Johnson’s Baby Lotion & Baby Shampoo Product Review

Johnson's Baby Lotion and ShampooFor what seems like forever, Johnson’s baby products for baby-soft skin have included the classic Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and Johnson’s Baby Lotion. These two signature products are a must-have for any household with kids, and even homes without them. I even remember having my hair washed with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo when I was a child, and being especially happy that the suds didn’t burn or sting my eyes.

I received these products from Johnson’s for the purpose of review and I am happy to tell you I’ll look forward to using them for my own child one day. The Baby Lotion is a light pink, creamy formula in a baby pink bottle. It has its own delicate baby scent and leaves the skin feeling so soft and smooth immediately after use. With several applications, the lotion further smooths out skin and leaves it baby-soft throughout the day.

Johnson's Baby Lotion and ShampooJohnson’s Baby Lotion is available in a 9-oz bottle that is comfortable to hold and easy to dispense. The lotion is clinically proven in mildness and hypoallergenic as well. Pediatrician-tested, this product is deemed mild enough for even the most delicate skin of newborns. And while it’s safe enough and gentle enough for your little ones, you can still reap the benefits and get your own skin feeling baby-soft and smooth with a few applications.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (No more tears) is marketed as being as gentle to eyes as pure water. This is something all new parents will love to hear, especially when you may not be accustomed to washing a much-smaller person. This baby shampoo is clinically proven to be mild and gentle for baby, and it’s also dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. A gentle washing of baby’s hair leaves hair soft, shiny and smelling baby fresh.

This product comes in a 15-ounce bottle, which should last you quite a while. For best results, Johnson’s recommends wetting baby’s hair first with warm water and then applying the shampoo, bringing it to a gentle lather, and rinsing clean. Don’t forget to snuggle!

For more information about Johnson’s baby products, please see


Tips on Reducing or Preventing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common concern for women, especially when weight gain is involved. Pregnancy is a popular time to start thinking about stretch mark prevention, or at least reduction in appearance of stretch marks. Like scars, stretch marks can permanently change the look of the skin on various parts of the body like the tummy, legs, and even breasts. If you are worried about stretch marks, this article should help to give you an overview of some easy remedies you can try at home to help diminish or even eliminate those unsightly skin changes.

If you look up remedies for stretch marks on the Internet, you will find everything from herbal and natural at-home treatments to cosmetic surgery procedures, cocoa butter lotions and skin creams, oil treatments, and so much more. Many women have shared remedies they concocted on their own, containing such ingredients as Vitamin E oil, olive oil, white sugar, skin moisturizer, and others. It seems different bodies may react differently to certain concoctions and remedies, so it may be necessary to ask your doctor or dermatologist. You can also do research online to see what works for most people with similar stretch marks to those you have.

Some popular skincare products to try include Palmer’s Massage Cream for Stretch Marks (Cocoa Butter), Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy, and Bio Oil for stretch mark reduction. If you plan to use any products for stretch marks while you are pregnant or nursing, be sure to speak with your OB or your family doctor to be on the safe side. You might even get a better recommendation!

Some doctors believe that a woman’s body is either destined to get stretch marks or destined not to get them. This could be due to genes and heredity. Of course, you never know if they’ll go away if you don’t try. If you are newly pregnant, you can try to eat a healthy, balanced diet for the baby without packing on more weight than is needed for the little one. Remember, you aren’t really eating for two – the tiny person inside of you takes what he or she needs from you and in many cases, that is only a couple hundred extra calories than you normally eat. Of course, you should speak with your doctor to confirm what kind of diet and caloric intake you should be achieving. The point is – keeping the overall pregnancy weight gain at a reasonable level should help to keep stretch marks to a minimum.

What other tips do you have for reducing, preventing, or eliminating stretch marks? Please share them in our comments below!


The Many Uses of Johnson’s Baby Powder and Cornstarch

Johnson's Baby Powder and Baby Cornstarch PowderBaby powder has got to be one of those products that every family should have in their home. Just last night we used Johnson’s baby powder to treat a grease stain on a pair of pants. The powder soaks the oil up like you wouldn’t believe! It works wonders in removing grease, oil, butter, and other slick stains from many different types of fabric. I’ve found great success with just about every application on these types of stains.

But Johnson’s baby powder also has great results in beauty applications as much as household fixes. I have a bottle of the regular baby powder, which I like to use for the laundry and cleaning tasks, and a bottle of Johnson’s Calming Lavender and Chamomile baby powder, which I love using for beauty purposes.

In case you didn’t know, baby powder works amazingly as a dry shampoo. Just like it sucks the oil and grease out of stains on your clothing, it also soaks up the natural oils released by your hair. So if you’ve slept through your alarm and can’t afford to be late, or if you just need a quick fix to tide you over till your next shower, a few dabs of baby powder in your hair can instantly take away that shiny, greasy look when your hair is due for a wash. Another perfect time to try this is after working out if you won’t make it to your home shower for a little while and you don’t want to wash up at the gym.

Johnson’s Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder with Aloe and Vitamin E offers another wonderful beauty fix – it gently absorbs moisture from the skin, whether from baby’s skin or your own. You can use the powder on baby’s bottom or apply it to your own skin on a hot summer day to prevent excessive perspiration. You might be amazed at the results and how well it works at keeping your skin soft, clean, and dry. (Note – Women have also used baby powder for these purposes but some recent studies suggest cornstarch is a better alternative due to the talc component in baby powder being questionable for links to certain reproductive cancers, etc.)

Finally, another favorite home and beauty use for baby powder products is freshening up your family’s sneakers and cleats. Simply sprinkle a dash of the powder into each shoe after they’ve been worn quite a bit and enjoy the diminishing odor associated with many athletic shoes.

I received Johnson’s baby powder and baby pure cornstarch powder for the purpose of this review. I am also a frequent purchaser of Johnson’s products for skin and face.

What other uses do you have for baby powder? Please share them below in our comments!


Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil – Cocoa & Shea Butter and Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Review

Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil ReviewLife Love Beauty recently received an invitation to team up with Johnson’s for a one-month span in testing out a variety of their mild and gentle products for skincare. Since these products are formulated for babies, I can only imagine the safety and health benefits of using them as compared to my regular arsenal of lotions, body creams, shampoos, and other assorted skincare goodies. Johnson’s sent me a generous shipment of products to try and I am so excited to tell you about each and every one. This article is the first in the Johnson’s series on Life Love Beauty, featuring Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil in both Cocoa & Shea Butter and Aloe Vera & Vitamin E.

After using these products only a short while, I am already noticing baby soft skin that is so different from my skin when using a lot of the “normal” lotions and skin creams. My palms remind me of the silky soles of babies’ feet and my dry elbows have smoothed out remarkably. Even hours later, the roughness and dryness are still gone! This becomes especially important this time of year in the Northeast, as our nights are getting longer, the weather is getting colder, and soon winter will be knocking at our doors. I’m so glad my skin has a head start on the seasonal changes!

I think my (other) favorite part of these products (besides the smooth and incredibly soft skin) is the amazing scent each product offers. Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil in Aloe Vera & Vitamin E happened to be the first product I tried. I adore the soft and clean fragrance, which somewhat reminds me of a cucumber melon type scent, even though it may just be my imagination due to the pleasant green bottle. I really enjoy this light and delicate fragrance that is subtle enough for anytime use and so nice if you want to massage a dab onto your little one’s skin.

I tried Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil in Cocoa & Shea Butter next, and let me tell you – it smells as good as a chocolaty dessert that you might be dreaming of as you begin to hydrate your skin with this winning formula. The light tan colored container makes it easy to associate the pleasant, lightly chocolate fragrance with the bottle. This scent also reminds me of sun-kissed days at the beach, wearing a delightful sunscreen hinting at coconut or cocoa butter.

Both products are mild and gentle on your skin, generously sized at 8 ounces, and honest-to-goodness non-greasy formulas that are just as good for you as they are for baby. Find them at your favorite drugstores and mass market retailers, and stay tuned for our next feature on additional fabulous skincare products from Johnson’s!


Wai Hope Organic Skincare Products Review – Facial Cleanser & Recharging Mist

Wai Hope Organic SkincareNatural and organic products seem to be the way to go these days. Anything that screams “Green!” generally lures in a certain crowd as well as a number of curious others. This is a good thing and may become even more prevalent in the months and years to come. Wai Hope is a relatively new line of organic skincare products that help to renew skin that has been damaged or weakened by acne, aging, the environment, medicines, and chemotherapy. The creator of Wai Hope is actually a cancer survivor who took matters into her own hands when she couldn’t find skincare products that met her needs.

Wai Hope Recharging MistVincene Parrinello, Wai Hope founder and cancer survivor, came up with a breakthrough element, Wai Restructured™ Water, containing rare Red Fijian Seaweed, Callophycus Serratus, to help combat the tendency of skin to be altered by UVA/UVB radiation, various medicines, diseases, and stress. With a special focus on providing skincare products for real, everyday people ranging from cancer patients to acne sufferers to sunbathers or even those with dry skin, the Wai Hope lineup includes organic lotions, moisturizers, peels, scrubs, and toners, among other skin-centric products. These products contain the patented water as well as truly organic ingredients that are suitable and designed for all skin types.

I received a couple of free products from Wai Hope for the purpose of my review. As if the story itself weren’t inspiring enough, I found the Seawater Recharging Mist to be a fast favorite, especially after a long car ride or a flight. The light spray and cool water molecules give a gentle and refreshing burst during your work day or whenever you need a quick pick-me-up. This mist contains too many wonderful, natural ingredients to mention, so I’ll have to refer you to the Wai Hope website here. The product does contain the feted Wai Restructured Water, making it a great item for yourself or a friend. My only concern is that the 4-oz bottle does not meet carry-on regulations, but if you tuck it inside your checked luggage, you’ll still very much appreciate the refreshing spritz of cool, healthy water when you touch down.

I also got to try out a sample size of the Pure HopeTM Organic Cleanser, which came across as an aromatherapy face wash more than anything. I genuinely enjoyed the fragrance of this face cleanser while using it in the shower. The spa-like scent is tantalizing to say the least. Ingredients include enriched BHW Complex “tea” broth, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and my favorite, soothing Coconut Milk. This product is designed to soothe and hydrate skin while gently whisking away impurities. It’s also free from parabens, formaldehydes, perfumes, resins, sulfates, and petrochemicals/silicones, according to product information.

I greatly enjoyed sampling these rejuvenating and relaxing skincare products and I am happy to stand by the brand. You may not know this, but Wai Hope’s founder lost both her parents and her sister to cancer and even had her own bout with it. Instead of sitting back, she responded by creating a product lineup that can help people with troublesome skin. Her brand also gives back to charity, donating a portion of every sale to charity. By trying out Wai Hope products, we can assist with the same. For more information, please visit


Queen Helene Original Mint Julep Masque Review

Queen Helene Facial MasqueEver since I tried my first facial mud masque I’ve been hooked. I’ve tried many brands and I enjoy doing so, but one product I keep coming back to is Queen Helene Original Mint Julep Masque. That’s because, despite all the other products I’ve tried, this one gives me the results I long for in a skincare product. Do you know what I’m getting at? Sure you do. I want a product that can make excessive skin oils and blemishes disappear in about 48 hours or less. In most cases, I’ve found that with Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque.

I know most times people read product packaging and marketing materials with a boulder of salt, protecting themselves from disappointment. I can tell you, at least from my experiences and with my oily to combination skin, I have had nothing short of fantastic results with this green clay face mask. The product packaging states, “Helps dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads, & shrink enlarged pores.” I don’t get enlarged pores, but I can tell you, those annoying oily pimples that don’t usually go away on their own – well they are history when I use Queen Helene’s. I am always amazed at the amount of oil this skincare product sops off my face, even when I’m not feeling it ahead of time.

Sometime else I love about this product besides its incredible results is the very humble price for a large bottle of 8 ounces. I also find it especially easy to stay stocked up on it, since I can usually find it in my favorite pharmacy drugstores and grocery stores. You can also order it online at

To use Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, simply wash your face and apply the green clay masque while your face is still damp. Wait a few minutes until it hardens and dries to the touch. Your skin will feel tighter as the impurities are drawn out. Usually leaving it on for 15 minutes will do the trick. I often wash off the face masque in the shower, but you can use warm water and a washcloth equally well.

My favorite part of using this product is how my skin feels after I’ve rinsed it away. The soft, smooth, soothed skin feels great and oil-free thanks to a timeless skincare technique that works wonders at home as well as at the spa.

For more information, please see


Old Spice Body Wash Review – Red Zone, High Endurance, & Classic

My husband really likes the Old Spice Red Zone Antiperspirant products, so when we were offered Old Spice Body Wash to review, I jumped at the chance. I knew we both already liked the customary fragrances offered by Old Spice, so it was exciting to try something new in their product line. I have to admit that I am partial to these products, especially because they add to that enticing, lingering scent that hangs in the air after a guy walks by.

Old Spice Body Wash in the Red Zone collection comes in a number of fragrances, including Swagger, Showtime, After Hours, Glacial Falls, and Aqua Reef. This nicely scented collection of men’s body wash products works to hydrate skin and employs an eight-hour scent technology that keeps your man’s skin fresh and smooth throughout the day. The Red Zone collection also includes Red Zone Double Impact Body Wash, which features a special separate moisturizing layer inside the suds. Red Zone Vitality and Hydrowash Body Wash are two other Old Spice body wash products to consider. These products contain extra special ingredients that go beyond the normal clean and fragrant effects of a good body wash. Hydrowash includes mineral and vitamin E cleanser complex while Vitality includes aloe and vitamin E cleanser complex. Red Zone Body Wash by Old Spice retails for between $3.79 and $3.99 for 12 to 16 ounces.


In terms of other Old Spice body washes, this company also offers High Endurance Body Wash, with its dual-action formula that provides awesome lather and a great scent, available in Fresh, Mountain Rush, Smooth Blast, Pure Sport, Pacific Surge, Arctic Force, Conditioning, and Cooling scents. The High Endurance collection also includes Hair & Body Wash, which allows guys to shower even faster, cleaning from heat to toe using the same product. This dynamic duo is available in Conditioning and Cooling formulas and retails for $3.99 for 18 ounces.

Guys may also enjoy the Old Spice Classic Body Wash – think original Old Spice, which offers an invigorating and refreshing shower experience (18 ounces for $3.79; 23.6 ounces for $3.99). Countless other products are available in the various collections, including a variety of deodorant and antiperspirant products (including clinical strength), and of course, the traditional Old Spice cologne and after shave. The price points are set comfortably where just about anyone can afford this tried and true, much loved brand.

Like I said, my husband uses various products from the Red Zone collection and I am a fan of him using them. They smell so good! I really believe products that smell this good can also instill a certain amount of confidence in the person wearing them. The Old Spice Red Zone body spray products are some of his favorites, too. Quick, easy to use, and effective! I think he uses them almost every day. I think one of my favorites is Swagger, which just makes me want to stop whatever I am doing and follow him around like a lost puppy. The scent is so alluring that I find myself daydreaming sexy thoughts about tearing his clothes off! So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. It isn’t just the AXE line that makes women want men – Old Spice has it going, too!

For decades kids and wives have given the men in their lives products from the Old Spice brand for Father’s Day, birthday, and holiday gifts. Now Old Spice offers even more options for the favorite men in your life. Check out the available fragrances the next time you are in your favorite drugstore or take our word for it and get your dad, boyfriend, husband, brother, or son an invigorating product that works well, smells great, and lingers throughout the day, following the men who use it with an enticing aroma that can’t be beat.

And if you still aren’t convinced, just check out the really fun and humorous comments and reviews on the Old Spice website!


New AXE Excite Product Line Review

The new AXE Excite product line offers men another sensory way to grab the attention of women around them. Ladies, if you are looking for a new fragrance for your man to try, this might just be the one. AXE Excite features enticing hints of coconut, caramel, and hazelnut for a seductive finish that lingers and reminds us why we love our guy so much.

I received samples of the new AXE Excite product line, including Deodorant Body Spray, Deodorant Stick, Antiperspirant Invisible Solid, and Revitalizing Shower Gel, to try out on my man for the purpose of this review. The AXE Excite products are packaged in sleek yet rugged black styling with purple accents. The containers must have been ergonomically designed – I especially like the container for the AXE shower gel.

I really enjoy the fragrance of the AXE Excite line and especially the Deodorant Body Spray. It is absolutely something I would have picked up at the store if I were out shopping for my husband. The fragrance is alluring without being overpowering. The fragrance lingers and leaves a hint of mystery to inspire you to come back for more.

AXE Excite is described as being a woody fragrance, but I like to think of it as more of a light hint of paradise. I am a big fan and my husband likes it too. I am glad I got to check out the AXE Excite product line first hand. You can too, if you are selected as a winner of Life Love Beauty’s upcoming AXE Excite product giveaway! Stay tuned for details!

AXE Excite products are available at many of your favorite grocery stores, drugstores, and mass retailers for a suggested retail price of $4.99 for Deodorant Bodyspray, Deodorant Stick, Antiperspirant Invisible Solid, and Shampoo (coming in June 2011), or $3.99 for Shower Gel. These products are also available online at For more information, check out


Review of Telebrands HeelTastic Intensive Heel Therapy Product for Cracked, Dry Feet

TeleBrands HeelTastic product review for feetI apply lotion like mad, I wear socks most of the time, and I take good care of my body in general. Dry skin and not-so-soft feet still tend to be issues for me, so I am always looking for miracle cures to help my feet stay soft and smooth for good. I recently received a sample of Telebrands HeelTastic product in a goodie bag from an event I attended for United Cerebral Palsy. I misplaced the product for a little while, but I found it the other day and started using it almost every night now that spring is here. I want my feet to be ready for flip-flops and pedicures!

HeelTastic claims to make dry, cracked heels disappear. Here’s news for you – it ain’t lying. I am so excited to report that after only two or three applications, I noticed marked improvement in the quality of my skin and the softness of my heels and feet in general. I really am impressed with the immediate results I noticed in such a short time.

TeleBrands HeelTastic product review for feetSo now for some details…. First of all, my feet really aren’t too bad, just a little rougher than I’d like. I don’t have any splitting or really bad heels or anything like that. However, I always apply lotion before going anywhere barefoot and I still notice my feet aren’t as smooth as I’d like, in general. I am really excited about the results I’m getting with HeelTastic. From what I know, the product is very affordable for the quality of results it provides. I also find the fragrance pleasant enough – sort of citrusy with a really organic kind of aroma.

Applying the HeelTastic product is very different than any other I’ve used! It is quite a bit like a glue stick, if you remember using them in art class as a kid. The product itself is emollient and coats the skin on your feet nicely and evenly. Simply apply the HeelTastic like you are getting ready to glue something to the bottom of your foot. Then I apply socks and go about my day. Later when I get changed or get ready for bed, my feet are softer and smoother. I have also applied the foot smoothing product before bed a few times with desirable results.

The active ingredient in Telebrands HeelTastic is the skin protectant dimethicone. HeelTastic also contains coconut fruit oil, soybean wax, beeswax, neem, and a proprietary blend of essential oils, among other ingredients. The product packaging contains a disclaimer warning users to use caution when walking after applying the product as it may increase the possibility of a slip and fall. Like I said, I usually wear socks or apply it right before bed, so I haven’t had any issues.

I am a firm believer that HeelTastic works. I also love how fast it works and I would recommend it to anyone. My sister is also a fan and really saw results as well. If you have dry, cracked, or rough feet, give HeelTastic a try for feet that are touchable and sexy!

You can find HeelTastic at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and online at various retailers. The product retails for $9.99. For more information about TeleBrands HeelTastic, please see

Degree motionSENSE Fresh Energy Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Review

Degree motionSENSE antiperspirant reviewI’ve been a loyal fan of Degree products for women since a few years ago when I first tried a sample of Degree’s little-black-dress-approved invisible solid. Since then I have tried their Natureffects, Degree Girl, and more of the little-black-dress-approved invisible solids. I can’t say enough about how much I love the products, so when I was offered a chance to try a free sample of Degree’s new motionSENSE Fresh Energy Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, I jumped at the chance!

In the same sleek and ergonomic packaging as the Degree products you are used to, this new product offers a far superior technology than most deodorants will ever reach. The motionSENSE aspect of the product delivers motion-activated freshness when you need it most. Athletes, dancers, and those women who sweat more than the average person will all love this product, as well as pretty much anyone who likes a deodorant product that goes on clear and smells great the whole day through.


Degree motionSENSE antiperspirant reviewDegree Expert Protection 24H motionSENSE Fresh Energy Invisible Solid is branded as “the only anti-perspirant scientifically formulated to stay ahead of perspiration to keep you fresher when you move.” This deodorant works harder than the average product, especially when you are running, doing yoga, working out in general, or simply rushing around on your day to day errands. This new product by Degree features microencapsulated fragrance technology to deliver an instant release of freshness when you’re moving around. If you have ever suffered through using a deodorant that just doesn’t keep up with your activity levels throughout the day, Degree motionSENSE Fresh Energy Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant may be just the right product for you!

I also especially love the light citrusy fragrance of motionSENSE Fresh Energy. It’s a great energetic burst to start your day or pick you up after a shower. Fantastic fragrance, superior performance, and a product that really delivers when you need it most – it doesn’t get much better than this! I am completely thrilled with Degree motionSENSE Fresh Energy Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant. If you are an active person or someone who just needs a little pick-me-up when you start your day, consider this product by Degree Women – I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

Degree motionSENSE Fresh Energy Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant is available at your favorite drugstores and mass market retailers as well as online at

Plastic Surgery Tips and Guidelines

Consider these plastic surgery tips and tricks.When it comes to our appearance, most of us take things very seriously. From the color of our hair – vibrant and shiny, of course – to the color of our nails – always the latest colors for the season, or a French mani, or classic pink or red – women are just about always working to keep looking great. Even as we age, we find new and inventive ways to keep looking young and radiant – miracle skin products, youthful hairstyles, and sometimes even cosmetic surgery.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures, please don’t take them lightly. You should do the same level of research you would do before choosing a college or buying a car or a house. Your appearance is the only one you’ve got, so you’d better take good care of it. It would be a shame to go through a cosmetic surgical procedure and then turn around and want to undo it. The bottom line is to be very aware of the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery, as well as the health risks and potential complications involved.


Here are a few tips to help you as you consider whether cosmetic surgery is right for you:

Consider these plastic surgery tips and tricks.–    Learn about all the possible side effects. Can you live with them? If not, plastic surgery may not be the best choice for you. Granted not all side effects are common and some may be rare, but there is still a chance.

–    Know that there are risks involved with any type of surgery or medical procedure. Be sure you are in sufficient health to outweigh the risks. Speak with your doctor for medical clearance.

–    Consider reasons why you might want to “undo” the procedure. If there are no such reasons, you might be a possible plastic surgery candidate.

–    Remember that your body will change when you are pregnant. If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, consider how your body may change during pregnancy. If you are planning to breastfeed, you should also speak with your doctor prior to getting work done on your breasts.

–    Understand that cosmetic surgery often involves time off from work so you can recover and heal. If you are in a job that doesn’t allow much vacation time, this may be a strong point of consideration for you. It is important that you give your body enough time to heal.

–    Consider all of your options. Sometimes different cosmetic procedures exist as options for the same or a similar outcome to your appearance. You may find a nonsurgical solution that you like even better, or you may be able to choose a less invasive procedure for the same result with less pain.

–    When in doubt, speak to your doctor and other trusted professionals for a medical opinion. It is crucial that you make the best decision possible without rushing into the first idea that pops in your head.

Also remember that you have many options for a variety of plastic surgery procedures. If you do opt to go under the knife, you should take your time in choosing a cosmetic surgeon and plastic surgery practice that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Sweet Feet – Freeman Bare Foot Creamy Pumice Foot Scrub (Peppermint and Plum) Review

Soft feet can’t be beat. If you’ve ever had dry winter feet, then you can really appreciate the genuinely wonderful feeling of smooth, soft feet. Some products are designed to really soften and exfoliate feet in a matter of moments while other foot care products help to smooth feet over time. What I love about Freeman Bare Foot Creamy Pumice Foot Scrub (Peppermint and Plum) is that it feels great, smells amazing, and gives me soft, smooth feet just as soon as I step out of the shower.

I received a few products from Freeman for the purpose of review, including the Bare Foot scrub, which had been a longtime favorite of mine dating as far back as a decade ago or more if I’m not mistaken. Old favorites die hard, I suppose, as I feel this product has only gotten better since I’ve last used it. The fresh aroma of plum is captivating. I absolutely adore it, as it reminds me of fragrant berries on a warm summer day.

The product is so easy to use, making it an easy part of your shower routine. Simply dispense a small amount of foot scrub from the tube and massage onto your tired, rough, or dry feet. The creamy pumice scrub evenly and smoothly glides over your skin and gently yet effectively softens your feet – toes, arches, heels, and all.

To this day, I am convinced Freeman Bare Foot Creamy Pumice Foot Scrub (Peppermint and Plum) is my favorite foot scrub product for gaining soft feet. I really enjoy every aspect about it. I hope you will, too!

If you are interested in trying Freeman Bare Foot Creamy Pumice Foot Scrub (Peppermint and Plum) for yourself, you can usually find it at your favorite drugstores and mass market retailers, as well as online at