Tummy Slimming Lotion: Mama Mio Get Waisted™ Body Shaper Skincare Review

Product review of Mama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper Slimming Lotion.Who would ever think a skin cream could blast fat cells? It’s tough to imagine a pleasant smelling, soothing skincare product being able to slim and trim our midsections, but that’s exactly what Mama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper claims to do. When things sound too good to be true they usually are, but this time I’m not convinced. I gave this product a shot and the fast results impressed me.

Now I can’t say for sure, but I’ve lost an entire inch around my midsection since I started using Mama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper less than a month ago. Granted, I have also been running a few miles and doing a couple Pilates workouts on a weekly basis, so it’s impossible to say which element or combination caused the slimming of my middle. But that’s beside the point! I am thrilled at the results and I’d like to think others can lose an inch around their tummies if they try this product and consider doing a little exercise on the side. Eating better usually helps too, but I do have faith in Mama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper.

Here’s what I love about this product:
–    This smooth and cool lotion feels nice when applied.
–    The lovely fragrance makes it even more pleasant to use.
–    I’ve used it (almost) every day for a month and the bottle barely shows it!
–    The thought of slimming down with just a lotion is SO enticing to me. Especially when I am already working out, too.

As far as the actual use of the product, you simply dispense two pumps and apply it in round, clockwise motions on your tummy, from below your bra line to your waist and around to your back if desired. The one problem I found with using this is trying to decide which way is clockwise. When facing the mirror, do you go clockwise with your reflection or with your actual body. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I couldn’t wrap my mind around this. I finally just picked a way and it seems like it worked.

Product review of Mama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper Slimming Lotion.I received this bottle of Mama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper free of charge for the purpose of my review. I am typically a skeptic and I don’t often believe all the seems-too-good-to-be-true claims a lot of health and beauty products make. I honestly, probably, would not have purchased this product on my own simply because it sounds too good to be true. However, after using it for not even a month in connection with my exercise routine (and possibly snacking just a tiny bit less), I am thrilled with the results and I would absolutely recommend trying it out. Knowing what I know now, it would have been a nice product to have on hand while trying to shape up and slim down for my wedding, although all the working out paid off anyway. I can’t say if this slimming skin cream would work for everyone, since everyone is different and especially since my trial included some external factors (namely exercise!). However, I am pleased with the product and perceived results, and I would absolutely purchase it in the future should I need to trim my tummy again once this bottle is done.

Mama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper was voted Bazaar Best of the Best 2009. According to the Mama Mio Web site, a tester from Weight Watchers “rubbed Get Waisted into her stomach and back for 30 days and lost an inch from her waist.” It is not clear how much of the loss was from being on Weight Watchers versus the use of the tummy slimming potion.

The product contains NO: colorant, parabens,petrolatum, phthalates, sodium lauryl and laureth sulphate, synthetic fragrance, or xenoestrogen. The active ingredients include Phyco R75™ (from laminaria digitata – brown seaweed, shown to drop a jeans size in 21 days), Aureaumat Samphira™ (extract of rock samphire, shown to enhance performance of Phyco R75 by up to 152%), Rhodofiltrats Delessaria™ & Palmaria™ (mineral rich extracts from red algae, for help in microcirculation and stimulation of lipolysis – fat burning), Caffeine (for circulation-boosting and firming), and Adipoless™& Adiposlim™ (for fat burning and inhibition of future fat storage).

In summary, Mama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper works to stimulate circulation, eliminate puffiness, tighten your tummy, discourage fat deposits, and help to recontour your waist. The skin cream is meant to speed up digestion and also contains skin tighteners for instant tightening effects and to protect against free radical damage.

If you want to zap fat cells with Mama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper, you can buy a 3.4 oz bottle for $51.50 on Amazon with free shipping. The product costs $56 on the Mama Mio Web site. For more information about this product and other fat burning tips, please visit www.mamamio.com.


Dressing with Confidence and Style – Speed Stick for Men and Women

Dressing these days is as much fun as shopping for the outfits you wear, provided you have discovered the perfect antiperspirant / deodorant stick that not only smells nice, but actually works. In fact, one of the most important facets of women’s and men’s antiperspirant / deodorant sticks these days is their ability not only to keep perspiration to a minimum but also to keep unappealing yellow stains and telltale white marks from appearing on your clothes!

How many times have you secretly placed your antiperspirant / deodorant on after getting dressed just so you wouldn’t have any white streaks slashed across the bodice or sides of your shirt, sweater, or dress? All too many most likely. Well, if you haven’t already discovered Lady Speed Stick Stainguard and Men’s Speedstick Stainguard, then it is certainly time to try them out. Just put some on and see for yourself if you don’t agree.

Lady Speed Stick Stainguard is refreshingly delicate in scent and amazingly powerful in keeping away unwanted perspiration and yellow stains. Halleluiah! Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve discovered the perfect scent in an antiperspirant / deodorant stick only to discover that it does not provide the underarm protection that I want and need.

I am happy to say that both scents, Powder Fresh and Daringly Fresh, smell amazingly crisp and clean. Plus, the 24-hour protection against wetness and odor is excellent, although I do have to admit that I never actually kept either one on for a full 24 hours.

Men’s Speedstick Stainguard also provides the same 24-hour protection against wetness and odor. Sold in two crisp scents, Fresh and Clean, Speedstick Stainguard for men offers a light and yet not overpowering scent that is clean and crisp. The men folk in my household liked them well enough, but you know most men aren’t quite as discerning as women. Available in a 2.7-ounce size, Men’s Speedstick Stainguard fights yellow stains and white residue for men helping to keep odor and moisture away from their clothing, allowing them to smell nice and sweet for their womenfolk.

I did receive four generous samples for my review and I must say that I am totally pleased with them. If you are particular about the scents that you like to use, make sure that you take a sniff before making your purchase. The “Daringly Fresh” is a bit sweeter while the “Powder Fresh” is exactly that – kind of like the fresh scent of a newly powdered baby. For the men’s scent, well it was an even split so your guess is as good as anyone’s as to which one your man will appreciate.


LUSH Product Reviews: Glorious Mud, Grass Body Wash, and More

If you’ve ever been fond of long baths and extended shower time, then you’re really going to love this company, their products and the prices. LUSH is all about making their customers happy by bringing an all natural, freshly handmade product line that’s great for the skin and intoxicatingly addictive to the senses.

About the Product: LUSH beauty products are freshly handmade cosmetics for bath, shower, hair, skincare, and fragrance. The products are made fresh from organic fruits and vegetables. They also use the finest essential oils and safe synthetics that result in very aromatic products that will leave you feeling soft, clean, and fresh. The fragrances of many of the products linger beautifully through your day. For the purposes of my review, I received LUSH Glorious Mud, Grass body wash, Stepping Stone for smooth and soft feet, and Ultrabalm body balm to fix up minor scrapes.

Where to Purchase:
You can purchase LUSH products online at www.lushusa.com.

Pros: Great prices, awesome bath time products, and beautiful gift sets make LUSH a winner for sure. The atmosphere of the Web site makes ordering from them so much more rewarding. The Web site seems to take on a personality of its own. It’s very inviting and makes you want to stick around and browse for a long time.

Cons: The only downfall to these products is that some of them (such as the Body Balm) don’t have that much of a smell. I know that the balm serves a purpose; to smooth any dry and chaffed skin. Sometimes though, for most people, the smell (or lack of) will determine the avid use of that product.

My Thoughts: Have you ever smelled the rain before it comes… or the spring flowers before they bloom? It does something to the senses. It makes you feel alive. After all, these are the smells of this beautiful home we share. This home called Earth.

Through the use of these products, I felt emotionally drawn to the imaginations of being outside; one with nature. I smelled the clay from the Atlas Mountains while soaking in my tub with Glorious Mud.

Next I sniffed the fresh cut grass as I washed my body clean and then smelled freshly squeezed lemons and pure sea salts as I scrubbed the bottoms of my feet with a foot scrub. This was all before finally starting my day.

I really enjoyed the bath products and especially loved the smell and feel of the fresh mown lawn body wash — talk about a very earthy green smell. It was really nice. It awoke my senses and just made my day rich with color. I’m such a “Lush” for these smells and a new fan for this line!

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: Product samples were provided by Lush for the purpose of my candid review. I was not gifted with any monetary compensation nor does receiving product influence my thoughts and/or opinions.

20 Common Habits that Make You Look Older Faster

Coffee can make you look older faster!If you are wondering what you can do to keep your skin and your appearance looking younger without expensive creams and treatments, you are in luck. Dr. David Bank, President of the New York State Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, has pinpointed the top 20 daily habits we engage in that speed up the aging process for our skin. Rather than wonder what causes you to age or going by trial and error to delay the aging process, find out the top 20 common habits that age your skin.

Once you know what is causing your skin to age faster, you can more easily curb those habits or avoid them altogether. Check out these top 20 daily habits that age your skin from Dr. Bank.

Top 20 Skin Aging Culprits from Dr. David Bank

1. Overdosing on coffee / caffeineStress can be a factor in looking older sooner.

2. Stress

3. Not knowing your skin type

4. Chewing gum

5. Your DNA

6. Facial expressions

7. Not exercising

8. Chemicals in your sun screen (Octocrylene)

9. Being angry

10. Your manicure (UV Lamps)

11. Cutting fruits and vegetables from your diet

12. Sleeping on your side / face down

13. Skimping on your daily moisturizer Smoking definitely accelerates the aging process!

14. Skipping your yearly visit to the dermatologist

15. Not drinking your standard eight cups of water a day

16. Not getting enough essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins

17. Not getting enough quality sleep

18. Not exfoliating

19. One too many cocktails and cigarettes

20. Skipping the SPF

Did you also know that your state of mind might have an impact on your skin’s condition? Many doctors agree that various skin conditions can be a result of psychosomatic factors. You can try various products such as β-endorphin boosting skincare treatments to ensure your skin looks healthy and radiant as long as possible.

“Knowing the aging culprits is the first step to keeping your skin looking young and refreshed,” says Dr. Bank. “Learning how to combat the aging process is second.”

About the Expert:
Dr. David Bank is president of the New York State Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. For more information, please see the Web site for The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery at www.thecenterforderm.com.


Indulgence for the Skin – Luxurious Softsoap® Body Washes

Softsoap Body Washes product reviewBody soap has come a long way from the first homemade bars of soapy concoctions used to cleanse the skin. Today’s shelves hold colorful arrays of boxed soap as well as a bright mix of bottles filled with sensuous, aromatic body washes promising an indulgent, skin-sensational cleansing experience. Whether you indulge in a soft bath pouf or a fluffy cotton washcloth, the experience of silky soft body wash gliding all over your wet skin is as delightful as it is cleansing.

From exotic fragrances to skin-softening agents, body washes provide a bit of everything a woman’s skin needs. At the same time, I believe these same body washes provide that touch of pampering that every woman needs at some poin or another throughout her day. While some days require a quick dash through the morning routine, it is nice to set aside at least one day during which the task of bathing lends itself to a spa-like experience of skin-softening indulgence experienced through the use of a luxurious body wash.

Softsoap Body Washes product reviewSoftsoap® is one of my favorite brands of body wash. This brand occasionally introduces something new and exciting by way of scented bliss delicately culled from a variety of floral and fruity scents and oils. This year, they have come up with three fantastic creations: Black Orchid & Velvet Hibiscus, Mega Moisture Heavenly Vanilla, and Nutri Serums Mineral Extracts. Each of these feel great to the touch, offering a silky lather that cleanses gently. I discovered the scent intensifies as I use the product, lingering long after I have toweled off.

Black Orchid & Velvet Hibiscus offers an exotic fragrance that hints of mystery and a long night of sensual bliss. I especially like the purple bottle that blends well with my purple bath towels and lavender pouf.

Mega Moisture Heavenly Vanilla offers a warm, sweet scent that hints of sweeter days to come. The cream-colored bottle might be neutral, but the heavenly scent certainly is not. It is designed to help relieve stress in a most comforting way as you use it.

Nutri Serums Mineral Extracts offers a clean aroma that hints at the healthy skin it helps to maintain. This body wash is filled with mineral extracts and nutrients known for making skin glow with healthiness. This particular body wash is designed to help the skin stay soft and healthy since it makes use of real hibiscus extract.

Each body wash is thick and luxurious as it pours out of its bottle, which is nice because you can actually tell it is a quality product. Plus, they are silky to the touch, allowing you to instantly recognize their skin-softening qualities.

Products provided free to writer for reviewI received a generous sample of each one of these fantastic scents to review. If I had to pick one as my favorite, it would be quite difficult. I do like to have several available in the shower so I can pick one according to my mood. If you haven’t already tried this, please do, you might discover that variety truly is the spice of life! You can purchase Softsoap® body wash at most grocery stores, drugstores, and discount stores.


SPONGE Skincare Product Review

Another gift from the Mediterranean, SPONGE Skincare, hails from Greece offering “modern remedies with traditional values.” The name inspiration comes from the organic sponges cultivated on the island of Symi. It’s a tribute to ancestry, natural resources, and a clever analogy to the similarity between sponges and our skin. They both absorb nourishment from their surface. Even the blue-gray color of the bottles reflects appreciation for the sea and its mysteries.

The idea began 40 years ago in Athens when an Obstetrician, Dr. Costas Tympanidis, developed a natural leg cream designed to help his patients with comfort and circulation during pregnancy without harming their babies. Through word of mouth, his product gained a loyal following, and years later, his nephew improved upon the formula. Markos Lambros Drakotos developed a complete skin care line based on the original principles that made the initial product so successful. While currently based in New York, the skin care line keeps touch with its ancestral roots using the finest organically grown plant and herbal extracts in Greece.

The products have an extra-virgin olive oil base with plant and herbal extracts produced by a customized chemical-free, slow extraction process. Yes, what is good for your heart is also good for your skin. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, olive oil also soothes the skin, promoting elasticity and hydration for all skin types. The products are free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, propylene glycols, artificial colors, and fragrances. They are clinically tested without using animals and are considered hypoallergenic. The packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials, soy based inks and FSC certified paper. 

I had the opportunity to try three of the SPONGE products. On a review at www.dermstore.com Dr. Craig Kraffert described the skincare line as a ‘lifestyle experience’ and I wholeheartedly agree. Everything about the products is pleasant and stimulating. The Web site is interactive with the sound of the ocean playing in the background and options that highlight in color as you move your arrow over them.

The packaging is simple and elegant. Solid black boxes with color coded printing identify each product. The bottles are uniform in size and shape and made of heavy, light blue glass also with color coded printing. Black caps cover pump-style dispensers that are easy to use and minimize oxidation. It’s skincare with natural aromatherapy that nourishes your soul.

Gel Basiliko – sweet basil gel – This is my favorite. It is most certainly a gel, but it absorbs quickly and completely, leaving skin soft without feeling greasy. It feels like a protective layer against the elements. It smells green, very much like basil and lime, its key ingredients. Both basil and lime are known for skin brightening properties, a calming anti-inflammatory effect and balancing skin tone. Vitamin K from the lime has the added benefit of an anti-wrinkle effect. After two weeks, I noticed a distinct difference in the texture of my skin. It is smoother and brighter without being shiny. My pores seem tighter and my face is much less reactive to environmental stressors like temperature, pollen, pollution, and dust.

Krema Niktas – Night Cream – I enjoyed this product for the simple reason that it feels good and smells fabulous. It feels like a light lotion and has a floral scent with an added sunshine element. It just feels good. It is designed to replenish with St. John’s wort, linden, and sage as its main ingredients. All of these calm and even your skin tone, hydrate, nourish, protect, and promote cell regeneration and elasticity… sweet dreams while nourishing your skin.

Aromatotherapia Agrio Triantafillou – Wild Rose Aromatherapy Mist – Rich with anti-oxidants, this mist is designed to strengthen, protect, and hydrate your skin while also being a natural mood enhancer. It sprays on lightly and smells like wild rose. It feels very nice, but the scent was too strong for me wear for long periods, though I did enjoy trying it. 

Products provided free to writer for reviewSPONGE Skincare has been available in North America since 2008 and has become a favorite of stars Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes. It is currently available online at www.spongeskincare.com, www.dermstore.com, and in stores at Barney’s New York.  SPONGE has also created an exclusive line at Richard Gere and Carey Lowell’s award winning Bedford Post Inn.

Freeman – Bare Foot & Bare Hands Product Reviews

Try Freeman Bare Foot products for smooth, soft feet.Freeman Cosmetics is a family company with a long history in the beauty industry. The company is a joint collaboration of Larry Freeman and his children, Mark and Jill. Larry Freeman’s great uncle began the venture in 1915 with the Standard Beauty Supply Company that distributed beauty products to salons across the Eastern U.S. His brother, Larry’s father, moved to Los Angeles to start a beauty supply brokerage on the West coast.

Larry started his career with Clairol and later joined his father. In 1976, Freeman Cosmetics was born as the first mass merchandise line to incorporate amino acids and proteins. In 1979 he started incorporating ingredients such as avocado, cucumber, orange, papaya, apple, oatmeal, and baking soda. His son Mark joined the company in 1985, followed shortly by his daughter Jill in 1988. The family branched out in more directions to improve and complete the company ideals; the introduction of pH Beauty Labs, a skin and hair care products company offering mass merchandise lines such as Totally Juicy, Totally Nutty, Binge and Botopical. More information and their products can be found at www.freemanbeauty.com.

Freeman Cosmetics brings salon quality products to the public at an affordable cost. The packaging is bilingual, bright, fun-shaped, portable, and priced nicely. The products are not tested on animals, but some do contain parabens, artificial colors, and fragrances, making them rate higher on the toxicity scale of the EWG SKIN DEEP Cosmetic Safety Database.

Given the opportunity to try Bare Foot soothing liquid foot powder and Bare Hands hand & cuticle renewal scrub, I found that both products deliver exactly what they promise. They are pleasant, refreshing, and they definitely pamper.

Bare Foot soothing liquid foot powder starts as a lotion to soften skin, then transforms into a light powder. Peppermint oil helps keep your feet dry while tea tree oil relaxes tired feet. Arginine helps improve circulation. Peppermint and plum extracts produce a lovely scent. After working 8-10 hour shifts on my feet, my feet were still tired, but they did feel soft and dry.

Foot odor was also controlled, which my husband and children appreciate. Fair warning though: it is a powder, so you need to wear socks and wash your hands unless you want to leave ghost prints on everything you touch. My boys are delighted that they can leave footprints on the carpet.

Bare Hands hand & cuticle renewal scrub is an exfoliating sugar scrub designed to eliminate rough patches and dry skin on hands, elbows, and cuticles. Tangerine and basil soothe the skin, improving texture, while the natural oils hydrate and nourish, leaving skin smooth.

Products provided free to writer for reviewThe scrub starts as a thick gel packed with sugar to massage away rough skin and excess cuticles. It smells like ripe tangerines and is the same color as the fruit. As you scrub, the sugar melts into a gel that washes away clean. With regular use, hands and elbows feel smoother with an improved texture. It’s a great pick me up and a nice way to celebrate being a girl. Enjoy home manicures with your favorite princess.

Editor’s Note: I also received a Freeman Foot Scrub product for the purpose of review. Here are my thoughts:

freemans-reviewIf you’ve ever had dry winter feet, then you can really appreciate the wonderful feeling of smooth, soft feet. Some products are designed to really soften and exfoliate feet in a matter of moments while other foot care products help to smooth feet over time. What I love about Freeman Bare Foot Creamy Pumice Foot Scrub (Peppermint and Plum) is that it feels great, smells amazing, and gives me soft, smooth feet just as soon as I step out of the shower.

I received a few products from Freeman for the purpose of review, including the Bare Foot scrub, which had been a longtime favorite of mine dating as far back as a decade ago or more if I’m not mistaken. Old favorites die hard, I suppose, as I feel this product has only gotten better since I’ve last used it. The fresh aroma of plum is captivating. I absolutely adore it, as it reminds me of fragrant berries on a warm summer day.

The product is so easy to use, making it an easy part of your shower routine. Simply dispense a small amount of foot scrub from the tube and massage onto your tired, rough, or dry feet. The creamy pumice scrub evenly and smoothly glides over your skin and gently yet effectively softens your feet – toes, arches, heels, and all.

If you are interested in trying Freeman Bare Foot Creamy Pumice Foot Scrub (Peppermint and Plum) for yourself, you can usually find it at your favorite drugstores and mass market retailers, as well as online at Amazon.com.

The Expert Guide to the Perfect Fake Tan

Try these fake tanning tips from Andrew Parker.So, you want to look more like Beyoncé than Cruella De Vil? Well, you are in luck as we reveal this fantastic free expert guide for the perfect home fake baking experience:

Before you start the fake tanning application process, find the Aerosol Airbrush that works best for you – try it on your breast as an experiment (as you hopefully won’t be revealing those to too many people, right girls?), so that you can see how the color comes up.

Once you have chosen one to use on your whole body, get in the shower and make sure you exfoliate, using a loofah or a high quality body scrub to remove excess skin and give it a smooth feel. This will therefore make the color go on much smoother and much more naturally.


Dry your skin thoroughly afterwards and decide where you are going to apply the tanner. You might want to apply some moisturizer to areas where the skin is a bit tougher than the rest of your body, like knees and elbows. This skin can look funny when tanning cream is applied so the moisturizer should give you a more even look.

Wearing rubber gloves makes the application smoother and also protects your hands from staining. Don’t overdo it on areas like knees and elbows, and when you apply it to your face, watch you don’t overdo your neck in comparison. If you want cream applied to your back you will need assistance. Sit on an old towel in a room where you have some privacy so that you are not moving around a lot. A good time of the day to apply self tanning lotion is before you go to bed, so that you don’t stain your clothes, but remember to put old towels on the sheets so that you don’t stain them either.

Sometime it helps to start from your feet and work up, as this way you don’t get lines and streaks on your upper body when you bend over – clever expert tip there, girls! Also try to apply the cream in even, circular motions as best you can.

Once you have applied it, you should wash your hands immediately to stop staining. Wash your nails, cuticles and in between your fingers, as cream tends to gather here. You have to let the tanning cream dry for at least half an hour, so try and stay naked with a good magazine or you will stain your clothes and cause amateur patches to develop on your skin.

Girls, you’ll have all the boys like putty in your hands! Just remember to take those grotty rubber gloves off first.

About the Expert
Andrew Parker has written many articles on hair and beauty products with his media work with the UK’s leading online professional hair and beauty product retailers Gorgeous Locks. The Web site currently has exciting special offers available on leading Fake Bake tanning products.

Product Review of Mediterranean Olive Almond & Sage WonderBalm by Boots

Move over, Vaseline! Mediterranean Olive Almond & Sage WonderBalm by Boots is a sweet treat for rough, dry skin and its fragrance can’t be beat. I actually can’t stop myself from sniffing this little jar of wonder. If you would like a truly tantalizing product to help treat dry, rough, or patchy skin, Mediterranean Olive Almond & Sage WonderBalm by Boots is a sure winner to consider.

Like most people, I get the occasional dry elbows and dry knees that can always benefit from a little extra moisture. I always slather on lotion, often Bath & Body Works brand or something comparable. (I also enjoy Palmer’s Cocoa Butter and Olive Butter products.) While I love the lotions and find it’s hard to go wrong with them, the moisturizing effects don’t always last as long as you’d hope. That’s part of what I love about Mediterranean Olive Almond & Sage WonderBalm by Boots… hours later and my skin is still soft and smooth.

The fragrance of this wonderful emollient is definitely my favorite feature, though. The scent is uplifting, fresh, and clean. Mediterranean Olive Almond & Sage WonderBalm by Boots reminds me of aloe and honeysuckle, but in fact, it actually contains softening olive oil, nourishing almond oil, and fragrant sage oil, per its name. Other key ingredients include Petrolatum, Grape seed oil, Cocoa seed butter, and Beeswax.

This product contains organic extracts and healthful ingredients for a natural moisturizing experience. I am not familiar with a few of the ingredients, so I can’t say if it is 100% natural and organic (it does contain “fragrance”). Despite this slight level of uncertainty, I am not concerned one bit. I absolutely adore this product and plan to continue using it for a long time to rejuvenate the rough areas on my knees, ankles, and elbows.

Product provided free to writer for reviewBoots’ Mediterranean Olive Almond & Sage WonderBalm is available on Amazon.com for $8.99 plus shipping. The jar size is modest, only 25 ml, but that makes it the perfect size to tote along in your purse. (Tip: Don’t read this article and our article on de-cluttering your purse at the same time! Or better yet, do, but take our tips on packing your purse with a grain of salt.)


PhytoCeuticals to the Rescue for Healthier, Happier Skin

While aging often brings wisdom, it also has a way of bringing fine lines, wrinkles and damaged skin along with it. For an easy regimen of daily skin care designed to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin (especially the face, neck, and chest.) you can try Phytoceuticals’ line of Phyto-C skin care products.

Offering a slightly unusual appearance, Phyto-C products come in liquid form held in eye-dropper bottles. You simply apply a small amount to your fingertips and smooth it onto your skin. It glides smoothly and silkily offering a refreshing feeling to your skin, even if it isn’t damaged or dry.

Phyto-C Poly Vitamin Gel is designed to decrease the appearance of fine lines and winkles. This intensive multivitamin treatment has been specially formulated to smooth, soften, and moisturize the skin while providing terrific, anti-aging antioxidants to your skin’s deepest layers.

Phyto-C’s Bionic Serum, an anti-aging and anti-acneic lightening formula is designed to go one step further than softening and smoothing since it is designed to help repair mildly damaged skin. You can use this product up to two times a day if you want, so it is perfect for those with either slightly damaged or mildly damaged skin.

Phyto-C’s E in C Serum contains 15% L-Ascorbic Acid with 1% of Alpha Tocopherol. It has been formulated with these ingredients to help protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays. The serum also stimulated collagen production as an effort to deter early anti-aging effects such as premature wrinkling. Be prepared for a tiny bit of tingling that might feel strange when you first put your E in C serum on. This only means Phyto-C is working its magic!
Product provided free to writer for review
As women age and reach their 40s and 50s, it is even more important to safeguard delicate areas of the skin with skincare and anti-aging products. I enjoyed using my free sample of Phyto-C and I think you will too. Available at: Phyto-C Skin Care.


Softer Feet Means Prettier Feet for the Summer – Use CVS® Brand Exfoliating Moisturizer

As most females come to discover once they reach the teenage years and even long after that, the feet take a true beating no matter what type of shoe is worn. Women often buy shoes according to how they look rather than how they feel, and this is a mistake that our feet often pay for. Additionally, walking around in sandals or flip flops constantly can take some wear and tear on our feet.

Of course, certain shoes like those that women squeeze their feet into are going to beat up feminine feet ever such a tiny bit more than shoes that fit properly. Even shoes that are too big can damage our feet, leading to calluses or dry, hardened spots that we don’t want. High heels, especially stilettos, can create tiny bumps on our toes that just do not want to go away even years after we have stopped wearing shoes that require a real balancing act to walk in.

Fortunately, lots of different products are available to help women soften their feet including foot files, Ped Eggs, creams, lotions, and ointments. Using one or more of them on a regular basis can have a big effect on the way our feet look and feel. In fact, softer skin on our feet generally means that our feet look better than they do with dry, hardened spots, cracks, or calluses.

Softer feet mean prettier feet for the summer, the time of year when feet come out of hiding. Who wants to wear sandals when their feet look all scruffy and callused? Or flip flops or simply run around the pool or spa barefoot? Getting our feet back to the soft, tender appearance of our early years is important if we want to look our best.

Intended for use on dry, scaly, or callused feet, CVS® Brand Exfoliating Moisturizer is sold in a convenient 1-ounce tube at CVS Pharmacies across the country. The tube has a flip lid so you can’t accidentally lose the lid, which is nice. The ointment is thick so don’t be surprised if you have to push a tiny bit harder to get it to dispense from the tube.

CVS® Brand Exfoliating Moisturizer has a fresh, clean scent so you shouldn’t mind using it. There’s no perfumed scent so the ointment won’t compete with any lotions or perfumes that you choose to use. This water-soluble ointment is comparable to Kerasal® except that it is less expensive.

You should use CVS® Brand Exfoliating Moisturizer on a daily basis to keep your feet as soft and smooth as possible. If you need to skip a day, try not to allow it to extend to several days in between treatment, because you will notice a real difference in the way your feet feel to the touch.

It is best to apply this soothing ointment on clean, freshly washed feet for the best results. You can either do this after your daily shower or use a foot bath for a bit of extra care and pampering.

I received a free sample of CVS® Brand Exfoliating Moisturizer for the purposes of this review, but I am glad that I did. I am always looking for products to help me to keep my youthful looks. How about you?


Degree Women Natureffects Anti-perspirant/Deodorant and Body Spray Collection Product Review

Consider Degree Women Natureffects for a flirty anti-perspirant and body mist line.For a refreshing trip away from traditional deodorants, antiperspirants and body refreshing sprays, consider the new-ish Degree Natureffects product line. Keeping close the things you love about existing Degree products, the brand launched this new line with the outdoors and Mother Nature in mind. The fragrances of each product are so far from traditional body odor eliminators that you may not even remember if you’re wearing any at all – except for that super dry and confident feeling you’ll have all day long.

The Degree Women Natureffects product line features three enticing fragrances that honestly seem more like a refreshing walk through the park than a deodorant product. The collection includes Olive Leaf + Pink Pepper, Orange Flower + Cranberry, and Honeysuckle + Tea Tree Oil, both in body mist bottles and anti-perspirant-deodorant products. The lovely scents of each variety are welcoming and friendly, yet my favorite element is that the fragrance can last all day but no one has to know it is your deodorant that smells so good! What a great disguise!

Consider Degree Women Natureffects for a flirty anti-perspirant and body mist line.I am still trying to decide which fragrance is my favorite. The Olive Leaf + Pink Pepper scent utilizes the power of deodorizing pink pepper to mask any body odor while the overall fragrance is light and floral. The Orange Flower + Cranberry scent continues the trend of inspiration from the great outdoors, but features a lightly fruity essence. The orange flower acts as the deodorizer this time while cranberry gently lifts your spirits. This fragrance may be the frontrunner for my favorite scent of the trio due to its purely refreshing qualities. Finally, the Honeysuckle + Tea Tree Oil scent brings a slight childhood memory of baseball fields lined with honeysuckle along the fences. This fragrance takes on notes that seem to be both floral and herbal, playing up the natural deodorizing power of tea tree oil. This fragrance is just as pleasant as the other two.

Try body mists by degree for a fragrant pick-me-up.As I mentioned, the same thing you love about all Degree products — the no-show, no-white residue promise, is true again here with Degree Natureffects products. You really can’t beat this brand!

Degree Natureffects products are available at your favorite drugstores, mass market retailers, and online at Amazon.com for about $4 – $5 a piece or roughly $20 for a four-pack (free shipping!). You can learn more online at www.degreewomen.com, where you can also print a coupon for $1 off Degree Natureffects products!

Products provided free to writer for reviewI used to be a loyal user of the Suave brand anti-perspirant / deodorant products until I tried some Degree products a few years ago. I am now a loyal fan of Degree Women products, from the anti-perspirants to the body sprays. While I did receive these six products to try out for free, I have bought my own Degree Women deodorant products as well. I stand strongly behind this brand and recommend it highly.