First Kid, Second Kid – How Moms Adapt and Change with the Next Baby

I’m only on my first kid, but a lot of my friends are on their second or third. It isn’t hard to see how moms get to be pros at satisfying their babies’ needs, resolving them even quicker and more efficiently as they make it to the second or third kid. Even with just one, I have learned how to do a variety of things “single handedly” (I finally get that reference, haha). Eating, laundry, feeding the dog, playing with the dog, applying makeup, putting away clean clothes and dishes, straightening the house – all of these things and more I can do while also holding my daughter.

I imagine it only gets easier with the next kid. Although, I am sure some things become more of a challenge, too. Keeping the peace in a home likely becomes more difficult, for one. I also assume going places with the kids increases in complexity in proportion to the number of kids you have. I know it takes me longer to get ready to go somewhere with one kid; try multiplying that…

Just yesterday I ran a little over three miles in my neighborhood with my five-month-old daughter in the jogging stroller. I found it to be a bit more of a workout than I was expecting, but still very manageable (or else I would have stopped after a mile or two!). In cases of twins or a second child, I can’t really imagine running with a double jogger – yikes! I guess I would finally get that upper-body strength I’ve always been lacking, that is, of course, if I can get the kids dressed and ready to go before the sun goes down.

Rather than saying something witty to finish off my post, I am going to leave you with this breastfeeding video from Luvs, the diaper company. Luvs has produced a fun video series that speaks to this first kid, second kid evolution. You should really check out all of the videos in the set. The short videos show moms getting with the program and simplifying things by the next kid, sometimes even in a comical way. They are quite enjoyable. Check out the breastfeeding video we’ve embedded on our site for your convenience:

In your experiences as a parent, what has become easier with the second baby? What has become more difficult? Also, what did you think of this breastfeeding video from Luvs? It sure was made to elicit some kind of emotion – how did it make you feel? As a media outlet, we know there’s bound to be some controversy around how people feel about breastfeeding while dining at a restaurant. We invite you to share your thoughts on that, too, or stay tuned for our upcoming post, Breastfeeding in Public – What Do You Think?.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this breastfeeding video, as well as how your parenting evolved with each new child and any tips you may have, in our comments below.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Luvs. Life Love Beauty will be receiving two packs of Luvs diapers in exchange for this content. Said sponsorship did not influence our opinion or comments as shared in this article. Life Love Beauty abides by FTC guidelines and regulations.


Newborn Halloween Costume Ideas

Newborn costumesBabies are already super cute, even without a little costume to wear. Halloween brings a lot of fun and festivities, though, so it’s no wonder that you might want to dress up your baby. Newborn Halloween costumes can be a cute and creative way to share the holiday with your new baby son or daughter. Just think of the adorable pictures you can snap for your family members. The grandparents are going to love them!

Whether you are hosting guests, going to a family Halloween party, or just giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, a newborn costume for Halloween can be the cutest addition to your little one’s wardrobe. If you are looking for a newborn Halloween costume for your new baby, consider these ideas for baby costumes that you can easily make or buy. Keep your budget in mind as well as your craftiness for best results.

Cute Newborn Halloween Costumes
Baby animals can be almost as cute as newborn babies. Consider these cute newborn costumes for Halloween:

–    Baby lamb, baby bunny, kitten, or puppy costume
–    Baby monkey costume
–    Teddy bear costume
–    Piggy costume
–    Frog costume
–    Butterfly or flower newborn Halloween costume

For very little babies, you might want to search for newborn bunting costumes or snuggle sack. These often have a pouch instead of legs at the bottom. You can find cute costumes like a little mermaid, peas in a pod, a cute owl, a butterfly, and so many more.

Funny Newborn Halloween Costumes
Use your sense of humor to choose a funny newborn Halloween costume for your new baby:

–    Superhero Halloween costume for babies
–    Chicken or turkey costume
–    Pink elephant baby costume
–    Lobster or crab baby costume
–    Little devil costume (or angel and devil costumes for twins)
–    Jailbird costume

Creative Newborn Halloween Costumes
If none of the costumes on the market strike your fancy, or if you can’t find the costume you want in the size you need, consider making your own newborn Halloween costume. Here are a few tips on creating a Halloween outfit for your baby:

–    Dress your little one all in the same color, and attach ears to a baby hat to make your baby into a bunny, kitty, or puppy. Add a tail if you so desire.
–    Make a cow outfit with a white infant sweat suit or onesie and black felt cut into randomly shaped spots. Glue the spots onto the onesie, and create ears using the same type of fabric, black felt, and a white hat.
–    If you are good at sewing, go to a fabric store and get a pattern and the appropriate material and supplies. Sewing your own costumes can be so rewarding.
–    Dress just like your baby and he or she can be your “mini me.”
–    Dress like a kangaroo and get your newborn a kangaroo costume as well – and use your Baby Bjorn carrier or other infant carrier to complete the costume!

Easy Newborn Halloween Costumes
If craftiness isn’t exactly your thing, don’t worry. You can still dress your baby up for Halloween in a cute newborn costume. Consider these ideas for baby Halloween costumes:

–    Favorite sports team onesie or outfit
–    Newborn pumpkin costume from a store like Target or Kohls
–    Ballerina with a pink tutu, pink onesie, and cute shoes
–    Superhero onesie
–    Navy sailor – white bucket hat and white shirt and pants
–    Animal hat and similar colored clothing

Cheap Newborn Halloween Costumes
You can also find cheap newborn costume ideas, such as the skeleton onesie, pumpkin onesie or romper with stem hat, or ballerina – a simple pink onesie with a matching tutu! You can also find cheap costumes for newborns online for less than $20, with baby rompers and headbands or other accessories. Look for Minnie Mouse, an adorable bumblebee, and other cute costumes for little girls.

What other ideas do you have for newborn Halloween costumes? Share your suggestions or mention your favorite idea from the costume ideas listed above.


Kokopax Savannah Baby Sun Hat Review

Bubbles Sun HatKeeping the sun out of your baby’s eyes and off of her skin is such an important task, especially when you go places like the beach, the park, or anywhere you will be outside for a duration of time. Baby sun hats are a vital part of your child’s summer attire, and they can truly keep your infant safe from sunburn as well as bugs, the bright glare of the sun, or even a sprinkling of rain. The kokopax Savannah Baby Sun Hat is designed to keep your little one safe from the elements and stylish for the fun of it.

The kokopax Savannah Baby Sun Hat is available in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes to suit your baby’s needs and your personal sense of style for your child. I received a Savannah Baby Sun Hat (6-12 mos.) in the “bubbles” pattern, which is a cool earthy color combination of greens, white, and shades of tan or grey atop a gorgeous chocolate background. The fabric of the hat is durable, but not soft and cuddly. Sun hats are not designed to be cuddly, though, so this 100% cotton canvas hat holds its shape and serves its purpose in keeping your little guy or girl safe from the sun and Mother Nature’s elements.

The no-fuss chin strap has a Velcro closure to help keep the hat secure on your child’s head. My little girl is only three months old, so she’s a bit too small to wear this cute sun hat, but I look forward to next spring and summer when she can enjoy wearing it on vacation before or after her uncle’s graduation and throughout the warm days of late spring and all throughout the summer.

I really like the construction of this hat – it seems to be very well stitched and shaped to comfortably fit the baby’s head. The brim of the hat is just a bit rough and frayed, intentionally, making it look adorably rugged. The hat’s interior has a strip of a liner with cute monkey faces to help it stay on your child’s head and to soften the fabric that touches his or her skin. I truly feel kokopax put great attention to detail into these cute and stylish baby sun hats.

The kokopax Savannah Baby Sun Hat retails for $19.99. For more information or to buy your own Savannah Sun Hat, check out You can also like kokopax on facebook at for news related to special promotions, new product introductions, and more.


Slick Sugar Belly Banter Milestone Stickers

Belly BanterNo doubt you’ve seen the onesie stickers to mark each of your baby’s “month birthdays.” Well, Slick Sugar takes things a step further with their own Belly Banter Milestones stickers. These circular stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove, allowing you to save them for your baby’s scrapbook, memory box, or other crafty keepsake. These onesie stickers announce some of your baby’s proudest moments for all of your family and friends to see, like crawling, sitting up, rolling over, and first steps, to name just a few.

Slick Sugar also offers sets of 15 Belly Banter onesie stickers for the month birthdays (unisex, boy, and girl), holidays, and even a set for the expecting mom. The milestones set I received for the purpose of this review includes an array of cute and clever sayings on 15 belly stickers. A few examples are: “This is how I ROLL,” “I can SIT,” “Catching some Zzzzz,” and “giggle.” The milestone stickers announce first steps, sitting, crawling, rolling over, first words, first haircut, sleeping through the night, fruits and veggies, road trip, and more.

Each sticker is 4” and it can be easily adhered and removed to your baby’s clothing. Once you apply the sticker, be sure to snap as many adorable photos as you can muster. Capture your baby’s firsts with these stickers and your camera, and then arrange the sticker and corresponding photos in your baby book or scrapbook.

I also received an adorable yellow peace sign onesie from Slick Sugar with my own set of Belly Banter milestone stickers. These stickers would make a great gift idea for any baby shower or as a sweet little gift for no particular reason for the mom-to-be.

The Belly Banter Milestones Sticker Set and other styles in the collection retail for $14.99. For more information about Slick Sugar and Belly Banter, check out


Baby and Toddler Sippy Cups and Water Bottles

Hello Kitty sippy cupIt’s pretty exciting when your child meets new milestones, whether it’s a first smile or being able to roll over, walk, or hold a bottle. When your little one graduates from baby bottles to toddler cups, sippy cups, and even kiddie water bottles, this can also be an exciting milestone. So many different colors and styles of baby cups and toddler cups are available, waiting for the moment when your babe is ready for his or her “big kid cup.”

Philips AVENT offers a wide array of kiddie cups and baby bottles to suit just about every need when it comes to drink ware for kids. The Philips AVENT Toddler Straw Cups (one-pack and two-pack, 9 oz. or 12 oz., ranging from $4.99 to $9.99) come in a variety of colors and designs, and they are perfectly adorable for your little ones. These 12-oz cups are designed for toddlers age 18+ months. Moms will love how the twist top keeps the straw clean and connected while kids will love how much fun it is to do the twisting. These toddler cups can be easily disassembled and are fully dishwasher safe. Perhaps the best feature is that these straw cups for kids are also leak-proof and easy to clean, not to mention easy for your child to hold and use independently. The pieces of this cup are also fully interchangeable with the complete Philips AVENT product line.

I received an adorable set of two Philips AVENT Toddler Cups Straw Cups in a beautiful bright pink color with a super cute bunny in a sailboat design. Next to the bunny’s sailboat is a teeny sailboat with a little mouse. The bottles themselves show measurements for US ounces as well as ml / cc. The straw is detachable and easy to replace, as well as bite resistant due to its silicone composition.

Philips AVENT also offers a sippy cup known as the Toddler Spout Cup (sold in one-pack and two-pack, 7 oz. and 9 oz., ranging from $4.49 to $8.99). I received a green cup with a cute bunny and kitty design, though blue and pink cups are also available. This cup holds 9 oz. and is rated for ages 12+ months. I love that the cup has two handles, making it easy for kids to drink and hold the cup. This spill-free sipper has a hard spout with a flip-top lid to ensure the parts touching your child’s mouth remain clean. This cup is also easy to clean and assemble, while also interchangeable with other Philips AVENT cups and bottles.

AVENT Drinking CupThe Toddler Natural Drinking Cup by Philips AVENT ($6.99) is the ideal way to help your little one transition from a sippy cup to an adult cup. I received a red cup, which has no spout and no straw – it is fully designed to help your child learn how to use a regular cup or glass. This 9 oz. “first grownup cup” has a lip-activated valve that releases the liquid when your child wants to drink. What a clever design! Who would have thought it possible to teach children how to drink from a regular cup without having to chance big spills or breakage with your regular cups and glasses! This product is also orthodontist recommended and it allows kids to drink from all the way around the rim of the cup, not just in one place. A plastic lid is included for good hygiene, and the cup also has handles for easy holding. True to the Philips AVENT way, this cup is also interchangeable with others in the product line.

These Philips AVENT products are BPA free, sturdy, and durable for little hands. Get yours at Babies R Us, Walmart, Target, Meijer, Fred Meyer, and For more information about Philips AVENT baby products, visit

SIGG brand won’t leave you wishing for a cute and stylish, functional water bottle for your little one. SIGG crafts attractive, made-to-last water bottles for toddlers through adults, with an adorable collection of bottles for kids, with cute designs like the Hello Kitty SIGG water bottle I received for the purpose of this review. The lovely Hello Kitty is on the front and back of the water bottle, surrounded by a few clouds and pretty red balloons on a pale pink water bottle. The bottle’s cap is black and hot pink with a flip-top that reveals a turnable spout. Removing the lid reveals a sturdily constructed metal bottle that is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. All materials in this SIGG bottle for kids are also BPA free.

SIGG kids’ bottles are available in a wide array of colors and designs featuring popular characters and toys like Barbie, Hot Wheels, and more. Choose from .3 and .4 L bottles, and even teen bottles and those for adults. SIGG products are Swiss-made in the highest quality using a single piece of aluminum to create a bottle without a seam that is leak-proof and durable. Be sure your entire family gets the recommended eight glasses of water per day with these fun and functional water bottles! For more information about kid bottles and other SIGG products, check out and


Comparative Review of Four Baby Bathtubs, Bath Seats, and Rinse Basins

Baby in BathIt’s no secret that babies are messy creatures. From the messes they make in diapers to the many times they spit up or empty their stomachs completely, moms and dads have come to expect an emergency bath here and there. Even if baby has a particularly good few days or a week, they still get to enjoy a regular bath time here and there, even from their earliest days as a newborn. That’s why it is so important to ensure you have a good baby bathtub, bath seat, sling or other piece of baby bathing equipment.

Here are four different pieces of baby bathing equipment to help you keep your infant happy and clean. Check out the pros, cons, and details of each baby bathtub, baby wash basin, and baby bath seat or sling to help you decide which one might be best suited for your little one.

Babies R Us Bath Sling

This product retails for less than $8 and it certainly has gotten its fair share of use in our home. We received this item as a gift at our baby shower and it has held up at home and on vacation. The bath sling reminds me of a hammock or other comfortable, flexible piece of furniture that has some ‘give’ to it. We have used this bath sling seat from Babies R Us since day one with our baby girl, and it has served us well.

You can buy the sea creature bath sling at Babies R Us or online at

Pros of Babies R Us Bath Sling

-Very portable – fits in just about any crack or crevice in a fully packed car

-Comfortable for young babies

-Fairly secure, even for newborns without head control

-Extremely affordable

-Cute sea creature designs

-Made of breathable mesh

-Can use for up to the first year of life

Cons of Babies R Us Bath Sling

-Still need access to a bathtub or shower stall

-Still need a basin of some sort to fill with water and baby soap

-Baby will inevitably pee or poop on this and it is a bit of a pain to take the fabric off the sling frame for washing.

Different Options in Baby Thermometers – Summer Infant 3-in 1 Family Thermometer and EXERGEN Temporal Artery Thermometer

Summer Infant Dr. Mom 3-in-1 Family ThermometerA baby thermometer is an essential healthcare item for your little one, even if it is the kind of thermometer that can read temperatures for everyone in the house. Pediatricians typically want you to use a rectal thermometer for babies, although underarm thermometers and ear thermometers have also been popular. Pediatric doctors seem to agree that the rectal temperature gives the most precise reading when it comes to checking your child for fevers. Depending on how high the grade of fever, sometimes every moment counts, so be sure to follow your doctor’s advice when taking your little one’s temperature.

Many different types of baby thermometers are available on the shelves of baby superstores and online at places like Amazon, Baby Supermall,, and others. A good three-in-one thermometer like the Summer Infant Dr. Mom 3-in-1 Family Thermometer is a great option to keep the whole family in check. This thermometer is suitable for use on babies from birth on up, and it has three different ways to record a temperature. This thermometer has five-second rectal, six-second oral, and seven-second underarm thermometer heads.

A cool fever alert glow feature notifies you without delay if your little one has a fever. The screen actually turns red and shows the temperature reading; otherwise it remains green. The clever design of this green and white, compact thermometer allows the different thermometer heads to stay inside a storage compartment on the back of the unit.

When using the Summer Infant Dr. Mom 3-in-1 Family Thermometer, you might be as impressed as I was when you see that the device knows which thermometer head you have attached. When you take someone’s temperature, you will hear an audible beep letting you know the reading is complete. The device’s memory also stores up to the past 10 temp readings. Also, users can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius, depending on their preferences.

The Summer Infant Dr. Mom 3-in-1 Family Thermometer calls for two “AAA” batteries, which are included. You can find this product at your favorite baby stores and Target, as well as,, and other popular online retailers. For more information, check out

A new technology allows you to scan someone’s temperature quickly and easily with no mess and no fuss. The EXERGEN Temporal Artery Thermometer registers an accurate temperature with a simple swipe of the forehead. This product is made in the USA and requires no probe covers since it reads your temp right from the forehead. This device is especially convenient for use on sleeping children or someone with an ear infection, but the temporal artery temp scanner is also a snap to use on yourself.

The EXERGEN Temporal Artery Thermometer also reads both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius, and comes with a 9-volt battery. It also has a protective cap to keep dust, hair, and other debris from collecting on the sensor. A combination of red LED lights and a beep sound indicate that the temperature has been properly scanned. Impressively, this device takes 1,000 temperature readings per second so it can select the most accurate. This product also features a patented arterial heat balance.

As a little bit of background, the temporal artery connects to the carotid artery, which means there is a direct connection to the heart as well. The temporal artery has a constant blood flow, making it suitable for accurate temperature measurement. The forehead is a comfortable, convenient, and safe place to scan your family’s temperatures. According to product documentation, the temporal scanner will pick up on a changing temperature much sooner than a rectal thermometer, with a lag time of 60 to 90 minutes on infants up to one year of age and even a difference of several hours on adults.

To use the EXERGEN Temporal Artery Thermometer, simply press and hold the button, lightly swipe across the forehead, release the button, and read the temperature. In my experience, this seems to be almost too easy, so sometimes I worry a bit whether I’ve correctly captured my temperature. I also wonder what the margin of error might be if one person holds the button just a bit longer or a bit shorter than the next, but the device’s quick start guide covers all of these concerns in its troubleshooting section.

All in all, the temporal artery thermometer has been a great aid in quickly reading our temperatures, giving us a great indication of whether we are running a bit hot, cold, or just right. To be honest, my husband and I both love this device and look forward to using it for its ease of use and immediate results.

I received one Summer Infant Dr. Mom 3-in-1 Family Thermometer and one EXERGEN Temporal Artery Thermometer for the purpose of this review. I truly appreciate each product for its own offerings and I like having both thermometers at my disposal, especially with a new baby in the family. I would highly recommend either or both of these products, depending on your family’s needs.


Baby Basics Nursing Pad Case and Washable Nursing Pads by Kushies

Kushies Nursing PadsThe Kushies brand offers a lot of really cool products for moms, babies, and kids. As a new mom, I have come to appreciate many of the convenient and clever products this brand provides, such as swim diapers and now the reusable nursing pads and a cute and convenient carrying case for them so you never have to worry about where they’ve gotten shuffled off to…. These products by Kushies make it easier for a new mom to get used to breastfeeding and keeping her clothes safe in the process.

In addition to nursing pads and products, Kushies is the leading online retailer of washable diapers, and also sells layette, bibs, and countless other products for babies and toddlers. I received one pack of six washable nursing pads and one Baby Basics Nursing Pad Case for the purpose of this review. The case is an adorable white zip pouch with light pink polka dots. It is cylindrical once expanded, but easily folds down to a small circle when not in use. This clever case makes it easy to store both wet and dry nursing pads separately, thanks to the convenient double-sided pouch. Each side zippers separately and the interior compartments feature a waterproof liner.

Kushies DiapersThis cute case is the perfect size to toss into your diaper bag, purse, or carryon bag, and it is discreet enough that the world doesn’t have to know you’ve got your nursing pads tucked inside. The exterior of the case is soft and smooth while the interior is also smooth despite being waterproof. The zippers zip almost the entire way around the case, probably just about as far as you can go without disconnecting completely. Kushies nursing pads fit neatly inside the case, making it ideal for travel as well as home use.

Also, there’s some more good news for busy moms. You can simply toss this case in the washer and dryer on low when you are ready to wash it. No need to hand-wash this product separately, so feel free to throw it in with your baby clothes or socks and undies.

Meanwhile, the Washable Nursing Pads by Kushies are decidedly well-made and very soft to the touch. They each feature precise stitching around the outside perimeter and a single seam on each side of the pad. Kushies reusable nursing pads are 100% cotton flannel, featuring four layers of ultra soft fabric. The washable nursing pads are contoured to fit the shape of the breast for a discreet look underneath your favorite tops or dresses. These products are also machine washable and dry-able.

Something I’ve noticed with all washable nursing pads that I’ve tried so far, no matter what brand, is that they seem to stick to your nipple following a feeding or pumping session. This can be very minimally uncomfortable until you separate the two, but it really isn’t a big deal once you know it’s coming. I have found certain brands of disposable nursing pads also seem to stick.

I really like these reusable nursing pads and the way they fit inside my bras. I haven’t decided yet if I prefer the disposable nursing pads or the washable ones. I like that the disposable ones don’t leak as much, whereas the washable cotton nursing pads seem to become saturated and leak through to my bra every once in a while. I do love that there are no sticky peeling papers to remove from the washable nursing pads.

At any rate, I am definitely a fan of both Kushies nursing products – the washable nursing pads and the adorable case to keep them in. To learn more about where to buy, visit and for general information and special offers, check out Kushies on Facebook at

By the way – Life Love Beauty readers can enjoy 10% off their purchases by using the code lifelovebeauty2012 on any order from


A Sweet Place for Tummy Time and Lots of Fun Indoors or Outside – Oilo Play Blanket Review

Oilo Play BlanketThis designer play blanket features a soft, sateen fabric on one side and a durable, cotton duck surface on the other, similar in feel to a soft cotton canvas. Stylish and great for snuggling, this blanket is 40×50-inches and comes in an array of colors and gorgeous patterns so you can choose your favorite or one that best suits your baby. I received the Modern Berries Play Blanket in Spring Green from Oilo for the purpose of this review. When it arrived, it looked so pretty and stylish in the box that I almost hated to take it out – but I am so glad that I did.

Baby plays with Oilo BlanketThe play blanket is exquisitely made, featuring a two-inch flange around the edges of the blanket and a lovely blend of stripes on one side and the modern berries, like polka dots from afar, on the other. The spring green pattern is absolutely stunning and looks beautiful for any baby or tot to enjoy. I really like the pattern and the colors, a limey green and white, which together look modern, fun, and perfect for any setting. Another thing I love about this Oilo Play Blanket is that it is big enough for baby and mom or dad (or grandma / grandpa) to sit together as well.

This blanket makes a great tummy time blanket, and we have enjoyed using it frequently with our three-month-old. Our little one happened to spit up on the blanket the very first time we used it (of course). So I am also happy to report that it was easy to launder the blanket and the blanket held up perfectly in the wash. We line dried it according to packaging instructions and the play blanket is just as good as new.

Even celebrities love the Oilo brand. Christina Applegate and Rachel Zoe did their nurseries in Oilo, and Oilo was also featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show during last year’s Mother’s Day Show. It’s no wonder this brand and its stylish offerings are getting noticed by high profile people and by the media. These products are so pretty and modern that they just make you feel good having them in your home.

Oilo StudioYou can order your own Oilo Play Blanket for your little one or as a gorgeous gift for your next baby shower. This blanket retails for $65, a reasonable price to pay for quality and stylishness that will last far beyond the years until your child outgrows a play blanket. For more information about this and other Oilo products, check out You can also get product and company news and special promotions by liking Oilo on Facebook at


15 Things You Can Do to Settle a Crying Baby

babyteethAs a new parent, it isn’t always easy to figure out why our daughter is crying. I am finally starting to get the hang of her cries, knowing which one is a wet diaper or a burp, when she’s hungry, or when she’s tired. Sometimes she just wants to be held, and I don’t really think there is a special cry for that. It feels like it’s taken me forever to start figuring out these special cries, so here is a list of a few things that have worked to settle our baby when she’s been crying.

As babies get older, other factors may also come into play, like teething. Sometimes your baby may be hot or cold. Try to rule out the heavy hitters first, like wet or dirty diapers, gas pains, and hunger. If you can’t quite figure out why he or she is crying, be sure to check your baby’s temperature. Call your pediatrician if you are concerned! If your baby is just being fussy, here are 12 things you can try to cheer up your little one and stop the tears.

1.    Bounce your baby. Some babies absolutely adore bounce, and any movement for that matter.
2.    Sing to your baby. Even if you hate the sound of your own voice, your baby will love it.
3.    Take your little one for a walk around the block.
4.    If the weather is okay, step outside for a few minutes to completely change the atmosphere.
5.    Take your baby to a mirror. Some babies have an insatiable attraction to their own reflection.
6.    Raise your baby gently up and down in the air. (Absolutely never shake a baby!)
7.    Play with some of your baby’s toys with her.
8.    Show your baby something interesting, like a pet, other animals, or something out the window.
9.    Go for a short drive in the car.
10.    Play classical music for your little guy or girl.
11.    Have some simple interaction, like letting him or her hold onto your finger or thumb.
12.    Hold our baby close and dance around the room.
13.    Hum made up songs.
14.    Gently pat the baby on the back.
15.    Rock your baby off to sleep.

When all else fails you can always try the pacifier, binky, or whatever you call it. This can be just the trick when baby is crying in public.

Remember to use caution in all activities you enjoy with your baby and other children. Safety must always come first. If you are concerned about your little one, be sure to call your baby’s doctor, especially if your child has a fever or other symptoms of illness or discomfort. Also trust your parental instincts. No one knows your baby as well as you do. Sometimes it is possible to distinguish between normal cries and a cry when something is genuinely wrong, even if you don’t know all the different cries yet.

Also remember, no two babies are exactly the same, so some of these tips may work like a charm for one mom and not at all for another. Please feel free to review these tips and add your own to our comments below.


Tips to Save Money on Diapers and Related Baby Products

messybabyIt’s no secret that diapers can be costly (and so short-lived) when you really think about it. Honestly, it only seems like a matter of a week or two until you’ve completely gone through a case of diapers! So diapers are expensive, and you use them a lot, and you wish you had more of them on hand at less of a cost. This is a pretty common problem for a lot of moms and dads. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help save on the cost of diapers and other related baby products. Here are some tips to spending less money on diapers.

Try these tips to help save money on diapers:

•    Get a copy of the Sunday paper and clip coupons. You may feel like a blast from the past in the 1990’s but the truth is, a lot of people can and do save money to this day with coupons clipped from newspapers.

•    Use apps on your smartphone to find coupons or compare prices across stores. You never know what the next Android app or iPhone app will do next!

•    Sign up for Amazon Mom. You can save on diapers, wipes, and the like when you sign on for a subscription. You can also get your items shipped in two days if they are Amazon Prime eligible.

•    Look for coupons inside your diaper and wipes packaging. Sometimes you will find a little coupon packet, a single coupon, or even a redemption code or rewards points to enter online.

•    Shop at Promotions for new customers may be as good as getting $10 off a case of diapers of your choice, or savings up to 10% on other purchases. It’s a fantastic deal that makes the diapers super cheap compared to anywhere else you might shop. Another great benefit – you will receive your order in the next day or two with free speedy shipping!

•    Look for coupon codes and online discounts. Search sites like and to find stores offering discount codes you can use to save some money the next time you buy diapers online.

These are just a few ways you can save some money on diapers, whether you shop online or in person. If you have other suggestions for getting great deals on diapers, please share your tips and ideas in our comments below!


Summertime Baby Must-Haves- Swim Diaper and Wet Bag Essentials

Summertime brings trips to the beach, to the pool, to the lake, and so many wonderful opportunities to take your little one for a swim or a quick dip. (In super supervised situations only, of course.) A few very cool baby summer essentials can make those swimming trips even better yet – like an adorable swim diaper and a wet bag to keep those wet items contained!

Kushies brand makes a lot of truly wonderful baby items, I’ve found. I really enjoy the clever and creative approach to caring for little ones and making sure they have great items for every turn in life. I received the Kushies on-the-go wet bag with bonus pouch, as well as an adorable orange swimsuit diaper, for the purpose of this review.

The baby’s swimsuit diaper is very cute in a bright orange color with a blue and white trim and tie. Every detail, even down to the green Kushies tag with footprints and seashell and starfish designs, is completely too cute for words. The orange swim diaper has a breathable mesh interior and terry crotch liner with expert stitching all the way around. The swim diaper by Kushies has gusseted legs for comfort and security. The swim diaper’s exterior is 100% nylon and the interior is 100% polyester. The diaper flaps fold and attach so easily to the Velcro on the front of the swim diaper, and the blue and white waist ties offer a secure fit and form a nice bow to keep your little one covered up in the water or on the beach.

The Kushies swimsuit diaper is machine washable and dryable, making it a great item to add to your baby’s summer fashions. This clever product is available in sizes small, medium, large, and X-Large, ranging from 6lbs to 50lbs. The Kushies swimsuit diaper retails for $11.99 and you can find it in lots of colors at

When you and your little one are done swimming, just tuck your swim diaper safely away inside the Kushies on-the-go wet bag. This product is 10.5” x 13,” making it the perfect size to store baby’s swimsuit, swim diaper, dirty bibs, or soiled and rinsed outfits or cloth diapers until you can launder them at home. This wet bag is a great way to keep items separate from the rest of your diaper bag contents, segregating the mess to one contained spot.

The on-the-go wet bag I received is very cool with a fun and trendy abstract pattern. The colors look lovely together, chocolate brown, sky blue, and a series of greens on a pale background. The pattern features circles, wheels, rounded squares, rectangles, and a distressed look here and there. The bonus mini wet bag pouch is great for smaller items and has a fun ovals and dots pattern on a chocolate brown background.

Both wet bag and bonus pouch have their own drawstring to ensure your wet items stay separate from your dry ones. The large bag has a small bead with button to ensure the bag stays closed even in the bumpiest of rides in the diaper bag. The inner texture of the bags feels a bit waxed, providing extra reinforcement against spills. I really like these bags and the great function they provide.

Kushies products are proudly made in Canada. For more information, check out