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A number of factors determine your skin’s condition, such as exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays, your cleansing routine, diet, and even exercise. Learn about great skincare and various skin care tips here! The articles in our skincare section will give you helpful advice to help clear up your complexion for special events, eliminate acne, reduce the signs of aging, revitalize your skin for a healthy and radiant appearance, and achieve that smooth, sexy skin we all want.We’ll also give you the low-down on various skincare products in the form of honest product reviews about lotions, creams, face wash, body wash, facial mud masques, and so much more.We hope you enjoy reading up on our skincare topics. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Skin Danger Zones: Sun Damage Where You Least Expect It

Information courtesy of Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt, Spending the day basking in the sun? You are likely to protect yourself from sun exposure. But what about everyday? Sun damage can burn its mark when and where you least expect … Keep Reading

Soften and Beautify Your Skin with Alighiero Campostrini Bar Soap

As we age, our skin begins to become thinner, loses natural moisture, and becomes less firm than in its younger days. It no longer looks or feels as soft as it once did. The skin’s production of keratin, collagen, and … Keep Reading

Cellure Stem Cell Skin Care

The Cellure skin care line offers six fabulous products to make signs of aging obsolete. This line has a not-so-secret-ingredient that allows the fountain of youth to be more than just a thing of legend. This special part of the … Keep Reading

Three Non-Greasy Sunscreen Options to Protect Your Skin

As I’m getting older, I’ve realized there are a few things I don’t mind spending more money on if it means a better experience or better results. Sunscreen is one of those things. Last year I had a mishap with … Keep Reading

Eucerin Calming Crème Daily Moisturizer Review

On a friend’s recommendation, I went out and purchased a bottle of Eucerin Calming Crème Daily Moisturizer lotion to help keep my skin moisturized this winter. Even as the weather is getting nicer, I’ve noticed my hands are especially dry … Keep Reading

Boots Amazon Forest Mango & Babassu Body Butter Review

For a fun and tropical scent that leaves your skin feeling moist and hydrated, consider Amazon Forest Mango & Babassu Body Butter by Boots. This peach colored body cream is rich and emollient, carrying a delightful fragrance that lingers with … Keep Reading

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter Review

It’s no secret that I am a sucker for just about all things chocolate. From candy and desserts to a chocolate scented heat wrap and cocoa butter lotion, I’m always on the lookout for my next chocolate fix. When I … Keep Reading

Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF20 Product Review

Now that winter is in full effect where long sleeves or cardigans are a necessity, going tanning can seem pointless if you are just going to cover up your body the majority of this cold season. Why spend time and … Keep Reading

Get Gorgeous, Celebrity Style Skin in Five Minutes or Less

Did you ever notice how most if not all celebrities seem to have flawless, glowing skin? Even the most beautiful, radiant skin takes a little bit of time and care. If you’ve ever wondered how you can get gorgeous, celebrity … Keep Reading

Bath & Body Works’ Charmed Life Review

If you are looking for a scent that everyone loves, look no further. Earlier this fall I received a full size of shower gel and body lotion of one of Bath & Body Works’ newest scents, Charmed Life. As a … Keep Reading

Physician’s Advice on Winter Skincare

I recently had the pleasure of attending a webinar with Dr. Ronald L. Moy, a leading Dermatologist and Facial Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles as well as the founder of DNAEGF Renewal skincare. This webinar focused on how to take … Keep Reading

Johnson’s Baby Oil and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel Review

I’ve  been having a fun time testing out various baby products from Johnson’s this fall, including the baby powder and baby cornstarch powder, creamy baby oil (similar to body creams), baby shampoo and baby lotion, and now the Johnson’s Baby … Keep Reading

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