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Family is the glue that holds our lives together. When it feels like our whole world is about to crumble, our families are there waiting to pick up the pieces and put them back together. Whether you’d like some tips on how to celebrate family events or perhaps a bit of advice on sharing holidays with your in-laws, you’ve come to the right place.Browse through our family section to gather some tips on raising a family and teaching your kids things they need to know in life.

Cool Dog and Puppy Products for Travel

If you are planning to take your pet dog or puppy on a road trip or even in the car for just a short time, you might be surprised at all the interesting and essential products designed just for the … Keep Reading

Children’s Spray Sunscreens – KINeSYS SPF 30 Alcohol-free Spray Sunscreen

Once the season for summer sunshine gets into full swing, it’s nice to have a few reliable sun safety products on hand, especially for children. From strolls along the beach picking up attractive seashells to hours crabbing on the waterways … Keep Reading

How to Get Your Husband or Partner to Pitch in around the House or to Help with the Kids

Sometimes family chores and obligations can seem unbalanced. When this is the case, very often one spouse is doing more work around the house, or handling more responsibilities with the children, than the other spouse. Sometimes this uneven way of … Keep Reading

Tips for Adopting a Puppy, Kitten, Cat, or Dog from a Shelter or Dog Pound instead of Buying a Pet from a Breeder

If you’ve decided to adopt a furry, four-legged friend from a dog pound or shelter, good on you! Millions of homeless pets could really use a good home rather than living out their lives in a shelter… or worse. Rescuing … Keep Reading

The Parvo Chronicles – How Our Puppy Survived the Often Fatal Parvovirus

If you are reading this, you may suspect or know that your dog or puppy has Parvo, aka: Parvovirus. If that is the case, I am very sorry and I encourage you to take your pet to the veterinary hospital … Keep Reading

Hats Off to Dad — Some Creative Gifts to Make Him Smile

Who did you turn to for help when you got your first bike? When you learned how to drive? When you got your first flat tire or had your first car problem? Who scrupulously checked out your boyfriends, and later … Keep Reading

Unique Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas – Cute and Creative Cakes for Any Occasion

For an adorable and edible baby shower centerpiece idea, consider cute and creative cakes or cupcakes. You can order (or make!) super cute baby shower centerpieces with cakes or cupcakes in the colors, shapes, and themes of your baby shower … Keep Reading

Top 10 Suggestions for Fun and Entertaining Activities to Do with Your Grown Children

When it comes to spending time with your children after they’ve grown, the family dynamics often tend to change. You begin to see your sons or daughters and their spouses sometimes as another couple instead of just your own kids. … Keep Reading

Fun with Bendaroos – A Cool Springtime Activity to Do with Your Kids

There’s so much to say about Bendaroos (I don’t even know where to begin)… They bring fun and excitement to any room, windows or wall. Bendaroos are perfect for kids of all ages; they open eyes to the world of … Keep Reading

Fun Easter Activities to Do as a Family; PAAS Easter Egg Dye Kits Review

I’ve always enjoyed crafts that the kids and I can do together. And, no matter what the occasion; family fun is (in my home) always a must. It’s a way for my kids to feel included in whatever it is … Keep Reading

Easter Entertaining Tips for Kids of All Ages – How to Make Gum Pops

Every time Easter is close to hopping into our days, the kids and I like to find ways to keep us entertained. If the craft involves something that will be edible afterwards, than that’s even better. After all, who doesn’t … Keep Reading

Puppy Love: Socializing a New Puppy, and Dating with Dogs

Cute, cuddly and completely adorable, even the smartest, most lovable puppies have a lot to learn about the world and their surroundings. From the time they are first born, puppies have their littermates and mommas to keep them company and … Keep Reading

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