21 Wonderful Ways to Flirt and Show Your Love

If you want to show your significant other how much you care, you don’t need to think too long or too hard. Here are some fun and flirty, sweet, and romantic things you can do to to express your feelings. Flirt with your honey, show your love, and let your sensual side show with these 21 romantic gestures!

1. Leave little love notes or piles of candy when you visit each other. Stash them away where your honey will be sure to find them, whether in the car, under his/her pillow or in a travel bag.

2. Call just because you are thinking of him or her… leave a cute message in the voicemail or send a text message with a sweet or seductive meaning. If you prefer to leave a message as opposed to talking, call when you know he or she is unavailable so a little something sweet is waiting upon return to the cell phone, home or office.

3. Send an email, or better yet, get old-fashioned and send a letter or a card through the mail to express your love. After all, who doesn’t love getting mail (well, except for bills!) as a surprise?

4. When you are getting together for an evening or even for just a few minutes, pick up his or her favorite treat or snack, a specialty coffee or dessert as a sweet surprise. If you are going to rent a movie or spend some quiet time at home, get a few snacks to enjoy with a flick or some television.

5. Speaking of renting movies, surprise your sweetheart with a movie you pick out that you know he or she would really enjoy. I often have a difficult time making up my mind about which movie to rent, so it would definitely be a huge – but much appreciated – step if I brought one over that I knew he would like.

6. You know those sweet things you think of when you are together or just thinking about your honey? Well, next time a thought pops in your mind, voice it! Girls especially love to know what wonderful things go on in the inner workings of their guys’ minds, so chances are, guys may also enjoy a few catch phrases.

7. When you spend time together, help each other out with chores to free up more time to spend together. Sometimes lending a hand can even be fun when you are both working together.

8. Swap massages, or simply give your partner a massage if you get the idea that he or she has had a long day. Foot massages and back rubs can do wonders for relaxing people and alleviating stress. Many males seem to enjoy having their backs gently scratched or rubbed softly as a means of helping them to relax.

9. Bring home take-out from a favorite dining establishment after a long day so the two of you can enjoy some food in the comfort of your own home. It isn’t quite as romantic as cooking it yourself, but it is definitely a nice gesture.

10. Pick wildflowers or give a single rose or carnation for no reason. I even found a four-leaf clover once to give to my sweetheart.

12. Do something you may not want to, simply because it is important to him or her. This can be anything from attending a show or an event to doing a chore, giving up a bad habit or just trying something new. Find out what is important to him or her if you don’t already know, and make it happen.

13. Spend time with his or her family. The seriousness of a relationship can sometimes be gauged by how one interacts with his or her partner’s family. Spending time at your honey’s family’s home can also serve to strengthen your relationship.

14. Spend extra time getting ready — dress up or wear something that you know your sweetheart loves to see on you.

15. Snuggle up and take a nap together. There is nothing quite like falling asleep and waking up in the arms of the one you love….

16. Play romantic music and dance together. Slowly dancing around the room to a favorite song can mean so much more when it is completely unexpected.

17. Go on a picnic! Gather your favorite foods, drinks and desserts, a comfortable blanket and some utensils, plates, cups and napkins and head out for the park on a beautiful day. Go for a walk in the park while you are there and enjoy all of the nature around you.

18. Carry his or her photo in your wallet. Keep your sweetie present at all times by putting a photo of him/her or the two of you together in your wallet, at work, in your car or wherever you think you would most like to see it.

19. Bring your sweetheart to visit places you came to know and love in your childhood. Parks, playgrounds, the zoo, pumpkin patches, museums, amusement parks, beaches, boardwalks and any other attractions that you enjoyed as a child can bring back happy memories to share with your significant other.

20. Share your daydreams. Whatever makes your heart soar at thoughts of the future, consider sharing those ideas with your special one. Daydreaming together can be a very romantic and emotional experience, whether it is fully in jest or in a degree of serious contemplation.

21. Spray a little bit of your perfume or cologne on his or her pillow. You will be on each other’s minds to begin with, but the lingering scent after you have gone separate ways for the night will bring sweeter dreams than usual.

How Smart Is Your Dog?

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but have you ever tested your dog to find out his or her IQ? Just because your dog knows how to sit, beg, or roll over doesn’t make your pooch the smartest pup on the block. Flipping treats off the nose is child’s play… just wait till you put your dog to the true test!

Golden Retrievers (Courtesy of morgueFile)

Dog intelligence can be broken down into problem-solving skills, learning, and thinking, as well as the ability and eagerness to learn and obey commands. Another way to determine a dog’s intelligence may involve teaching the pet a variety of spoken commands, such as sit, speak, beg, lie down, roll over, and shake.

“Studies have shown that some breeds tend to score better on dog IQ tests than others,” says Pooch IQ co-creator Stacy Stubblefield on the company Web site. “However, this may or may not be due to a higher overall intelligence for these breeds. In the past, each breed was bred to exhibit certain characteristics, such as hunting or herding abilities.

“Because of this, some breeds tend to be better at listening, paying attention, and learning new things. These breeds may score higher on an IQ test simply because they are more alert and attentive. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean they are more intelligent than other dogs. When we designed our IQ kit, we made every attempt to standardize the test so that all dog breeds start on a level playing field.”

Web sites and resources tend to agree on a list of dog breeds that really make the charts for intelligence. Border collies are often recognized as top dog for their supreme intelligence and their desire to have a job and please their owners. Other dogs rating in the top ten for smarts include poodles, German shepherds, golden retrievers, Doberman pinschers, Shetland sheepdogs, Labrador retrievers, Papillons, Rottweilers, and Australian cattle dogs.

Just because these breeds are recognized as the smartest 10 dog breeds in the world doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll always be on top of their game for the IQ test. Your dog may be a beagle or basset hound or another breed, and he or she may perform well despite not making the top ten list for intelligence.

Stubblefield adds that a pooch’s poor performance on the IQ test doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is lacking in smarts. She suggests that the dog may be having a rough day or may not be hungry enough to desire treats and snacks.Border Collie (Photo courtesy of Mary R. Vogt, morgueFile.com)

“No matter what, a low score on the IQ test isn’t an indicator of the quality of your dog. As long as you have a pooch that makes you happy, his/her intelligence shouldn’t really matter.”

The Pooch IQ kit is designed to challenge dogs and to test their attention and their thought processes. Some of the skills that the Pooch IQ test tracks are the dog’s abilities in problem-solving, recognizing similarities, learning from experience, short-term memory skills, persistence, and recognizing patterns.

Dogs get to play with toys and enjoy treats, which offers a helpful element of positive reinforcement to the test. According to many psychology based studies, positive reinforcement shows strong correlation to effective learning and development.

You can give your dog the Pooch IQ test or you can work with your dog on vocabulary and commands to enhance listening and understanding. In addition to your dog’s natural intelligence, you can work with him or her to improve various skills.

The Pooch IQ Kit retails for $49.99. The set includes toys, puzzles, props, and a book containing 15 fun exercises for dogs and their owners to determine the Pooch IQ Score. For more information, visit Pooch IQ on the Web at www.poochiq.com.

The Journey to My First Mother’s Day: A List of Miracles – by Tonneka Dawson

SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway Entry!Here Tonneka Dawson shares an exciting journey from DINK to mommy, peppered by trials and tribulations along the way. Keep a box of tissues nearby when you read her gripping story! Please read this story and rate it to help us determine a winner for our Mother’s Day SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway! Editor’s Note: This contest has already concluded. Keep checking for new contests!

I am blessed with two wonderful parents who have been married 39 years, are adventurous, thoughtful, successful and happily retired. Sounds like they’ve got it all but one thing was missing for them and that was being grandparents! Turns out that myself and my one and only sibling fell into the DINK category (double income household). We had goals to build our careers, be financially stable and just be married with no dependants forever. We also had preexisting knowledge that getting pregnant would be difficult hence the hesitation to even try. Imagine how crushed my mom was at the thought of both of her children not being able to give her?

Last year at Christmas time, to our surprise, my brother and his wife announced they were pregnant. At the same time, my husband and I had our own secret under our hats. We were pregnant too! Could this really be happening? Two couples told that they may never have children were now pregnant with babies only 6 weeks apart?!? It had to be a miracle.

We celebrated Mother’s Day last year with an entirely different perspective. My sister-in-law and I were showered with “Mother-to-be” cards and gifts and were amazed at the thought that next year we’d have babes in arms. We were already being welcomed into the parenting club! We wished we could have all been together for Mother’s Day, but unfortunately my brother and sister-in-law had been living in California the past two years. We all missed each other terribly and wanted so badly to be going through pregnancy together.

Just weeks after Mother’s day my dad was diagnosed with Stage III cancer. It was the most difficult thing I’d really gone through. Having a very close relationship with my parents and being the only one in close proximity meant being a support for them but carrying incredible fear for what my dad was about to go through. I was also trying to be a wife, perform at my job, and have a healthy pregnancy. How could these two miracles come into our lives and then have something like cancer ruin it? My parents who so wanted grandchildren and envisioned camping adventures with the kids, babysitting, and family get-togethers were now restricted to thinking only about making it through the next day of chemo or radiation.

At first, I thought it was so unfair that during the happiest time of our lives, my mom and dad have to be going through the most difficult time of theirs. Amazingly enough, all of his chemo was while I was on maternity leave. That meant I got to be with him during the worst part of his treatment. My little angel-baby lifted his spirits and helped him have laser focus on getting through it – a reason to fight! The timing had to be a miracle!

Just after my niece was born in California and my son was born in Washington, my brother’s company had a re-org. He was offered a new job, back in the Seattle area. Another crazy miracle! They moved after the first of the year and live in the neighborhood just across from ours. The babies play, we go on walks and cherish all of the quick, drop-in moments that we always hoped we’d have. This is what I pictured for my first year of being a mother. All the family together, dad’s treatment all done with and going on our way with busy schedules and worrying about smaller things like “did the baby poop today?”

Unfortunately though, my husband and I did have bigger things to worry about with our son. He was born with a congenital heart defect called VSD. He was diagnosed immediately after birth with having a large hole in his heart. Since he was born he has been monitored every 3 weeks by cardiologists and we knew that open heart surgery was eminent. Our family and friends took us into their arms and assured us that our baby would survive. And he did! He is thriving and healthy with a handsome scar spanning his tiny little chest. He was only 6 months old when I watched him be taken away as this untouched, beautiful baby to come back to me in ICU on life support and with a gamete of tubes coming from all over his body. I thought being a mom was going to be so easy? What’s this all about – I thought I’d have a blissful pregnancy, swift delivery, and a healthy little monster running my life. That is not at all what it’s like.

My husband and I requested the recording of his surgery. We were so curious and interested in what our son had to endure. We watched it with such amazement. I was overcome with emotion, not because it was graphic and too much to take in, but because I was able to watch the very moment in which my son’s life was saved. That was a miracle.

I know that my journey to my first Mother’s Day is out of the ordinary and I believe many things happen for a reason. My list of miracles, good and bad, were put in my path to teach me about being a child, being myself, and being a mother. My miracles taught me that parenting advice and experiences you read about in a magazine will never really equate to what you’ve gone through but that it’s the individual miracles, if you choose to look at them that way, that build you up to be the person that you are.

This Mother’s Day I will savor all of my miracles. My experience during pregnancy, dad’s cancer (now in remission – hurray!), my brother and sister-in-law coming home, my son being born and born again with his surgery and most of all, that every day I get to be a MOM.

How to Spoil Your Kids without Spoiling Them – by Barbara Baker

SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway Entry!Here Barbara Baker shares thoughtful tips on how to spoil your kids with love. Please read this story and rate it to help us determine a winner for our Mother’s Day SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway! Editor’s Note: This contest has already concluded. Keep checking for new contests!

I am a mother of three wonderful human beings and am very proud of them. I am a spoiler when it comes to giving them all the love and attention they need. I am not, however, a spoiler in nonessential items. My husband and I are always tight for money and can never buy our kids what they want (especially during the holidays), but we try and let them know through love and communication that there is much more than inanimate objects to keep you happy in life.

I am a firm believer of working hard for your money and will work at instilling that in my kids. Giving them everything that they want from the beginning is not going to ensure this.

Our kids need stability and reason in life, but allowing them to live lavishly does not introduce them to heartbreak (which they will go through) and some setbacks that come with growing up. It is important to teach values as well as injustices. I believe that we need to talk to our kids rather than yell, talk and reason with them rather than ignore, and most of all, love them unconditionally without making them feel like they have to do something special in order to get that.

You don’t need to reward them with items every time they do something grand… reach down and HUG your child and tell them how wonderful they are and how well they did. Forget taking them to the malls, restaurants, and toy stores…reward them with more quality time; reward them with more hugs and kisses.

Love is the only thing free that can give them the affection one needs to flourish in life…not unnecessary items that will break in a few hours or days. Those things go away but do nothing for their self worth. Granted it might make them want more in life, but what about the emotional connection they may miss.

It takes more energy to take them out to get ice cream (not counting the calories you just gained by doing so) than it does to sit down, put them on your lap, and read them a great book. Love is very much needed in our lives…spoiling our kids with that love is an addiction I can’t live without.

How to Be a Mother – by Diane Roscoe

SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway Entry!Here Diane Roscoe shares what it means to be a mother. Please read this story and rate it to help us determine a winner for our Mother’s Day SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway! Editor’s Note: This contest has already concluded. Keep checking for new contests!

It would be so easy if each of us came into this world at birth with our own personalized instructions telling our mothers exactly what to do when we cry, how to treat us when we are sick or scared, and what to allow us to do-and not to do throughout our lives to avoid getting hurt or in trouble.

Think of the broken hearts, stitches, tears and grey hairs that could be avoided in life! But it’s not that easy. Mothers are only human, and we can’t know what the future holds for any of our children. All we can do is bring them into this world because we want them, and then prove to them that we do want them throughout their lives.

No child asks to be born – it’s a mother’s choice to have a child, so in doing so, she should make up her mind to be the best mother possible.

And the best mom possible works full-time. And she stays at home all day. She breastfeeds. And she only gives her baby formula. She sends her child to daycare, and she stays home with her child all day long. She takes her child to all sorts of activities, and she is content just rolling around in the grass with her child each day.

Being a mom isn’t one specific thing… you can be a mom and still be crazy, or sexy, or funny, or quiet. You can still have friends and go to parties and have girlfriends to hang out with. Being a mom doesn’t change the person you are…it only makes you more aware of what really matters to you in life.

Sure you can still go out to a party and have fun, but you get to a point where you know that there’s a sweet little life at home waiting for you, so you don’t want to BE at that party for too long. You can dress in a slinky dress and have someone tell you how incredible you look, and yes, that feels terrific, but when your little 10-month old looks you in the eye and gives you a sloppy, but genuine real kiss, how could you possibly even care what you are wearing!

You can know all there is about fashion and design, but when your 15-year-old says “let’s go shopping together,” you feel as if you had been given a miraculous gift!

Each of us who are moms are moms in different ways…some of it good, some of it maybe not the best in the eyes of others – or worse yet, in the eyes of our child. But again – we are only human. And there are times, I think, when our children don’t understand that. But all we can do is love our children, and to let them know that we do love them and that we are each going through this thing called life without any kind of instructions. We are all learning from our mistakes – and our triumphs, but no matter what we go through, we have one another to share it with.

To be a mother, you have to just be who you are…someone who really, truly cares about the life that you chose to bring into this world…and to let that life know that it is truly wanted.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day with your Mom or Mother – by Carolyn Correira

SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway Entry!Here Carolyn Correira offers sentiments, warm thoughts, and tips to celebrate with moms and mothers and her own mom who lives far away. Please read this story and rate it to help us determine a winner for our Mother’s Day SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway! Editor’s Note: This contest has already concluded. Keep checking for new contests!

You should definitely make her day with flowers and candy or a piece of jewelry. Mother’s Day should be her day to relax and feel loved. Cards are a very important part of Mother’s Day because you pick the one that best suits your relationship you have with her. Every day should be Mother’s Day because she is the most special person in your life and she should feel appreciated for all she does and has done. God Bless Mother and Mom.

I think that everyone can call their mother and mom on Mother’s Day and let her know just how much they love her and that they hope she has a wonderful day. It is hard when you are grownup to be able to visit as much, but if you take at least 5 minutes daily or weekly or on the weekends to let her know you are thinking of her, that would make her feel so much better.

You only have one mother or mom so make sure that you let her know how special she is today and always. Without your mother or mom in your life, it just isn’t the same. She is the one with wisdom and has the heart for caring. If your mother or mom has passed away, then you have a special Guardian Angel ^A^ watching over you and your family.

When you get older you start to sound like your mom or mother and that is a good thing. Mothers are only there to protect and guide you and help your journey in life to not be so hard. God made mothers special because they always have a special place in our hearts. If you are from a big family, then get your mother or mom the special jewelry with each birthstone so she has all her children with her, and if she has grandchildren, then the necklaces with their adorable faces are always on display.


Take care of mom because she has always taken care of you. I miss my mom because she is in Texas, but she is always in my heart and prayers. I am smiling now just thinking of her. I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, and hoping you know how special all of you are.

Take care of yourself and make sure to pamper yourself. Keeping all of you in my thoughts, prayers, and heart. Thanks for the giveaway and if I win you know this is going to my mom. 😉

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day for the Mother who has Passed Away – by Hazel Wilcox

SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway Entry!Here Hazel Wilcox shares heartfelt advice for celebrating Mother’s Day in honor of the mother who has passed away. Please read this story and rate it to help us determine a winner for our Mother’s Day SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway! Editor’s Note: This contest has already concluded. Keep checking for new contests!

Holidays can be extremely difficult for the child who has lost a parent. Take Mother’s Day for instance…how does one show respect for this holiday when the mother has already passed away? The answer is simple: Celebrate! There is no need to stop celebrating a special day simply because the guest of honor is not present. After all, this is the perfect time to create memories of your loved ones for the people that miss them just as much or for those little ones who never had the opportunity to meet them. Below are some examples of ways to show your respect:

The Balloon Message: Get balloons for each member of the family. Have them write a letter to them on one page of a notebook. Let them write whatever they wish, and when they are done, fold it up and use a hole puncher to put a small hole on one corner. Thread the balloon’s string through the hole. Tie securely. At the same time, (be sure to space apart), everyone lets loose their balloon and the letters of love float to heaven to their loved one!

The Family Recipe: Take one of your loved one’s signature dishes and create a copy of the recipe. Pack all the ingredients in a basket and give away at special occassions where the loved one cannot be present, such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, etc. This way they have the recipe to carry on, and the ingredients to make their first batch!

The Picture Collage: On special holidays, such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, get together with your siblings and make a picture collage of all the times shared with your loved one. Make them on a scrapbook page that can be put into an album (copies of photos work well here). Each year, have a get-together on that occassion. Add the pictures taken at the last get-together to a new photo page. Continue the tradition each year.

The Birthday Bash: Each year on the loved one’s birthday, hold the biggest and best party of the year! Put out pictures of your loved one and celebrate as if they were there. Have a special time to remember and talk about your loved one!


With a little creativity, celebrating holidays and special times will not be so hard, and the younger generation will come to love your passed family members just as much as you did, as they will understand how big a part they played in your life.

The Very Best Way to Celebrate Mother’s Day – by Don Schraier

SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway Entry!Here Don Schraier shares thoughts and memories of his mom and tips on how he and his wife will spend Mother’s Day with her mother. Please read this story and rate it to help us determine a winner for our Mother’s Day SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway! Editor’s Note: This contest has already concluded. Keep checking for new contests!

The very best way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to have a mother. Since mine is no longer around, I make sure my wife’s Mother’s Day is a good one. This year we’re going to Portland where her family is so she can see and catch up on everything.

We’ll have a car and drive around to all the places she wants to see again and stop wherever she wants to, and maybe pick up a present or two along the way. We’ll have a big family barbeque and also a couple of small restaurant gatherings. This isn’t 300 words but the rest will be in great conversations about whatever she wants to talk about….

The thing I remember most about my mother was that she could prove any abstract theory by something she heard over the backyard fence about somebody. If it happened to someone she heard about, it proved a general truth that covered all the questions since Aristotle.

She was of that subservient generation where the man was the boss of the house, but she really ran everything and made all the decisions. Salome couldn’t have done it better. My mother lived with severe back pain for a number of years without complaint and preferred chocolate-covered cherries to any meal.


Whatever shortcomings I thought I had come up with about my parents when I was in school were overcome by her absolute kindness and generosity. How she put up with my father and me all those years is a mystery better than The Bermuda Triangle, and really, she kept us afloat in some very trying times. I have three children now and my wife has two children, but I don’t think either one of can compare to the solid wisdom of that generation, no matter how many how-to books we have today.

How to Plan the Best Mother’s Day for Your Mother – by Susan M. Keenan

SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway Entry!Here Susan M. Keenan shares tips for How to Plan the Best Mother’s Day. Please read this story and rate it to help us determine a winner for our Mother’s Day SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway! Editor’s Note: This contest has already concluded. Keep checking for new contests!

Planning the perfect mother’s day celebration is a simple task that requires only three facets: a bit of creativity, a touch of coordination, and a smattering of love. Once you combine all three of these ingredients, you will be on your way to the perfect way to honor the mother who holds a special place in your heart.

The most important concept to keep in mind is that this day is not about what you want or what you like. Instead, this day is about the opportunity to show your mother how important she is to you, how much you love her, and how much you respect her as a person. This doesn’t need to include a physical gift that your mother unwraps, but instead, it can involve time spent together enjoying each other’s company.

If your mother has more than one child, coordinate the plans to include everyone. This way, no one is left out and your mother can enjoy the company of each of her children and grandchildren. Instead of inviting everyone to your home or dropping in to visit your mother, why not select a place for everyone to gather that also includes one of your mother’s favorite activities, foods, events, or locations?

For example, if your mother is fond of gardens and all of the lovely accoutrements that go with them, arrange to take her to a garden show, public garden, or similar location that features a garden area as one of its special exhibits. Arrange to have brunch there, take a few photos as mementoes, and purchase a few flowers if they are available for sale. Other suggestions for locales that might create a memorable Mother’s Day afternoon include zoos, the circus, museums, antique marts, historical sites, and the theater.

Additionally, if your mother is up in years and getting out of her home has become difficult, arrange for an afternoon of shopping. Visit stores that your mother enjoys and purchase the items that she selects. In fact, you can arrange a few home repairs or decorating changes and hire someone to apply a few fresh coats of paint, wallpaper a room or two, or dig out one of those overgrown bushes in her front yard.

Instead of a Mother’s Day card, you can arrange for all of her children, spouses, and grandchildren to get together and have a portrait taken. Tell her that everyone’s smiling face is the signature on her card. Take this idea a step further and arrange to have a jigsaw puzzle, tee shirt, or mouse pad created from a photograph that includes each of your mother’s special people.

Of course, an old-fashioned picnic in her yard, the local park, or in her home is a wonderful idea that might bring back a few fond memories. Pack a lovely picnic basket full of surprises that she can discover as you help her to unpack it. Similarly, there’s no one quite like your mother, so why not show her a special time this Mother’s Day?

My Mother’s Day – by Sarah Howe

SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway Entry!Here is a heartfelt expression of Sarah Howe’s relationship with her mother, and a number of things she plans to share with her mom on Mother’s Day. Please read this story and rate it to help us determine a winner for our Mother’s Day SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway! Editor’s Note: This contest has already concluded. Keep checking for new contests!

My mother was not always there when I needed her growing up. On Mother’s Day I will forget this and remember that she too was growing. I will put aside all of the things we disagree on and put forth all of the times we laughed together.

I can’t stand shopping with my mother, but I would buy her the world if I could. We usually argue over everything; today, however, we will agree on how far we’ve come. Growing up she struggled with money, jobs, and relationships, making as many mistakes as possible. Now we both live our lives with grace and ease, still making mistakes here and there, but had I not learned from her, I would not have come this far.

On Mother’s Day I will give thanks to my mother for clearing the path for me; through every struggle and every hardship. I will grow with her, laugh with her, shop with her, and learn with her and from her. I will listen to her and maybe cry with her. She is my mother. She is the reason I’m here. Even if she hasn’t been the best parent to me, I am a better person because of her.


On Mother’s Day I will tell my mother how beautiful I think she is, inside and out. I will say that I’m sorry if I ever took her for granted. I will tell her she’s one of my best friends and that we should get together more often. I will forgive and forget every mistake she made. I will cherish every memory of when it was just the two of us. I know that mothers don’t always know what’s best, but that they learn it along the way. I am happy to have been with her along for the ride. On Mother’s Day I will be her daughter. I will love my Mother. I will tell her all of this.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day – by Robyn Fago

SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway Entry!Here are some tips for how to celebrate Mother’s Day by contest entrant Robyn Fago. Please read this story and rate it to help us determine a winner for our Mother’s Day SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player Giveaway! Editor’s Note: This contest has already concluded. Keep checking for new contests!

I feel Mother’s Day should be celebrated with people that love each other. In some cases like one of my dear friends, she had lost her mother many years ago. My heart goes out to her. Happy Mother’s Day – she now has a beautiful son. That is a great Mother’s Day!

Well, my mother is a wonderful woman, as my mother-in-law is, too. And I am a mom now, too. The feelings I get when I watch my mother spending time with my son are just so warm and delightful. My son is the best thing in the world. I feel that Mother’s Day should be spent and celebrated with people who bring you up, and give you strength, hope, advice, love, sincerity – the people that give you life.

Spend time with someone who is your mother, someone like your mother or someone who is just motherly. A mother is someone who has so much responsibility and patience. A mother should be rewarded with endless smiles and love from their great grandchildren, their grandchildren, children, and they should be honored for the love and strength they have provided us every day in so many ways.

So whether it is your mom, my mom, or anyone’s mom, spend time just being thankful for who created you and what you created; a beautiful family. As long as you keep the love in your heart. No matter what you decide to do on Mother’s Day, the most important thing is that you are good to yourself and to others. Take a fresh breath of air, smile, and give yourself credit – and honor yourself cause it is your Mother’s Day, too.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

P. S.
Mother’s Day is also a great time to stay home and eat hamburgers and hot dogs!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Unique Presents for Mom

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Mom can be quite the daunting task. In the interests of avoiding yet another picture frame or coffee mug, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of unique gifts for the mothers in your life.Wifeville t-shirt - a unique pick (www.wifeville.com) Choose the theme of your gift and get started on your hunt for the perfect present – whether you’re looking for something fun, sentimental, functional, or completely luxurious. Now let’s get started!

For Moms on the Go, or Going Green

CellKeeper Caddie – Great for active people and those who’ve always got a place to go or people to see, this hip and stylish phone pouch offers a multifunctional solution to the everyday need for toting technology. Wear CellKeeper across your body or around your waist. The caddie can hold everything from your cell phone or BlacKBerry / PDA to your iPod or MP3 player. Some small cameras also make a good fit! CellKeeper is available in original, professional, and sport styles. CellKeeper Caddies also feature an adjustable halter strap that makes toting your cell phone or small personal electronic item a breeze.

CellKeeper SportCellKeeper Professional and the CellKeeper Original offer different fabric textures and color choices. CellKeeper Sport offers a washable and reflective design, boasting attractive gray and black coloring with orange trim. It is ideal for iPods and small digital cameras. I had the joy of testing out this item for my gift guide, and it is a truly lovely carrying case for a cell phone, MP3 player, or camera. The case is soft and perfect for going to the amusement park, the zoo, embarking on a hike, or doing any number of other fun outdoor activities. I love the orange detailing and soft gray fabric, as well as the small compartments and thoughtful accommodations for cash, change, credit cards, and my all-time favorite item to tote, lip gloss! For more information, visit CellKeeper on the Web at http://www.cellkeeper.com.

Cost: $29.99

Cool Factor: This item is especially great for multitasking moms, with its wallet caddie with snap closure, lip gloss or pen sleeve, ID window, key hook, zippered internal coin pocket, cash pocket, credit card sleeves, and expandable snap closure.


little green bag (Two Green Moms Shopping Tote)Two Green Moms Shopping Totes – In case you haven’t heard, “Green” is the new black. Protecting our environment and recycling, reducing, and reusing are key themes all acoss the nation. For those environmentally aware moms out there, “Girls Gone Green” and “little green bag” shopping totes make a great companion for a trip to the supermaket. They’re an awesome anytime alternative to those flimsy, annoying plastic bags that tend to collect in excess in our homes.

Two Green Moms founders Mandi DuPuy and Jill Clark offer their stylish shopping bags in blue with “Girls Gone Green” design or a green bag with “little green bag” design. They’re available in both insulated and non-insulated styles. The totes are slightly larger than a standard brown paper bag, and their straps fit comfortably over the shoulder. For more information, visit on the Web at http://www.twogreenmoms.com.

Cost: Prices range from $3.25 for a single tote to $29.99 for a pack of ten.

Cool Factor: Not only are the shopping totes reusable, but they are actually crafted from recyclable materials!

Fresh Wave Natural Odor Neutralizing Candles – Fresh Wave kitchen candles and travel candles are all-natural and bursting with delightful fragrances. These “green” products are biodegradable and non-toxic. Fresh Wave CandlesThey feature enticing ingredients such as extracts of soy, lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove, and cedar wood. Offer Mom a truly organic experience with a variety of fragrant candles that will surely make her kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, or other area smell incredible!

The candles are available in a 6.25 oz. recyclable travel tin or a 7 oz. lovely frosted glass jar (kitchen candle). Each soy candle delivers between 30 and 40 hours of fragrant burn time. While you may not want to give Mom odor neutralizers by themselves, just think of what a neat gift basket you could create with a couple of candles, a good book, some chocolates, and a bottle of bubble bath! To learn more about Fresh Wave candles and odor eliminating products, visit on the Web at http://www.fresh-wave.com.

Cost: $13.95 for the travel candle or $18.00 for the kitchen candle.

Cool Factor: Don’t be fooled by their dainty and elegant appearance. These candles are downright aggressive when it comes to eliminating cooking smells and general household odors! Simply burn the candles during and after food prep to rid the smell of fish, onions, garlic, curry – the works.


Life Fitness Believe in You ActiveStep Premium Digital Pedometer – For moms who are constantly in motion, consider this great gift that will keep her posted on her steps, aerobic steps, calories, and distance. It has a seven-day history so mom can keep track of her progress and increase or decrease her workouts accordingly. The clock shows both the time of day and the amount of time spent on aerobic walking.

The pedometer comes with a security strap that allows it to attach to clothing securely, as well as a strong clip for attaching. It also has a large screen display that resets itself at midnight to prepare for the next day’s activity. The battery is easy to install and remove, and the device is just as easy to use. This digital pedometer would also make a great gift for the mom who wants to spend more time exercising but just never has enough time in her day. It would be a great motivator and it’s lightweight, stylish, and easy to use. This item is available exclusively at CVS pharmacy.

Cost: Affordable

Cool Factor: This handy pedometer has a dual acceleration sensor that allows it to work even while it’s in mom’s pocket or purse!

Good Reads

Holding Her Head High, By Janine Turner – Dazzling actress Janine Turner chronicles her own experiences and those of 12 single moms who surmounted trials and tribulations to triumph and raise successful, influential children. Her accounts span from the Roman Empire to the twentieth century, touching upon key themes such as Dare to dream, Heal with humor, and Hold your head high.

Cost: The book retails for $22.99 US. ($15.63 on Amazon.com!)

Cool Factor: The pages cover all kinds of single mothers with intensely inspirational tales, from an enterprising widow who raised her youngins’ by herself while working away in a man’s business world, to mothers in the times of slavery who battled against all odds to provide a better life for their children.

Vintage Vavoom: Romantic Decorating with One-of-a-Kind Finds, By The Editors of Romantic Homes Magazine – This book is a great resource for moms who like to keep a special place in their hearts and homes for past memories and family heirlooms. The beautiful book features more than 200 full-color pages of tips and suggestions for timeless decorating and unique personal touches. Some of the top tips mom will learn include: determining the value of a piece of furniture or home accessory, creating themes, adding in elements from Mother Nature, gathering inspiration from window-shopping, and more.

The gorgeous photos throughout the book’s pages depict countless romantic settings, from seductive soaking tubs draped in wispy sheers to picturesque fairytale garden scenes seemingly straight out of “The Secret Garden.” The colors, textures, shapes, and styles are enough to make any woman want to call out sick and play hooky to dress up her own home in a truly romantic fashion. I look forward to adopting some of these lovely decorating suggestions as my own.

Cost: $35.00 US, $44.00 CAN. ($22.75 on Amazon.com!)

Cool Factor: The book teaches readers to follow their instincts and decorate their homes with the things they love.

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