Funny Bone Readers: Learning Literacy Laughter

I am so overly thrilled to be sharing information with you about these books. They are definitely worthy of being looked at, and purchased for the young reader in your home. They are fun, colorfully energetic books that teach kids about caring, respect, fairness, trustworthiness, responsibility, and citizenship.

When I received a set of 12 books from Funny Bone Reader, I couldn’t help it, I was more than excited with what I saw. The covers were so bright and inviting. The pages were full of silly characters and big legible words (for even the new reader) and the pictures were all too comical. Even I couldn’t help but chuckle at a few.

The girls were instantly drawn to their favorite titles and from there, to the others. By the end of the day, Piper had already finished reading every one of the books and was starting at the top of the pile for the second time.  I was very impressed with the overall enthusiasm and eagerness they shared. It was priceless.

The most rewarding part about being a “review person,” as my daughters would call me, is that my girls enjoy taking part in the process of delivering a thoughtfully genuine testimonial.

When I asked my girls if they’d like to be “interviewed” on their thoughts for the Funny Bone Readers, they were both more than happy to oblige. So, without further ado, here are my daughters’ takes on their experience with the books. Enjoy!

Thoughts from a Seven Year Old:

Mom: What was your favorite Book from the Funny Bone Readers Collection?

Piper: Fun in the Mud

Mom: Why?

Piper: Because, at first, the pig was playing in the mud and wouldn’t let any of his friends play with him. At the end, he let them play with him and it was so nice.

Mom: What do you like about all the books?

Piper: That they’re all funny and I like Miss Moo from “Miss Moo Goes to the Beach” because she’s so funny and has tea with a shark. In “Fun in the Mud,” I like the pig because before he gets in the mud he’s all clean and shiny but when he jumps in the mud he gets all dirty and yucky.

Mom: Are the books easy for you (age 7) to read and understand?

Piper: Yes

Mom: Was there anything you didn’t like about the books?

Piper: Pretty much…NO!

Thoughts from a Nine Year Old:

Mom: What can you tell others about the books?

Patience: Most of them are funny. They have good messages, but some of them are just silly and fun to read.

Mom: What was your favorite book?

Patience: Squid and Pickles

Mom: Why?

Patience: Because on Squid and Pickles, this little alligator named Roy kept stealing food from an alligator named Helen. Helen and her friend needed to teach Roy a lesson about being nice so Helen and her friend gave Roy a sandwich with squid parts and pickle parts. They taught him that it’s not nice to steal and if you’re going to do it, you’re going to get hurt.

In the end, they taught him to be nice.

Mom: Which book did you think was the funniest and why?

Patience: Silly Tilly and the Royal Rules was a funny book because she didn’t like all the rules so she came up with a no-rule day just for her. She was looking for things you cannot do – to do them. She found a frog pond that has a bunch of stones around so that no one could get in and the frogs won’t get out. Well, she let the frogs out because a sign said not to. It was a good thing her brother was following her because he helped get all the frogs back in, but she still got in trouble and had consequences for doing it. It was a fun book.

Mom: What age group do you recommend these books to?

Patience: For sure~ age 5 to 9 and maybe a little older. I’m nine and I liked all of them. They’re funny and we have to take them to Grandma’s house.

Final Thoughts:
I have to agree with the girls. The books were fun to look over. I loved the questions provided at the end of each book. The girls would sit and read each book and when they were done, they asked me to read (out loud) the questions at the end.

I’ve had Funny Bone Readers for almost three weeks now and they are read daily. I have them on my coffee table because they are a huge hit right now. I think they will be for some time to come.

Product Description:
Every child knows that some things are right, and some things are wrong. But helping children develop good character is more challenging than teaching right from wrong. With Funny Bone Readers: Developing Character in your classroom or home, children will learn from funny stories and silly characters while making connections to their own actions.

For more information on these books, feel free to visit Red Chair Press.

Funny Bone Readers can be purchased as a complete set of 12 (1 each of all 12 titles) for $23.70.

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: I was provided with a complete set of 12 books for the purpose of my candid review. There was no monetary compensation exchange nor did receiving product influence any ‘positive’ feedback. Thank you.


Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Consider these neutral baby shower themes...Neutral baby shower themes can be well suited for girls or boys, but especially when the sex of the baby is not known. When the expecting parents decide to keep the baby’s gender a surprise, it can be challenging to find the perfect baby shower theme. Still, it is possible to come up with a wide variety of adorable neutral baby shower themes for the special occasion.

If you need to plan a baby shower with a neutral theme or color scheme, you might need to put a little more time and creativity into your plans. While many of the baby shower party supplies are already designated pink or blue, you should be able to find a nice selection of neutral baby shower party supplies as well. Search for baby shower decorations and supplies in your favorite party stores and continue your search online if needed.

As you prepare to host a special baby shower for an expecting friend, sister, or cousin, consider these suggestions for neutral baby shower themes.

Neutral Baby Shower Colors
Consider these neutral baby shower themes...Choosing colors for a baby shower can be tricky when you don’t know whether the baby on the way is a boy or a girl. For neutral baby shower themes, the first element to consider would be neutral baby shower colors. You can get creative with your neutral baby shower color choices, but sometimes pastels make a great starting point. Consider these neutral baby shower color schemes:

•    All Pastels – Use all pastel colors of the rainbow.

•    Green and Yellow – These are classic colors for surprise gender babies. For a fun variation, try turquoise or aqua and yellow.

•    Blue, Pink, and White – If you don’t know the right color, use both!

•    Pastel Purple, Green, and Yellow – Instead of Mardi Gras, you can welcome the new baby with these light and fun colors.

•    Orange and Yellow – For a fun and sunny neutral baby shower, use these cheery colors or lighter pastel versions of peach and yellow.

If you still aren’t sure about what to choose for a neutral color scheme, start thinking about neutral baby shower themes and see if anything strikes you as the right choice.

Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas
Consider these neutral baby shower themes...Neutral baby shower themes can be a lot of fun to think up and put into action. You don’t have to stay between the lines of pink and blue. You can let your imagination do all the work and come up with a perfect neutral theme for the special baby shower. Consider these suggestions for neutral baby shower themes.

•    Character Themes – Consider themes with Mickey and Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, the Jungle Book, and other popular kids’ movies and cartoons.

•    Jungle Theme – Animals are a wide interest loved by many, so it’s hard to go wrong with a jungle baby shower theme. The colors will be bright and pretty, so you can really appeal to the neutral baby theme.

•    Teddy Bear Theme – Teddy bears appeal to so many kids that this is a natural theme to consider for a baby shower when the baby’s gender is unknown.

•    Baby Theme – Find cute baby shower decorations with diaper pins, rattles, baby blocks, and other baby symbols.

•    Rubber Ducky Theme – You can make an adorable neutral baby shower with a yellow and white rubber ducky theme. Don’t forget balloons!

Consider these neutral baby shower themes...These are just a few suggestions for neutral baby shower themes and colors. You can come up with additional neutral shower themes to consider. If you do think of some good options, please share them in our comments so all of our readers can take advantage of more ideas on neutral showers.


Helicopter Parent Alert! You’re Okay, Just Make Sure the Flight Plan is Right

Don't smother your kids with worry!You’re all getting a bad rap. Helicopter parents do a lot of good things for their kids.

You can act fast, swoop in to protect your child at a moment’s notice, and swoop away really fast (great skills for parenting a teenager). And that bird’s-eye view of the big picture really comes in handy.

Best of all, helicopter parents have met two great parenting qualifications: they show a lot of love to their children, and they spend plenty of time with them, often pulling the night shift.

So, if helicopter parents are so great, why all the negative publicity? Here’s why: With all this love onboard, most helicopter parents forget the fine print in their flying manual.


That’s what this alert is about.


The best flight plans include four parts: Don't smother your kids with worry!

1. Keep your gas tank at least 80 percent full of Unleashed Parental Love at all times. Children thrive when they feel a supportive parent will always be available and when the children feel they are acceptable and understood no matter what mistakes they make. That’s why helicopter parents are so great — their kids can always see or sense their smiling parents somewhere, no matter what happens.

2. Don’t immediately hover too close, or land and take over when your child has a problem.
Kids need to learn how to handle failure on their own — when they’re ready. Some stress is important for developing resilience and self-confidence.

3. Do hover close by when your child is first learning to solve something really tough. Success knocks out a problem pretty fast. (Be ready to land if necessary.)

4. Land and command when your child veers too far off the charted course. You know, things like breaking curfew, lying, and destructive relationships. That’s when you land and then discipline firmly and consistently to make sure your child gets headed in the right direction. Expect resistance (rarely will you hear, “Thank you, Mom/Dad, for getting me back on track.”) And one other thing: Don’t land and command or hover too close on personal choices like hairstyle, clothes, etc.

Helicopter parents, I salute you. Stay the course with the right flight plan. Your child’s self-confidence and resilience will flourish.

About the Expert:
Gary M. Unruh, MSW LCSW, is a child and family mental health counselor with nearly forty years of experience. He is the author of the award-winning book Unleashing the Power of Parental Love: 4 Steps to Raising Joyful and Self-Confident Kids (


Labor Day Cards, Messages, Greetings, Letters, and Comments for Family, Friends, and Loved Ones

Labor Day is a great way to celebrate the end of the summer and the change of seasons into fall. To show your family and friends how much you care, consider sending Labor Day cards, greetings, and letters to your loved ones on the holiday weekend. Even if you can’t be together for Labor Day weekend, sending a Labor Day letter or card to your parents, grandparents, or other relatives can be a special reminder of your kinship.

Many Labor Day weekend celebrations focus on a barbeque or a picnic theme, but others may have their own special themes. You can bring a Labor Day card and small gift for the hostess of the party. You can also send Labor Day e-mails, letters, or greeting cards to your family before the festivities get started. Here are a few suggestions for nice things you can say or write to your mom, dad, husband, wife, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparents, or stepparents.


Labor Day Greetings for Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Stepdad, Mother-in-Law, and Father-in-Law
Consider these Labor Day Greetings and things to write in patriotic greeting cards.Labor Day greeting cards may be the perfect way to show mom and dad you care. You can create your own Labor Day cards or choose patriotic greeting cards from your favorite card shop. Consider these special Labor Day greetings for Mom, Dad, stepmom, stepdad, mother-in-law, or father-in-law.

•    So thankful for all that you have done for us! Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you on the Labor Day holiday.
•     We’re so happy that we get to spend the Labor Day holiday together. It means a lot to be here with you!
•    Happy Labor Day! Wishing we could spend the holiday together, Mom and Dad, but looking forward to seeing you soon!

Special Labor Day Wishes for Grandmom and Grandpop
If you will be seeing your grandparents for Labor Day, it’s sure to be a special day. Be sure to cherish the time you have together. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to see everyone on the holiday weekend. If your grandparents won’t be at the party with you, you could really brighten their day by calling to wish them a Happy Labor Day. You could also send Labor Day greeting cards if you’d like. Consider these suggestions for special Labor Day wishes for your grandparents.

•    Sending all our love today and always – Happy Labor Day!
•    Happy Labor Day! We love you very much and wish you could be here with us to enjoy the holiday.
•    Wishing you a special Labor Day weekend knowing your grandchildren are thinking of you. We love you!
•    So happy we get to spend the Labor Day holiday together. Love you lots!

Heartfelt Labor Day Sentiments for Husband or Wife, or Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Most of the time, you probably expect to spend the holiday weekend with your significant other. If you will be spending the day with your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend, be sure to take a few moments to share a special Labor Day sentiment with the one you love. Express your gratitude to have this person in your life, even if it is as simple as wishing “Happy Labor Day!”

Remember to give your sweetheart a kiss, hug, or a squeeze throughout the day. If you won’t see your sweetheart for Labor Day, be sure to make a special phone call to talk and exchange heartfelt Labor Day sentiments.

Friendly Labor Day Thoughts for Friends and Neighbors
If you are hosting your own Labor Day party, you can invite your closest friends and neighbors to join you for the fun. If you just happen to see your neighbors on the Labor Day weekend, simply wish them a Happy Labor Day. You can also send your friends a text message, a Facebook message, or an e-mail to let them know you are thinking of them on the Labor Day holiday.

Creative Labor Day Comments for Anyone You Won’t See for the Holiday Weekend
Lots of people end up planning special parties for Labor Day. While you can’t attend every single event that takes place on the same day, you can let those you won’t see know you are thinking of them. Simply send a text message, e-mail, or a special greeting to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day.


Baby Shower Ideas and Themes for Boy, Girl, and Surprise Baby

Consider these cute ideas for boy and girl baby showers.Baby showers are often thrown for a woman’s first child, but depending on her friends and family, she may even enjoy baby showers for subsequent children. It can be a lot of fun to plan a baby shower, thanks to the wide variety of baby shower decorations, baby shower party favors, invitations, baby shower cakes, and a whole bunch of other cute and adorable details. Before the details, though, come the baby shower ideas and themes. Consider these ideas to help you choose a theme for the baby shower you’re planning to throw for a friend, sister, or loved one.

Baby shower themes can remain general and neutral when the baby’s gender is going to be a surprise. For a baby girl or baby boy, you can play up the color schemes or choose a theme that would be a good match based on the baby’s gender. Consider these tips on baby shower ideas and themes to help you plan the perfect shower.

Baby Shower Themes and Ideas for a Baby Girl
When the mom knows she is having a little girl, thoughts of pink, purple, ribbons, and lace may come into play. You can have a lot of fun with a baby shower for a baby girl. Think about all the lovely decorations, cupcake or baby shower cake styles, balloons, and shower favors. Consider these baby shower ideas for a baby girl.

Consider these cute ideas for a girl baby showers.Colors for a Baby Girl – When a baby girl is on the way, the baby shower can look super cute decked out in shades of pink and purple, or perhaps a more modern color scheme of lilac or lavender and dark chocolate brown. You could also do something bold and exciting like bright pink and green or bright pink and orange. Feel free to experiment with your color choices before you decide for sure. You can also match the color scheme to the actual baby shower theme.

Baby Shower Themes for a Girl – If you are planning a baby shower for a mom expecting a baby girl, you can have a lot of fun with the baby shower theme. Consider these suggestions and ideas for a girl baby shower theme.

•    Butterfly theme
•    Flowers in Bloom theme
•    Ladybug theme
•    Pink Animals theme
•    Pink Baby theme
•    Princess theme

These are just a few suggestions for your baby shower theme for girl babies. Consider using one of these or make up your own fun baby shower theme to suit the mom-to-be.

Baby Shower Themes and Ideas for a Baby Boy…


Travel Tips for Expectant Moms

Adapted from the new book, “Expecting 411”Keep these travel tips in mind for expectant moms.

Pregnancy certainly affects the lives of expectant moms and dads, but it doesn’t have to put a damper on your summer vacation plans.

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about traveling while pregnant that we hear from pregnant women every day in our private practices.

Is it safe for me to travel while pregnant? Are all forms of transportation safe?

We don’t recommend hot air balloons or camels, but most conventional modes of transportation are safe. If you have a “high risk” pregnancy or are carrying multiples, your doctor may have a different restriction date in mind, so ask him or her for recommendations tailored to your specific health profile. Here are some general guidelines:

  • You can travel by plane up to your 36th week — but check individual airline policies, which may vary.
  • When flying, get up and walk around frequently, stretch your legs and feet while in your seat, and wear Ted support hose to keep the blood circulation in your legs robust.
  • For cruises, the last acceptable time frame is 23-27 weeks, depending on the cruise line.

If you are going by bus, train, or driving, stay within one hour’s distance from a hospital. Camping in a remote area, for example, is not advisable. You can travel by car right up to the end of your delivery date, but try to stay within an hour’s drive from your doctor or delivery hospital.

How can I stay healthy while pregnant and traveling?

  • If you are going to the mountains, swimming in the ocean, or walking around a new city, watch for signs of getting short of breath. If you feel tired, stop!
  • If you’ll be out in the hot sun, drink extra water, stay out of the direct sun during peak hours, and pack plenty of sunblock, hat, and sunglasses.
  • Keep these travel tips in mind for expectant moms.Always keep a bottle of pure water with you. Avoid plastic bottles with #7 on the bottom — these may contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), which may have adverse effects on fetuses.
  • Avoid unpasteurized delicacies, raw fish or meat, and in international destinations, water and fresh fruit and veggies.
  • Keep a stash of healthy snacks with you on road, plane, and train trips so you can avoid getting famished and then seeking relief in convenience food, hotel snacks, and junk food binges. Healthy snacks might include: yogurt, small containers of unsweetened rice pudding, almonds and walnuts, apples, carrots, almond butter on whole grain bread, cheese and whole grain crackers, hummus and veggie dippers, and cherries, berries, and red grapes.
  • When ordering from restaurants, don’t be shy about “special ordering.” Pregnancy is one of the few times when waiters will give you a break. Keep your food choices healthy — grilled fish or poultry, whole grains such as rice, steamed vegetables, and salad will give you and baby exactly what you need to stay energized.
  • Take frequent pit stops for bathroom and leg stretching.
  • If you are driving and have room for an extra suitcase, bring one filled with favorite pillows — such as a body pillow designed for pregnancy back relief — so you’ll be comfortable no matter where you rest your head.
  • If you’re sightseeing, such as seeing art treasures in a museum, take advantage of couches and seats and appreciate the art from a sitting position from time to time. This will keep your back from aching later on.
  • Wear practical shoes and comfortable clothes.

What are potential health hazards for you and your unborn baby while traveling or visiting spas?

  • These are okay: bug spray, airport x-rays and scanners (it takes 2,500 exposures in one year to get a harmful dose), sunblock (wear #20 or higher), spray-on tans, massages (but no electric or warming blankets, massage of the inner or outer ankle bones, or the webbing between thumb and finger, and no essential oils), facials (but no Retin A, Accutane, or large amounts of salicylic acid), manicures and pedicures in a well-ventilated room, chemical peels (but only superficial peels that use glycolic acid, TCA, or lactic acid), and hair highlights (but not full hair dying where chemicals touch the scalp).
  • These are NOT okay: Mudbaths, paraffin wraps, seaweed wraps, hot tubs, saunas, tanning beds, hair jobs (perms, relaxers, Japanese hair straightening), laser hair removal, electrolysis,  bleaching creams, and BOTOX.

Do you have any more tips before I go on vacation?

Purchase travel insurance. It’s a small investment that can save you big time. Your unborn baby doesn’t care that you’ve planned this family reunion for more than a year. She is on her own time schedule, and might decide to attend the reunion uninvited.

About the Experts:
Dr. Michele Hakakha is an award-winning obstetrician/gynecologist practicing in Beverly Hills, CA, and featured expert in the acclaimed documentary “Little Man.” Dr. Ari Brown, MD, FAAP, is a pediatrician in Austin, TX, an official spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, the children’s health expert for WebMD, and a medical advisor for Parents Magazine and ABC News. A past guest on Rachael Ray and NBC’s Today Show, Dr. Brown penned the best-selling Baby 411 and Toddler 411 book series before coauthoring the new title with Dr. Hakakha, Expecting 411: Clear Answers & Smart Advice for Your Pregnancy (Windsor Peak Press, 2010, — the only pregnancy guide written by two MDs who are also moms.


Fourth of July / Independence Day Messages, Cards, Greetings, Letters, and Comments for Family, Friends, and Loved Ones

Be sure to let your loved ones know you care with special 4th of July messages and cards.The Fourth of July is a special time to gather with friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate independence and summer fun. Independence Day offers the perfect excuse to have your own backyard barbeque, a potluck party, a pool party, or all of the above. Whether you are traveling to visit your friends and family or not even able to see your loved ones for the holiday, consider sending or preparing special Fourth of July messages and greetings or cards for those you love. You can send your Independence Day greeting cards or e-cards for the people you won’t see and bring personalized cards or greetings for those you will see.

No matter who rates on your list, you should take the Fourth of July holiday as an opportunity to show people how much you care. Preparing Independence Day messages, letters, cards, greetings, and comments for friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers is a memorable and special way to show people they’re on your mind. Consider these tips and suggestions for what to say to your loved ones on the Fourth of July.

4th of July Greetings for Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Stepdad, Mother-in-Law, and Father-in-Law
Your parents and in-laws are a very special part of your life and it is always important to show that you care. For the Fourth of July, consider creating special greetings or messages for all your parents. You can give the greetings or cards in person or send them through the mail or through e-mail or e-cards if you won’t spend the holiday together. Consider these suggestions to let your parents know you care on 4th of July and beyond:

•    So thankful for all that you do! Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you on the Fourth of July holiday.
•    Happy 4th of July! Wishing we could spend the holiday together, Mom and Dad, but looking forward to seeing you soon!
•    So glad we get to enjoy the Fourth of July festivities together. It means a lot to be here with you! Happy Fourth!

Special Independence Day Wishes for Grandmother and Grandfather
If you want to show your grandparents some special attention, send them Independence Day cards in the mail to brighten their day. You can send Grandmom and Grandpop each their own Independence Day card or send separate cards to both of them. You can also include a letter in your Fourth of July greeting to let them know the latest news in your life. Consider these suggestions for what to write in your grandparents’ Independence Day greeting cards:

•    Happy 4th of July! We love you and wish you could be here with us to enjoy the holiday and especially the fireworks.
•    Wishing you a special Independence Day knowing your grandchildren are thinking of you.
•    Sending all our love today and always – Happy Fourth of July!
•    So happy we get to spend the 4th of July holiday together. We love you!

If you will see your grandparents in person on the 4th of July, be sure to give them hugs and kisses and a special Fourth of July greeting card with a recent photo of you and your family.

Heartfelt Fourth of July Sentiments for Husband or Wife, or Boyfriend or Girlfriend
It may not be necessary to give your husband or wife a Fourth of July greeting card, but you could definitely go a little out of your way to simply say “Happy Fourth of July” or “Happy Independence Day” and offer a little kiss, hug, or squeeze. The same is true for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Often the most memorable holidays are the ones where you do something special together with the person you love. Instead of Fourth of July gifts or cards for your sweetheart, find a romantic place to enjoy the fireworks, and then consider making your own. Not much beats a good smooch under the fireworks!

Friendly Independence Day Thoughts for Friends and Neighbors
If you decide to have your own Fourth of July party, be sure to think about including your dearest friends and neighbors. You can let everyone know you’re thinking about them by inviting them to share the holiday festivities with you. If your friends and neighbors have other commitments, you can still send a text message wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July. If you are going to a friend’s or neighbor’s house for the holiday festivities, consider bringing a dessert, case of beer, bottle of wine or liquor, or even flowers as a special message that you appreciate having them in your life.

Creative 4th of July Comments and Messages for Anyone You Won’t See for the Holiday
If you won’t see your coworkers, neighbors, friends, or family members for the Fourth of July, you can still express your sentiments with nice comments and personalized or group text messages to each person. You can also wish your boss and coworkers a Happy Fourth of July during the workweek before the weekend or just before the holiday gets here. Simple Fourth of July comments and thoughtful statements that you make in passing can be enough to brighten someone’s day.


Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads of All Ages

Is that smile on your dad’s face real or is he just pretending to like the gift you have given him? Showing your dad how much you love him is important every day of the year, but even more so on that special day of all days the world has set aside for fathers of all ages- Father’s Day. Gifts that show your appreciation and respect for your father can run the gamut from indulgent twists on necessities to sweet treats to tasty liquors to engaging books to useful, enjoyable electronics to hobby items to so much more!

While Father’s Day might have originally been intended for dads with children of their own, it has grown into a holiday that celebrates biological dads, step dads, grandfathers, and men who stand in for dads that can no longer be there. Father’s Day is also the perfect time to celebrate men who lavish their love on their pets, nephews, or nieces. Anyone who acts as a dad can be loved and honored on Father’s Day, the day for dads of all kinds and ages. Celebrate the dads in your life this Father’s Day with a thoughtful gift selection, a sentimental card, and a sweet smile!

Pampering dad is something you can do in a number of ways depending on the type of dad you have. If you want to choose the perfect gift for Father’s Day, just think about your dad, his background, his hobbies, and how much you love him. Then, check out this Father’s Day gift guide for some really unusual suggestions for pleasing dad on his special day.


Women aren’t the only ones with a sweet tooth. Many dads have a special confectionary that they enjoy even if they can’t afford the calories. A wonderful Father’s Day gift is easily created simply by gathering a few treats together into a basket for that special man in your life.

The Vermont Country Store Orton Copper Kettle Fudge Sampler: Sweets and treats are the perfect solution for a Father’s Day gift that encourages a smile to widen into a grin. The Vermont Country Store Orton Copper Kettle Fudge Sampler offers a delightful taste of four popular flavors for dads everywhere to enjoy. Orton Copper Kettle Fudge is creamy and delicious down to the last morsel. Visit for more information or to take a look at some of their other items.

The Vermont Country Store Cookie Buttons: Whether dad drinks coffee, tea, or milk, the sweet taste of cookies is almost always a true pleasure. The Vermont Country Store Cookie Buttons offer an all-natural treat with a “purely” maple taste. Made in Vermont, Vermont Cookie Buttons are also sold in Snappy Ginger, Double Vanilla, Spicy Cinnamon, Zesty Lemon, and Peanut Butter.

That’s Caring Hard at Work Snacks and Sweets Collection: Most dads spend quite a lot of their lives hard at work so they can provide for their family. Why not show your appreciation to dad this Father’s Day with a gift choice from That’s Caring Hard at Work Snacks and Sweets Collection? The original version of the That’s Caring Hard at Work gift includes a delicious assortment of Fleur de Sel Caramel Corn, Brent & Sams Cookies in two flavors, Lake Champlain Chocolate in 2 assorted bars, Roasted Salted Cashews, and Roasted Almonds with Sea Salt- all of which is tucked into a white hard hat. This is a sweet tasting, decorative gift that should perk up any dad’s smile easily enough. This particular gift sells for $38.99, but you can check out their website,, for other options.


What man doesn’t deserve…


Father’s Day Messages: Greetings, Letters, and Comments for Dad, Stepfather, Father-in-Law, and Grandfather

Keep these tips in mind for creating the best Father's Day messages for Dad.Father’s Day is a fun time to get together with Dad and make some great memories. Whether you choose to go out to dinner, barbeque at home, or take a fishing trip, your Father’s Day will likely be memorable and enjoyable. In addition to spending special time with dad, stepdad, or father-in-law, be sure to choose a Father’s Day card that summarizes your feelings for the special men in your life.

You can browse the Father’s Day cards at the store, choose a funny Father’s Day ecard, or make your own greeting card for Dad’s Day. You can also show your love and appreciation with Father’s Day messages, greeting cards, letters, e-mails, and comments in person.

To help you come up with the perfect sentiments, greetings, messages, or comments for Father’s Day, consider this list of things you can say to your dad, stepdad, father-in-law, or grandfather on the special day. You can also show a little appreciation for your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s dad or grandfather on this family focused holiday.

A Special Father’s Day Wish for Dad
To show your dad how much you care, prepare a special wish for Dad on Father’s Day. You can enclose your wish for your dad in a sealed letter or greeting card, you can write it into a poem or song, or you can simply mention your special wish aloud to Dad. You can also share a special Father’s Day wish with your stepfather, father-in-law, grandfather, or your girlfriend’s dad or boyfriend’s dad.

As you prepare your special sentiments for your dad, think about how much he means to you. Compose a special wish that lets him know how important he is and how much you enjoy spending time with him. You can also wish for things for him, like lots of love, relaxation, success, happiness, and good health.

Consider these things you can say to Dad on Father's Day.Here are some Father’s Day phrases and comments you can include in a greeting for Dad:

–    Wishing you only the best this day and always, Dad!
–    Hoping you enjoy a day of relaxation and fun. Happy Father’s Day!
–    Sending you special wishes for a memorable Father’s Day.
–    Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad in the world!
–    Dad, you have been such a strong and positive influence on my life. I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done.

Heartfelt Father’s Day Sentiments for Your Stepfather
Father’s Day is an important time to recognize and appreciate the paternal figures in our lives, including stepdads. To show your stepfather how much you care on Father’s Day, prepare a special stepdad greeting. You can find a Father’s Day greeting card especially for stepdads, or you can find one that is somewhat generic if you don’t want to overdo it on the “Dad” and “Father” theme.

Sometimes it may be difficult to express feelings on family holidays to a stepparent and other times it may come entirely naturally. The important thing is that you do what feels most comfortable and natural to you in this situation. If your family situation is a bit more delicate than the next, simply take your time and proceed with caution. You don’t absolutely have to send a Father’s Day card to your stepfather if you don’t want to do it, but it would be nice to send a note or make a phone call to show how much you care if you have a good relationship.

Consider some of these suggestions for stepdad messages and sentiments on Father’s Day:

–    Thanks for all that you do… you are a very important and special part of my life.
–    Thinking of you on Father’s Day and wishing you a memorable and enjoyable day.
–    Happy Father’s Day! Just wanted you to know I appreciate all that you do. With Love, [name]

Thoughtful Father’s Day Greeting for Father-in-Law and Grandfather…


Top 10 Fun Things to Do for Father’s Day

Father's Day can be exciting for new and relatively new dads.Father’s Day can be most memorable when you spend quality time with your Dad or your entire family. If you and Dad are tired of the same old song and dance – dinner and dessert and then opening presents, not much different from anybody’s birthday, then consider a fun and exciting Father’s Day celebration alternative. You can try any of these top 10 activities to do on Father’s Day or come up with your own.

No matter if your dad is the athletic type, the man’s man, or a more refined type of dad, you can find something enjoyable to do with him on Father’s Day this year. Consider these suggestions for what to do on Father’s Day.


1.    Go out to dinner or have dinner at your house for Dad. The classic and timeless way to celebrate Father’s Day, dinner with Dad may never really get old. From home cooking to gourmet cooking, eating is an enjoyable pastime and it is definitely acceptable if you can’t manage a larger scale activity.

Do something with the kids on Father's Day.2.    Go fishing. A fishing trip with Dad can be more fun than any other Father’s Day activity. Get the whole family together, rent a boat or go off the pier, and catch your dinner!

3.    Go to a baseball game or sporting event. Baseball games with Dad are classic and timeless too. This Father’s Day activity can be fun for the whole family, or special time together for Dad and the kids, or even for a new, first-time dad.

4.    Visit a brewery for a tasting. Dads with older children can enjoy a festive brewery tour with tastings for Father’s Day. Look for local breweries or restaurants with brewery facilities (like Bethlehem Brew Works or a local microbrewery) to enjoy a special Father’s Day event.

5.    Visit a few wineries for wine tasting.
If Dad prefers some classy wine tasting instead, you can find a great time at your local wineries. Plan a chauffeured tour to a few vineyards for a top of the line experience or pile everyone into a car and have one designated driver to escort your group to the wineries for a budget-friendly experience.

6.    Go to an outdoor concert or festival. Outdoor music venues can be a lot of fun to visit, especially in the summertime and during special holidays like Father’s Day. Take your dad to enjoy some outdoor music or a festival of some sort for a memorable time.

Enjoy a picnic with Dad for Father's Day.7.    Visit Dad or have him visit you for a barbeque. A fun spin on the typical Dad’s Day dinner, make a full day of barbequing fun and be sure to have some good beer on hand. You do the grilling and let Dad relax.

8.    Take Dad to the beach or a mountain retreat. Sometimes a short getaway can be the most memorable kind of experience for celebrating a holiday. See if you can get your family to go on a weekend retreat to enjoy time together.

9.    Go golfing, miniature golfing, or play chip ‘n putt. Many men love golf and different types of golf can be appropriate for the whole family. Consider a fun golf game with the guys, minigolf with the kids, or chip ‘n putt with the older kids. Keep score – the loser buys ice cream! (Unless Dad is the loser – then you guys treat him!)

10.    Take Dad shopping to pick out his own gifts. Sometimes dads are the hardest people to shop for, so taking him out to pick out his own gifts once in a while might be a fun experience for both of you.

No matter what you decide to do for Father’s Day, remember to get your dad a special Father’s Day card and a maybe even a gift to show how much you care. Take some pictures during your special Father’s Day activities and share them with Dad so you both can enjoy the memories for years to come.

What to Do if You Won’t See Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Sometimes various factors get in the way of seeing your family for the holidays. Whether it’s your spouse’s parents’ turn to host the holidays or if you’re traveling and won’t be able to make a visit, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan for what to do if you can’t or won’t see your mom for Mother’s Day.

You can still find special ways to show you care even if you won’t be there in person to celebrate. Consider these tips to help you figure out what to do if you won’t see your mom for Mother’s Day.

•    Send a Mother’s Day card.
•    Send Mother’s Day flowers.
•    Call your mom on Mom’s Day.
•    Send a Mother’s Day present in the mail.
•    Send some recent photos in the mail.
•    Make a video for your mom and send it to her.
•    Try to get one of your siblings to visit so your mom has someone there.
•    Plan an alternate visit to celebrate another time.
•    Meet for a meal before or after Mother’s Day.
•    Make sure you are there for your mom next year!

These are just a few examples of things you can do when you won’t see your mom on Mother’s Day. Consider trying one of more of these or come up with your own idea for what to do for your mom when you won’t see her on her special day.

While the best case scenario is always to see your mom on Mother’s Day, you may not be able to make it happen every time. If you can’t or won’t see your mom for Mother’s Day, try to make Mom’s Day special despite your absence. Even if things don’t go as well as you would like, you can always make it up to your mom by planning a special Mother’s Day next year.

How to Share Mother’s Day Fairly between Your Mom and Your Mother-in-Law

Sometimes life becomes a little more complex when you get married. You’ve got to combine stuff, combine finances (debt and wages) if you choose to do so, and combine likes and interests if you can manage it. Getting married also involves splitting things – like the last piece of chocolate cake, vacation time if you both like different types of destinations, and of course, holidays. Mother’s Day is often one such holiday that is a challenge to split fairly and evenly between your mom and mother-in-law, but it can be done.

Consider these tips on how to share Mother’s Day fairly between your own mom and your mother-in-law, no matter where you live.

Splitting Mother’s Day with Mom and Mother-in-Law on the Same Day
If you and your spouse live in close proximity to both your mothers, it may be possible to celebrate Mother’s Day with both moms separately—perhaps lunch with one and dinner with the other. You might also consider getting both families and your own together for a Mother’s Day lunch or dinner at a restaurant if your families all get along. It may be a nice way to celebrate with everyone together in one place.

If you do Mother’s Day lunch with your mom and dinner with your spouse’s mom this year, consider switching it up to do the reverse next year. While it’s a truly great thing to be able to do both—the only issue with visiting both moms on Mother’s Day is that they might come to expect this plan every year. Speak with your partner and decide if you are up for that possibility, or wait and cross that bridge when you get to it.

Sharing Mother’s Day Weekend with Both Moms on Separate Days
Sometimes driving to two different locations and then home again on the same day can be a bit overwhelming. Splitting up Mother’s Day across the Saturday of that weekend and the next day, Sunday, which actually is Mother’s Day, can be a bit easier on you. Talk with your partner and decide who you’ll see for Mother’s Day on Sunday this year and plan to visit the other mom on the Saturday before Mom’s Day. Then next year, do the reverse.

The only real downside with this Mother’s Day sharing plan is that that almost the entire weekend is planned out for you. You may not mind since you both get to see your mom on or around Mother’s Day. If you do mind, consider some other ideas for how to share Mom’s Day with your mother and mother-in-law both.

Hosting a Mother’s Day Brunch or Picnic for a Larger Group
Sometimes it gets tricky to plan holidays, especially Mother’s Day, when you and your spouse both have siblings, and even more so when they have spouses. Sometimes planning a big gathering for both moms is a nice option, whether at your house or at a restaurant.

You can plan a nice picnic lunch, buffet brunch, or even a barbeque for your mom and mom-in-law. You and your siblings or your spouse’s siblings can take turns doing this if your families are close, or you can volunteer to host it all the time. You also may wish to do individual Mother’s Day visits some years to your mom’s house or your spouse’s mom’s house, and then other years host the Mother’s Day brunch or picnic.

Taking Turns with Mother’s Day by Alternating Years
If your moms don’t live very close to you and a considerable drive is required, you might want to take turns visiting each mom for Mother’s Day. You can visit just one mother for Mother’s Day and then the next year, visit the other mother.

You and your spouse can decide which mom to visit the first year you are married and then plan to alternate each year after that. While you do this for Mother’s Day, you might want to consider a similar approach for other holidays, especially Father’s Day. Try to find the fair way to split up the holidays as best you can.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Mom, Stepmom, and Mother-in-Law
If you would like to include your stepmom in your Mother’s Day plans, in addition to your mom and your mother-in-law, your holiday planning becomes infinitely more difficult. At this point it might be wise to choose a combination of the options mentioned on this page. If everyone gets along, which may be rare, consider getting everyone together for the brunch or picnic, or lunch or dinner at a restaurant.

If your families don’t all get along, visiting one at a time will be the best approach. Work with your spouse to decide if you will be visiting on the same day, same weekend, or different surrounding weekends. You can also alternate years, but you might do well to mix it up where someone gets a Saturday and another mom gets Mother’s Day, and the third gets a special day on a surrounding weekend.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Your Family Only and Visiting the Moms another Time
Sometimes all this planning just gets too complicated. You do all the thinking and planning and organizing and you barely have any energy left at all to enjoy time with your family. If you are already a parent, taking some special time for yourself and your immediate family is important.

Consider doing your own Mother’s Day festivities on Mother’s Day and make other arrangements to visit with your mom and mother-in-law another time, whether during the same weekend or on surrounding weekends. If you choose not to visit either of your moms on Mother’s Day, don’t forget to send cards or flowers!