Eye Treatments Can Perk Up Your Face: Time Dimensions by Boots and Eye Lifting Serum by CVS

If only women could keep their baby-fine skin all of their lives. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite possible. The ravaging effects of the sun’s harsh rays, the amazing pull of gravity, poor eating habits, and who knows what all else takes a toll on our skin. The end results include wrinkles we don’t want, stretch marks we don’t need, dry skin, blemishes, and sagging skin in all the wrong places.

Fortunately, cosmetic and beauty product companies have created a bunch of products designed to help us out as we grow older and our delicate skin becomes less cooperative. One of these products happens to be a variety of eye treatment products designed to lift the skin around our eyes while helping us to look younger once again.

I am not here to tell you that each of these products work magic overnight. The wrinkles and sags didn’t appear overnight, so realistically, we need to realize that we need to use these products for days before we see the first results and weeks or months before we achieve that younger, more appealing look that we are trying to encourage.

Time Dimensions Instant Eye Reviver by Boots
It is recommended that you moisturize first before applying this product. I recommend it since you are trying to soften wrinkles while firming your skin. This eye crème comes in a very light beige color. Time Dimensions Instant Eye Reviver by Boots is creamy and blends in easily. I had to use it several days before I noticed any improvement at all. I do recommend being consistent with your use of the product.

As with any eye product, it is important to avoid direct contact with your eyes. This is easily accomplished and should not pose any problems for you. Time Dimensions is sold in a convenient 10 ml container that is attractive enough to keep out on your nightstand or bath countertop. The crème is smooth and glides on readily. Maybe it was my imagination, but I do believe that the darkness beneath my eyes lightened noticeably while firming my skin.

You can purchase this product at a variety of websites online including Amazon.com, Boots.com, Target.com, and Drugstore.com. It is sold in a 10-ml glass jar with an attractive silver lid for about $15.00.

Eye Lifting Serum by CVS
You can purchase this product at CVS either online or in the store. It is sold in an attractive pump bottle that holds 0.5 fl oz. The color seems to be a shade resembling ecru. It is very creamy and blends in well. Again, you need to be careful not to get any of this in your eyes or you will have to rinse it out. That shouldn’t be a problem though. The serum did seem to improve the look of my eyes, so I plan to continue using it.

I did not see much of a difference from the Eye Lifting Serum by CVS to the Time Dimensions Instant Eye Reviver by Boots though. So, maybe you should try them both and see for yourself which one performs best for your particular needs. The Eye Lifting Serum by CVS costs about $15.00 also.

Products provided free to writer for reviewI did receive each of these products for free so that I could review them.

ZIA Natural Skincare Product Review

I’ve taken more time than usual to evaluate the products for ZIA Natural Skincare for a variety of reasons. Mostly, they arrived at a rather hectic time, managing a new work schedule, getting ready for Easter, planning birthday parties. As I read the ingredients in the product names, Sea Tonic Aloe Toner with Cypress, Sea Tonic Rosewater & Aloe Toner, Moisturizing Cleanser with Soybean, Bamboo Exfoliant with Rice Bran, Herbal Moisture Gel with Black Currant Extract, I started to get an Eastern Zen feel and a little peace and enlightenment is just what was needed! Here is what I learned.

Sea Tonic alone brings soothing thoughts. It is said that there is a bit of every mineral on Earth dissolved in ocean water. That is something that links all continents and heals the body physically and emotionally.

I believe, however, the great minds at Zia were referring to seaweed extracts and aloe that re-mineralize and heal the skin. Rose water has been used for centuries for its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, in addition to its aroma therapeutic benefits. Aloe is known for healing and hydrating. Soybean also hydrates and calms. Cypress and ylang ylang are used for aromatherapy, balancing oils, and reducing redness with an added benefit of lowering blood pressure.

The Zia Natural Skincare products do rate higher than zero on the Environmental Working Group’s Toxicity Database. Ratings from 0-2 are considered low hazard. Ratings from 3-6 have a moderate hazard and 7-10 is a high level hazard. All the products listed rate a 3, which is mild, chemically speaking. Any problems noted were related to individual allergies and mild skin irritations. The above products are both alcohol and paraben free, not to mention free of artificial colors, fragrances, phthalates, formaldehydes, aluminum, sulfates, MEA, DEA, TEA, petrolatum, and mineral oils.

Paraben was a new word for me, so I will share what I found. Parabens both occur naturally and are manmade. They have bacterial and fungicidal properties and are available at a low cost, making them ideal as preservatives for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, they also mimic estrogen and have been found in breast tumors. There is no causative link established, but lots of caution and proposed research for prolonged exposure.

Organic companies are wonderful for many reasons. They generally work to bring healthier products to the consumer. They try to make a positive environmental impact. They attempt to educate the public and they believe in what they are doing. Zia is no exception. Zia strives to help rebuild natural resources while reducing their carbon footprint. They utilize wind-power, buy their ingredients locally, use recycled materials for packaging, and they do not test on animals. A portion of all their proceeds goes towards planting trees with American Forests’ Global ReLeaf Project. Please learn more about them at

As for the listed products, here is my experience:

Sea Tonic Aloe Toner with Cypress for oily skin –
It is a lovely skin refresher. It’s a clear and very light spray. It has a woody smell, not the green smell of leaves in spring, but very reminiscent of bark in sunshine. The toner is designed to calm and soothe skin and reduce redness. After cleansing, moisten the skin with the toner and apply the Herbal Moisture Gel while the skin is damp. The toner helps aid absorption of the gel. It has a cool feel that doesn’t dry out the skin. It did visibly reduce redness, but I am still looking for something that evens my skin completely.

Sea Tonic Rosewater & Aloe Toner with ylang ylang for normal/dry skin – It is also a clear spray with a light scent, tangibly more “wet” than the Sea Tonic Aloe toner with Cypress. It seems to hydrate the skin cells and hold in the moisture.

Moisturizing Cleanser with Soybean for dry skin –
It is a creamy, white, gentle cleanser that feels like a lotion. It leaves skin feeling very soft and smooth.

Bamboo Exfoliant with Rice Bran for all skin types –
This is by far the BEST exfoliant that I have tried to date, hands down. It is very creamy, light green with a mild scent. It is gentle and effective. The “grit” is very fine almost like sand, but it is not harsh at all. It is loaded with exfoliate. After massaging for roughly 30 seconds, my skin came out clean and smooth without any dry spots or irritation. I felt polished – a very pleasant experience.

Herbal Moisture Gel with Black Currant Extract –
Another pleasant surprise. It’s a light tan gel in a pump dispenser. It absorbs very quickly and leaves no oily feel, and best of all, no residual shine. I was able to use it with my usual powder foundation. It did not itch, clog pores, or irritate. Twelve straight hours of comfortable moisture, I can’t ask for better than that.

I have to admit, with so much natural antiseptic, aloe, and soothing oils in these products, I wondered about their healing properties. Like every busy mom, occasionally I burn myself on the oven door. The gel certainly didn’t take any sting away from my burn, but in the course of a week, it did keep the skin from scabbing and scaling and I was much more comfortable than I would have been without trying my experiment. It’s just something interesting to pass along.

All in all, I am very impressed with the products and the company. Zia doesn’t promote their personal “story” as much as they set an example by their actions and their products. Can we all rise to the challenge of making a positive impact in the world?

Protecting Your Skin with Sunscreen: Banana Boat, Bethesda, and Azur

Protecting your skin from the harshness of the sun is extremely important if you want to avoid skin cancer, dry skin, and even the terrible pain of severe sunburn. While dressing properly and avoiding the sun during the peak hours of 10 am to 2 pm can help, using sunscreen products is certainly the best way to go. I like to use a variety of products simply because my need for sunscreen varies according to the plans of my day. Sometimes light protection is sufficient, while other days, a stronger level of protection is merited.

Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 80
Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 80 offers long-lasting UVA/UVB protection. The packaging states that this product is absorbed quickly and in fact, it actually is. This gives it 5 stars in my opinion as I despise those cheaper sunscreen products that seem to take forever to become absorbed by the skin. Of course, sunscreen should be applied about 30 minutes prior to the time when you are going to need full protection.

Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 80 is sold in the convenient size of 3 fl oz. It comes in a tube that is easy to tuck away in your purse, tote bag, or even in the pocket of a jacket or bathing robe. Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 80 has been designed to provide strong protection that is waterproof, offering excellent cover from the sun. It includes the benefit of having Aloe Vera as one of its soothing ingredients so it also hydrates the skin. I like the fact that this sunscreen product absorbs into the skin quickly and effortlessly.

Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 50 Ultra Mist Clear
Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 50, an Ultra Mist Clear product that offers a continuous spray sunblock featuring long-lasting UVA/UVB protection is sold in a 6 fl. oz. size. The container is attractive and perky so it tempted me to pick it up to look at it right away. Once I did so, I quickly discovered that this sunscreen is enriched with Aloe Vera, an ingredient that I have a lot of respect for ever since my dad told me as a child to break open a leaf from the Aloe Vera plant and rub it on my skin to soothe my poison ivy problems. It really worked, so I have been a fan ever since.

The Banana Boat Ultra Defense Ultra Mist Clear SPF 50 Sunblock product sprays on easily, quickly, and evenly. I like its nice, clean scent and the fact that I do not need to rub it on or into my skin. The spray is absorbed by my skin quickly, giving me the protection that I need. Since it is a spray, you can easily use this sunscreen product to cover hard-to-reach areas of the body. Plus, it is waterproof so if you have children or decide to go swimming, your skin continues to receive the protection it needs from the sun even on pool days!

Bethesda Sunscreen Soap
Bethesda sunscreen soap protects while it nourishes the skin. The protection aspect begins immediately as washing with this bar of soap provides a layer of invisible protection from the sun. Bethesda offers an SPF of 10 so it helps to protect your skin from the harshness of the sun. One of the reasons that I like this particular soap is that I can use it in the morning when I get up and my skin is protected without the need to spray, spritz, or rub lots of sunscreen on my skin just to let the dog out or step outside for a few moments of peace and quiet to get me ready for my day.

I liked the smooth feeling that Bethesda sunscreen soap gave to my skin when I used it. The all-natural ingredients include Aloe Vera gel, glycerin, chlorophyll, and healing balm of Gilead. Each bar of soap is supposed to provide more than 50 minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. By the feel of my skin, I have to say that I think this is definitely true. The soap lathers with a rich, creamy substance that simply glides onto my skin. The bar is oval-shaped and comes in a calming, light-green color. Even if Bethesda sunscreen soap hadn’t been designed to offer sunscreen protection, I might find myself using it anyway simply because my skin felt better for it!

Azur SPF 40 Face and Eyes
Another of the really nice sunscreen products that I feel have been designed with women in mind is Azur SPF 40 Face and Eyes. It comes in an attractive, blue 0.5 fl oz container. This product has been designed for use with the face and eyes. In addition to being water resistant, it also offers moisturizing and anti-aging elements that the face can definitely benefit from when using it. After all, the face receives sun on it almost every single time we step outside our doors. While wearing a hat can help to dissuade the sun from damaging our faces, a reliable sunscreen product such as Azur SPF 40 Face and Eyes can certainly go a bit further toward that end.

One of the added benefits of using Azur SPF 40 Face and Eye crème is that I can wear it underneath my makeup. Plus, while I like to think of it as a product for women, it can be worn by anyone except children under the age of six. The tube is small, so it is easy to cart it along with you wherever you go so you can reapply it as needed.

Products provided free to writer for reviewI received all of these products for the purposes of reviewing them. I’ve used Banana Boat before, and I already knew that I like it. These two products offer exceptional protection since they have SPFs of 50 and 80. The Bethesda Sunscreen Soap is just so nice, that even with a low SPF of 10, I intend to continue using it for the protection that it does offer. The convenience of getting under-makeup protection from the sun is just too good to be true, so the opportunity to continue using Azur SPF 40 Face and Eyes is definitely a welcome one. Remember to protect your skin as well as the skin of the ones that you love this spring and summer, and well, every season.

Why You Should Use Skin Care Lotions Such as Herban Renewal’s Hand & Body Lotions

Try Herban Renewal Love Lotion or Lavender lotion to moisturize your skin.Are there any good reasons for using hand and body lotions? Of course there are! Most of us already know that hand and body lotions help to moisturize the skin and keep it supple. In fact, skin lotions generally moisturize the outer layer of skin known as the epidermis. Since the primary job of the epidermis is to protect our bodies, it is important to keep it in excellent shape. The skin, after all, is the largest organ that the human body has.

When we use hand and body lotion, we protect our skin from drying out. In fact, the best time to put hand and body lotion on is when we are fresh out of the shower or bath. Our skin is clean, so we don’t need to worry about trapping in any dirt or grime. Plus, if we put our skin lotion on before we towel dry, we can trap in moisture so that our skin stays nice and supple.

Consider Herban Renewal and Arcelia lotions to keep your skin smooth and soft.Herban Renewal has created an entire line of wonderful hand and body lotions that are manufactured from earth-friendly ingredients. In fact, all of their products are made by physically and mentally challenged adults from Disabilities Resources, Inc. in Abilene, Texas. The company, Herban Renewal, relies on its social consciousness to help make this world a better place. If for that reason only, you should consider a visit to the Herban Renewal website to browse their products for a few skin care items.

They offer two lines of hand and body lotions: the Herban Renewal lotions and the Arcelia lotions. These all-natural products smell so fresh that you’ll be imagining fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers right near you. The lotions are light in body and creamy in texture, making them perfect to use any time of the day or night. Plus, they don’t leave any greasy residue or stains.

The Herban Renewal line is intended for women of all ages. It is the flagship line, and as such, it offers the gentlest of fragrances and the crispest of scents. You can purchase this one in Garden Mint, First Rose, Love, and Lavender. While I do like all of the scents with the exception of mint (sorry, but I am just not a minty person), my all-time favorite is the First Rose because it offers a spring-like floral aroma.

The Arcelia lotions are designed with the chic woman in mind. It’s a lively line that is sassy and sexy in fragrance. Just like all of their other Arcelia products, the lotion is featured in three cool fragrances: String Bikini, Calming Cucumber, and Mango Ole. The Calming Cucumber is my favorite at the moment, but that might have something to do with having two children in college and the need to remain calm despite all the stories circulating these days of armed intruders (yes, I did get a phone call about that one) and muggings on campus (this one came in an email.)

Both lines of hand and body lotions are sold in four sizes: 1 ounce, 2 ounces, 8 ounces, and 16 ounces. Prices currently range an affordable $1.00 to $16.00. The smaller sizes offer screw-on caps while the larger ones have a push top.

Products provided free to writer for reviewI received all of these lotions free (quite a generous gift) for the purposes of reviewing them for this Web site. I do like them and think that you will too if you decide to try them. Perhaps, you’ll even like the Garden Mint, which offers the crispest scent of all!

The Benefits of Taking a Bath with Herban Renewal Bath Salts

Herban Renewal bath salts are a great and relaxing gift idea.The therapeutic benefits of taking a bath have been understood for centuries. While television commercials from the latter half of the nineteenth century depicted taking a bath as a soothing, relaxing experience, there really is more to it than that. The ingredients found in bath salts are credited with soothing powers that relieve tension, soften skin, ease muscle ache, and reduce pain.

Most bath salts contain some combination of sea salts, essential oils, and fragrance. The exact reasons behind the soothing benefits of bathing need a bit more investigation as the evidence is primarily derived from observational methodology. But do you really care? I know what I need to know and that is the one unequivocal fact that taking a bath simply makes me feel 100% better most of the time.

Try Herban Renewal and Arcelia Bath Salts! Colorful, fun, and relaxing...The fragrance emitting from the scented waters give me a mood boost that can include anything from an elevated sense of relaxation to a renewed sense of energy to an elated feeling of euphoria. Fragrance-related mood transformation is one of the benefits of taking a bath no matter how long you have to indulge in a nice hot soak. The essential oils in bath salts helps to soften and soothe dry or irritated skin.

The warm scented waters do soothe away my tension – both muscle and intellectual. Soaking up the sea salts, my body relaxes and so do my muscles. My back or leg pain is less evident and whether that is due solely to the sea salts or to the total combination of ingredients and the effect they have on my entire being is yet to be discovered. All I know is that a bath offers a unique experience like no other. If you don’t believe me, buy yourself a bath pillow, a few bath salts, a good book, a few scented candles, and maybe even a glass of wine and try this experience for yourself.

Recently, I was given the pleasure of trying out several bath salts produced by Herban Renewal. I received the 2-oz. size (they also come in a 10-oz. size) in the following scents: lavender, first rose, mint, and safflower. These are made with earth-friendly ingredients. I also received a sample of their hope lavender bath salts. A portion of the sales from the hope salts is given to the Cancer Services Network, a worthy cause.

This company also puts out a line of products aimed at the younger crowd, Arcelia. Similar to the soaps and lotions in this line, the bath salts are available in String Bikini, Calming Cucumber, and Mango Ole. They all smell great and include sea salts, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and fragrance.

One of the nicest aspects of the Herban Renewal line of bath salts is the fact that they feel sugary soft to the touch as you pour them out of the packaging and just as sugary soft when you step into the tub. The scent from each fragrance is mild so it does not overwhelm the senses, and they do linger afterward in a mild way. This allows you to use your own perfume, eau de toilet, or spray without competing against the bath salt fragrance.

It’s only $2.00 for the smaller size and $10.00 for the larger 10-oz. size, so these bath salts are more than affordable. Plus, you can always decide to purchase one of the Herban Renewal gift sets, which include bath salts in them. For more information, please visit: http://www.herbn-renewal.com.

The World of Bar Soaps: Organic, Aromatic, Cleansing, and Moisturizing – Tisserand, sukibody, and Herban Renewal

Consider these top bar soaps for your bathing needs.Bar soaps have come a long way over the years. Today, we have soaps crafted from all types of ingredients, an entire bevy of fragrances, a myriad collection of shapes and sizes, and variations of every color of the rainbow. Deciding which bar of soap you are going to purchase for your personal use usually has its roots in your childhood. Which bar of soap did your mother or grandmother purchase for her family? Have you ever purchased the same one or are you perhaps still purchasing it?

While soap is used primarily to cleanse, it is often used for other reasons as well. Some of us also like to indulge in a bit of inexpensive aromatherapy with the soaps that we use and why not? Today’s soap comes in so many interesting and delightful varieties and fragrances that it would be a shame to enjoy these soaps simply for their cleansing purposes.

Try Tisserand Aromatherapy's bar soap for a refreshing experience.Organic soaps offer the best opportunity since you can indulge in a bit of all-natural aromatherapy and cleansing without the need to expose your skin to synthetic colors or synthetic fragrances. If you haven’t tried organic bar soaps yet, you should since the fragrances are uplifting rather than overpowering. The lack of synthetic ingredients also means that organic bar soaps offer the perfect cleansing experience for delicate skin or for women who are interested in using products obtained from sustainable sources.

Tisserand offers a refreshing pure vegetable soap with a sweet orange, jasmine, and macadamia scent. The fragrance is just as delicate as the soap. It lathers nicely and quickly providing a whiff of its scent as it does so. The scent lingers on the skin afterward, so you smell good all day long.

Its attractive oval shape and color make it perfect for use at the basin, shower, or bath. Never having been tested on animals, Tisserand’s refreshing pure vegetable soap is made from ethically harvested plant extracts and essential oils including orange leaf oil, jasmine oil, macadamia oil, and orange oil. Since it contains cocoa butter, it also moisturizes the skin, something that is noticed each time it is used. You can get your own at http://www.tisserand.com.

Try the Sukibody sensitive cleansing bar for an organic bathing experience.Sukibody sensitive cleansing bar is another of the organic offerings that the world of body soap has to offer. In fact, it is a vegan bar that is designed to hydrate the skin while clearing up clogged pores. Sukibody sensitive cleansing bar features an invigorating lemongrass scent (a bit stronger than Tisserand’s orange scent) that awakens the olfactory senses to a heightened awareness. It is composed of solely 100% organic ingredients- shea butter and lemongrass extract and designed to exfoliate without the exfoliators while effectively cleansing the skin, awakening the senses, and invigorating your skin to a new-found vivacity.

The Sukibody sensitive cleansing bar lathers nicely and feels silky-smooth on the skin so it is perfect as a facial soap as well as a body soap. Its chunky, rectangular shape with rounded edges is eye-appealing, so you can use it at basin, bath, or shower. I found it to be perfect as a go-along for an overnight bag since it is relatively small in size. Visit http://www.sukiskincare.com/v2 and get one of these fantastic organic bars of soap for yourself.

Products provided free to writer for reviewHerban Renewal soaps took me on a… (continued)

Neutrogena Rainbath Gel – Moisture Rich Citrus Marine Body Wash Product Review

Neutrogena Rainbath has been a favorite product of mine for quite some time. I’ve used it since high school, through college, and even beyond. The product always delivers, so to me, Rainbath is a keeper. From rich, foamy lather to a subtle yet delightfully clean fragrance, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The pretty blue color of translucent turquoise in my bottle of Neutrogena Rainbath Gel (Moisture Rich) Citrus Marine body wash was a lovely sight during shower time each day. The pump bottle made it easy to dispense as much or as little body wash as I wanted, and it was quick and easy to get more if I found I did not dispense enough the first time, as opposed to opening a lid or cap.

The Citrus Marine fragrance is truly delightful. It is light and fresh, subtle and pleasant. While not truly the same, it reminds me of the clean linen scent and the fresh rain fragrances offered by many candle and home fragrance companies. The scent is still noticeable a little while after your shower, but light enough that you can still wear your favorite perfume while the light hints of Rainbath may still linger just a bit.

Neutrogena Rainbath produces huge amounts of lather and suds to cleanse every inch of your body. The product is gentle and soothing, cleansing away any impurities and leaving your skin feeling super clean and soft without any residue. I don’t know why it seems this way to me, but I really feel there is a different level of clean achieved with this Rainbath body wash product.

Neutrogena Rainbath Gel – Moisture Rich Citrus Marine Body Wash retails for about $8 – $10 for an 8.5-ounce bottle. You can find it at most mass market retailers, drugstores, and online at Amazon.com.

Aubrey Organics Inc. Natural Organic Spring Beauty Products Review

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle CoQ10 Lotion reviewThis month I’ve taken a trip down memory lane. March is a very busy month for my family. In addition to everyday life, between my family and my husband’s family, we have roughly a dozen birthdays to celebrate. It’s hectic, but lovely to spend time with people we care about.  Time is precious, so building memories is important. In the midst of our celebrating, we’ve also been compiling genealogy information.

I was presented with a group of products from Aubrey Organics, Inc., and was immediately taken with a surprising correlation; Aubrey is my Great Grandfather’s name. Now, I’m sure there is no relation, but it brings a pleasant, familiar feeling. So in the spirit of the occasion, the research began.

Aubrey Organics, Inc. was started in 1967 by Aubrey Hampton who was born in rural Indiana, and developed his first products at the age of nine in his mother’s kitchen. Since then he has personally developed 200 products that are sold world-wide. Aubrey Organics, Inc. is hailed as having the most natural herbal products available and sold in most health food stores. The company began in New York and the manufacturing plant is currently in Tampa, Florida.

Aubrey is a pioneer in the field and has a long list of firsts to his credit. He was the first to use coconut fatty acids in hair and skincare; the first to formulate cosmetic products with jojoba oil, evening primrose, blue chamomile, Rosa mosqueta® and Matcha green tea; the first to develop a natural preservative with citrus seed extract and vitamins A, C, & E; and the first to be certified as an organic processor (1994). In addition to developing products, Aubrey is also an avid environmental and animal rights activist. His products contain no petrochemicals and are not tested on animals.

He is an author of health and beauty books, including Natural Organic Hair & Skin Care, which is in its 6th printing, What’s in your Cosmetics, and The Take Charge Beauty Book, which was co-authored by his wife Susan Hussey. He is an award winning playwright, GBS & Company and Wolf Trilogy. He is the co-founder of Gorilla Theatre in Tampa, Florida and the publisher of Organica, an arts and environmental publication with 70,000 readers nationwide.

The company is dedicated to being natural; “Protect the Earth…Promote the well being of People…Nourish the Soul.” Please see www.aubrey-organics.com for more information about the company and its products.

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle CoQ10 Lotion reviewNow, my opinion on the products I tried…. My favorite by far is the Honeysuckle CoQ10 Replenishing Moisturizing Lotion. Partly for sentimental reasons, Honeysuckle is one of my favorite fragrances. It instantly reminds me of my Grandmother and sunshine. It never fails to make me smile. The lotion itself is lightweight and non greasy, yet lasts all day. It hydrates and seals in moisture with a noticeable, but subtle fragrance that also lasts. It soothes and smoothes dry skin. In addition to hydrating the skin, coQ10 provides the benefits of powerful antioxidants by supporting cell growth helping to reduce the signs of aging. My husband tried it after shaving a particularly rough beard. It noticeably reduced the redness in only a few minutes.

Next comes Treat’ Em Right Lip Balm. It comes in five fun flavors. I tried Vanilla Honey, Tangerine, and Raspberry. The Raspberry and Vanilla Honey have the best flavors. The Tangerine smells great, but has a bitter taste, closer to the rind than the fruit. All three were lovely though with lasting comfort. They did not dry out or wear off easily. They honestly lasted for hours and I highly recommend them.

Finally is Crème de la Shave. My daughter was surprised that the texture was different than the shave gels that she is used to using. It’s not foamy, but more like a lotion. Crème de la Shave is very nice. Smooth on a thin layer, shave and rinse. It provides a close shave while protecting the skin and leaving it fresh and toned. I like the Raspberry Honey scent. My daughter likes the Toasted Almond. The Orange Cream is just yummy. It’s a great pick-me-up mood lifter that helps wake you up in the morning. All in all, I really enjoyed both the research and the products.  Happy March!

Comfort and Dryness in Talc-free Style – Herban Renewal and Arcelia Body Dusts

Try Herban Renewal and Arcelia Body Dusts for a comfortable and talc-free experience.Today, we know that talcum powder might soothe even the most delicate of skin, but it isn’t the safest for us to use. That is one of the reasons that the folks at Herban Renewal have created their own line of wonderful body dusts. Each one of their body dusts are safely made with earth-friendly products including vegetable powder, tricalium phosphate, and water-based colors or fragrance oils.

Talcum powder has been used for decades to absorb moisture from lots of delicate places including babies’ bottoms, mothers’ bosoms, tender feet, and more. Talc is composed of tiny particles of silicates along with other finely-ground minerals. Today, these are considered carcinogens that are suspected of causing lung tumors if inhaled. Therefore, it is best for you to avoid using talcum powder for your little ones as well as for yourself.

Try these pretty body dusts by Herban Renewal! Great for gifts for little girls.If you are new to the delights of body powders or dust as Herban Renewal likes to refer to it, you should definitely indulge in a bit of white-powdery bliss. First of all, body dust isn’t just for the body. Herban Renewal suggests that you dust your bed all over with their body dust for a bit of pampering bliss. Sounds like a nice romantic idea, doesn’t it?

Herban Renewal offers two lines of body dust. The first is their flagship line that happens to be called Herban Renewal. The second line is Arcelia, the line targeted for younger women or those women with younger preferences.

The Herban Renewal line features the delicate scents of First Rose, Garden Mint, Dream Dust Lavender, and Love Dust. Each one is just as appealing as the other. I loved them all, but then again, I have a fondness for body dust. I love to treat my feet to a delicate dusting each morning before stepping into my shoes for the day. The powder keeps my feet (and shoes) sweet smelling and dry throughout the day. I also like to dust myself all over with lightly-scented powder.

Try these non-talc body dusts by Herban Renewal.Herban Renewal’s body dusts are available in two sizes: a 1-oz. salt shaker and a 4-oz. crystal shaker. The smaller size currently sells for only $2.00 while the larger size has a price tag of $14.00.

Arcelia body dust is sold in the bolder scents of Mango, String Bikini, and Calming Cucumber varieties so that you can shake it up a bit and put a little zest into your life. Arcelia body dust is also sold in attractive glass containers. However, these dusts are available in three different sizes: a 1-oz. petite shaker, a 4-oz. glass shaker, and a 16-oz. glass refill container. Prices, respectively, are $2.00, $10.00, and $12.00.

The containers are reusable and it is rather cool that the company is using shakers. Personally, I like using them better than the body puffs since it creates a bit less mess in my boudoir. Products provided free to writer for reviewTry them for yourself (http://www.herbanrenewalinc.com/arcelia-dusts.html) and indulge in a bit of body dust for pure pampering pleasure. I received one of each scent in a variety of sizes so that I could review them for Life, Love, Beauty. I do like them and I believe they are worth their price tags.

Some Serious Goodies for Bath & Body: Herban Renewal Bath & Body Care Product Review

Bath gift sets by Herban Renewal can be a nice going away to college gift or present for other special occasion.Beautiful, absolutely beautiful; that’s what everyone will think the minute they receive a gift, package, or product from Herban Renewal (at least that’s what we experienced… along with an awful lot of excited squeals).

So what is it that Herban Renewal has to offer? In my opinion, they offer great gift bags, soaps, lotions, stuffed toys, and sea salts the whole family can enjoy.

Herban Renewal is out of Abilene, Texas and was started in 1996. Their initial goal was to create a line of products based on only the very best and natural ingredients they could find (right from the garden). They blended only the freshest, most fragrant herbs and botanicals, added vegetable oils that were known to produce the most healing and moisturizing effects, and added only the purest sea salts to their collections. The results allow you to experience a complete and luxuriously “Herban-istic” moment.

Herban Renewal offers gifts for all kinds of girls, including cute stuffed cats.Herban Renewal offers four very unique lines that present a range of luxurious, earth-friendly, cost-competitive nourishing products that are perfect for adults and kids alike. I especially enjoyed the plush toy / gift bag duos – these things were just too cute, too soft, and impossible to keep your hands off of!

In reviewing these products I realized just how fun and exciting these gifts can be to receive. My kids went ballistic on me and literally tore me to shreds. They enjoyed everything so much that, at one point, my youngest even got a little emotional. When asked why, all she could say was, “they’re all so beautiful mommy – I can’t help it; thank you!” I melted as she reached over and gave me the most heartfelt hug known only to moms.

The package we received for review included products from the following lines:
•    Livi.Lu.Lu – Skin nourishing products for adolescent “tween” girls, including lotions, body washes, and lip balms (which smelt and felt so yummy!).
•   Plush cats make great gifts for girls. Twinkle Toes – An ALL-natural, ALL-pink, ALL-glittery powder to sprinkle in ballet slippers, dance bags, and all over your body (Talc-free). The scent is an amazing “pirouette peppermint.”
•    Shoo! Monster (the cutest little anti-boogeyman dust). If your kids are afraid of monsters lurking in their closets and under their beds, give them this 100% all natural dust to sprinkle in their most feared places… no more boogeyman!

This package we received was filled to the brim with all things “girly-girl.” From Shoo! Monster dust to Twinkle Toes pirouette peppermint powder; from lotions and body washes to lip balms and gift bags; my girls couldn’t have been happier. They especially loved the beautiful, soft plush cats; they were so, so soft and cuddly. They were all shimmer and shine; they were impeccable with their beautiful soft fur and shiny wings. It’s been the only thing they’ve slept with since. I think they’ve even snuck them to school a time or two (but I’ll let them continue to think they got away with that one). Okay…shall we move on?

Herban Renewal offers gifts for all kinds of girls, including cute stuffed cats.

Products provided free to writer for reviewThe smells from the Livi.Lu.Lu collection were…

Pampering Tips: Smoother, Softer Skin with Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Scrub

What do you think of when someone mentions the word indulgence? Are you thinking about delicious bites of decadent chocolates? Perhaps you are thinking about luxury hotels, spas, and vacations. No matter what images the word “indulgence” conjures up for you, there’s always time to explore the indulgence of using beauty products that pamper our skin and allow women to enjoy the benefits of skin-softening agents, aromatherapy, and skin exfoliants.

While our mothers before us might not have grown up with the indulgence of aromatic, skin-softening body scrubs that is no reason for us not to use these fine beauty products that allow us to slough off dead skin cells and rejuvenate new skin growth. I must confess that while I do not indulge in skin-softening body scrubs each day, I do like to take advantage of their pampering pleasures weekly.

One of the best aspects of using a well-formulated body scrub is its instant ability to make our skin feel smoother and more alive each time we use it. The Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Scrub is no different in this respect than any other. It reacts similarly to my skin as a dozen other body scrubs, so I am not going to tell you that it is the “best.” To me, there isn’t any “best” beauty product. There are only those that perform well, perform not so well, and perform poorly.

The Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Scrub performs well and does what it is supposed to do. As I gently massaged it onto my damp skin, I reveled in the delicate grittiness that I knew was removing dead skin cells gently. As with any beauty product intended for the skin, I paid special attention to problem areas such as my elbows, heels, and knees.

Manufactured by the The Boots Company out of Nottingham England, Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Scrub has been dermatologically tested so it is safe on your skin. It features a light camel color with brownish red specks and a light nutty scent. This isn’t one of those scents that instantly take you away with an awakening energy. It might very well be one of those scents that you either like or dislike with no in between. After using this product, my skin did feel smoother as I toweled off and throughout the rest of the day.

The Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Scrub has been formulated with moisturizing brazil nut oil, fragrant organic vanilla, and a bevy of natural exfoliants- all of which help to leave the skin feeling smooth. I received a generous 13.5 fl. oz. container for the purposes of reviewing it. Why not get one yourself (available at Amazon.com or http://www.us.boots.com/BrazilNutVanillaGiftCollection) and soak up the amazing ingredients in this exotic concoction for a chance at softer, smoother, healthier skin?

For Prettier Eyes, Treat Yourself to CVS® Pharmacy Collagen Treatment Eye Radiance

As a youngster, my biggest beauty problem was getting my mother to buy my favorite bubble bath. As time went by, I discovered new problems that tormented me in varying degrees. Only adult women like curly, red hair on little girls – kids absolutely hate it. My fair skin did not like the sun and turned red within minutes of being out on a hot day. Then, as I passed that milestone of turning into an adult, my skin began to wrinkle and crow’s feet began to develop around my once gorgeous eyes. Oh horrors!

This last beauty problem is the one that I am going to talk about today. Not one of us, absolutely not one, wants to have the telltale signs of getting older, taking in too much sun, or hydrating too little to show up on our faces as crow’s feet. Sure, we can try and play it off that our crow’s feet are the result of having a fun-loving personality and laughing or smiling all the time. Guess what? No one, absolutely no one, believes that fairly tale except for very young children.

While there’s no point in looking back and thinking about all of the activities that we should have avoided or all of the beauty treatments that we should have applied, there’s a huge reason to think about what we can do now. After all, improving our facial expression and enhancing our beauty should be at the top of our to-do list. One of the products that I have been given the opportunity to try recently (for free, my favorite price in the world), is the CVS® Pharmacy Collagen Treatment Eye Radiance product. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have even been interested.

However, today, I am interested in every beauty product that is going to make me feel better or look better. So, for prettier eyes, treat yourself to CVS® Pharmacy Collagen Treatment Eye Radiance cream and see if you like it as much as I do. This collagen product is designed as a targeted eye treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles by filling them in. It is also designed to lighten those dreaded dark circles that make us look as though we haven’t slept in days.

Now, I do have to advise you that just as with any similar product, this isn’t designed to work overnight. Give it a few weeks for the best results. Be consistent with your use of the product, which you can use twice daily. I like the fact that it is fragrance free so it does not interfere with my cologne or lotion of the day.

While the product is both ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested, it does sting if you inadvertently get it into your eye. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you are one of those people who constantly rub your eyes or rub your tear ducts. I found that waiting a few moments after a hot shower before applying the CVS® Pharmacy Collagen Treatment Eye Radiance cream worked best for me since it gave my pores a chance to settle down.

Product provided free to writer for reviewAs stated earlier, I did receive this product for the purposes of reviewing it, so feel free to disagree with me. I am however going to continue using it until it is all used up!