why not considering indulging in a bar yourself?


Cellure Stem Cell Skin Care

cellure2The Cellure skin care line offers six fabulous products to make signs of aging obsolete. This line has a not-so-secret-ingredient that allows the fountain of youth to be more than just a thing of legend. This special part of the formula is the use of stem cells to create an innovative way to combat aging.

Stem cells have the ability to become any type of cell in the body and can replace dead or lost cells. Stem cells may appear to be a controversial item to include in a skin care line, but rest assured that the cells used in Cellure are cruelty-free. Adult human stem cells are cultivated from adipose tissue and created into a unique pure protein complex. Cellure exclusively offers the highest concentration of stem cell derived proteins in any product line.

Cellure Stem Cell Skin Care supplies your skin with all it needs to regain its beauty. Wrinkles and imperfections can work their way to revert back to smooth, damage-free skin. The product line provides a variety of approaches to boost youth back into your skin and reverse any damage. Before long, your skin will begin to feel and appear clear, firm, and beautiful.

Cellure is a five-step day and night system claiming to improve your skin immediately as well as with prolonged use of the line. I received a sample of all the products involved in this line for the purpose of this review. The first four steps are used in both systems and are designed to restart, recode, regenerate, and rework your skin. The fifth step differs to rebuild in the morning and recover in the evening.

Restart with a skin cleanser to remove makeup, sunscreen, and any impurities and leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed. Recode with a toner designed to hydrate skin and refine pores. Regenerate with a serum booster with antioxidants and stem cell extracts. Rework your skin with a treatment to tighten the area around your eyes and diminish fine lines and wrinkles, this will work great even under foundation or concealer.

Rebuild during the day with a cream designed with SPF 15 to fight against future sun damage that also works as a makeup primer that won’t leave a greasy residue. This cream also has a dose of stem cells to further benefit your skin. Recover at night with a cream to soothe and firm your skin using antioxidants and stem cells.

For quality skin care, use this line in its specific order to prepare your skin for each of the following products. To order or for more information about the science behind the line visit their website.



Three Non-Greasy Sunscreen Options to Protect Your Skin

Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunscreen ReviewAs I’m getting older, I’ve realized there are a few things I don’t mind spending more money on if it means a better experience or better results. Sunscreen is one of those things. Last year I had a mishap with a manicure only two days after I had it done – when I used a certain favorite brand of sunscreen of mine, the manicure became sticky and disfigured. I also got terribly, terribly sunburned. I have since decided to try some of the more expensive sunblock products that boast a non-greasy texture that absorbs right into your skin right away. So far I am impressed and very glad I did!

My husband tends to like the spray sunscreen products because they are easy to apply, but I’m not fully sure if I trust them just yet. He also likes the ones that don’t leave your hands sticky. Now THAT I can go with! So I bought three different non-greasy, fast-absorbing sunscreen products to bring on our last vacation – Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock (SPF 30), Neutrogena Healthy Defense Oil-Free Sunblock Lotion (SPF 45), and Aveeno Active Naturals Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion (SPF 30, specially formulated for face).

Here’s the lowdown on each non-greasy, fast-absorbing sunscreen product:

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock (SPF 30)
Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunscreen ReviewThe tube of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock (SPF 30) was the first one I put in my basket, because I seem to remember my sister having this last year, and me borrowing it and loving it. And for good reason… This product is very lightweight and feels clean when you apply it. It doesn’t leave your hands and skin feeling gross, oily, and caked up with product. I felt like the suntan lotion rubbed right in and left my skin feeling almost as soft and smooth as before I even applied it. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock (SPF 30) provides UVA/UVB protection in a formula that is enriched with vitamins A, C, and E to help protect your skin from environmental damage.

One of the other benefits I enjoyed in using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock (SPF 30) – it truly is waterproof and sweat-proof. I wore it when snorkeling and in the pool and had no problems. I only got mild sunburn when I forgot to reapply after swimming, toweling off, and several hours had passed since I first applied it. Another great thing about this Neutrogena sunblock lotion is that it won’t clog your pores. I used it on my face as well as the rest of my body and didn’t run into any problems whatsoever.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock (SPF 30) retails for about $10 – $11 for a 3 oz. tube, depending on where you buy it.

Neutrogena Healthy Defense Oil-Free Sunblock Lotion (SPF 45)
Neutrogena Oil-free Sunblock ReviewBased on my bad sunburn last year, I decided to get a sunblock product with SPF 45 just to be safe. I picked up Neutrogena Healthy Defense Oil-Free Sunblock Lotion (SPF 45) and have absolutely no regrets. This product also won’t clog pores and offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection from the sun. I found this oil-free sunblock to be non-greasy as well as lightweight and comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. Like the Dry-Touch version above, this product also contains anti-oxidants to help protect your skin from free radicals due to sun exposure.

I used this product most after I already got a little color on vacation. I didn’t want to get any sunburn on top of sunburn I already had, so I applied this liberally and kept my tanning to a minimum. I’m glad I did, because skin cancer does run in the family and I don’t want to take any chances.

Neutrogena Healthy Defense Oil-Free Sunblock Lotion (SPF 45) comes in a 4 oz. bottle that retails for about $10.

Aveeno Active Naturals Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion (SPF 30, specially formulated for face)
Aveeno Face Sunscreen ReviewThis sunscreen provides UVA/UVB protection as well, in an oil-free, water-resistant formula that is lightweight and specially formulated for use on your face. I usually try to bring at least one bottle of face-friendly sunblock when we go on vacation. This Aveeno sunscreen product got passed around in our group quite a bit, so I think that is testament to its effectiveness as well as gentleness on the skin. Aveeno Active Naturals Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion contains natural soy and Vitamins A, C, and E to help protect your skin from environmental damage.

Aveeno Active Naturals Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion boasts its very own patented sun protection complex, which allows it to protect you from the sun over a longer period of time. This sunblock lotion is also design to be more effective for skin that is highly sensitive to sunburns. I found no problems in using this Aveeno sunblock and it definitely did the trick in protecting our skin without blocking or clogging our pores.

Aveeno Active Naturals Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion comes in a 3 oz. tube and retails for about $10 – $12.

If you are looking for a non-greasy sunblock that stands up to the demands of being on vacation, I highly recommend any of the three of these products. Depending on the duration of your trip, you may even want to pick up two or all three. If you only want one, I’m not sure that I have a favorite – I might recommend choosing based on the level of SPF you need, or simply see which brand offers the best deal for your needs.


Eucerin Calming Crème Daily Moisturizer Review

Eucerin Calming Creme Daily Moisturizer ReviewOn a friend’s recommendation, I went out and purchased a bottle of Eucerin Calming Crème Daily Moisturizer lotion to help keep my skin moisturized this winter. Even as the weather is getting nicer, I’ve noticed my hands are especially dry and sore. I originally got the bottle of Eucerin Calming Crème Daily Moisturizer because my hands are often dry and uncomfortable in the winter. I am glad my friend mentioned this product and recommended I give it a shot – the results have been worthwhile.

Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Calming Crème Daily Moisturizer is specially designed for dry and itchy skin, containing natural oatmeal and rich moisturizers to help soothe your skin, even in the brutal wintertime. Product packaging states this product is clinically proven effective for dry and itchy skin and the key ingredients both soothe skin and help to prevent further dryness and itchiness.

Lately my hands have been terribly dry and chapped, without really being out in the cold much or doing anything out of the ordinary to irritate them. This lotion is extremely effective in soothing and erasing dryness and irritation. My hands were really bothering me, so I applied Eucerin Calming Crème two or three times in the same day, including once before bed, and woke up to smoother, softer skin that isn’t chapped or sore.

Eucerin Calming Crème Daily Moisturizer effectively relieves skin suffering from atopic dermatitis and eczema, as well as other dry and itchy skin conditions. Product packaging notes this lotion is dermatologist recommended and suitable even for children over the age of 2.

Besides its effectiveness, I really like the texture of Eucerin Calming Crème and how completely it absorbs into my skin without leaving a greasy or oily residue. I have found that applying this crème before bed gives excellent results in how your skin looks and feels in the morning. There really isn’t much of a fragrance to note, but the lotion’s performance far outweighs any results for dry or irritated skin than I’ve seen with the more fragrant lotions. Also, Eucerin Calming Crème Daily Moisturizer contains oatmeal to soothe and protect your skin. I’ve heard of oatmeal baths, so it makes sense for this to be a key ingredient here too.

Eucerin Calming Crème Daily Moisturizer is available at your favorite drugstore, mass market retailer, or online at


Boots Amazon Forest Mango & Babassu Body Butter Review

For a fun and tropical scent that leaves your skin feeling moist and hydrated, consider Amazon Forest Mango & Babassu Body Butter by Boots. This peach colored body cream is rich and emollient, carrying a delightful fragrance that lingers with tropical delight. I enjoyed testing this thick body lotion on my knees, elbows, legs, and hands.

On first impression, the potent fragrance captures your attention and makes a pleasant memory of unforgettable, exotic vacations come to life all over again. Boasting ingredients straight from the Amazon region, Boots Amazon Forest Mango & Babassu Body Butter contains mango butter to soften your skin’s texture and babassu oil to moisturize your skin over time. The body butter is rich and creamy – the perfect texture for moisturizing dry skin and smoothing out rough spots.

Product documentation says this product comes from the seeds of the mango plus oils from the babassu palm. For best results, apply and gently massage this body butter to your skin following a bath or shower. You may need to apply again after some time has passed for continued skin moisturization, but overall, I found the Mango & Babassu Body Butter to be a pleasant product for daily use.

I received a 6.6 oz. tub of Boots Amazon Forest Mango & Babassu Body Butter for the purpose of this review. I greatly enjoy the fragrance as well as the results and recommend this product to anyone looking for a tropical burst of fragrance that will also leave skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized. Mango & Babassu Body Butter retails for about $10 per tub and is available for sale on Amazon and at Target, among other retailers.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter Review

Palmer's Chocolate Cherry Lip Butter ReviewIt’s no secret that I am a sucker for just about all things chocolate. From candy and desserts to a chocolate scented heat wrap and cocoa butter lotion, I’m always on the lookout for my next chocolate fix. When I heard about the new Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter, I couldn’t be more excited to try it. In addition to being completely enamored with chocolate, I am a total lip balm fanatic. It came as absolutely no surprise to me upon trying it for the very first time, that this Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter by Palmer’s is an absolute must-have product for anyone who loves chocolate and lip balms. I’m truly smitten.

First, you remove the cap on the generous tube of lip butter to unleash a tantalizing aroma that reminds you of the most decadent chocolate desserts and sugary concoctions. (We also once tried a chocolate-cherry wine that also hit similar chords of pure bliss.) The scent alone makes this product one you won’t leave home without. As you smooth the creamy lip butter onto your lips, the texture is so soothing and delightful that you can’t imagine you’ve lived without this lip product until now. Chapped, dry, and even wind-burnt lips gain instant relief from this incredible product.

Of course, what you really want to know is all about the chocolate and cherry flavors. Paired together, this is an unbeatable combination that brings memories of holiday cherry cordials and Valentine’s heart boxes with only the best chocolates inside. I swear I could even taste a bit of the tantalizing chocolate and cherry flavor on the first application. The sweet scent lingers as long as you wear the lip butter, and I’m glad to say that reapplication is needed much less frequently than typical lip products. Oh, and the lip butter is a clear and creamy gel with a petrolatum base that adds a touch of glossy shine to your lips – you can wear it under or over your regular lip color products.

The scent and texture alone make this product a complete steal for the unbelievably low $2 or $3 that you’ll pay for a .35 oz tube, but you’re going to love all the other benefits that come along with it. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter contains Vitamin E and real Cocoa Butter to soothe your lips while softening, adding moisture, and warding off dryness and that chapped appearance that is so common for so many of us this time of year. The cherry and Vitamin E ingredients bring the power of antioxidants while the Cocoa Butter adds protection and healing properties each time you apply. And in case you didn’t know, the addition of dark chocolate triggers the endorphins for a blissful state of mind.

In full disclosure, I received one tube of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter for the purpose of this review. The fact that I got this lip goodie for free plays no part in my review – I would have gladly paid double the MSRP for this product based on how it’s performed and how much I like it so far. (But don’t tell Palmer’s that!) Even using this product just three times since receiving it, I can’t be happier with the results. The emollient lip butter keeps my lips soft, smooth, and hydrated, which is so important to me, especially in the wintertime.

Lastly, whether you are attached or single, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter is truly a feel-good product that you should pick up for yourself in time for Valentine’s Day. Even if you are planning to celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day, you really can’t blame the chocolate. The flavor and fragrance make this one of my honest-to-goodness, must-have products – seriously, if you love chocolate and lip gloss products, trust me on this one. For a meager $2.25 retail price per tube, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you might just retire some of your other go-to lip products.


Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF20 Product Review

Now that winter is in full effect where long sleeves or cardigans are a necessity, going tanning can seem pointless if you are just going to cover up your body the majority of this cold season. Why spend time and money on the tanning process when you can simply pamper yourself with a natural lotion that gives you so much more than just a tan? Miracle Skin Transformer BODY SPF 20 is the perfect solution to look absolutely flawless when you choose to dress up in your strappy little black dress and expose some skin.

BODY SPF 20 is not a self-tanner. This product contains color minerals that act as a tinted treatment for your body that will make your skin glow and look radiant. BODY SPF 20 can give you that perfect, tanned look plus more in just minutes and with only one application.The lotion is easy to apply and there’s no problem to creating a streak-free look. The lotion dries quickly so there is no need to wait long to get dressed after application. Even if the body treatment gets on your clothes, it will wash out easily.

In addition to adding some great color to your skin tone, BODY SPF20 moisturizes your skin at the same time, giving your body a smoother, firmer look. The skin treatment contains Soy Amino Acids, Wheat Proteins, Hyaluronic Acid, Glutamine Peptides, and Jojoba oil, all which help hydrate rough skin and eliminate the ever-dreaded flaky, dry skin. Apply the lotion to arms, legs, back, and décolleté to experience instant hydration.

As the name suggests, BODY SPF 20 will protect skin from the sun. This product of course contains SPF, but that is not the only way the lotion provides care for your skin in the sun. Skin will be soothed by Aloe Vera, Cucumber Extract, Vitamin E, and Chamomile Extract. Organic Narcissus Tazetta bulb extract aids in correcting skin damage as well as preventing signs of aging.

BODY SPF 20 is available in three fabulous shades. Glow Enhancer is ideal for a light to medium skin tint. This shade works great with pale skin and looks completely natural. (I received BODY SPF in Glow for the purpose of this review.) Bronze Enhancer will create a medium to dark skin tint. The lotion is a super sheer formula and will work with both light and dark skintones. BODY SPF 20 is also available in Sheer Enhancer, which brings all the great benefits of the skin treatment without giving the skin any color.


Get Gorgeous, Celebrity Style Skin in Five Minutes or Less

Celebrity Style Skin in 5 Minutes or LessDid you ever notice how most if not all celebrities seem to have flawless, glowing skin? Even the most beautiful, radiant skin takes a little bit of time and care. If you’ve ever wondered how you can get gorgeous, celebrity style skin that looks and feels great without expensive procedures or costly products, you are in luck. Celebrity Hair Stylist and consultant to the stars Billy Lowe kindly shares his favorite skincare tips for how you can get beautiful skin like the celebrities in five minutes or less.

Top Los Angeles hair stylist Billy Lowe has a background that spans far beyond his current profession. Previously he worked as the marketing and education director for such high end brands like Clinique and Erno Laszlo. Lowe firmly believes good skincare practices lead to true beauty on many levels. He also feels strongly that exfoliation methods should be a part of every skincare regimen.

“When I put someone on a skincare regime, it always includes at least a three to four times per week exfoliation inclusion,” Lowe says. “By speeding up cellular turn over and sloughing off dead skin, we reveal a brighter, more beautiful looking skin at the surface that says ‘go ahead – take my picture.’”

As a special tip, Lowe reminds us to avoid harsh walnut and apricot shell scrubs for best results. Instead, he recommends products with polyethylene (a plastic material), more commonly known as micro-beads.

To get glowing, celebrity style skin in five minutes or less, Billy Lowe recommends the following system three to four times per week (for most skin types):

1.    Use a pre-treatment oil for your face. This product can help to pre-cleanse, add extra moisture if needed, and remove unwanted residue. This also helps to pull oil and congestion away from the skin.

2.    Use a facial cleanser designed for your skin type. Apply the cleanser over the oil with comfortably hot water. Massage gently and rinse well, and then splash 15-20 times to help break down congestion in your skin.

3.    Use a facial cleanser a second time for heavy makeup, very oily skin types, or for deep cleansing.

4.    Use a mild facial scrub – I recommend Clinique Cosmetics facial scrubs – perfectly rounded polyethylene beads (plastic in structure – NOT apricot seeds). Massage gently for 30-45 seconds in a round / circular motion.

5.    Rinse well. Apply toner.

6.    Moisturize IMMEDIATELY to slightly damp skin for a fresh, radiant glow.

–    Tips courtesy of Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe

Billy Lowe will soon be launching La Piel Advanced Moisture Cream, a luxurious face cream that contains macadamia nut oil, safflower seed oil, and sunflower oil, especially suited for dry environments. This product is suitable for most skin types. For additional information on Billy Lowe, please visit


Bath & Body Works’ Charmed Life Review

Bath & Body Works’ Charmed Life ReviewIf you are looking for a scent that everyone loves, look no further. Earlier this fall I received a full size of shower gel and body lotion of one of Bath & Body Works’ newest scents, Charmed Life. As a lifelong fan of Bath & Body Works, I was beyond excited to try these products out! This new scent is a truly amazing as a fusion guava, apple, pear, and red berries as top notes. Floral scents of peony petals, jasmine, lily of the valley, as well as coconut milk are used as mid notes. To finish off this mesmerizing smell, apricot, vanilla, praline, sandalwood, and musk are used as the dry notes.


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Physician’s Advice on Winter Skincare

Winter Skincare Tips and AdviceI recently had the pleasure of attending a webinar with Dr. Ronald L. Moy, a leading Dermatologist and Facial Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles as well as the founder of DNAEGF Renewal skincare. This webinar focused on how to take care of your skin during the harsh winter weather and how to use some products from the DNAEGF Renewal skincare to pamper your skin during these cold months coming up. I received travel sized products of the skincare line in DNA Defense 30+, Intensive Renewal, and Night Renewal to try for myself.

Winter weather can be tough on your skin, The air becomes drier, especially when the heat is on in your home or office. The change in temperature from outside to inside doesn’t help either. At this time hand washing increases to avoid illness, however this can cause your hands to become very dry and even cause cuts in your skin. Even the hot water in your shower or bath will create drier skin anywhere on your body. Hot water strips your skin from natural oils. As you age these oils decrease. These oils cause skin cells to stay together and keep your skin moisturized.

For extreme dry sensitive skin, the best protocol is to avoid very hot water, to dress in layers, and to stay hydrated. To keep your skin feeling fresh, put your moisturizer on while your skin is still moist from a shower or bath and after you have washed your face. If your skin is persistently dry and can’t be remedied by over-the-counter skin products, consider seeing your dermatologist for a stronger defense.

Dry skin is far from comfortable. Dryness leads to irritated skin and a flaky appearance of skin. Lucky for us, there are plenty of tips as well as products from DNAEGF Renewal skincare that can pamper our skin and protect it from getting dry and irritated. These products are perfect for both men and women and are fragrance, paraben, and sulfate free. If you fear your skin is starting to show your age (or wanting to prevent it), the DNAEGF Renewal skincare line is a great plan to treat your skin. The DNAEGF Renewal skincare line focuses on keeping skin young. The line contains DNA Repair Enzymes and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), both which target skin damage and encourage faster skin repair and thicker skin.

DNAEGF Renewal created products that are ideal for daily use to create the best version of your skin. Use DAN Intensive Renewal during the day and DNA Night Renewal right before you lay down for the night. In no time, your skin will be looking great thanks to these two products.

DNA Intensive Renewal is a thin product that you can use day after day that works in the sun, unlike some facial products that can incidentally cause sunburn. This product will keep your skin moisturized and prevent age spots or pigmentation. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles while revealing an even tone finish to your skin. It feels light on your skin and won’t clog pores.

DNA Night Renewal rebuilds your skin to make it feel smooth and look great. This product reduces fine lines, and wrinkles in addition to repairing signs of photodamage which can make skin appear ‘splotchy’. It calms the skin while thickening the skin cells to create a younger looking, stronger skin.  If you are in the sun a lot, it would be a great idea to start using sunscreen daily, and use the DNA Night Renewal creme before bed. This would be ideal to reduce pre-cancer and cancer on the skin in addition to making your skin look better than ever! Even if you are only in your 20s, you can start using some anti-age products to reduce the signs of wrinkles and prevent any skin damage.

Even though it’s winter, your skin is still in danger of sunburn. High altitudes, which you may encounter if you are into outdoor sports, increase your exposure to the sun and UV rays. More skin protection is needed in snow covered areas than at the beach. Use at least SPF 30+ to protect your skin. DNA Defense SPF 30+ is a lightweight lotion clinically tested and given a three star rating for high UVA protection. The lotion goes on smoothly and is not greasy or strong smelling as other sunscreens can be. Put it on and be safe in the sun for longer than 2 hours! If you have not used sunscreen meticulously in the years before, this DNA repair skincare line is also a great way to revive your sun-damaged skin. The enzymes target the decline in your skin’s response to damage and can treat and prevent skin cancer.

The DNAEGF Renewal skincare line in addition to normal product sizes comes in convenient travel sized products making them perfect for commuting  to work or holiday trips. They are perfect to keep handy in your purse or travel bag. They are TSA compliant, so you will have no trouble getting them through security on your winter flights.


Johnson’s Baby Oil and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel Review

Johnson's Baby Oil Gel ReviewI’ve  been having a fun time testing out various baby products from Johnson’s this fall, including the baby powder and baby cornstarch powder, creamy baby oil (similar to body creams), baby shampoo and baby lotion, and now the Johnson’s Baby Oil and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel products. These cool Johnson’s baby products definitely make me excited for when we have a little one together. So far all of the products seem to have great results and they are all mild and gentle enough for baby’s skin, hair, and eyes (no more tears).

I figured testing the baby skincare products on adult skin is one way to know how they work and how they react to our skin in different situations. I enjoyed trying the Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel (Shea & Cocoa Butter) just after I stepped out of the shower. I applied the bubbly, emollient product to my skin, around my tummy and on my legs, knees, and elbows. Even hours later, I still felt as if my skin retained the moisture that I locked into my skin.

The subtle scent of cocoa butter is a wonderful bonus, especially if you wanted a change from the baby fresh scent. Product packaging states the baby oil gel locks in up to 10 times more moisture, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. My tummy and legs still felt a little “slick” a few hours after I applied the gel to my skin just after my shower. This product is designed to moisturize and protect baby soft skin, specifically in preventing dryness. For best results, use this product right after a shower or bath – it works best on wet skin, not dry skin.

Johnson’s Baby Oil also claims to lock in 10 times more moisture, and also should be used on wet skin rather than dry skin. This product is a pure mineral oil that creates a barrier of protective moisture on the skin. Use this product just as the baby oil gel product above. As an added bonus, moms can take advantage of this gentle formula to remove eye makeup! The generously sized 14-oz bottle should last you quite a while no matter what your use.

I greatly enjoyed testing these Johnson’s baby products on my own skin and look forward to treating our future child to wonderfully soft baby skin as well. The gentle formulation doesn’t disappoint and the wide array of products lets you get comfortable with a brand you can depend on time and again.

For more information about Johnson’s baby products, please see