Mother’s Day: Thoughtful Jewelry Gifts for Mom

Although Mother’s Day comes around just once a year, we should really show Mom we care every day! And often when we no longer live with our parents, it becomes more and more difficult to spend as much time with our parents as we would like. That’s why it is a great idea to get Mom a beautiful Mother’s Day gift that she can enjoy all year long and for many years to come. Jewelry items make great Mother’s Day gifts, and here are some to consider for your own mom.

Diamond Toe Rings from CliQ collection (Courtesy of SuperFit Inc.)

“The best gift for our mothers is an indulgence that they would otherwise deprive themselves,” said Eric Alulis of SuperFit Inc. “And what is more indulging than DIAMONDS! Adding extra sparkle to their jewelry arsenal is always a welcome concept – but it’s your mother, so think practical and fun – not over the top and sexy. Diamonds that every woman should have and can wear regularly….

Diamond Earrings“Perhaps when giving her a break from the kitchen by taking her to the nicest restaurant in town, you include some diamond hoop earrings. Or maybe get together with some siblings and chip in to give a fun watch (

It is always nice to get people gifts they wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves. The indulgent factor really adds to the special meaning behind the gift, because you want to give Mom something nice that she will appreciate, but also something that is thoughtful and personally selected.

“The ultimate compliment to that spa retreat would be a diamond toe ring from CliQ,” Alulis added. “CliQ™ rings open and close on a virtually invisible hinge, giving you a toe ring that fits perfectly whether you are wearing it with a new pair of heels or on the beach.

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Token Tags

Token Tags™ are another popular gift for Mom. Moms are often so proud of their kiddos, and a personalized jewelry item offers one more way for kids to keep themselves on Mom’s mind. Token Tags are sterling silver, hand-stamped charms that can bear any special name, word, nickname, or certain phrases.

Because they are hand-crafted, no two Token Tags are exactly like. They are fully customizable and each one is made-to-order. The tags are available as charm necklaces or as key chains. Necklaces are about ¼” wide by 1 and 1/4” to 1 and 1/2” long, depending on the length of the desired word. Key chains are stamped on a heavier sterling sheet for extra sturdiness, and they are about ½” wide, with the length also determined by length of the selected text.

Personalize Token Tags with your favorite words or phrases.“For a Mom there is nothing more personal than keeping a reminder of your angel around your neck,” said Token Tags creator Elizabeth Lindsay. “Whether it is a name, birth date, or nickname, these tags will always bring a smile to a proud mother’s face.

“Imagine tags that read: ‘Thanks Mom,’ kids’ names, or a double sided tag that reads (One side): ‘Home is’ (The other side): ‘where mom is.’ Because these are 100% personal, the options are endless and speak to Soccer moms and fashionistas alike.”

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How to Plan a Family Reunion for Relatives Living Everywhere

Planning an annual family reunion is a great way to keep all your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces, and nephews connected. A yearly gathering of all the extended family members is a wonderful way to keep everyone in the loop about upcoming or recent weddings and births, new pets, career news, and other life events. Family reunions offer a much more personal experience than a yearly Christmas card, so even if you aren’t in the habit of planning a family reunion each year, there’s no time like the present to get started!

Sometimes family members live so far apart from one another that getting together and having fun happens only once or twice a year. This is especially true with extended families – all the cousins and great aunts and uncles whom you see rarely unless you host or attend a family reunion. Not to mention, the older we get, it seems we get busier as well. This combination of distance and busy lifestyles makes it vital to start planning a family reunion at least several months before the date you wish to host it.

Family Reunion Location, Location, Location

Choosing a location for your family reunion can be a wonderful experience of narrowing down many unique and interesting locations to the one perfect fit for your group. Or, it can be a stressful event of trying to figure out how you can be fair to the relatives in New Jersey and also fair to family out in California, Louisiana, and Virginia all at the same time.

Sometimes when planning a family reunion, it becomes necessary to make decisions that could impact whether certain guests will be able to attend. Location of the event and the cost of getting there will often determine whether family members will be willing to travel for the event. In cases where family members live all over the country, just try to select a location that will please the largest number of people… or, send out an e-mail survey with the locations you are considering and try to get a verbal response of what people would prefer. Then go with majority rules.

An ideal location for your family reunion could just as easily be a park or a lakeside community, as a beach town or a mountain retreat. Consider all your possibilities for the location, as well as the ages and interests of your family members who would be most likely to attend. In the end, don’t beat yourself up about the small stuff. The most important thing is that you are making an effort to create this fun and enjoyable event.

Family Reunion Events and Activities….

Safety Tips for Your Child’s MySpace, Facebook, or Friendster Account

If you’ve ever watched “To Catch a Predator,” MySpace and Facebook may be on the list of off-limits sites for your kids. These social networking Web sites attract people of all age groups and all backgrounds, and sadly, safety and security on these venues are far from sufficient. With all the crime in the news today, it is imperative that parents take extra precautions and follow safety tips when letting their pre-teens and teens use these social sites. While chatting and blogging and meeting new people online can be a lot of fun, it can also be unsafe.

Members who use sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Friendster can create profiles about themselves, upload photos, and search for people to add as “friends” to their social networks. They can leave comments for other members and they can send them e-mail messages. They can write blogs about themselves, their friends, and what’s going on in their lives. These sites are very much like online journals and diaries that broadcast one’s life to the world.

Children, teenagers, and adults turn to social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Friendster to meet new friends, locate old and forgotten friends, keep in touch with current friends, and often to find new dating partners. Often, a member’s profile page divulges personal information about his or her life, including age, interests, religion, even body type, and alarmingly, school and hometown. For safety and security reasons, this array of information combined with the member’s photograph can be a dangerous combination.

A common fear among parents and authorities alike is that pedophiles and sex offenders have easy and instant access to their targets. Chris Hansen of the popular show “To Catch a Predator” suspects that MySpace and other online friendship networking sites are a breeding ground for sexual predation. Predators don’t always represent themselves truthfully online according to age and other identifying factors, so it isn’t always easy for kids and other site members to pick them out.

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is always safe and protected. Here are some safety tips to help you keep a strong and healthy relationship with your child while also leveraging good security precautions.

Safety Tips for Social Networking Sites:
Follow these steps to safeguard your child’s activities on MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, and other social sites.

1. Explain the potential dangers of the Internet to your children. Talk openly and honestly with them about bad people who use the Internet to do bad things. Discuss the importance of disclosing their proper age rather than lying to appear older. Also explain how anything your children say online can come back to embarrass them if they are not careful with what they say. The Internet is an open forum for the world to see. It’s just like shouting from the rooftops!

2. Keep open lines of communication with your kids. If you work at it from the time they are young, you should be able to develop a good relationship where your kids feel comfortable coming to you for advice. Encourage them to tell you about their school day each night at dinner. Ask them if they had a good time when they visited a friend’s house. Show an interest in your child’s life, and you should find that you have fewer surprises as your child matures.

3. Don’t allow your child to use the Internet behind closed doors. Keep the computer in a family area so that you have an idea of the types of sites that your children are visiting. Enable passwords to ensure that you know when your child is on the Internet.

4. You keep the password to your child’s account. If you allow your child to post a profile on any social networking sites like MySpace or Friendster or Facebook, decide on a password that your child could not easily crack. You then become an essential part of your children’s experience on MySpace, and they cannot access their profile without your permission.

5. Encourage your kids to only add people that they know to their friends’ list. The chance of a pedophile, sex offender, or other criminal targeting your children is drastically reduced if your kids only accept people they know into their network.

The social networking sites do impose their own safety guidelines and security procedures. MySpace requires that its members be at least 14 years of age, and requires a birth date be entered when they sign up. Staff members perform surveillance from time to time to detect underage members. But no amount of site maintenance can make up for good parenting!

When it comes to keeping your children safe from online dangers, close supervision and good, open lines of communication are paramount. Follow the safety tips in this article and develop some rules in your household for Internet use. MySpace, Facebook, and Friendster can provide hours of fun and excitement for all who join the sites. With proper attention to safety, you can rest easy while your children can have a good time networking with their friends. Even if they don’t understand right now, your kids deserve the best safety and protection a parent can provide!

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

The number of candles on the cake, the color of the gift-wrap, and the number of balloons lining the ceiling are not the elements that make your child’s birthday so special. It’s the guests who attend, the games they play or activities they do that make a young one’s birthday party so memorable….

No matter what your time constraints or monetary situation, there’s always a way to make your child’s birthday party a shining success. From party games to having the right kind of food and snacks, you can easily become overwhelmed – but don’t be! As the parent planning the birthday party festivities, you should be having fun, too!

To come up with a birthday strategy for your child’s special day, consider these tips and ideas:

Lots of Time to Plan…

Depending on the time of year, many options are available for neat locales to host a child’s birthday party. From a local park to a public pool, a restaurant such as Chuck E. Cheese’s with rides and games to a fast food joint like Burger King or Mickey D’s, a bowling alley, a movie theater to the comfort of your very own home, the magic comes from the planning put into the party.

Pool Party

If your child is a summer baby, consider having a pool party if all or most of the guests are able to swim or if the pool has a shallow end. Make hotdogs and hamburgers, lemonade and have cake and ice cream by the pool. Make up some games for the kids to play so that they can win cool prizes—pool floats, beach balls, candy and small toys (make sure there are age-appropriate toys for all guests invited).

Games to play at a pool party are only limited by your imagination. If you can get a floating basketball hoop, set the kids up on two teams and see how they do! If not, use a simple inner tube as a substitute basketball hoop. Play volleyball in the water, send the kids on a hunt for sinking objects like quarters, rubber rings, and action figures or play the classic game “Marco Polo” (like hide-and-seek in the pool, with the person being “it” keeping his or her eyes closed). Another fun game to play is “Shark!” Everyone has surely played this at sometime or another… one person becomes the shark and chases everyone else—the “fishies”—around the pool. When a fishy gets tagged, he or she becomes another shark!

Fun-and-Games Party

A party focusing on fun and games can be held just about anywhere, but consider renting out an Arcade or having a party at a restaurant that has a playground, an arcade within it, or just a general “Fun Zone” atmosphere. Chances are even if you can’t rent out the entire place, the kids will have so much fun they won’t even notice anyone else!

Winter Party Ideas: Ice-skating and Snowball Fights

Winter babies can have fun, too, by having a party at an ice-skating rink with enough hot cocoa and goodies to go around and perhaps by reserving the whole rink for the guests alone. Got a hockey fanatic for a child? Even better yet—turn half of the ice-skating rink into a shootout or mini-scrimmage!

If you don’t want to host a party at a rink, you can always have a party at your own home with food, fun and games inside and a snowball fight and sledding outside (weather-permitting)! Hot cocoa will warm up little ones and cookies hot out of the over serve a perfect treat.

Minor Planning Involved…