Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and Cetaphil SPF 50 Facial Moisturizer Product Review

Fresh and light, Cetaphil SPF 50 Facial Moisturizer is a great product sold in a 1.7 fl. oz. tube. It uses a broad spectrum sunscreen to provide protections form UVA/UVB radiation. As we all know, daily protection is important to keep us safe and our skin healthy. I know that I’d rather use protection such as this over other brands. Since it is fragrance free, Cetaphil doesn’t interfere with any colognes or perfumes that are being worn. Plus, it’s perfect for guys or gals since it doesn’t smell girly or manly in scent.

Cutting costs is another point on everyone’s minds these days. One of the great features about Cetaphil is the simple fact that it is affordable, allowing me to purchase both products- the moisturizer and the cleanser. I get the best treatment possible without spending a fortune!

Great skin is a wonderful asset and sometimes, we do not have to work hard at it at all. That’s one of the reasons why it is so important to use more than one product to care for our skin, especially the delicate skin on our faces. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is sold in a generous 8 or 16 ounce container that is easy to handle. Plui, it is available in a wide assortment of stores including grocery stores, drug stores, and discount department stores.

Make an informed choice and use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser along with Cetaphil SPF 50 Facial Moisturizer. Since it is also dermatologist formulated, I didn’t need to concern myself that I might experience a problem using it. I especially loved that it’s non-greasy too! One of my pet peeves in using a product that I expect to improve my skin is to feel like it leaves an oily residue on my delicate skin.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is formulated for all skin types and all ages in a mild lotion that is non-irritating. I have been pleasantly surprised to discover that this product produced a softening effect in addition to cleansing my skin. Containing similar ingredients to other name brand, more expensive, facial cleansers, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser offers an excellent option for everyone. Use it every day for excellent results!

AHAVA: “Best of Beauty” Spring and Summer Guide: SPF 30 and SPF 15 Anti-Aging Sunscreens

Sun exposure can damage your skin in more ways than you would like. That’s why it is so important to put on AHAVA’s sunscreen each day so that your skin stays young looking and fresh. Perfect for women but great for guys too!

AHAVA Mineral Suncare SPF 30 Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizing Spray
Dead Sea Laboratories manufactures a line of suncare products designed to protect skin not only from the harmful rays of the sun that produce sunburn or lead to skin cancer, but also from the damaging aging effects it can produce. I instantly fell in love with AHAVA’s Mineral Suncare SPF 30 Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizing Spray the moment I began to use it. I was immediately attracted to its fresh scent as I took my first dollop of sunscreen.

While it’s decidedly reminiscent of typical sunscreen products, AHAVA mineral skincare offers a light refreshing fragrance that doesn’t overpower one with its scent. Not only foes AHAVA mineral care offer sun protection, but it also offers an anti-aging moisturizer. This feature is the one that first attracted me to this product, protecting my skin from the ravages of the sun. Allowing me to enjoy the outdoors in the brightness of the sun, AHAVA mineral skincare is perfect.

Since it is highly water resistant, it’s a terrific sunscreen for use at the beach or pool side. It’s resistance to water makes this a great family sunscreen. It’s safe for children 6 months and older. Plus, it’s been tested for allergy sensitivity.

Mom’s and Dad’s who are already experiencing signs of aging can put the breaks on new wrinkles cropping up while children and teenagers can use it to prevent wrinkles from starting. AHAVA has created a perfect solution that is creamy to the touch. AHAVA’s Mineral Suncare SPF 30 Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizing Spray glides on without leaving an oily residue, making it a perfect suncare product for those who need to drive or operate outdoor machinery.

AHAVA mineral skincare is a sunscreen offering high UVA/UVB protection, I found it to be quite effective in preventing sunburn each time that I used it including hours of gardening, a 7 mile walk, holiday get-together, and more! As with any sunscreen, I’d recommend putting it on approximately 30 minutes prior to your outdoor activities for the ultimate in protection.

AHAVA Mineral Suncare SPF 30 Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizing Spray

AHAVA Mineral Suncare SPF 15 Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizing Spray
Noted as a moderate UVA/UVB sunscreen, AHAVA Mineral Suncare SPF 15 Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizing Spray is a great product for those who need a little sun protection to enjoy life to the fullest. After all, it’s important to protect our skin if we want our skin to protect us.

Highly water-resistant, this particular product is enhanced with Mineral Skin Osmoter™, a unique combination of Dead Sea Minerals. This blend protects the skin from the sun and diminishes the ravaging effects of sun damage. I was pleasantly surprised with its ability to keep my fair-skin from getting burnt.

One of my favorite aspects of this particular sunscreen product is that it is a spray. I don’t have to cajole and plead with family members to put it on so they are protected from the sun each time they venture outside.

Plus, it’s nice for me as well to use a sunscreen spray when trying to provide my aging skin with a bit of extra anti-aging protection. It’s quick and easy! Plus, it works!

As I’ve edged over the boundary between youthfulness and middle age, I’ve come to an awareness that wrinkles are “my gift” from sun exposure whether I want that gift or not. AHAVA is designed to protect me from premature signs of aging, a fact that I am happy to rely on whenever I use it.

Another of the aspects that I like about this AHAVA sunscreen is the light, fresh scent. Although it’s slightly reminiscent of the beachy sunscreen products, AHAVA is lighter and airier in fragrance. Now, when I come in from the outdoors, I no longer smell like I just stepped in off the beach.

Finally, I’ve come to the conclusion that AHAVA offers quality products that perform according to their boasts. I received excellent sun protection without the greasy residue so apparent with many mainstream sunscreen products. Plus, even if I’m not sure whether it actually diminishes the signs of aging, at least I didn’t get any new wrinkles.

AHAVA Mineral Suncare SPF 15 Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizing Spray is sold in an attractive white container holding 8.5 fl oz. It should be applied to the skin at least thirty minutes prior to going outside, similarly to other sunscreen products.

Sunless Self-Tanning Product Review Guide: Solérra Sunless Tanning

With the fast pace that so many women keep today, it is difficult to keep up with the needs of our skin. Not only do we need to remember to moisturize it and pamper it to a brilliant sheen of healthy glow, but we also need to protect it from the ravages of the sun. Plus, there are those of us who for whatever reason want that look of freshly-tanned bronze beauty.

Fortunately, Solérra offers a brilliant array of wonderful products that amazes and dazzles with its results. Just look at these reviews to discover for yourself why you should indulge in a bit of decadent pleasure while achieving that nicely tanned look.

Solérra Sunless Tanning Science for a Better, Longer-Lasting Sunless Tan
Solérra Sunless Tanning Science products offer a revolutionary method for getting a tan without experiencing the ravaging effects of the sun or harsh treatments. Designed to keep a woman looking beautiful with the perfect blend of sophistication, fun, and luxury, Solérra Sunless Tanning Science products are manufactured with high quality ingredients and a unique Invisicare technology that is safe for both the face and the body. Plus, each one of its products has a light, fresh fragrance that is pleasant yet doesn’t overpower other fragrances that you might want to enjoy.

This treatment option allows women or men to get that suntan look all over without resorting to harsh chemicals, silicones, gels, alcohol, waxes, or any other product intended to create a tan without exposure to the sun. In fact, I’d have to say that I love companies that provide all of the products that I could possibly need for any beauty treatment I want. In the first place, it lets me know that I can expect the same quality from each container that I open. This really makes the experience enjoyable from the very first moment.

Whip It Up With Solérra Sunless Tanning Science Xfoliá Berry Fruit Whip
Solérra Sunless Tanning Science Xfoliá berry fruit whip is an excellent pre-tan body smoother that offers the best ingredients for a gentle exfoliator. Attractively packaged in a golden yellow standable tube with black and magenta-colored lettering, this body smoother offers an opportunity to enjoy a fruity-scented creamy concoction that is designed to cleanse the skin while preparing it for its next round of treatment.

I love the scent and the fact that this body smoothie comes out of the tube smelling and looking almost good enough to eat. Of course, I didn’t eat it at all, though the delicious aroma wafting up from it as it slinked out of the tube tempted me. Another nice facet to this product is that I had plenty of it to use since the package contains 5.5 fluid ounces.

One of the many beneficial facets of Solérra Sunless Tanning Science Xfoliá is that it has been carefully formulated to provide a polished look to a woman’s skin. I’d say that it meets its mark since my skin looked simply glowing with a radiant glistening appearance that was such an improvement from the way it looked before I used it. Solérra’s Sunless Tanning Science xfoliá hydrating moisturizers help to keep the skin soft and supple, while promoting the lasting effects of the sunless tan achieved through the Solérra Sunless Tanning Science sunless silk Advanced Formula Sunless Tanning Lotion. In fact, I immediately noticed how smooth and silky my skin felt after using Solérra Sunless Tanning Science Xfoliá berry fruit whip in the shower.

Since it is designed to condition a woman’s skin to provide the best results with sunless tanning treatments, it is an excellent option for use with Solérra Sunless Tanning Science sunless silk Advanced Formula Sunless Tanning Lotion. In fact, it was fun to use from start to finish.

Common Skincare Ingredients to Avoid Based on Your Complexion and Skin Type

When it comes to preventing the onset of aging, keeping your skin healthy is paramount. For healthy skin, you probably already know various tips on how often to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin, and chances are you might already be taking the right steps to protect your skin from exposure to the sun and its UV rays. But when it comes down to your skincare products and makeup collection, do you have the first clue about what skincare ingredients are safe and which ones you should avoid like the plague?

In this article, Dr. David Bank, Founder and Director of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery and author of Beautiful Skin: Every Woman’s Guide to Looking Her Best at Any Age, offers a helpful overview of which skincare ingredients you should avoid based on your complexion and skin type. Bank also offers general recommendations on skincare ingredients to avoid for people of all complexions and skin types.

Bank notes that different common skincare ingredients may cause a variety of side effects based on your skin type. Women and men both can benefit from learning about which skincare ingredients we should all avoid. Read on for Dr. Bank’s tips on skincare ingredients to avoid when you have sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, and also ingredients to avoid no matter what skin type you have.

If you have sensitive skin and a delicate complexion, Bank shares the following tips on which skincare ingredients to avoid:

Lanolin: “Although a natural wax found in sheep’s wool, even after being refined for cosmetic use some small traces of impurities and toxins such as pesticides may still remain,” Bank says. “Once absorbed in to the body it can cause allergic reactions such as redness, rashes or hives on the skin.”

Fragrance: “Used to improve the smell of products, fragrances are often a mix of hundreds of ingredients,” Bank explains. “While most people can usually tolerate natural essential oil fragrances, synthetic fragrances can cause severe reactions from swelling to itchiness because many labels won’t list the numerous chemicals included in the fragrance.”

Quaternium-15: “A preservative known as a formaldehyde-releasing agent, it’s commonly found in lotions and cleansers and tends to cause the most dermatological reactions,” Bank says. “Symptoms of reactions include itching and severe blistering.”

Those of us with oily skin may find it difficult to locate the right products to help reduce the oil output on our skin. If you have an oily skin type, treat your complexion right by avoiding the following skincare product ingredient, as Dr. Bank suggests.

Mineral Oil: “A derivative of petroleum oil used to lock in moisture may be fine for someone not prone to break-outs, but if you’re acne-prone or have oily skin stay away from this treatment,” Bank says. “This substance is hard to absorb, remaining on the skin clogging pores.”

Skincare Ingredients to Avoid if You Have Dry Skin
Dry skin poses its own set of challenges when searching for products to enhance your complexion. If you have dry skin, avoid the following skincare product ingredients for best results in your dry skin.

Petrolatum and Paraffin Gel (petroleum jelly):
“Commonly found in cosmetics such as lip products, petrolatum creates a barrier ideally used to lock in moisture,” Bank explains. “It’s helpful when there’s moisture to trap, but when used on bone dry skin you actually prevent moisture from entering, causing further dryness.”

Alcohol: “Found commonly in facial toners, this ingredient can have severe drying effects on the dermis, which can cause irritation and swelling on those with dry skin,” Bank notes. “Inflamed skin can also lead to break outs because the pores become clogged.”

Skincare Ingredients to Avoid for All Skin Types
No matter what skin type you have, your complexion can benefit by avoiding the following skincare ingredients, according to Banks.

“Found in some sunscreens to help absorb UVA and UVB rays, this organic compound can penetrate the skin and act as a photosensitizer which can cause free radical damage,” Banks says.

Sunscreen chemicals:
“Some people may also be allergic to chemical sun screening agents,” Banks mentions. “For those people, look for chemical-free sunscreens that use zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to provide broad spectrum protection.”

About the Expert:
Dr. David Bank is Founder and Director of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic and Laser Surgery and author of Beautiful Skin: Every Woman’s Guide to Looking Her Best at Any Age.

“Best of Beauty” Spring and Summer 2009: Bath Salts, Bubble Bath, and Bath Essences

For a glimpse of some of the spring and summer’s hottest bath goodies, check out this guide to bath salts, bubble bath, and bath essences. You can find a fine selection of relaxing products to pamper yourself. Drift away from the stress of the day and relax and enjoy your peace of mind with these delightful bath goodies.

AHAVA Revival Bath Salts in Mandarin-Cedarwood

Sean John “Unforgivable” Bubble Bath for Women

Designed with the pampering of women in mind, Sean John “Unforgivable” Bubble Bath for Women is an excellent bath product that offers both luxury and style. This delightfully bubbly concoction comes in a classy container designed like an elegant bottle of champagne. It is the finest of bubble bath products for the finest of creatures, woman. From its black and gold label to its cork-like top, “Unforgivable” hints at romance and enjoyable pleasures much like the real thing.

As the aromatic scent of Sean John “Unforgivable” Bubble Bath for Women wafted up from the depths of a lightly steaming bath to envelop me in an alluring aura of relaxation and contentment, I was instantly pleased.

The crisp sound when uncapping the bottle offered an instantaneous tingling of my senses as it foretold even greater experiences to come. My expectations were exceeded as I discovered that I did indeed like this particular brand of bubble bath. It appears Sean John Fragrances had done their homework correctly and concocted a sinfully delicious product for pleasuring the olfactory senses along with the bodily ones.

Immersed in sensual gratification, I am instantly reminded of the pleasures that being a woman involves each time I use this product. The delightfully cool scented blend of Lavender, Grapefruit, Italian Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon, Juniper, Clary Sage, and Moroccan Tangerine is perfect, tingly, charming, and enrapturing all at once.

If you try this product, you might discover that it wraps you in a mood of sexiness that unleashes your inner vixen. Try it today and treat yourself to a refreshing, invigorating, and relaxing bath.

SOTHYS Aroma-Sothys Energizing Bath Essences

SOTHYS Aroma-Sothys Energizing bath essencesSOTHYS Aroma-Sothys Energizing bath essences offer a delightful experience of scented bliss in a warm bath environment. Packaged in an attractive box styled in a fading pattern of delicate green with a bold white line featuring the recognizable name of “Sothys” in gold, these delightfully effervescent bath pebbles are a true luxury.

I always enjoy products made in France simply because that’s where they are made. The truth of the matter is that I also really do love the tingling sensation that I get with these energizing bath essences that come in a crisp, clean shade of green.

Some might say that it’s the simple pleasure of taking a hot bath and relaxing that makes me believe these bath pebbles are superior. While it might be true that a bath by any other name is still a bath and will still provide a wonderful rejuvenating experience, I must insist upon the fact that by far, SOTHYS Aroma-Sothys Energizing bath essences is superior to all other products that I have personally tried to date.

If you are wondering just how many products that could be, I’ll let you in on a little secret- the answer to that question is “hundreds.” Whether the bath is one laced with fragrant oils or sizzling with aromatic salts or simply topped with a frothing display of bubbles, I have been in many and have come out with a wide array of instantaneous results.

Today, I treated myself to a mid-morning luxury. I indulged in a bath fragrantly transformed with SOTHYS Aroma-Sothys Energizing bath essences. As I opened one of the individually wrapped tablets, I was instantly struck with the high quality perfumed aroma. Instead of being struck with a cheap fragrance that is so common with certain bath products, my nose met with a strong wisp of a very distinctive scent. I was intrigued, pleased, and delighted all at once. My nose told me that I was about to be pleasantly surprised with the end result and it was correct.

Not only was the bath relaxing, but it was rejuvenating to a point of ebullient energy. I felt like a new woman and smelled pretty too! Okay, enough with the cutesy stuff. I highly recommend this particular bath product to each and every woman or girl reading this. It offers a delightful blend of ingredients including eucalyptus, cardamom, neroli, nutmeg, and thyme.

SOTHYS Aroma-Sothys Energizing bath essences are sold in an attractive green and white box containing ten effervescent pebbles weighing a generous 0.88 ounces each.

AHAVA Revival Bath Salts in Mandarin-Cedarwood

AHAVA Revival Bath Salts are featured in a delicate combination of mandarin and cedarwood fragrances. Packaged in an attractive lime-green/clear container holding 17.5 ounces of scented white crystals, AHAVA’s revival bath salts are the perfect solution to chase away those feelings of tiredness or achy muscles.

Culled from the Dead Seas and carefully scented to provide an instantaneous uplifting effect, this product is a new favorite of mine. I love the way that its fresh fragrance zings my nostrils as I take a whiff from the open container.

AHAVA Revival Bath Salts in Mandarin-CedarwoodNext, I loved luxuriating in its delightfully scented fragrance as it wafted up from the warm waters as I lowered myself in for a nice relaxing soak. With a delicate touch of mandarin and the zing of cedarwood, AHAVA has the perfect combination to relax and revitalize.

The mineral rich salts provide the added bonus of softening my skin as I soak in a bath laced with their invigorating presence. Plus, as my skin softens, its moisture balance is renewed to a better level.

I could feel the tension in my muscles ease as I relaxed in my warm bath, which is great since I have one of those uptight personalities that rarely lets me relax. You know the type- always multi-tasking or having trouble falling asleep thinking about all the tasks left to be done.

I can recommend that if you try AHAVA Revival Bath Salts Mandarin-Cedarwood, you won’t be disappointed.

AHAVA Body Sorbet Caress in Mandarin-Cedarwood

AHAVA Body Sorbet CaressAHAVA Body Sorbet Caress is featured in a mandarin-cedarwood fragrance combination. This body cream-gel is the perfect finishing touch for your skin after a nice long soak in a warm bath laced with AHAVA Revival Bath Salts also fragranced with a mandarin-cedarwood scent. One of the facets to this product that I particularly like is that it is mellow and somewhere in between a thick body cream and a light get. It’s like having the best of both worlds without missing out on any of the benefits.

Since AHAVA uses Dead Sea minerals, chamomile extract, and Aloe Vera leaf juice, this is a healthy product for my skin. It’s rich in both Vitamins E and B5 so it provides an immediate moisturizing effect. It is soothing to the touch and smoothing to the skin. Plus, its ingredients help to fight against free radicals. What more could a gal ask for?

It is definitely not overpowering like oh so many other lotions and body creams. Plus, it doesn’t leave an oily residue that makes me have to resist the urge to wash my hands immediately after applying it. It’s just something nice to use when stepping out of the shower or bath. Plus, its delicate nature makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Attractively packaged in an eye-catching lime-green/clear container holding 12.3 fluid ounces of freshly-scented body cream, AHAVA’s Body Sorbet Caress offers a refreshing, natural scent. Subtle, clean, and neutral in fragrance, it offers a truly nice bouquet that offers an option for men to use this product as well.

I can recommend that if you try AHAVA Body Sorbet Caress in Mandarin-Cedarwood, you won’t be disappointed. It practically melts into my skin when I use it. Find out for yourself and get some today!

Compare and Contrast Product Review – Bath & Body Works Pleasures Sweet Pea Shower Gel vs. Suave Naturals Sweet Pea and Violet Indulgent Body Wash

Suave Sweet Pea & Violet Indulgent Body WashBath & Body Works Pleasures Sweet Pea Shower GelIn case you were wondering, both Bath & Body Works Pleasures Sweet Pea Shower Gel and Suave Naturals Sweet Pea and Violet Indulgent Body Wash offer a delightful aroma of fragrant and flowery sweet pea essences. They are both a lovely shade of pink and also produce a rich and foamy lather to enhance your bathing experience.

Both Bath & Body Works Pleasures Sweet Pea Shower Gel and Suave Naturals Sweet Pea and Violet Indulgent Body Wash offer benefits and a pleasant showering session, from the fragrance to the softness of your skin after the shower. You might notice other similarities about the two shower gel products or you might find that you like one product over the other.

In my experience, I found enough similarities between the two sweet pea shower gel products that I would not necessarily place my loyalties with one over the other, except perhaps if I had to pay full price for the Bath & Body Works product. Then I would more likely spend my money on the Suave equivalent, as there is not a strong enough difference for me personally to want to pay $6 or $7 more for two ounces less of one product over another.

To give you a clear picture of the similarities and differences of both Bath & Body Works Pleasures Sweet Pea Shower Gel and Suave Naturals Sweet Pea and Violet Indulgent Body Wash, I’ve decided to compile some data below. Enjoy the findings! I hope this helps you to decide if you must stick with the name brand or if you are willing to save a few bucks and go with the cheaper product.
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Bath & Body Works Pleasures Sweet Pea Shower Gel

 Bath & Body Works Pleasures Sweet Pea Shower Gel

Suave Naturals Sweet Pea and Violet Indulgent Body Wash

Suave Sweet Pea & Violet Indulgent Body Wash


Purchase at Bath & Body Works stores and at various online merchants.

Purchase at your favorite drugstore, supermarket, mass retailers, or online.


Very pale, clear pink color

Pinker in color than Bath & Body Works, but still transparent


Delightful fragrance – only very slightly muskier than the Suave counterpart.

Bottle notes “Fragrance appeal of Bath & Body Works”… The fragrance of the Suave product seems a bit sweeter to me, but it is just as pleasant and enjoyable.


  • Infused with real sweet violet extract
  • Also contains: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Carica Papaya Fruit Extract.

Infused with sweet pea and violet extracts


Rich and foamy

Rich and foamy


10 oz / 295 mL

12 oz / 355 mL

Type of container

Bottle with screw cap that you press in to release product.

Standing bottle with flip-top lid for pouring / dispensing.

Retail Cost


$2.79 – $4.99

Where to buy:

You can order this product online at Amazon.com.


Get a larger size, 33.8 oz, for $19.99.


You can order this product online at Amazon.com.


In my experience, I found enough similarities between the two sweet pea shower gel products that I would not necessarily place my loyalties with one over the other, except perhaps if I had to pay full price for the Bath & Body Works product. Then I would more likely spend my money on the Suave equivalent, as there is not a strong enough difference for me personally to want to pay $6 or $7 more for two ounces less of one product over another.

Whatever you decide, I am confident that either of these products would make a fine quality bath gel or shower gel, making cleansing a breeze. Enjoy!

Best of Beauty – Spring and Summer 2009 Guide: Body Wash and Lotions

If you’re seeking the hottest new skincare products for spring and summer this year (2009), you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoped out the latest skincare goodies and bring to you the following gems for soft, fresh, clean, and sexy skin this spring and summer.

Johnson’s Body Care

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of using quite a few Johnson’s products from baby care to personal care products. Recently, I had the chance to enjoy two brand new collections of body care products designed specifically for adult women: Johnson’s Body Care 24 Hour Moisturizing Line and Johnson’s Body Care Forever Fresh Refreshing Line. I thoroughly “loved” each one to the point that I definitely will be purchasing replacements when the time arrives unless a few more samples arrive mysteriously upon my doorstep.

Continue reading Best of Beauty – Spring and Summer 2009 Guide: Body Wash and Lotions

Honing in on Healthier Skin

When meeting someone new, most people take notice of the person’s face first. For this and other reasons, maintaining clean, healthy skin is paramount to self-esteem, confidence and even attitude.

Getting healthier skin is not contingent upon high-cost prescription medications or obsessive skin care routines. Modifying your daily routine a tiny bit and upholding disciplined cleansing habits can help to add flawless skin to the list of your best qualities.

Eat healthier…
By avoiding foods that often make your face breakout, your skin will be less oily and more resistant to blemishes. Some problem foods that may cause pimples or breakouts include chocolate and other candy, French fries, fast food, pizza and soft drinks.

To get your skin in better shape, you may not have to give up everything that has negative effects on your skin, but rather, eat those things in moderation. Have greasier foods as a special treat or on rare occasion when eating a healthy, balanced meal is out of the question.

Hydrate and exercise…
Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day coupled with some regular exercise – walking, running, bicycling, engaging in sports – should have a great impact on one’s complexion. Increased blood flow due to aerobic exercise will positively impact one’s complexion with a glowing look to replace dull skin.

Not only will exercise and drinking water help skin tone and texture, but it will also make you feel more energized and great about yourself. By keeping your body in shape, you will feel less stressed and more capable of achieving those things you set out to do.

Monitor sun exposure…
By using a moderate strength sunscreen, you will be protecting your skin from sun damage, skin cancer, aging and premature wrinkles. Too much sun can blister one’s lips, leaving them red, sore and charred. Sunburned skin will eventually peel most times, leaving skin areas blotchy and sensitive. The best approach to preventing sunburn and other sun-caused skin problems is to monitor how much time one spends in the sun and to avoid sun exposure by using sunscreen with SPF 15 or greater.

Practice a regular cleansing routine…
Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize…this daily routine should carry you on your way toward healthier skin. Select a gentle skin cleansing solution that works for your specific type of skin – dry, oily, normal. Using your selected product, cleanse face in a circular motion and rinse with lukewarm water, as hot water zaps skin’s moisture.

Follow the cleansing stage with an exfoliant. A granular product is often especially effective in smoothing rough areas and releasing dead skin cells, allowing the face to be better moisturized.

After the exfoliation process concludes, use a toner or an astringent to tighten skin and remove any makeup or cleanser residue. A nice alternative to a toner or astringent would be doing a facial masque at least once a week, which tackles clogged pores while also firming skin and leaving it soft and silky.

Finally, pat skin dry with a soft towel but do not dry up all the water.

Apply a moisturizer (with or without sunscreen) to help protect skin from dryness. Those who have oily skin do not have to moisturize as often as those who have dry, normal or combination skin.

By following the daily skin care routine along with drinking lots of water, exercising and protecting your skin from sun damage, you should soon notice positive results. Maintaining discipline and adhering to your goal to achieve healthier skin make the actual task at hand so much easier to accomplish.

Protect Your Skin — Tips for Safer Suntans

Heading for the beach? Grab your shades, your towel and your sandals, but don’t forget some sun block even if you are desperate for that golden glow. Studies show that more than one million people will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year, and a strong correlation is linked between those who worship the sun and the disease itself.

Proms, weddings and summer splendor…these three suntan motivators inherently urge women of all ages—and sometimes even men—to strive for a balanced bronzing of the skin. According to scientific research, such a thing as a “healthy tan” does not exist. Tanning is, in essence, the skin’s reaction to damage already done, and a defensive attempt to protect itself from further harm.

The UV (or Ultraviolet) rays are the most threatening component of a natural suntan. Two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB, negatively affect the skin by deeply penetrating our skin and potentially damage gene composition. UVA rays (the predominant type) tend to cause skin cancer after prolonged periods of time. Sunburn and the redness associated with sun exposure result from UVB rays, which are also a strong risk factor for skin cancer. Personal tanning methods available today attempt to eliminate the UV rays from coming in contact with the skin, yet you have to wonder how safe you are when shutting yourself in a tiny tanning booth for 30 minutes at a time!

Salon Tanning Options:
Popularity of tanning beds tends to soar as teens strive for the prom-perfect hue and women of all ages aim to avoid the pasty white complexions they suffered long enough through the winter. Though they are thought to be only slightly more protective than getting a natural tan due to the controlled environment, risks are still associated with tanning beds as the exposure to UV rays is still present.

Did you know there is a recommended allotment of time that one should not exceed in the course of a year when using a tanning bed? According to the British Photodermatology Group (BPG—a branch of the British Association of Dermatologists), one should not surpass 10 sets of 30-minute sessions twice a year, or in other words, 10 hours of exposure per year. I am willing to bet most of us blow ten hours of sun exposure out of the water on each vacation we take!

Natural Tanning Options:
If you simply cannot avoid worshipping the sun on a gorgeous day, consider using sunscreen with a low SPF. This will still allow tanning, but the skin will receive at least a small degree of protection from the powerful rays. Be especially cautious when in or on the water, as the sun may badly burn the skin without any warning signs. Hats and t-shirts can provide a degree of protection when one is enjoying the weather, playing sports or simply relaxing on a nice day.

Some individuals should exercise extreme caution when exposed to the sun, including those with very fair skin, those who burn often or tan poorly, those who have many freckles or moles, those under age 16, and those who have a history of skin cancer themselves or in the family history. Even if these conditions do not apply to you personally, it is still very important to be smart about your own exposure to the sun.

Sunless Self-Tanning Options:

Doubtlessly a safer method of tanning than natural tanning and visits to the salon, self-tanning products have taken leaps and bounds in technology—far beyond the “orange tone” so many worry about experiencing. Self-tanning products come in several forms—lotions, gels, wipes, sprays, and now, even a pill! The pill stimulates the pigment to change without any exposure to the sun, which is actually thought to be a positive preventive alternative to harmful sun exposure.

For those who still enjoy the trip to the salon but don’t feel the need to visit a tanning bed, a new tanning-spray treatment is available at some salons. It is quick, about a 30 second application with instant results. All of these tanning options involve the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA.), which is responsible for the change in skin tone. Many of the products available also contain moisturizers and vitamins to help the skin remain healthy and soft while not exposing the body to any UV rays. Even with an artificially produced tan, it is vital to practice protective measures to prevent sun damage. A simple sunblock will do, in addition to monitoring your exposure to the sun.

No matter which tanning option you settle for if you simply must have that glowing tan, use caution when you bask in the rays at the shore or wherever. Keep these important points in mind whenever you are exposed to the sun for a significant duration of time:

1.    Do your best to avoid falling asleep while tanning. We all know how tempting it is to take that relaxing nap to the sounds of the surf, but you could wake up fried to a painful crisp!

2.    Even if you are determined to go home with some color, try a very low SPF level sunscreen. Something as low as SPF 15 will do more good for your skin than bare exposure!

3.    When you do experience sunburn, keep aloe and cocoa butter on hand. Aloe is known to soothe the skin, while cocoa butter helps in keeping skin soft and smooth while also repairing it and preventing peeling after sun damage.

We all love to sport a beautiful tan as the weather gets nicer and the sun stays out longer, but please be careful in choosing your tanning methods. This piece is meant to bring awareness to the risks of UV exposure and to aid you in your search for a proper tanning procedure. By providing an overall view of the options, this work highlights several tanning procedures that are widely accepted for personal tanning. However, this article should not be used in substitute for the advice of your physician or a medical professional.

Product Review: SoftSoap Spa Radiant Moisture Wrap Body Wash with Essential Oil

SoftSoap Spa Radiant Moisture Wrap Body Wash with Essential Oil delivers a delightful spa-like fragrance that is enticing yet subtle at the same time. The fragrance features light floral notes of and the body wash potion itself soaks in, leaving fresh, soft skin.

The color of the SoftSoap Spa Radiant Moisture Wrap Body Wash is a pretty lilac purple tone with a shimmery sheen and a soft, silky consistency. The body wash itself makes skin soft and smooth with each use, also moisturizing skin rather than drying it out like some types of body wash cleansers.

The SoftSoap Spa Radiant Moisture Wrap Body Wash formula is fortified with essential oils and works with the steam of your shower to lock the moisture into your skin, leaving it soft and smooth and silky. The Moisture Wrap formula is creamy and produces a full and rich lather with lots of soft, soapy bubbles. The lather envelopes your body from head to toe, leaving a soft and sexy fragrance that lingers very lightly even after your shower.

To use this product, simply squeeze a small amount onto your pouf, loofah, or washcloth and lather as much as desired. SoftSoap Spa Radiant Moisture Wrap Body Wash with Essential Oil is gentle enough to use every day and you can even use it as a shaving cream.

The Dermatologist tested SoftSoap Spa Radiant Body Wash is also available in two other Spa Radiant varieties – Exfoliating with Mineral Sea Salts or Purifying with Aromatic Botanicals. SoftSoap Spa Radiant Moisture Wrap Body Wash with Essential Oil retails for between $4.49 and $5.99 for an 18 oz bottle. You can buy SoftSoap Spa Radiant Body Wash in your favorite drugstore, grocery store, or super store / mass retailer.

You can also order SoftSoap Spa Radiant Body Wash online at Amazon.com.

For more information about SoftSoap Spa Radiant Body Wash, visit www.softsoap.com.

Best of SPRING 2009: Shē Essential Beauty Product Review

Imagine – lying in the center of a grassy field… She Essential Beauty Cuticle Butter (Photo Courtesy of She Essential Beauty)gazing at the sky as it blankets you with soft warm breezes and a blissful view of the clouds above. Surrounding you is the sweetened intense aroma of fresh cut lemons and fragranced grass… the aromas are breathtaking and the feeling of serenity comes over you.

This is the feeling that lavished me when I opened a jar of cuticle butter from Shē Essential Beauty {I also received the facial serum, which was no less enchanting than the first experience}. The smells are tantalizing; they grab you the moment you open a bottle (or jar) and whisk you away to unimaginable places… And all of this happens before you’ve even begun to use the product.

Shē Essential Beauty is a formulation that harnesses the healing power of Chinese herbs. It maintains a luxurious smell and touch that triggers a sense of well-being, and again, serenity. Shē is founded by Laura Kauffmann and Beth Hooper (licensed acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists). Together they have created a brand that centers on the concept of “beauty from within.”

She Essential Beauty Cuticle Butter (Photo by Barbara Baker)Shē Essential Beauty products are made from organic and natural ingredients. They are free of *parabens and other *synthetics. They also use recyclable packaging that supports the “green philosophy.”

When you use Shē, you will see substantial transformation in the overall well-being of your mind and body. Shē lines include: balms, toners, scrubs, washing grains, body serums, cuticle and body butters, herbal bath salts, and calming room sprays.

I personally felt a change; all the dry and flaky spots that were visible moments before just seemed to have disappeared; it instantly left my skin feeling soft, vibrant, and rejuvenated. The plus was that aromatic smell; because I added a small drop of the facial serum to my face, I was left smelling the fragrance all day long not to mention the soft silk feeling my skin expressed.

While I won’t go into much detail with every ingredient used to make these products such remarkable products, I will say this – the benefits you get are evident through the testimonials (and by what I’ve noticed in such a short period of time). I simply urge you to see what Shē can do for you.

If you’re looking for products that give you optimum benefits quickly, as well as something that will give you long lasting results, please go to Shē Essential Beauty’s official website and read on. While you’re there, feel free to shop around. There’s plenty to learn and a substantial amount of interesting information about the founders of Shē Essential Beauty along with their philosophy.

She Essential Beauty Facial Serum (Photo Courtesy of She Essential Beauty)The two items I reviewed were:
Facial Serum (ARV of $60.00) = Packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, this facial serum is naturally beneficial to all skin types. Inspired by the beauty regimes of the ancient empresses of China, Shē has blended the highest grade Chinese pearl with nutrient rich oils and silk amino acids for added skin rejuvenation benefits.

She Essential Beauty Cuticle Butter (Photo Courtesy of She Essential Beauty)Lemongrass Cuticle Butter (ARV $15.00) = All-natural butters combined with organic essential oils and Chinese herbs to create a powerful cure for dry damaged cuticles (as a note: I also used this product on my elbows and knees. I instantly felt a smoothness that I didn’t have before).

There are many other products available to shop for, and I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding what you’re looking for.

*Meanings (for your convenience):
Parabens [par*a*ben] = a chemical that mimics the hormone estrogen. Evidence suggests that parabens can play a role in the development of breast tumors. Use: preservative in cosmetics, deodorants, food.

Synthetic [syn*thet*ic] = made artificially by chemical synthesis, especially so as to resemble a natural product.

Award for Uniqueness in Beauty Products for All Needs while Maintaining Company PhilosophyI give an award to Shē Essential Beauty for uniqueness in beauty products as well as producing a product that is suitable for everyone’s needs while standing behind their philosophy.

Best Anytime Grooming Tool for Between Waxings or Whenever – Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe (Spa Edition)

If you are looking for an easy way to keep up with grooming your girl parts, legs, and underarms, look no further than the Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe (spa edition). This personal and totable trimmer and groomer makes it easy to groom your own style down there or take it all off in only moments. Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe is a great blessing for keeping up with your grooming needs while on vacation, on your honeymoon, or even at home in between waxings.Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe (Spa Edition) personal grooming kit

I have to say, I am very pleased with the results I’ve seen using the Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe grooming tool. My favorite grooming attachment of the moment, the epilator head offers hair removal for weeks at a time, and with a considerably less painful method than waxing. I typically use at-home waxing kits for hair removal, but the epilator function of the Bikini Perfect Deluxe won over my heart in so many ways – the epilator process is much quicker, cleaner, and less painful than waxing. It’s yet to be seen if the results last exactly as long as waxing, but so far so good, and quite honestly, the benefits so far are more than enough to sway me.

Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe (Spa Edition) personal grooming kitThe epilator head is also great for removing hair from your underarms. Waxing the underarm area is usually much easier and quicker than waxing the bikini area at home, but with an epilator, the timing to complete the grooming task is slashed incredibly. And the hair-free results last and last. And allow me to reiterate – while some of the attachments are a bit more intimidating than others, this personal grooming product is very easy and gentle on the skin. I did not suffer any nicks, scrapes, or bumps.

If you aren’t entirely comfortable with the idea of the epilator, the Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe also offers five other attachments for grooming your personal areas. The six total grooming attachments include: Precision Trimmer, Micro Shaver, Precision Comb, Micro Trimmer, Epilator, and Eyebrow Comb. The functions performed by each of these grooming attachments are as follows:

Precision Trimmer – Grooms bikini line with precision and comfort.

Micro Shaver – Provides extra smooth and safe hair removal with hypo-allergenic foil.

Precision Comb
– Adjusts to five length settings to ensure even grooming.

Micro Trimmer – Works to shape and define eyebrows or removes a single hair.

Epilator – Removes hair by the root for weeks-long hair-free results.

Eyebrow Comb – Trims entire eyebrow to desired uniform length.

Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe (Spa Edition) personal grooming kitBliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe (Spa Edition) personal grooming kitBliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe (Spa Edition) personal grooming kit
Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe (Spa Edition) personal grooming kitBliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe (Spa Edition) personal grooming kit

The Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe kit also includes a cute aqua blue tote bag for taking your personal grooming kit on trips with you, as well as Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Peeling Pads, Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter, and Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Scrub. With the six attachments, carrying bag, and lotions and potions, this personal grooming kit is a steal at its retail price of $59.99… but you can currently order the Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe online at Amazon.com for $10 cheaper, $49.99 with free Super Saver Shipping.

The Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe HP6378 Spa-At-Home Grooming System is the perfect way to start the spring and summer off on the right foot, but truly, this bikini grooming kit is a blessing and the perfect beauty accessory to keep you in great, hair-free shape all year long. The unit is rechargeable and a single charge lasts longer than needed to complete your grooming on various areas (about 35 minutes per charge). The Bliss-Phillips Bikini Perfect Deluxe is also safe to use both in and out of the shower. It comes with a full two year warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee, but as far as I’m concerned, you will be thrilled with this handy beauty device and its miraculous results.

The Bliss-Phillips Bikini Perfect product line is available in the Bliss catalog, Web site, at spas, and at Sephora, and Ulta for $59.99. Or, you can order it for $49.99 with free shipping at Amazon.com!

Special Offer through 5/31/09 on Amazon.com: Save $10 when you spend $49 or more on select TRESemme Philips and Bliss-Philips appliances sold by Amazon.com. Use the following promotional code when you check out: PHLPSMY9. Offer valid through May 31, 2009.

About Bliss-Phillips:
Bliss, the celebrity beloved spa, and Phillips, the electronic grooming expert, teamed up to offer this convenient personal grooming accessory. For additional information about Bliss-Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe, visit online and check out the fun and interactive site at www.bliss.philips.com.